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WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKSpecial CouponsALDERBROOK WINERY Mention ad for 2 for 1 tasting 49ANDRETTI WINERY 2 for 1 tasting with ad 9BALLETTO VINEYARDS Complimentary tasting with ad 47BEAU VIGNE 2 for 1 tasting 34BERINGER VINEYARDS 2 for 1 tasting in the Rhine House with ad 18BLUE VICTORIAN Complimentary tasting with ad 30BRANNAN COTTAGE INN 10% off standard rate with ad 36CALIFORNIA WINE TOURS Special price on tours and tastings 4CHATEAU ST. JEAN 2 for 1 tasting with ad 57ETUDE WINERY 2 for 1 tasting with ad 5FOLIO WINEMAKERS’ STUDIO 2 for 1 tasting with ad 79GOLDEN HAVEN Mud Treatment for 2, $54 per person 3HAGAFEN CELLARS Free tasting with ad 9JESSUP CELLARS Complimentary tasting for two with ad 34KENDALL-JACKSON WINERY Complimentary tasting with ad 23LOUIS M. MARTINI WINERY 2 for 1 tasting with ad 33MARTIN RAY WINERY 15% discount with ad 47OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER $1 off with ad 37PINK MANSION 15% off with ad at check-in 36RAYMOND WINERY Complimentary tasting with ad 6RUTHERFORD HILL WINERY 2 for 1 tasting with ad BACK PAGESONOMA WINE HARDWARE Free offer 6ST. CLEMENT WINERY 2 for 1 tasting 70STAGECOACH EXPRESS Complimentary shipping box 4SUMMERS WINES 10% discount with ad 37TASTE AT OXBOW Complimentary tasting 79TRENTADUE WINERY Complimentary tasting with ad 47TURNBULL WINE CELLARS Free tasting for up to four people with ad 9VALLEY GATE VINEYARDS 2 for 1 tasting with ad 9VEZÉR FAMILY VINEYARD Complimentary tasting with ad 31VINE HILL $10 tasting fee waived with ad 63WILLIAM HILL 2 for 1 tasting with ad 336

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TABLE OF CONTENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKO N T H EC O V E R 24St. Francis Winery & VineyardsD E C E M B E R 1 0 , 2 0 1 0 – I S S U E 5 0 – V O L U M E 2 9ON THE COVERSt. Francis Winery & Vineyards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24W I N E R YF E A T U R E 20W I N E R YF E A T U R E 26W I N E M A K E RP R O F I L E 29T A S T I N G R O O MO F T H E W E E K 50Whitehall Lane WineryDutcher Crossing WineryStephanie Putnam,Raymond VineyardsBalletto VineyardsWINE COUNTRY NEWSWineology by Len Napolitano . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Wine Country Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-17SPECIAL COUPONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6WINE COUNTRY GETAWAYSOvernight Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28SUISUN VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31Suisun Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31NAPA VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32-43St. Helena Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32Downtown Napa Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32Yountville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34Calistoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36-37Napa Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40-41Napa Valley Fine Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42SONOMA COUNTY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44-55Sonoma County Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44-45Russian River Area Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46Healdsburg Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49Geyserville Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51Santa Rosa Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51Sonoma Valley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52-57Sonoma Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52Sonoma Plaza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54Glen Ellen & Kenwood Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57MENDOCINO & LAKE COUNTIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58-59Lake & Mendocino Counties Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58LIVERMORE VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60Livermore Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60LODI/WOODBRIDGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61Lodi/Woodbridge Area Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61NORTHERN CENTRAL COAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62-65Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz Mountains Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62Salinas Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65SIERRAS/FOOTHILLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66Sierra Foothills Wineries Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66WINERY LISTINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67-788

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How does wine get color?I N T E L L I G E N C E F O R T H E W I N E C O N S U M E Rby Len NapolitanoWhite wine, rosé wine, red wine. Together they span a range ofcolor from very pale yellow to pink to deep purple. There’s a world ofdifferences among the styles of these wines and the ways they aremade. But the way in which they each achieve their own degree ofcolor is simply dependent upon how much time the grapes skinsspend in contact with the grape juice.As the juice from crushed red grapes remains in contact with thegrape skins, the pigments of the skins add color to the juice. This iscalled maceration time. Depending on the wine and the winemaker’spreference, it could last from several days to several weeks. The longerthe maceration period, the darker thewine’s final color. Throughout the maceration,the skins tend to rise to the top,from the carbon dioxide that is released during fermentation. This“cap” of skins is regularly pushed back into the juice, or “puncheddown,” to extract as much color from the skins as possible.Before white wine is fermented, the juice is separated from theskins, thereby having little or no contact with the grape skins. Whitewine can be made from either red or white grapes because the juicecoming from any grape is always clear, but only red grapes will beused to make red wine.When rosé wine is being made, the grape skins are left in contactwith the fermenting juice for a time period just long enough to createa pink-colored juice. Then the skins are removed and the remainingjuice is fermented in the same manner as juice for making white wine.Len Napolitano lives in San Luis Obispo County and is certified in wine by the Society of Wine Educators,Wine & Spirits Education Trust and Chicago Wine School and continually gains knowledge from his frequent contactwith California winemakers. More information is on his website, Send your questionsabout wine to: or by mail to Len Napolitano in care of Wine Country This Week magazine.Wineology is a registered trademark of Len

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSQuality Wines All Under $25at Wine Garage, CalistogaHidden next to a dilapidated ’40s-era former filling station on Highway 29 inCalistoga lies the Wine Garage. A unique wine shop in Napa Valley that retails allwine in the store under $25. Sound crazy? Its true. And the proprietors Todd andJoy Miller, have hit on a niche in the Valley that had been very missed by the localsthere.“There are a lot of winemakers here that can’t afford to drink the wine theymake” says Miller. “That’s crazy, yes, but who can afford to drink a $65 bottle withdinner every night?”Many people miss the Wine Garage on the first try upvalley, but the search iswell worth it. Miller stocks wine from all of California’s wine growing regionsincluding an large assortment from Napa and Sonoma counties and other Californiaappellations. When he first sought out buying the initial inventory, “I enlisteda local farmer buddy and his 15-foot box van and off we went all over Californiahunting down the deals. I tried to seek out the small producers who didn’t havedistributors so I could pass the savings on to my customers.” And Miller did justthat. His store is stocked with high-quality juice all under $25 and all are unique.Most labels in the shop are unrecognizable – but all pass the same test; everythingpasses over Miller’s lips before he makes a buy. “If I don’t love it, I don’t buy it,period. Sometimes I will taste over a hundred wines in one day, load up the truckand haul it up to Calistoga, unload at the store, and maybe I will crawl in bed by 3a.m. Needless to say my buddy bowed out of the deal after their second trip. Iinitially recruited him on a ‘hey lets go wine tasting in Santa Barbara’ until he realizedhow much work it entailed. Poor guy, he had to be at the farm at 5 in themorning.”It is all worth it. Millers’ customers love him. He has a unique ability to hear averbal description of a customer’s favorite wine and translate that into a recommendationfor sometimes a third of the cost. “I have people all over the country that useme as their local wine shop. I ship right to their door – and the cost of the shippingis a drop in the bucket compared to what they save on the cost of the wine.Miller gets deals on Napa wine too. “I have winemakers from small wineriesstop in every week saying ‘I have something that will fit into the store,’ if they onlyhave 15 or 25 cases of an end-of-vintage wine – I am the perfect outlet for them.”So head up to the Wine Garage and check out the best deals in the Valley at1020 Foothill Blvd (Hwy 29), Calistoga, CA 94515. For more information, call(707) 942-5332. You can also check out the website at

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKNAPA VALLEYONGOINGNapa Valley Wine TrainNapa, 800-427-4124,• Dec 3, 17: Murder Mystery Dinner• Dec 13-15, 18-24: Santa ExpressONGOINGNapa Valley Opera House1030 Main Street, Napa, 707-226-7372,• Dec 3-5: Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre• Dec 9: Talk Cinema• Dec 10: An Evening with Dana Carvey• Dec 12: A Chanticleer ChristmasONGOINGLive at the Lincoln TheaterYountville, 707-944-1300,• Dec 4: Festival of Trees• Dec 5: Travis Air Force Band of the Golden West• Dec 8: The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Show• Dec 12: Napa Valley Chorale & St. Helena Chamber Singerswith Napa Valley SymphonyONGOINGLive at Uptown TheatreNapa, 707-259-0123,• Dec 11: Asleep at the WheelONGOINGTasting Events at Wineries of Napa ValleyNapa Town Center, Napa,, check website for times & prices• Dec 3, 10, 15, 17, 24, 31: Fine Wine & Artisan Cheese• Dec 4: Tri-Tip Steak Appetizer• Dec 5: Wine of the Month & Tri-Tip Steak Appetizer• Dec 8, 26: Chocolate Decadence• Dec 11-12: Seasonal Holiday Sweet TreatsONGOINGJoseph Phelps Vineyards:Tastings & SeminarsAn opportunity to participate in a wide range of excellent seminars. 1 ½ hours11am daily; 2:30pm, Monday-Friday & 2pm, Saturday & Sunday. $40, exceptInsignia Blending/$60, free/wine club members. Terrace tastings daily, $25RSVP, 707-967-3720, details· Insignia Blending · Le Nez· Tasting Terroir · Wine Appreciation· Cool California (Freestone Chardonnay & Pinot Noir)· Barrel seminars (Napa Valley Cab)ONGOING WEEKENDS EXCEPT 4TH WEEKENDWine Component Tasting Seminarat Merryvale VineyardsSt. Helena, 10:30am-12:30pm, $20, free/club members707-963-7777, www.merryvale.comEVERY 4TH WEEKENDWine & Food Pairing Seminarat Merryvale Vineyards10:30am-12:30pm, $20, free/club members, St. Helena707-963-7777, www.merryvale.comONGOINGTours & Tastings at Clos du ValNapa, daily 10am-5pm, 800-993-9463,• Classic tastings, $10: fee waived with purchase of a bottle wine.• Reserve tastings, $20: fee not waived with purchase of a bottle of wine.• Tours by appointment with 24 hour advance noticeONGOINGBuon Amici Members & GuestsBenessere Vineyards, St. Helena,10am-4:30pm707-963-5853,• Members Only New Release Tastings• Barrel Tastings by appointment• Vertical Tastings by appointment• Wine & Cheese Pairing by appointmentONGOINGJefferson House Reserve Room Tastingat Monticello VineyardsNapa, Reserve Wine Seminar, Corley Family Napa Valley $25RSVP 707-253-2802 x18, www.CorleyFamilyNapaValley.comONGOINGV. Sattui WinerySt. Helena, 9am-6pm, no appt. necessary, 707-963-7774,• Classic tasting, daily, $5• Premium tasting, daily, $10• Food & wine pairing, Mon-Thu, $18• Artisan chocolate & wine pairing, Sat-Sun, $25• Italian Marketplace with 200+ cheeses• Deli with panini, sandwiches, crabcakes & more• Weekend BBQ, wood-fired pizza, oysters, mozzarella bar• 2 ½ acres of tree-shaded picnic groundsONGOING FRIDAYS-SUNDAYSFood & Wine Pairings at Etude WineryNapa, 10am, 1pm & 3pm, $35, $25/, 707-257-5300ONGOINGRombauer VineyardsSt. Helena, 707 963-5170,• Friday-Sunday: Open by advance appointment only• Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm• Tasting $10• Wine & Cheese Pairing daily by appointment only, 11am, 1 & 3pm, $25ONGOINGTours & Tasting at ZD WinesRutherford, RSVP 800-487-7757,• Traditional Tasting, $10, daily 10am-4pm• Premier Tasting, $15, daily 10am-4pm• Private Group Tasting, $20, by appt• Cellar Tour & Tasting, $25, 1pm weekends & holidays, M-F by appt• Vineyard View Tasting, $40, Sat-Sun 11am, M-F by appt• Abacus Tasting, $600 for 4-6 people, by appt• Wine Train, $180ONGOINGTours and Tastingsat William Hill Estate WineryNapa, 10am-5pm, by appt. 707-265-3024,• Taste the Napa Valley, $12• Chardonnay Experience/with food pairing, $16/$20• Exploring Cabernets, $20• Estate Exclusives, $25• Intro to William Hill Estate Tour and Tasting, $25• The William Hill Estate Experience Tour and Tasting, $40ONGOINGVineyard & Winery Toursat Raymond VineyardsSt. Helena, 11am (by appt), $15, Group tours available (by appt)800-525-2659x620, www.raymondvineyards.comONGOINGWine Tasting Experiencesat Benessere VineyardsSt. Helena, 707-963-5853x105,, by appt• Personalized Wine Flights, daily, $10• Vineyards Walking Tour & Tasting, M-W, 10:30am, $15• Fudge Pairing Experience, Sun, 10:30am, $15• Barrel Tasting, RSVP, Tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $20• Barrel Tasting & Current Release, Tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $25• Barrel Tasting & Vertical, Tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $25• Group Tasting, Sat-Sun, 1:30pm, $15ONGOINGTours & Tastings at Andretti WineryNapa , 877-386-5070x222,• Individual Tastings, $12• Private Winery Tour & Tasting, $15/tour, $20/tour & tasting• Food & Wine Pairing• Vineyard Tour• Blending Class• Wine Sensory SeminarONGOINGThe Ultimate FlightLong Meadow Ranch, St. Helena,A true farm-to-table experience at Logan-IvesHouse, 11am, RSVP, $35,, 707-963-4555ONGOINGTasting at Grgich Hills EstateRutherford, 9:30am-4:30pm, Tours at 11am & 2pm, $10Wine library tasting/$30, Barrel tasting on most Fridays 2-4pm707-963-2784, www.grgich.comONGOINGTastings & Tours at Artesa WineryNapa, RSVP, 877-224-8309,• Vino con Queso, Wine & Cheese Experience, $40• Daily Guided Tours• Vines & Wines, A Vineyard Tour, $40ONGOINGTours & Tasting at Black Stallion WineryNapa, 10am-5pm, 707-253-1400,• Regular tasting, $10• Reserve tasting, $35, Sat-SunArtisan cheese additional $7.50/personONGOINGEducational Tours & Wine Tastingat Castello di AmorosaCalistoga, 707-967-6272, RSVP,• Regular tour & tasting, $25-$40 • Reserve tour & tasting, $35-$50• Tasting only, $10-$25 • Young adult tours, $15-$20• Napa Valley Neighbor Program • Private VIP toursONGOINGVisitor Programs at Robert Mondavi WineryFor details, 888-RMONDAVI x2,• The Signature Tour & Tasting• The Wine Tasting Basics• The Exclusive Cellar Tasting• Tasting Beyond the Basics• The “Harvest of Joy” Tour & LunchEVERY SATURDAYZD Wines: Wine & Cheese SeminarRutherford, Includes visit to Wine Library & Cellar, 11am, $40800-487-7757 x107, 707-963-5188, www.zdwines.comEVERY SUNDAYSensory Component Tasting at ZD WinesRutherford, 11am by appointment only, $20, 707-963-5188, www.zdwines.comEVERY SATURDAYChocolate & Red Wine Saturdaysat Bennett Lane WineryCalistoga, 10am-5pm,, 707-942-6684ONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 13Dungeness Crab FestivalHurley’s Restaurant, Yountville,, 707-944-2345ONGOING THROUGH JANUARY 5Eye on Egypt Photography ExhibitSt. Supéry Winery, Rutherford,, 800-231-9116ONGOING THROUGH MARCH 13Art Rogers: Photographs Yesterday & Todayat Mumm NapaRutherford, 707-967-7700, www.mummnapa.comDECEMBER 3 – FEBRUARY 6Calistoga’s Winter in the WineriesPassport to visit 15 Calistoga wineries, $, 866-306-5588DECEMBER 4Grgich Hills Estate Pick-up PartyNapa, 1-4pm, 707-763-2784, www.grgich.comDECEMBER 4Annual Bottle Signing &Winter Release PartyLouis M. Martini Winery, St. Helena,, 707-968-3361DECEMBER 4Holiday B&B TourNapa Bed & Breakfast Inns, Napa, 2-6pm, $55, www.NapaHolidayTour.comDECEMBER 415th Annual Lighted Tractor ParadeLincoln Avenue, Calistoga, 7pm,, 866-305-5588DECEMBER 4Wine Sip & Jewelry Shopat Arger-Martucci VineyardsSt. Helena, 10am-5pm, free,, 707-963-4334DECEMBER 4-5Rutherford Appellation Passport WeekendVisit participating wineries! 11am-4pmwww.rutherfor-appellation-wineries.com12

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | CALENDAR OF EVENTSDECEMBER 5Judd’s Hill’s Hanukkah HootenannyNapa, 12-3pm,, 707-255-2332DECEMBER 7Pig Pickin’ – Slow Roasted Whole PigFarmstead Restaurant, Long Meadow Ranch, St. Helena, $35/, 707-963-9181DECEMBER 7Holiday Selection Pick-Up Partyat Artesa WineryNapa, 6-7:30pm,, 877-224-8309DECEMBER 10-12Napa Truffle FestivalVarious locations in Napa Valley, www.trufflefestival.comDECEMBER 11Holiday Barrel Tasting & Pick Up Partyat MerryvaleSt. Helena, 1-4pm, $25, free/members,, 707-963-7777DECEMBER 11Holiday Dinner at Raymond VineyardsSt. Helena,, 800-525-2659DECEMBER 111st Annual Crab Feed & Release PartyAcacia Vineyard, Napa, 12pm, $55/members, $, 707-226-9991x2DECEMBER 11Annual Chateau Society Holiday Eventat Domaine CarnerosNapa, 7:30-10pm, 707-257-0101x135, www.domainecarneros.comDECEMBER 1122nd Annual Holiday CandleLight TourMonticello Park, Napa, 3-6pm, $30, 707-224-1739DECEMBER 11Annual Older Vintage TastingBeaulieu Vineyard, Rutherford, 11am-4pm,, 800-373-5896DECEMBER 11-12Annual Santa’s Helpers Holiday Gift FaireNapa Valley Expo, Napa, 707-257-7144DECEMBER 12Holiday Open HouseBeaulieu Vineyard, Rutherford,, 800-373-5896, RSVPSONOMA COUNTYONGOINGFriday Night Music at Sebastiani WinerySonoma, 6:30-9:30pm, 800-888-5532x3230,• Dec 10: The HellhoundsONGOINGWells Fargo Center for the ArtsSanta Rosa, 707-546-3600,• Dec 3-5: Roustabout The Sound of Music• Dec 4-6: Santa Rosa Symphony• Dec 7: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Christmas• Dec 9: Strega Nona: The Musical• Dec 10: Posada Navidena• Dec 11: Natalie Cole• Dec 14: Dave Koz & Friends• Dec 15: Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesONGOING SUNDAYS THROUGH DECEMBER 19Farmers’ Market in Old Downtown, 707-838-1320, 10am-1pm• Dec 11: Kids Make Holiday CookiesONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSWine & Food Sampling at Hop KilnRussian River Valley, Visit the historic tasting room to enjoy delicious wine& sample over 80 food items in their gourmet marketplace, 10am-5pm707-433-6491, www.hopkilnwinery.comONGOINGVineyard Walk & Photography Workshopat B.R. Cohn WineryGlen Ellen, 10am-1pm, $45, $35/members707-931-7924x123, www.brcohn.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com13

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKDECEMBER 12-13Healdsburg Chorus – 2010 Winter ConcertsHealdsburg Community Church,, 707-838-4557DECEMBER 12, 16-21A Winnie the Pooh Christmas Tail –Raven Youth TroupeRaven Theater, Healdsburg, 707-284-3808DECEMBER 13Topel Tasting RoomHoliday Wine & Food Pairing Seminar“Say Cheese” Wine & Cheese Pairings, Healdsburg, 2-3:30pm, $25RSVP, 707-433-4116,, donnis@topelwines.com707-521-2534, www.rrvw.orgLAKE/MENDOCINOEVERY SECOND SATURDAYFood & Wine PairingsMcNab Ridge Tasting Room, Hopland, 707-744-1986, www.mcnabridge.comONGOINGSkunk Train866-457-5865, Fort Bragg,• Dec 4-5, 11-23: Christmas TrainONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 178th Annual Victorian Christmas Faire & High TeaLakeport English Inn, Lakeport,, 707-263-4317ONGOING THROUGH FEBRUARY 27American Masterpieces:The Artistic Legacy of California Indian BasketryGrace Hudson Museum, Ukiah, 707-467-2836DECEMBER 320th Annual Middletown Tree Lighting CeremonyMiddletown Central Park, Middletown, 5:30pm, 707-987-3373DECEMBER 3First Friday FlingMain Street Gallery, Lakeport,, 707-263-6658DECEMBER 3Christmas in the CountryMain Street, Kelseyville, 5:30-8:30pm,, 707-279-8559DECEMBER 3-5, 10-12Renaissance Christmas Pageant & FeastMiddletown Community United Methodist Church, Middletown, $35-$, 707-987-2653DECEMBER 417th Annual Christmas Light Parade & Tree LightingMain Street, Upper Lake, 6-8pm,, 707-275-8170DECEMBER 4Meet the Winemaker SeriesBlue Wing Saloon & Café, Upper Lake, 5:30-8:30pm, 707-275-2233DECEMBER 4Meet the Winemaker & ArtistLake County Wine Studio, Upper Lake, $10, 4-7pm, 707-275-8030DECEMBER 4Downtown Christmas Parade of LightsDowntown Clearlake, 6-8pm, 707-994-3600, www.clearlakechamber.comDECEMBER 424th Annual Willits Holiday Craft FairWillits Community Center, Willits, 10am-3pm, free, 707-459-3411DECEMBER 4Holiday Tree LightingGreenview Restaurant, Hidden Valley Lake, 5-8pm,, 707-987-3138DECEMBER 8-12, 15-19Avenue of LightsLake County Fairgrounds, Lakeport,, 707-263-6181DECEMBER 9-12Mendocino Coast Candle Light Inn TourVarious inns in Mendocino, 4-7pm,, 707-964-1228• Dec 9: Inns of Mendocino• Dec 10: Inns & Lodges of Fort Bragg• Dec 11: Inns of Little River & Albion• Dec 12: Inns of Elk16DECEMBER 11Holiday Open HouseTulip Hill Winery, Nice, 1-5pm, $5,, 707-274-9373DECEMBER 11Windows to the UniverseTaylor Observatory, Kelseyville, 8-11pm, $, 707-262-4121BAY AREASAN FRANCISCOONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 19Great Dickens Christmas FairCow Palace, San Francisco,, 800-510-1558ONGOING THROUGH JANUARY 3Embarcadero Center Ice RinkEmbarcadero Center, San, 415-772-0700ONGOING THROUGH JANUARY 17Safeway Holiday Ice Rink in Union SquareUnion Square, San Francisco,, 415-781-2688DECEMBER 1-9Menorah Lighting in Union SquareUnion Square, San Francisco, 415-433-4350DECEMBER 4Union Street Fantasy of LightsUnion Street, San Francisco, 7pm,, 800-310-6563MARIN COUNTYONGOINGMarin Center in San Rafael415-499-6800,• Dec 2: Marin Speakers Series, Bob Newhart• Dec 4: Just Dance Academy• Dec 4-5: Stapleton Ballet Nutcracker• Dec 10-11: Mayflower Community Chorus Holiday Magic!• Dec 11-12: 26th Annual Marin County Antiques Show• Dec 11-12: Marin Ballet’s NutcrackerSAN MATEO COUNTYONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 4Gingerbread House Display & Silent AuctionThe Lobby, Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon, 650-712-7040DECEMBER 3Nights of Light: Parade & Tree LightingMain Street & Mac Dutra Park, Half Moon Bay650-726-8380, charise@hmbchamber.comSANTA CLARA COUNTYONGOINGTasting Room TuesdaysSanta Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association, The Fairmont San Jose, San JoseWinery representative will pour & be available for “vine talk.”,, 800-441-1414, 831-685-8463• Dec 7, 14: Sarah’s VineyardDECEMBER 11-12Holiday Gift FaireClos LaChance, San Martin,, 800-ITS-WINELIVERMOREONGOINGBankhead TheatreLivermore Valley Performing Arts Center, Livermore925-373-6800,• Dec 3: Messiah• Dec 4: Three Cheers for Beethoven• Dec 7: Taylor Eigsti• Dec 11-12, 17-19: The NutcrackerDECEMBER 3, 10, 17Winetaster LunchElliston Vineyards, Sunol,, 925-762-2377DECEMBER 4Pleasanton Hometown Holiday Celebration & ParadeDowntown Pleasanton, 4-8pm, 925-931-5352www.pleasantondowntown.netDECEMBER 4Home for the HolidaysDowntown Livermore, 12-4pm, 925-373-1795DECEMBER 4, 11Winetaster DinnerElliston Vineyards, Sunol,, 925-762-2377DECEMBER 4-5Holidays in the VineyardsLivermore Valley Winegrowers Association–Participating Livermore ValleyWineries, 12-5pm,, 925-447-9463DECEMBER 5Holiday Home Tour – Walkin’ in a Winter WonderlandDowntown Pleasanton, 11am-3pm, $, 925-426-8656DECEMBER 11Wine Release PartyMitchell Katz Winery, Pleasanton, 12-5pm, $20925-931-0744, www.mitchellkatzwinery.comDECEMBER 12Ravenswood Victorian YuletideRavenswood Historic Site, Livermore, 12-4pm, 925-373-5700Elliston Vineyards, Sunol,, 925-862-2377NORTH CENTRAL COASTONGOINGLive Music at KRML RadioThe Eastwood Building, Carmel, 831-624-6432, www.krmlradio.comONGOINGThursday Night Music SeriesBargetto Winery, Soquel, Enjoy music, food & Bargetto wine! 6-8pm831-475-2258x11, www.bargetto.comONGOING THIRD THURSDAYSSweet Thursdays at Cannery RowMonterey – Family fun, music, fine dining & discounts, 4-8pm, 831-649-6690ONGOING THIRD THURSDAYSMonterey Museum of ArtMonterey – Evening of music, wine and hors d'oeuvres, 5-7pm, 831-372-5477EVERY THIRD WEEKEND OF THE MONTHPair Your Wine with Ice Cream at Kirigin CellarsGilroy – Pair your complimentary wine tasting with a cool Vino de Mocca IceCream Sundae! And stock the cellar 30% of 6 bottle purchases & 50% off, 408-847-8827EVERY TUESDAYFocus on Monterey County WinesCepage Wine Bar, Rancho Cellars, Carmel, 3-8pm831-625-5646, www.ranchocellars.comONGOING TUESDAY - SATURDAYOya Salon and Ventana VineyardsWine and Cheese EventMonterey, 2pm on. Oya patrons can sample Ventana Vineyards award winningwines. Wines change monthly. 831-372-7415x213, Ventana 831-656-0570ONGOING FRIDAYSFromage Fridays at Taste MorganCarmel, A special cheese sampling paired with wine. 3-5pm831-626-3700, www.morganwinery.comONGOING SUNDAYSLibrary Sundays at Taste MorganCarmel , An opportunity to taste some older wines from the cellar. 2-5pm831-626-3700, www.morganwinery.comONGOING WEDNESDAYS THROUGH MAYWinemaker WednesdaysShadowbrook Restaurant, Capitola–Santa Cruz Mountains WinegrowersAssociation,, 831-685-8463ONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 23A Tuna Christmas – Pacific Repertory TheatreCircle Theatre, Carmel, 7:30pm,, 831-622-0100Check the website for more eventswww.winecountrythisweek.comEmail Your Events tocathy@WineCountryThisWeek.comFor best results, send your emails at least 6 to 8weeks prior to the date of your event. Event listingsare free, and published as space is available and atthe discretion of Wine Country This

