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The VIP-Booking european live entertainment Book Newspremium ›› Vol. 110 ›› JANUARY 2009McGowan’s Musings:Firstly I apologise for making you all waitso long for the first News of 2009, I knowyou must have been counting the days!We are in fact a few days later than usualafter a busy schedule of conference attendance,but we hope you’ll find the waitworthwhile!As has become the habit in the last fewyears my first trip across the Channel andmy first settling in to the panel moderator’sseat took me to Holland, or The Netherlands(never quite sure when and why youuse one or the other name), to Groningento be precise. Eurosonic Noorderslag as thistrade and showcase event is now knownbecomes increasingly important and moreinternationally attended each year.I met up with the redoubtable Jools Hollandat breakfast in the De Ville, he wasthere with his Rock & Roll Orchestra, no –they weren’t all at breakfast at the sametime, to host the first Noorderslag/Eurosonicedition of the EU backed and televisedEuropean Border Breakers Awards(EBBAs). I asked him if he’d like to join CarlLeighton-Pope, Martin Elbourne and myselfon our ‘Off the Record with a Smile’session on the Saturday – unfortunatelyhe and the Orchestra were due to departthat morning – a shame – he has many storiesto tell - so we managed without himand still got a few laughs, very importantin 2009!Allan McGowanThe EBBAs were a very glitzy affair, completewith screaming girls (in the audience)and very underdressed girls (on the stage),very much in contrast to the down to earthnew talent on stage action throughoutthe Eurosonic venues. However if stagingthe EBBAs leads to the reinstatement of EUsupport for the ETEP programme all welland good.You can read more about this in the reportthat takes up the majority of this Newsletter.The interviews with professionals attendingEurosonic Noorderslag contain farmore than commentary on the event itself,they cover a wide section of the mainly livebased elements, festivals, clubs, connectionswith record companies, of today’sbusiness and I urge you to read them!The whole VIP crew were on hand in Groningenand some of them proceeded di-rect to Cannes for Midem. Yours truly wasmeant to go but flu got in the way, this wasthe first time in 23 years that I didn’t attend,but it appears that many others missedout on their customary flight South for thewinter. The fortunes of these two openingtrade events of the year mirror the changingfortunes of the business, Noorderslag,admittedly a smaller more affordableevent, with its main stock in trade basedon live, new talent and festivals, sold out;Midem however, the longest establishedof all these events, traditionally the forumof record companies and publishers,and arguably the most expensive event interms of location, dropped 12% (accordingto the organisers).Of course I do have a habit of assessing andcomparing events in terms of that universallubricant of the music industry – beer! InGroningen you could buy a glass (admittedlyplastic and of indeterminate volume, dueto the froth, as is the wont of the Dutch beerproviders!) for a couple of Euros – in Cannesa bottle in the hotels and bars which arethe heart of doing deals at Midem, set cashstrapped professionals back a 9 or even €10– and what with the £ exchange rate that’seven more frightening! – I rest my case...So for the first time in what promises to bean ‘interesting’ year during which I hopethat you will keep us advised of your fortunes,Ladies and Gentlemen – the News!The VIP-Booking European Live Entertainment Book1Advertising in the VIP Book will make you visible to 10.000 businessprofessionals all over Europe. You will find no better place to expose yourcompany to the whole European Live Entertainment Industry.›› Reserve your ad now on

VIP- News - January 2009MIDEM 2009 - Numbers Down –Organisers Still OptimisticAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comColophon ››VIP-News is published by:VIP-Booking26 York StreetLondon W1U 6pZThe Croisette in Cannes was a much quieterplace for promenading MIDEM visitorsthis year, although rain and dark clouds onthe Monday pushed more delegates intoa Palais thoughtfully laid out to maximisethe markedly decreased area taken up bystands. However all was not doom andgloom, according to my VIP colleagueswho did make it to Cannes, the quieterpace seemed to give them more time tospeak to people about the products andthey, like others who reported the sameexperience, did business, and will nodoubt be back in 2010. Harvey Goldsmithcommented “there’s a ton of business beingdone in Cannes and I mean a ton. The pressgets hooked up on numbers. I don’t worry ifthere are 8,000 or 8,000,000 people at MI-DEM, it’s the quality of the attendance thatinterests me. In fact, if there a few less people,it makes for a better event as you don’t gethassled every five minutes.”The Hotels, apartments, bars and restaurantsthough must have felt the pinch.Cannes lifeblood are these major tradeshows, and they are used to charging toprates to professionals who have in thepast been able, whilst often complaining,to pay out. I’m sure that urgent meetingsand considerations are taking place in theCity’s council chambers and chambers ofcommerce!According to organisers Reed Midem attendanceat MIDEM and MidemNet 2009fell to around 8,000 participants, representinga fall of around 12% on 2008’s totalof 9,100. MIDEM director DominiqueLeguern said attendance had held up wellin all sectors apart from the CD business,despite the impact of the wider economicrecession. Leguern added: “It’s not a musicindustry crisis, it’s a CD crisis.” There is talk ofamalgamating MIDEM with its digital musicsister event MidemNet at future conferences,although this is by no means certain.