Benwell Road Boat Ramp Project - Townsville City Council ...
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Benwell Road Boat Ramp Project - Townsville City Council ...

4. An Optimal LocationBenwell Road Boat Ramp facilityThe Benwell Road Boat Ramp facility will:• address the infrastructure shortfall in a timely manner;• minimise environmental impacts;• minimise potential adverse social impacts; and• deliver cost effective all-tide facilities.The site is within the Port of Townsville’s control and would access an existing dredgedboating channel. The environmental and social impacts of reclamation of land at theBenwell Road area has been recently studied by the Port of Townsville as part of theproposed Townsville marine precinct development.The Benwell Road Boat Ramp would be built upriver to stages one and two of theproposed marine precinct.In 2000, 93% of boat owners surveyed by the Port of Townsville said that they wantedto see such a facility at the mouth of Ross River.BENWELL ROADPORT ACCESS ROADBOUNDARY STREETThe location is on the existing heavy vehicle route to the Port of Townsville withexcellent linkages to the north, west and east Townsville areas. It is relatively distantfrom residences. Unlike the major all-tide facility currently in operation, most traffic toBenwell Road does not need to pass through the CBD, reducing future congestion inthe city.By water, the Benwell Road Boat Ramp would be a short distance to Cleveland Bay,and would provide a centrally located point to access popular destinations such asCape Cleveland, Magnetic Island, Cape Pallarenda and the Great Barrier Reef.8

Palm Island GroupMagnetic IslandGreat Barrier ReefCape PallarendaCape ClevelandTownsvilleNorthern AccessBenwell Road Boat RampCreek and estuary fishingWestern AccessSouthern Access9

5. A Solution for the CommunityThe Benwell Road Boat Ramp facility will directly improve the lifestyle of more thanone in six Townsville families and their friends.It will support the economy of North Queensland by retaining more of the region’sdiscretionary expenditure within Townsville and helping to ensure that peoplecontinue to choose to live in the region.Fishing and boating is a significant source of expenditure in the North Queenslandeconomy. In 2001-02, Sunfish commissioned a survey of Townsville titled SpendingHabits of Recreational Fisherman and Their Contribution to the Economy (Ian Murphy,2002). The figures have been re-estimated by inflating to 2009 dollars and currentsmall boat ownership figures, with a summary reported in Table 5.1 below.ItemEstimated 2009Expenditure per FishingTripEstimated 2009 AnnualExpenditureTotal Capital ValueInsurance & registrations N/A $4,866,415 N/ABoats & electronics N/A N/A $236,588,111Maintenance & safety $15.73 $9,671,002 N/AFuel & consumables $95.02 $58,430,514 N/ABait (fish & crab) $22.10 $13,591,058 N/AFishing tackle $29.62 $18,215,663 $54,651,184Source: Murphy (2002), ABS 6535.0, ABS 6401.0, Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads, AECgroup10

Townsville families spend more on boating and fishing than they do on holidays.Townsville families are spending in the vicinity of $100 million per year on boatingand fishing trips. This excludes the purchase of boats, insurance and registration. Toput this in perspective, Townsville households are estimated to spend only $90million per year on domestic holidays, including airfares, hire cars, fuel,accommodation and tours.Other water based activities such as diving, sailing and jet skiing are also significantlydisadvantaged by the lack of all-tide ramp facilities in Townsville.The large sums of money spent by the boating and fishing community generatesturnover for small businesses across Townsville.This income, however, is being choked by the inadequacies of Townsville’s boatinginfrastructure.By providing a convenient, high capacity launching point, the Benwell Road BoatRamp will enable the growth of the region’s water-based recreational community andthe many small businesses in Townsville that depend on them.It will relieve pressure on facilities across the region. Local families will be able toreturn to the water, without fear of congestion and aggression on the ramps.11

6. Project Cost and TimingThe Benwell Road Boat Ramp facility is a great investment in the lifestyle andeconomy of North Queensland.The project can be considered as having three central components:1. Seaside facilities, estimated at $5mil;2. Reclamation to provide land; and3. Related landside facilities, estimated at $12mil.Townsville City Council’s delivery strategy sets out a three stage construction plan forthe facility from 2011 to 2017.Stage One of the Benwell Road Boat Ramp facility would provide 8 all-tide ramp lanesand 180 car-with-trailer parking spaces.Cumulative FacilitiesYearProject StageLandside Costs(2009 $Million)Boat Ramp Lanes Pontoons Carparks2011-13 Stage 1 $6.60 8 2 1802013-15 Stage 2 $3.00 8 2 1802015-17 Stage 3 $2.40 4 1 90Total $12.00 20 5 45012

“During this campaign we have also committed to an$18.9 million Townsville Mall upgrade, $10 million forJezzine Barracks, and new boat ramps and pontoons aspart of our $35 million recreational fishing infrastructureplan,”Premier Anna Bligh, 2009 State election campaign7. Project FundingTownsville City Council is requesting that the Queensland Governmentendorse the delivery strategy for the Benwell Road Boat Ramp facility, andprovide land reclamation and a funding contribution for stage one of theproject’s construction.Specifically, funding for stage one is proposed as:• Transport and Main Roads: provision of seaside facilities (8 ramps and 2pontoons), estimated at $2 million;• Queensland Government: reclamation to provide land;• Queensland Government: 50% contribution to landside facilities(estimated at $3.3 million); and• Townsville City Council: 50% contribution to landside facilities (estimatedat $3.3 million).Townsville City Council is convinced that this is a vital piece of infrastructurefor the future of Townsville and the lifestyle of its residents.For clarification of this proposal please contact:David LynchManager – Townsville City CouncilEconomic Development and Strategic ProjectsP 07 4727 9401F 07 4727 9053M 0428 730 626E

Benwell Road Boat Ramp Project

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