Welcome to e-Post - Colonial First State


Welcome to e-Post - Colonial First State

Welcome to e-Post


The fast and secure way to submit and track requests and forms via FirstWrap.

The new FirstWrap e-Post tool will simplify the way you do business with us. You can

submit requests and scanned forms for either yourself or your clients electronically

and receive instant confirmation of receipt. You are then able to track the progress

of your request through to completion.

Using FirstWrap e-Post, you can:

• send us your clients’ completed application forms

• send through requests or scanned paperwork for new

or existing clients

• ask us a question or send us a request to update

your details

• track the progress of submitted requests through

to completion.

What are the benefits of e-Post?

• Make life simpler – submit requests quickly and easily for

yourself or for new and existing clients.

• Greater efficiencies – by submitting requests and forms

through e-Post, you will no longer need to follow up with the

original paperwork. No more postage costs or phone calls

to follow up whether paperwork has arrived giving you more

time to focus on more important areas of your business.

• Online security – submitting requests through our secure

online server allows us to immediately identify you and get

on with processing your work.

• Instant confirmation and tracking – once you submit your

request you will instantly receive a reference number. The

progress of your request can be followed online or you can

call FirstWrap Service and Support and quote the reference

number to discuss the request further.

Adviser use only

What forms can you submit via e-Post?

We are able to accept most paperwork via e-Post with a few

exceptions. Forms to be passed onto a third-party (such as

super rollover forms) and forms relating to Trustee claims (such

as financial hardship claims) must be sent as original copies in

the mail. Cheques must also be sent in the mail.

Please make sure that all paperwork submitted via e-Post is

fully completed including all client signatures if required.

How to access e-post

Step 1 – login to FirstWrap and select FirstWrap tools > Send a request or

scanned form (e-Post) from the left navigation menu.

Step 2 – Choose your type of request

Click FirstWrap tools > Send a

request or scanned form (e-Post)

from the left navigation menu

Choose one of the three types of

requests from the drop down menu:

Request for an existing account

[Yes – existing account]

Request for a new account

[Yes – new account]

General adviser request [No]

Find an existing account


Enter details for a new account


Send us a general adviser request

If you select [Yes – existing account],

you can enter the account number or

search by clicking the search icon.

Once selected, the screen will be

populated with the account details

You can select the request type,

describe the details of the request in

the text box and attach documents

if required.

If you select [Yes – new account],

you will be prompted to enter the

account owner, the details of your

request and attach documents

if required.

If your request is not client related,

click [No].

You can then type the details of your

request in the text box provided and

attach documents if required.

Step 3 –

Complete the confirmations section and submit your request.

View details of submitted requests in Request history.

Want to find out more?

For more information, contact FirstWrap Service and Support on 1300 769 619, Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm,

Melbourne time.

FirstWrap is issued and operated by Avanteos Investments Limited ABN 20 096 259 979, AFSL 245531 (AIL). AIL is the trustee of The Avanteos Superannuation Trust ABN 38 876 896 681.

All statements and information in this brochure that relate to FirstWrap have been provided by AIL. AIL is owned ultimately by Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia and its subsidiaries do not guarantee performance, or the repayment of capital of AIL. 18034/FS5182/0512

Adviser use only

View [Request history] for details

of all active requests and requests

that have been completed within the

previous 30 days]

Complete the confirmations and

optional email section and click

[Send request] to submit via e-Post.

A copy of the confirmation will

be sent to your nominated

email address.

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