“At the moment, more people ask us to keep itas it is than change it,” she added.In it’s continuing moves to attract and includethe live industry, 300 artists play atthe Conference, which attracted delegatesfrom over 80 countries.Dates were moved forward this year to avoidthe Chinese New Year causing a ‘back toback’ with Noorderslag Eurosonic, MIDEM2010 will, unless there are any changes, returnto its usual later slot and will take placefrom January 24-27, 2010 in Cannes, with MidemNetbeginning a day earlier.Managing Director:Ronni Didriksenrd@vip-booking.comGeneral Manager:Peter Briggspb@vip-booking.comWriter and editorial:Allan McGowanam@vip-booking.comWriter:Manfred Tarimt@vip-booking.comFor advertising enquiries pls. contactPeter Briggs pb@vip-booking.comor +44 870 755 0092Lay-out:Pekaye Graphics, Phuket – Thailandinfo@pekayegraphics.comMidem exhibitioncentre2VIP-BOOKING.COM

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The dance event was supposed totake place in Bochum this year but due to logistical problems hasbeen withdrawn.When Loveparade left Berlin the original idea was to resettle theevent in the former coal and steel industry Ruhr-District in Germany.Located between Duisburg and Dortmund, with 5,3 millionpeople the Ruhr-District is the most populated in the country.The original plan had been that the Ruhr-District would becomethe host for the parade for 5 years. An agreement between thepromoter Lopavent Berlin GmbH and the Wirtschaftsförderungmetropoleruhr GmbH foresaw that the Loveparade moved fromEssen in 2007 to Dortmund in 2008 then in the following years toBochum, Duisburg and Gelsenkirchen.While last years edition in Dortmund went quite well it now appearsthat the city council of Bochum could not find a commonsolution with Lopa Event to host the event in the town, basically,according to a press release, due to an inability to find a suitedlocation with the inner city of Bochum.While this, according to the high visitor figures for the previoustwo editions in the Ruhr-District, seems understandable, it cameas a surprise that the organizers and its partners have left it as lateas January 2009 to reveal this decisionIn the entire evolution of the handling of the event the local newspaperWAZ appeared to be the best news source reporting thefailures that led to the result of this late cancellation. It, amongothers, reported how lazy local authorities managed the proceedingsto make Loveparade 2009 possible. Even more interestingwas a background story that revealed that local politicians weren’tkeen on Loveparade taking place in Bochum.LoveParade 2008While reading between the lines of the various press releases bythe promoter and local political parties, the questions remainshow keen Lopavent was on the event taking places in Bochum.However, Loveparade 2010 id supposed to take place as scheduledin Duisburg.Having the right tools for the job is often the key to success. Through our ongoing communication with key LiveEntertainment Industry Professionals, we have developed a range of services to meet the demands of agents, promoters,talent buyers, venue bookers etc. It’s no coincidence that we are now considered to be the No. 1 informationprovider for this thriving industry.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? is now the most widely used onlineinformation service for the European Live EntertainmentIndustry with subscribers in over 25 countries. Using the latesttechnology and state of the art tools, the service provides indepthinformation streamlining the day-to-day operations ofindustry professionals, saving both time and money.The VIP-BookThe ultimate print directory for the EuropeanEntertainment Industry, packedwith contacts and easy to use. An essentialreference book for every officeproviding basic contact informationand a solid overview.VIP-NewsWritten by our highly merited journalists, AllanMcGowan and Manfred Tari, with over 50years of experience between them in the EntertainmentIndustry, VIP-News brings the latestnews and views directly to your computerkeeping you up to date at all times.VIP-BOOKING.COM THE VIP-BOOK VIP-NEWS5VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - January 2009EuroSonic Noorderslag 2009 Breaks RecordsAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comThis first European music conference and showcase festivalof 2009 took place from 15 – 17 January in Groningenand sold out in record time. The following figuresrepresent a record for EuroSonic in all areas.Official Numbers EuroSonic Noorderslag 2009Total number of visitors 18.000Nationalities 34Professional participants 2.650Artists 259Radio stations 22International festivals 123ETEP festivals 59Number of stages @ EuroSonic 32Number of stages @ Noorderslag 9Network Europe members 38European journalists 140Noorderslag 2009ETEP – The Indicator ChartManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comThe chart giving an overview of the first survey of thisyear’s ETEP acts by the ETEP involved festival bookersindicates that UK Act White Lies is currently ahead in theETEP band pool. Band manger James Sandom from SupervisonManagement commented on the preliminaryETEP results saying, “It has been a very good start for thecampaign and to have a UK No.1 album this week sendsa message that resonates around Europe.” Agent for theWhite Lies is Paul Bolton at Helter Skelter. The band willdo a short tour in March 2007 before playing Festivalslater on this summer.In second place were Birdy Nam Nam from France andFirst Aid Kit from Sweden. This chart only indicates theinterest in bands by the bookers of the various ETEP-Festivals who were asked about their ‘most likely to