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lovemiddlesbrough-magazine-spring-2015 (2)

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Newsin briefA high street community bank offeringaffordable credit, low priced whitegoods and other financial services is toopen in Middlesbrough town centre.The service will be run by MoneywiseCommunity Banking - a not-for-profitTeesside-based credit union - andaims to help thousands of localpeople out of the cycle of debt.Premises are yet to be identified forthe bank.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .A tireless stalwart of her community hasbeen named Middlesbrough’s 2014Citizen of the Year.Sheila Foster was nominated for thehonour by Beechwood and ClairvillePCSO Graeme Errington.In addition to being a carer for herdisabled brother-in-law, Sheila is amember of Clairville CommunityCouncil and contributes every year tothe Grove Hill Fun Day.She regularly petitions for local causes,and recently led the successfulcampaign to save the Grove Hill MultiuseGames Area (MUGA).In the sheltered housing schemewhere she lives she runs weekly eventsfor the elderly and disabled residents,including prize bingo on Tuesdays,while every Wednesday she cookslunch for more than 30 people with theproceeds to the Heart Unit at JamesCook University Hospital.Sheila has also contributed to severalone-off events to raise money for anumber of good causes includingHelp for Heroes, the Great North AirAmbulance and Macmillan CoffeeMorning.Middlesbrough recently featured inBBC 2’s ‘Great British Railway Journeys’in a celebration of the town’s importantrole in the history of railways.During his stop-off in the town, presenterMichael Portillo visited Middlehaven Dockand the historic William Lane Foundryon Forty Foot Road as he explored thearea’s rapid 19th Century rise from ahamlet to a centre of Victorian Britain’siron and steel industries.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Huge changes to adult social care lawwill come into effect in April 2015. TheCare Act has been described as “thebiggest change to English adult socialcare law in over 60 years”.Key areas of change include theintroduction of national eligibility criteria,new rights for carers and a legalright to a personal budget and directpayment. Additional reforms will beintroduced in April 2016.More information on the changes can be foundat entrepreneur Steve Cochrane wasrecently presented with a special civicaward for his service to the economic,social and physical regeneration ofMiddlesbrough town centre.Mr Cochrane, born in North Ormesby,started in business in 1982 andopened Psyche in Middlesbrough twoyears later.Over the years the business has grownand has won a number of nationalawards - its first as UK DesignerRetailer of the Year in 1995 ahead ofSelfridges on Oxford Street. In 2004,Psyche won the prestigious UK Retailerof the Year Award, going on to repeatthe feat against all odds the followingyear.The store currently employs 65 staff,and a recruitment drive will see thatfigure rise to nearly 70 in the near future.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .North Ormesby Market - affectionatelyknown as ‘Doggy Market’ - is to be runby a local community project whichhas big plans for its development.North Ormesby NeighbourhoodDevelopment Trust (NONDeT) has beensuccessful in its Community AssetTransfer bid.Included in their plans for the market,which runs on Tuesdays and Saturdays,is to widen the scope of what’s onoffer, including farmers markets, Asianmarkets and other specialist markets,and to make it the heart of thecommunity.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Four Middlesbrough primary schoolsare to receive a £1,000 prize for theirwork in improving the attainment ofdisadvantaged pupils.The schools - St Edwards, Acklam Whin,Sacred Heart and Captain Cook -have been honoured in the nationalPupil Premium Awards 2015 afterpositive Key Stage 2 results.Town centre bar The Dickens Inn, onSouthfield Road, has been recognisedas one of the best venues in thecountry as part of the Best Bar Noneawards. The destination won the 2014Middlesbrough prize and was thennamed as one of the top six in anational event held at the House ofLords.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Middlesbrough-based firm AV Dawsonhas completed the final phase of a£12.5m expansion with the opening ofits £6.5m automotive steel distributioncentre. The three-phase plan alsoincluded a £2.6m intermodal railterminal, which provides freight firmswith a direct link to the East CoastMainline, and a £3.4m deepwaterquay which allows companies tokit out vessels and ship wind turbinecomponents out to sea.The expansion plan has enabled thelogistics specialist to grow its workforceby more than a third.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .A direct rail route betweenMiddlesbrough and London for the firsttime in 20 years has been announced.The Middlesbrough link will be introducedin 2020. However, Middlesbrough Councilwill now be speaking to the operator toconvince them of the benefits of bringingthe service to the town sooner.A consortium involving Virgin andStagecoach has been awarded theGovernment franchise contract to runthe East Coast mainline from March.Teesside’s Coroner’s Service has beenhonoured with a Mayor’s Award for itsoutstanding work in clearing the area’sinquest backlog.The award was presented to ActingSenior Coroner Clare Bailey, AssistantCoroner Malcolm Donnelly and theirteam in a ceremony at MiddlesbroughTown Hall.During 2014 significant progress wasA series of works by the internationallyrenowned artist Mackenzie Thorpe willcontinue Middlesbrough Rail Station’sgrowing reputation as a platform for art.Nine works by Middlesbrough bornMackenzie, including two new pieces,will be unveiled in March and remainon display on platform two until 2017.made in modernising the service anddealing with the historic backlog ofcases which at its worst stood at over 400.The most recent figures availableshow that by the end of the year only12 backlog cases were yet to beconcluded. Additionally the averagetime taken to conclude an inquestis now around 12 weeks - which isamong the best nationally.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .They will replace the current displayof prints of the works of local artistEamonn McGovern. Featuring locallandmarks, it has proved extremelypopular with station users since theirunveiling over three years ago.Above left, Mackenzie Thorpe, whose art will featurein a new commission of prints at Middlesbrough RailStation. Right, Steph McGovern beside one of herfather Eamonn’s works.4 lovemiddlesbrough magazine lovemiddlesbrough magazine5