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKDECEMBER 4-5, 11-12, 18-19Holiday Tree WalkRoaring Camp Railroad, Felton,, 831-335-4484DECEMBER 4-5, 10-12, 17-19, 20-23Santa Cruz Holiday Lights TrainRoaring Camp Railroad, Felton,, 831-335-4484DECEMBER 1 – JANUARY 2GLOW: Living LightsPacific Grove Museum, Pacific Grove,, 831-648-5716DECEMBER 4Holiday Open House & Wreath MakingScheid Vineyards, Salinas, 12-4pm,, 831-455-9990DECEMBER 4Downtown Santa Cruz Holiday ParadeSanta Cruz, 10am-12pm, 831-429-8433DECEMBER 4Scotts Valley Christmas Tree LightingScotts Valley Community Center, Scotts Valley, 5pm, free, 831-438-1010DECEMBER 417th Annual Stillwell’s Snow in the ParkCaledonia Park, Pacific Grove,, 831-373-3304DECEMBER 4-5Art in the CellarsBargetto Winery, Soquel, 11am-5pm,, 831-475-2258DECEMBER 4, 11Chocolates and Desserts Cooking DemoBernardus Lodge, Carmel Valley, 1-3pm, $, 831-658-3550, RSVPDECEMBER 4, 11Wreathmaking at Earthbound Farm StandCarmel, 11am-1pm, www.ebfarm.comDECEMBER 5Carmel Heritage Society’s Inns of Distinction TourVarious inns in Carmel, 2-5pm,, 831-624-4447DECEMBER 530th Annual Christmas Open Houseat Hahn EstatesSoledad, 11am-4pm, $25/includes light lunch, tasting & souvenir, 866-925-7994DECEMBER 5Chateau Julien Holiday SpectacularChateau Julien Wine Estate, Carmel Valley, 2:30-5:30pm$40, $30/members,, 831-624-2600DECEMBER 9-10Christmas in the AdobesDowntown Monterey, 5-9pm, 1014th Annual Truffle DinnerBernardus Lodge, Carmel Valley,, 831-658-3550DECEMBER 10-1212th Annual MontereyCowboy Poetry & Musical FestivalDowntown Monterey, 800-722-9652, www.montereycowboy.orgDECEMBER 11-12Dessert ClassesFortino Winery, Gilroy,, 408-842-3305DECEMBER 11-12Holiday BoutiqueFortino Winery, Gilroy,, 408-842-3305SIERRAS/FOOTHILLSONGOINGRailtown 1897 State Historic ParkJamestown, 209-984-3953,• Dec 18-19: Santa ExpressDECEMBER 4Festival of Lights ParadeDowntown Auburn, 5:30-8pm, 916-885-5616DECEMBER 13-14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24-25The Bracebridge DinnerThe Ahwahnee, Yosemite National Park,, 801-559-4884EL DORADO COUNTYNOVEMBER 30Tour de Vine ContestBoeger Winery, Placerville,, 800-655-2634DECEMBER 4Santa at Perry CreekPerry Creek Winery, Fair Play, 1-3pm,, 530-620-5175DECEMBER 4Christmas in the CellarMadrona Vineyards, Camino, 12-4pm, 530-644-5948DECEMBER 4Wine 101 with Rick Kushman of The Sacramento BeeLava Cap Winery, Placerville, 1-2:30pm, $25, 530-621-0175DECEMBER 4-5Holiday Open HouseJodar Vineyards, Placerville,, 530-644-3474DECEMBER 5Repeal of ProhibitionBoeger Winery, Placerville, 11am-4pm, $, 800-655-2634DECEMBER 533rd Annual Christmas ParadeHistoric Main Street, Placerville,, 530-621-5885DECEMBER 5Repeal of Prohibition DayDavid Girard Vineyards, Placerville,, 530-295-1833DECEMBER 11Holiday Open HouseDavid Girard Vineyards, Placerville, 530-295-1833AMADOR COUNTYDECEMBER 4-5Holiday Open HouseAvio Vineyards, Sutter Creek 11am-5pm,, 209-267-1515DECEMBER 4-5Open House Holiday Celebration Port Barrel TastingC.G. Di Arie Vineyard, Plymouth, 11am-4pm,, 209-245-4700DECEMBER 4-5Holiday Open HouseDeaver Vineyard, Plymouth,, 800-217-2304DECEMBER 5-15Holiday Open HouseStory Winery, Plymouth, 11am-5pm,, 209-245-6208DECEMBER 11Tasting with the WinemakerPort Barrel Tasting, C.G. Di Arie Vineyard, Plymouth, 12-4pm209-245-4700, www.cgdiarie.comDECEMBER 12Terre Rouge Wine DinnerRestaurant Taste, Plymouth, $78,, 209-245-4277CALAVERAS COUNTYSECOND WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTHWines of the World Education TastingsMurphys Hotel, Murphys, No reservations required, everyone welcome!5:30pm, $15, 209-736-2949ONGOINGLive Music at Cedar CenterArnold, 209-588-0999DECEMBER 4Irish Family Vineyards Holiday CelebrationVallecito, 7-9pm, RSVP, 209-736-1299DECEMBER 4Valley Springs Parade & Craft FairVets Hall, Valley Springs, 9am-1pm, 209-772-3681DECEMBER 4Calaveras Wineries Holiday Open HouseCalaveras Winegrape Alliance, 209-728-9467DECEMBER 4Holiday Open HouseChatom Vineyards, Douglas Flat,, 209-736-6500NEVADA COUNTYONGOING FRIDAYS THROUGH DECEMBER 1742nd Annual Cornish ChristmasDowntown Grass Valley,, 530-272-8315DECEMBER 1, 8, 12, 15, 19California Victorian ChristmasDowntown, Nevada City, 800-655-6569, www.downtownnevadacity.comDECEMBER 4Christmas in the PinesAuburn, 10am-4pm, 530-268-6318, www.christmasinthepines.comDECEMBER 4Christmas at the Railroad MuseumRailroad Museum, Nevada City,, 530-470-0902DECEMBER 43rd Annual Primo VinoMontoliva Vineyard & Winery, Chicago Park,, 530-346-6577DECEMBER 4-6WinterFest Choral ConcertNevada County Fairgrounds, Grass, 530-265-6124DECEMBER 9, 16B&B Candlelight TourVisit participating Historic Inns,, 530-477-6634DECEMBER 11Decadent Dessert & Barrel Tasting PartySierra Knolls Winery, Grass Valley,, 530-268-9225SUISUN VALLEYONGOINGWine by the Glass & Live MusicWinterhawk Winery, Fairfield, Wine & complimentary pizza1-6pm, Music 2-5pm, $5,, 707-428-6977• Dec 4: Temptation ManiaDECEMBER 37th Annual Shop til You DropWooden Valley Winery, Suisun Valley,, 707-864-0730DECEMBER 4Christmas at the WaterfrontHarbor Plaza, Suisun City, 12-9pm, 707-429-3758DECEMBER 4Holiday Night of LightsDowntown Fairfield, 6:30-9:30pm, 707-422-0103DECEMBER 26-27SVGGA Anniversary WeekendParticipating Suisun Valley Wineries,, 707-864-0730LODI/WOODBRIDGEONG0INGHutchins Street Square209-333-6782,• Feb 13: In the MoodDECEMBER 215th Annual Parade of LightsDowntown Lodi, 6:15pm, 209-369-8052, www.downtownlodi.comDECEMBER 2Hospice of San Joaquin Tree of LightsLodi City Hall, Lodi, 5:30pm,, 209-922-0242DECEMBER 4, 11Downtown WinterfestSchool Street, Downtown Lodi,, 209-366-8052DECEMBER 4-519th Annual Festival of TreesSan Joaquin County, Lodi,, 209-331-2055DECEMBER 8Jim Martinez Trio’s Charlie Brown ChristmasWine & Roses Hotel & Restaurant, Lodi,, 17

WINE COUNTRY NEWS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKProminent Photographer’s Compelling New Exhibit at Mumm Napa ValleyFinding grace in every step that we take is the theme of Yesterdayand Today, Mumm Napa Valley Winery’s powerful new fine artphotography exhibit, which celebrates the changing faces of peopleover time, as captured by acclaimed portrait photographer Art Rogers.This exhibit will be on view through March 13 in the winery’s popularFine Art Photography Gallery. With its exhibits, Mumm Napa Valleyhas established a strong reputation over the years for its fine artphotography.Comprised of more than 100 black-and-white, silver gelatinphotographs, the exhibit honors the passage of time through thechanging images of individuals over the course of 30 years in the samelocation. The earliest photograph was taken in 1975, the most recentin 2010. The photographs highlight the poignancy and profoundbeauty evident in the passing of generations. At Rogers’ suggestion, theexhibit emphasizes time as being measured in change much more thanin passing years. One series for example showcases a couple both ontheir wedding day and after their first year of marriage, while anothercaptures the changes in siblings as they travel from childhood to adulthood.“The idea behind these photographs is to see them and feel goodabout moving forward,” says Rogers. “I want to elevate the passage oftime to a thing of elegance and honor.”Rogers, whose collected works have appeared in Life magazine andhung in both the International Center of Photography in New York aswell as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, has spent more than40 years as a professional photographer. Yesterday and Today wasborn from a passion for photographing neighbors, friends and familyin the small town of Point Reyes where Rogers has lived since 1971.“It’s thrilling to see a baby becoming a child and that child a youngman or woman,” Rogers explains. “Some people see growing older asdegeneration, I see regeneration.”Yesterday and Today is one of two fine art photography exhibitsfeatured at Mumm Napa Valley Winery. A private collection of originalsigned Ansel Adams photographs, currently on loan from the AnselAdams family, also hangs in the winery’s Private Collection Galleryyear-round. Visitors may sample sparkling wine while soaking in thebeauty of the art or the winery’s surrounding landscape – scenic vineyardswhich are best enjoyed from a table on winery’s tasting patio.Mumm Napa Valley is one of California’s premier sparkling wineproducers. The winery and visitors’ center is open daily for tours, tastingsand private events. Visitors’ center hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.Mumm Napa Valley Winery is located at 8445 Silverado Trail, Rutherford.For additional information on the exhibits or the winery, call(707) 967-7700 or go to the website at additional information on the Yesterday and Today photographs,email

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com19

WINERY FEATURE | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKWHITEHALL LANEWINERY & VINEYARDSby Charles NeaveThe year was 1979 when the winery wasfounded, but the real history of the land datesback to the mid-1800s when early settlers tothis part of the valley were drawn to the deep,loamy soils and ideal climate for agriculture.Quite presciently, it is on the site that WhitehallLane now occupies that the early settlersplanted the first high quality vines. In fact, abarn constructed in the early years of the lastcentury is still in use today.In 1993 the Leonardini family from theBay Area acquired the property, updating thewinemaking program and starting a newbarrel-aging program, all the while continuingto source the finest vineyards for the bestfruit. They now own six prime vineyards thatinclude the Whitehall Lane Estate Vineyard,Rutherford West Vineyard and BommaritoVineyard in the Rutherford Appellation;Leonardini Vineyard and Fawn Park Vineyardin St. Helena; and the Oak Glen Vineyard inthe Oak Knoll District, south of the winery.The Estate Vineyard is 25 acres of “RutherfordDust”, offering extraordinary Merlot andSauvignon Blanc fruit. The Rutherford WestVineyard offers outstanding Cabernet Sauvignonfruit while the Bommarito Vineyard isplanted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.The Leonardini Vineyard in St. Helena is14 acres of gravely soil that yields powerfulCabernet Sauvignon fruit and elegant yetintense Merlot grapes that go into the famousand much sought after “Leonardini Vineyard”vineyard-designated wines. Fawn Park, on agentle slope of Eastern hillside, producesintense Cabernet Sauvignon and the 25-acreOak Glen Vineyard produces flavorful SauvignonBlanc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.Over the years Whitehall Lane Winery &Vineyards, located at the mid-point of theNapa Valley, has undergone any number ofchanges – some have been understated andsome have been very noticeable. In the lastthree years the winery has expanded andadded another wing to their existing buildingthat contains a state-of-the-art barrel roomand a beautiful second-story Club Room forprivate tastings and events. The winery’sarchitecture has always been striking and thenew additions blend in perfectly with theoriginal style of the winery and tasting room.It is indisputably a modern design, but onesurrounded by a traditional Napa landscape –boundless vines and the slopes of the MayacamasRange, one of two sets of parallel anddramatic topographical outcroppings thatmake the Napa Valley a valley.When you arrive at the winery you’llventure down the trellised walkway coveredwith beautiful wisteria that compliments thecolor palate of the building. Inside, largewindows behind the tasting bar look intorooms filled with stainless steel, temperaturecontrolled tanks, stacks of wine boxes androws of oak barrels – a glimpse of the innerworkings of the winery.The new Club Room offers a panoramicview of the vineyards from its balcony. Insidethe Club Room there is a state-of-the-artkitchen, stylish furnishings and suede wallpanels. Inquire about their new Wine EducationTour, which concludes with a seatedtasting of their wines in this relaxed environment;whether you are already knowledgeableabout wine, or you are a complete20

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY FEATUREnovice, the Wine Education Touris a unique opportunity to learnabout and sample some deliciousand unique wines.While you’re at this 45,000-case-production winery you willalso have the opportunity to addsome small lot (200 cases peryear or less) wines to your owncellar. Because of the limitedproduction, these wines are onlyavailable at the winery. Currentlythey include the Las Brisas VineyardPinot Noir, the MillenniumMM Cabernet, a Leonardini VineyardCabernet and two dessertwines: an orange Muscat(Belmuscato) or a fortified Portstylebottling called Belforte.With the holidays approachingany of these wines would makethoughtful gifts or be perfectwines to serve with a festivedinner or brunch.With all of that said, what itcomes down to is that over theyears Whitehall Lane has beensynonymous with world-classwines. Since the beginning thiswinery has been a small, familyowned operation and has beencommitted to making the finestNapa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc,Chardonnay and Reserve winespossible. Luckily, for wine loversthe continued efforts of theLeonardini family are tangibleproof of their commitment tocrafting elegant, beautifully madewines that are among the best tobe found anywhere.The tasting room at WhitehallLane Winery is open every day ofthe week from 10 a.m. until 6p.m. They are located at 1563 St.Helena Hwy. (also known asRoute 29) in St. Helena. For moreinformation, call 707-963-9454or 1-800-963-9454, or visit theirwebsite,

Perfect Pairs BYGrgich Hills EstateChardonnay PerfectlyPaired with Salmon Cakeswith Saffron AioliSalmon falls into the category of fish that fits somewherebetween delicate and full-bodied. It is not as light as aflounder or trout and not quite as meaty as swordfish or tuna.So it is fitting that this recipe for Salmon Cakes with SaffronAioli is paired with a wine that is not as light-bodied as Rieslingor Sauvignon Blanc nor as full-bodied as Pinot Gris,Marsanne or a even a fully round Chardonnay that hascompleted a secondary fermentation called malolacticfermentation. The 2008 Grgich HIlls Estate Chardonnaygrown at the southern tip of Napa Valley fits the bill perfectly.It gives this dish succulent tropical fruit aromas and flavorsthat balance the body and weight of the salmon whilefeaturing a crisp acid backbone that cuts through the creamytexture of the aioli.The 2008 vintage was drier than normal for Napa Valleyand a mostly cool growing season. What's more, the GrgichHills Chardonnay vineyards take advantage of their vicinitynear San Pablo Bay with its cool maritime breezes and fog thathelp the grapes maintain a noticeable level of acidity that addscrispness on the palate. The result is a lively, aromatic winethat handles the dish's elegant mix of herbs, spices and mouthfillingcombination of grilled salmon and mashed potatopatties baked to golden brown.With 14.5% alcohol and French oak fermentation andaging, the Grgich Hills Chardonnay is balanced and versatile.It could be from its grapes having grown in certified organicand Biodynamic vineyards or from the fact that the GrgichHills style of winemaking has demonstrated a world classconsistency since its beginnings in 1977. Founder Miljenko“Mike” Grgich first gained international recognition at the celebrated“Paris Tasting” of 1976 when his 1973 Chateau MontelenaChardonnay was preferred over Burgundy's best. Today,the Grgich Hills brand is also known for its other fine winessuch as Fume Blanc, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.The Grgich Hills Estate tasting room is open daily from9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., located in the heart of Napa Valley onHighway 29 just north of Rutherford. Tours are also availableby appointment only at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and conclude witha wine tasting. Cost is $25 per person. Special arrangementsfor private wine and cheese pairings, vineyard tours, winerylunches and more are also available. For tour reservations oradditional information, email or call 1-800-532-3057. For more information, go to CAKESWITHSAFFRON AIOLIServes 6LEN NAPOLITANOFor the Fish:• 2 pounds salmon,cut into steaks for grilling• ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil• 1 teaspoon herbes de Provence• Salt and pepper to tasteFor the Cakes:• 2 potatoes, baked, mashed• 1 cup mayonnaise, plus ½ cup• 1/2 red onion, small dice• 6 ounces roasted red peppers, small dice• 3 eggs• 3 ounces capers, chopped• ½ bunch parsley, finely chopped• 2 pounds cooked salmon• 3 ounces panko bread crumbs• Salt and pepper to taste• 1 teaspoon garlic, minced• Pinch saffron threadsBrush the salmon with the oil, herbes de Provence and season with saltand pepper. Grill on both sides a few minutes to create a cross hatchpattern. Finish salmon in a preheated 375° F. oven until just done, about5 minutes. Cool.Remove any gray fatty parts from the skin side and flake. Cool. Bake thepotatoes in the microwave on high for 5 minutes or until cooked. Cool.Peel and mash with the mayonnaise. Add the remaining ingredients tothe potato mix, adding the salmon last. Mix gently so that the salmondoes not break-up too finely.Use a scoop to make 3-4 ounce balls. Roll the balls in the panko andflatten to form patties. Heat the olive oil in a large non-stick pan overmedium high heat and sear the patties about 5 minutes on each side oruntil golden brown. Bake the cakes in the oven for 5 minutes or untilthey have risen slightly.Make the aioli by mixing together the remaining half cup of mayonnaisewith the garlic and saffron. Serve at once.Recipe and photo by Todd Muir and Wine Country

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSZAP Celebrates 20 Years of ZinspirationThe World’s Largest Zinfandel Wine Festival takes place January 27-29The 20th Annual Zinfandel Advocates & Producers Wine Festivalwill take place January 27-29, 2011, in San Francisco. This annualcelebration of America’s Heritage Wine will make a major splash withwine lovers worldwide.The 20th Anniversary ZAP Festival consists of four events in threedays, showcasing approximately 250 wineries, pouring their barrelsamples and new releases, together with educational seminars, culinarydemonstrations and decadent food pairings. The ZAP Festival isthe most comprehensive showing of Zinfandel wines in the world.Main Festival Events:• Thursday, January 27, 2011:“Good Eats and Zinfandel Pairing,”Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, 6 to 9 p.m. Foodies rejoice!Enjoy delectable pairings from 50 restaurants and 50 wineries.Cost: $140 public/$100 members• Friday January 28, 2011:“Flights! Stories From The Vineyard” Zinspiration Series.This event includes a rare guided tasting of Zinfandel flights.The Westin St. Francis Hotel, Union Square, 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.Cost: $65 public/$40 members• Friday January 28, 2011: “Evening with the Winemakers,”Westin St. Francis Hotel, Union Square, 5 to 10 p.m.Dine with the winemakers and vintners who craft the remarkablewines presented at this opulent benefit auction and gourmetdinner high atop San Francisco.Cost: $225 includes membership• Saturday, January 29, 2011:“Grand Zinfandel Tasting & Silent Auction”Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, 2 to 5 p.m. public tasting.More than 250 wineries showcase their latest releases,barrel tastings, blends and rare collections of Zinfandel.A selection of artisanal cheese and nibbles will be included.All attendees receive a commemorative wine glass.Cost: $70/$60 members (includes one hour early admissionZAP supports research and scholarships, and this year will inauguratea new beneficiary: The American Heart Association/Stroke Association.Tickets are now on sale! Visit for tickets and eventdetails. Become a ZAP member ($44) and enjoy exclusive benefits andmember savings!Winegrowers, winemakers and wine enthusiasts combine to formthe membership. The common focus is the preservation and recognitionof Zinfandel as America’s heritage wine. ZAP’s membershipincludes approximately 275 winery-members, 4,000 advocatemembers and 100 associate members.For more information, visit the website at, or atbecome a fan:

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSsive green practices have made St. Francis a model of efficiency andsustainability. Solar power, water conservation, recycling programs,and rotational cover crops are just a few of the techniques being usedand have earned the winery recognition and stewardship awardsbefitting its hallowed namesake. Great wine, perfect pairings andrespect for the environment: it doesn’t get better than that.November 2010 marked the beginning of an exciting new projectat St. Francis. Crews turned-over a large plot in front of their SonomaValley Visitor Center to make way for an organic vegetable garden.The bounty from the garden will be featured in St. Francis’ wine andfood pairing menus, as well as local restaurants, farmers markets anda community supported agriculture (CSA) program – allowing localresidents to have access to high quality, locally grown produce.St. Francis has earned a strong local following and national reputation,going beyond what many consider the “basics” to provideoutstanding wines, exceptional food and unparalleled service. Nomatter which season you visit St. Francis, the wine, food, andgracious wine country hospitality will be memorable. Stop by St.Francis this season from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and surrender to the magicof Sonoma Valley. St. Francis Winery & Vineyards is located at 100Pythian Road at Highway 12 in Santa Rosa.Additional information is offered by calling 1-888-675-WINE, orvisit the winery’s website at

WINE COUNTRY NEWS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKDutcher Crossing Winery – As Good as it Getsby Frances RivettiIf visions of romping through rows ofladen grape vines in one of Northern SonomaCounty’s most spectacular vineyard propertiesappeal as a pleasant way to spend yourdays, ask four-year-old rescued Golden Lab,Dutchess and she’ll bring you a bone or ateddy bear, or some favored affirmation thatlife at Dry Creek’s Dutcher Crossing Wineryis about as good as it gets for a dog and hertwo legged friends.Proprietor, Debra Mathy welcomes visitorsto the stunning surrounds of DutcherCrossing, with sidekick and confidante,Dutchess ever by her side. “She runs throughthe vineyard by the side of my two wheeledSegway,” says Mathy, who purchased thesmall-lot, specialty-production winery in thespring of 2007, following a pledge made withher late father to follow her passion.Born and raised in Wisconsin, Mathy lefta career in education and her home in abustling, Colorado college town for the realizationof her rustic dream to live and workas a hands-on winery owner. Determined tolive this vision to the full, the businessmindedMathy diligently completed wine26and viticulture courses at U. C. Davis, beforeselecting fledgling Dutcher Crossing fromdozens of contenders.All wines crafted are Proprietor’s Reservesand vineyard designates, artfully blendedfrom pedigree fruits sourced from the DryCreek property and elsewhere on the region’scarefully sourced valley floor and hillsideterrains.“Our winemaker, Kerry Damskey believesthat he is the shepherd of the fruit,” saidMathy, who maintains a winning philosophythat every direct-to-consumer vintage isdeserving of the same meticulous attention.Dutcher Crossing Matriarch enjoys closeworking relationships with her staff, winemakerand growers, considering them as partof her winery “family.”Wine Club members are known to fly infrom around the country for special, seasonalmembers-only events and the rare opportunityto meet, taste with and talk with individualgrowers. “My mother bakes 300cookies for our unique member gatherings,”said Mathy. Limited edition charitablefundraising Tribute Wines are made eachyear in honor of her Dad, Charles F. Mathy,whose guiding principles led her to thepurchase of Dutcher Crossing.A gleaming, handmade replica of an originalPenny Farthing bicycle given to Mathyby her father greets visitors to a stylish tastingroom with it’s soft, wide, plank wood floors,high backed chairs and breathtaking views ofthe vineyards and hillside backdrop of DryCreek Valley. An athlete, avid cyclist andlover of anything with wheels, Mathy’s lifeaffirming, artisan sensibilities are evidentthroughout the estate.www.WineCountryThisWeek.comPhotos by MJ Wickam

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSOne hundred percent of the winery’spower needs are met by solar panels inthe vineyard. Mathy strives to maintainaffordability with her wines and iscontent in the knowledge that DutcherCrossing remains more of a ‘hidden gem’than a mass production facility. “We don’tnationally distribute, you can’t do thatwith hands-on winemaking,” she said.Wines such as Dutcher Crossing Proprietor’sReserve Cabernet Sauvignon rangein price from $29, with the highest pricedwine at the $49 price point and sellingright out of the tasting room.“We make four wonderfully differentZins,” said Mathy, “and though this is Zincountry, we are also known for ourCab/Syrah blends.” Awarded BestZinfandel Portfolio in a 2010 Best ofSonoma, Napa, Marin Reader Poll,Dutcher Crossing Wines have swept theboard of Gold Medals in many of theregion’s most prestigious wine competitions.Mathy (and Dutchess) confer onthe immeasurable merits of DutcherCrossing’s 2009 Dry Creek SauvignonBlanc.Dutcher Crossing wines are extremelyfood-friendly. Mathy and Damskey loveto eat and celebrate the seasons: “All ofour wines match well with holiday foods,Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay withcrab, Pinots and Cabs with standing ribroasts and hearty stews,” she said.Dutcher Creek’s Tasting Room is openseven days a week from 11 am to 5pm,except holidays and is located on DryCreek Road, north west from Healdsburg.Dutcher Crossing Winery is located at8533 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg. Formore information, visit the website or call1-866-431-2711.Dutchess with Proprietor, Debra Mathywww.WineCountryThisWeek.com27

WINE COUNTRY NEWS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKA Hanukkah Hootenanny at Judd’s Hill Wineryby Charles NeaveComing December 5, from noon until 3 p.m., back by populardemand, is their Judd’s Hill’s Fifth Annual Hanukkah Hootenanny atthe winery. It will be a benefit for Childrens Health Initiative NapaCounty, a non-profit organization that ensures that every child is givenequal access to health care.“We’ll have entertainment by Meshugga Beach Party who playtraditional Jewish folk songs in an instrumental ‘surf music’ style anda latke bar unlike any other and Napa Valley masters of BBQ Pat Burkeand Brian Whitmer will be showing off some new treats!”To spread the holiday cheer there will also be another charitableaspect: guests who bring an unwrapped (in the box) toy with a valueof $10 or more, five cans of non-perishable food or one or more pairsof lightly worn shoes to donate will receive a certificate to return toWine CountryL O D G I N Gthe winery for a free tour and tasting in the future. Wine clubmembers who bring a holiday gift of this type will receive a specialsurprise gift.Judd’s Hill Winery – now entering it’s 21st year – is barely a milefrom downtown Napa, and it’s there that Judd Finkelstein and his wifeHolly, both well-respected veterans of the wine business in the NapaValley, craft their wines, many of them in small lots and sold only atthe winery. They range from an intriguing rosé (when available) all theway through a selection of Zinfandel, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, EstatePinot Noir, Petite Sirah, their famous Cabernet Sauvignon and theFounder’s Art Reserve Cab (only 144 cases made).The tasting room at Judd’s Hill is open daily, and by appointmentonly, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. (last tasting is around 3 p.m.) They’relocated at 2332 Silverado Trail in Napa. To make an appointment, call(707) 255-2332 or log on to VALLEYPINK MANSIONA small, intimate, private inn where you arepampered and can enjoy the perfect Napa winetasting experience. Valley or forest views from eachroom, lavish breakfast and afternoon wine tasting,delectable surprises, large indoor heated pool andJacuzzi, in-room massage and facials available,easy walk to town for shopping and dining, bikingdistance to most local wineries.1415 Foothill Blvd 1-800-238-7465Calistogawww.pinkmansion.comCANDLELIGHT INNPrivate baths; TV/phone and AC; two-personmarble jacuzzis and fireplaces; balconies ordecks; three-course gourmet breakfast, horsd’oeuvres, wine and sherry in the evening; luxurious30'x60'; swimming pool1045 Easum Drive, Napa1-800-624-0395 candlelightinn.comNAPA VALLEYBRANNAN COTTAGE INNSix spacious, comfortable rooms with garden views, private entrances, private baths,queen-size beds and a refrigerator. Two mini-suites have sitting rooms with televisionsas well. Air conditioning and ceiling fans ensure comfort during summertimevisits. Down comforters and fireplaces for cozy and romantic evenings.109 Wapoo St, Calistoga (707) 942-4200SONOMA COUNTY– NORTHERNCALDERWOOD INNPerfect environment to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Situated3 blocks from the historic downtown plaza and wonderful restaurants in Healdsburg.25 W. Grant Street, Healdsburg (707) 1-800-600-5444VINTNERS INNForty-four spacious rooms and suites with balconies or patios;surrounded by vineyards. 1-800-421-25844350 Barnes Road, Santa Rosa www.vintnersinn.comSONOMA COUNTY– SOUTHERNLEDSON HOTELLuxury hotel situated on historic Sonoma Plaza. Six individually decorated roomswith king-size bed, whirlpool baths, fireplace and balconies.Appointed with antique grandeur paired with modern amenities. (707) 996-9779480 First Street East, Sonoma www.ledsonhotel.comSONOMA COUNTY– COASTINN AT THE TIDESBay views, walking distance to shopping, restaurants; swimming pool, hot tub,fitness center, sauna; rooms with views and fireplaces; massage available;continental breakfast 1-800-541-7788800 Highway One, Bodega Bay www.InnattheTides.comFAIRFIELD/SUISUN VALLEYHILTON GARDEN INN2200 Gateway Court, (707) 426-6900Fairfieldwww.hiltongardeninn.comHOLIDAY INN EXPRESS HOTEL & SUITES316 Pittman Road (707) 864-3797Fairfieldwww.hiexpress.comLODI/WOODBRIDGEROBIN’S NEST GUEST HOUSE (209) 334-3952665 W. Turner Road, Lodi www.robinsnestlodi.comWINE AND ROSES HOTEL AND RESTAURANT2505 W. Turner Road (209) 334-6988AMOROSA INN AND GARDENS8400 E. Harney Lane (209) 367-0882THE INN AT LOCKHOUSE19960 Elliot Road, Lockeford (209) 727-5715MONTEREY BAY/CENTRAL COASTLAMP LIGHTER INNTucked into an ancient grove of trees and just steps to the famous Carmel Beach, you will discovera charming inn with two cottages and four guest rooms inn and Sunset House Suites. These bedand breakfast boutique hotels have been serving the traveling public since 1935.(831) 624-6046 www.carmellamplighter.comVAGABOND’S INNVagabond's House Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in the midst of Carmel'sfinest restaurants, unique shops and well-known art galleries and blocks awayfrom Clint Eastwood's Hog's Breath Inn.(831) 624-7738 www.vagabondshouseinn.comLONE OAK LODGEVoted Monterey Peninsula Travel Planner Best Value. Within minutes to aquarium, wineries,Monterey Harbor, shopping, taverns, restaurants, etc. Rooms available with kitchenettes.1-800-283-5663 www.loneoaklodge.com28