bebooked’ acts shortly after they saw the bands playing atNoorderslag-Eurosonic.1) White Lies (9)2) Birdy Nam Nam (7)3) First Aid Kit (7)4) Bodi Bill (6)5) Baddies (4)6) Bonaparte (4)7) Buraka Som Sistema (4)8) Hjaltalin (4)9) Porlarkreis 18 (4)10) The Tallest Man On Earth (4)ETEP6VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - January 2009Interviews NoorderslagEurosonic 2009Manfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comMarcel Albers:Artist Manager Flow RecordsBut if you look back over the last coupleof years at the development of the ETEPfestival project you see quite a big dealwith the involvement of the export officesin all these different countries. But if youconsider how much money has been putinto pop music on a European scale, it’ssomething like 22 million Euros, which isnot even one million per country. So that isnot true support, this should involve lookingat what pop culture is doing to everycountry and city in Europe and how youmeasure the efforts of putting money intoit. I mean, if you look at Eurosonic in Groningenall the hotels are fully booked, all therestaurants are fully booked.A lot of people are working on this; allthe ETEP (European Talent Exchange Programme)festivals are there, we have allthe big festivals from Sziget in Hungaryto Lowlands in Belgium, the plans and thestructure are in place. The EC should justput money into marketing, promoting,touring acts and into festival programsand stuff like that. Year after year they say:“Come on, we’ve got the money, now you– the industry - deliver the plans” that isnot completely fair.VIP-News: You took part in the somewhatawkwardly titled, ‘Role of Music as a Partof the Creative Industries in the Boostingof Europe’s Creative Potential’ panel,which involved members of the DutchGovernment and The European Commission.What were your impressions?Albers: Very funny panel, too many speakers.I was actually quite surprised that theyall got far too much time to explain theirpositions. At the end of the panel after anhour and a half the Director General Dutchof the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture& Science said: “I’m puzzled.” But it was thesame story about four years ago, when shewas also puzzled after talking for an hour,but she said it would be wonderful if theindustry would put these findings intotheir plans.VIP-News: But every other industry thatreceives subsidies from official bodies suchas governmental, local or district institutionsseems to do it better than the musicindustry.Albers: But that is our own fault. I mean weare not on the same page. There are far toomany people who have different ways ofusing their power in the markets.VIP-News: But would you agree that we areunfortunately not very effective in undertakinglobbying?Albers: Yes, you are absolutely right. Thathas been the same story over the last coupleof years.VIP-News: But how can we improve onthat?»We just want to do ourown thing, to be creative,to make beautiful records andto conquer the world«- Marcel AlbersAlbers: What you see in a lot of music exportprograms and societies that combinethe efforts of industry bodies like the IFPIand the local offices have to deal in a manydecisions involving the major record companies,that is difficult. On the other handthe music export bureaus maybe have totry to connect more directly to the industry,more to the people working day to dayin this business, and we as these peopleshould talk to them. We have to unite in7VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - January 2009some way, but the problem is that we allgot into pop music because of the factthat we didn’t want to conform; we justwant to do our own thing, to be creative,to make beautiful records and to conquerthe world. If you want to do these thingswhich is always hard, especially if youcome from a smaller territory, you do nothave the time to go in a meeting everyweek and say: “Hey guys how we gonnaget together to do this or that?”VIP-News: But isn’t that also a question of alack of investment?Albers: Yes, investment of time, professionalism,intelligence and money of course,absolutely true.VIP-News: If you take, for instance, BertelsmannStiftung, they have perhaps five lawyersemployed in Brussels just to agitate theEuropean Commission.Albers: The same with all the big companies.They also have people trying to getmoney out of the EC or whatever. We arejust putting our heads in the sand.VIP-News: So do you agree we should investmore money in legal representation?Albers: That is absolutely true, the musicexport bureaus are trying hard, they deliverplans and ask for more money. Howevereven the money that is available to supportbands is nine out of ten times not spent intotal. So even if the money is there we asan industry are not utilising it because wedon’t take the time to consider hoe best toapply itVIP-News: But wouldn’t you agree that thesituation has improved over the recentyears, especially in the Netherlands?Albers: Absolutely. Over here we try hashard as we can to plug in into the music exportbureau in Holland, to get our money, toget our funding, to get the support. Two ofmy acts from Holland were heavily funded;Kraak & Smaak have toured America onlytwo month ago, doing a tour of five weeks,with national television. Part of that is dueto the funding of the music export bureau;otherwise we wouldn’t be able to go there.The same with Moke; I signed the bandthree month ago to Universal Germany’sRock Department and the record will be outon January 30, and it looks good. The pressis massive, this week we were on number94 in the airplay charts and the record is noteven out, also we toured in Europe and inGermany supporting Razorlight and threeshows with Keane. Without the