Help athandReport a Loan SharkLoan sharks are illegal moneylenderswho often charge very high interestrates. You can check if a company isauthorised to lend money and reportloan sharks anonymously.To check if a lender is registeredyou can search the FinancialServices Register for companies andindividuals authorised by the FinancialConduct Authority (FCA).FCA - 0800 111 6768Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pmSaturday, 9am to 1pmIf you spot a loan shark or you’veborrowed money from one you canreport them anonymously.Illegal Money Lending 0300 555 222224-hour serviceText LOAN SHARK and the lender’s detailsto 60003. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Library ServicesThe Council’s Library Service providesaccess to computers. Staff aretrained to help you make use of thecomputers and can direct you to sitesthat could help you with your finances.For details contact 01642 729002Five LampsWelfare Rights UnitFive Lamps is a community focused The Council’s Welfare Rights Unitcharity that delivers an integrated range provide free and confidential adviceof social, economic and financial and assistance relating to welfareinclusion services within which it seeks to benefits & tax credits.transform lives, raise aspiration, remove You can arrange to speak to an adviserbarriers and offer any of the following venues by contactingour daily advice line on 01642 729242If you are worried about money orare having problems with doorstep Mornings 9am - 12noon held at:lenders, they can help. They have Newlands Medical Centre - Mondaya dedicated Financial InclusionCleveland Health Centre - TuesdayTeam who may be able to offer you Coulby Medical Practice - ThursdayMartonside Medical Centre - Fridayan affordable personal loan withpayments that suit your finances. Afternoons 1pm - 4pm held at:Mon. Acklam Green Ctr, Whinney Banks.Telephone: (01642) 608316Tues. Oakfields Medical Practice.Email: WMNT Resource Ctr, Meath Street.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fri. Crossfell Health Centre.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Have your say on landlordsResidents and landlords are beingconsulted on the creation of a landlordMacmillan Cancer Supportlicensing scheme in North Ormesby.and Information Centre -Selective Licensing aims to improveJames Cook University Hospitalstandards of property managementHaving a diagnosis of cancer can be in the private rented sector and toexpensive. You may incur extra costs help bring about improved social andfor heating or travel or you may not economic conditions. If introduced, allbe able to work.private rented properties will have to belicensed by the Council.If you are a cancer patient or carerand would like further information on The licence holder will have to meetbenefits, debt management or any other certain ‘fit and proper person’ criteria inaspect of finance then please drop in ororder to obtain a the centre on 01642 835674.Consultation is currently underwayThey also have access to a Macmillan and runs until March 23.Benefit Adviser who can advise and Visit orsupport you with claims, form filling, email your views toappeals and Macmillan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .It’s your right to claimAre you missing out on money you areentitled to? If so a new service launchedby Middlesbrough Council could help.Partners from Middlesbrough’s FinancialInclusion Group will be running thecampaign across the town to helpensure residents are claiming thecorrect benefits.Entitled “It’s your right to claim” theservice is aimed particularly at thoseon low incomes and provides freeinformation about financial helpavailable.Last year a pilot scheme helpedMiddlesbrough residents claim over£90,000 in unclaimed benefits in justone week.You can contact the service confidentiallyon the hotline 01642 802303, orvisit one of the drop in advice sessionsheld across the town.A spokesman said: “The FinancialInclusion Group feels that at a timewhen a lot of people are strugglingfinancially, it is important that theyclaim all of the benefits to which theyare entitled. The benefits system canbe complicated, and the aim of thecampaign is to help people through iteffectively.”Achieving Two Year OldsPlaying outside in the sunshine is one of the great joys of childhoodthat little Felicity Rose Heard has not been able to experience in thesame way as others her age.The Hemlington two-year-old islight sensitive and has congenitalglaucoma, which makes her averseto daylight and bright lights.The condition requires regular surgeryunder anaesthetic to relieve thepressure behind the eyes as well asgeneral day-to-day management tohold back its worst effects.When the youngster was diagnosed atjust 22-weeks-old specialists told mumSarah Heard that Felicity was the firstlittle girl they had known in 30 years tobe born with the condition.As well as the effect on her vision,the glaucoma has also had a knockon“migraine-like” effect which hasslowed down Felicity’s development inareas such as speech.But with the treatment and speechtherapy, as well as her own knowledgeof when she needs to rest andwhich glasses help her in which lightconditions, the toddler is makingstrong progress.Sarah, who is also mum to eightyear-oldPaige, a pupil of Viewley HillPrimary School, also praised the roleplayed by Felicity’s nursery and itsstaff.Thanks to the Two Year Offer Felicityattends the Stainsby Nursery, for 15hours each week and enjoys playingand learning with the other children,helping her to get ready for schoolnursery.“It’s a big help and has really broughther on,” said Sarah. “I previously onlyhad Felicity in one day a week forrespite which was funded throughDisability Matters.“Now with the Two Year Offer and withthe eligibility of that changing recentlyI can put her in for 15 hours instead.“The staff are great with her and theyhave a soft play area and a sensoryroom and even an area where shecan go to sleep if she is having a‘bad day’.“They know she is light sensitive andthey are flexible with her. They work toher needs and try her with things.”To find out if you qualify call Familyinformation Service on (01642) 354200The best time to apply is two monthsbefore your child’s free place could start.You can pick up an application form atyour nearest Children’s Centre.Your two-year-old mightbe entitled to receivefree childcareIn order to apply your family MUST meet one of the following criteria• Receive Working Tax credits and haveannual gross earnings of no more than£16,190 per year• Child Tax Credit ONLY - Income below£16,190• Receive Income Support• Receive Income Based JobseekersAllowance• Receive Income Related Employmentand Support Allowance (JSA)If you meet any of the criteria listed call:Family Information Service, Middlesbrough01642 354200• Receive Guaranteed Element of StatePension Credit• Receive support through Part 6 of theImmigration and Asylum Act 1999• If the child has a current Statement ofSpecial Education Needs (SEN) or anEducation, Health and Care Plan• If the child attracts Disability LivingAllowance• If the child has left care through aSpecial Guardianship Order or throughan Adoption or Residence Orderto confirm youreligibility6 lovemiddlesbrough magazinelovemiddlesbrough magazine7

“I told the guy that Ifelt safer walking roundAcklam than I did inShepherds Bush!”“I’m very proud ofwhere I come fromand my accent ispart of that”But success in the national engineeringaward was to offer 19-year-old Steph asecond chance at the BBC - one shetook with both hands.“I can still remember getting the call.I was in Topshop changing rooms atthe time,” she says. “The BBC weredoing a programme on engineeringand the producer had heard aboutmy award and invited me to go toLondon to take part.“When I walked through the doors ofTelevision Centre I just felt WOW. Therewas such a creative buzz about theplace and I thought immediately Iwanted to be part of it.”The trip proved a learning curve inmore ways than one for Steph, whohappily looks back and chuckles ather teenage naivety.“Afterwards we were all invited for adrink. The woman in front of me askedfor a spritzer. I hadn’t a clue what oneof them was but it sounded nice so Iasked for one.“When I tasted it I wasn’t impressed.I thought to myself, not only do theycharge a fortune for wine down here,they also water it down!”Above: Steph on the set of BBC Breakfast TimeDetermined to get a further taste ofthe BBC, Steph made sure she keptthe contact details of those she hadmet at Radio 4.“I won a place at University in Londonand I basically stalked the people I’dmet on the radio programme to tryand get some work experience,” shesays. “Finally I got offered a coupleof weeks and began learning aboutediting. At the end of the fortnight Iwas of some use to them and they letme keep coming back on weekendsand holidays.”Again Steph’s persistence paid offand after completing her degree shewas offered a job at the Beeb, whereshe has worked on various radio andTV programmes before arriving at hercurrent job of BBC Breakfast businesspresenter and co-host. She believesboth herself and the Beeb havelearned a lot along the way.On her first day at work Steph walkedinto the Radio 4 studio to see a mapof Middlesbrough up on the wall witha big red circle around part of thetown. She was told by the producerthey were doing a special on crimeand ASBOs and that this was a no-goarea. “I couldn’t believe it. The areawas where my mam lives,” says Steph.“I told the guy the map was rubbish,that I felt safer walking round Acklamthan I did in Shepherds Bush. Thegood thing is that they listened to meand made changes. I have learneda lot from the BBC but they have alsolearned things from me.”Steph also quickly found that whenyou are on the telly, you are seenby some as a target. Because shepossesses that rarity on national TV -a regional accent - the internet trollsquickly emerged.“I would scroll through hundreds ofreally nice comments but it was thevicious, nasty one that caught theeye. I’m not alone, it seems to bemainly men, targeting mainly womenwith personal comments,” revealsSteph.“I did once respond to a nasty tweetfrom someone. They replied veryapologetically and said they hadn’trealised I would read the commentand they didn’t hate me.“But it’s not advisable to get involved.You can check other posts thesepeople send and it usually turns outthey have sent scores of commentsabout different people and theyare all nasty, not a good word foranything. I see them now as sad,pathetic figures sat at home withnothing better to do.”Steph feels fellow troll target andthe BBC’s Economics Editor, RobertPeston, gave sound advice on thesubject. “He said we should pity thosethat don’t get comments becausethey must be so bland!”On the positive side, Steph nowhas a legion of fans who will springto her defence if any troll rears its -usually - ugly head. The fans includea Twitter account dedicated toSteph’s eyebrows. “I have no ideawho is behind it, but it is quite funny.When someone had a go at me, theeyebrow account looked at the troll’sonline image and responded in away I would have liked to but wouldhave been sacked if I had!”Steph even received £20 enclosed ina letter urging her to use the moneyto get treatment for her “terribleaffliction” - the writer was talking abouther Teesside accent. “What reallysurprised me was that the letter camefrom someone in Darlington,” saysSteph.“I’m very proud of where I come fromand my accent is part of that. I wouldnever change it. I used the money totreat my friends during a night out inMiddlesbrough.”She passes on the words of wisdomfrom her mentor, the highly-respectedprogramme editor Alison Ford, whotragically died of cancer last year.“She was from the North-East herselfand gave me my big break onscreen. She urged me to be myselfand not to change my accent. I laterlearned that others had been againstme going on screen, thinking I wastoo common but Alison fought mycorner and I’ll always be grateful,”says Steph.Steph competing in the Middlesbrough 10k runTop: Keen ‘Boro fan and Riverside regularIt was in the sedate surroundingsof Bettys tea rooms that Stephfirst realised she had become a“celebrity”. She had popped in withher mum and aunt during a visit to Yorkand, as is often the way, auntie startedasking niece about her love life.“I suddenly realised the whole ofBettys had fallen silent. People hadrecognised me from the telly. Theyhad been following the conversationand they were all waiting for theanswer,” says Steph.She managed to brush the questionoff, and does the same whenlovemiddlesbrough tries to pry: “I’min a relationship but I don’t talk aboutit. It’s unfair on the other person,” saysSteph.Back down to earth, after the bracingphoto shoot on the Transporter Bridge,there is more evidence of Steph’spopularity and she happily obligeswhen one of the Bridge engineers asksfor a photo.As they stand side by side, smilingbeneath the bridge, his colleaguecalls out: “See Mam, I have got agirlfriend.”The bridge man blushes, Steph cracks up.10 lovemiddlesbrough magazine lovemiddlesbrough magazine11