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSWinemaker Profile: Raymond Vineyards & CellarStephanie Putnam“Improving What Is Already There”by Josh SteinStephanie Putnam is the Director of Winemakingat Raymond Vineyards and Cellar,where she has oversight over all facets of thewinemaking and significant input into vineyardcare and replanting strategies as thisrenowned Napa winery undergoes a renewalafter having been recently acquired by BoissetFamily Estates. Stephanie’s decade-pluscareer is one of contemporizing the winemakingstyles for well-known and wellregardedwineries in the Napa Valley,including Far Niente and Hess Collection.Her appointment as Director of Winemakingat Raymond continues the trajectory of hercareer to date, having been hired with theexpressed goal “to make every grape farmedon our estate vineyards in Rutherford and St.Helena be worthy of Generations.”Her philosophy as a winemaker is adiscreet approach, with as little alteration aspossible to what has come from the vineyards,which allows for a balancing of thecomponents in the wine: “I have a minimalistwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comphilosophy. The best wine starts in the vineyard,not in the winery. Everything that I doin the winery is to support and lift the fruit,not hide it or overwhelm it.” Stephanie’s businesspractices mirror that of philosophy as awinemaker; she pointedly acknowledges that“when you have the support of the team,amazing things can happen.” This impressivesense of balance in wine and people is whyshe was selected to head the regeneration ofRaymond’s wines.The wines she loves to make are those shegrew up with, those which are bigger butbalanced: “My parents were wine and foodaficionados long before it became popular, soI was able to drink wine at a young age withdinner if I wanted. Cabernet and Chardonnaywere my first wines, and I’ve always lovedthem.” Her goal every day since becoming awinemaker has been to try to put that sameexperience into the wines she produces. Aswith most winemakers, it really is others’enjoyment of the wines which matters mostto her. As she says, “Every glass of wine is areflection of myself and our team. I put myheart and soul into every wine produced andtake it very personally if people enjoy or don’tenjoy the wine. I want people to love thewine as much as I loved making it.”And that really is the essence of whatStephanie Putnam is doing for RaymondVineyards and Cellar. She says it best whenshe recognizes that the current transformationis simply amplifying what the vineyardand winery have been doing for forty years,that her role is to see where improvement canbe made without disturbing what is alreadyworking well. With Raymond’s vineyards andwines, she avows that the key to success is to“look at the little nuances, the details of whatmakes a great wine, and by understandinghow everything inter-relates, see how best tosimply improve what is already there.” Ifearly signs are indications of success,Raymond Vineyards and Cellar is well on itsway to successful transformation underStephanie Putnam’s careful and knowledgeableguidance. Bravo!Raymond Vineyards and Cellar is locatedat 849 Zinfandel Lane (on the south side oftown, visible from Highway 29), St. Helena.Check the web at

MankasWoodenRd ValleyWelcome toS U I S U N V A L L E YQue Sera, Sera? … No, Petite Sirah – Suisun Valley… No crowds, just beauty and peace for every soul’s palateSubmitted by ‘The Sipping Savant’Think you are a red wine lover, really … you might be intimidatedby Petite Sirah, a noble grape. Often used to blend with CabernetSauvignon, only the heartiest of red wine aficionados will appreciatethis adventurous and bold varietal. If you were to compare to awoman, think sassy redhead. If you were to compare to a man, thinkPirate “a la Johnny Depp.”A long and quiet history of grape growing in Suisun Valley recordsthis grape as the oldest of the original vineyards planted. Suisun Valleyhas perfect soil and micro-climate thereby enabling Petite Sirah,Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel vines to develop the choicestgrapes.Enter Frank Vezer, a pioneer who decided, along with his wife Liz,to move their international mining businesses to Suisun Valley some25 years ago to raise their family aside their vineyards. This fiery sonof Hungarian emigrants has just the adventurous and bold personalityto match the art of harvesting the Petite Sirah and creating awardwinningwine from it!Along with the Petite Sirah, Vezer Family Vineyard offers someequally big red varietal selections of Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.The Zinfandel has garnered a variety of gold, silver and bronzemedals when presented at Orange County, Los Angeles, San Franciscoand BTI Worldwide Competitions.Like children, it is hard to have a “favorite,” but one wine is truly aVezer Family heart-throb – the La Salette. This blend offers the best ofSuisun Valley grapes, combining Zinfandel and Petite Sirah. The nose,first is teased with aromas of ripe cherry, toasted oak, ripe plum and ahint of sweetness. The taste is rich and bold with lingering presenceon the palate followed by a lively fruit finish. “La Salette” is looselytranslated from Portuguese and imparts “never ending love.”Rest assured where there is fabulous red wine, dazzling white wines30must follow. Since Liz Vezer is atalented chef and entertaining “smalltribes” is a regular ritual for Frank andLiz, no paired food and wine menuwould be complete without white wine.Enter more award-winning winefrom Vezer Family Vineyard fruit fromtheir Verdelho and Sauvignon Blanc.Fiery Frank did not stop at phenomenal red and white wines forthe dinner table, welcome new family member – Franci Black Muscat(Franci is one of their daughters) and the perfect dessert wine to finishthe culinary talents of Liz Vezer, or the chef in your home!Vezer Family Vineyards is open daily for tastings without appointment.Enjoy the manicured gardens of the Blue Victorian at 5071Suisun Valley Road or visit their Barista Café & Tasting Room at thehistoric home of the Pony Express at 2522 Mankas Corner Road.Vezer Family Estate welcomes reservations for escorted ATV Vineyardstours. The “trio” of beautiful wineries welcomes groups from 20 to300 for concerts, elegant fundraiser dinners, casual barbecues andmemorable weddings. To plan some time with this feisty family or call 1-888-823-VINE (8563) oremail: .Bonus for the month of December: Purchase one case of VezerFamily Vineyard red wine and receive ‘Dinner for Two’ at Vintage Caffe,located at Vezer’s own Pony Express Village, Mankas Corner, Suisun Valley:$60 value. Coupon must be redeemed by December 31, 2010.37Soscol29Big Ranch Rd12Silverado TrailSilverado TrailMonticello RdNapaJameson Canyon Rd80Mason680121Atlas Peak RdGreen Valley CellarsGreen Valley RdRockville RdJarvisS U I S U NV A L L E YW I N E R I E SRock Creek VineyardCordeliaSuisunValleyBLUE VICTORIANWINERYVEZÉR FAMILY WINERYRockville RdSuisun Valley RdAbernathy RdWaterman Blvd80Fairfieldwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comWooden Valley RdSuisun Valley RdDaniel CappWinesGordon Valley RdGardens, Deli & Barista Wooden ValleySuisunWineryWine CoopLedgewoodCreekWinterhawkTenbrinkOliverVEZÉRPrivate Ranch& Tasting RoomBY APPOINTMENT ONLYClayton RdEagle EyeANHEUSER BUSCHBREWERY TOURSJELLY BELLYFACTORY AND TOURS 12Suisun CityMankas Hills Winery

Napa’s Back Roadwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com31

Randolph StChurch StFranklin Sth StRandolph StJeffersonCoombs StArroyo Dr.Arroyo Dr.Brown St.Brown St.Brown StMain St.West St.West St.Tulocay St.Tulocay St.Yajome St.Yajome St.Third St.NAPA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKGifts for Everyone On Your List at Premium Outlet CentersWith the economy on everyone’s mind lately, saving money hasnever been more important. Thankfully, the Premium Outlet Centers ®in Gilroy, Napa, Petaluma and Vacaville are geared up for theapproaching holiday season with bargains for everyone on your giftlist.Stores like Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor and Esprit feature all the lateststyles, while offering prices that make shopping a pleasure. For theyounger members of your family, Rave, PacSun and Juicy Couturetake the guess work out of buying for finicky teenagers. There's evenoutlets from designers such as Burberry, Coach and Gucci for themost discriminating shoppers.Do you have a sports and outdoor enthusiast in your midst? ThePremium Outlet Centers in Northern California are home to fantasticsportswear shops including Adidas, Quiksilver, Nike and Nautica, justto name a few.32CHARLESCHARLES KRUGKRUGDAVID FULTONDAVID FULTONBERINGERBERINGERMADRONAMADRONAS T . H E L E N ASPRINGSPRINGADAMSADAMSPOPEPOPEOrin SwiftTamber Orin Bey SwiftTamber BeyNAPA VALLEYWINE NAPA HARDWAREVALLEYWINE HARDWARESt. Helena Wine CenterSt. Helena Wine CenterNapa Valley FarmsNapa Valley FarmsSalvestrinSalvestrinTayson PierceTayson PierceLong Meadow RanchLong Meadow RanchPRAGERPRAGERLEWELLING AVELEWELLING AVESUTTER HOMESUTTER HOMEARGER-MARTUCCIARGER-MARTUCCINot to ScaleNot to ScalePRATTPRATTFULTONFULTONHallHallWarren StFlora SpringsFlora SpringsWarren StINGLEWOODINGLEWOODThird StMERRYVALEMERRYVALECorisonCorisonMilatMilatDel DottoDel DottoWHITEHALL LANEWHITEHALL LANELOUIS M MARTINILOUIS M MARTINIHeitzHeitzV. SATTUIV. WINERY SATTUIWINERY & DELIDELIZINFANDELZINFANDELRAYMONDRAYMONDFransicanFransicanWittWittRutherfordRutherford GroveTres Sabores & GrovePedemonte Tres Sabores CellarsPedemonte CellarsW i n e C o u n t r y TPreferredh i s W e e kPreferredOpen to the publicOpen to the publicOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentWHITEHALL LANEWHITEHALL LANEThird StCalafia CellarsCalafia CellarsCHARTER OAKCHARTER OAKCollege StCollege StJefferson StSecond StJefferson StSecond StWashington StWilson StOak StFirst StWashington StWilson StFirst StOak StClay StClay StChurch StGALLERONGALLERONFleuryFleuryEven StEven the little ones have so much to choose from at PremiumOutlets. With so many stores specializing in clothing and accessoriesfor babies and children, you will have no trouble finding just the rightgift for the kids in your life.But great prices on clothing are not the only reason to visit aPremium Outlet Center. Got a gourmet on your gift list? He will surelybe thrilled with one of the marvelous new kitchen gadgets from theKitchen Collection, Restoration Hardware or Le Creuset. And if you’vegot a winter wedding come up, there is no greater selection of topquality home goods than those available at stores like Le GourmetChef, Tuesday Morning or Calphalon Kitchen Outlet.And for even more exciting bargains, be sure and visit www.premiumoutlets.comto sign up for the VIP Shopper Club! As a member,you’ll be able to instantly print out money saving coupons from yourfavorite stores, as well as receive a voucher for a free exclusive couponbook filled with even more savingsWho has time these days to drive from one store to another,searching for the gifts you need at prices you can afford? The PremiumOutlets Centers in Northern California allow you to stroll from onefantastic bargain to the next and you never even have to move yourcar!Clay StClay StCalistoga AveJohnAnthonyCalistoga AveX WineryAvia AviaFranklin StRandolph StWineries ofNapa ValleyTown CenterOlabisi/TrahanUptownTheatreRandolph StTown CenterJeffersonCejaCoombs StVINTNER’SCOLLECTIVEFirst St.Second St.Third St.First St.Brown StFourth StSecond St.Third St.Fifth StMain St. Main St.Yountville St.Clinton St.Pearl St.Vallejo St.Napa St.Caymus St.www.WineCountryThisWeek.comFourth StFifth StMain St. Main St.StonehedgeUva WineryTrattoriaItalianaVintner’sCollectiveYountville St.PuebloTWENTY ROWSClinton St.Pearl St.Bounty HunterTASTE AT OXBOWRare Cole’s Wine Chop Co. House MAHONEY VINEYARDS/Napa Valley Opera House WATERSTONEMain St.CeladonVallejo St.Napa St.Caymus St.COLE’S CHOP HOUSENapa Valley Opera HouseBack Room WinesVinoce andTwenty RowsCELADONNapa General StoreNapa General StorePuebloTrancasSoscol AveSoscol AveTrancasNapa ValleyWine TrainMasonNAPA VALLEYWINE TRAINMC KINSTRYThird St.River Terrace Dr.MC KINSTRYGustavo Thrace/ToolboxRiver Terrace Dr.Imperial WayRobert CraigImperial WayOxbowPublicMarketUncorkedat OxbowD O W N T O W NN A P AOxbowPublicMarketBig Ranch RdBig Ranch RdDOMINDOMIFirst St.First St.

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | NAPA VALLEY2 for 1 Tasting with this adwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com33

JEFFERSON STWelcome toY O U N T V I L L EV MARKETPLACEA Variety of Fine Merchandise AwaitsOld romantic stone winery? Check.Designer labels? Check. Fine art? Yep. Awardwinningwines? Delicious food? Absolutely!Head no further than V Marketplace – a destinationgem at the heart of historic Yountville inNapa Valley.V Marketplace is a unique collection ofcontemporary shops, superb galleries and, ofcourse, world-class wine boutiques that eventhe most traveled-of-tourists and local-of-localswill enjoy. Set in the old Groezinger Winery,(circa 1870 and listed on the United StatesRegistry of Historic Places), it has been restoredso that the time-worn bricks, cobblestones andexposed wood architecture of one of Napa’soldest wineries stylishly houses some of thebest places to find Napa Valley winemakers,artisans, designers and chefs.V Marketplace is open seven days a week,10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (except restaurants andwinebars) and is located at 6525 WashingtonStreet in Yountville, Napa Valley. Exit VeteransHome Exit from CA Highway 29. or call (707) 944-2451for more details.Domaine Home & GardenItalian serving-ware, sparkling wine glasses, cherry-wood wine storage,handcrafted furniture, wine country artistry and tranquil garden fountains –the perfect store to treat yourself and your loved ones!NapaStyleFlagship destination and winebar of chef and wine country personality MichaelChiarello, NapaStyle is at once a home and kitchen store for handcrafted, exclusivegoods as well as artisan panini-deli and intimate winebar – all of whichreminisce on the very best Italian influences in Northern California.A Little RomanceEvery bit as romantic as its name, A Little Romance builds on old-worldsensibilities, fabrics and patterns with a lovely selection of floral hand-milledsoaps, bed linens, scarves, throws and delicate home accessories.SistersThree levels of men’s and women’s apparel for the young and hip! Findunique gifts, designer jeans, the latest swimwear and lacey under things. Orbook an appointment for bridal make-up, eyebrow or eyelash tinting andwaxing in the top-floor’s boutique salon.LemondropsOne of the CUTEST children’s clothing store in all Napa Valley. Lemondropshas something for every one of your favorite youngsters in all ages and sizes– from girly-girls to little cowboys, ballerinas and sport fans, plus awonderful selection of unique toys and gifts.Y O U N T V I L L EWASHINGTONBEAU VIGNENAPA VALLEYBIKE TOURSDomaine ChandonKeeverYOUNT MILL RDJACKSONMADISON STGirard 1 JESSUP CELLARSPEDRONIMa(i)sonrySTARKEY ST29CALIFORNIA DRVINEYARD VIEW - PRIVATEElyseHOFFMANWASHINGTON STWEBBER STHill FamilyEstateHope and GraceRASGALLERIESSomerston RanchV MARKETPLACECORNERSTONECELLARSPage Wine CellarsBell WineWASHINGTON STYOUNT STYOUNTVILLE CROSS RDTo Silverado TrailV MARKETPLACE:APPARELi.elleLemondropsSistersTay & GraceVianettHOMEA Little RomanceCalifornia & VineDomain Home & GardenNapaStyleGALLERIESBlue HeronGallery 1870North Bay GalleryWINE TASTINGNapaStyleV Wine CellarINDULGENCESSoluna Boutique SalonDININGBottegaNapaStylePacific Blues

The Hess Collection ArtCatalogs Just ReleasedWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | NAPA VALLEYThe new Hess Art Collection catalogs have arrived. With 370pages and 336 color photographs, the first comprehensive catalog in20 years has been worth the wait.Since the release of the firstbook in 1989, the collection grewfrom 250 pieces to more than1,000.This up-to-date hardcoverbook presents the internationalscope of the Hess Art Collection’sworks including concise statements by each of its 52 artists, andintroductions by Donald Hess and Curator, Myrtha Steiner. The HessArt Collection catalog is available in hardback for $75.For Donald M. Hess, collecting art is not simply about compilingobjects, it is a practice urged by a deep conviction that artists are thesubconscious voice of our collective mind. It is from this passion thatHess continued to collect art and learn from artists over the past 40years.To purchase, visit the website at or call(707) 255-11442 for 1 on Any Tastingincluding the Single Vineyard tastingSAVE UP TO $25“Best Boutique Winery& Local Winemaker”two years in a row2867 St. Helena North, St. Helena707-265-5000www.stclement.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com35

WASHINGTONGRANTMYRTLEDALEWelcome toC A L I S T O G ASo‘Winter in the Wineries’ December 3-February 6A Leisurely, “Insider’s” Way to See Some ofthe Napa Valley’s Award-Winning WineriesCalistoga’s Winter in the Wineries, December 3, 2010through February 6, 2011, offers a great way to tour, tastewine and meet winemakers at 15 award-winning wineriesin and around this northernmost Napa Valley town.Calistoga was recently recognized as an American ViticulturalArea (AVA) with distinct geographic features andgrowing conditions. Winter in the Wineries offers aperfect chance to explore what makes Calistoga unique asa wine-growing region.Those purchasing a passport to the event will have access to aselect group of Calistoga wineries for one low price of $50 during thetwo-month period.Passport holders can visit as many times as they want during thattime to use the 15 tastings (one tasting per winery), as well as receivediscounts at several of Calistoga’s finest restaurants and lodgingproperties. Participating restaurants will waive corkage for passportholders, and lodgings will offer special room rates for passportholders.Wineries participating in Winter in the Wineries include Castellodi Amorosa, Bennett Lane Winery, Chateau Montelena, Clos Pegase,Envy Winery, Lava Vine Winery, Zahtila Vineyards, Madrigal Vineyards,Rios Tasting Room, Sterling Vineyards, Summers Winery,Tudal Winery, Twomey Cellars, Von Strasser and W.H. Smith Wines.Lodging properties offering special room rates to passport holdersinclude: Brannan Cottage Inn; Chelsea Garden Inn; Calistoga Inn,Restaurant and Brewery; Calistoga Spa Hot Springs; Christopher’sInn; Craftsman Inn; Eurospa & Inn; The Lodge at Calistoga; MountView Hotel & Spa; Roman Spa Hot Springs; BestWestern Stevenson Manor; and Calistoga Wine WayInn.Participating restaurants include All Seasons; Barolo;Brannan’s Grill; Calistoga Inn, Restaurant and Brewery;and JoLe.Participants must be 21 and over. Hours of winetasting vary per winery.To purchase a passport online, or to view generalinformation, please go to orcall the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce & VisitorCenter toll free at 1-866-306-5588.For more details about visiting Calistoga, a Napa Valley townknown for its natural geothermal waters, popular spas, relaxedatmosphere, variety of wineries and great dining, please check Facebook users can also find informationabout Calistoga, including great deals, breaking news andinsider tips, by searching for “Calistoga Visitors” and becoming a“fan,” or going to RD.TOSANTAROSATOGEYSERVILLEFOOTHILL BLVD.128BENNETT LANEWINERYLINCOLN29AVENUEW.H. Smith SPAPINK OnThEdgeMANSION WINE Kenefick RanchGARAGE Rios Wine Co.DiamondTofanelliTerraceReverie Von StasserTwomeyTeachworthConstant CASTELLO DI AMOROSAMadrigalAlloraDIAMOND MTNPINETOST. HELENATRINCHERO NAPA VALLEYA Dozen VintnersFREEMARK ABBBYSUMMERSWINERY29EnvyOLD FAITHFULGEYSERC A L I S T O G ABERRY STCEDARELLERSBIG TREETHIRD STREETSECOND STREETFIRST STREETLINCOLN AVEFRANKFAMILYCALISTOGAWINE STOP(Calistoga Depot)DUNAWEAL LANETudalEhlers EstateFAIRWAYLARKMEADBENESSERETUBBS LANETedeschiFamilyOAK STREETLAKE STREETChateau Montelana29Clos PagaseSterlingLarkmeadLODISTEVENSONVincentArroyoGREENWOOD AVEGOLDEN HAVENSPA & RESORTBRANNANCOTTAGE INNWAPOOBALE LANELINCOLN AVETOCLEARLAKE29ROMBAUER29Lava VineZahtilaVineyardAugustBriggsSilverRosePhifer PavittCuvaison Estate WinesPaoletti BarlowBlairDUTCH HENRY WINERYCASA

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | CALISTOGACalistoga’s 15th Annual Lighted Tractor Parade, December 4The 15th Annual Calistoga Lighted Tractor Parade will take placeon Saturday, December 4, at 7 p.m. on Lincoln Avenue, between CedarStreet and Fair WayThe Calistoga Lighted Tractor Parade offers the ultimate small-townChristmas experience. Vintage and modern tractors, antique trucks,human-powered vehicles and construction equipment bedecked withdazzling lights roll down Calistoga’s scenic main street to celebrate theChristmas season and Calistoga’s agricultural heritage in a jolly, uniqueway. Santa himself will make a special appearance. This free, popularNapa Valley event gets bigger and better each year. For accommodationand restaurant information, go to: orphone the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center toll freeat 1-866-306-5588.For more details about visiting Calistoga, a Napa Valley townknown for its natural geothermal waters, popular spas, relaxed atmosphere,variety of wineries and great dining, please check Facebook users can also find informationabout Calistoga, including great deals, breaking news and insider tips,by searching for “Calistoga Visitors” and becoming a “fan,” or going

NAPA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKTasting Room of the Week:FREEMARK ABBEYby Michelle J. BakerHere’s a great piece of wine country trivia:which current Napa Valley winery had one ofCalifornia’s first women winemakers? It’samazing to consider that in 1886 (1886!) apioneering woman, Josephine Tychson, wasnot only the winemaker but also the owner ofTychson Cellars, what is now FreemarkAbbey.Freemark Abbey is a winery steeped in thegreat history of Napa Valley, starting with thewonderful story of Tychson, who suddenlylost her husband John when the winery hadstill not been built, the vineyards were notcompletely planted, and she had two young children to raise. In spiteof the hardship, she built a redwood winery building, completedplanting the vineyards, learned about viticulture and winemaking andreleased her first wine in 1886.When you visit Freemark Abbey you’ll have a chance to drink in thewinery’s rich history as well as some beautifully-crafted libations. TedEdwards has been the winemaker at Freemark Abbey for nearly 30years, an impressive tenure for Napa Valley. Edwards style isunabashedly California, with lovely, forward fruit and remarkablebalance – his signature on the Freemark Abbey wines.The engaging staff at the winery have mixed and matched the winesinto two distinct tastings: a classic tasting of any four wines on theclassic list (many of which are only available at the winery), and a38Cabernet Sauvignon Comparison Tasting.The comparison tasting, perfect for Cablovers out shopping for memorable examplesof the varietal, includes both single vineyardCabs – Sycamore and Bosché – and one fromthe winery’s vast library. Visitors can also optfor an appointment-only Wine & CheesePairing, or just stop by for a glass of wine toenjoy out on the tasting room’s back patio.Freemark Abbey is best known for itsCabernet Bosché, a Cabernet Sauvignon fromthe Bosché Vineyard, located in the heart ofthe Rutherford Bench. To honor the legacy ofJosephine Tychson, the winery has introduced“Josephine”, a Bordeaux-style blendprimarily composed of Cabernet Sauvignon that makes a great complementto the Cabernet Bosche in any cellar.Freemark Abbey also has a marvelous wine for dessert wine lovers,the 2008 Edelwein Gold Late Harvest Riesling. The winery onlyproduces this wine in vintages where botrytis (“noble rot”) sets in naturally,with this vintage the first since 2000 and just the 12th since theyfirst made it in 1973.Next year marks Freemark Abbey’s 125th anniversary, and there areall kinds of plans to celebrate what Josephine Tychson got started in1886.Visit Freemark Abbey at 3022 St. Helena Highway North, just lessthan two miles north of downtown St. Helena. The tasting room isopen from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.