supportand the funding of music export in Hollandwe would not have been able to do that, wewouldn’t have had the chance to go to Germany,to be honest.VIP-News: You made an interesting remarkabout the European release policy of UniversalMusic yesterday, please explain that.Albers: What I said was not so much aboutUniversal as all the major labels. In the panelI asked the Head of Rock at Universal inGermany how many releases do you havefrom other European territories apart fromthe UK, he replied that they had maybe oneor two from Sweden, one from Holland andthat’s about it.VIP-News: So what is your expectationfor 2009 in terms of the music business ingeneral?Albers: Of course there is the economiccrisis, we have to bear that in mind, butI guess we will stay pretty much on thesame level as in 2008. What people arefighting for at the moment is what we talkedabout two years ago; we have to adoptthe 360-degree model. I don’t necessarilybelieve in the 360-degree model. But thatis not from the perspective of a recordcompany; 80 percent of my work is that ofan artist manager and I don’t see any reasonto sign my act into a 360 model with arecord company because they don’t havethe people to book a band, they don’thave the agents, they don’t have the merchandisingpeople. The only thing theyhave is money, and they are very carefulwith that money. So there is no reason tosign a band into this model. You see a lotof companies who are trying to insist onthat but I think they will back down, thewhole 360 model will go down in Europein 2009, it will not work and the structureswill not change. I hope there will be a solutionin the digital market where the rightssocieties should continue to try to make aless chaotic situation than exists right now.I think digital sales will come up a bit butI don’t see much differences compared tolast year.Carl Leighton Pope:MD The Leighton-Pope Organisation UKI think this is one of the best new, vibrantfestivals I have been to. I see more enthusiasmhere for the music industry fromyoung people. I think that there is all sortsof stuff going on here with new talent andmost people have no idea about it. I wasreally, really knocked out this year to seethe interaction and the excitement aboutbands and the optimism about the futureof our business.I am a believer in this festival. I think it isfantastic.Martin Elbourne:Booker, The Glastonbury Festival, Lovebox,Organiser The Great EscapeVIP-News: How was Eurosonic/Noorderslag2009 for you?Martin Elbourne: On one level one of thebest. It was a really good atmosphere thisyear, a bit buzzier in the daytime, when gettingthe ETEP lists together. Band wise kindof a mixed thing, I wasn’t that organisedthe first night in seeing bands, but we’vebrought Tom one of our Great Escapebookers to check out the acts, so he wastaking care of that, I saw a couple of verygood things. What was impressive this yearwas the amount of festivals that turned upfor the festival meeting, there were about70 and they all came to the meeting, therewere almost too many, last year it was reallyempty. Normally the festivals in June,July and August were handled in one groupmeeting, but year July had to split into threegroups because there were so many events,in the end they split the group according tothe different weekends.8VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - January 2009I’m also booking Lovebox and I landed upwith 8 other festival bookers all, like mostof the festivals, struggling to book thesame weekend. So here were all the festivalbookers for the same weekend talking together.Even if I wasn’t a fan of NoorderslagEurosonic before it would be worth cominghere just for that meeting.VIP-News: Do you think festival bookers aregetting accustomed to the opportunity tomeet here and exchange information?Elbourne: Yes, as I say in my meetings I metseveral people I knew already but a coupleof guys I hadn’t. There is one in Norway forexample that hasn’t booked any bands yet,he has a very similar budget to Lovebox,so we discussed booking the same bandsas they can fly in and out of Stansted Airportin the UK. But no one festival had oneheadliner confirmed.VIP-News: I have heard concern from somefestival promoters that fees are still on therise, possibly ten to twenty percent higherthan last year. And as you also said thereseems to be a lack of eligible headliners.Elbourne: Yes it seems to be problematic. Ithink the point from the UK is that a lot ofpeople like Razorlight, Kaiser Chiefs, Keaneetc could have headlined events. But they allreleased their albums at the same time, andall done pretty badly. So if you had asked methe question four months ago I would saidthere would be loads of headliners for 2009,but they’ve all killed themselves as a resultof their release schedules. Snow Patrol forinstance has gone from selling 3million albumsto 300,000, so they’re no longer majorheadliners. Whenever a band is perceived tobe going downhill that doesn’t help.Razorlight is a good example the tourthrough the small venues was a taster andthey sold out all the 2.000 capacity venues.The plan then was to play arenas and thenget headliner festivals but the arena tourwas cancelled, so now we might do themthird on the bill, and they’re a band whosold out two nights at the Alexandra Palacelast year in London which is about 10,000people.VIP-News: Would you see this lack of headlinersas a threat to the festival business?As you say there are 70 festivals meetinghere and that shows, indicating that thereare a great number of events around thesedays. In terms of supply and demand is thisa threat to festival business?Elbourne: Well it must be. There are eightreasonably large as festivals at that weekendwhen Lovebox will take place. So byMartin