Puma EP Brochure - Collings Brothers of Abbotsley

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Puma EP Brochure - Collings Brothers of Abbotsley


FOR THOSE WHO DEMAND MORE.Objectives change, needs change, markets change - but the number ofhours in a day never does. And this is why we’ve unleashed the Puma.A highly productive, versatile tractor that is easy to use and deliverseverything you need to handle your daily tasks. Simplicity. Productivity.Economy. Comfort. Quality. The Puma gives you more.3

SIMPLICITY PUT SERIOUSLY.Feedback from customers clearly indicates that the Puma is equipped with controls that are easy to understand andoperate. We have done the sums and found that, compared to competitors’ models in the same class, the Puma willsave you 28% on the time it takes to become fully acquainted with the control system.The fact is that a 28% time saving in the first month adds up to 83 hours, which when converted into the driver’swages (multiplied by the number of drivers), becomes serious money. Do the maths. Simplicity really adds up.A-post instrument displayThe displays are clear, concise and easy to read.The integrated Performance Monitor provides additionalfeedback on tractor functions such as percent of slip,area worked, and service reminders. The driver is alsoalerted of any warnings, with the engine shutting downautomatically to protect your investment if need be.Fitting a GPS receiver and the AFS Pro 600 colourtouchscreen monitor will give you on-the-moveperformance mapping, and you can improvedriving accuracy in combination with anAccuGuide auto-steering system.Mechanical remotes are also available with theMulticontroller armrest allowing the operator tohave the benefits of the intuitive ergonomicsand the simplicity of the mechanical remotes.6

Multicontroller Drive Logic armrestThe Multicontroller - featuring drive logic - and the ICP intuitive control panel plus AFS Pro 300or AFS Pro 700 touch screen monitor, integrate all the tractor’s functions into the armrest.Here you have everything you need in one place: speed selection, direction changes, throttle,Headland Management Control, electronic remote valves and front & rear hitch controls and muchmore. With a clear view of the instrument displays on the right-hand A post, the Puma provides anoperator-friendly environment that gets even a novice driver working effectively on day one.303231333634292835342516781011141292013172322182116 1915242526271 Constant engine speed or Headland Management Control2 EHC linkage raise/lower3 Remote valve control4 Powershuttle5 Gear ratio Up Shift or Down Shift6 AFS Pro 700 touch screen monitor7 Remote valve controls8 Hydraulic motor mode and timer buttons9 Joystick for remote valves10 ICP Intuitive Control Panel11 Lower position control front hitch12 Front linkage raise/lower13 Constant engine speed14 ECO Fan15 Auto Field and Auto Road16 Manual and Auto 4WD/Diff-Lock17 Front axle suspension lock18 Auto PTO19 Slip Control20 Headland Management Control21 Hitch Ride Control22 AccuGuide (if equipped)23 EHC Position Control24 EHC Draft control25 EHC linkage raise/lower26 Front PTO on/off27 PTO on/off28 PTO speed selector (Puma 125 - 160)29 PTO speed selector (Puma 170 - 215) (optional)30 Slip Control31 Encoder to adjust timer and flow control32 Front linkage upper limit control33 Linkage upper limit control34 Linkage drop rate control35 Draft sensitivity control36 Front linkage drop rate control

Relax, throttle back and reap the benefits of increased fuel efficiency withoutcompromising on productivity.Best in class specific fuel consumption through Efficient Power EP.Source: DLG powermix official data23% MORE PRODUCTIVITY.Driven by top engine performance with Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR) technology, Puma engine power management delivers rated power- plus up to 23% more - easily handling heavy lugging jobs in the fieldand on the road as well as hydraulic lifting tasks with a hitch capacityof up to 10,460kg.Outstanding performance, season after season.8

Engine Power Management delivers up to an additional 38hp. This is up to 23%additional performance.The hydraulic system gives you outstanding power and precise control, with up to170 litres per minute flow capacity and up to 10,460kg lift capacity.9