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Whispers and Dreams at RASgalleriesRASgalleries, Yountville’s prestigious art glass and original fine art gallery,located at 6540 Washington Street, has once again discovered magnificence inthe work of emerging glass artist, Terri Albanese. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5p.m. and Tuesday by appointment. RASgalleries was established over 20 yearsago and represents several hundred established American artists with a focus ondynamic and unique contemporary and traditional art glass. The luscioustextured glass paintings of Terri Albanese are alive with movement and color,snapshots of beauty intended to evoke emotion and encourage admiration forthe wonder that surrounds us.Sometimes beauty sneaks up on a person, a streak of vermillion acrossindigo sky, the gentle unfolding of tulips, sunlight dancing on a bubblingbrook. Terri sees a dream, a story, a heart, in an American Legion poppy, itspetals ruffled by a breeze. A calla lily speaks to her as it stands straight and boldand confident. A raindrop is a mirror for the sun. These are the wonders ofnature that whisper to Terri Albanese as she creates her work.“Painting in glass is my way of sharing the splendor I experience in theworld,” said Terri. “I am driven by the desire to present light against the darknessin life and I always feel blessed with spiritual guidance.”An illustrator and designer for years, Terri searched for a medium thatwould allow her to express her desire to communicate the whispers and dreamsGIVING JOY21"w x 28"hTHE NIGHTIS A DREAM24.5"w x x 33"hof the world in a fresh and exciting style that was truly unique. During a trip toItaly she was drawn to mosaic signage found on boutiques and buildings, fascinatedby the precision and meticulous setting of tiles in the classical Italianmethod, the compositions in a myriad of colors, the balance of new againstancient. She noticed the use of “smalti,” strategically placed gold pieces thatreflected light and stopped the eye. After returning to the United States, Terristudied the classical setting of mosaics at Miami Mosaic Academy where sheworked closely with an Italian-trained mosaic master and experimented withhandcrafted glass strips instead of tiles. She discarded the idea of grout whichshe felt interrupted the flow of a piece and instead cut long strips using primitivetools, butt-joining them one by one on the diagonal, as if each piece of glasswere a brushstroke.Today, her style is bold and inspiring, the process painstaking but rewardingto Terri. She still experiments constantly, reaching to capture the essence of afloral-inspired piece, striving for a “burst of energy” or a spontaneous “live in themoment” mood. Each painting is a snapshot in time to treasure. Terri’s glass“palette” includes a variety of handcrafted glass, taking advantage of the uniquecolor variations, textural waves and striations, random bubbles and othernatural effects that contribute to the movement of each painting, adding depth,highlights, shadows, and dramatic contrast. She often inserts accent pieces, tiny42

y Diana Greenwoodsurprises in gold or millefiori, quartz, stringers and smalti to move the eye, stop theeye, and provide additional depth and texture.“The pieces are designed to be viewed from a distance and slowly pull you in,”said Terri. “I’m always thrilled when people gently glide their fingertips over mywork. Every instinct tells them not to, but they are compelled to touch.”RASgalleries owner, Ronda Schaer, invites you to touch Terri’s work. The collectionis exclusive to the gallery and includes Giving Peace, a stunning 28” x 21” floral snapshotfluid in yellows and purples with hints of gold that sparkle and seem to wander,traveling across abstract petals as the light moves. The titles are sometimes inspiredby passages from scripture and Terri’s 21” x 21” piece Open Your Heart is a boldpoppy-red close-up that leaps and thumps and skips upon the wall. The Night is aDream, an elegant 33” x 24.5” masterpiece depicting a calla lily in colors of pearlescentcream and white, golden brown and soft yellow, stands in glory, beckoning.RASgalleries is planning a show featuring the glass paintings of Terri Albanese inthe spring of 2011. “I am delighted to represent Terri,” said Ronda. “Her work is freshand exciting and each piece radiates passion. There is a lively energy in the work thatstems from the personality of this artist and threads throughout each piece in thecolors, the composition, and the astonishing details, illuminating each painting as ifthe sun shone only one place at a time.”RASgalleries, located at 6540 Washington Street in Yountville, Napa Valley, may bereached by calling (707) 944-9211. RASgalleries is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.and Tuesday Calistoga by appointment. You may also visit the website at www.rasgalleries.comand on Facebook, look for RASgalleries Art Glass – Yountville. GIVING STRENGTH 21"w x 28"hTUBBS LANELINCOLNART ON MAINPRATT AVESt. HelenaSILVERADO TRAILALLISONCHARTER OAKOAKVILLE CROSS RD.29YountvilleYOUNTVILLE CROSS RD.WASHINGTONRASGALLERIESBY WAY E.WISECASK29121TROWER AVE.NapaTRANCASFIRST STCALIFORNIA5TH2ND3RDMAIN STMAIN STSOSCOL121HARDMAATLAS 43TOVALLEJO

1BURNSIDEPastoriRUSSIAN RIVERDUTCHER CREEKLakeSonomaFERRARI-CARANODUTCHER CROSSING101DRY CREEK RD.MAZZOCCOTO THEMENDOCINOCOASTDRY CREEK RD.1NorthernSonomaRockpile116RussianRiverZachichiYoakim Bridge TaltyRaymond Burr VineyardsGöpfrichTruett HurstMartoranaMichel-SchlumbergerUntiQuiviraMountsA RafanelliVinwood CellarsRODNEY STRONGPETRIFIED FOREST .Gary FarrellMill Creek VineyardsARMIDAMATRIXHOPKILNChateau FeliceRochioliTwomeyCHALK HILLKENDALL-JACKSONWINE CENTERRIVER RD.MARK WEST SPRINGS RD.Joseph Swan WoodenheadPellegriniMartinelliHarvest MoonRobert RueBenoviaHook & LadderDe LoachCarol Shelton InspirationInmanBattaglini NovySiduriLAGUNA RD.BOHEMIAN HIGHWAYGRATON RD.PARADISE RIDGEVérité/ArchipelChalkHillKnightsValleyOLIVETGreenValleyMarimar TorresAlexanderValley29FULTON RD.OCCIDENTAL RD.MONTECITO128CALISTOGA RD.Taft Street WineryFreemanFRITZ WINERYMARTINRAYHannaFrickPedroncelliGeyser PeakPalmeriRoute 128 WineryAmphoraMeekerLocalKokomo/ Mercury TerroirsPetersonTrioneFamily*ClosRuedDu BoisFrancisTeldeschi FordCoppolaDry Creek VnydMauritsonCANYON RD.PassalacquaWILSONRidgeRobert YoungStryker SonomaHawkesStonestreetC. DonatielloBradford MtnAristaEverett RidgeALDERBROOKDe LaMontanyaFoppianoAcornJ WineDeNataleVine TastingsGroveStreet128Alexander Valley VineyardsHannaFERRARI-CARANO’SSEASONS OF THE VINEYARDKENDALL-JACKSONHAUCK CELLARSBoisset Taste of TerroirDowntown WineEdmeadesFront Street Wineries:• Camellia Cellars• Davis Family• Sapphire Hills• HoldredgeHawley Tasting Room & GalleryHudson Street Wineries• Bluenose Wines• Grove Street• Owl Ridge• Sadler-Wells• Rocking Z Vineyard• TeiraLa CremaLake SonomaLongboard VineyardsManzanita CreekMurphy-GoodeOptimaPezzi KingPortalupiRoadhouse WineryRussian River Wine Co.SeghesioSelbyStephen & WalkerThirty Four North Wine MerchantThumbprintToad HollowTopelWaterfront Tasting Room• J. Keverson• Christie• Hart’s DesireWilliamsonOCCIDENTAL RD.Freestone VineyardsGuest CenterKorbelSbragia FamilyBella VineyardsPreston VineyardsPorterCreekDehlingerHouseLynmarMerry EdwardsDavid CaffaroThomasGeorgePasterikAmistaDeux AmisSilverOakCellarsof SonomaTRENTADUED’ArgenziodeLORIMIER WINERYPapapietro PerryLYTTON SPGSNalleDuchampSAUSALVALLEYALEXANDERWhite OakField StoneJohnson’sWESTSIDE RD.Sebastopol VnydOccidental RoadAtascadero CreekGraton RidgePetersFamilySheldonMacPhailRussian Hill EstateMeitzJordanStuhlmullerChristieCHRISTOPHERCREEKChalk HillLancaster EstateWINDSOR RIVER RDEASTSIDEGourmet au BayDryCreekRussian River VnydsIron HorseMOSHINHartford FamilyEmtu EstateRiver RoadKachinaTO THEMENDOCINOCOAST J RickardsSTEWART’S POINT RDCopainMuellerSimiMerriamLimerickLanePLEASANTOLD REDWOOD HWYSt. Helena RoadWineryDutton EstateGUERNEVILLEDutton-GoldfieldEmeritusWattle CreekFORCHINIAsti, Souverain, Cellar No. 8SONOMA-CUTRERVintners SignaturesW. DRY CREEKFlowersVineyard& WineryForthMontemaggioreMichael BernardDaVeroMedlockAmesCazaderoPastoriTravelling to Santa RosaTRAVEL TIMEFROM MILES (Average) (Peak)Golden Gate Bridge 49 50 90Sacramento 104 110 150Downtown Napa 42 60 77Travelling around Sonoma CountyDowntown Santa Rosa to Sonoma Plaza 22 35 40Downtown Santa Rosa to Healdsburg 16 20 30Healdsburg to Geyserville 8 15 15Downtown Santa Rosa to Guerneville 19 35 40Lambert BridgeStarliteVineyardsSLUSSERBALLETTOSUNCÉKrutaGarden Creek RanchGustavoThraceINDUSTRIALPINERFOUNTAIN GROVEGOLDWATER TROUGHRIDGEBODEGA HIGHWAYLittoraiWinesD&LCarinalliMONTGOMERY

Valley of the Moon WineryPYTHIAN RD.1TomalesBay116101 LEDSONVALLEY FORD CUTOFFSonomaCoastSableRidgeROBLAR RD.PETALUMA VALLEY FORD RD.116116SonomaValley101 1212112TO NAPA37PARADISE RIDGEVJB CELLARSMAYO RESERVE ROOMLarson Family121KAZSugar LoafRidgeState Park128TOLAKE BERRYESSAANDSACRAMENTOMuscardini & Ty Caton CellarsEnkiduFamily WineriesBENNETT VALLEY RD.ERIC ROSSMOONDANCE CELLARSRobledoFamilyLOXTONRavenswoodBuena VistaBONNESS RDLAKEVILLE RD.ViansaBR COHNORANGE RD.AdobeRoadWineryClarbecArrowoodLittle VineyardsFRATESBartholomew ParkSTAGE GULCHNAPA RDKastaniaVineyardsCHARLES CREEKBonneauST. FRANCISBlackstonePetroni VineyardsMoon MountainHanzellBODEGAHWY WASHINGTONCordaClary RanchSonoma ValleyPort WorksBevanCellarsKellerEstateGLORIA FERRERCLINESCHUG12Paint HorseJACUZZIHawkesRocheAdobe RoadWestwoodCHATEAU ST. JEANDeerfield RanchLandmarkGRANGEMatanzasCreekPavo WinesKenwood WineryPETALUMA HILL ROADKundeWellingtonBenziger FamilyAudelssa EstateBucklin Old Hill RanchRobert HunterMAYO FAMILYHKG ESTATE WINESTheCaveImageryROESSLERSEBASTIANIEric K JamesHwy 12 WinerySojournCORNERSTONE SONOMAMEADOWCROFTKEATINGMacRostieParmelee-HillKamenTin BarnGofesselHomewoodWineryFavero7TH E.LOVALL VALLEYCELLARDOORSONOMAENOTECAE NAPA ST8TH E.AnabaGundlach BundschuLos CarnerosRegionBURNDALENicholsonRanchRAMALTO VALLEJOSan Pablo BayTOSAN FRANCISCOTOSAN FRANCISCOSonoma County Wineries

LAGUNA RD.SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKLakeSonomaTOMENDOCINOCOASTSTEWARTʼS POINTTOBODEGABAYTOMENDOCINOCOASTFERRARI-CARANODUTCHER CROSSINGTOHWY. 1FRITZ WINERYMAIN ST.RIVER RD.BOHEMIAN HWYHEALDSBURG AVE.TOEUREKAPLAZA STWESTSIDEMonte RioCENTER STTHEPLAZA101SbragiaPastoriSilver OakFamilyCellarsVineyardsJ RickardsRoute 128 WineryFrick Geyser PeakPalmeri Meeker 128PedroncelliLocalTerroirsKachinadeLORIMIERDavid CaffaroYoakim Bridge Talty FORCHINITrione Vineyards & WineryBellaAmphoraClos Du Bois Vintners SignaturesPrestonPapapietro PerryTruettZachichiKokomo/ Mercury TRENTADUEHurst PetersonFamily WineriesRobert YoungRaymond Burr Göpfrich UntiMartorana Rued Francis FordQuiviraCoppola Stryker SonomaLyttonPassalacquaTeldeschiHauckStation Rd. StonestreetMichel-SchlumbergerMountsRidge/LyttonDry Creek Vineyard AmistaMauritsonSprings Medlock Ames SAUSALJordanStuhlmullerA. RafanelliAlexander Valley VineyardsMAZZOCCOWhite OakLambert BridgeSimiJohnson'sWILSONAlexander HannaPasterikValley WinesMontemaggioreManzanitaCamellia Cellars, Davis FamilyCreekHuntington, Sapphire HillFERRARI-CARANO’S ForthGrove StreetField StoneSEASONS OF THE VINEYARDMichael BernardEverett RidgeSainiLancaster EstateSeghesioDaVeroPortalupiMacPhail FamilyVérité/ArchipelLakeMAGNOLIAToad HollowDowntown Wine Mill CreekCHRISTOPHER CREEKRoadhouse SonomaFoppianoRussian River Wine Co.Thirty Four NorthALDERBROOKLimerick LaneHawleyBoisset Taste of TerroirAcorn ChristieARMIDAMietzDe La MontanyaWilliamsonTwomeyRODNEYThumbprintMurphy-Goode - EdmeadesHauckMATRIXSelbySTRONGStephen & WalkerLa CremaLongboardJ WinePezzi KingVineyardsMerriamDeNataleChateau Chalk HillC. DonatielloFeliceKENDALL-JACKSONArmstrongWoodsARMSTRONG WOODS RD.GROVEVINEDUTCHER CREEK RDWINE CREEK RD.GRANTYOAKIM BRIDGEBROAD CROCKERWALLING101Freestone VineyardsGuest CenterASTI RD.MILL STCHIANTI RD.NORTH ST.EASTMATHESONKorbelCANYONRIVER RD.116Marimar TorresRUSSIAN RIVERGRATON RD.Wattle CreekAsti, Souverain, Cellar No. 8DRY CREEK RD.W. DRY CREEK RD.TOPELHAYDON ST.MASONINDEPENDENCEThomas George EstatesPorter CreekGary FarrellOCCIDENTAL RD.GOLDRIDGELittoraiWinesMIRABEL RD.GEYSERVILLE RD.WESTSIDE RD.MOSHINVINE HILL RD.MILL STA.KINLEYFREI RD.ALEXANDER VAL. RD.RochioliAristaRED WINERYGEYSERʼSHOP KILNPellegriniSheldonTOHWY. 101W. OLIVET12PINE FLATLIMERICKOLD REDWOOD HWY.STARR RDVineTastingsCopainLOS AMIGOSSonoma CountyAirportOLIVETRIVER RD.ARATA LN.WINDSOR RIVER RDSTARR RDMuellerBROOKS RD.LAKEWOODHEMBRE LN.101AIRPORT BLVDSHILO RD.KENDALL-JACKSONWINE CENTERRussian HillEstateRobert RueWoodenheadMartinelliHartfordFamilyMARTINJoseph Swan Harvest Moon Carol SheltonWinery RAYHook & BattagliniEmtuLadderEstate SUNCÉ Inman FamilyDeLoachRussian River Martini & PrattiIron Horse DehlingerRiver RoadSebastopol VineyardsOccidental Road, Atascadero Creek & Graton RidgeDutton-GoldfieldHouse LynmarEmeritus Merry BALLETTOD&L Carinalli EdwardsHannaTaft Street Winery Peters FamilyMARTINELLIBURNSIDEWATER TROUGHSonoma-CutrerSLUSSERALEXANDER VALLEY,DRY CREEK VALLEY& R U S S I A N R I V E RWINERIESPINER RD.FRAUGHT128MARK WEST SPRINGS101GUERNEVILLE RD. STEELE LN.CHALK HILL RD.PLEASANT AVE.OLD REDWOOD HWY.FULTON RDNovySiduriFOUNTAIN GROVE PKWY.TOSANTA ROSA/SAN FRANCISCOStarliteVineyardsTOSONOMAVALLEY46


SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKCelebrate in Healdsburg with a Restaurant Dine AroundFour Progressive Courses at the Very Best of Healdsburg’s RestaurantsThe event that delivers incredible food and wine as part of afestive seasonal outing in one of California’s most popular winecountry destinations is the Holidays in Healdsburg Strolling DineAround. This annual dining experience features 16 local restaurants,all showcasing the best of wine country cuisine, in a four-courseprogressive dinner as part of Holidays in Healdsburg on December8, 9, 15 and 16.All the restaurants are within walking distance of the historictown plaza and share a dedication to locally grown food – from theirown organic gardens or from local niche suppliers. Style and pricepoint range from the Bear Republic Brewing Company to CyrusRestaurant. All the participating restaurants are known for deliveringseriously delicious food locally or regionally sourced, often carefullycultivated in their own organic gardens, and prepared in innovativedishes. A portion of the event’s proceeds is donated to HealdsburgShared Ministries Food Pantry.Informally, each restaurant competes to deliver the best in theircategory while displaying holiday ambiance, style and culinarytalent. Two of this year’s first courses options include annual eventparticipant favorites Sake’O’s martini prawns (served with the newwave roll and the Spanish fly additional starters) and Willi’s Seafoodand Raw Bar’s tuna tartar with coconut milk, cashews and jalapeño(served with flash-fried calamari, warm sourdough bread and bluearugula and endive salad with blue cheese, cherries and a trufflehoney vinaigrette).The newest addition to the first course dine around restaurant’sline-up is spoonbar! The Merguez sausage with harissa and tomatodip, grilled Tunisian beef skewers with yogurt sauce and Calabrianstylebreaded shrimp have only a few places left once the previousStrolling Dine Around attendees were advance first pick.Two of the main course competitors are Relish Culinary Adventures’pomegranate braised short ribs with cauliflower gratin andduck leg confit with green peppercorn brandy cream sauce andtruffle-mashed potatoes.Another new addition to Healdsburg this year, and to the notablelist of dine around participants, is Baci Café & Wine Bar, which willbe offering a choice of tiramisu, pannacotta, pannacotta di espresso,chocolate decadence, gelato or sorbetto. Annual Dine Aroundfavorite Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen’s traditional choice of six“scrumptious” winter desserts created and prepared by Pastry ChefYulanda Santos is always is reserved quickly.Each restaurant can only accommodate a limited number ofpeople, so food aficionados will want to download a copy of thebrochure soon at to view menus and selectfirst choice requests for date, time and appetizers, first course, maindish and dessertdining options. The cost is $85 and optional winepairing selections will be available for purchase at the restaurants.Participating restaurants are Affronti, A Divine Affair, Baci Café &Wine Bar, Barndiva, Bear Republic Brewing Company, Bistro Ralph,Café Gratitude, Cyrus Restaurant, Charlie Palmer’s Dry CreekKitchen, spoonbar!, Ravenous Café & Lounge, Restaurant Charcuterie,Relish Culinary Adventures, Sake’O Japanese Restaurant,Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar and Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar.For reservation information, call (707) 479-7488 or

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SONOMA COUNTYD O W N T O W NHEALDSBURGDRY CREEK RD101GROVE STSeghesioHEALDSBURG AVE.KENDALLJACKSONGrove Street WineryManzanita CreekCENTER STPLAZACENTERJOHNSONLINCOLNGRANT STMILLPRINCEFITCH STMARCH AVE.COLLEGE STFerrari-Carano’sSEASONS OF THE VINEYARDPIPER STToad HollowVineyardsPoprtalupi Lake Sonoma NORTH STThirty Four NorthWineryWine Merchants ThumbprintRoadhouseCellarsHawleyDowntown WineRussian River Wine Co.Boisset Taste of TerroirThe Wine ShopPlazaMurphy-GoodeEdmeadesStephen & WalkerLa Crema WineryHauckSelbyMATHESONTOPELWilliamson WinesFITCH STPezzi KingHUDSON.U P C O M I N G E V E N T S See page 14 or visit for more event informationDECEMBER 1 - JANUARY 31 – Holiday Exhibit "Magical Toyland: Model Trains &Teddy Bears" – Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society, or 707-431-3325DECEMBER 4 – Photos with Santa – Healdsburg Golf Club, holiday crafts, carolers, cookies and hot cocoaand of course photos with Santa himself! $15, $10 with a canned food donation, 10am-2 pm, 707-433-4275DECEMBER 4 & 5 – Teresa Lubarsky's Healdsburg Ballet – The Night Before Christmas –Raven Theater, (707) 431-7617; $15, or call 707-431-7617DECEMBER 4, 11, 18 – Breakfast with Santa – Costeaux French Bakery, 9-11am, 707-433-1913DECEMBER 5 – Menorah Lighting – Oakville Grocery with Rabbi Mendel Wolvovsky, 707-433-320DECEMBER 6 – Children's Holiday Program – Stories, songs and hot chocolate,Healdsburg Regional Library, 6:30pm. Free., 707-433-3772DECEMBER 7 – Healdsburg Community Band Holiday Concert – Healdsburg CommunityChurch, 7pm, 894-5000. Adults $5, children 12 and under are free. or call 707-894-5000DECEMBER 8 & 9 – Healdsburg’s Strolling Dine Around – Three-hour dining experience; fourcourses of a “progressive feast” featuring culinary treats, (707) 479-7488 or visit www.healdsburg.comDECEMBER 10 – Stand Up for a Cause: Leo Flowers – Bear Republic Brewing Company, 10pm,$10 donation. Email or call 707-433-2337DECEMBER 11-25 – Madrona Manor’s Dickens Dinners – 5-Course menu & entertainment,6:30pm, or call 707-433-4231DECEMBER 11 & 12 – Tippi Hedren Signature Collection – Vintage Wine Estates Tasting Room,meet Tippi Hedren, the star of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", 11am-5pm, or 707-921-2894DECEMBER 12 – Victorian Inns Tour of Healdsburg – 2-5pm, map: www.healdsburg.comFRONT ST.KINLEYMAGNOLIAwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com49

SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKTasting Room of the Week:BALLETTO VINEYARDSby Frances Rivetti50Don’t let the unpretentious, unpaveddriveway leading to Balletto Vineyard’sindustrial-sized production facility deteryou from an excellent cool climate winetasting room encounter on sleepy OccidentalRoad, in the southwest area of theRussian River Valley. Some of SonomaCounty’s most celebrated wines await yourdiscovery in a palate-pleasing tasting experiencethat blows the roof off modest firstimpressions.Lack of ostentation is part and parcel ofthis former, utilitarian produce packingfacility. A sip and a swirl of Balletto’soutstanding 2010 Sonoma County HarvestFair Gold Medal winning, flagship PinotNoir soon puts things into perspective forthe savvy connoisseur.In fact, such is the prowess and stellarreputation of Balletto wines within thecounty, that a crowd of approximately 200Harvest Fair wine judges and their guestschose the winery’s simple and spacious, trellisedpicnic terrace, an outdoor extension ofits tasting room, as the venue for their grand2010 post-judging feast.Standing at the tasting bar, visitors areserved an interesting slice of the winery’sprolific history as one of the largest veggieproduction facilities in the region. Morethan two million cases of zucchini movedthrough the premises in its heyday. Originalowners, the Balletto Family crushed the firstgrapes back in 2001 after the gradualconversion of substantial vegetable ranchlandinto vineyards.Balletto’s Tasting Room, open 10 a.m. to5 p.m., seven days a week, has been opensince 2006. Visitors can expect to pay a $5tasting fee, waivable with a purchase. Tastea 2008 new release Pinot Gris, made fromfruit planted on the family’s Burnside Roadproperty. Balletto’s rich and full flavored2007 Estate Chardonnay scooped goldmedal and best of class in the San FranciscoChronicle Wine Competition.Another SF Chronicle Wine Competitiongold champion not to be missed is thewinery’s 2006, full-bodied Syrah. Lookingfor affordable wines for the holiday table? Adelicious, medium garnet red 2006Zinfandel is on sale in the tasting roomfor just $14.70. Consulting winemakerDan Cederquist’s 2007 Gewurztraminercompletes the line-up of Balletto’s goldmedal winners available to taste.The winery’s western edges border theLaguna de Santa Rosa, a vital wetlandhabitat and major tributary of the RussianRiver – home to numerous species of birdsand animals.In cooperation with the family, SonomaCounty’s Agriculture Preservation & OpenSpace District has preserved a portion of theBalletto Vineyard’s border land for thoseliving in the area and visitors to enjoy.Future visions include a seasonal trailthrough the wetland habitat.Balletto Vineyards is located at 5700Occidental Road, Santa Rosa and is opendaily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information,call (707) 568-2455 or visit thewebsite at




SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKNew Works by Artist Maeve Croghan at theCharles Creek Vineyard Tasting Room & GalleryAn exhibition of the new works byNorthern California Expressionist NaturePainter Maeve Croghan is now on display atthe Charles Creek Vineyard Tasting Room andGallery in downtown Sonoma. Interpretationsof natural landscapes and vineyard scenes arethe dominant themes. The show will run fromNovember 2nd through December 31st. Theshow is on view daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.and the public is invited to sip award-winningCharles Creek vintages while enjoying thecolorful paintings.Maeve’s oil paintings are begun outdoorswhere she intensely observes the environment,becoming immersed in it as she paints.The works are finished in the studio from hermemory and personal interpretation.Maeve has been the recipient of numerousprestigious juried awards and her works arein prominent collections all over the U.S. andEurope. Her paintings have also appeared in4 editions of “Art of Northern California” and“American Art Collector” as well as the newjuried art book “Studio Visit”.Specializing in high-quality Chardonnay,Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with a bit ofDry Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Grenache, PinotNoir, Syrah and Tempranillo from great vineyardsources – primarily in the Sonoma andNapa counties – Charles Creek Vineyardproduces wines that are food friendly, fruitdriven and easily paired with meals. Thewinery tasting room is conveniently situatedin a charming 1890s-era storefront on thehistoric Sonoma Plaza.The Charles Creek Vineyard Tasting Roomand Gallery, open seven days a week from 11a.m. to 6 p.m., is located at 483 First St. West,on the historic Plaza in downtown Sonoma.For more information, call (707) 935-3848 oremail TASTING, SALES& HOME ACCESSORIES– 12 Wineries –One Great Place35 East Napa Street, Sonoma(707) 935-1200www.sonoma-enoteca.com125th STREET WESTTOSANTA ROSA2nd STREET WESTHawkes WinesRocheWEST SPAIN STREETAdobe Road Winery Tasting RoomCHARLESCREEKVINEYARDSWEST NAPA STREETS O N O M AP L A Z A1st STREET WESTROESSLERMcDONNELMAPLEANDRIEUXLEVERONI ROADThe PlazaCELLARDOORWestwoodThe CaveBROADWAY12SONOMAFRANCENAPA ROAD1st STREET EASTENOTECASONOMA WINEHARDWAREMissionSan Franciscode SolanoEAST SPAIN STREETSonoma Wine ShopMERCATONot To ScaleSEBASTIANIVINEYARDS& WINERYLEDSON HOTEL &HARMONY LOUNGEHighway 12 WineryEric K JamesEnotecaSojourn CellarsEAST NAPA EAST STREET NAPA STREET4th STREET EASTTONAPA54

Sonoma Enoteca Presents WineSnap Cookies to Pair with TheirDistinctive Boutique WinesWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SONOMA COUNTYSonoma Enoteca, on the historic Sonoma Plaza, has alwayspresented wine from ten outstanding boutique wineries. When visitorschoose their wines to enjoy, they are also able to pair thosewines with delicious wine snap cookies from Napa CookieCompany.Award-winning wine country caterer Melissa Teaff has createdtwo types of surprisingly sweet and spicy shortbread biscuits that arethe perfect complement to wine, cheese and the good life.The white wine cookies are made with premium Sauvignon Blancwine and the red wine cookies are made with premium CabernetSauvignon. Both cookies are designed to bring out the very best inthe wines they are paired with at Sonoma Enoteca. The shortbreadbiscuits are made with hints of rich brown sugar and zingy blackpepper.Teaff drew on her many years of experience working alongsidenoted vintners to launch the Napa Cookie Company. Each of herluscious offerings is handmade in small batches in Melissa’s kitchenusing all-natural, preservative-free ingredients.Sonoma Enoteca managing partner Fred Favero explains,“Melissa has done a great job creating these unique wine cookies.We’re anxious to share them with our guests.”For example, the peppery red wine cookies are a perfect matchfor Favero’s Sonoma Valley Estate Sangiovese with its white peppernotes and rich, ripe fruit.In addition to tasting the cookies with their wines, visitors will beable to purchase the cookies for $7 per box.Sonoma Enoteca features more than twenty wines from its tenboutique wineries on its daily tasting menu. Guests can choose totaste any six wines for just $5. The wineries represented includeFavero Vineyards, Seabiscuit Ranch, Brutocao Cellars, ManzanitaCreek, Compass/Il Cuore, Solitude,Dreyer Sonoma, MadroneRidge, Trios Wines from B. WiseVineyards, Grieve and The RoseGroup.The Mediterranean-styletasting room bar is surrounded byfine furnishings, wine accessories,olive oils, balsamic vinegars, art,glassware, books and Sonomasouvenir aprons and t-shirts.Located on the southeastcorner of Sonoma Plaza at 35 EastNapa Street and is openWednesday through Monday 11a.m. to 6 p.m. and Tuesday from2 to 6 p.m. Call (707) 935-1200or visit

SONOMA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKFeast of the OliveBlessing of the OlivesMartini MadnessOlive Season in Sonoma ValleyThree Festive Months of Olive-Inspired ActivitiesThis Holiday Season, you don’t need snowto find a wonderland. A winter getaway toSonoma Valley during the annual OliveSeason will have you feeling as merry andbright as a yule log.Right now the Olive Season has lit up theValley with a full calendar of events celebratingSonoma’s savory green fruit. Enjoyeverything from food and wine pairings toculinary classes and olive-themed spa treatmentsto signature events such as the joyousBlessing of the Olives, the unforgettable Feastof the Olive and the wild Martini Madness.Whether you’re a seasoned local or a firsttimevisitor, Sonoma Valley offers endlessdiscovery. Find a new hiking trail. Attend aprivate barrel tasting or savor our world-classcuisine. Discover how Sonoma became thecountry’s first “slow” city – from our greenways of living to our charming central plazaand artisan food and wine culture.Sonoma Valley is home to a diverse arrayof real wine country experiences. Whetheryou’re enjoying a mountain-top tasting, aprivate seated tasting with a small-lotproducer or even attending an educationalseminar, you’ll find every Sonoma Valleyexperience is authentic and unique.56Within Sonoma Valley’s scenic span, you’llfind more than 13,000 acres of vineyards andmore than 40 premium wineries – fromstriking castles and garden chateaus toorganic ranches and Mediterranean-stylevillas.The birthplace of the California wineindustry, Sonoma Valley lays claim to some ofthe oldest vineyards and wineries in the state.As early as 1825, Franciscan missionariesfounded the first winery north of San Franciscoon the Sonoma Mission grounds.Size doesn’t always matter, and some ofSonoma’s smallest, tucked-away tastingrooms are the most unforgettable, where youcan sample cult favorites and brush elbowswith the winemaker. Many wineries offerspecial tours, activities and wine and foodpairings to help you fully enjoy the bounty ofSonoma Valley.Long a culinary destination, some ofepicurean culture’s heaviest hitters have madetheir homes in Sonoma Valley, from genrecreatingfood writer M.F.K. Fisher toWilliams-Sonoma founder Chuck Williams,who opened up his first shop in Sonoma 51years ago. Ig Vella, a legend in his own right,has been making world-class artisan cheesesat Sonoma’s Vella Cheese, since it was establishedin 1931. The Valley today serves upmore than 35 dining choices, from artisanbakeries and cafés to classic fine dining atchef-owned restaurants, where the wine listsare as long as the Valley.There are plenty of ways to taste Sonoma’sfood and wine experience. Try a restaurantwith wine flights crafted around a fixedmenu, or one of the tutorials frequentlyoffered at a local culinary school. Wineriesoften serve up wine and food pairings; othershost unforgettable winemaker dinners.With the Valley’s Mediterranean climateand fertile soil, most fruits and veggies at yourrestaurant table are grown within miles.Combine the abundant local harvest withSonoma’s renowned wines, just-bakedbreads, acclaimed cheeses and olive oils andyou’ll create a perfect wine country picnic.Sonoma’s pastoral vistas and navigabilitymake it a perfect area for exploring this cozycornucopia. So invigorate your outlook andopen your windows onto Real Wine Country.It’s a breath of fresh air.For more details, visit the website or


