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sustainable - Gemeente Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden is primarily a Water City.The start and finish of the Elfstedentocht –the famous day-long skating competition.The city has a watery heart and a heart forwater. The city canals, the quays and thecity river de Potmarge have been beautifullyrestored and renovated in recent years.The presence of water determines the city’simage and atmosphere. This aspect is not onlyimportant for the residents who love to livethere, but also for those who come here forleisure and (water) tourism.The Prinsentuin Marina is located in the heartof the inner city. The wide and narrow canalsof the city are navigable to flatboats, canoes,rowing boats. In the summer there are open aircafes along many of the canals.Moreover, water is a major factor for researchand development of water technologyand sustainability. There will be majordevelopments over the next few years. Take forinstance the expansion of the Water Campus inLeeuwarden´s green heart.The Water Campus comprises businesses andinstitutions such as Wetsus, where scientistsfrom all over the world work to find solutionsto problems in drinking water, waste waterpurification and water distribution,for instance.The Water Campus is a hub in the global waterengineering network which brings togetherexpertise to enable innovation. Leeuwardenplays a leading role in Europe.Space GaloreLeeuwarden rests in spacious surroundings.The air is clean, the wind is fresh and the waterquality is high. Although these characteristics arebecoming rare in many parts of the Netherlands,here they are plentiful. The Frisian capital,surrounded by meadows and characteristicvillages, is a junction in the sailing route betweenWadden Sea, the Frisian Lakes and the Ysselmeer.Outside the city, the landscape is spacious andgreen. Yet whoever enters the town experiencesa full-blown city. The city clusters around itshistorical centre: a treasure trove of nationaland municipal monuments, a varied area forshopping and entertainment and a sizeablebusiness area with prominent office towersvisible from afar.aterSituated around the city centre are variousresidential neighbourhoods. North of the city liesthe Leeuwarden Wood. The expanding businesssections are located to the West and East. To theSouth of Leeuwarden work is in progress on thelatest development plans.The growing districts of Zuiderburen andZuidlanden are hallmarks of modern cityarchitecture. In Zuiderburen water plays a majorrole. In the Zuidlanden district, the nije buorren[Frisian: new neighbourhood] neighbourhoodsare built with a modern design.

Economic motorLeeuwarden is the economic motor for theprovince of Fryslân, providing full employmentfor no less than 55,000 people. So Leeuwardenprovides almost onethird of the totalemployment within the province. Leeuwardenhouses the City Council and the ProvincialGovernment of Fryslân as well as various othergovernmental institutions.scienceFinancial services are strongly representedwithin the Leeuwarden economy. There areinsurance companies, call centres, and sincea few years ago, companies involved in watertechnology. Leeuwarden, as a base for majorscientific institutions and water technologycompanies, also attracts other companies andinstitutions, as well as students, of course.Leeuwarden remains an attractive placeof business to entrepreneurs. The localgovernment strives to provide a better serviceto entrepreneurs by supporting them withinformation and assistance. Many employersappreciate the mentality of the Frisianemployees. The people here are diligent, seriousand dedicated to their profession.Leeuwarden more and more presentsitself as a City of Science. The cityinvests in science, in professionaluniversities, in development andresearch. Leeuwarden is proud ofthe collaboration with scientificinstitutes, such as Wetsus (watertechnology), Centre of ExpertiseWater Technology (CEW), the WaddenAcademy (knowledge institute forthe Wadden region), the FryskeAkademy (multilingual, emphasis onFrisian language and culture) andthe University Campus Fryslân (UCF)knowledge network.On the Science Campus ofLeeuwarden, three professionaluniversities collaborate withstudents and businesses in projectslinking theoretical knowledge tobusiness practice. This cooperationresults in surprising innovations,for example in the field of water,multimedia and the application ofICT-facilities. The Science Campusis also a hotbed for beginningentrepreneurs, who launch their owninnovative company after completingtheir education.

On the outskirts of the city, surprisingnew neighbourhoods are beingcreated with substantial green areasand water. Simultaneously, ambitiouscity renewal plans are in progress inthe inner city as well as in a number ofexisting neighbourhoods.This makes Leeuwarden a city inwhich everyone can find a houseto his/her liking: student digs, adetached house, or an apartmentlocated near to water. .esidenceYoung and oldThe city of Leeuwarden consists of the city itself inaddition to eight surrounding villages. The numberof inhabitants exceeds 95,000. For Leeuwardenturns out to be a pleasant town for young and old.In the field of education, Leeuwarden has a hostof schools and educational programmes available.Children may find education in Leeuwardenranging from primary school to professionaluniversity education. Moreover, Leeuwardenhas three schools for intermediary professionaleducation, three professional universities anda Pop Academy. Additionally, Twente Universityand Groningen University offer several universityfoundational courses. This makes Leeuwarden anattractive town for students. The figures illustratethis: the town has 17,000 professional universitystudents and 11,000 students in intermediaryprofessional education.Much is available in Leeuwarden for those whowant to be out on the town and enjoy art, cultureand hospitality. You will find six museums, includingthree fairly renowned ones: the Fries Museum, theCeramics Museum Princessehof and the NatureMuseum Fryslân. And besides a Holland Casino, thecity also houses an exhibition centre, WTC Expo,a venue that offers 45,000 m 2 floor space, and atheatre which is among the five largest theatres inthe country: City Theatre De Harmonie. The streetsare lined with discos, cinemas, surprising shops,many cafés and restaurants in all shapes and sizesspiced with flavours from all around the world.In the field of care, Leeuwarden has an excellenthospital with special medical facilities, numerouscare institutions and multifunctional residentialservice zones for people who need home care. Andin addition to all of this, Leeuwarden has a pleasantsocial climate. The Leeuwarden populationis friendly, hospitable and dedicated to theircommunity.

Future-oriented approachLeeuwarden is a city of modern paradoxes. Yet,here, the apparent contradictions co-exist verywell. The Frisian capital, the economic motor ofFryslân, is situated in spacious surroundings withmeadows, lakes and leisure areas. The city maybe regarded as a treasure trove of national andmunicipal monuments. Yet, it also boasts stateof-theart facilities for students and companies.Leeuwarden invests in its past as well as inresearch, development, ICT and in high-qualityfacilities. The city rests in the countryside, wherestudents, old age pensioners and families feel athome and where business finds space to flourish.Leeuwarden is a lovely, exciting and Thus, the City Council aims to improveenterprising city. The inhabitants and waste processing as well as the qualityvisitors of Leeuwarden want to be able of air and water. Moreover, it wantsto enjoy the city well into the future. to reduce energy consumption, CO2So the City Council of Leeuwarden emissions and it wants to reinforce thepursues an active sustainabilitysocial climate. Leeuwarden ranks inpolicy. This relates to sustainablethe top-ten of the Local Sustainabilityactions, sustainable organisationmeter, a listing of municipalities withsustainableand sustainable entrepreneurship. policies aimed at sustainability.Leeuwarden possesses many qualities: a lovelyenvironment, a monumental inner city with acharming character, excellent services, goodconnections, a strong economy and a firm socialclimate. Moreover, Leeuwarden is among themost beautiful and sustainable municipalitiesof our country. The City Council of Leeuwardentakes a future-oriented approach. The CityCouncil continuously pursues its spearheads ofsustainability, science, water and culture, whileinvesting in the quality of life for young and old.The city of Leeuwarden bustles with vitality.

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