10PRODUCTIVITY FIGURES.With best in class fuel economy, best in class powermanagement and best in class hydraulics, it figures thatthe Puma delivers higher productivity. The Puma setsproductivity - 11.5% ahead of the competition.Case IH Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)technology improves horsepower, engineresponsiveness, fuel economy and enginereliability, all whilst lowering emissions.This makes SCR the superior solutionfor Puma engines.SCR catalystDosing moduleSupply moduleAdBlue TankEngineThe Puma series offers high performance common rail electronic ignition dieselengines ranging between 131 horsepower (96kW) and 215 horsepower (158kW).All engines are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, to complywith Tier 4a emission regulations, which come into effect for new tractors in 2011.• Power Growth of an additional 21hp(CV) means you have an additional 10%performance available simply by throttling back to 1800/1900rpm.• Engine Power Management delivers up to an additional 38hp(CV). This is up to 23%additional performance and is available when driving faster than 15kph and in PTOapplications.• Constant Engine Speed allows the engine speed to be programmed to 2 differentvalues for specific applications, be it pto, draft or hydraulic operations the speedwill be constant regardless of load.• Constant Power range means you have the same performance at 1500rpm as atrated speed, this allows you the opportunity to relax, throttle back and reap thebenefits of increased fuel efficiency without compromising on productivity.• Maximum Torque of 1120Nm allows you to relax and let the Puma pull you.• Drive at maximum road speed at fuel saving low engine revs.• Service Intervals of 600 hours are the longest in the industry saving youtime and money.Efficient Power. The SCR system providesup to 14% lower fuel consumption onTier 4a SCR engines when compared toDLG powermix average results.Engine Power Management maintainsproductivity by increasing engine power intough conditions. Up to 38hp(CV) more canbe delivered in addition to your tractorsrated power.kW/hp100%95%90%85%80%75%70%204/275186/250168/225149/200130/175112/15093/12575/100Case IHPuma EPPuma 215 curvesPower withEngine PowerManagementCompetitor steplesstransmission Tier 3+hp with EPMSpecific fuelconsumptionPower withoutEngine PowerManagementSource: DLG powermix official data1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200rpm

11Fender-mounted controls for hitch, one remoteand PTO make it safe and easy to hitch upimplements single-handed.Puma Productivity Advantage. These figures show maximum powerin draft application, maximum engine power management in PTO &transport applications, standard hydraulic flow and lift capacity in allapplications.Hydraulics for precision power110%105%Best in class hydraulics with a hitch lift capacity of up to 10,460kg.The Puma hydraulic system is powered by a variable displacement piston pump deliveringup to 170 litres per minute for extremely responsive operation of on-board systems andremote-controlled machinery. Up to 9 remote valves can be supplied.Case IH LRZ front loaders are available factory fitted on the Puma 130, 145 and 160models. Maximum lift up to 2800kg and maximum height at pivot up to 4260mm.100%95%90%85%Case IHPuma EPCompetitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4

Full Powershift transmission. The only one in the market, providing seamless smoothshifting from zero to 40 or 50kph without torque interruption.Field mode and Road mode automatic shifting, leaving the driver free to concentrateon the work.Creeper gears offer an additional 10 speeds from 225m/h to 1.6kph @ 2,200rpm.ECONOMY.SAVE TIME, FUEL AND INPUT COSTS.Rated “best in class” for fuel efficiency and also for running at reducedengine speed during road transport, the Puma together with AFS AdvancedFarming Systems saves you even more time and money by reducingoverlaps in the field and optimising passes.Smart technology to save you serious money.12

Soft Start PTO gradually increases torque to ensure a smooth start-up and to protectimplement drive shafts.Advanced Farming Systems available on Puma tractors are an essential ingredientfor efficiency.ISOBUS, a powerful communication tool to control ISOBUS compatible implementswith the tractor integrated AFS Pro colour touch screen monitor.13

14ECONOMY POSITIVE FORECAST.The Puma provides you with just the right level of automation you need tostep your operation up a gear. There is a choice of transmissions for the rangeof work you specialise in. Whatever your needs, the transmission technologyand optimised operator interface are designed to give you higher operatingefficiency and greater ease of operation.If only the weather was as predictable as Puma tractors.The intuitive way to save fuelAutoField and AutoRoad modes optimize the transmission and provide automatic shiftingbased on load for increased productivity and fuel savings. Gear shifts are smooth becausethey are based on load. Small loads and shifts will be slow, large and they will be fast.Smooth shift quality for optimumperformance. Your Puma features atransmission and PTO engineered to easilycope with the awesome output of the engine,putting you in control of the power.

15The AFS Pro 700 monitor screen isintegrated into the armrest to provideperformance monitoring, vehicle settings,video inputs and simultaneous command andcontrol of ISOBUS-compatible machinery.The Puma and Case IH AFS Advanced Farming Systems provide the basis for fullyautomated precision farming with on the move data mapping and auto-guidancesteering, saving you time, money and effort year after year.AccuGuide automatic steering systemsimprove your precision farming accuracyup to 2cm pass to pass. Case IH offersthe right solution for different needs:From manual guidance to fully vehicleintegrated RTK guidance systems.