M E N D O C I N O / L A K EWelcome toCounties11MendocinoRidge128Claudia Springs WineryHarmonique WineHusch VineyardsLonder VineyardsBrutocao CellarsPhiloDrew FamilyGoldeneye VineyardsAndersonValleyEsterlina VineyardsHandley CellarsRoederer EstateLazy Creek VineyardsStandish Wine CompanyGreenwood RidgeNavarro VineyardsToulouse VineyardsScharffenberger CellarsPhillips Hill EstatesJim Ball VineyardsBreggo CellarsElke VineyardsLonderBoonville128Meyer FamilyCellarsZINA HYDE CUNNINGHAMFoursight WinesYorkvilleHighlandsYorkvilleMaple Creek Winery253Nelson Family WineryJAXON KEYS101RedwoodValleyParducci, Hidden CellarsSketchbook, ZingaroCesar Toxqui CellarsGermain-Robin DistilleryPhilo Ridge Vineyards101UkiahWhaler VineyardsMendocinoSaracinaBenmoreHopland ValleyMcDowell ValleyYorkville Cellars Jeriko Estates Graziano Family of WinesMcFadden/Weibel FamilyBrutocao CellarsTerra SaviaMcNab RidgeMcDowell Valley VineyardsDuncan PeakWeibel FamilyTopel128 Milano FamilyWineryLe Vin WineryRosati Family WinesPendleton EstateFRITZRivinoCloverdale175Wattle Creek WineryAstiPastoriAsti, Souverain, Cellar No. 8Frey VineyardsOsterBarra of MendocinoSilversmith VineyardsElizabeth VineyardsLolonis WineryFife VineyardsPotterLakeMendocino ValleyDunnewoodVineyardsChiarito Vineyards20ZoomLake County Wine StudioLakeportFinley17529ClearLakeSteele WineryEdenCrestM. Konocti GrowersWildhurst Vineyards Kelseyville Wine Co.Rosa D’Oro Vineyards /DusinberreSol RougeMoore FamilyShed HornCellarsRedHillsUpperLakeNice20KelseyvilleBarclay & BrowningTulip Hill WineryCeago VinegardenCougar’s Leap Gregory Graham29Ployez WineryHawk and HorseVineyardsBrassfield Estate WineryHigh ValleyShannon Ridge WineryHigh ValleyClear LakeGregory GrahamVilla La BrentaLower LakeTerrill CellarsSix SigmaNoggle2029MiddletownBUTTS CANYON RDGuenoc /Langtry EstateGuenocValley58

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | MENDOCINO/LAKE COUNTIESRenaissance Christmas Pageant & Feast Take Guests Back in TimeThe seventeenth-annual Renaissance Christmas Pageant andFeast will be held Friday and Saturday evenings, December 3 and 4and 10 and 11, at 7 p.m., and Sunday afternoons, December 5 and12, at 3 p.m. featuring Renaissance music, food and entertainment.The entire evening, which takes place in “Greystone Castle,”(also known as the Middletown Community United MethodistChurch) is set during the Renaissance period and hosts will be incharacter throughout the event.Entertainment includes Renaissance and traditional Christmasmusic sung by a lavishly costumed choir, an exciting drama (thisyear, pirates invade the castle!), plus Renaissance dances and gamesin which all guests – known for the night as “nobles” – are encouragedto join. Guests are encouraged to come costumed as nobles,peasants or pirates – costumes are not required, although bestdressedguests may be recognized by the Host. Also true to theRenaissance era, guests dine on a three-course sit down feast whileall of the drama and music unfold around them.Advance tickets are from $35 to $44 per person. Price discountsare available on blocks of tickets sold to groups of four or more. Asubstantial portion of the ticket price is tax-deductible, as this is amajor fundraiser for the support of community services andprograms. Call (707) 987-2653 for more information. Tickets alsoare available for purchase at Neft & Neft Realtors in Middletown.All tickets are by advance sale only; tickets will not be available atthe door. Vegetarian meals are available if requested at the time ofticket purchase.The United Methodist Church is located at 15388 ArmstrongStreet, off Washington Street, one block east of Highway 29; Events Coming in Lake CountyThe friendly country atmosphere in Lake County grows even cozieras winter approaches and family and friends gather to celebrate theholiday season. It’s what makes annual events feel more authentic here.Even the season’s blustery chill is warmed by the strong sense ofcommunity as main streets bustle with locals and visitors strolling shopsand craft fairs and gathering for holiday light parades and tree lightings.VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS FAIR & HIGH TEA, LAKEPORT – Through December 19, 2010Eighth-annual Christmas Fair with handmade candy canes, dolls, candles, French soaps, tea pots, carolers, holiday decorations,and more for sale. Hot tea for all visitors. Open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tea servers in full Victoriancostume serve traditional English High Tea with Devonshire cream, tarts, and tiny sandwiches at noon and 2:30 p.m.Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays during the fair. Fair admission is free; fee for high tea. Reservations strongly recommended.Lakeport English Inn, 675 N. Main Street. (707) 263-4317, www.lakeportenglishinn.comMIDDLETOWN TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY, MIDDLETOWN – December 3, 2010The 20th-annual tree lighting ceremony includes caroling, dancers, photos with Santa, crafts, and face painting. The eventwill take place at the Middletown Central Park beginning at 5:30 p.m. and will feature the 4-H Community ChristmasChoir. (707) 987-3373CHRISTMAS IN THE COUNTRY, KELSEYVILLE – December 3, 2010Old-fashioned country Christmas featuring a parade of lights and downtown merchants’ open house. Eventgoers areinvited to enjoy hot cider, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, and other hors d’oeuvres with downtown merchants, as wellas a lighted parade, pictures with Santa Claus, and a tree lighting at the firehouse. A chowder and chili dinner, providedby the Kelseyville Presbyterian Church, will be held in conjunction with the event. Sponsored by Kelseyville Business Association.5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Free admission. Main Street. (707) 279-8559, www.visitkelseyville.comCHRISTMAS LIGHT PARADE, UPPER LAKE - December 4, 2010Seventeenth-annual tree lighting presentation, plus holiday light parade at 7:00 p.m., photos with Santa, caroling, a 4-Hbarbecue, and refreshments. Sponsored by Westamerica Bank and the Upper Lake Community Council. Benefit for theUpper Lake Auxiliary Fire Department Toy Drive. 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Main Street. Free admission. (707) 275-8170,www.upperlakeca.orgCLEARLAKE’S DOWNTOWN CHRISTMAS PARADE OF LIGHTS, CLEARLAKE – December 4Themed floats wend their way through downtown Clearlake, lighting up the winter night. A festive family evening with aparade beginning at Redbud Park at 6:00 p.m. Sponsored by the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce. (707) 994-3600,www.clearlakechamber.comHOLIDAY TREE LIGHTING, HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE – December 4, 2010Thirteenth-annual celebration featuring pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus, musical entertainment, horse-drawn carriagerides, and refreshments. Sponsored by the Hidden Valley Lake Association. 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Greenview Restaurant,19210 Hartmann Road. Free admission. (707) 987-3138, www.hvla.comRENAISSANCE CHRISTMAS PAGEANT & FEAST, MIDDLETOWN – December 3 –12, 2010Seventeenth-annual pageant features a three-course dining experience around which a lively costumed drama unfolds.The evening is highlighted with delicious food, Renaissance and traditional Christmas music, gorgeous sets, dancing, andgames. The audience becomes the honored guests at the Castle of Lord Greystone. Costumes are frequently worn byguests (but not required). The Pageant is produced by the Middletown Community United Methodist Church and communityplayers. Advance tickets are from $35 to $44 per person. “Greystone Castle” is located at 15843 Armstrong Street atWashington Street, one block east of Highway 29. (707) 295-7175, www.middletownmethodist.orgFor more information, contact the Lake County Visitor InformationCenter at 1-800-525-3743 or

VineyardsChouinardWinery &WestoverCANYONSAN JOSE,TO& SALINASKITTY HAWK RDMAIN ST SANTA RITA ROADVINEYARDRDFF COMMARROYOTOFOOTHILLSSIERRAVASCO ROADGREENVILLE ROADLIVERMORE | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKLivermore Valley Winegrowers Host Holidays in the VineyardsCelebrate the season at Holidays in the Vineyards, LivermoreValley's annual wine country tradition, on December 4th and 5th,noon to 5 p.m. each day. The Valley’s 40+ local wineries – includingnewest members Las Positas Vineyards and Lavish Laines Winery –will present award-winning wines, gourmet food, live music, uniquegifts from local artisans and warm holiday experiences for guests toenjoy. This event is free and open to the public, there is no admissionfee. Wine tasting prices and activities vary by winery.Guests who bring a new, unwrapped toy to participating winerieswill receive a complimentary wine tasting. All toys collected will bedonated to the Pleasanton-Livermore Fire Association’s Toys for TotsProgram and will directly benefit children in need throughoutAlameda and Contra Costa Counties.Santa Claus will visit the following wineries during the event:• Cuda Ridge Wines – Saturday & Sunday 2-4 p.m.• Garré Vineyard & Winery – Saturday & Sunday 1-4 p.m.• Longevity Wines – Saturday noon-5 p.m.• McGrail Vineyards & Winery – Sunday 2-5 p.m.• Mitchell Katz Winery – Saturday & Sunday 1-4 p.m.• Tamás Estates – Sunday 1-3 p.m.• Wente Vineyards – Sunday 1-3 p.m.• White Crane Winery – Sunday noon-4 p.m.Author Karen Burrell will sign her book The Spirit Within at BentCreek Winery on Saturday and at Rodrigue Molyneux Winery onSunday. Guests can make holiday wreaths at Crooked Vine Wineryand receive complimentary mulling spice with purchase at La Rochelle& Steven Kent Winery. Nottingham Cellars will celebrate its firstanniversary with complimentary sparkling wine and guests can bottletheir own wine with holiday labels at el Sol Winery. Thomas CoyneWinery will host the Continental Harmony Singers while OccasioWinery presents the Las Positas College Jazz Ensemble and Choir. Alist of offerings at each winery can be downloaded at Livermore Valley wineries include: Bent CreekWinery, Big White House & John Evan Cellars, Bodegas AguirreWinery, Charles R Vineyards, Chouinard Vineyards, ConcannonVineyard, Crooked Vine Winery, Cuda Ridge Wines, Darcie KentVineyards, Deer Ridge Vineyards, Eagle Ridge Vineyard, Eckert EstateWinery, el Sol Winery, Elliston Vineyards, Fenestra Winery, GarréVineyard & Winery, La Rochelle Winery, Las Positas Vineyards, LesChênes Estate Vineyards, Longevity Wines, McGrail Vineyards,Mitchell Katz Winery, Murrieta's Well, Nottingham Cellars, OccasioWinery, Page Mill Winery, Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery, Ruby HillWinery, Stony Ridge Winery, Tamás Estates, Tenuta Vineyards, TheSinging Winemaker, The Steven Kent Winery, Thomas CoyneWinery, Wente Vineyards, White Crane Winery and Wood FamilyVineyards.For more information, please visit or call (925)447-WINE (9463).TOFRANCISCOSANTOSACRAMENTOPalomares VineyardsDublinTRI-VALLEYCONVENTION & VISITORSBUREAU580LittleValleyPleasantonVALLEY AVE84RetzlaffCoyneThomasLongevityWinesBig White HousePORTOLA AVE.L St.LivermoreBlacksmith SquareHOLMES ST.DeerRidgeFIRST STREETEAST AVE.PACIFICS. LIVERMORELainesLavishBrewer)(GoodRetzlaffWinemaker,RodrigueSingingMolyneaux580Ridge StonyPage&MillConcannonHidden VineCrooked& RyhanCellars atMarrRidge CudaRyhan &TESLA ROADKent StevenLaRochelleOccasioNottinghamCreekTamasLas PositasCedar MountainRios-LovellGarrŽWente VineyardsLUPIN ROADPurpleOrchidInnBodegasAguirreel SolCROSS ROADEagle RidgeVICTORIALesnes ChTesla VintnersPALOMARES ROADSunolBERNAL AVE.KILKARE RD.680EllistonVineyardsRuby HillISABEL AVEAVE.FenestraWineryVineyardsValley CellarsLivermoreCoyneThomasWineryTenutaVineyardsWETMORE RDEckertEstateWineryVineyardsWenteRestaurantMuriettaÕsWellMINESWood Family Vineyards*CEDAR MTN. RDCreek WineryBentCrane WineryWhiteMcGrail VineyardsRed FeatherWineryWineryHouse White BigCenterVisitorsGolf Course Charles R.andMitchell KatzEstateVineyards84LECI TOSNILESROADMAINVALKALTHOONMONTEREY/CARMEL60

St. GeorgeLangeTwinsDAVIS ROADVineyardsBixlerFamilyGradyLoco LoboWeibelLOWER SACRAMENTO RDWEST LANEHUTCHINS STCHURCHSCHOOL STDUSTINBUCKGUILD AVECHERRYALPINETRETHEWAYWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | LODITo McConnell EstatesMacchiaPELTIER ROADPELTIER ROADCentury OakEstatePeiranoVineyardsLodi Wine and VisitorCenter Honored at‘Western Wine Awards’Judges Assert “It’s What Every Appellation in California Should Do”The Lodi Wine and Visitor Center was honored as runner-up for“Best Tasting Room in the West” at the Sunset Magazine Western WineAwards Gala Dinner at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch on Friday,October 1, 2010. Hundreds of wine tasting rooms throughout California,Oregon and Washington were considered for the honor.Sunset Magazine has been committed to wine on behalf of theirreaders for many years, and conducts one of the largest direct toconsumer wine clubs in the country.Garnering one of the Western Wine Awards is a big honor forWestern winemakers, as it focuses solely on the best wine producersand venues in the region. Sunset’s panel of professional judges(Western wine writers, sommeliers and wine educators) nominatethree finalists in categories ranging from Best Value Wines to Winemakerof the Year.According to Sunset Wine Editor Sara Schneider what drew thejudge’s attention to Lodi was “the collective tasting room that pourswines from all local vintners, with museum-quality exhibitsexplaining winemaking and the soils and conditions that make Lodi agreat growing region. It’s a great example of what every appellation inCalifornia should do.”Mark Chandler, Executive Director of the Lodi WinegrapeCommission, accepted the honor on behalf of the Lodi Wine andVisitor Center. This was a repeat appearance for Chandler, who washonored as Sunset’s “Wine Professional of the Year” in 2005.The dinner was part of Sunset’s “Savor the Central Coast” wineevent that ran throughout the weekend. Lodi wines were poured atthe Celebration Gala, and in the Marketplace Pavilion to an enthusiasticcrowd of thousands of wine lovers.The Lodi Wine and Visitor Center was opened in 2000 by the LodiWinegrape Commission to serve the growing consumer interest inLodi appellation wines. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.For more information about the Center and the award, call (209) 367-4727, or visit ROAD5WoodbridgeFamily E2WineryWOODBRIDGE ROAD5SpenkerWinery12WESTMichael~DavidVineyardDE VRIES ROADJessieÕsWineryGroveSARGENTRipkenVineyardsStocktonAbundanceVineyardsUncorkedWoodbridgeEstates AkinLucas TheWineryWINE &VISITORSCENTERKETTLEMAN LANEVanRuitenWineryFamilyJ10LODILAKE4ACAMPO ROADWOODBRIDGE RDTURNER ROADMokelumne River Winery12BorraWineryFRENCH CAMP ROADMcCormack WilliamsonLodiWine LodiCellarsLODI AVEE. ARMSTRONG RDCHARTER WAYGrandsAmisWOODBRIDGE BYROBERT MONDAVIDoor CellarFox DancingKETTLEMAN LANEWESTLANEHARNEYm2 Wines9912Wines99Delicato Vineyards99St. AmantBergholdWineryVICTOROak RidgeEASTWinerySiqueiraCo. WinedÕArtVinoBrio ConLane HarneyWineryvMvVineyardsELLIOTT ROADLOCKE ROAD884Gnekow Family Winery88Clements RidgeBokisch VnydsClementsOaksHeritageORCHARDWOODBRIDGE12GAWNE ROADCrystalValleyCellarsPiazza VinoLockefordOmegaWynelandsHarmonyBrice Station¥Olde Lockeford¥¥ Watts FamilyL O D IA R E AW I N E R I E S61

Welcome toMONTEREY BAY AREALa Nebbia TO S.F.DomenicoLa HondaWoodsideKings84 MountainChaine dʼOrTOHALF MOONBAY1MichaelMartellaThomasFogartySKYLINEBLVD.35BONNY DOONPAGE MILL RD.HallcrestOrganic Wine Works280TOS.F.POETIC17 CELLARSSan FranciscoBay101880680Team ZinRidgeCreekview J. LohrNaumann/ShermanPicchetti85 PinderCOOPER-GARRODTravieso WineryMount Eden VineyardsMountain WineryCinnabarSavannah-Big Basin9 Chanelle 17Ahlgren David Black FLEMING JENKINSBruce RidgeMuccigrossoTestarossaBig BasinP&M Staiger Byington ZayanteHeart oʼ the MountainRoudon-SmithBruzzoneClos TitaMT. HERMONJOSESOQUEL SANSOQUEL DR.SoquelMontereyBay1McKEANTOLIVERMOREVALLEY85RD.SANElkhorn SloughJUANG8RD.G11MONTEREYWindy FernwoodBeauregardOscalisNicholson Oaks CellarsBargetto Pleasant ValleyAptos CreekNatal Monte VerdeStorrsAlfaro FamilySycamore CreekVinocruzEquinoxVineyardsJason-StephensBeauregard CavaMartin RanchArmida Wine BarHecker PassBonny DoonCopious WineryHillcrest TerraceMJA VineyardsOdonataPelican RanchSanta Cruz Mountain& Quinta CruzSilver MountainSones CellarsStorrs WineryTrout GulchVino Tabi84RegaleVINE HILLBURRELL SCHOOLLOMA PRIETAHUNTER HILLSilver MountainMAINE LAKE AVEUVAS RD.FortinoHECKER PASS RDRDClos LaChanceKirigin129GuglielmoCastilloʼs Hillside ShireMorgan Hills CellarsSolis152 SARAH’SVINEYARDI n c l u d i n g MONTEREY • CARMEL • CARMEL VALLEY • HOLLISTERSANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS • SALINAS • SANTA CLARA • LOS GATOSWATSONVILLERiver Run101SANTA TERESA156Creekview VineyardsSatori CellarsThomas KruseCasa de FrutaRapazzini25BOLSA RD.SAN FELIPE RD.SHORE RD.156FAIRVIEW RDTravelling from MontereyTRAVEL TIMETO MILES (Average) (Peak)Sonoma County 170 3 hrs 3-1/2 hrsSanta Cruz 42 45 min 1-1/4 hrsSan Francisco 113 2 hrs 2-1/2 hrsPaso Robles 116 2 hrs 2-1/4 hrsSanta Barbara 238 4 hrs 4-1/2 hrsTOSACRAMENTOTravelling from Santa CruzTRAVEL TIMETO MILES (Average) (Peak)Monterey 42 45 min 1-1/4 hrsSan Francisco 73 1-1/4 hrs 1-3/4 hrsPaso Robles 136 2-1/4 hrs 2-3/4 hrs5SAN JUAN CANYON156UNION RDLeal EstateP a c i f i c O c e a nP a c i f i c O c e a nCIENEGA RDScheidA Taste of MontereyWine from the HeartCima CollinaGalante VineyardsMORGAN WINERY1BargettoPierce RanchBaywood Figge CellarsCellarsChateau SinnetVentanaBoëtè(Valley Hills)Los Laureles GradeTO SAN LUIS OBISPOANDSANTA BARBARACOUNTYHearst CastleCAC H AGUA RD.TASSARAJA RD68101NationalSteinbeckCenterA Tasteof MontereyMarilynRemarkWinesRIVER RD.Rancho CellarsChateauJulien G16 Heller EstatePessagnoJouillian Vineyards Talbott VineyardBoekenoogen Joyce Vineyards/Chateau ChristinaGeoris Otter CoveBernardusBoekenoogenChateau SinnetParsonageCARMELVALLEYRD.101HAHN ESTATE/SMITH & HOOKSycamore CellarsDe TierraARROYO SECOFOOTHILL RD.FOOTHILL RD.Paraiso VineyardsManzoniRay FranscioniWrathRD.Hobson146VentanaChaloneScheidDeRosePietra SantaCalera Wine Co.Enz FlintSummerayne LIMEKILNPinnaclesNationalMonument255TO SAN LUIS OBISPO ANDSANTA BARBARA COUNTY6246www.WineCountryThisWeek.com25

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | MONTEREY/CENTRAL COASTFree Santa Cruz Mountains Wineries App Released1776 Productions|GoLocalApps is proud to announce the release ofthe only iPhone app focused on just the wineries of the Santa CruzMountains. The free Santa Cruz Mountains Wine App includes morethan 50 Santa Cruz wineries, plus many more shops and restaurantsin the area – from Half Moon Bay to Mount Madonna.The Santa Cruz Mountain Winery App is the first app release by1776 Productions under the GoLocalApps production name. The appcombines a local business directory with Google maps, directions, andlocation-based social media. Each user can sign into their Facebookand Twitter accounts to interact with local businesses and their friendsand control their privacy settings through the app. The geo-locatingservice shows the app user all of the wineries or other categories sortedby distance from them, and syncs with their iPhone map to give directionsto any place in the app. The mapping feature also shows the usera visual of all the businesses around them to make trip planning easier.Additional features include a favorites folder to focus on just the placesa user wants to visit, local events that sync with the user's iPhonecalendar and special deals offered by wineries, shop-owners, or restaurants.“The Santa Cruz Mountains Winery App allows the user to postabout their experiences in the Santa Cruz wineries to their Twitter andFacebook feeds, directly from the app, sharing what they are doing,while they do it,” says Ross Rojek of 1776 Productions. “We’re veryhappy to be offering this app as a free tool for wine lovers looking tofind their way around this beautiful wine region.”The Santa Cruz Mountains Passport Program offers a uniqueopportunity for visitors to go to wineries not typically open to thepublic at other times. Passport holders will be invited to tour the facilities,meet the winemakers and sample the fruits of their labors,including special wines poured only for participants in the PassportProgram.Santa Cruz area businesses can obtain more information forincluding their locations in the Santa Cruz Mountain Winery App at iPhone and iTouch users candownload the app by searching for Santa Cruz Mountains Wineries inthe app store.GoLocalApps focuses on a highly local region or theme. The iPhoneapps are business directories to help users – either locals or visitors –find what they want in your community, quickly, easily and for free,from their iPhone. Their apps include geo-locating technology thatshows the user which businesses are close by, how to get there andwhat one can expect when you get there. GoLocalApps is a mobile toolaimed at those either living within the region or wanting to come visitthe that area. GoLocalApps are easily found in the iTunes App Store bysimply searching for the city or region name. For more information onthe company, visit their website at Our Tasting RoomOpen Tuesday – Sunday, Noon to 6pm45 W. Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030(408) 358-4949 • flemingjenkins.comSpecial events for groups up to 40Visit Our Tasting RoomOpen Tuesday – Sunday, Noon to 6pm45 W. Main Street, Los Gatos(408) 358-4949flemingjenkins.comSpecial events for groups up to 40

MONTEREY/CENTRAL COAST | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKGift the Gift of Santa Cruz Mountains WinesWhat is America’s premier mountain appellation? A few years backSanta Cruz Mountains wines were hard to find locally and impossibleto find in other locations. Now Wine Club of the Santa Cruz Mountainsis bringing it to your door step and with style! and join the most tastefulclub Santa Cruz has to offer. Giving you first hand the opportunity ofpersonally enjoying and giving as a gift, the art of the Mountains! Weknow how good these wines are and we are making it easy to get andgive.Shipments are hand selected with the choice of two or four bottlesquarterly or annually and members can manage all their own accountinformation with ease from the wineclubsantacruzmountains.comwebsite. Included on the website and in each club shipment arerecipes paired perfectly with the wines along with great wine gift ideas.The website will also allow members to purchase additional wines andget a 10% discount on up to 6 bottles or a 20% discount on 6 or morebottles purchased. Even if you’re not a member you will get a 10%discount on a case or more of the wines featured. Wine Club of theSanta Cruz Mountains invites you to join our Newsletter and learnabout this unique region. As if this wine club couldn’t get better we’regoing to top it off in style, with a guided limousine wine tour fromABC Sedans & Limo’s with tour guide Shannon Flynn, OperationsManager of the Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association. Notsure what wines to pair with holiday meals? Let us do it for you. Weare planning special holiday shipments that will go perfectly. Sip backand relax!Additional Wine Club Benefits:• Wine Club Members will receive a 10% discount on all Santa CruzMountains Winegrowers Association events!• Annual Winemaker event.• Online history of your club shipments for your easy reference.• Shipments for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Let us remember… wewill do it for you!Join now! Call Wine Club of Santa Cruz at (831) 477-0500 or goonline at The Mudd Room –An After-Hours Wine Bar in theCinnabar Winery Tasting RoomCinnabar Winery announces the opening of The Mudd Room, anafter-hours wine bar located in the Cinnabar Winery Tasting Room.Fondly named after vineyard and winery founder Tom Mudd (1942-2007), The Mudd Room offers wine for sale by the glass or bottle aswell as artisan cheeses, olives and patés in the Saratoga Village. Tofurther the experience, The Mudd Room will feature live acousticmusic on the third Friday of every month.The Mudd Room is open Friday evenings from 5 to 8 p.m. “Ouroutgoing and knowledgeable staff will dim the lights and shuffle thetables, chairs and cushy barstools as we transform the CinnabarWinery Tasting Room into its inviting alter ego, The Mudd Room,”said Cinnabar President Suzanne Frontz.The Mudd Room is located at 14612 Big Basin Way, Saratoga.Contact the winery via (408) 867-1012 or info@cinnabarwinery.comfor additional information.Established by Tom Mudd in 1981, Cinnabar Winery ( award-winning wines from the Santa Cruz Mountains,the California Central Coast, and other distinguished growingregions. The Tasting Room in the Saratoga Village offer daily winesampling, green-friendly accessories and clothing, custom gift baskets,regional festivals, corporate events and lifestyles

