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Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Procedures R1 -

Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Procedures R1 -

See photo 13 below.When

See photo 13 below.When dry, if necessary wire brush rustaway and corrosion control by sprayingEXTEND where needed on all surfacesand set aside to dry. Protect machinedsurfaces from spray.j. Outer grease seal retainer plate.When dry, if necessary wire brush awayrust and corrosion control by sprayingEXTEND on all surfaces of the plate andset aside to dry.Fig. 13. This picture illustrates both the upperand lower control arms as well as the drive shaftwith outer CV joint. Hub and knuckle areremoved in this view. Note castle nut in placeon the axle shaft.h. Hub.When dry, if necessary wire brush rustaway and corrosion control by sprayingEXTEND on all surfaces and set aside todry. Protect machined surfaces fromspray.21. Using appropriate caliper and ideally a threepoint cylinder bore gauge, measure fortolerances as follows:a. Hub shaft, which must not be tapered orhave a step on it. It is a ground dimensionand should have a uniform measure from aminimum of 2.0015 to a maximum of2.0020 inches. Anything less and the hubshould be replaced or shaftreconditioned/rebuilt (e. g. metalized andground).See photo 15 below.See photo 14 below.Fig. 14. Cleaning hub shaft.When dry, if necessary, corrosion controlby spraying EXTEND on all surfaces ofthe plate and set aside to dry.i. Knuckle.8Fig. 15. Caliper being used to measure hubshaft dimension.b. Knuckle bore, which should uniformlymeasure 3.2510 to 3.2525 inches. Borecan be 0.0015 inches out of round if theaverage diameter is within tolerance.However, the minimum diameter must notbe less than 3.2510 inches. Knuckle

measurements are best made with a threepointcylinder bore gauge.See photo 17 below.See photo 16 below.Fig. 17 Caliper mounting bolt/pin hole threadsin knuckle being chased/cleaned.Fig. 16. Measuring bore of knuckle withcaliper.Note: bearing race OD measures 3.250inches, so fit in knuckle is not interference.If necessary, recondition/rebuild knuckle asfollows (e. g. alternatives are):Metalize and machine.Machine for oversize race, orSleeve with high strength tubingIf it is within tolerance and will be reusedchase the two caliper mounting bolt/pin holethreads with 7/16-20 NC tap and T-slidertap wrench.c. Brake disc, which is to measure between2.000 to 2.130 inches. Discard andreplace if below minimum.If within tolerance, sand disc on both frontand back surfaces with 80 grit sandpaperwrapped around a small block of wood,etc., to deglaze.At this point, also consider need to turndisc, particularly if brakes pulsate(indicates warped disc) under braking use.22. Inspect condition of:a. Outer tie rod/grease boot and both upperand lower ball joint grease boots.Replace if damaged or torn.b. CV joint boot for tears and clampcondition. Replace as necessary.c. Outer tie rod and both ball joint studlooseness. Replace as necessary.d.23. This completes the process for one wheel. Nowrepeat for the opposite side, if necessary.9

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