Later, over a coffee in BrasserieHudson Quay, with its spectacularTransporter Bridge backdrop, Stephrefers back to the wisecrack whenshe lists her favourite things aboutMiddlesbrough.“It’s a humour you don’t get in manyother places, always taking the mickeybut in a gentle way,” she confides.“I’m going out with a pal for dinnernext week and she told me she hasrequested a quiet table. She says shekeeps getting recognised since gettinga job at Iceland. To me Middlesbroughis an enormous comfort blanket. I canjust be myself. People will have a laughand a joke but in a nice way, and theyare so supportive. There is such warmthabout the place.”Steph’s working day starts at 4am whenshe arrives at the BBC’s Salford offices.“There’s a myth that BBC presenters get aclothing allowance. We don’t!” says Steph.“But we do get our hair and make-updone. Lauren Rathbone does mine; bywonderful co-incidence she comes fromIngleby Barwick. She’s a great pal andwe’ll quite often go out together when weare both back home.”Some famous people she has metthrough work have left her cold butSteven Spielberg was “fantastic” andworking alongside Radio 2 presenterChris Evans “brilliant”.Top: Enjoying the view at Brasserie Hudson Quay“To me Middlesbrough is an enormouscomfort blanket. I can just be myself.People will have a laugh and a joke but ina nice way, and they are so supportive.There is such warmth about the place.”The BBC has sent her on assignmentsacross the globe, including to Braziland the US. “I woke up in New Yorkand just couldn’t believe I was beingpaid to work there,” says Steph.However, an early morning jobat Grimsby Docks proved lessglamourous. “It was 4am and this guysaw me wandering round the docks.He thought I was a prostitute andcame up and offered me four cansof Stella and ten quid - much to theamusement of my cameraman!” sherecalls.Career-wise, Steph has enjoyed stintson 5live, Radio 2 and Radio 4 andwill be making an appearance onthe new series of the Vic and Bobcomedy “House of Fools”. She feelsin a very good place at the momentand loves the camaraderie on BBCBreakfast. Her ambitions include to visitChina and to appear on Strictly ComeDancing. A massive fan of the show,she attended the Blackpool recordingwith her mum to cheer on fellow BBCBreakfast presenter Susanna Reidand Middlesbrough-born actor MarkBenton when they competed.Steph regularly returns home toMiddlesbrough to visit her folks andthe treat of a chicken special withgarlic sauce from Pizzapan on AcklamRoad. Whenever she can, she visitsthe Riverside Stadium to cheer onBoro and also enjoys meeting up withpals at the Dickens Inn and a goodcurry at Akbars.Despite a hectic schedule, shestill manages to find time to doan amount of voluntary work thatwould put many to shame. She’sa school governor, runs for charity,regularly speaks for good causesand organises career days for localteenagers where they get to meetbusiness leaders face to face andundergo mock interviews.“The biggest moan I get fromemployers is that young people arenot ready for work when they leavecollege and are lacking in basic skillssuch as communicating on a phone,”says Steph.“I always advise young people toget work experience. It’s the bestway to bridge this skills gap and justhaving that on a CV makes such adifference.“If you want to be a journalist, start ablog, get used to writing regularly andget yourself known. It lets employersknow you are determined.“Most of all, don’t let anyone tell youyou cannot achieve what you want -you can! I was knocked back but kepttrying and that’s what you have to do.And don’t lose your accent for anything- unless you become an actor playingan American in the Civil War.”Now there’s evenmore to love aboutMiddlesbroughin 2015Over £500 million investment means:• New jobs• New learning and leisure opportunities• New business opportunities• New quality homes to choose fromMiddlesbrough is changingand it’s changing now!12 lovemiddlesbrough magazinelovemiddlesbrough magazine13

Middlesbroughis ChangingA sports village, new hotels, new shops and businesses, increased job opportunities,better homes, improved education facilities and huge restoration projects. lovemiddlesbrough takes a look at some of the developments that will makeMiddlesbrough an ideal place to live, work and study.Education and Skills• Teesside University - a £30mcampus heart developmentwhich includes the new £20mteaching and learning buildingto be completed in Summer thisyear, turning Southfield Road into abeautiful location in the process.• Middlesbrough College’s £20mSTEM facility (Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths) whichincludes a £3m expansion of MC6the College’s Sixth Form Centre dueto open September this year whichwill provide fantastic educationalopportunities.MiddlehavenAlongside £150 million alreadyinvested, including the new Keironeurological rehabilitation centreand Middlesbrough College, otherplanned developments include:• Boho Five - a £4.2m developmentpart-funded by the HCA and ERDFdue for completion Spring this yearwhich will provide premises forentrepreneurs looking to start up abusiness in Middlesbrough’s growingdigital sector.• A £1.6m landscaping developmentand community park in front of theTransporter Bridge, part-funded byAble UK, to be completed in summerthis year which aims to encouragemore investment in the area.• Transporter Bridge - a £2.6mHeritage Lottery Fund project totransform the bridge into a top visitorattraction to include the installationof a glass viewing lift, improvementsto the walkway, restoration of thegondola, provision of a viewingarea to the motor room and anupgrade to the visitor centre - all tobe completed in spring this year.• Middlehaven Land Preparation -£2.4m is being spent to remediatethe land ready for furtherredevelopment in the future.• Dock Bridge - a £4.5m scheme thatwill improve access to Middlehaven,creating a clear route from NorthOrmesby to the town centre, andunlock land for development. Duefor completion spring 2016.Key areas of regeneration include:Leisure and Culture• Middlesbrough Sports Village(pictured above), an £18mdevelopment offering a broad mixof sporting and leisure opportunitiesin an outstanding setting off MartonRoad. The development will becomplete in April this year.• The Holiday Inn Express, CentreSquare. A 138 room hotel costing£12m to open in July this year,bringing more visitors to the townand more money into the localeconomy.More than £500m is currently beinginvested in these projects and thesepages will explain in detail the variousinitiatives going on and the benefitsthey bring to the town and its people.In recent years we have seensignificant changes includingMiddlesbrough College’s newcampus at Middlehaven, newstate-of-the-art secondary schools,development of world leadingmedical facilities at James CookUniversity Hospital and majorinvestments in the transport network.And what is going on now takes thetown to a whole new level again. The£500m being invested will createover 1,000 new jobs, will support new• Middlesbrough Town Hall - theCouncil has applied for £4m fromthe Heritage Lottery Fund to improvethe Town Hall, which would giveconcert-goers a better experienceand also allow the historic courts,police and fire stations to bebrought back into use and beenjoyed by the public.• Baker/Bedford Street area - a£250,000 scheme that has alreadytransformed Baker Street from asemi-redundant residential streetinto a haven for independenttraders with micro-pubs, eateriesand shops. Work on the adjacentBedford Street will start this year.and growing businesses, create newlearning and leisure opportunities foreveryone and lead to over 3,400 newhomes.Many of the projects that are beinghighlighted on these pages will befamiliar to the public but for thosethat are not, don’t take our wordfor it. The next time you are in thetown centre have a wander downBaker Street or through the Universitycampus on Southfield Road, or pulloff the A66 and have a drive aroundMiddlehaven to see for yourself someof the stunning buildings going up.Mike Robinson - Chief Executive,Middlesbrough Council. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .• Acklam Hall, a £19.3m restorationproject to create a business andconferencing centre with an on-siterestaurant - allowing the public toenjoy access to the magnificentGrade I listed building by August thisyear. This will be supplemented by56 premium housing units and thedevelopment of a health village.Top: Middlesbrough Sports Village.Left: Middlesbrough Council Chief ExecutiveMike Robinson.Opposite: Teesside University campus heart,Holiday Inn Express, AV Dawson automotivesteel store.HousingLast year Middlesbrough Councilbecame one of the first areas inthe country to have its Local Planadopted and approved by theGovernment. Consultations were heldover a long period of time across thetown in order to formulate the plan,which sets out proposals for 7,000new homes to be built over the next15 years and - most importantly forthe public - where those houses willbe built.See our housing supplementto find out more...To find out more oron Twitter #MiddlesbroughischangingBusiness and EnterpriseTeesside AdvancedManufacturing ParkThis is a purpose-built £50m scienceand technology park, based atRiverside Park in Middlehaven, that willprovide high quality workspace andcreate a dynamic community forengineering companies in advancedmanufacturing, technology, energyand production of components forthe oil, gas and offshore wind industry.AV DawsonAV Dawson, on Riverside Park Road,have invested £10m to build a stateof-the-artrail terminal which providesa direct link onto the East CoastMainline, they have also expandedtheir deepwater quay, resulting in asignificant increase in freight handling.Charles Clinkard HQOne of the biggest names in footwearretail, Charles Clinkard, began life asa single shop in Middlesbrough towncentre in 1924. It now boasts morethan 30 stores across the UK anda thriving online business and hasannounced plans for a purpose-built40,000 square feet HQ and distributioncentre at Cannon Park, costing £3mand due for completion this year.TWIThe first development on the technologypark is a £7m build called the OffshoreWind Validation Centre. It will provideresearch, training and validation servicesto the offshore wind industry with scopeto do likewise for the oil and gas sector.It will create 50 jobs and is due forcompletion at the end of this year.14 lovemiddlesbrough magazinelovemiddlesbrough magazine15

