Planning for Adaptation - Adapting to Climate Change in Coastal ...

Planning for Adaptation - Adapting to Climate Change in Coastal ...

Conference on “Urban Impact of Climate Change in Africa”Planning for AdaptationTorino, 16 novembre 2011Prof. Silvia MacchiDICEA - Dip. di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e AmbientaleCIRPS – Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca Per lo Sviluppo sostenibile

Climate change effectsClimate change effects are twofold:1. Increase and worsening in extreme weather events2. Progressive stress of natural systemsWhile the former asks for improving local capacity indisaster management (mainly in terms of prevention,early warning and recovering),the latter requires local authorities to undertake initiativesfor supporting people in their efforts to adapt to newenvironmental conditionsPlanning for Adaptation 16/11/2011Pagina 2

Climate change is not the only driverBy the way we cannot forget that climate change is notthe only driver for environmental transformation.In fast growing sub-Saharan cities, urbanizationaffects natural resources crucial to people in a evenstronger and faster way than climate change.These two drivers combine their effects resulting in aseries of challenging impacts on people livelihood.As an example, sea water intrusion is linked todecreasing rainfall and rising sea level (climatechange) but also, and even more, to increasing soilsealing (urbanization) and ground water extraction(human activities)Planning for Adaptation 16/11/2011Pagina 5

Our expectations from this conferenceWe do not expect to provide an answers to thosequestions through a half-day conference.Rather, we would like to provide all participants withan opportunity- to exchange experiences in dealing with climatechange impacts on sub-Saharan cities,- to share results and lesson learned, and- to have an open discussion on different approachesin planning for adaptation.Planning for Adaptation 16/11/2011Pagina 7

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