Elbournedefinition there is competition and apparentlythe July period is better for headlinersthan August. So it depends on the event,obviously events like Reading Festival willsell out, it probably already has. I think thegood smaller festivals will do OK, they havetheir niche, but anything that is not reallyestablished could go under, althoughmaybe that’s not such a bad thing, clearlythe explosion of festivals could not go onfor ever, and you’d have to be mad to starta new one now, so it’s a matter of retrenchment,and there may be a bit more roomfor sensible discussion with the middlerange bands.Daniel Hassenstein:PaleoThe new booker for Paleo-Festival in Switzerland,Hassenstein is the successor of SebastienVuignier who left Paleo Festival at theend of 2008. While festival director JacquesMonnier takes care of world music bookings,Hassenstein will look after international actsfor the festival.VIP-News: What is your personal resume ofNoorderslag 2009?Daniel Hassenstein: It was a great, greatexchange among the representatives ofthe ETEP festivals. There were great discoveriesin terms of bands. A very high qualityall around, a lot of young people and veryup to date with what is going on in the musicindustry. It is a great thing.VIP-News: Have you been here before?Hassenstein: First time. Our festival is representedhere every year but for me personallyit was the first time.VIP-News: What was remarkable about Eurosonic,the talent or the business exchangesperhaps, what are your preferences?Hassenstein: It is a matter of balance, havingthose conferences and meetings duringthe day followed by a very intense concertprogram at night - so you are in quite arush. You don’t often have the time to seean entire show. But from one point of viewit is very good to have this intensity duringthe day and the night. My focus was clearlythe conferences during the day and the exchange.VIP-News: Some festival promoters areconcerned that here will be a lack of talentsor a lack of headliners, or at least afford-Paleo-Festivalable headliners, this year. Do you agreewith this?Hassenstein: I do agree, also I think it is cyclic.Last year we didn’t have this problembecause there were a lot of good afford-9VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - January 2009able headliners around, this year they’renot around, but some very expensiveheadliners are. But I don’t think that this is along-term problem. I think this is the 2009situation and 2010 will be different as 2011will be different again. But I agree we haveto pay very close attention to the fees. Obviouslythis is a big issue at this conference;there is a lot of talk about this.VIP-News: Do you think there is also a consequenceof the credit crunch in terms ofthe rising fees?Hassenstein: I don’t think so. The followthrough of the credit crunch will comewhen the economy picks up again. At themoment we are still able to pay the feesbecause we are still selling tickets becausepeople want to be entertained. It is a questionof density of entertainment: how manyshows or how many concerts people aregoing to see at which price. So at the momentwe will manage to maintain the level,the danger will come when economies riseagain because as soon as people think thatthere is money around again fees will goup. That’s were its going to be dangerous.Tibor Holoda:WilsonicHandles the bookings for the Wilsonic-Festivalin Bratislava in Slovakia. The festivalimpresses due to a line up of less prominentnames but having a superb collection of verytastful and upcoming talents.VIP-News: What are your general feelingsabout Eurosonic 2009?Tibor Holoda: I’m happy to be here. It isalways a nice thing to start the year at Eurosonic,and I’m particularly happy that ourfestival is joining ETEP, that was confirmedhere today. Another good thing is that I realizedthat we had already confirmed fewacts for our festival that are playing herebefore I even knew they were on the bill ofEurosonic. That is a something very nice tosee and that is in line with what Eurosonictries to do: Trying to reflect the future.VIP-News: One of the major questionsseems to concern the problems of availableand affordable headliners. Do you agree?Holoda: Yes it is a problem for the festivalsbut we are taking the line of makingthe festival itself the headliner. We try toget this message across to the audience sothey will perceive our festival as an eventthat tries to push new acts and to discovernew music, so we are not entirely dependenton headliners. This was direction thatwe followed from day one so for us I don’tthink that this will be a problem.Holoda: Yes there is a lot of inspirationfrom Eurosonic, different festivals andcompanies. There is the idea we first hada few years ago that we also like to add aprofessional component to our festival becausewe feel the need to educate the musicsector professionals within the Centraland Eastern European region. We feel thisis important and integral to everything.There are also some smaller ideas but thisis the biggest, we are beginning by addingshowcases this year.VIP-News: Are you also collaborating withmusic export offices here?Holoda: With some, mostly with the Frenchmusic export bureau but I would like to collaboratewith more though some of themhave different strategies that don’t applyto our territories.Tibor HolodaVIP-News: Have you picked up any inspirationin terms of developing your festivalsuch as infrastructure or service?10VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - January 2009Christof Huber:Open Air St. Gallen/ YouropeAs the festival director of Open Air Sant Gallenand the chairman of Yourope Christofcan respond to a range of questions.VIP-News: Please let us have your first resumeof Noorderslag 