All aboard for gettingmore active at James CookExtra Life is an inventive,inclusive wellbeing initiativethat aims to deliver researchbased improvements inhealth and wellbeing acrosslocal settings.How has the trustimplemented Extra Life?The trust has supported a number ofhealth prevention activities over theyears but after signing up for Extra Lifea co-ordinator was appointed to bringtogether all current activities, as wellas develop new health and wellbeinginitiatives.They have worked in partnership withTeesside University to set up focusgroups with staff to talk to them abouttheir top health concerns. This hashelped to identify four key areas thatthe trust will work on in the comingmonths - lifestyle, mental health,wellbeing and resilience, and smokingreduction.The trust’s first major Extra Life initiativewas the recent ‘Stress Down’ weekrun in partnership with other Extra Lifesupporters Teesside University andMiddlesbrough College.Extra Life is currently working inpartnership with Teesside University,Middlesbrough College and SouthTees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust;however the long term aim is toinvolve lots of other local employersand community settings.Why has the Universitysigned up to Extra Life?The University has been activelyworking to promote a healthieruniversity, both in terms of studentsand staff, for a number of years.We feel signing up to Extra Life willstrengthen and add to the progressthat has already been made. Inparticular we can see the benefit ofthe Extra Life branding as we believeit will become a recognisable andtrusted brand across Middlesbrough.We hope to create increasedawareness of the Extra Life brand onthe back of activities and initiatives,such as the recent ‘Stress Down Week’.Extra Life begins by working togetherwith each setting to identify theirunique wellbeing needs and existingassets. It then offers support, adviceand motivation throughout the setting,using a variety of tools, to build arobust environment that supports andimproves the health of those who visit.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .For more information please go will you achievewith Extra Life in 2015?We recently combined our annual“Every Student Matters” week with “StressDown” in February to maximise impactand we are planning further innovativecampaigns throughout the year. We alsoplan to recruit Health Champions whowill support in delivering Extra Life activity.We intend to use the Healthy Settingsframework and Extra Life brand identityto enable and encourage staff andstudents to improve health. We expectExtra Life combined with our HealthySettings Framework to provide us with amuch more coordinated approach tomany areas of need including;• Sexual Health • Substance Misuse• Smoking Cessation• Healthy Eating/Heart Disease• Opportunities for Physical Activity• Mental Health/Emotional/ Resilience• General Health issues• Safeguarding students, staff and visitorsSouth Tees Hospitals NHS FoundationTrust signed up to “Extra Life” HealthPromoting Hospitals in June 2013.One of the five standards to beachieved is to ‘create supportiveand sustainable environments thatcontribute positively to improvinghealth and wellbeing.’Any changes to the environment thatlead to an increase in physical activityand a reduction in our carbon footprintwould help to achieve this standard.A number of exciting developmentsare helping patients, visitors, staff andcontractors to do just that.Here are a few different ways oftravelling to and from The JamesCook University Hospital for both staffand visitors:-Rail stationThe long awaited James Cookrail station, located at the back ofThe James Cook University Hospitalopened to the public in May 2014.Up to 17 trains a day in each directioncall at the hospital and other stationson the line between Middlesbroughand Nunthorpe.The new facility, which cost around£2.2million, has a single platform onthe Middlesbrough to Whitby route (onthe hospital side of the railway line)and provides a fully-lit waiting shelterand seating, full CCTV coverage andpassenger information including anelectronic screen and public addressannouncements. Rail users also getthe opportunity to take a short5-10 min walk to andfrom the hospital.For more informationon times and pricesvisit thetrainline.comTravel by busThere are also a variety of bus routesthat stop just outside James CookUniversity Hospital, these are 10, 10A, 11A,18, 19, 28, 28B 29, 29A, 63, 455, 456, X80.For more information on timesand routes TravelThose who would like to improvetheir fitness and reduce theircarbon footprint even more can trywalking or cycling to the hospital.Building more walking and cyclinginto your everyday routine willcontribute towards achieving yourrecommended 30 minutes ofmoderate intensity exercise on five ormore days of the week.MiddlesbroughSports VillageWith a cycle circuit, skate plaza,athletics stadium, indoor athletictrack, 75 station active gym, indoorchildren’s play area, multi-functionalsports hall, café, football pitches,and therapy rooms, this state ofthe art facility will provide the idealopportunity to be active fitting aroundyour lifestyle.A lit path between the hospital andsports village will allow people to walkto the sports village and fit in someactivities before your workout evenbegins!New staff car park atPrissick Base for thoseworking at the hospitalThe new 1,100-space Prissick Base carpark, opening in the next few months,will be accessed from Ladgate Lane(B1380) opposite Stewart Park and hasbeen designed to a formal ‘Park Mark’accreditation standard.This means that measures havebeen put in place to create a safeenvironment for car park users,including appropriate lighting andeffective CCTV, fully endorsed by thelocal police.Hospital staff who park there willbenefit not only from a guaranteedspace and more effective entry andexit away from the extremely busyMarton Road, but also have theopportunity of a 5-10 minute walk toand from their work each day.16 lovemiddlesbrough magazinelovemiddlesbrough magazine17

Headstart Middlesbrough“Beating the Odds” programmeMiddlesbrough has beenselected by the Big LotteryFund as one of 12 areas todeliver a partnership-wideprogramme to improvethe emotional and mentalhealth of 10-14 year olds.The ultimate aim of the programmeis to equip young people with theresilience to prevent emotional andmental health problems occurring.This will be achieved by child centredsupport delivered through schools, thehome and family environment and inthe community.A multi-sector partnership board, chairedby the Director of Public Health forMiddlesbrough, has been developedto oversee the implementation of thepilot programme and to coordinate thedevelopment of the next stage bid for atown wide programme. The partnershiphas been awarded £500,000 to deliverthe Big Lottery Headstart programmeover a period of 18 months andMiddlesbrough Council is acting as leadorganisation.Engagement events for young people,parents, families, partner agenciesand local communities will be rolledout throughout the first half of 2015 tocanvass ideas on the next stage bidfor a town wide programme.Three secondary schools have beenidentified as the focus of the pilotHeadstart Middlesbrough stage 2project. Unity City Academy and AcklamGrange schools are using a financialinvestment to implement new processesand services and Trinity Catholic Collegeare developing a framework of supportacross all Catholic schools in the borough.Young people will be involved in allaspects of the design and deliveryof ‘Beating the Odds’. In December,Myplace Middlesbrough with TeessideUniversity welcomed students fromTrinity Catholic College, Unity CityAcademy and Acklam Grange toparticipate in a digital storytellingproject focused on discussing issuesfaced by young people. The studentswere encouraged to create a digitalstory which highlights the issues thatyoung people face as well as thosemoments that have a positive effecton their lives. The feedback from thesesessions will determine how futureservices are developed.Myplace Middlesbrough, a key partnerin ‘Beating the Odds’, offers a fun andsafe environment for young peopleaged 9-19 (or up to 25 with special needsand/or disabilities) to access a range ofsupport services and to meet friends,develop hobbies and gain new skills.Myplace has a partnership approachto delivering services to youngpeople. The facility houses a range oforganisations from public, voluntary,education and private sectors workingtogether to create opportunities andimprove outcomes for young people.Wendy Kelly, Strategic Managerat Myplace, said: “It is fantasticthat Middlesbrough has securedthis funding and all partners arecommitted to developing anddelivering a range of services thatwill support the emotional health ofyoung people in Middlesbrough. Itwas great to get the young peopletogether and discuss the issuesthat are having an impact in theirlives at this moment in time. Byidentifying those issues we were ableto focus funding on specific areasthat are causing the most concern,which in turn will allow us to reallyimprove the lives of young people inMiddlesbrough.”For further information on Headstart‘Beating the Odds’ please contactWendy Kelly on 01642 728079 or more information on Myplace orcall 01642256310.BuildYour guide to new housing developments in Middlesbrough 201518 lovemiddlesbrough magazine