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | MONTEREY/CENTRAL COASTLet Your Holidays be Merry and Bright in Monterey CountyUnique activities and destination diversity tie a bow on winter vacationsSanta’s pack overflows with a variety of possibilities this holidayseason. In Monterey County, the holidays are celebrated in a waythat brings back memories of a golden era. Here, winter is stillabout beautiful lights, the joy of sharing, and the warmth of a cupof hot chocolate, all celebrated with tenderness of spirit. Immerseyourself in the holiday ambiance that Monterey has to offer amidindulgences in arts, culture, shopping, food, wine, nature and, ofcourse, classic holiday celebrations!From bed & breakfasts to plush spas, there are over 240 lodgingsto consider. So strap on your sleigh bells and hit the road.Late November and early December are packed with fantasticevents that evoke the feelings the holidays were meant to engender.Temps stay mild and the often balmy weather affords one of thebest times to visit the area for a sense of getting away, while beingclose to everything.For more information on activities, restaurants, and lodgings inMonterey County, visit www.SeeMonterey.comTO MONTEREYTO MONTEREYPessagnoPessagnoBoekeoogenHAHNESTATESWrathHAHNESTATES SMITHSMITH & HOOKVINEYARDS& HOOKVINEYARDS(PAVED ROAD)FOOTHILL(PAVED ROAD)RIVER ROADFOOTHILLRIVER ROAD68MISSIONG16G16GONZALES RIVER RDFORT ROMIEParaisoParaiso VineyardsVineyardsRIVER ROADRIVER ROAD68COLONYPARAISOSPRINGS RDG17G17ARROYO SECOMAIN STREETTaste of MontereyMarilyn RemarkMarilyn RemarkSycamoreCellars CellarsFORT ROMIE ROADDe TierraGONZALES RIVER RDManzoniRay FranscioniFORT ROMIEMISSIONCOLONYFORT ROMIE ROADPARAISOSPRINGS RDARROYO SECOTO SAN JOSE101GonzalesBlackstoneVentanaVentanaARROYO SECO RDSalinas101 101GreenfieldScheidVineyards ScheidVineyardsTOSAN LUISOBISPO TOSAN LUISOBISPOSoledadSoledadEAST ST146146www.WineCountryThisWeek.comLOS COCHESMAIN STREETTaste of MontereyDe TierraALTA STWALNUT101GonzalesBoekeoogenManzoniBlackstoneWrath Ray FranscioniLOS COCHESALTA STARROYO SECO RDWALNUTHOBSON AVEHOBSON AVETO SAN JOSESalinasFRONT STFRONT STSALINASEAST STMETZ ROADMETZ ROADKing CityKing CityChaloneVineyardChaloneVineyardWILD THINGS HOLIDAY TOURS – (Throughout December)Take a walk on the wild side with the holiday nighttime flashlight tour of Wild Things Wild Animal Park. Meet real, livereindeer – Santa’s added his sleigh-pulling friends to the menagerie at Wild Things; so you can view them along with thekangaroos, hyenas, lions, tigers, elephants and other animals. Rumor has it that Santa himself will be dropping by.Reservations are required. Photos available with live reindeer! 831-455-1901 ext. 3, www.wildthingsinc.comHOLIDAY PARADE OF LIGHTS, PACIFIC GROVE – December 2, 6 p.m.This lighted parade includes floats, marching bands, dance troupes, equestrian performances and Santa Claus.For more information, call 800-656-6650 or see www.pacificgrove.orgCARMEL PLAZA OPEN HOUSE – December 3rd, 5:30 p.m.Follows the City of Carmel’s tree lighting with festivities for all ages – live music, fun foodsat the corner of Ocean Ave. and Mission St. in Carmel-by-the-Sea. www.carmelplaza.comSTREETS OF BETHLEHEM – December 1st through December 4thStep into the Nativity story, as 200 re-enactors, along with live animals and musical groups, recreate the story of the birthof Jesus Christ. A truly immersive experience. This is a living historical interactive experience. 831-422-9872CHRISTMAS NIGHT AT THE FARM – December 3rd, 6:00–9:00 p.m.Gather around a bonfire to sing Christmas carols, sip hot apple cider and nibble homemade cookies. You can even take amoonlit hayride! For more information, call 831-455-2575, www.thefarm-salinasvalley.comCHATEAU JULIEN WINE ESTATE HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR – December 5th, 2:30–5:30 p.m.Come enjoy the music that is sure to put you in the spirit of the season, followed by a wine tasting and gift exchange inthe Great Hall. Tickets are $40 for the general public and $30 for club members. Visit for ticketing information or call 831-624-2600.CHRISTMAS IN THE ADOBES – December 9th and 10th, 5-9 p.m.Pack the good cheer and stroll 22 of Monterey’s historic adobes. See the adobes by candlelight as costumed volunteerswelcome you into historic homes decorated in age appropriate style. They are within an easy walk of each other. Specialactivities will be planned at the state parks to celebrate the 25th year. For ticket information, see ANNUAL MONTEREY COWBOY POETRY AND MUSICAL FESTIVALDecember 10th–12thPack those chaps and spurs for this annual event for a wranglin’ good time with some of the nation’s top balladeers andcowboy/girl poets featured in a three-day weekend event that also includes a western art and gear sale, a Saturday nightwestern ho’ down and “cowboy” church service among other festivities. 800-722-9652, www.montereycowboy.orgLIGHTED BOAT PARADE – December 19th, 5:00 p.m.You've seen parades on land — now see one on the ocean! The boats of Monterey Bay will be magnificently decorated asthey sail from Coast Guard Pier past Cannery Row to Lover's Point. These are no paltry decorations; the ships competefiercely to win the coveted award for Best Decorations from the Yacht Club at the end of the evening. Check out thisunique, can't-miss event from along the Monterey and Pacific Grove coastline. For more information, NIGHT MONTEREY 2011 – December 31stFirst Night Monterey celebrates the lively arts scene in Monterey County with its 18th annual family-friendly celebration ofthe arts. Over thirty venues hold concurrent performances and activities for both children and adults, culminating in aconvergence on Custom House Plaza to ring in the New Year. Live music ranges from classical to Irish traditional to experimentalhip-hop. There will be dance performances, great food and lots of surprises! For ticket information, see www.firstnightmonterey.org65

TOPLACERVILLEFIDDLETOWN RDTYLERCRKFRENCHCREEKLODE DRMTSHEEPHASSLERBARRDRANCHSIXRDIrishChatomColibriRidgedkcellarsVINEYARDVIEW80PASO ROBLES 117 158MONTEREY 72SAN JOSE599Sacramento124204 245 255 269 355 263 236 266 278112 160 170 184 269 178 151 190 20248 90 100 115 200 110 83 118 138SAN FRANCISCO 45 55 70 155 75 48 88 142SONOMA 22 44 129 39 14 68 131SANTA ROSA 16 101 21 41 104 166HEALDSBURG 86 26 56 118 181MENDOCINO 111 141 195 266CALISTOGA 27 86 149NAPA 59 122SACRAMENTO 84MURPHYSLAKE TAHOE58099LodiStockton49416885026AngelsCampAuburnJacksonSan Andreas49SierraFoothillsAVANorthYubaNevadaCity49El DoradoCaliforniaShenandoah ValleyPlymouth FairPlayFiddletownAmador City4WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SIERRA FOOTHILLS104882612379307231201181217231310199172115118420PlacervilleSutter CreekGrass ValleyMokelumne HillMurphysColumbia80204TO RENOSogno50ShingleSpringsTO SACRAMENTONevada CountySzaboVineyardsPennValleyTO TAHOEINDIAN SPRINGSCOMBIE RDSierra StarrWinery20McCOURTNEY RDSOUTHRIDGE IronMountainWineryPilot PeakWinerySPENCERVILLE RDNaggiar49ROSEMARYN. SHINGLE RDTOPLYMOUTHGOLD FORKCoufosCellarsGARDENBARGOLDMiningCampWineryMOTHERChevalierJONES BARROUGH & READYROUGH & READY HWYLIME KILNWOLFTOAUBURNLotusLOTUS RDHILL RD50Avanguardia WinesBITNEY SPRINGS RDADAMSONNEWTOWN RDMcCOURTNEY RD49El DoradoNevada City WineryKINGSWOODMAGNOLIA RDSPRINGSDavid Girard49COLDHighViewSynapse49MAINAltaSierraTYLER-FOOTE49Indian SpringsTasting RoomVenezioColomaGold HillPlacervilleMt. Aukum WineryMt. TOPLYMOUTHNEAL STMILL STOAK TREELA BARR MEADOWSSierra KnollsVineyard & WineryCEDARExit48QUARRYPLEASANTRAVINEBoa VistaBROAD STPINE STDOG BAR RDRDSPRING STMc KNIGHT EXITToogoodLeaf SingleFitzpatrickE16OMOPURDON RDCROSSINGMAINCOMMERCIALUNIONCOYOTESmith Vineyards& WineryDouble OakWineryNevadaCitySierra Starr Tasting RoomBurch HallLucchesi Tasting Room49 174Lucchesi Tasting Room20Solune Winegrowers174CARSON RDBoegerGrass ValleyWofford AcresCap LavaFentonHerriottChateauRodinVALLEYBUCKSNEWTOWN RDBLIND SHADY RDMT. OLIVE RDMontoliva Winery50BasinPleasantVista Sierra ValleyPERRYFAIRPLAYRDE1680StoneÕs ThrowCaminoMadronaHill HollyÕs BusbyCantigaUrsa VineyardsSomersetSpringsGraniteRanchShadowAUKUMVan der VijverLatchamChateauRoutonEl DoradoOaks SierraWindwalkerCreek PerryFair PlayCREEKNO. CANYONSNOWSLARSENParaViAurigaJodarMais FicaCrystalExit54Narrow GateSLUG GULCHFleur de LysOakstoneby the CreekWineryHomesteadBarkleyCharles B. MitchellMiraflores8820TOLAKETAHOETOCARSONPASS16TOSACRAMENTONuaDairWineryTanisVineyards124WILLOW CREEK RDTOSTOCKTONPlymouthOLD SACRAMENTO RD104Jacksonde la Terra RougeDomaineNoceto Vino49Convergence Vineyards49VineyardsTKCCellarsAmadorVilla ToscanoSerinidadStonehouseGables NineBantamJeff Runquist BrayYoungÕsRIDGE RDStory WineryVineyardsShenandoahBELL RDKarlyCellarsDrytownAmador CityKarmereBorjonDrivendÕOro TerraRidge SierraVineyardsDillianCooperC G Di Arie WineryBella PiazzaWilderotter5Amador Country Wine CellarSutter CreekScott HarveyCreek SutterTasting WineRenwoodDeaverOSTROMFoothill WineryAmadorSpinettaCharlesDobra ZemljaSHENANDOAHSobon Estate99219108FrenzLe Grand LapinIl GioielloFiddletownAvio VineyardsCEDARLAWRENCE12010849SierraFoothillsAVASonoraJamestown49TOLODIMiramont Estate Vineyards26DomaineBecquet12French Hill Winery49San Andreas49TO PLYMOUTHMokelumneHillStevenot26CalaverasMurphysRidgeLavenderMountainZuccaWineryHatcherBecquetDomaineTwisted Oak488 10488French HillWinery2649TOANDREASSANMariposaTOSTOCKTON4AngelsCampNewMelonesLakeBlack Sheep49MURPHYSRD GRADE4RANCHBeaux ChevauxModa Vina StevenotMAIN STFrogÕs ToothNewsome-HarlowSolomon Wine Co.IronstoneMILELaraineGerberTO SONORAE18MilliaireBriceStationAmadorTwisted OakBodegaSur delBroll Mtn.IndianRockColumbia

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKPride Mountain Wines – 4026 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4949Open by appointmentProvenance – 1695 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 968-3633 Open daily 10:30-5:30Quintessa – 1601 Silverdo Trail, St. Helena; 707 967-1601Quixote – 6126 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-2659Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentRAYMOND VINEYARD – 849 Zinfandel Ln, St. Helena; 707 963-3141 Open daily 10-4Gift Items, Children OK; Call ahead for Wine ToursRegusci Winery – 5584 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 254-0403 Open daily 10-5Revana Family – 2930 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 967-8814Reverie Winery – 1250 Diamond Mtn Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-6800Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentREYNOLDS FAMILY – 3266 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 258-2558 Open daily 10-5Rios Wine – 1334-B Lincoln Ave, Calistoga; 707 942-1376 Open daily 10:30-6:30Ritchie Creek – 4024 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4661Road 31 Wine Co – Napa; 707 649-1200Robert Biale – 4038 Big Ranch Rd, Napa; 707 257-7555Open by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentRobert Craig Winery – 625 Imperial Way, Napa; 707 252-2250 x1 Open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-4Robert Keenan – 3660 Spring Mtn. Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-9177Open by appointmentROBERT MONDAVI – 7801 St. Helena Hwy 29, Oakville; 707 968-2001 Open daily 10-5Robert Sinskey Vnyds – 6320 Silverado Trail, Yountville; 707 944-9090 Open daily 10-4:30Robinson Family Vnyds – 5880 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-8004Open by appointmentROMBAUER VINEYARD – 3522 Silverado Trail, No, St. Helena; 707 963-5170 Open daily 10-5Wine & cheese pairing by appointment, daily 11am, 1 & 3pm, $25Fri, Sat & Sun by appointmentRound Pond Winery – 886 Rutherford Rd, Rutherford; 1-877-963-9364By appointmentRubicon Estates – 1991 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 968-1161 Open daily 10-5Rudd Winery – 500 Oakville Cross Rd, Oakville; 707 944-8577Ruston Family – 2798 Spring St, St. Helena; 707 967-8025Rustridge Ranch – 2910 Lower Chiles Valley Rd, St. Helena; 707 965-9353Open Tues-Sat by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentRutherford Grove – 1673 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-0544 Open daily 10-4:30Rutherford Hill – 200 Rutherford Hill Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-1871 Open daily 10-5Rutherford Ranch – 1680 Silverado Trail, Rutherford; 707 968-3200 Open daily 10-4:30Saddleback Cellars – 7802 Money Road, Oakville; 707 944-1305 Open daily by appointment 10-4Saintsbury – 1500 Los Carneros Ave, Napa; 707 252-0592Salvestrin Vineyard – 397 Main Street, St. Helena; 707 963-5105Saviez Vineyards – 4060 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-5889Open Mon-Sat by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentSawyer Cellars – 8350 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-1980 Open daily 10-4School House Vineyards – 3549 Langtry Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4240Open by appointmentSchramsberg – 1400 Schramsberg Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-2414 Open daily by appointment 10-4Schweiger Vineyards – 4015 Spring Mt Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4882Sciandri Family Vineyards – Napa; 707 277-4999 x3Seavey Vineyard – 1310 Conn Valley Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-8339Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentSEQUOIA GROVE – 8338 St. Helena Hwy 29, Rutherford; 707 944-2945 Open daily 10:30-5Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Wine Tours, Food PairingsShafer Vineyards – 6154 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-2877Sherwin Family – 4060 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-1154Signorello Vineyards – 4500 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-5990Silenus Vintners – 5225 Solano Ave, Napa; 707 299-3930RAZI WINERYNew tasting room in Napa Valley‘…taste our passion for wine in each style that we make.’Wine & food pairings with an education based on appellations and terroirsSchedule a tasting daily 10 am to 4 pm3108 Silverado Trail, Napa Valley • (707) 224-4299Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentFri-Sun 10-5, Mon-Thu by appointmentOpen by appointment onlySilver Oak Cellars – 915 Oakville Crossroad, Oakville; 1-800-273-8809 Open Mon-Sun 9-5Silver Rose Cellars – 400 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-9581 Open daily 10-5Silverado Trail Wine Studio – 3105 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 226-8569Fri & Sat 11-4, Thu-Tue by apptSilverado Vineyards – 6121 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 257-1770 Open daily 10-5Sixteen by Twenty Wines – 4155 Dry Creek Rd, Napa; 707 226-6860Sky Vineyards – 1500 Lokoya Rd, Napa; 707 935-1391Smith Madrone – 4022 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-2283Sodaro Estate – 24 Blue Oak Lane, Napa; 707 812-4848Somerston Ranch Tasting Room – 6490 Washington, Yountville; 707 944-8200Somerston Vineyards – 3450 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena; 707 944-8200Spelletich Cellars – 425 Gateway Rd W, Napa; 707 363-5757Spottswoode – 1902 Madrona Ave, St. Helena; 707 963-0134Spring Mountain – 2805 Spring Mtn. Rd, St. Helena; 707 967-4188Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentDaily 10am-10pmOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentSt. Helena Wine Center – 1321 Main St, St. Helena; 707 963-1313 Open daily 10-5:30St. Helena Winery – 100 Pratt Ave, St. Helena; 707 967-9463Open by appointmentSt. Supéry – 8440 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 800 942-0809 Open daily 10-5Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars – 5766 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-2020 Open daily 10-4:30Stags’ Leap Winery – 6150 Silverado Trail, Napa; 1-800-395-2441Stagecoach Vineyard – 3267 Soda Canyon Rd., Napa; 707 259-1198Staglin Family – 1570 Bella Oaks Ln, Rutherford; 707 944-0477Steltzner Vineyards – 5998 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 252-7272By advance appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen daily 10:30-4:30 by apptSterling Vineyards – 1111 Dunaweal Lane, Calistoga; 707 942-3344 Mon-Fri 10:30-5Self-Guided Winery Tours, Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK Sat-Sun 10-5Stoneheath Winery – Napa; 707 257-0701Open by appointmentStonehedge Winery – 1004 Clinton St, Napa; 707 256-4444 Tue-Thu 12-6, Fri-Sat 12-8Stony Hill Vineyard – Call for directions,St. Helena; 707 963-2636Storybook Mountain – 3835 Hwy 128, Calistoga; 707 942-5310Sullivan Vineyard – 1090 Galleron Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-9646Open Mon-Fri 9-5 by appt onlyOpen by appointmentOpen daily 11-5 by appointmentSUMMERS ESTATE – 1171 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga; 707 942-5508 Open daily 10:30-4:30Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsSummit Lake – 2000 Summit Lake Dr, Angwin; 707 965-2488Open by appointmentSUTTER HOME WINERY – 277 St. Helena Hwy S, St. Helena; 707 963-3104 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsSwanson Vineyards – 1271 Manley Ln, Rutherford; 707 967-3500Open by appointmentTamber Bey Vnyds – 1234 Adams St, St. Helena; 707 968-5345 Open daily 106TASTE AT OXBOW – 708 First Street, Napa/ 707 265-9600 Sun-Thu 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-9Taylor Family Vineyards –5991 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-3593Tayson Pierce Estate Wines – 699 S. St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 968-9780Teachworth – 4451 St. Helena Hwy, Calistoga; 707 942-8432Tedeschi Family Winery – 2779 Grant St. Calistoga; 707 337-5526Terra Valentine – 3787 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 967-8340The Terraces – 1450 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-1707Tofanelli Family – 1212 Pine St, Calistoga; 707 942-6504Tom Eddy – 3870 Hwy 128, Calistoga; 707 942-4267Open by appointmentBy appointment onlyOpen by appointmentTue-Sun 12-4:30 by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentToolbox Wine Co. – 1021 McKinstry St, Napa; 707 257-6796 Open daily 11-7Tournesol Wine – Napa; 707 694-6073ST. CLEMENT“BEST BOUTIQUE WINERY” & “LOCAL WINEMAKER”Two Years in a Row2 for 1 on any tasting including Single Vineyard TastingSave up to $252867 St. Helena North, St. Helena | Open Daily 10am-4:30pm707-265-5000 | www.stclement.comOpen by appointment onlyTrahan Winery – 974 Franklin St, Napa; 707 257-7477 Open daily 11-6Trefethen Vineyards – 1160 Oak Knoll Ave, Napa; 707 255-7700 Open daily 10-4:3070

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKChristie Vineyards – 851 Limerick Lane, Healdsburg; 707 431-066272CHATEAU ST. JEAN WINERYVOTED ‘BEST TASTING ROOM’Enjoy Acclaimed Gardens • Gourmet Picnic Fare • Wines by the Glass2 for 1 Tasting in the Visitor Center with this ad8555 Sonoma Highway, | 800-543-7572By appointment onlyCHRISTOPHER CREEK – 641 Limerick Ln, Healdsburg; 707 433-2001 Open daily 11-5Picnic AreaChronicle Wines – P. O. Box 1854, Sonoma; 707-255-5862 ext 120Clarbec – 19368 Orange Ave, Sonoma; 707 996-4012Clary Ranch – 3461 Middle Two Rock Rd, Petaluma; 707 938-7210Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyCLINE CELLARS – 24737 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 940-4030 Open daily 10-6Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours at 11, 1, 3 or Food PairingsClos du Bois – 19410 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 857-3100 Open daily 10-4:30Clouds Rest Vineyards – Petuluma; 707 765-0841Open by appointment onlyCollier Falls – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12,Kenwood; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30COMPASS Wines– Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791Copain Wines – 7800 Eastside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 836-8822Corda – 845 Chileno Valley Rd, Petaluma; 707 781-9310D & L Carinalli Vineyards – 2030 Barlow Ln, Sebastopol; 707 827-3826D’Argenzio – 1301 Clevelend Ave, Ste A, Santa Rosa; 707 280-4658Dark Horse – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalOpen Thu-Sun 11-5 or by appt.Open by appointment onOpen daily by appointmentDaily 11-5 Summer, 11-4 winter; tours availableOpen daily 11am-6pmDashe Cellars – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Da Vero – 788 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-8000 Wed-Mon 10-5David Coffaro – 7485 Dry Creek Rd, Geyserville; 707 433-9715 Open daily 11-4David Noyes – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Davis Family Vnyds – 52 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3858De La Montanya – 999 Foreman Ln., Healdsburg; 707 433-3711Thu-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentOpen daily 11-4:30, Mon-Fri by apptDe Loach Vineyards – 1791 Olivet Road, Santa Rosa; 707 526-9111 Open daily 10:30-5DE LORIMIER WINERY (formerly Mosaic)– 2001 Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-2000 Open daily 10:30-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKDeerfield Ranch – 10200 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood; 707 833-5215 Open daily 10:30-4:30Dehlinger – 4101 Vine Hill Rd, Sebastopol; 707 823-2378Del Carlo Winery – 4939 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-1036Deux Amis – 602 Limerick Ln, Healdsburg; 707 431-7945Jan-Aug by appointment, Fridays onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyDowntown Wines – 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Daily 11-6DREYER WINE – Poured at Sonoma-Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Sonoma; 707 935-1200Open daily 11-5:30, Tue seasonalDry Creek Vineyards – 3770 Lambert Bridge Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1000 Open daily 10:30-4:30Duchamp Estate – 280 Chiquita Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6665Dutch Bill Creek – Sebastopol; 877 874-3852Open by appointment onlyBy appointment onlyDUTCHER CROSSING – 8533 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-2700 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursDutton Estate – 8757 Green Valley Rd; Sebastopol; 707 829-9463 Daily 10-5Dutton-Goldfield– 3100 Grevenstein Highway North, Sebastopol; 707-827-3600 Open daily 10-4:30Edmeades Tasting Room– 20 Matheson St, Healdsburg; 707 857-1529 Open daily 10:30-5:30Emeritus Vineyards – 2500 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol; 707 823-4464Emtu Estate Wines – 6111 Van Keppel Rd, Forestville; 707887-1239Winery tour only by appointmentOpen by appointmentEnkidu Wine – 8910 Sonoma Hwy. 12, Kenwood; 707 833-6100 Daily 12-6Ensuenos – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Eric K. James – 452 First Street E, Sonoma Plaza; 707 732-7560Eric Kent Wine Cellars – 1014 Hopper Ave, #612, Santa Rosa ; 707 527-9700Open daily 11am-6pmFriday-Sunday 12-5:30 or by appointmentOpen by appointmentERIC ROSS – 14300 Arnold Dr, Glen Ellen; 707 939-8525 Open daily 11-5Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900 Open daily 11-6Everett Ridge – 435 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1637 Open daily 10-5F. Teldeschi – 3555 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6626 Open daily 12-5Family Wineries of Dry Creek Valley – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 Open daily 10:30-4:30Family Wineries – Kenwood – 9380 Sonoma Hwy. 12; 707 833-4444 Mar-Dec 10:30-5, Jan-Feb Closed Tu-WeFAVERO VNYDS – 3939 Lovall Valley Rd, Sonoma; 707 935-3939Open by appointment only– Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalFERRARI-CARANO – 8761 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6700 Open daily 10-5Gift items. Call ahead for winery tours and wine pairings. Groups by appointment.FERRARI-CARANO SEASONS OF THE VINEYARD113 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 431-2222 Tue-Sun 11-6Field Stone Winery – 10075 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-7266 Open daily 10-5Flowers Vineyard & Winery – 28500 Seaview Rd, Cazadero; 707 847-3661Open by appointmentFolk Machine – Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Foppiano Vineyards – 12707 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 433-7272 Open daily 10-4:30Forchini Vineyards – 5141 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-8886Fri-Sun 11-4, Mon-Thu by appointmentForth Vnyds – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Forth Vnyds – 2335 West Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 473-0553Open by appointmentFoyt Family Wines – poured at Roots in Sonoma, 23574 Arnold Dr/Hwy 121, Sonoma; 707 934-4090 Open daily 10-5Francis Ford Coppola – 300 Via Archimedes, Geyserville; 707 857-1462 Open daily 11-5Freeman Winery – 1300 Montgomery Rd, Sebastopol; 415 831-4756Open by appointment onlyFreestone Vineyards – 12747 El Camino Bodega, Freestone; 707 874-1010 Thur-Mon 11-5Friendly Dog Winery – 14301 Arnold Dr, Jack London Village, Glen Ellen; 707-938-7550 Thu-Mon 11-5Frick – 23072 Walling Road, Geyserville; 707 857-1980Sat-Sun 12-4:30 (Summers Fri)FRITZ WINERY – 24691 Dutcher Creek Rd, Cloverdale; 707 894-3389 Open daily 10:30-4:30Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Wine PairingsGarden Creek Ranch– 2335 Geysers Rd, Geyserville; 707 433-8345Open by appointment onlyGary Farrell Wines – 10701 Westside Rd, Healdsburg;707 473-2909 Open daily 10:30-4:30Geyser Peak Winery – At Canyon Rd, 22281 Chianti Rd, Geyserville; 707 857-2500 Open daily 10-5GLORIA FERRER CAVES & VNYDS – 23555 Hwy 121, Sonoma; 707 996-7256 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibit; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Educational Programs, Food PairingsGofessel Vineyards – 20838 Burndale Road, Sonoma; 415 225-6801Open by appointment onlyGöpfrich – 7564 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1645Open by appointmentGourmet Au Bay – 913 Hwy 1, Bodega Bay; 707 875-9875 Fri-Sat 11-8, Sun-Thu 11-7Graton Ridge – 3541 Gravenstein Hwy 116 N, Sebastopol; 707 823-3040 Fri-Mon 10-4:30GRIEVE FAMILY – Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalGrove Street – Poured at Hudson Street Wineries, 428 Hudson Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2364 Open daily 11-5Gustafson Family – 9100 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs Road, Geyserville; 707 433-2371Sat 10-4 or by apptGundlach Bundschu – 2000 Denmark St, 707 938-5277; Sonoma Open daily 11-4:30Hanna Winery – 9280 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 431-4310 Open daily 10-45353 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 575-3371 Open daily 10-4Hanzell Vineyards– 18596 Lomita Avenue, Sonoma, CA 95476 Ph: 707 996-3860Open by appointment onlyHartford Family Winery – 8075 Martinelli Road, Forestville; 707 887-1756 Open daily 10-4:30Hart‘s Desire – Poured at Waterfront Tasting Rm, 53 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3097 Thu-Mon 11-5Harvest Moon Estate – 2192 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 573-8711 Open daily 10:30-5HAUCK CELLARS – 223 Center St, Healdsbug; 707 473-9065 Open Thu-Mon 11:30-5, Fri & Sat til 7Hawkes Wine – 6734 Hwy. 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-4295Thu-Mon 10-5, Tue-Wed by appointmentHawkes Wine Tasting Rm – 383 1st Street West, Sonoma; 707 938-7620 Open daily 12-7Hawley Wines – 36 North Street, Healdsburg; 707 473-9500 Open daily 11-6Haywood Winery – 18000 Gehricke Rd, Sonoma; 707 939-5020Open by appointment onlyHeintz – Sebastopol; 877 874-3852By appointment onlyHighway 12 Winery – 498 First St. E, Sonoma; 707 938-8091 Open daily 10:30-5:30Hobo – Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Holdredge – 51 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 431-1424Sat-Sun 11-4:30 or by