2009.Christof Huber: It was a very successfuledition again for us. I think we took anotherstep in terms of involvement here atEurosonic festival. We had so many goodmeetings. I mean the June/ July / August(for the Festivals taking place in thesemonths) meeting was better attendedthan ever before. I think around 100 festivalsattended. There were really goodmembers meetings, as 37 Yourope festivalsare ETEP festivals then Noorderslag isour main event. Besides that the fact wasthat we saw a lot of good bands.VIP-News: Do you think there is a need forsome improvements or changes for ETEPor do you think the system has alreadyproved itself in the past?Huber: I think that it has proved that it iseffective and that the people are cominghere. That is the ideal situation. We wantedto have more festivals here which book alot of European talents and that is happening.A lot of bands mentioned this morningare already in the selection meeting. Ithink the system has proved itself, you getinto the clubs with the wristband and youare able to see a lot of bands. Also it is stillquite affordable for festivals to bring twoor three people over here and see a lot ofthe shows.VIP-News: What is new at Yourope? Is thereany progress?Christof HuberHuber: Yes, besides the basic projects weare doing like ´Green & Clean` and ´Health& Safety` which were very successful seminars,we launched ´Virtual Festival Yourope´a cooperation with virtual festivals as a newEuropean platform. We want to establishthat. Actually we have right now decidedthat we would like to do kind of a Europeanfestival awards, arranged through ´VirtualFestival Yourope´ of course with a votingprocess. That should take place next year,so we are working on that as another keyelement, which could of course attract a lotof festivals to come here.VIP-News: What is the state of ELMF (EuropeanLive Music Forum) currently?Huber: A difficult one. I think right now weare really struggling to proceed and to behonest I don’t see how its infrastructurecan be redeveloped right now. We willhave to have some urgent meetings in thenext month I guess to see whether we cancontinue or not. I think it’s a difficult one.VIP-News: I spoke to a lot of festival promoterswho said that there is already anoticeable lack of headliners this year andthat on the other hand fees are increasingby ten to twenty percent. Do you think thatthis is a threat to the 2009 festival season?Huber: It is definitely the case that weare behind in booking the main bandsright now. I don’t know the exact reasonwhy bands are not confirming right now.Maybe they are concentrating on the UKmarket first and then the rest of the territorieswill follow. As for the fees definitelya lot of the bands are missing tour supportand a festival is a good place to get a lot ofmoney. So for small independent festivalsit is not that easy to get the bands confirmed.As for the rest of the bands we arehoping that final decisions will be made inthe next month.VIP-News: What are your expectations forthe festival market when it comes to consumers?Do you think that we will alreadysee the effects of the credit crunch and visitorfigures will go down?»I guess most of thewell-established events will doquite OK but some of the festivalswhich are solely dependent onthe bill could have problems«- Christof HuberHuber: I think it is certainly not the perfecttime if you want to start a new big festival.We will see how things will end up withsponsorship because some of the companieshave already changed their mind orare holding off, so that could have an effect.I think more and more that it is importantto have a good well established festivalwhere the most important thing is notjust the bill, but also the attention to consumersneeds which are central to a goodquality event. I guess most of the well-establishedevents will do quite OK but someof the festivals which are solely dependenton the bill could have problems.VIP-News: So do you think the agents willbenefit from the situation of a delay in supplyingthe demand?11VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - January 2009Huber: I don’t think that this will have ahuge effect on the agent side. A lot of theagents are also struggling to build up anew talent roster because record companiesare not giving money any more, so Ithink it will be more difficult for the clubcircuit during the year. That has more of aneffect for agents trying to build up a talentand as a result they will be even moredependent on festivals.VIP-News: The role of the record companiesof course is changing these days.What does this mean for the live musicindustry and especially independent promotersin reference to the fact that moreand more major record companies are attemptingto build up their own live musicdepartments?Huber: In terms of seeing record companiespromoting and having the rights forlive shows I’m not too confident that thiswill happen in a big way. But the independentpromoters and the independentlabels and bands themselves will have tofind really good and intelligent ways topromote their music. So we have to findnew ways to go to the people to promotemusic and create awareness of your bands.Again I think the festival market is the perfectplace for that, particularly as a lot offestivals don’t only have two or three stages,often they have eight, so the consumercan see a lot of bands; it is the perfect wayto promote the bands.Robert Meijerink:Booker of the Eurosonic ShowcasesVIP-News: What was your personal view ofNoorderslag/Eurosonic 2009?Robert Meijerink: I think it was a reallygood edition, which was expanded in away with the European Boarder BreakersAwards. I have nothing to do with this I wasonly focussing on Eurosonic but I think itwas a success.VIP-News: How