COMFORT.THE QUIETEST CAB IN ITS CLASS.It’s quiet, it’s extremely comfortable and it’s designed to give drivers thehighest level of protection and ease of operation for a full day of productivityand enjoyment out on the road, around the yard and in the field.Enjoy top productivity, in style, with the Puma.Everything in clear viewSpacious Surround Vision cab features curved glass, low noise level and an unobstructed viewof your surroundings.Stay relaxed, stay alertAutomatic climate control option lets you select the perfect temperature for continuous comfort.Suspended cab is also available for the ultimate in ride comfort.Active front axle suspension continuously monitors terrain changes and reacts in conjunctionwith hitch settings, brake status, acceleration, and more to create a neutral handling environment.16

PREMIUM COMFORT.Less noise, less fatigue, 360° visibility.The Puma features front axle suspension, cab suspension and a suspension seat togive the driver an ultra-smooth ride. With all the controls integrated ergonomically inthe driver’s seat armrest, clear all-round visibility and a surprisingly quiet operatingenvironment, you are equipped for a relaxing and enjoyable day “behind the wheel”.Front suspension makes all the differenceActive front suspension improves ride comfort at the same time as providing more control.Less pitching is experienced when travelling at speed with mounted implements, ormanoeuvring with a loader. It has 105mm of travel and damping is then controlled via anadvanced accumulator and regenerative valve system for a smoother ride. It also hasautomatic self-levelling according to load.Puma models 170, 185, 200 and 215 have an “Active” suspension system which createsa neutral handling environment thanks to electronic sensors monitoring acceleration, gearchanges, braking, terrain conditions, direction changes and hitch loads. The result is thesmoothest ride with no more “nodding” or “pitching”.Work day and night.Turn night to day with more than 10 lights available. A Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID)lighting package is available for even greater night visibility.Everything in clear view. With unsurpassedsight lines, the Puma cab features SurroundVision with 5.87 square metres of glass andan optional high-visibility cab roof windowfor unobstructed views in all directions.18

Top marks for Health and SafetyThe Puma features the latest Multicontroller armrest which is integrated into the seatto take the stress out of a long day in the field. The driver’s seat is fully adjustablewith lumbar support and there is an option of a Low Frequency Seat with heating.The steering wheel can be tilted and adjusted telescopically so you are always sureto adopt the healthiest driving posture.Noise levels of just 69dB(A) are lower than anyother tractor in this class!dB(A)72,57067,56562,5Stay relaxed, stay alertAutomatic climate control option lets you selectthe perfect temperature for continuous comfort.60Case IHPumaCompetitor 1 Competitor 219

EXPERIENCE AND QUALITY.Good choice! Equipment availability is critical in farmingbecause you have to schedule your work to fit in withtight weather patterns.Choose the tractor with built-in experience and qualityThat is why it is important to choose a tractor that is a trusty workhorse as well as powerful and economical: Case IH has been developing reliable agricultural machinery for more than 160 years.The Puma is built at the St Valentin plant in Austria, which celebrated its 60th anniversary of tractor production in 2007. Rigorous quality assurance procedures are implemented here and everysingle tractor built is subjected to a rolling road test to set up all the tractor’s controls and make sure it is in perfect working order before being delivered to you.This is also the home of the continuously variable transmission, Case IH being the first manufacturer to develop this technology and integrate it into tractors at the end of last century.Case IH also took the lead in pioneering Automatic Productivity Management, well ahead of the rest of the field. Choose the reassuring “Made in Austria” thoroughbred. Choose the Puma.Fuel-saving. When Power Management isswitched on, the Puma reaches maximum torqueat just 1400 to 1600rpm. Lower engine speedmeans you can work more quietly, but even moreimportantly - you save fuel. Florian Haas andFranz Xaver Prellinger, Gauting Hausen, GermanyEasy operation. You have an excellent overview ofthe individual controls and the touch-screenmonitor is easy to use, even while you are driving.Erwin Schoemaker, contractor in Itterbeck, Germany20