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSHomewood Winery – 23120 Burndale Rd, Sonoma; 707 996-6353 Open daily 10-4Hook and Ladder – 2134 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 546-5712 Open daily 10-4:30HOP KILN WINERY – 6050 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6491 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Educational Programs, Food PairingsHKG ESTATE WINES – 13647 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen; 707 938-7622 Thu-Sun 11-6IL CUORE – Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalImagery Estate – 14355 Hwy 12, Glen Ellen; 707 935-4515 Weekdays 10-4:30, Weekends 10-5:30Inman Family – 3900 Piner Road, Santa Rosa; 707 395-0689Fri -Sun 11-4 or by appt.Inspiration Vnyds & Winery –3360E Coffey Ln, Santa Rosa; 707 237-4980 Open daily 11-4:30Iron Horse – 9786 Ross Station Rd, Sebastopol; 707 887-1507 Open daily 10-3:30J Keverson – Poured at Waterfront Tasting Rm, 53 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3097 Thu-Mon 11-5J Lynne Wines – Poured at Vine Tastings: 9058 Windsor Rd, Windsor; 707 620-0833 Mon-Fri 12-8pm, late weekendsJ Rickards Winery – 24505 Chianti Rd, Cloverdale; 707 758-3441 Tue-Sat 11-4J Vineyard & Winery – 11447 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 431-3646 Open daily 11-5JACUZZI VINEYARDS – 24724 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 931-7575 Open daily 10-5:30Johnson’s Alexander Valley Wines – 8333 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-2319 Open daily 11-5John Tyler Wines – 4375 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 473-0123Open by appointment onlyJordan – 1474 Alexander Valley Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-5250Open by appointment onlyJoseph Swan Winery – 2916 Laguna Rd, Forestville; 707 573-3747 Sat, Sun & some holidays, 11-4:30Kachina – 4551 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 332-7917Open by appointment onlyKamen Estate – 21692 8th Street E, Suite 300, Sonoma; 707 833-1700Open by appointment onlyKastania Vineyards – 4415 Kastania Rd, Petaluma; 707 763-6348 Sat Sun 11-4KAZ WINERY – 233 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood; 707 833-2536 Fri-Mon 11-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyards ToursKEATING –23564 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 707 939-6510 Open daily 10-5Keller Estate – 5875 Lakeville Hwy, Petaluma; 707 765-2117 Thu-Sun 11- 4:30KENDALL-JACKSON WINE CTR – 5007 Fulton Rd, Fulton; 707 571-8100 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Educational Programs, Food PairingsKENDALL-JACKSON TASTING ROOM – 337 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-7102 Open daily 10-5Children & Pets OKKenwood Vineyards – 9592 Sonoma Hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-5891 Open daily 10-4:30Kokomo – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0200 Open daily 11-4:30Korbel Chmpgne Clrs – 13250 River Rd, Guerneville; 707 824-7000 Open daily 10-5Krutz Family Cellars– 1301 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa; 707 865-6755Open by appointment onlyKunde – 9825 Sonoma Hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-5501 Open daily 10:30-4La Crema – 235 Healdsburg Ave, Ste 101, Healdsburg; 707 431-9400 Open daily 10:30-5:30Lago di Merlo – at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Lake Sonoma Winery – 340 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 473-2999 Open daily 10-4:40Lambert Bridge – 4085 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-9600 Open daily 10:30-4:30Lancaster Estate – 15001 Chalk Hill Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-8178x209Open by appointment onlyLandmark – 101 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood; 707 833-0053 Open daily 10:30-4:30Larson Family – 23355 Millerick Rd, Sonoma; 707-938-3031 Open daily 10-5Laurel Glen – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900 Open daily 11am-6pm, Tue by apptLEDSON WINERY – 7335 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 537-3810 Open daily 10-5Tasting Fees, Gift items, Deli, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for: Educational Programs, Food PairingsLeonhardt Vnyds – 8500 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 352 262-0963Apr 15- Sep 1, Daily 1-5 by apptLimerick Lane Vineyards – 1023 Limerick Ln, Healdsburg; 707 433-9211 Open daily 10-5Little Vineyards Family Winery – 15188 Sonoma Hwy, Glen Ellen; 707 996-2750 Thu-Mon 11-4:30Littorai Wines – 788 Gold Ridge Rd. Sebastopol; 707 823-9586Open by appointment onlyLocals Tasting Room – Corner of Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707-857-4900 Open daily 11-6, Tue by apptLongboard Vineyards – 5 Fitch St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3473Wed-Sat, Mon 11-6, Sun 11-5 (closed Tue)LOXTON CELLARS – 11466 Dunbar Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 935-7221 Open daily 11-5Picnic Area; Call ahead for Vineyard and Winery ToursLynmar Estate – 3909 Frei Rd, Sebastopol; 707 829-3374 Open daily 10-5www.WineCountryThisWeek.comMacLeod Family Vnyd – Kenwood; 707 833-4312Open by appointment onlyMacPhail Family – 851 Magnolisa Dr, Healdsburg; 707 433-4780Open by appointment onlyMacrae Family – at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5MacRostie Winery – 21481 Eighth St E, Suite 25, Sonoma; 707 996-4480Sat 11-4:30 or by appointmentMADRONE RIDGE WINERY– Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30MANZANITA CREEK – 1441 A&B Grove St, Healdsburg; 707 433-4052Fri-Sat 11-4:30, Sun-Thur by appt– Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalMarimar Estate – 11400 Graton Road, Sebastopol; 707 823-4365 Open daily 11-4MARTIN RAY – 2191 Laguna Road, Santa Rosa; 707 823-2404 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursMartinelli Vineyards – 3360 River Rd, Fulton; 707 525-0570 Open daily 10-5Martorana Family Winery– 5956 West Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1909Open by appointment onlyMatanzas Creek Winery – 6097 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 528-6464 Open daily 10-4:30MATRIX – 3291 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1911 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursMauritson Family Winery – 2859 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-0804 Open daily 10-5MAYO FAMILY – 13101 Arnold Drive @ Highway 12, Glen Ellen; 707 938-9401 Open daily 10:30-6:30MAYO FAMILY RESERVE ROOM – 9200 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-5504 Open daily 10:30-6:30MAYO FAMILY – at The Cellar Door, 1395 Broadway, Sonoma; 707 938-4466 Thu-Mon 11-6, Tue & Wed 4-6MAZZOCCO SONOMA – 1400 Lytton Springs Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-8159 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKMEADOWCROFT WINESCatch the BuzzLocated in CornerStone Gardens, an extraordinary destination spot thatfeatures a “festival” of gardens, as well as unique shops and galleries.Open Daily 11-6 • 23574 Arnold Dr/Hwy 121, Sonoma. • 707-934-4090Medlock Ames – 3487 Alexander Valley Rd, Healdsburg; 707431-8845 Open daily 10-5Meeker Vineyards – 21035 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 431-2148 Open daily 10:30-6Mercury Geyserville – 20120 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville; 707 857-9870 Thu-Mon 11-7Merriam Vnyds – 11650 Los Amigos Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-4032 Open daily 10-5Merry Edwards – 2959 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol; 888-388-9050Open daily 9:30-4:30, appt recommendedMichael Bernard – 779 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-2900Open daily11-5Michel-Schlumberger – 4155 Wine Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-7427Open by appointment onlyMietz Cellars – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Mill Creek Vineyards – 1401 Westside Rd; Healdsburg; 707 431-2121 Open daily 10-5Montemaggiore – 2355 West Dry Creek R Rd; Healdsburg; 707 433-9499Open by appointment onlyMoniClaire Vineyards – 1750 Lytton Springs Rd; Healdsburg; 707 433-4320Open by appointment onlyMOONDANCE CELLARSFormerly a founding member of The Wine Room in Sonoma Valley, Moondance Cellars producessmall lots of award-winning Napa and Sonoma County varietals and blends, often poured bythe winemaker. Also pouring Orchard Station Winery and The Friendly Dog Winery.Voted Best Tasting Room of the North Bay (Bohemian)Jack London Village | 14301 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen | 11-5 Thursday-Monday707-938-7550 | The Pup is always welcomeMOSHIN VINEYARDS – 10295 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-5499 Open daily 11-4:30Mounts Family – 3901 Wine Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 292-8148Open by appointment onlyMueller – 6301 Starr Rd, Windsor; 707 837-7399 Fri-Sun 11-5Murphy-Goode – 20 Matheson St, Healdsburg; 800 499-7644 Open daily 10:30-5:30Muscardini Cellars – 8910 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-0526 Open daily 11-6Mutt Lynch Winery – 602 Limerick Ln, Healdsburg; 707 942-6180Open by appointment onlyNalle – 2383 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1040Sat 12-5, Sun & Fri by apptNicholson Ranch – 4200 Napa Rd, Sonoma; 707 938-8822 Open daily 10-6Novy Family – 980 Airway Ct, Ste C, Santa Rosa; 707 578-3882 Open by appointment daily 10-373

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKOccidental Road Cellars – 707 874-9401 Open Sat 1-4Optima Winery – 498 Moore Ln, Unit C, Healdsburg; 707 431-8222Open by appointment onlyOrchard Station Winery – 14301 Arnold Dr, Jack London Village, Glen Ellen; 707-938-7550 Thu-Mon 11-5Owl Ridge – Poured at Hudson Street Wineries, 428 Hudson Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2364 Open daily 11-5Paint Horse – 16510 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 935-0148Open by appointment onlyPalmeri – Poured at Terroirs Artisan Wines, 21001 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 857-4101 Thu-Mon 11:30-6:30Papapietro Perry – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0422 Open daily 11-4:30PARADISE RIDGE WINERY – 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Dr, Santa Rosa; 707 528-WINE Open daily 11-5Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursPARADISE RIDGE TASTING ROOM – 8860 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 282-9020 Open daily 11-6Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKParmelee Hill – 8860 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood; 707 282-9020Open by appointment onlyPassalacqua Vnyds – 3805 Lambert Bridge Rd, Healdsburg; 877-825-5547 Open daily 11-5Pasterik Vnyd – 3491 West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-4655Open by appointment onlyPastori Winery – 23189 Geyserville Ave, Cloverdale; 707 857-3418Open by appointment onlyPaul Hobbs – Sebastopol; 707 824-9879Open by appointment onlyPedroncelli Vineyards – 1220 Canyon Rd, Geyserville; 707 857-3531 Open daily 10-4:30Pellegrini Family – 4055 West Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 800-891-0244 Open daily 10:30-4:30Pendleton Estate – 35100 Hwy 128, Cloverdale; 707 894-3732Open by appointment onlyPeters Family – 2064 Hwy. 116 No, Suite 102, Sebastopol; 707 829-3111Open by appointment onlyPeterson – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Bldg #7, Healdsburg; 707-431-7568 Sat-Sun 11-4:30Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900 Open daily 11-6Petroni Vineyards – 990 Cavedale Road, Sonoma; 707 935-8311Open by appointmentPezzi King Vnyds – Old Roma Station, 412 Hudson St , Healdsburg; 707 431-9388Open by appointment onlyPortalupi – 107 North Street, Healdsburg; 707 395-0960 Open daily 10:30-7Porter Creek – 8735 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6321 Open daily 10:30-4:30Preston of Dry Creek – 9282 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-3372 Open daily 11-4:30Quivira Vineyards – 4900 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-8333 Open daily 11-5RH – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900 Open daily 11-6Ramazzotti Wines – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900 Open daily 11-6Ravenswood – 18701 Gehricke Rd, Sonoma; 707 938-1960 Open daily 10-4:30Raymond Burr – 8339 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-4365 Open daily 11-5Richardson Winery – at The Cellar Door in Sonoma, 1395 Broadway; 707 938-4466 Open daily 11-6Ridge Vnyds/Lytton Springs – 650 Lytton Springs Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-7721 Open daily 11-4 Sum; Fri-Sun till 5River Road Vnyds – 5220 Ross Rd, Sebastopol; 707 887-8130Open by appointment onlyRoadhouse Winery – 107B W. North Street, Healdsburg; 707 922-6362 Tue-Thu 12-6, Fri-Sun 12-7Robert Hunter – at The Cellar Door in Sonoma,1395 Broadway; 707 938-4466 Open daily 11-6Robert Rue Vnyd – 1406 Wood Rd, Fulton; 707 578-1601 Thu-Mon 10-4Robert Young Estate – 4960 Red Winery Rd, Geyserville; 707 431-4811 Open daily 10-4:30Robledo Family Winery – 21901 Bonness Rd, Sonoma; 707 939-6903Open by appointment onlyRoche – 122 West Spain St, Sonoma Open daily 11-6Rochioli – 6192 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-2305Thu-Mon 11-4, Tue-Wed by apptRocking Z – Poured at Hudson Street Wineries, 428 Hudson Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2364 Open daily 11-5RODNEY STRONG VINEYARDS – 11455 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 431-1533Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK Open daily 10-5ROESSLER – 380 First St W, Sonoma; 707 933-4440 Open daily 11-6Route 128 Winery – 21079 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 696-0004 Thur-Sun 12-6Rued – 3863 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1569 Open daily 11-4:30Russian Hill Estate – 4525 Slusser Rd, Windsor; 707 575-9428 Open daily 10-4Russian River Vineyards – 5700 Gravenstein Hwy N, Forestville; 707 887-3344 Open daily 11-5Sable Ridge Winery – 6320 Jamison Rd; Santa Rosa; 707 542-3138Open by appointment onlySaini Vineyards – 918 Ridge View Dr; Healdsburg; 707 799-0272Open by appointment onlySapphire Hill – 55 Front Street, Healdsburg; 707 431-1888 Thurs-Mon 11-4:30Saracina/Atrea – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmSAUSAL WINERY – 7370 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-2285 Open daily 10-4Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKSbragia Family – 9990 Dry Creek Road, Geyserville; 707 473-2992 Open daily 11-5SCHUG CARNEROS ESTATE – 602 Bonneau Road, Sonoma; 800-966-9365 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children Welcomed, Picnic AreaSEABISCUIT RANCH – Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalSEBASTIANI VINEYARDS – 389 Fourth St. East, Sonoma; 707 938-5532 Open daily 10-5Complimentary Tours, Gift Items, Picnic Area & Supplies, Children & Pets WelcomedSebastopol Vineyards – 8757 Green Valley Rd; Sebastopol; 707 829-9463 Daily 10-5Seghesio Winery – 14730 Grove St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3579 Open daily 10–5Selby Winery – 215 Center St, Healdsburg; 707 431-1288 Open daily 11-5Shane Wine Cellars –Novato; 415 342-7926Sheldon – 1301 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa; 707 865-6755By appointmentSat-Sun 2-7 or by apptSiduri Wines – 980 Airway Dr, Ste C, Santa Rosa; 707 578-3882 By appointment daily 10-3Silver Oak Cellars – 24625 Chianti Road, Geyserville; 707 942-7026Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 11-5, tours by apptSimi Winery – 16275 Healsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-6981 Open daily 10-5SL Cellars – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Sojourn Cellars –141 E. Napa Street, Sonoma; 707 933-9753Daily 10-5 by appointmentSonoma-Cutrer – 4401 Slusser Rd, Windsor, 707 237-3489 Appointments recommended, Thu-Mon 10-4SONOMA-ENOTECA – 35 E Napa St, Sonoma; 707 935-1200Wed-Mon 11-6, Tue hours seasonalSonoma Valley Portworks – 613 2nd St, Petaluma; 707 769-5203 Mon-Sat 12-5Souverain – At historic Asti, 26150 Asti Post Office Rd, Cloverdale; 707-433-2822 Daily 10-5ST. FRANCIS VINEYARDS – 100 Pythian Rd, Santa Rosa; 888-675-WINE Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for Food Pairings, Winery ToursSt. Helena Road Winery – 6995 St. Helena Road; Santa Rosa; 707 538-8674Open daily 9-5 by appointmentStaley – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Starlite Vineyards – 5511 Highway 128, Geyserville; 707 431-1102 Open daily 11-5Stephen & Walker – 243 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 431-8749 Open daily 11-7Stonestreet Alexander Mountain – 7111 Highway 128; 707 473-3333; Healdsburg Open daily 10-5Stryker Sonoma – 5110 Highway 128; Geyserville; 707 433-1944 Open daily 10:30-5Stuhlmuller – 4951 West Soda Rock Ln, Healdsburg; 707 431-7745Open by appointment onlySUNCÉ WINERY – 1839 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 526-9463 Open daily 10:30-5Taft Street Winery – 2030 Barlow Lane, Sebastopol; 707 823-2049 Sat-Sun 11-4:30, Mon-Fri 11-4Talty – 7127 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-8438Tara Bella – 3701 Viking Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 544-9049Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyTeira Wines – Poured at Hudson Street Wineries, 428 Hudson Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2364 Open daily 11-5Teldeschi Winery – 3555 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-6626 Open daily 12-5Terroirs Artisan Wines – 21001 Geyserville Ave, Ste 101, Geyserville; 707 857-4101 Thu-Mon 11:30-6:30Thomas George Estates – 8075 Westside Road, Healdsburg; 707 431-8031 Open daily 11-5Three Alarm – Poured at Vine Tastings: 9058 Windsor Rd, Windsor; 707 620-0833Mon-Fri 12-8, later on weekendsThumbprint Cellars –102 Matheson, Healdsburg; 707 433-2393 Open daily 11-6. Fri & Sat 11-7Tin Barn – 21692 Eighth St E. #340, Sonoma; 707 938-5430Fri-Sun 11-4, Mon-Thu by apptToad Hollow – 409A Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 431-8667 Open daily 10:30-5:30TOPEL – Tasting Room in Healdsburg, 125 Matheson St; 707 433-4116 Open daily 11-7Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call for: Educational Program, Food PairingsTRENTADUE – 19170 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 433-3104 Open daily 10-5Tres Hermanas – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Trione Winery – 19550 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 814-8100 Thur-Sun 10-5Truett Hurst – 5610 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-9545 Open daily 10-5Twomey Cellars – 3000 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 800-505-4850 Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-5Ty Caton Vineyards – 8910 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-0526 Open daily 11-6Unti Vineyards – 4202 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-5590Open by appointment only74

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSValley of the Moon – 777 Madrone Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 996-6941 Open daily 10-4:30Vérité – 4611 Thomas Rd, Healdsburg; 800 273-0177www.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen by appointment onlyViansa Winery – 25200 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 707 935-4700 Open daily 10-5Vintners Signatures –4001 Highway 128, Geyserville; 707 857-3300 Open daily 10:30-5Wattle Creek Winery – 25510 River Rd, Cloverdale; 707 894-5166Open by appointment onlyWellington Vineyards – 11600 Dunbar Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 939-0708 Open daily 11-5Westwood Winery – 11 E. Napa St, Suite 3, Sonoma; 707 935-3246 Thur-Mon 11-5White Oak Vineyards – 7505 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-8429 Open daily 10-5Williamson – 134 Matheson St, Healdsburg; 707 433-1500 Open daily 11-7WILSON – 1960 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-4355 Open daily 11-5Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKWindsor Oaks Vineyards – 10810 Hillview Rd, Windsor; 707 433-4050Open by appointment onlyWine Tree Farm – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Woodenhead – 5700 River Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 887-2703 Open Thu-Mon 10:30-4:30Yoakim Bridge – 7209 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-8511Fri-Sun 11-4 or by appointmentXYZin – Poured at Geyser Peak, 22281 Chianti Rd, Healdsburg; 707 857-2500 Open daily 10-5Zichichi Family – 8626 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-4410 Open daily 11-4:30NORTH CENTRAL COASTAhlgren Vineyard – 20320 Hwy 9, Boulder Creek; 800 338-6071Alfaro Family Vnyd & Winery – 420 Hames Road, Corralitos; 831 728-5172Aptos Creek – 520 Nisene Meadws Ct, Aptos; 831 684-1680Sat 12-4 or by appointmentSat 12-5 or by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyArmida Winery – 103 Stockton Avenue, Capitola; 831 462-1065 Open daily 11-6Bargetto Winery – 3535 N. Main St, Soquel; 831 475-2258 ext 14 Open daily 12-5Beauregard – 10 Pine Flat Road, Bonny Doon; 831 458-WINE Open daily 11-5Big Basin Vnyds – 830 Memory Ln, Boulder Creek; 831 621-8028Open by appointment onlyBig Basin Tasting Room – 14598 Big Basin Way, Suite B, Saratoga; 831 621-8028 Thu-Mo 11-5, Fri-Sat 11-7Black Ridge – 18550 Black Rd, Los Gatos; 408 399-6396Bonny Doon Vineyard – 328 Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 888 819-6789Bruzzone – 433 Sunridge Drive, Scotts Valley; 831 438-3120Open 3rd weekend 11-5 & by appointmentOpen daily 12-closeOpen by appointment onlyBURRELL SCHOOL – 24060 Summit Rd, Los Gatos; 408 353-6290 Open Thu-Sun 11-5Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKByington Winery – 21850 Bear Creek Road, Los Gatos; 408 354-1111 Open daily 11-5Calera – 11300 Cienega Road, Hollister; 831 637-9170 Open daily 11-4:30Casa De Fruta – 6680 Pacheco Pass Hwy, Hollister; 800 543-1702 Open daily 9-6Castillo’s Hillside Shire – 2215 Liberta Drive, Morgan Hill; 408 776-8200 Sat 1-7, Sun 12-5Cava Wine Bar – 115 San Jose Ave, Capitola; 831 476-2282 Wed-Sat 12-12, Sun 12-10, Mon 4-10, Tue 4-12Chaine d’Or – 140 Sunrise Drive, Woodside; 650 851 8977Cinnabar – 23000 Congress Springs Rd, Saratoga; 408 741-5858Open by appointment onlySpecial events and by appointment onlyClos LaChance – 1 Hummingbird Ln, San Martin; 800 ITS-WINE Open daily 11-5Clos Tita – 4 Kendall Lane, Santa Cruz; 831 439-9235Open by appointment onlyCOOPER-GARROD – 22645 Garrod Rd, Saratoga; 408 867-7116 Mon-Fri 12-5 Sat-Sun 11-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Food Pairings, ToursCopious Winery – 427 Swift Street, A, Santa Cruz; 831 425-WINE Fri-Sun 12-5Creekview Vineyards – 12467 Creekview Ct, San Martin; 408 686-0534VJB VINEYARDS & CELLARSOur wines are sold exclusively from our Tasting Roomor through our Wine Club Enoteca.We invite you to experience for yourself our family charm.9077 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood • Open Daily 10am-5pm707-833-2300 • www.vjbcellars.comOpen by appointmentCreekview Vnyds & Sherman Cellars Tasting Rm – 40 Post St, San Jose; 408 288-WINE Wed-Sun 11-5David Bruce Winery – 21439 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos; 408 354-4214 Mon-Fri 12-5, Sat-Sun 11-5DeRose Vineyards – 9970 Cienega Valley Road, Hollister; 831 636-9143Sat-Sun 11-4 or or by appointmentDomenico Wines – 1697 Industrial Rd, San Carlos; 650 593-2335 Open daily 12-5Enz – 1781 Limekiln Road, Hollister; 831 637-6443By appointment onlyEquinox – 427-C Swift St, Santa Cruz; 831 338-2646; 831 423-3000 Fri-Sun 12-5Fernwood Cellars – 7137 Redwood Retreat, Gilroy; 408 848-0611Some Sat, call for appointmentFLEMING JENKINS VNYDS & WINERY – 45 W. Main St, Los Gatos; 408 358-4949 Tue-Sun 12-6Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Children WelcomeFlint Wine Cellars – 13160 Cienega Road, Hollister; 831 636-8986Open by appointment onlyFortino Winery – 4525 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 842-3305 Tue-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-5Guglielmo Winery – 1480 E. Main St, Morgan Hill; 408 779-2145 Open daily 10-5Hallcrest Vineyards – 379 Felton Empire Rd, Felton; 831 335-4441 Open daily 12-5Heart o’ the Mountain – 5610 Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley; 831 345-6133Open by appointment onlyHeart’s Fire – 165 Cristich Lane, Unit K, Campbell; 1st Sun of the month 1-4Hecker Pass Winery – 4605 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 842-8755 Open daily 9-5Hillcrest Terrace – 429B Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 426-1500HUNTER HILL – 7099 Glen Haven Rd, Soquel; 831 465-9294Sat-Sun 12-5 & by appointmentSat-Sun 11-4 or by apptJ. LOHR VINEYARDS & WINE – 1000 Lenzen Ave, San Jose; 408 918-2160 Open daily 10-5Jason-Stephens – 11775 Watsonville Rd, Gilroy; 408 846-8463 Open Daily 12-5Kirigin Cellars – 11550 Watsonville Rd, Gilroy; 408 847-8827 Open daily 10-5Kings Mountain – 187 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside; 650 851-7551La Honda – 2645 Fair Oaks Ave, Redwood City; 650 366-4104Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyLa Nebbia – 12341 San Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay; 650 726-9463 Open daily 10-5Léal Vineyards – 300 Maranatha Drive, Hollister; 831 636-1023 Open daily 11-5LOMA PRIETA WINERY – 26985 Loma Prieta Way, Los Gatos; 408 353-2950Sat-Sun 12-5 or by apptMartin Ranch – 6675 Redwood Retreat Road, Gilroy; 408 842-9197 Open third weekend of each month 12-4Michael Martella – 17287 Box 103 Skyline Blvd, Woodside; 650 851-6777Open by appointment onlyMJA Vineyards – 328A Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 421-9380 Thu-Sun 12-6Monte Verde – 13775 Sycamore Dr, Morgan Hill; 408 776-8938Open 3rd Sat-Sun or by appointmentMorgan Hill Cellars – 1645 San Pedro Ave, Morgan Hill; 408 779-7389 Tue-Sun 10-5Mountain Winery – 14831 Pierce Road, Saratoga; 408 741-2822 Fri-Sun 12-5Mount Eden Vnyds – 22020 Mr. Eden Rd, Saratoga; 409 867-5832x10Muccigrosso – 21450 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos; 408 354-0821Muns Vineyard – Los Gatos; 408 515-2663Naumann Vnyds – 16505 Montebello Rd, Cupertino; 408 867-7871Nicholson Vnyds – 2800 Pleasant Valley Rd, Aptos; 831 724-7071Open by appointment only, tours, no tastingOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlySpecial events & by appointmentSpecial events & by appointmentOdonata – 334A Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 566-5147 1st Sat of the month 12-5Organic Wine Works – 379 Felton Empire Rd, Felton; 800-OWW-WINE Open daily 12-5Osocalis – 5579 Old San Jose Rd, Soquel; 831 477-1718P&M Staiger Vineyard –1300 Hopkins Gulch Rd, Boulder Creek; 831 338-0172Pietra Santa – 10034 Cienega Road, Hollister; 831 636-1991Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyWed-Sun 11-5 or by appointment onlyPelican Ranch – 402 Ingalls St, Santa Cruz; 831 426-6911 Fri-Sun 12-5Picchetti Winery – 13100 Montebello Rd, Cupertino; 408 741-1310 Open daily 11-5Pinder – 165 Cristich Lane, Campbell; 877-684-2601Pleasant Valley – 600 Pleasant Valley Rd, Aptos; 831 728-2826POETIC CELLARS – 5000 Rodeo Gulch Road, Soquel; 831 462-3478Sat 11-4, Sun by appointmentSummer Apr-Oct, Sat 12-4, Winter by appointmentSat-Sun 12-5 or by apptRapazzini Winery – 4350 S. Monterey Hwy, Gilroy; 408 842-5649 Open daily 10-5Regale Winery – 24040 Summit Road, Los Gatos; 408 353-2500Sat-Sun 12-5:30 or by appointmentRidge Vineyards – 17100 Montebello Road, Cupertino; 408 867-3233 Summer Sat-Sun 11-5, Winter Sat-Sun 11-4River Run – 65 Rogge Lane, Watsonville; 831 726-3112Roudon -Smith – 2364 Bean Creek Rd, Scotts Valley; 831 438-1244Open by appointment onlySat 11-4:30 or by appointmentSanta Cruz Mtn Vnyd – 334A Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 335-4242 Wed-Sun 12-575