was the compiling of allthe artists and shows - was it any differentfrom last year?Meijerink: Yes, there was a big differencebecause, compared to recent editions, Ithink it’s been a while, I’m talking aboutthree or four years, since we had so manygenerally unknown artists.VIP-News: Do you think that the EBBAAwards mean that record companies willnow take Eurosonic a bit more seriously?Meijerink: It is a different angle. You can’tdefine the conference comparing Eurosonicand Noorderslag and the EBBAs, it’sa different angle. We are talking about acompletely different world when talkingabout the opposites of radio and television.Our main partner for Eurosonic is theEBU (European Broadcasting Union) andfor EBBA we are talking about television.You are talking about poor people andrich people, and that is the big differencebetween both worlds, but Eurosonic andthe seminar are very connected. But theEBBA Awards is new and everybody is talkingabout it whether it will be taking overEurosonic. I think most people who boughtthe ticket for Eurosonic came for Eurosonicnot for the EBBAs, there were people whobought tickets for the EBBa Awards; weare talking about different things but thegood thing is that the different angles arecross linked which each other.VIP-News: How were the booking procedures?Was it easier this year?Meijerink: Yes and No. The ´Yes` is thatthere are many talents in Europe andmany good acts: The ´No` is that there arenot that many record companies who arewilling to invest in promoting and buildingan act. That means that we have to find differentways to promote the acts becausewe can’t rely on them. More and more IRobert Meijerinkthink Eurosonic is talking about live eventsand it is more and more important to getthese acts. There’s a big difference to thelast edition.VIP-News: What about the role of the mediapartners such as the EBU radio stations?Are they able to compensate a bit?Meijerink: I think they do already. Theybroadcast throughout Europe. They providean act and that’s a step to start a careeroutside the native country. I think weneed these radio stations.VIP-News: Are these rich public radio stationscontributing money to the production?12VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - January 2009Meijerink: It depends on the country. Some radio stations pay money to covertransport and to broadcast the event.VIP-News: What about the other involved organisations such as Yourope andThe Network? What kinds of demands are they are making of you?Meijerink: At this point Ruud Berends of ETEP interjects: Yourope is not makingdemands, it is one of our main partners and this is a high level cooperationwhich goes hand in hand. It is a perfect example of how a cooperation shouldoperate. Their interests are our interests and we set up all the meetings together,like Martin Elbourne said Noorderslag is the home of the Europeanfestivals.VIP-News: Do you think that EBBA could at least lead to a situation where theEuropean Commission who pulled out of financing ETEP three years ago nowreconsiders this opportunity to invest?Meijerink: Let’s hope so.VIP-News: Any indications?Meijerink: Not yet because this is the first edition and I think the engine hasjust started up. I think it is very necessary to have really good content nextyear and to expand the event not in terms of numbers but more on a contentlevel and more in very good promotional ways for the acts. But it is not aboutnumbers. If we have a good mix between the EBBA and Eurosonic we have theopportunity to promote acts in a very good perspective.VIP-News: There are European regions that do not really participate in ETEPand Eurosonic. We talked for instance about Spain and other Mediterraneancountries. Has this improved?Meijerink: No. It is pretty hard to build new cooperations because I think manycountries in Europe have a really good set up in terms of export offices andpeople who are willing to promote local acts and try to push them outside oftheir borders. I think it is really hard for countries like Spain or even Italy forexample, which I have contact with, it’s always a matter of communication.VIP-News: What became easier then? Was there anything regarding bookingsor relationships that progressed a bit faster than you estimated one or twoyears ago?Meijerink: It has always to do with the relationships you build; I think Eurosonichas many relationships and a good framework and network in Europe. Butthere are still too many countries not visible enough in Eurosonic nowadays.Our goal is of course to get really good bands in Europe and try to become theplatform we envisage, it is still a goal to show European acts to the world. Interms of balance there should be more countries involved, there’s still a longway to go.VIP-News: Without any doubts ETEP is now established. Are there ways inwhich you’d like to see the ETEP system improve?Meijerink: Yes. We just talked about the non-visible countries in Europe and Ithink it is an ultimate goal to strike a balance and make these countries visible.That means that we have to invest in other countries and to make sure thatthese countries are represented in some way.artist avails ››Air SupplyTerritory: EuropePeriod: Summer 2009Agency: Cheyenne ProductionsAgent: Patrick rocherPhone: +1 702 562 4103E-mail: cheyenprod@msn.comAngie StoneTerritory: WorldwidePeriod: 2009Agency: Dactyl ProductionsAgent: Richard TerryPhone: +1 443 865 2577E-mail: rterry@dactylproductions.comHomepage: www.dactylproductions.comBarclay James Harvest feat. Les HolroydTerritory: WorldwidePeriod: Summer 2009Agency: Kultoplis GmbhAgent: Markus SollnerPhone: +49 6861 939980E-mail: booking@kultopolis.comHomepage: www.kultopolis.comScooterTerritory: WorldwidePeriod: By requestAgency: Boese & Friends GbRAgent: Maik BoesePhone: +49 40 736 775 610E-mail: boese@boeseandfriends.comHomepage: www.boeseandfriends.comPedro Luis Martinez & Estrellas del Jazz de CubaTerritory: WorldwidePeriod: 2009Agency: Décima Colina, LdaAgent: Antonio LoboPhone: +351 213 219 000E-mail: a.lobo@decimacolina.ptHomepage: BuenaventuraTerritory: WorldwidePeriod: March, May, Summer, October &November 2009Agency: Caramba SpectaclesAgent: ClotairePhone: +33 1 4218 1718E-mail: caramba@clotaire.frHomepage: www.caramba.frMore Artist avails your Artist avails

