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Special Advertising SectionPlay inFishing on the Yellowstone Riverby John DeLevaMontana’s six travel regions are called “countries” for many good reasons: they’reall big, diverse, distinct and ready to offer you memorable adventures. And, youcan experience each country without having to change money, carry a passport or learnanother Advertising Section

Donnie Sexton/Travel MontanaSpringtime in Glacier National ParkThe Treasure StateMontana is best known as Big Sky Country, but it’s called the Treasure State, too.Both names make sense, because under its big, magical sky, treasure is found aboveand below the surface. Beneath the soil, copper, silver and gold helped lure settlers andbuild Montana’s towns. Above ground, today’s treasures include 50 state parks, twoof America’s most popular national parks, an array of scenic byways, wildlife refugesand monuments, plus inviting cities across America’s fourth-largest state. Let’s exploreMontana’s six countries from west to east.GlacierCountryMontana’s GlacierNational Park andAlberta, Canada’sWaterton Lakes National Park formed theworld’s first International Peace Park in1932. Both are Biosphere Reserves, andare jointly a World Heritage Site. Glacier’sinternational significance is observedwhenever it rains on Triple Divide Peak.Some of the water flows to the PacificOcean; other drops begin a course northto the Arctic Ocean, while the rest of themoisture reaches the Atlantic via the Gulfof Mexico.More than 70 mammals roam Glacier’srugged terrain, including black and grizzlybears, elk, mountain lions, mountain goats,moose and gray wolves. Bird watchers havecounted 260 species of feathered friendshere. Five historic lodges inspired by classicresorts in the Alps, 700 miles of hikingtrails, 37 glaciers and one of America’smost spectacular highways – the Goingto-the-SunRoad – make Glacier NationalPark worthy of every accolade it receives.Whitefish and Kalispell serve as thewestern gateways to Glacier NationalPark. Both offer late spring and summercalendars full of events, including farmersmarkets, art and antique fairs, and musicfestivals. The Whitefish Theatre Companykicks off its season in May with a variety ofeight productions presented throughoutthe summer.Gold WestCountryLate in the 19 thCentury, “goldfever” lured tens ofthousands to the Montana territory andmade boom towns all over today’s GoldWest Country. By 1888, Helena was hometo more millionaires per capita than anyother city on earth. Many of them createdpalatial homes in the city’s MansionDistrict that can still be seen today on selfguidedwalking tours.Special Advertising SectionHelena has broadened further intoa vibrant arts community. DowntownHelena, Inc. brings more than 30 eventsto town each year, including art walks,live outdoor summer music Wednesdaysat Alive At Five, the Last ChanceBluegrass Festival, weekly farmers marketsand the Mount Helena Music Festival.The city also offers a beautiful CapitolBuilding and the original Governor’sMansion, both open for public tours, andthe State Historical Society Museum.Butte once claimed the “Richest Hillon Earth” and the largest open-pit minein the world. Although the Berkeley Pitceased operating as a copper mining pitin 1982, it still draws and dazzles visitorswith its sheer size. Butte can still claim tobe home of the largest National HistoricLandmark District in the West. You canexplore vintage architecture and remnantsof the city’s colorful past on foot oraboard the Butte trolley.Now entering its second year ofservice, the Copper King Express, a 52-mile round-trip train ride between Butteand Anaconda, offers a historical narrativeof the area’s attractions in refurbishedpassenger cars. The last weekend of July,Butte will once again honor its native sonand world-renowned daredevil with thealways entertaining Evel Knievel Days.Just off I-90 between Butte andAnaconda, Fairmont Hot Springs Resortoffers guests anytime access to its famoushot spring pools. In addition to 152guest rooms and suites, the resort alsoprovides an 18-hole golf course, tenniscourts, children’s playground, wildlifezoo and bike rentals, plus massage andspa services. Less than an hour west atPhilipsburg’s Sapphire Gallery, rockhounds and gemstone lovers of all agesseek multi-hued sapphires. Although areamines have produced more than 180million carats of the prized gems, today’svisitors have no trouble finding their ownglittering souvenirs.YellowstoneCountryIn YellowstoneCountry, theactivity listincludes blue-ribbon trout fishing onthe Yellowstone River, half-day andfull-day rafting adventures for all levelsatop the Gallatin River and week-longbackcountry treks into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. If pampering