PARTS & SERVICEDEALERSFINANCEMAX00800 227344 0000800 CASE IH 00100% Support100% AvailabilityMaintain the productivity of yourinvestment. Case IH and its dedicateddealer network provide excellent supportwhen you take delivery of your new machineand whilst it remains in your ownership.On the farm, you can rely on trainedservice professionals to maintain theproductivity of your investment.Protect the value of your investment.Behind every Case IH product stands anextensive European parts logisticsorganisation, stocking more than 700,000part numbers for products old and new.Choosing to fit genuine Case IH parts willmaintain the safety, value and performanceof your original investment.MAX - the new premium service fromCase IH. We are always ready for you,around the clock, the whole year. Expressdelivery when and where you need it. Youget top priority during the season becauseyour harvest cannot wait.The call is free, however some EuropeanOperators may apply a charge if the call ismade from a mobile phone. For anyinformation about charge rate, pleaseenquire in advance from your provider.Skilled business advisor at your dealership.Demand more from your Case IH dealership.Purchasing a stand-alone piece of newequipment? Keeping a whole fleet up-todate?Whatever your size of operation,contact your local Case IH dealership forprofessional advice on finance and futuresafebusiness investment. Case IH knowsyour farming needs.Your local Case IH dealer can work withCNH Capital to offer solutions that bestfit your budget and business goals.At CNH Capital we understand that notwo farms or agricultural businesses arethe same. That’s why we work so hard tounderstand your needs first. We make itour job to know your business inside andout – your goals, your ideas, and yourunique outlook on the future. Then wecan put together financial solutions andservices that are right for you.Extended protection programme. Case IH is at your side giving you the best professional solution: Safegardfrom Covéa Fleet. This is the personalised insurance coverage for your Case IH machinery. Please contactyour dealer for more details. Subject to status and availability. Terms and conditions apply.21

SPECIFICATIONSMODELS PUMA 125 PUMA 140 PUMA 155 PUMA 160 PUMA 170 PUMA 185 PUMA 200 PUMA 215ENGINENumber of cylinders / type 6 turbo, intercooled, Tier 3 6 turbo, intercooled, Tier 4aCapacity (litres) 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.7Bore x stroke mm 104 x 132 104 x 132 104 x 132 104 x 132 104 x 132 104 x 132 104 x 132 104 x 132Maximum power ECE R120 3) Power Management (kW/hp(CV)) 120 / 163 129 / 175 142 / 193 149 / 203 160 / 218 172 / 234 184 / 250 191 / 260Maximum power ECE R120 3) (kW/hp(CV)) 101 / 138 112 / 152 124 / 169 130 / 177 138 / 188 149 / 203 160 / 218 172 / 234... at engine speed (rpm) 1900 - 2000 1900 - 2000 1900 - 2000 1800 - 1900 1900 - 2000 1900 - 2000 1900 - 2000 1900 - 2000Rated power ECE R120 3) Power Management (kW/hp(CV)) 112 / 152 123 / 167 135 / 183 140 / 190 151 / 205 162 / 220 173 / 235 181 / 246Rated power ECE R120 3) (kW/hp(CV)) 93 / 127 104 / 142 116 / 158 118 / 160 123 / 167 136 / 185 147 / 200 158 / 215Rated engine speed (rpm) 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200Maximum torque - Power Management (Nm @ 1500rpm) 620 678 748 866 906 1019 1082 1120Maximum torque (Nm @ 1500rpm) 593 643 690 767 825 862 927 995Torque rise Standard / Power Management (%) 47 / 28 42 / 27 42 / 27 50 / 42 54 / 47 46 / 45 45 / 44 45 / 43Fuel tank, standard/optional/urea (litres) 300 / - / - 300 / - / - 300 / - / - 330 / 48 395 / - / 48 395 / - / 48 395 / - / 48 395 / - / 48TRANSMISSION18x6 Semi- / Full Powershift 40kph - O / ● O / ● O / ● - / ● - / ● - / ● - / ●19x6 Semi- / Full Powershift Economy 40kph @ reduced rpm - O / O O / O O / O - / O - / O - / O - / O19x6 Semi- / Full Powershift 50kph ● / ● O / O O / O O / O - / O - / O - / O - / OPowershuttle ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●Creeper O O O O O O O ORear axle diff-lock typeMulti disc wet plate with management systemService brakeHydraulically operated multiple wet disc brake, self adjustingFOUR-WHEEL DRIVE AND STEERINGTypeElectro-hydraulic with management systemActive front axle suspension O O O O ● Active ● Active ● Active ● ActiveSteering angle (°) 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55Min. turning radius 1) track setting 1829mm (m) 5.45 5.45 5.45 5.45 6.1 6.1 6.1 6.1POWER TAKE OFFTypeElectro-hydraulic with Auto PTO control availableSpeeds Standard / Option (rpm) 540/540E/1000 or 540E/1000/1000E 540E/1000 or 1000/1000E or 540/540E/1000/1000E(both with optional ground drive)Engine speeds Standard / Option (rpm) 1969/1546/1893 or 1592/1893/1621 1569/1893 or 1893/1700 or 1931/1598/1912/1583Shaft type 1 3/8" 21 splines / 1 3/8" 6 splines 1 3/8" 21 splines / 1 3/8" 6 splines / 1 3/4" 20 splinesFront PTO with 1000rpm @ 1895 engine rpm O O O O O O O O22

