IT as business enabler - CFIR
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IT as business enabler - CFIR

Banking is a digital business and IT matters in DanskeBank2

Our One Platform strategy differentiates us"Managed federation“▪ Share best practicesacross footprint▪ Leverage centralizedteams and adjustorganization (asneeded)"Selectively standard“▪ Integrate selecteddomains for productsand/or capabilities▪ Leverage centralizedIT (central reportingstructure if needed)“Build once, deploymany“▪ Fully standardizeplatforms andprocesses acrossfootprint▪ Create strong centralstandards and controldiversity"One platform“▪ Run single platformand processes acrossentire footprint▪ Centralized IT,product development,and operations– Degree of consolidationLooselycoupled+Fullyconsolidated3

One platform enables business advantagesOur IT strategyDay-to-dayadvantagesStrategicadvantages▪ Consolidated view of risk exposure▪ Real-time single view of the customer▪ Functionality developed once, availableeverywhere▪ Ability to handle growth (M&A and organic)▪ Enables greater operational efficiency▪ Accelerated timeframe for launching products across allbrands▪ Enables differentiation through integration4

Customers are becoming more demanding. We want to liveup to their demands.“I would like to bankinstantly and anytime,24/7”“My bank should beaccessible whereverI am”“I like to choose how Iengage with my bank”“I prefer personalizedinteraction”“My friends are nowmy expert panel”“I have little tolerancefor technical failures”“Allow me to feel that Ican influence theproduct I buy”Source: Interbrand 2010, Imediaconnection 2010,5

Group IT vision to enable the businessVision“Great IT enables Great banking”6

Danske Bank is a leader in Digital Banking- Easier, faster, cheaperCurrent status Products and services are online Customers have Digital ID Digital signature Electronic correspondence Advanced multichannelfunctionality Automatic limit High degree of automation New channels7

Today becoming a customer is paperless, soon it will beonlineShortly Norway is virtualToday Denmark is paperlessSoon you can become acustomer without calling orgoing to branch, just use yourbank-IDYou can become a customerwithout signing anythingphysically, just use digitalsigning8

Customers have responded very positive to mobile bankingMobile bank transactions and logons (millions), July 20111,41,21,0More than 2.500 peoplehave applied for becominga customer through the appMobile bank nowaccounts for 11percent of allonline logonsLogons0,80,60,40,24 percent of all onlinetransactions are from themobile bankTrans-ac0,0Jan/11Feb/11Mar/11Apr/11May/11Jun/11Jul/119

Digital Banking has been playing a key role in transforming thebank towards a digitalized, multi-channel customer experienceService2000 2010 2020Advice2000 2010 2020Indicators of transitionBranch /Finance centerContact centerWeb bankMobile bank▪ 32% drop in tellertransactions since 2009▪ Number of branches downby 11% since 2009▪ 14% drop in calls since2009▪ Outbound calls and sales▪ 27% increase eBankingusers since 2009▪ 20.000 agreementsentered digitally pr. month▪ 320K smartphone appsdownloaded▪ 150 thousand paymentsper month10

The next frontier for digital banking is…... empowering the customer Building on thefundation of digitalbanking Changing expectations ofincreasingly IT savycustomers New possibilities enabled byadvances in technology Personal solutions alsoonline Attractive services thatcustomers want to use11

And at the same time……ensuring the best possible safety Safety breeches has a severeimpact on image Safety can complicate userprocesses Advanced technology callsfor more safety A mobile phone can easilybe lost12


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