...though thatmay be the only thing.Tucked away in our little corner of Montana is a place we callGold West Country. Sure, it’s the simple life. But a myriad ofactivities will keep even the little ones occupied.1-800-879-1159, ext. 707 • Donnie Sexton/Travel MontanaRafting Montana whitewaterpreferred, the area’s luxurious resorts askfor you to simply show up and name yourremedy.The star of this Montana “country”is its namesake, Yellowstone NationalPark. Still the home where the buffaloroam and the deer and the antelopeplay, America’s first national park offersyou a place to watch the swans, geese,moose, bears and elk romp, too. The parkfeatures Old Faithful, the world’s mostreliable geyser, historic lodges, legendarywaterfalls and colorful hot springs, mudpots and fumaroles.Bozeman serves as a base for manyYellowstone Country adventures whiledoubling as the region’s cultural hub.Buildings dating back to the turn of the19 th century are now serving secondcareers for more than 100 shops, whilethe city supports an opera, symphony,theatre and ballet. Bozeman is also homeof Montana State University, whichbrings a variety of sports and arts eventsto the area, too.Forty-eight miles north of WestYellowstone, Big Sky bustles withtwo downhill ski areas – Big Sky andMoonlight Basin – which togetherform one of North America’s largestinterconnected trail networks. The areaalso offers a top-notch Nordic centerplus sleigh rides and dog sledding in thewhite months. Spring comes later uphere, but its arrival is a boon for hikers,bikers, golfers, tennis players, horsebackriders and whitewater rafters. Advertising Section

You are partof a larger world.SEE MOST OF IT HERE.Lone Peak, rising more than two miles to11,162 feet, may be ascended by gondolaor simply enjoyed from Soldier’s Chapel,a 50-year-old church of native stone andlogs built as a memorial to those lost inWorld War II.RussellCountryNamed after thecowboy artist whocaptured the area’sdramatic history and landscapes, RussellCountry is a land of historic trails andwaterways. The works of Charlie Russell,often called “America’s Cowboy Artist,”can be seen at the C.M. Russell Museumcomplex in Great Falls. The museumallows you to eyeball Russell’s famousoils, watercolors, bronzes and sketches inaddition to his old studio and home.Meriwether Lewis (of Lewis and Clarkfame) proclaimed the cataracts of theMissouri River “the grandest sight I everbeheld.” You can actually see four setsof waterfalls around Great Falls today,including Great Falls, Black Eagle,Crooked and Rainbow. The 30-mileRiver’s Edge Trail (thirteen of those milesare paved) beckons you to walk, jog, bikeor rollerblade and experience the “MightyMo’” as well as the city. The trail passesthe Riverside Railyard Skate Park,featuring a series of bowls and pools, plusan extensive street course. It also runsby Electric City Water Park, where youcan surf the Flow River, float the LazyThe world is blessed with amazing sights,enormous expanses and awe-inspiring greatness.Conveniently, much of it is contained in westernMontana. Call now for our free 2007 Travel Guide.Montana’s GLACIER | play.glaciermt.comSpecial Advertising

Don't Just Vacation,DISCOVER!D iscovering Glacier National Park inMontana is more than just a vacation. It'sabout a customized experience aroundhistory, nature, outdoor adventure,vintage lodging and epic scenery.Create your Glacier National Parkexperience with Glacier Park, Inc.Visit our Web site TODAY forgreat packages and 892-2525Glacier Park, Inc. is a concessioner authorized by the NationalPark Service to serve the public in Glacier National Park.B Y D A Y Y O U A R ES W I S S F A M I L Y R O B I N S O N ,B Y N I G H T Y O U A R E T H ER O Y A L F A M I L Y .For more information and a freeBozeman Travel Planner, orcall 800-228-4224, ext. O N T A N ASpecial Advertising SectionRiver, attack the Riptide Slide or chancethe Tower Power Plunge. Less than ablock away, you might make yet anotherdiversion to the Children’s Museum ofMontana, which showcases two floors ofinnovative, interactive exhibits.Perhaps the most inviting way toexplore Russell Country’s colorful pastand varied terrain is to paddle a canoeon the wild and scenic Missouri River.The splendor of Missouri River BreaksNational Monument can be absorbedwith your own itinerary and primitivecampsites or with experienced guides,luxurious camps and restaurant-qualitycuisine.MissouriRiverCountryThe fossils of45 dinosaurspecies, including Stegosaurus andTyrannosaurus, have been uncoveredin Montana. Missouri River Countryis a hotbed for paleontologists anddinosaur fans, with exhibits, programsand field digs in numerous spots. ThePhillips County Museum in Malta is partof the Montana Dinosaur Trail ( which includes two fieldstations, a state park and twelve museums.Here you can see the 33-foot-longskeleton of “Elvis” the Brachylophosaurus,one of the best articulated dinosaurskeletons ever found, a completeTyrannosaurus skull and a 700-poundApatosaurus femur. Also in Malta, theDino Field Station offers guided toursthrough the paleo lab, with opportunitiesto watch staff prepare dinosaur fossils.Construction of the Fort Peck Damcreated more than 10,000 jobs duringthe Great Depression and a 134-milelake with 1,600 miles of shoreline thatserves as the hub of outdoor activityin Missouri River Country today. FortPeck Lake offers an array of watersports, wildlife viewing and fishing,including the Governor’s Cup WalleyeFishing Tournament every July. Visitorsfind many historic sites along the trailblazed by Meriwether Lewis and WilliamClark in Northeastern Montana, oftenwitnessing landscapes unchanged sincethe Corps of Discovery passed throughmore than 200 years ago.Birding continues to grow inpopularity, and for those hoping tophotograph, count or simply spot wingedcritters, as many as 417 species flitter