Awarded 5 stars for customer satisfactionStainsby Hall Park Middlesbrough TS5 8EHGet into gearthis new year.Showhomes now open!A simple way to step into a new home.We have made buying a new home so affordable with the Stepping Stones scheme!A new2 bedroomsemi-detachedhome for a 45%mortgage ofonly £39,598with SteppingStones*.Prices correct at time of going to press. Specification on site may differ. Pictures for illustration purposes only.*Bellway reserve the right to refuse a part exchange, terms & conditions can be found at 5 stars for customer satisfaction5 ONLY%Stainsby Hall Park is an exciting new development of stylishthree and four bedroom family homes ideally located forMiddlesbrough town centre and within easy reach of glorioussurrounding countryside.Call: 07764 335 015 Click: Friday - Sunday 11am - 5.30pm, Monday 12pm - 5.30pm,Thursday 11am - 8pm.Depositrequired*Acklam Green is a brand new development of new build homes in the revitalised area of Acklamnear Middesbrough. Stepping Stones is an innovative scheme that assists first time buyers to get onto the property ladder in Middlesbrough with a 50% interest free loan. Stepping Stones is exclusivelyavailable at the Bellway Acklam Green development.Call: 01642 823 766 Click: Monday 12pm - 5.30pm, Tuesday & Wednesday closed, Thursday 11am - 8pm, Friday - Sunday 11am - 5.30pm.Acklam Green Off Acklam Road Middlesbrough TS5 4GD50 %Interest free loan*+ =A quickaffordableway to buya new home!PARTEXCHANGEAvailable3 & 4 bedroom homesavailable from only£181,995 to £244,995.Stepping StonesPrices from£87,995 to £106,995The ability of Middlesbrough to adjust tochanging economic times has neverbeen in doubt.This area has been at the forefront ofinnovation from railways to steel, shippingto science and its craftsmanship can befound across the globe.As Ian Horn so powerfully puts it in hispoem Ironopolis: “We built the world, everymetropolis came from Ironopolis”.That pioneering tradition continues intoday’s digital age with the work of thetown’s Boho creative hub impactingacross the globe and Teesside can beproud of the significant role it plays in theNorth-East being the only net exportingregion in the UK.Despite the major part the town has playedin the regional and national economy, thepopulation of Middlesbrough has fallen byover 20,000 in the past 40 years and thisequates to a fall of £8m a year in councilrevenue. Private industry can rightly beproud of the number of jobs created inMiddlesbrough in recent years, yet manyof their employees choose to live outsidethe town.Studies highlighted that a major factor in thetown’s declining population was the skew inMiddlesbrough is embarking on its biggest housebuilding programme for five decades, providing a choiceof quality housing for buyers at all levels.Kevin Parkes, Executive Director for Economic Developmentand Communities, outlines how 7,495 new homes willprovide jobs and financial benefit, for the town.the town’s housing stock towards low valueproperties (at 53% over twice the nationalaverage). This has led to many familieshaving to move outside our boundaries tofind the home they are after, in particularhomes of Council tax Band C and above.In addition to this reduced income fromhousing, we have also had to find £60min austerity savings over the last four yearsand will have to find at least the sameagain by 2020. These factors all havethe consequence of reducing councilfinances and every pound lost is a poundthat cannot be spent on caring for themost vulnerable in our society or investingin the local economy.To tackle this double whammy of fallingpopulation and falling income, we havedrawn up a clear strategy to increasethe number of residents in the town bybuilding more homes across the counciltax spectrum - thus competing with thehousing offer elsewhere within the region.A wider housing offer will encouragepeople of all income levels to moveto the town whilst also retaining youngfamilies, those graduating, leaving home,other first time buyers and those movingup the housing ladder.Formula Grant awarded by theGovernment is the largest source offunding to the council (35%) and this isbased in part on population. In addition,new homes increase the amountcollected each year in Council Tax andthe Government new homes bonusmatches for six years the council tax ofevery new home built.So we have ambitious plans to boosthousing within the town with 7,495 homesdue to be built in the next 17 years, anaverage of 440 per year. The increasedpopulation will increase the formula grantwe receive from Government by £4-5mper year, yield £10.8m in New Homes Bonusand boost council tax receipts by £10.1m.I am delighted that so many developershave backed our plans and shownconfidence in Middlesbrough by investingin house building schemes across thetown. This year will see the highest numberof housing completions in the town formany decades. On a number of sites newhomes are selling off plan, before theyare even constructed, demonstrating theconsumer confidence in the future. Housebuilding brings an immediate jobs boost inboth construction and local supply chains,whilst an increase in residents brings longterm benefit to the local economy.This is a long term strategy but one wecan see taking shape with new homesspringing up across the town.In this housing supplement you canread about the quality affordablehomes offered by Erimus, includingshared ownership, retirement andrented accommodation; the 2,3 and 4bedroomed homes offered by Gleesonswhich benefit from the “help to buy”programme and the range of housingoffered by Bellway, including the twobedroomed semis at Acklam Green thatbenefit from their affordable “steppingstones” scheme funded by the counciland the stylish three and four bedroomedfamily homes at Stainsby Hall Park.If we are to prosper as a town we have towork with our partners to be self financinglike never before - but Middlesbrough hasnever shirked from a challenge.*Pictures for illustration purposes only. Prices correct at time of going to press. Terms and conditions apply. Customer pays the deposit on the purchase price.Some lenders may require a higher deposit. For all information visit magazine21

The partners in the Thirteen Group offer a flexible range of housing options acrossMiddlesbrough and the wider region, helping people rent a home to meet their needs orget a foot on to the property ladder in a way they can afford.Homes for RentThe landlord partners in the Thirteen Group;Erimus Housing, Housing Hartlepool,Tees Valley Housing and Tristar Homes,all have available properties to rent.Tenancies benefit from a 24 hour contactteam service for repairs, security of tenure,no bond/admin fee, low rental costs andexperienced, professional staff.Work is currently underway inMiddlesbrough to provide more than 50much-needed affordable homes.Erimus Housing is working on the site of theformer Fulbeck House flats in Netherfields,which were demolished in 2009, as well astwo Park End sites. The homes; 28 homesat Netherfields and 24 in Park End, will beready for rent from March.Contact us on 0300 111 1000 to ask for the lettings team; we can tell you about theproperties we have available and talk you through applying for a property. You can visitour website on and we also advertise a selection of propertiesthat are available immediately on rightmove. Visit for SaleNetherfields is now home to ten propertiesavailable to buy on a shared ownershipbasis. Prices start at £21,250 for a 25%share in a three bedroom house, featuringspacious accommodation includingkitchens with integrated appliances, familybathrooms and three bedrooms.For more information, contact sellingagent Michael Poole on 01642 254222.Extra CareExtra care housing offers a new way ofsupport whilst living independently for peopleover a certain age. It gives people the privacyof a home of their own with a range of facilitieson the premises, including on site careservices.Tristar Homes is working with MiddlesbroughCouncil to develop extra care accommodationon the site of the former Thorntree Library andYouth Centre in Beresford Crescent.The development is made up of a mix of 65spacious one and two bedroom apartments,all with level access showers, for rent, sale andshared ownership, alongside 22 two bedroombungalows with car parking, available foraffordable rent and shared ownership.There are extensive communal facilitiesincluding a guest room for visitors, awelcoming bistro and lounge open toeveryone, hairdressing facilities, a communallaundry with indoor and outdoor dryingfacilities and a sunny secure garden includinga dining terrace and shared communitygarden.The scheme is ideally situated in the heart ofThorntree, with easy access to local shops,bus stops and places of worship and will beavailable from March.To find out more about BeresfordCrescent, contact 08000 461600.

