Download SteelForm Brochure PDF file - Raynor Garage Doors

Download SteelForm Brochure PDF file - Raynor Garage Doors

SECTIONAL PAN DOORSSteelForm S-20, white, with oval windowsV E R S A T I L ER E L I A B L ED U R A B L EPhone: 1-800-4-RAYNOR Fax: 1-815-288-7142

STEELFORM FEATURESEvery sectional pan door in the SteelForm family isbuilt for superior performance. Many of the featureslisted below are available on the doors. For additionaloptions, please see the inside spread.12Durable construction.Constructed with stainless steel rivetsand roll-formed tongue-and-groovemeeting rails for maximum structuralintegrity, S-16, S-20, S-24 and S-24Cdoors are built to withstand heavy use.Rugged hardware and springs.Your SteelForm door comes packagedwith the right combination of hardware,track and springs to precisely match yourdoor’s size and application and providesyears of reliable service.213Decreased energy costs.SteelForm doors help you reduce energycosts with a U-shaped,vinyl bottom weatherseal securedby a sturdy aluminum retainer.3S-16S-20S-24S-24CCommercialTradeMarkCommercialBuildMarkSteelForm doors feature hot-dipped galvanized,rust-resistant steel with a baked-on finish.Agricultural BuildingsCommercial/Multi-TenantFire Station/AmbulanceHigh SecurityLarge Opening SizeMini-WarehouseService StationThermal EnvironmentsTransit Facility/Truck TerminalUnderground ParkingWarehouse/ManufacturingBest Choice Good Solution Applicable

SECTIONAL PAN D OORSDoors within the SteelForm family are ideal for commercial and industrialapplications. SteelForm door sections are a full 2” thick and made of hot-dippedgalvanized steel for maximum rust resistance.S-16 - Designed for peak performance, the heavyduty,16-gauge steel skin and rugged hardware providemaximum reliability and durability for high security inthe most demanding applications.S-20 and S-24 - These benchmark products provideproven Raynor reliability and durability to meet orexceed the requirements of daily use. These 20 and24-gauge doors are offered with the widest selectionof quality features and options for the most commonproduct applications.S-24C - A simple solution for typical applications, this door provides Raynor qualityand durability in a limited selection of sizes, features and options.Durable steel with a defined raised panel stylingand authentic woodgrain texture provides a perfectsolution when exterior appearance is important.COMMERCIALBUILDMARKWhen your building needs a classic raised paneldesign, Commercial BuildMark offers the aestheticof a residential door combined with the strength ofa commercial door.Commercial TradeMark colonial(left) TradeMark colonial (right),both with Stockton snap-in insertwindows.SeriesMODELExteriorSteelThicknessMax.OpeningWidthMax.OpeningHeight Construction Surface TextureSectionThicknessEnd/CenterStile SteelThicknessOptionalInsulation(R-Value)Exterior ColorsSectionLimitedWarrantyS-16 16-Gauge 24’ 32’ Steel Pan Smooth (Flush) 2”13-Gauge/16-GaugePolystyrene(7.70)White10-Year(Rust-Through)S-20 20-Gauge 40’ 32’ Steel Pan Smooth (Ribbed) 2”13-Gauge/16-GaugePolystyrene(7.70)White10-Year(Rust-Through)S-24 24-Gauge 32’ 32’ Steel Pan Smooth (Ribbed) 2”13-Gauge/16-GaugePolystyrene(7.70)White, Frost White,Sepia, Beige, DarkBrown10-Year(Rust-Through)S-24C 24-Gauge 20’ 16’ Steel Pan Smooth (Ribbed) 2”16-Gauge/16-GaugePolystyrene(7.70)White10-Year(Rust-Through)CommercialTradeMark24-Gauge 20’ 16’ Steel PanWoodgrain(Colonial, Ranch,Carriage House)2”18-Gauge/20-GaugePolystyrene(6.60)White, ClayTone,Almond, Bronze,Brown10-Year(Rust-Through)CommercialBuildMark25-Gauge 20’ 16’ Steel PanWoodgrain(Colonial, Ranch, Flush,Carriage House)2”18-Gauge/20-GaugePolystyrene(6.60)White, ClayTone,Almond, Brown,Desert Tan10-Year(Rust-Through)LIMITED WARRANTY All SteelForm doors carry a 10-year limited warranty against rust-through.See your local Raynor Dealer for complete details.Meeting Commercial Door Needs for Over 60 Years