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKSARAH’S VINEYARD – 4005 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 847-1947 Open daily 11-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursSatori Cellars – 2100 Buena Vista Avenue, Gilroy; 408 848-5823 Sat-Sun 12-5Savannah-Chanelle Vnyds – 23600 Congress Springs Rd, Saratoga; 408 741-2934 Open daily 11-5Silver Mountain – off Old San Jose-Soquel Rd Miller Cutoff; 408 353-2278Sat 12-4 by appointmentSilver Mountain – 402 Ingalls St, Ste 29, Santa Cruz; 831 466-0559 Thu-Sun 12-5Solis – 3920 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 847-6306 Open daily 12-5Sones Cellars – 334 B Ingalls St, Santa Cruz; 831 420-1552 Fri-Sun 12-5Soquel Vineyards – 8063 Glen Haven, Soquel; 831 462-9045 Sat-Sun 11-4Storrs Winery – 303 Potrero St. #35, Santa Cruz; 831 458-5030 Open daily 12-5Summerayne – Limekiln Road, Hollister; 831 902-5638Open by appointment onlySycamore Cellars – 45185 Arroyo Seco Road, Greenfield; 831 674-5768 Sat- Sun 11-5Sycamore Creek – 12775 Uvas Road, Morgan Hill; 408 779-4738 Thu-Mon 12-5Team Zin – 830-3 Jury Court, San Jose; 408 445-25081st Sun of the monthTestarossa Vineyards – 300-A College Ave, Los Gatos; 408 354-6150 Open daily 11-5Thomas Fogarty Winery – 19501 Skyline Blvd, Woodside; 650 851-6777 Wed-Sun 11-5Thomas Kruse Winery – 3200 Dryden Ave, Gilroy; 408 842-7016 Tue-Sun 12 -5Travieso Winery – 165 Cristich Lane, #F, Campbell; 650 248-5641 Saturdays 11-4Trout Gulch – 414 Avalon St, Santa Cruz; 831 471-2705Open by appointment onlyVinocruz – Abbott Square on Cooper Street, Santa Cruz; 831 427-0436 Mon-Thu 11-7, Fri-Sat 11-8, Sun 12-6VINE HILL – 2300 Jarvis Road, Santa Cruz; 831 427-0436Open third weekend each month 12-5 & special eventsVino Tabi – 334C Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 426 1809 Mon-Tue by appt, Wed-Thu 12-5, Fri-Sat 12-9, Sun 12-5Windy Oaks Estate – 550 Hazel Dell Rd, Corralitos; 831 786-9463 Sat, Apr-Oct 12-4Woodside Vineyards – 340 Kings Mountain Rd; Woodside; 650 851-3144Zayante Vineyards – 420 Old Mount Rd; Felton; 831 335-7992CARMEL VALLEYOpen by appointment onlySpecial events & by appointmentBernardus – 5 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 800 223-2533 Open daily 11-5Boekenoogen – 24 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 831 659-4215 Open daily 11-5Boëté at Valley Hills Tasting Rm – 7156A Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel Valley; 831 625-5040 Mon-Fri 2-5, Sat-Sun 12-5Chateau Julien Wine Estate – 8940 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel; 831 624-2600 Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat-Sun 11-5Chateau Sinnet – 13746 Center Street, Carmel Valley; 831 659-2244 Summer 12-6 daily, Winter 12-5Cima Collina – San Carlos, between Ocean & 7th, Carmel; 831 620-0645 Thur-Mon 11- 6Galante Vineyards – between Ocean & 7th, Dolores; Carmel; 831 624-3800 Sun-Fri 2-6, Sat 12-6Georis Winery – 4 Pilot Road, Carmel Valley; 831 659-1050 Open daily 11-5Heller Estate Organic Vineyards – 69 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 800-625-8466 Open daily 11-6Joullian Vineyards – 2 Village Drive Suite A, Carmel Valley; 866 659-8101 Open daily 11-5Joyce Vineyards – 12 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley; 831-659-0312 Fri-Sun 11-5MORGAN WINERY – 204 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel; 831 626-3700 Open daily 11-6Otter Cove Wines – 9 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley; 831 320-3050 Wed-Sun 11-5Parsonage Village Vineyard – 19 East Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 831 659-7322 Open daily 11-5:30Rancho Cellars – 26340 Carmel Rancho Blvd, Carmel; 831 625-5646 Mon-Sat 11-6Talbott Vineyards – 53 West Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel Valley; 831 659-3500 Open daily 11-5MONTEREY WINERIESA Taste of Monterey Wine Visitors Cntr – 700 Cannery Row, Suite Kk, Monterey; 831 646-5446 Open daily 10-6Bargetto Winery – 700 Cannery Row Suite G, Monterey; 831 373-4053 Open daily 11-6Baywood Cellars – 381 Cannery Row Suite C, Monterey; 831 645-9035 Open daily 12-6Chateau Sinnet – 1184 Broadway, Seaside; 831 394-6090Figge Cellars – 3348 Paul Davis Drive Suite 101, Marina; 831 384-4149Open by appointment onlyMon-Fri by appointment onlyPierce Ranch – 499 Wave Street, Monterey; 831 372-8900 Thu-Mon 11-6:30Scheid Vineyards Wine Lounge - 751 Cannery Row, Monterey; 831-6569463 Open daily 11-7Ventana Vineyards – 2999 Monterey-Salinas Hwy, Monterey; 831 372-7415 Open daily 11-5Wine from the Heart Tasting Rm – 241 Alvarado St, Monterey; 831 641-9463 Open daily 10-6SALINAS VALLEYA Taste of Monterey – 127 Main Street, Salinas; 831 751-1980 Mon-Fri 11-5, Fri-Sat 11-6, Sun 11-4Boekenoogen – Santa Lucia Highlands, Salinas; 831 675-3549Open by appointment onlyChalone Vineyards – Stonewall Canyon Rd (Hwy 146), Soledad; 831 678-1717 Sat-Sun 11:30-5, weekdays by apptDe Tierra –740 Airport Blvd, Salinas; 831 754-3176Open by appointment onlyHAHN ESTATES/SMITH & HOOK – 37700 Foothill Road, Soledad; 831 678-4555 Mon-Fri 11-4Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for Winery Tours Sat-Sun 11-5Manzoni Estate – 30981 River Road, Soledad; 831 675-3398 Sat-Sun 11-5Marilyn Remark – 645 River Road, Salinas; 831 455-9310 Sat-Sun, Holidays 11-5Paraiso Vineyards – 38060 Paraiso Springs Road, Soledad; 831 678-0300 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-Fri 11-4Pessagno Winery – 1645 River Road, Salinas; 831 675-9463 Mon-Thu 11-4, Fri-Sun 11-5Ray Franscioni – 132720 River Road; Gonzales; 831 455-1096Open by appointment onlyScheid Vineyards – 1972 Hobson Avenue, Greenfield; 831 386-0316 Open daily 11-5Ventana Vineyards – 38740 Los Coches Road, Soledad; 831 678-2900 Weekends & Most Holidays 11-5Wrath Wines – 35801 Foothill Road, Soledad; 831 678-2212 Thu-Mon 11-4:30LAKE/MENDOCINO COUNTIESBarra of Mendocino – 7051 N. State Street, Redwood Valley; 707 485-0322 Open daily 10-5Beaver Creek Vnyds – 22000 Hwy 29, Middletown; 707 987-1069Open daily11-8Bell Hill Vineyards – 6725 Jacobsen, Kelseyville; 707 490-4400 Thurs-Sun, Winter 12-6, Summer 1-7Brassfield Estate – 10915 High Valley Rd, Clearlake Oaks; 707 998-1895Daily 10-5, Weekends by appt. in WinterBreggo Cellars – 11001 Highway 128, Boonville; 707 895-9589 Open daily 11-5Brutocao Cellars – 7000 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2152 Open daily 10-5Brutocao Cellars – 13500 Hwy 101, Hopland; 707 744-1664 Open daily Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5Ceago Del Lago – 5115 E. Hwy 20, Nice; 707 274-1462 Open daily 10-5Cesar Toxqui Cellars – 821 N. Bush St, Ukiah; 707 462-1054Open by appointment onlyChiarito Vineyards – 2651 Mill Creek Rd, Ukiah; 707 462-7146Open by appointment onlyClaudia Springs – 1810 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3993 Fri-Mon 11-5Cougar’s Leap – 9300 Seigler Springs Rd. N., Kelseyville; 707 279-0651May-Oct, Fri-Sun 11-5pm or by apptDrew Family – 9000 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 877-1771 Thu-Mon 11-5Duncan Peak Vineyards – 14500 Mtn. House Road, Hopland; 707 744-1493Open by appointment onlyEden Crest Vineyards & Winery – 2550 Big Valley Road, Kelseyville; 707 279-2987 Open by appointmentElke Vineyards – 12351 Hwy 128, Booneville; 707 246-7045 Fri-Mon 11-5Esterlina – 1200 Holmes Ranch Road, Philo; 707 895-2920Open by appointment onlyFoursight Wines – 14475 Highway 128, Boonville; 707 898-2889 Fri-Mon 10-4:30Frey – 14000 Tomki Rd, Redwood Valley; 707 485-5177Mon-Fri 10-5, by appointmentGermain-Robin – P. O. Box 1059, Ukiah; 707 462-0314Open by appointment only Mon-FridGoldeneye Winery – 9200 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3202 Open daily 11-4Graziano Family of Wines – 13251 S.Hwy 101; Suite 3, Hopland; 707 744-8466 Open daily 10-5Greenwood Ridge Vineyards – 5501 Hwy 128; Philo, 707 895-2002 Open daily 10-5Gregory Graham Wines– 13633 Point Lakeview Road, Lower Lake; 707 995-3500 Sat & Sun 10-5Guiseppe Wines, Neese Vnyds – 401School Way, Redwood Valley; 707 485-8458 Open by appointment onlyHandley Cellars – 3151 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3876 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5Harmonique Wines – 1810 Hwy 128, near mile marker 16, Philo; 707 895-3993 Fri-Mon 11-5Hawk and Horse – 13048 Highway 29, Lower Lake; 707 994-0910Open by appointment onlyHigh Valley Estate Vnyds – 13151 E. State Highway 20, Clearlake Oaks; 707 998-9400 Tue-Sat 11-5Husch Vineyards – 4400 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3216 Open daily 10-5JAXON KEYS – 10400 S. Hwy 101, Hopland; 877-462-0666 Open daily 10-5Jeriko Estate – 12141 Hewlitt Sturtevant Rd, Hopland; 707 744-1140 Sum 10-5, Win 11-4Jim Ball Vineyards – 4741 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3623 Open daily 11-5Kelseyville Wine Co. –5627 Gaddy Lane, Kelseyville; 707 279-2995By appointmentLangtry Estate – 21000 Butts Canyon Rd, Middletown; 707 987-2385 Open daily 11-5Lazy Creek Vineyards – 4741 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3623By appointment76

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSLe Vin Winery – 33151 Hwy. 128, Yorkville; 707 894-2304Open by appointment onlyLolonis Vineyards – 1905 Rd D, Redwood Valley; 707 485-7544Open by appointmentLonder Vineyards – 14051 Highway 128, Boonville; 707 895-3900 Thu-Mon 11-5Manoir Girard Cellars – 12601 Ell River Rd; Potter Valley; 707 391 WINE (9463)Open by appointment onlyMaple Creek Winery – 20799 Hwy 128; Yorkville; 707 895-3001 Open daily 10:30-5Mariah Vineyards – 33525 Mountain View Rd, Point Arena; 707 882-2243Open by appointmentMcDowell Valley – 13380 S. Hwy 101, Hopland 707 744-8911 Mon-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 10-5McFadden Vineyard – 13275 S. Hwy 101 Suite #5, Hopland; 707 744-8463 Open daily 10-5McNab Ridge Winery – 13441 S. Hwy 101; Hopland; 707 744-1986 Open daily 10-5Meyer Family Cellars – 19750 Hwy 128, Yorkville; 707 895-2341 Open daily 10-5Milano Family Winery – 14594 S. Hwy 101, Hopland; 800-564-2582Open daily10-5Moore Family Winery – 11990 Bottle Rock Road, Kelseyville; 707 279-9279 Fri - Sun 11-5Mt. Konocti Growers Winery – 2550 Big Valley Road, Kelseyville; 707 279-4213Open by appointmentNavarro Vineyards – 5601 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3686 Open daily 10-5Nelson Family – 550 Nelson Ranch Road; Ukiah Open daily 10-5Noggle Vnyds & Winery – 700 Old Long Valley Road, Clearlake Oaks; 707 998-0319Sat-Sun 11-5 or by apptOster – 13501 Tomki Road, Redwood Valley; 707 485-5257Open by appointmentPacific Star – 33000 North Highway 1, Fort Bragg; 707 964-1155 Open daily 11-5Parducci Wine Cellars – 501 Parducci Rd, Ukiah; 1-888-362-9463 Open daily 10-5Phillips Hill Estates – 8627 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2209 Open daily 11-5Philo Ridge – Philo; 707 489-2303Sat-Sun by appointmentPloyez Winery – 11171 Highway 29, Lower Lake; 707 994-2106 Open daily 11-5Raye's Hill Winery – 3400 Chardonnay Lane, Philo; 707 895-3439Open by appointmentRivino – 4101 Cox Schrader Rd, Ukiah; 707 293-4262 Tue-Sun 1-5tRoederer Estate – 4501 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2288 Open daily 11-5Rosa D’Oro – 3915 Main Street, Kelseyville; 707 279-0483 Mon-Tue 12-5, Wed-Sat 10:30-6:30, Sun 11-5Rosati Family Wines – 21500 South Highway 101, Hopland; 707 894-3683 Open daily 10-5Saracina Vineyards – 11684 South Hwy 101, Hopland; 707 744-1671 Open daily 10-5Scharffenberger Cellars – 8501 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2957 Open daily 11-5Shannon Ridge – 12599 E. Hwy 20, Clear Lake Oaks; 707 998-9656 Daily 10:30-5Shed Horn Cellars – Socrate Mine Road, Middletown; 707 987-4716Open by appointmentSilversmith Vnyds – 3700 A Rd J, Redwood Valley; 707 485-1196 Sum: Fri-Sun, Win: Sat-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentSix Sigma Ranch and Winery – 13372 Spruce Grove Road, Lower Lake; 707 994-4068 Daily 11-4:30Sol Rouge – P.O. Box 859, Kelseyville; 707 279-9000Open by appointmentStandish Wine Co. – 5101 Hwy 128, Philo707 895-9213 Daily 10-5Steele Wines – 4350 Thomas Drive, at Hwy 29, Kelseyille; 707 279-9475 Mon-Sat 11-5Terra Savia – 14200 Mountain House Rd, Hopland; 707 744-1114Open by appointmentTerrill Cellars and Tuscan Village – 16175 Main Street, Lower Lake; 707 252-8444 Daily 10-4Toulouse Vineyards – 8001 Hwy 128, 707 895-2828; PhiloOpen by appointmentTulip Hill Winery – 4900 Bartlett Springs Rd, Nice; 707 274-9373 Open daily 10-5Villa La Brenta – 1780 Highway 53, Clearlake; 707 994-4000 Tue-Sun 10-5Vin de Tevis – 51161 Covelo Rd, Dos Rios; 707 983-8433Open by appointment onlyWeibel Family Winery and Vineyards – 13275 So Hwy 101, Ste 1, Hopland; 707 744-2200 Open Daily 10-5Whaler Vineyards – 6200 E Side Capella Rd, Ukiah; 707 462-6355Open by appointment onlyWildhurst Vineyards – 3855 Main St, Kelseyville; 800 279-4302 Open daily 10-5Yorkville Cellars – 25701 Hwy 128, Yorkville; 707 894-9177 Open daily, Winter 11-5, Summmer 11-6ZINA HYDE CUNNINGHAM – 14077 Hwy 128, Boonville; 707 895-9462 Open Daily 10-5Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKSUISUN VALLEYBlacksmith Cellars – poured at Suisun Valley Wine Coop Thu-Sun 12-5Blue Victorian Vineyards – 5071 Suisun Valley Blvd., Fairfield; 707 422-8025 Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat & Sun 10-6King Andrews Vnyd – poured at Suisun Valley Wine Coop Thu-Sun 12-5www.WineCountryThisWeek.comLedgewood Creek Winery – 4589 Abernathy Road, Suisun City; 707 426-4424 Daily 10-5Mangels Vineyards – poured at Suisun Valley Wine Coop Thu-Sun 12-5Tenbrink Vineyards – 4185 Chadbourne Road, Suisun Valley; 707 480-7334Open by appointment onlyRock Creek Vineyard – 4610 Green Valley Rd, Green Valley; 707 864-2471Open by appointment onlySuisun Valley Wine Coop – 4495 Suisun Valley Road, Suisun Valley; 707 864-3135 Thu-Sun 12-5Sunset Cellars – poured at Suisun Valley Wine Coop Thu-Sun 12-5Vezer Family Tasting Rm – 2522 Suite V Mankas Corner Road, Fairfield; 707 429-3958 Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat-Sun 10-6Vezer Family Private Ranch– 707 422-8025Tours & tasting by appointment onlyWinterhawk Winery – poured at Suisun Valley Wine Coop Thu-Sun 12-5Wooden Valley Winery – 4756 Suisun Valley Road, Suisun Valley; 707 864-0730 Daily 11-5YOLO COUNTYBerryessa Gap – 27260 Hwy 128, Winters; 530 795-3201Tue-Fri 12-4 or by appointmentBerryessa Gap – 15 Main Street, Winters; 530 795-3201 Thurs 4:30-8:30, Fri 12-8:30, Sat 11-8:30, Sun 11-4Bogle Vineyards – 37783 County Rd, Clarksburg; 916 744-1139 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-Fri 10-5Capay Valley Vineyards – 13757 Hwy 16, Brooks; 530 796-4110 Open Sat-Sun 12-5, Weekdays by appointmentCarvalho Family – poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-1625 Wed-Sun 11-5Heringer Estates – poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-1227 Thu-Sun 11-5Purple Pearl Vineyards – 9177 Currey Rd, Dixon; 707 693-1607 Thu-Sun 12-5Rominger West – 4602 Second Street, Davis; 530 747-2044 Mon-Sat 10-6Solomon Wine Co. – poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744 1131 Fri 1-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Three Wine Company– poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 707 933-9752 Fri-Sun 11-5Todd Taylor Wines – poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-1120 Sat & Sun 11-5Turkovich Family Wines– 304 Railroad Ave, Winters; 530 795-3842 Thu 12-6, Fri & Sat 12-9,Sun 12-5Wilson Vineyards – Clarksburg; 916 744-1456Open by appointment onlyBAY AREA/LIVERMOREBent Creek Winery – 5455 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 455-6320 Fri-Sun 12-4:30Big White House – 6800 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 449-1976 Sat-Sun 12-4:30Bodegas Aguirre – 8580 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-0554 Sat-Sun 12-4Cedar Mountain – 7000 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 373-6636 Sat-Sun 12-4Charles R Vnyds – 8195 Crane Ridge Rd, Livermore; 925 454-3040 Fri-Sun 12-4:30Chouinard Vnyds – 33853 Palomares Rd, Castro Vly; 510 582-9900Sat-Sun 12-5 (and most holidays)Concannon – 4590 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2505 Open daily 11-4:30Crooked Vine – 4948 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 371-8156 Mon-Sat 11:30-4:30, Sun 11-4:30Cuda Ridge Wines – 5385 East Ave, Livermore; 510 304-0914Fri-Sun 12-4:30 & by appointmentDashe Cellars – 55 4th St, Oakland; 510 452-1800Thu-Sun 12-6, Mon by apptDeer Ridge Vineyards – 1828 Wetmore Rd, Livermore; 866 561-0838 Fri-Sun 11-5Eagle Ridge Vineyard – 10017 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 443-3375 Sat-Sun 12-4:30Eckert Estate – 2400 Arroyo Road, Livermore; 925 584-6494Sat-Sun 12 -5 & by appointmentel Sol – 8626 Lupine Way, Livermore; 925 606-1827 Fri-Sun 12-5Elliston Vineyards – 463 Kilkare, Sunol; 925 862-2377 Sat-Sun 12-5Fenestra Winery – 83 Vallecitos Rd (Hwy 84), Livermore; 925 447-5246 Fri-Sun 12-5Garré Vineyard & Winery – 7986 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 371-8200 Fri 12-4:30, Sat-Sun 11:30-5Hidden Creek – 5937 Graham Ct, Suite B, Livermore; 925 371-2424 Sat-Sun 12-4:30John Christopher – 25 So. Livermore Ave, Ste 103, Livermore; 925-456-WINE Thu-Sun 12-6La Rochelle – 5443 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 243-6442 Open daily 12-4Lolonis Vnyds Tasting Room – 1930 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek; 925-456-WINE Mon-Fri 1-4Las Positas Vineyards – 682 Pinnacle Pl, Livermore; 925 989-0857 Sat-Sun 12-5Lavish Laines Winery – Tasted at Good Brewer, 2960 Pacific Avenue, Livermore; 925 321-0373 Fri-Sun 11-5Les Chenes – 5562 Victoria Lane, Livermore; 925 373-1662 Weekends 12-4:3077

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKLittle Valley Winery – 739 Main St, Pleasanton Wed 4-9, Fri-Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5Longevity Wines – 35 Rickenbacker Circle South, Livermore; 888 325-WINE Sat-Sun 12-5Marr Cellars – poured at Tesla Vintners, 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 12-5McGrail Vineyards – 5600 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 373-6214Fri-Sun 12-4:30 & by appointmentMiramont Estate – poured at Tesla Vintners, 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 12-524837 E. Milton Rd, Linden; 209 887-3178 By appointment onlyMitchell Katz Winery – 1188 Vineyard Ave; Pleasanton; 925 931-0744 Thu-Sun 12-5, Fri 12-6Murietta’s Well – 3005 Mines Rd; Livermore; 925 456-2390 May-Oct Open daily 11-4:30, Nov-Apr Wed-Sun 11-4:30Nottingham Cellars – 2245 South Vasco Rd, Livermore; 925 294-8647 Fri 2-6, Sat-Sun 12-4:30Occasio – 2245B South Vasco Road, Livermore; 925 371-1987 Fri-Sun 12 to 5Page Mill– 1960 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore; 925 456-767612-4:30 Fri-Sunday & by appointmentRed Feather – 5700 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 449-1871 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-Fri 12-4Retzlaff Vineyards – 1356 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore; 925 447-8941 Tue-Fri 12-2, Sat-Sun 12-4:30Rios Lovell Estate Winery – 6500 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 443-0434 Wed-Fri 11-3, Sat-Sun 11-5Rodrigue Molyneaux – 3053 Marina Ave, Livermore; 925 447-4280 Sat-Sun 12:30-5Ruby Hill Winery – 400 Vineyard Ave, Pleasanton; 925 931-WINE Wed-Sun 11-5:30Ryhan Estate Vineyards – 5385 East Ave, Livermore; 408-209-9498 Fri-Sun 12-5Steven Kent – 5443 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 243-6440 Open daily 12-4:30Stony Ridge Winery – 4948 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 449-0458 Thu-Sun 11-4:30Tamas Estate – 5489 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2380 Open daily 12-4:30Tenuta Vineyards – 633 Kalthoff Common, Livermore; 925 960-1006 Fri-Sun 12-5Tesla Vintners – 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 11-5Singing Winemaker (The ) – poured at Tesla Vintners, 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 12-5Thomas Coyne Winery – 51 E. Vallecitos Rd (Hwy 84), Livermore; 925 373-6541 Sat-Sun 12-5Wente Vineyards Estate Winery – 5565 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2300 Open daily 11-4:30Wente Vineyards Visitors Center – 5050 Arroyo Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2405 Open daily 11-6:30Westover Vineyards – 34329 Palomares Rd, Castro Valley; 925 537-3932 Sat-Sun 12-5White Crane Winery – 5405 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 455-8085 Thu-Mon 12-4:30Wood Family Winery – 7702 Cedar Mountain Rd, Livermore; 925 606-7411CONTRA COSTA COUNTYBloomfield Vnyd– 633 First Street, Brentwood; 925 634-9463Captain Vineyards – 1969 Joseph Drive, Moraga; 925 631-0714Enos Wines – 9000 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood; 925 634-3900Open by appointmentViano VineyardsWed-Thu 4-8pm, Fri 4-11pm, Sat 11am-11pmOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentHannah Nicole Vnyds – 6740 Balfour Road, Brentwood; 925 513-0769 Fri 11-3, Sat-Sun 1-5Happy Valley Cellars – 1223 Upper Happy Valley Road, Lafayette; 925 283-1245New Departures Wine Co. – 6140 Alhambra Valley Road, Martinez; 925 366-8463Odisea Wine Co. – 963 Redwood Drive, Danville; 925 915-1662Olin Wines – 975 Detroit Ave., Unit B, Concord; 925 771-7107Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentSat 12-4 or by appt.Palomares Vineyards – 34329 Palomares Road, Castro Valley Sat-Sun 12-5Parkmon Vineyards – 55 Laird Drive, Moraga; 925 631-7980Shadowbrook Winery – 3739 Shadowbrook Court, Walnut Creek; 925-988-9463Sterling Albert Winery– 150 Mason Circle, Suite J, Concord; 925 219-2279Tamayo Family Vnyds – 2155 Elkins Way, Brentwood; 925 513-8463Viano Vineyards – 150 Morello Avenue, Martinez; 925 228-6465LODI/WOODBRIDGEOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentSat 12-5pm, Sun by appt.Open by appointmentWed-Mon 9-5pmAbundance Vnyds –1150 W. Turner Rd, Lodi; 209 334-0274 Open daily 11-6Akin Estates – at Woodbridge Uncorked, 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-7575 Wed-Thu 1-7, Fri-Sat 1-8, Sun 1-6Berghold – 17343 N. Cherry Rd, Lodi; 209 333-9291 Thu-Sun 11-5Bixler Vnyds – at Woodbridge Uncorked, 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-7575 Wed-Thu 1-7, Fri-Sat 1-8, Sun 1-6Boitano Family – poured at Vino Piazza, 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 286-1595 Fri-Sun 12-5Bokisch Vineyards – tasted at Clements Ridge, 23225 E. State Hwy 88, Clements; 209 334-4338 Fri-Sun 11-5Borra Wines – 1301 E. Armstrong Rd, Lodi; 209 368-2446 Fri-Sun 12-5Brice Station – poured at Vino Piazza, 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-5280 Sat-Sun 12-5CellarDoor – 21 N. School Street, Lodi; 209 339-4394 Tue-Thu 1-9, Fri 1-11, Sat 12-9, Sun 12-5Century Oak –22211 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Lodi; 209 334-3482 Open daily 12-4:30Clements Ridge – 23225 E. State Hwy 88, Clements; 209 759-3850 Fri-Sun 11-6Coliseum – poured at Vino Piazza, 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 747-7733 Wed-Sun 11-5d‘Art Wines – 13299 N. Curry Avenue, Lodi; 209 334-9946 Fri-Sun 12-5Dancing Coyote – 3125 E Orange St., Acampo; 800 958-8524 Fri-Sun 11-5Dancing Fox Winery & Bakery – 203 S. School St., Lodi; 209 366-2634 Tue-Wed 7-6, Thu-Sat 8-9, Sun 9-3Delicato Family – 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30Gnekow Family Winery – 17347 E. Gawne Rd, Collegeville; 209 463-0697 Open daily 11-5Grady Family – at Woodbridge Uncorked, 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-7575 Wed-Thu 1-7, Fri-Sat 1-8, Sun 1-6Grand Amis – 115 North School Street, Suite 5, Lodi; 209 369-6805 Fri-Sun 1-5Harmony Wynelands – 9291 E. Harney Ln, Lodi; 209 369-4184 Mon-Sun 11-5:30, Sat- Sun 12:30-5Harney Lane Winery – 9010 E. Harney Lane, Lodi; 209 365-1900 Thu-Sun 12-5Heritage Oak Winery – 10112 E. Woodbridge Road, Acampo; 209 986-2763 Mon-Fri 2-5, Sat-Sun 12-5Jessie’s Grove Winery – 1973 W. Turner Road, Lodi, 209 368-0880 Daily 12-5La Bonne Vie Cellars – 29181 S. Lehman Rd, Tracy; 209 836-21856Sat-Sun 11-5 or by apptLangeTwins Winery – 1525 E. Jahant Road, Acampo; 209 334-9780Open by appointment onlyLobo Loco – at Woodbridge Uncorked, 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-7575 Wed-Thu 1-7, Fri-Sat 1-8, Sun 1-6Lodi Wine & Visitor Center – 2545 W. Turner Rd, Lodi; 209 365-0261 Open daily 10-5Lodi Wine Cellars/Benson Ferry – 112 Pine St., Lodi; 209 365-6622 Tues-Thu 3 -9, Fri-Sun 3-12The Lucas Winery – 18196 N. Davis Rd, Lodi; 209 368-2006 Thu-Sun 12-4:30M2 Wines – 1376 East Turner Road Suite D, Lodi; 209 339-1071 Fri-Sun 11-5Macchia – 7099 E. Peltier Road, Acampo; 209 333-2600 Thu-Mon 11-5Maley/Weibel– at Woodbridge Uncorked, 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-7575 Wed-Thu 1-7, Fri-Sat 1-8, Sun 1-6McConnell Estates – 10686 W. Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove; 916 685-5368Fri-Sun11-5McCormack Williamson – 3125 E. Orange Street, Acampo; 209 368-1473 Fri-Sun 11-5Michael~David Vineyards – 4580 W. Highway 12, Lodi; 209 368-7384 Open daily 8-5Miramont Estate – 24837 E. Milton Rd, Linden; 209 887-3178Open by appointment onlyMokelumne Oaks – poured at Vino Piazza, 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3751 Sat-Sun 12-5Oak Ridge Winery – 6100 E. Highway 12 (Victor Road), Lodi; 209 369-4758 Daily 10-5Omega Cellars – 13731 N. Highway 88, Lodi; 209 367-1910 Wed-Sun 10-5Pasos Vineyards – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3153 Fri 11:30-5:30, Sat-Sun 12-6Peirano Estate – 21831 N. Highway 99, Acampo; 209 369-9463 Sat-Sun 11-5Ripken Vineyards – 2472 West Sargent Road, Lodi; 209 367-WINE Sat-Sun 12-4Spenker Winery – 17303 N. De Vries Rd, Lodi; 209 367-0467Sat & Sun 12-4, Jan-Apr by appt onlySt. Amant Winery – 1 Winemaster Way, Lodi; 209 367-06461-4 by appointment Sat & SunSt. Jorge Winery – 22769 N. Bender Road, Acampo; 209 365-0202 Fri-Sun 11-5Stama – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3314 Mon, Wed, Thu 11-5, Fri, Sat, Sun 11-6VanRuiten – 340 W. Highway 12, Lodi; 209 334-5722 Open daily 11-5Viaggio Estate & Winery – 100 E. Taddei Rd., Lodi; 209 368-1378 Fri-Sat 12-8, Sun 12-6Vicarmont Vineyards – 16475 N. Locust Tree Road, Lodi; 209 365-1900 Sat-Sun 12-5Vino Con Brio – 7889 E. Harney Ln, Lodi; 888-410-VINO Thu-Mon 12-5Watts – poured at Vino Piazza, 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3751 Sat-Sun 12-5Woodbridge Uncorked – 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-7575 Wed-Thu 1-7, Fri-Sat 1-8, Sun 1-6WOODBRIDGE – 5950 Woodbridge Road, Acampo; 209 365-2839 Open daily 10:30-4:30Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Call ahead for Tours at 9:30, 1:30 or by ApptSIERRA FOOTHILLSFor corrections, deletions or additions, sendan email to info@winecountrythisweek.com78

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKV.Sattui_WCTW-B&W_outlineAd.indd 111/16/09 3:50:46 PMwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com79

Sparkling!Open Daily 10am-5pm, Last Seating 4:45 | Tours Available

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