White Paper Presentation - Capstone Experience

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White Paper Presentation - Capstone Experience

• Network USA• Geographically diverse• Legacy equipment is expensive to replace• Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)• Typical solution• Not supported by legacy equipment• Maintaining an Operations, Administration, andManagement (OA&M) system is impractical

• Reduce• Response time• Cost• Travel• Engineer work-hours• Increase• Equipment visibility• Status monitoring• Remote control of site

• No affordable RTU solution available withdesired features• Upgrading network equipment too expensive• SOLUTION: Design a new RTU that fits needsand price point

• Hardware: Research and chooseMicrocontroller (MCU), FPGA, Power SupplyUnit (PSU)• Software: Research code types for specifichardware• Communications: Research common protocols(SNMP, TL-1)

• Hardware: Schematic design, PCB Layout• Software: Flowchart, UI Mock-up• Communications: MIB design, translationscheme

• Hardware: Implement PCB builds, refineschematics and layouts• Software: Implement code on board, refinecontrol system• Communications: Create the MIB on board,integrate with software

• Planning: Design a test plan based on hardwareand software progress• Hardware, Software, Communications: Performtest specified in the plan• System: Perform an extensive full system test.

• Procurement: Obtaining components orresources• Team management: Scheduled internalmeetings• Presentations: Official meetings including otherstakeholders• Wrap-up: General post-project tasks

• CDD: Capstone Design Document• User’s Manual• Final Project Documentation

ResourcesLabor ( 4 Engineers x $30/hr x 25hrs/wk x 15 weeks) $ 45,000Design SoftwareHardware ComponentsTest EquipmentEstimatedCosts$ 1,500$ 1,000$ 2,500Totals: $ 50,000

• Programming Experience• C++ 3 years• Java 4 years• C 2 years• C# 1 year• Assembly 1 year• VHDL 2 yearsJeremy HartsellSoftware Engineer

• Hardware Experience• Two years experience in:• Schematic design• PCB design• Semiconductor testing• Previous projects include:• Temperature Chamber Control usingModbus communication.• Mobile platform robot• Test plan designRyan DeyoHardware Engineer

• Communications Experience• 2 years of DB experience• 3 years of web applicationdevelopment including 1 year ofpacket management focus• Experience in traffic analysisincluding Wireshark, Cain and Able,etc.Michael BerglundCommunications Engineer• Software• 3 years C coding experience• 2 years focus C++

• Leadership Experience• US Navy, 4 years• Section LeaderPhillip DawProject Manager• Systems Engineering• Extensive experience in C, C# andassembly• Application and Test programming forTexas Instruments• Hardware experience withtemperature control, mobileplatforms, schematic and PCB layout

CategoryWeightContains a clearly described and completely understood technical challenge 0.1Contains hardware design, development and test 0.3Contains software design, development and test 0.3Contains a requirement for system integration 0.2Contains a hardware fabrication requirement, typically a prototype 0.2Contains a requirement for system testing0.2TOTAL: 1.3

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