Help for house buyersAs part of the Council’scommitment to encouragehousehunters to chooseMiddlesbrough, theCouncil launched theStepping Stones schemeto help first time buyersgain a foot on the propertyladder.Lack of mortgage availability remains amajor barrier to home ownership, andtypical deposit requirements are nowequivalent to approximately three quartersof annual salary for the average first-timebuyer.Under the Stepping Stones scheme, firsttime housebuyers are required to pay just5% deposit and the council will fund aninterest-free equity loan for up to 50% ofthe property value.The equity loan will be secured by thesecond charge on the property, so thebuyer will own 100% of the property. Thiswill reduce the amount of mortgage thebuyer needs, making their repaymentsmore affordable, there will be no monthlyinterest or rent to pay to the Council.This scheme will also reduce the amountof deposit that buyers are required toprovide to mortgage lenders. The loan willbe repaid to the Council, at the prevailingmarket rate, when the homeownerchooses to sell the property, which they willbe free to do at any time.The scheme will be funded by the section106 financial contributions from theproperty developers and is presently onlyavailable on Bellway homes at AcklamGreen, Middlesbrough.About Acklam GreenAcklam Green is a neighbourhood in thewest of Central Middlesbrough. It is withinthe TS5 postcode area and part of theAyresome ward and bounded by West Laneand Newport to the north, the A19 dualcarriagewayto the west, Linthorpe to theeast and Acklam and Beckfield to the south.The local area offers good amenities andshops including a post office, butcher,chemist, banks, takeaway restaurants anda Tesco Express. There are good schools forall ages nearby as well as a day nursery inAcklam Road itself. Local bus services into theheart of Middlesbrough and other destinationsare frequent and reliable. Thornaby andMiddlesbrough railway stations are both withineasy reach, as are the A66 and A19.For more information or to apply for aStepping Stones equity loan, you cancontact Bellway Homes to arrangeto view a property, and collect anapplication form from the sales office.Or visit or time, Do it onlineGrow your ownWith better weather, it is a goodtime to think about getting outdoors.Growing your own food is a great wayof improving your health and helpingthe environment, and now’s theperfect time to start.It doesn’t matter how much spaceyou have, you will be able to growsomething tasty. Sunny windowsillsare perfect for growing lettuce; smallyards or back alleys are great for plantpots or grow bags for salads, carrots,potatoes, strawberries and small fruitbushes. If your garden is a little larger,you could make a small growing bed.If you want to grow more and don’thave the space at home, communitygardens, which are shared spaceswithin the community, provide biggerareas of growing space. Ask us foradvice.Why not walk?May is national walking month andOPM, Tees Valley Arts and a number ofprimary schools are encouraging pupilsto walk to school more. The project isrunning a creative writing competitionon who pupils would most like to walkto school with. During Walk to SchoolWeek (May 18 - 22) winners of thecompetition will then walk to school withthe characters they have chosen!Pupils are also designing new plaquesshowing when they are a 5 and 10minute walk away from school -another scheme to help people walkmore and use the car a little less. Whynot follow their lead and add walkingto your day or joining in one of themany walks organised by Brookfieldand Kader Strolling and Walking Groupor take part in a Healthy Stepping Car-Sharing Away Day.Planned trips, including contact details,can be found at fortnight runs until March 8th2015 - did you know:• Middlesbrough was awardedFairtrade Town status in 2007?• Middlesbrough has over 60 outletsoffering Fairtrade products?• Fairtrade means fair pay andworking conditions for farmers andproducers across the developingworld. It allows investment in thelocal community supportinghousing, healthcare and schools.• More than 1.4million farmers andworkers have benefitted from theFairtrade system.• Every time you choose Fairtrade youmake a positive difference to thelives of people all across the world.If you are interested in getting moreinvolved in the campaign contact us on01642 243183Teesside UniversityStudent Food Coopis an enterpriseoffering cheap,healthy food andis now open to thegeneral public.iPadFollow us on Twitter@mbrocouncilMyMiddlesbroughmakes it easier foryou to contact usand is available 24/7You can report it,apply for it and payfor it all in one place -MyMiddlesbroughLook out forthroughout theMiddlesbrough Councilwebsite or go directly more information about growing,walking and other sustainable activitiesvisit call 01642 @OnePlanetMbroThese activities are a part of OnePlanet Middlesbrough, a project helpingresidents live more sustainable lives byproviding support, advice and activities on:• how to save energy and reducefuel bills• eating healthily, growing food andbuying local and seasonal food• choosing greener and healthierways to travel (walking, cycling andpublic transport)• preparing for extreme weather• reducing waste, reusing andrecycling moreThe stall is open every Monday inthe Students Union campus from11am to 2.30pm. Shoppers canchoose from a wide selection of fresh,healthy products, suitable for all dietsincludingvegan, vegetarian, wheatand gluten free.Carol Wilson, Manager for TeessideUniversity’s Student Food Co-op said:“People think that sustainable andhealthy eating is hard and expensive.We’re here to show you it isn’t. Withrecipes on our social media, as wellas top tips on eating well, The StudentFood Co-op society is here to show youthat it is easy, cheap and worthwhile.”For more information please contactAndy Price at orvisit​26 lovemiddlesbrough magazinelovemiddlesbrough magazine27

OPEN DAYSPOSTGRADUATE AND PART-TIME STUDY2.00pm - 7.00pmTeesside University,Middlesbrough Campus15JULYPart time study.Sandra DaviesBA (Hons) Fine ArtI was a mature student - I came touniversity after a full working life andbringing up three children. With mychildren all at university I wantedto see what I could achieve, andstudied a part-time BA (Hons) Fine Art.Balancing part-time study with the restof my life was easy because I waslucky enough (and old enough) to nothave to also earn a living. I enjoyedit so much that I went on to do a fulltimeMA Cultural History. This was asa result of doing some research for aprint exhibition and realising I enjoyedit. I also made use of the family historyI’d been researching for over 25 years.Writing for my MA dissertation gaveme a taste to do more writing, andonline writing groups encouraged meto try writing fiction.It was totally worthwhile - I am adifferent person as a result of theexperience. It has allowed me torealise that I had a brain, taught meprintmaking, and encouraged me tobelieve in and appreciate my skills.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Postgraduate study.Tony McKennaBA (Hons) History and MA HistoryBook your for all at Teesside UniversityPostgraduate study can open up newavenues for learners either continuingfrom a degree course or returningafter a break from University. You couldbenefit from reduced fees and otherincentives and research shows that apostgraduate degree is worth an extra£200,000 extra in lifetime earnings.For those unable to study full time theUniversity has a wide range of coursesthat allow you to study part time fromshort bites of learning to degree andpostgraduate qualifications andresearch.You can study at Teesside UniversityFor me it was about being able todevelop skills as a leader within thePolice environment having had aformer career in the military, andbefore that a youth footballer.I never had any supervisory skills sowhilst I was confident to deal with andto manage people, I lacked credibilitywith regard to the theoretical aspect.I was supported throughout by amentor, who gave me advice andcampuses in Middlesbrough andDarlington, and many of our coursesare also available at our partnercolleges: Darlington College,Hartlepool College of FurtherEducation, Middlesbrough College,Redcar & Cleveland College andStockton Riverside College.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Part time study.Lee RukinWork Based Studies(Leadership and Management)guidance on planning and deliveringmy assignments and dissertation.Key for me was the ability to study parttime whilst working full time as a Policeofficer.If it’s achievable for someone likeme with a young family and a fulltime job in the Police force, then it isachievable for most people.I left school at 16 and spent four yearsdoing an apprenticeship at ICI. I tooksome A levels, and then life intervened- I got married, we had a child, and Idid a variety of jobs including lookingafter our son while my wife went out towork. When he started primary school,I saw an opportunity to resume myeducation. I phoned Teesside, I wasinvited in for a chat, and just days laterI started a history degree.Having waited so long to study at thislevel, I went at it with a passion, andat the end of the first year a tutor toldme that the level of my work was goodenough to think of going on to do amaster’s and a doctorate. That inspiredme to work even harder. It openedI work full time as the Medical StaffingManager for Tees, Esk and Wear ValleysNHS Foundation Trust, which meansthat I do the HR for all doctors.Doing the MA has helped me progressin my work, as it’s given me moreconfidence and a real understandingof the human resources work in whichI’m involved on a daily basis.Combining a full-time job with parttime study at Teesside University washard work. I did one afternoon andone evening each week which I reallyenjoyed, as well as plenty of study athome. It was a bit strange going backa door, and the staff gave me theconfidence to go through. They areapproachable and supportive, andalso at the top of their game in theirareas of research.I stayed on at Teesside to complete ataught MA. I considered other universities,but Teesside’s bursary, and the staff thatI knew would be teaching the master’s,made my mind up for me.Royal Holloway, University of London,have offered me a place to researchfor a PhD, and financial support.When I complete my doctorate, I willlook for a post as a lecturer in highereducation, and I will always be grateful toTeesside University for opening the door.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Postgraduate study.Elaine CorbynMA Human Resource Managementto the classroom and I did wonder atfirst whether I’d be able to do it.I wasn’t really sure what to expect anddid initially doubt myself, but the staffat Teesside were so supportive andthe other people on the course weregreat, I’ve met some lovely peoplewho will be lifelong friends.I attended university purely to gain aqualification to supplement my day job.However, getting my MA has led me intotwo new jobs. I can honestly say withoutmy Masters Degree I would never havegot the current job I have, so this hasreally benefited me in the long term.30 lovemiddlesbrough magazinelovemiddlesbrough magazine31