MODEL OPTIONS AND UPGRADES1 Insulation.Doors are available with energy-savinginsulation. Choose from white impactresistant(shown) or steel (26, 24 or20-gauge) back covers.1 232 Customized track and hardware.Track systems are supplied to fitspecial clearances, inclines or contourapplications. Hardware and tracksystems can be designed to fit anyneed.* Additional trussing is available forspecial windloading applications.5483 Choice of windows.Windows are available in your choice ofeither 24” x 8” oval (top photo) or infull-view aluminum intermediate sections(bottom photo). Impact-rated, full-viewaluminum sections are also available toprotect in high-wind events.674 High-cycle counterbalance systems.For reliable operation in hightraffic areas, choose high-cycletorsion springs with 25,000, 50,000or 100,000-cycle life. For reducedmaintenance and ultra-smooth operationin heavy-use applications, choose aweight counterbalance system.5 Locks.In applications where control and accessare important, choose from a varietyof locking options to help keep yourbuilding secure.* Locks come in bothinside and outside variations.6 Removable center posts.Carry-away, swing-up options availablefor extra-wide openings. Ideal foragricultural or airplane hangarapplications.*Some options may be limited to door size ormodel. Contact your local Raynor dealer regardingavailability for your applications.7 Pedestrian doors.Pedestrian doors are designedfor convenient entry and to helpminimize energy loss.* Available onS-20 and S-24 models.8 Carbon monoxide vent.Allows you to channel fumes tothe outside when door is closed.Available in a variety of sizes.Commercial TradeMark, Commercial BuildMark ModelsInsulation. An optional energysavingcore of polystyrene insulationprovides added comfort.Choice of windows. Windowoffering includes all of the residentialoptions, including Dimensions glasswith caming, frosted or clear beveledglass, and snap-in inserts. Seethe Raynor Decorative Windowsbrochure for more details.Hardware. Track formed fromstrong galvanized steel, paired withdurable, long-wearing steel rollers,ensures smooth operation.ArmorFinish. For buildings in acoastal environment, ArmorFinishis a durable, fade-resistant laminatethat serves as a protective barrierfrom harsh weather. Available forTradeMark, White and Almond only.Phone: 1-800-4-RAYNOR Fax: 1-815-288-7142

R AY N O R A U T H O R I Z E D D E A L E RSINCE 1944Depend on professional installationby your Raynor DealerWhen you select Raynor, you’re notjust getting a superior commercialdoor, you’re getting professional doorinstallation and service expertise.Every Raynor door is installed by anexperienced Raynor professional. Andthat means added benefits for you.Because it’s done right the first time,your door will deliver performance andreliability from the day it’s installed. Yourtechnician will check your door foreverything from safety to performanceto appearance.Trust your Raynor door to someonewho knows it better than anyoneelse—your professional Raynor Dealer.We have over 800 authorized dealersserving North America and over 50countries worldwide.Raynor also offers a fullline of rolling service, fireand traffic doors as well assecurity grilles and countershutters. See your RaynorDealer of visit for more information.CALL1-800-4-RAYNORCLICKwww.raynor.comRaynor Worldwide P.O. Box 448, 1101 East River Road, Dixon, IL 61021-0448Exclusively Distributed By:FAX1-815-288-7142This information was as complete and factual as possible at the time it was printed. We do, however, reserve theright to make changes in product specifications and availability without notice. Features and options may be differentin countries other than the United States. Product colors have been reproduced as well as possible with presentcommercial printing processes. For absolute accuracy in color matching, use actual product samples.© 2014 Raynor 2903483 02/14

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