VIP- News - August - May 2005 2007notice board ››Speak Another out new - participate service in in the the improved debate. and The redesigned VIP-News Reader’s-page VIP-News is the is open Notice-board, for letters which and contributions is available for from all readers.Consider Reader’s messages the VIP-News will Reader’s-page, be posted on the as your Notice-board “speaker’s as corner” a free service, towards passing professionals on announcements, in the entertainment job postings, industry buyingand Europe. selling The notices, purpose inquiries of the Reader’s-page or alike. Announcements is to encourage should more be interaction emailed to noticeboard@vip-booking.comand to allow our readers to voice theiralloveropinions about the many aspects of our industry. Contributions should be emailed to Legends Call In At ACC Liverpool WithVery Special VisitorStaff at Liverpool’s Arena & Convention Centre have greeted a very special visitor to the venue – The FA Cup.Football legends Graeme Sharpe and Ian Rush dropped the trophyoff at the venue as part of a nationwide tour organised by E.ON,sponsor of The FA Cup and one of the UK’s leading energy companies.Both players played in what is generally regarded as oneof the best Merseyside derbies ever – a thrilling 4-4 draw in The FACup Fifth Round in 1991.Staff at ACC Liverpool got the opportunity to get their hands ofthe famous old trophy alongside the former Liverpool and Evertonstrikers.The visit came just days before the FA Cup Fourth Round tie betweenLiverpool and Everton.Since opening its doors in January 2008, The ACC has been oneof E.ON’s most prestigious business customers and has hosted theMTV awards and the recent Sports Personality of the Year event.It is also one of the most sustainable venues in Europe with its environmentally-friendlymeasures halving the level of CO2 emissionsexpected from such a venue.Gerald Andrews & Bob Prattey, from ACC Liverpool, with footballersGraeme Sharpe & Ian RushVIP-Booking ApS cannot be held responsible for loss or damagesincurred as a result of transactions with individuals or companiesthrough the notice board. We recommend all to make the necessaryenquiries before entering into any agreements.VIP-Booking ApS may not, for reason of space, be able to post allannouncements received. Announcements should be emailed, including name and email address.Please shorten your message to the extent possible, to make room foras many notices as possible.14VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - January 2009Member presentation ››In this section we offer members of some space to present their company to VIP-News readers.If you would also like to present your company please contact Peter Briggs at pb@vip-booking.comMarc Kirchheim Entertainment GmbH & Co. KGMKE is an internationally-oriented commercial agency for staracts, personalities and high-carat artistes with a focus on theevent sector, the advertising and industrial sectorNationally and internationally renowned stars and artistes offera wide variety of options in event marketing and other sectorsof the communications industry for image transfer to productsand services as well as effective media presentations of very differentkinds.Our direct contacts with celebrities and our know-how in eventmarketing enable us to offer professional consulting when itcomes to the stars and personalities for your special events -perhaps the appearance of an artiste, a patron or a guest of honourat an evening gala, trade fair, product presentation, kick-offfunction, company anniversary or incentive event.But our work doesn’t stop with negotiating a celebrity appearance.We also offer professional advice in all legal aspects of theevents industry. Examples include contract law, non-performanceor deficient performance of contracts, limited tax liability(known as non-resident tax), sales tax, artists’ national insurancecontributions, copyright and ancillary copyright / GEMA andGVL [German performing rights and ancillary copyright associations].We can, on request, see to all the logistical arrangements, suchas flight and hotel reservations, transfers, security and otherservices associated with the usually comprehensive contractsfor stars and artistes.We advise you on what stars fit in with your concept and we offercost-effective celebrity endorsements according to the type ofevent, your budget and their availability.About Our CompanyVIP-Booking’s core product is the Internet’s oldest and largest databasefor the European Live Entertainment Industry as a tool for industry professionals. Since it’slaunch in the year 2000, we have consistently offered our subscribersthe very best in database services and now boast subscribers inover 30 countries.Today VIP-Booking offers a range of tools for the industry – includingVIP-News, VIP-Booking, VIP-Book and VIP-Contract.Please visit for further information.Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.®vip-booking.com15VIP-BOOKING.COMVIP-BOOKING.COM | 26 York Street | UK - London W1U 6pZ | Phone +44 870 755 0092 | Fax +44 870 622 1953 | e-mail: vip@vip-booking.comVIP-BOOKING.COM

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