Science event set toexplode a few mythsWhat do a comedy night, molecular gastronomy, sciencefiction writing and mixology have in common?They are just some of the activities takingplace as part of Middlesbrough’s firstImagineer event - a six-day science andengineering bonanza which it’s hoped willfuel people’s interest in the subject.The festival is taking place from Monday,March 2 to Saturday, March 7.You are invited to mix it up at a ‘Science ofCocktails’ event, or discover the sciencebehind the food on our plates at aMolecular Gastronomy workshop.Laugh till you produce lysozyme (tears)at a bumper comedy night or sign up tofind out more about a diverse range ofsubjects such as robotics, DNA, beekeeping,marine wildlife and geology.Organisers promise a jam-packedprogramme of activities celebratingall that’s exciting about science andengineering and they hope hundreds ofpeople of all ages will get involved.The highlight of the five-day event will bea colossal community workshop, wherevisitors are invited to take part in activitiesthat will help them discover more aboutthe world of science and engineering.Imagineer has come about thanks to theefforts of staff at Middlesbrough College.The college’s dedicated STEM team(Science, Technology, Engineering andMaths) put forward an enthusiastic pitchin order to secure funding from theDepartment for Business, Innovation andSkills (BIS) Science and Society CommunityChallenge Grant Scheme.Helen Talbot, STEM education officer andevent coordinator, said: “Forget whatyou thought about men in laboratorieswith white coats - Imagineer is taking thesubject to a whole new level. It’s promisingto be an amazing event, where peoplecan find out just how fascinating scienceand engineering can be.”Be one of the first to trainat £12m engineering centreDo you want to workin pharmaceuticals,engineering, advancedmanufacturing, processoil and gas, digitalwarehousing or logistics?Then you’ll be interested to learn that a£12m STEM Centre (Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths) is being built onTeesside backed by scores of North Eastbusinesses.Training courses are available at all levelsand applications for places are beingtaken now!So whether you are already employed inindustry but want to improve your skills oryou have no experience and want to geta job in the sector, get in touch now.The STEM Centre is being built by Esh Buildfor Middlesbrough College, and will playa key role in bridging the engineering skillsgap in the region.Companies including Huntsman, JohnsonMatthey, Lotte Chemical UK, CaterpillarUK, Tees Components, Sabic, Amec FosterWheeler, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies,PD Ports, NIFCO and Sembcorp Utilitiesare playing a key role in making sure thecentre is geared up to deliver the skillsneeded by local industry.Zoe Lewis, principal and chief executive,and Ian Smith, STEM director, watchedas roof panels were hoisted onto theimpressive steel structure.Zoe said: “The new STEM Centre is anatural progression of the relationshipMiddlesbrough College has had with thearea’s industry for many years - we’re justtaking it to another level to guarantee thatMiddlesbrough College remains at theforefront of skills development.“The college has seen an 80% rise inthe number of apprentices we train inthe STEM sector compared to last year,and whatever a company’s trainingneeds, from advanced manufacturingto business management, we can help -the STEM Centre will allow us to do that instate-of-the-art facilities built specifically tomeet the needs of industry.“By working in partnership with theemployers on the advisory board we aremaking sure that the thousands of peoplewho will be trained in the centre will getthe skills they need to secure work in thesector.“It’s wonderful seeing two years ofplanning starting to come to fruition andwe can’t wait until the doors open inSeptember.”Ian explained how the centre willoperate as a simulated COMAH site -Control of Major Accident Hazards - andoperational procedures will be in forceto raise awareness and develop the veryimportant behaviours required in industryto prevent and mitigate the effects ofmajor accidents involving dangeroussubstances, such as chemicals, petroleumgas and explosives.The centre will simulate a typical processindustrial setting and those attending willbe expected to complete behaviouralsafety training.A control room is also being incorporatedand will be used to monitor and operatethe processes, including a fully functionalcontrol desk overlooking the process hallwith operator work stations.Picture: Zoe Lewis, Middlesbrough Collegeprincipal and chief executive, with Ian Smith,STEM Director.Picture: explore the science behind food• Find out more about the six-dayImagineer event including details ofindividual workshops and activitiesat out more by calling the CourseInformation Hotline on 01642 333700,visit, chat to theSTEM team on 01642 333397 oremail lovemiddlesbrough magazinelovemiddlesbrough magazine7

What’s OnSpring 2015Little Eisa enjoys VlP trip to bin wagon depotA little boy with a love of binwagons was recently a VIP guest ofMiddlesbrough Council’s StreetsceneService.Three-year-old Eisa Al-Hadi, whoattends Chandlers Ridge nursery inNunthorpe, has developed a growingenthusiasm for the refuse wagonssince being given a small toy oneas a baby and enjoyed the ride of alifetime in a garbage truck.He has already graduated to a largertoy version but nothing excites theNunthorpe youngster more than whenhe sees the real things out on thestreets of Middlesbrough.Mum Saadia Azam, 27, said: “Everytime he sees one he jumps out ofhis seat. Sometimes it will be whenwe are at home and they are doingtheir rounds and Eisa will rush to thewindow.“Even when we are out in the car if hesees one he will shout for me to followthe bin wagon.”Saadia, who works in the HRdepartment at MiddlesbroughCouncil, mentioned Eisa’s youthfulobsession to a colleague fromStreetscene Services who offered theyoungster the chance to be its guestof honour.34 lovemiddlesbrough magazine

Spring intoMiddlesbrough Town HallMiddlesbrough TheatreFollowing another hugely successfulpantomime, Middlesbrough Theatrewelcomes spring with a packedseason of entertainment.For lovers of soul music , one of thehottest male vocal groups of themoment - Emperors of Soul - performa tribute to The Temptations as well asa selection of other Motown classicson Friday March 13.Then on Friday March 20 KaiMackenzie visits the Theatre withhis worldwide-acclaimed tribute toMichael Buble. For those who likesomething a little different, don’t missStringfever - who perform their ownunique style of music on custom-builtelectric string instruments - on ThursdayMarch 19. Last, but not least, BackTo Broadway return on Saturday 28thMarch with a brand-new compilationof the best of West End and Broadwaymusicals.Lovers of drama are sure to enjoy thereturn of the hilarious, thoughtful andultimately uplifting one-woman showBig Pants and Botox starring Mary-JoRandle of The Bill and Cutting It, onThursday March 12. Thursday March19 sees a new modern adaptationof Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll andHyde, set in an alternative London ofthe future. The month rounds off with aweek of brand new plays from MondayMarch 23 to Friday March 27 as localcompany less is MORE stages theirsecond New Writing Festival.Nor are ballet lovers forgotten, withNorthern Ballet’s latest offering forchildren, Elves andShoemaker - theperfect introduction toballet - on TuesdayMarch 10 whilst ViennaFestival Ballet celebratetheir 35th anniversary with aGala of highlights from the world’smost beloved Tchaikovsky balletson Wednesday April 8.For more information visit thetheatre’s website or call theBox Office on 01642 81 51 81.There’s a feast of entertainment instore for audiences of all ages inthe Middlesbrough Town Hall 2015Spring Season.Once again comedy plays animportant role in the season withsome of the biggest names incomedy making appearances at theTown Hall with shows by Jimmy Carr(March 28), Dara O’Briain (April 14-15)Alan Carr (April 19) and KatherineRyan (May 16).The monthly laugh-fest that is the BigMouth Comedy Club has nights onMarch 7, April 5 and May 3. Amongstthe acts performing will be TiffanyStevenson, Ava Vidal, Paul Sinha, AndyRobinson and Dan Nightingale.As ever a world class programmeof classical music has beenprogrammed with no less thanthree orchestral performancesover the coming months includingRoyal Northern Sinfonia (March 5)The Halle (April 28) and the WarsawPhilharmonic Orchestra (May 12).There’s a fine selection of othermusical treats on offer too. In folkmusic, The Unthanks (March 19)appear as part of a 21-date tour tocoincide with the spring release oftheir first studio album in four years.Courtney Pine presents Song (theBallad Book) featuring Zoe Rahmanon May 4. In the 80s Courtney Pinewas one of the first black British jazzartists to make a serious mark onthe jazz scene and more than twodecades later, he continues to breaknew ground.National treasure and former Squeezeivory tinkler Jools Holland will make avery welcome return (May 30) with hisRhythm & Blues Orchestra followingon from his sold out concerts in 2013and 2014. The band will once againfeature his Squeeze compatriotGilson Lavis on drums as well as guestvocalists Ruby Turner and LouiseMarshall with special guest performersto be announced nearer the date.Continuing on from its previous seasonsThe Town Hall has programmed moresuperb children’s shows for youngones of all ages.Join the Snow Queen and her friendsfor an afternoon full of Frozen themedentertainment in Forever Frozen(March 1). Come along for a fun,family orientated interactive event forchildren and the young at heart.Clive Webb and Danny Adamsonce again bring their madness andmayhem to Middlesbrough Town Hallwith a brand new Cirque du Hilariousshow (March 14). Dubbed ‘TheSuperstars of Slapstick’, father and sonClive and Danny’s particular brandof lunacy runs throughout the show,causing havoc and chaos on stage,and screams of laughter from all thefamily.On April 25 Tell Tale Hearts presentTrunk Tales. Journey around the worldwith an interactive storytelling showdesigned to unleash the imaginationof children aged three and over (andthose of their adults too!).Not just a place for all the bestcomedy and music around,Middlesbrough Town Hall will alsowelcome events such as The Circusof Horrors: Night of the Zombie (March20), All Action Wrestling (March 27)and Living TV’s Psychic extraordinaireSally Morgan in Psychic Sally: On TheRoad (May 13).Further information about allthese shows is available fromMiddlesbrough Town Hall Box Officeon 01642 729 729 or online lovemiddlesbrough magazine lovemiddlesbrough magazine37