across Montana. The Northeastern PlainsBirding Trail in Missouri River Countryprovides an in-depth look at a remnant ofone of the most altered ecosystems in theworld – the native prairie grasslands.CusterCountryYou can interactwith performers atthe annual Custer’sLast Stand Reenactment in Hardin.Each June, one of the most controversialbattles in American history is foughtagain atop the grassy prairies of LittleBighorn deep inside Custer Country.In addition to four weekend battleperformances, visitors can experience thebattle site through tours and interpretiveprograms year-round at the LittleBighorn Battlefield National Monument.Every August, 20 miles south of theLittle Bighorn Battlefield, one of thelargest Indian powwows in the countrytransforms itself into the Teepee Capitalof the World. The four-day Crow Fairand Rodeo, on the banks of the LittleBighorn River near Lodge Grass, featuresDinosaur discoveries in Missouri River Country.©Judith River Dinosaur InstituteWE’LL GIVE YOU A NICE,COMFORTABLE ROOM TO STAY IN.AND 1,872 REASONS TO LEAVE IT.You won’t want to leave when you stay at a Red Lion, but with our newonline destinations guide, it will be hard not to. Find Montana’s bestattractions, restaurants, events and more just a click away when you visit usonline. And, after you’ve seen the Treasure State’s finest, relax in our newguest rooms, complete with plush pillowtop beds, triple sheeting, granitebaths, ergonomic workspaces and free high-speed wireless Internet.Visit us today to see it all and STAY • 800-Red LionMontana Destinations: Helena • Kalispell • Missoula900/1106Special Advertising

Landing in Great Fallsis fantastic.Landing a 5-pound troutis even better.If your only view of Great Falls is fromour fabulous airport, youʼre missing out.Weʼve got first class museums,thrilling outdoor opportunities and more.Visit fortravel packages to Great Falls.Out here,time doesn’t stand still.It dances.www.missouririver.visitmt.comFree Travel Planner1-800-653-1319colorful parades every morning, plusrodeos, wild horse racing and Indiandancing. Visitors are welcome to jointhe celebration and indulge in native,performing and Western arts, localcuisine, and continuous dancing andentertainment.As the hub of Custer Country and thelargest city in Montana, Billings is the gotospot for shopping, dining and a steadyflow of events. April means symphony,opera and the Bull Riders Invitational; Mayoffers an art walk, women’s run, and wineand food festival; June means Micro BrewFestival, Strawberry Festival and Symphonyin the Park. The downtown, smoke-free130-room Best Western ClockTower Innserves as a great base for exploring Billingsand the surrounding treasures of CusterCountry, whether you choose to use yourown vehicle or experience the open roadson a Harley-Davidson authorized rentalfrom Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell inBillings.All six of Montana’s “countries” are big,diverse and distinct. Every one of them isready to provide visitors with exciting andmemorable vacations. nResourcesThese advertisers will be happy to provideyou with more information.Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell406-252-2888www.beartoothharley.comFairmont Hot Springs Resort,Montana800-332-3272www.fairmontmontana.comMissouri River Country,Montana800-653-1319www.missouririver.visitmt.comBest Western ClockTower Inn406-259-5511www.bwclocktowerinn.comGlacier Country, Tourism800-VISIT-MT ext. 761www.visitmt.comBig Sky Montana800-943-4111 ext. 708www.bigskychamber.comGlacier Park, Inc.406-892-2525www.glacierparkinc.comRed Lion Hotels800-Red-Lionwww.redlion.comBozeman, Montana800-228-4224 ext. 705www.visitbozeman.netGold West Country, Montana800-879-1159 ext. 707www.goldwest.visitmt.comRussell Country Montana800-527-5348www.russell.visitmt.comButte, Montana800-735-6814www.buttecvb.comGreat Falls International Airportgtfintairport@gtfairport.comwww.gtfairport.comCuster Country, Montana800-346-1876 ext. 507www.custercountry.comHelena, Montana800-743-5362www.gohelena.comPublished by Media Advertising Section

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