WLS28 Work Light Strip - Banner Engineering

WLS28 Work Light Strip - Banner Engineering

WLS28 Work Light Strip - Banner Engineering


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<strong>WLS28</strong> <strong>Work</strong> <strong>Light</strong> <strong>Strip</strong>for Enclosure and Area <strong>Light</strong>ingLow-Profile,Space-Saving DesignMounting andInstallation Versatility▶ Cascading models forend-to-end connecting ofmultiple lights—up to 3.1 mtotal—to minimize wiring costs▶ Brackets included forrotating light 45° ineither directionLow-profile task lights provide excellentillumination of large areas.<strong>WLS28</strong> <strong>Work</strong> <strong>Light</strong> <strong>Strip</strong>s provide bright, even illumination in enclosure interiors for increasedvisibility during component installation, maintenance and monitoring, and are also ideal for workstations with poor factory lighting. A narrow housing allows the lights to be mounted out of theway, while swivel brackets are provided for directing the light exactly where it’s needed.▶ Low-profile, 28 mm wide housing foruse inside or under any industrial controlcabinet, or in work stations▶ White LED lights in 145 to 1130 mmlighted lengths▶ Cascade models for connecting multiplelights end-to-end, minimizing wiring▶ High-power LEDs for superior illuminationwith an even pattern of light andno shadows▶ Extremely long-lasting LED technology for>50,000 hours of continuous working life▶ Low power consumption of less than9 watts per foot▶ Durable aluminum housing▶ Swivel mounting brackets included forconvenient positioning of light▶ Cabled or quick-disconnect models forinstallation flexibility and convenientcascading of lights40-plus years of sensor design experience,quality control, sales support and costeffectivesolutions:▶ <strong>Banner</strong> quality products with global availability▶ Rapid customization with most products shippingin 3 days or less▶ Industry’s largest force of application engineers tosolve your toughest challenges▶ More than 3,000 factory and local fieldrepresentatives to serve youwww.bannerengineering.com1.888.373.6767bannerengineering.com

<strong>WLS28</strong> <strong>Work</strong> <strong>Light</strong> <strong>Strip</strong>, 12 to 30V dc<strong>Light</strong> Position*Stand-Alone <strong>Light</strong>Stand-Alone <strong>Light</strong>orEnd <strong>Light</strong> in aCascadeFirst <strong>Light</strong>in a CascadeFirst orMiddle <strong>Light</strong>in a CascadeConnection(s)**2 m/Endcap(no connection)4-pin Euro QD(Male)/Endcap(no connection)2 m/4-pin Euro QD(Female)4-pin Euro QD(Male)/4-pin Euro QD(Female)Overall <strong>Light</strong>edHeight (L1) Length (L2)183.5 mm 145 mmLEDColorModel<strong>WLS28</strong>XW145X324.5 mm 285 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW285X465.5 mm 430 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW430X606.5 mm 570 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW570X747.5 mm 710 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW710X888.5 mm 850 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW850X1029.5 mm 990 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW990X1170.5 mm 1130 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW1130X186 mm 145 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW145XQ327 mm 285 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW285XQ468 mm 430 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW430XQ609 mm 570 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW570XQ750 mm 710 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW710XQ891 mm 850 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW850XQ1032 mm 990 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW990XQ1173 mm 1130 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>XW1130XQWhite191.5 mm 145 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW145X332.5 mm 285 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW285X473.5 mm 430 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW430X614.5 mm 570 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW570X755.5 mm 710 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW710X896.5 mm 850 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW850X1037.5 mm 990 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW990X1178.5 mm 1130 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW1130X194 mm 145 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW145XQ335 mm 285 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW285XQ476 mm 430 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW430XQ617 mm 570 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW570XQ758 mm 710 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW710XQ899 mm 850 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW850XQ1040 mm 990 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW990XQ1181 mm 1130 mm <strong>WLS28</strong>CW1130XQ* <strong>Light</strong>s are available as either stand-alone models or as models that can be “daisy-chained” together for a continuous length of lighting.** Connection(s): A model with a QD requires a mating cordset.• Stand-alone models: <strong>Light</strong>s have cable or male QD fitting at one end for power connection; no connection at opposite end. A stand-alonemodel with a QD may be used as the last in the cascade series.• Cascade models: <strong>Light</strong>s have cable or male QD at one end for power connection, female QD at opposite end for connection to other lights inthe cascade. Cascade models with cable end can only be used as the first light in the cascade series. Double-ended cordsets must be usedbetween each pair of lights in a cascade.Dimensions28 mm21 mmBracketsL2L1Application NoteWhen connecting cascadable lights in a series,it is important not to exceed maximum currentlimitations:Maximum length of light at 12V dc: 1.5 mMaximum length of light at 24V dc: 3.0 mMaximum length of light at 30V dc: 3.1 mSMB<strong>WLS28</strong>RA• Two replacement brackets forone light• 14-ga. zinc-plated steel• ± 45˚ rotation from centerQuick-Disconnect (QD) Cordsets4-Pin M12/Euro-Style QD— Single-EndedDescription Models* LengthStraight(Female)MQDC-406MQDC-415MQDC-4302 m5 m9 m* For right-angle models, add RA to the end of the model number(example, MQDC-406RA).4-Pin M12/Euro-Style QD—Double-EndedDescription Models* LengthStraight(Female)/Straight(Male)MQDEC-401SSMQDEC-403SSMQDEC-406SSMQDEC-412SSMQDEC-420SSMQDEC-430SSMQDEC-450SS* For right-angle (male end) models, replace SS with RS(example, MQDEC-401RS).0.3 m0.9 m1.8 m3.6 m6.1 m9.2 m15.2 m4-Pin M12/Euro-Style QD —SplittersModelsBranches(Female)Trunk(Male)CSB-M1240M1240 No branch No trunkCSB-M1241M1241CSB-M1248M1241CSB-M12415M1241CSB-M12425M1241CSB-UNT425M12412 x 0.3 m0.3 m2.5 m4.6 m7.6 m7.6 mUnterminated<strong>Banner</strong> <strong>Engineering</strong> Corp.www.bannerengineering.com9714 Tenth Avenue North • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441 • (763) 544-3164 • Fax: (763) 544-3213Toll-free: 888-373-6767 • www.bannerengineering.com • Email: sensors@bannerengineering.com P/N 155399

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