MODELS PUMA 125 PUMA 140 PUMA 155 PUMA 160 PUMA 170 PUMA 185 PUMA 200 PUMA 215HYDRAULIC SYSTEMMax. pump flow Std/Opt and system type main hydraulic (l/min) 113 PFC / - 113 PFC / - 113 PFC / - 113 PFC / - 120/150 PFC 120/150 PFC 120/150 PFC 120/150 PFCSystem pressure (bar) 210 210 210 210 215 215 215 215Control typeEHC with ride controlMax. lift capacity (kg) 8257 8257 8257 8257 10460 10460 10460 10460Max. number of remote valves mechanical / electronic 4 / 5 4 / 5 4 / 5 4 / 5 - / 5 - / 5 - / 5 - / 5Max. number of mid mount valves with electronic joystick 3 electr. 3 electr. 3 electr. 3 electr. 4 electr. 4 electr. 4 electr. 4 electr.Category type Cat II / III Cat II / III Cat II / III Cat II / III Cat. III Cat. III Cat. III Cat. IIIFront hitch lift capacity (kg) 3568 3568 3568 3568 3785 3785 3785 3785WEIGHTMinimum weight (kg) 5400 5400 5600 6000 7300 7300 7300 7300Permissible total weight (kg) 10500 10500 10500 11500 13000 13000 13000 13000Max. permissible weight front (kg) 4900 4900 4900 4900 6000 6000 6000 6000Max. permissible weight rear (kg) 7800 7800 7800 8500 9500 9500 9500 9500DIMENSIONS 1)A: Total length (mm) 4449 4449 4449 4719 5017 5017 5017 5017B: Total height (mm) 2985 2985 2985 3070 3090 3090 3090 3090C: Total width (across rear fenders with 150mm extension) (mm) 2682 2682 2682 2470 2682 2682 2682 2682D: Wheel base (mm) 2789 2789 2789 2789 2884 2884 2884 2884E: Height at centre of rear axle, highest point (mm) 2180 2180 2180 2215 2239 2239 2239 2239F: Track setting front (mm) 1560-2256 1560-2256 1560-2256 1325-2285 1538 / 2260 1538 / 2260 1538 / 2260 1538 / 2260rear (mm) 1470-2294 1470-2294 1470-2294 1430-2230 1530 / 2230 1530 / 2230 1530 / 2230 1530 / 2230STANDARD TYRES 2)Front 480/70R28 480/70R28 480/70R28 480/70R28 600/65R28 600/65R28 600/65R28 600/65R28Rear 580/70R38 580/70R38 580/70R38 580/70R38 650/65R42 650/65R42 650/65R42 650/65R42● Standard Equipment O Optional Equipment - Not Available 1) With standard tyres 2) Other tyres on request 3) ECE R120 correspond to ISO 14396 and 97/68/ECDIMENSIONSEBDAFC23

Your Case IH Dealerwww.caseih.comSafety never hurts! Always read the Operator’s Manual before working with any equipment. Inspect equipment before using it, and be sure it is operating properly.Follow the product safety signs, and use any safety features provided.This literature has been published for worldwide circulation. The standard and optional equipment and the availability of individual models may vary from one country to the next. Case IH reserves the right to undertake modifications withoutprior notice to the design and technical equipment at all times without this resulting in any obligation whatsoever to make such modifications to units already sold. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the specifications, descriptionsand illustrations in this brochure are correct at the time of going to press, these are also subject to change without prior notice. Illustrations may show optional equipment or may not show all standard equipment.Case IH recommendslubricantsCNH UK Ltd., Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex SS14 3AD - © 2011 CASE IH - www.caseih.com - PUMA-UK-BR - Free phone 00800 22 73 44 00 - Printed in Italy - 05/11 - TP01 - Cod. 10C0008/INB

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