Get on the Big Screendancemiddlesbroughfestival 2015The month of March welcomesan annual celebration of danceacross the town.From Monday March 9 - Thursday,March 12 the dancemiddlesbroughfestival 2015 includes the chance toparticipate in dance activities, for allages, abilities and levels of experienceand provides the opportunity to seenew and inspiring professional danceperformances.The Monday evening (March 9) seesThe Empire open up its doors tosome of the region’s most interestingand promising professional danceartists as part of FRESH. An artist ledinitiative providing an open forum forsharing and discussing new dancework, FRESH sees artists from acrossthe Tees Valley taking centre stagepresenting and performing their workat various stages of developmentduring the evening’s programme.FRESH events are designed to bridgethe gap between what happens in thestudio and on the stage, to provideopportunity for experimentation, and tofoster discussion of new choreography.FRESH runs from 6:30pm - 8pm withdoors opening for an informal drinksreception from 6pm. All tickets forFRESH cost £3.Tickets can be booked via the Town HallBox Office on 01642 729 729Northern Ballet brings their wonderfulperformance of Elves & theShoemaker to Middlesbrough Theatreon Tuesday (March 10) 81 51 81On Wednesday (March 11) we inviteyou to put on your dancing shoes andstep back into an age of eleganceand dance the afternoon away to alive band in the beautiful surroundingsof Middlesbrough Town Hall at theTea Dance Spring Special from 1pm- 4pm. Tickets for the Tea Dance cost£2.50 each and this festive editionincludes a buffet lunch in the price.Tickets can be booked via theTown Hall Box Office on 01642 729 729The Schools Big Dance Marathonon Thursday March 12 will play hostto 10 hours of dance in a variety ofdance styles, including Bollywood,Contemporary, Street, House, MusicalTheatre and Break. Sessions are tailoredfor age groups 5-7, 7-10 and 11-16taking over both the Main Hall and TheCrypt in Middlesbrough Town Hall.Tickets are £1.50 per session per student.For school or group bookings pleasecontact: Laura Hunter, MiddlesbroughCouncil Arts Development:01642 729 085 April 2014, Writers’ Block North East,an independent arts organizationbased in Middlesbrough town centre,took over the content managementof the Big Screen in Middlesbrough’sCentre Square.Laura Degnan and James Harrisfrom Writers’ Block North East havesupported the creation of over 400new pieces of work by grassrootstalent from the North East includingoriginal short films, poetry films, novels,fanzines, plays, radio plays and sketchshows. They have showcased this workin venues across the region includingart galleries, independent cinemas,libraries, cafes, pubs and nightclubs.Now, Writers’ Block North East intends toutilise the Big Screen to showcase andcelebrate the people and places ofMiddlesbrough and the Tees Valley.In March 2015, Writers’ Block is hostinga music video festival via the screen,titled ‘Don’t Dream It, Screen It’. LauraDegnan is working closely with a teamof volunteers including students fromTeesside University to organize thisevent. The team is actively seekingmusic video content for the festivalbetween now and the end of March2015. As part of the festival, Writers’Block North East is also running three‘Make a Music Video in a Day’ events,where a song by a local band or singerwill be transformed into a music videoacross three consecutive Saturdaysin and around Middlesbrough towncentre locations.Laura said, ‘We’re really excited to beworking alongside local bands andvenues in this way, and we’d love toinvolve as many individuals from thelocal community as possible in thecreation of these videos’. The musicvideos created will be showcased asFollowing on from the success of thefirst Restaurant Week 2014...We are now recruiting for 2015!Dates TBC.If you represent a Middlesbroughrestaurant and are interested in takingpart, please contact Lisa Williams viaemail or telephone 01642 729225.part of the festival. And there’ll be othersurprises, including a collaborativesong film written and sung by morethan 20 community groups.If you would like to be involved in thefestival production team, or if you and/or your community group would like toparticipate in the creation of a musicvideo as a singer/songwriter, filmmaker,performer, artist, designer and/ora dancer, please contact Laura if you are part of a music groupor band but don’t have a music video,please also get in touch - we may beable to help you.Writers Block North East is also activelyseeking digital content including shortfilms, short documentaries, poetry filmsand music videos to screen. This is afree service for individuals who wouldlike to showcase their creative workwithin the community.If you are a company interested inadvertising via the screen, pleasecontact Mark Catterall at Kong Mediaat all Middlesbrough restaurants...Note: Restaurants must have aminimum Food Hygiene Rating of 3 (viaFood Standards Agency) and be basedin Middlesbrough town centre.Deadline to confirm participation:Monday, March 9 2015.38 lovemiddlesbrough magazine lovemiddlesbrough magazine39

Look out for...New @ mima...Stephen McKenna: Perspectivesof Europe 1980 - 20146 February - 7 JunePresenting Stephen McKenna’s largestsolo exhibition in over a decade. Thepaintings, drawings and watercolours,made between 1980 and thepresent, reflect the cities, landscapesand people across Europe alongsidethe history and contents of its museums.Artists in action at mimamima’s jewellers in residence willbe creating new work in mima’spopular jewellery gallery from thebeginning of 2015. Visit mima onTuesdays during gallery opening hours(10am - 4.30pm) to see GemmaDraper, or Wednesdays during galleryopening hours to see Janet HinchliffeMcCutcheon in action.Susan Williams: The Long Line17 February - 6 March, FREEConstantine Gallery, MiddlesbroughTower, Teesside UniversityAn exhibition of sculpture and drawing bySusan Williams, with over 50 works by thisestablished artist offering a fascinatinginsight into her personal vision andworking methods through finely crafted,unique artworks which embrace bothancient and modern technologies.The gallery opens Monday - Friday 9am - 5pmAn Audience with Steve Purdham5 March, 5.30pm - 7pm, H0.01,Centuria Building, Teesside UniversitySteve Purdham, the boss of onlinemusic service WE7, who became afounder investor along with formerGenesis frontman Peter Gabriel, willpresent a talk entitled: The world ischanging: A look at the internet ofthings and how the digital world isabout to change again.Free to attend, book your place reading with Martin Rowson17 March, 6pm - 7pm, H0.01,Centuria Building, Teesside UniversityVisual journalist and award-winningcartoonist Martin Rowson, whocontributes cartoons to The Guardian,The Independent on Sunday and TheDaily Mirror, will be giving a poetryreading on March 17 to coincidewith an exhibition of his work in theUniversity’s Constantine Gallery fromMarch 9 - 20.Lighting up the Campus HeartGeorgina Starr at mima3 April - 28 Maymima is delighted to announce theupcoming exhibition of British artist,Georgina Starr. Her new body ofwork explores the many aspects ofGeorgina’s collection from her earlyinterest and study in ceramics andsculpture to her most recent largescaleinstallations and theatricalevents that incorporate film,performance and sound.Life drawing at mimaFrom 6 March, 5.45pm - 6.45pmIf you’d like to stretch your artisticpractice this year, join a weekly,one hour evening session at mimafocussing on life drawing skills.Materials are provided and noexperience is necessary. A clothedmodel is used.The class costs £3.50 on the door*, to bepaid at mima reception.*Save £5 by purchasing a ten weekblock of sessions for £30.Saturday family art trolleyEvery Saturday, 1pm - 4pm, FREEChildren of all ages with family andfriends can enjoy the art trolleyadventure with mima’s fantasticfacilitator on hand throughoutthe session to help you with yourmasterpieces and making ideas.Children must be accompanied byan adult at all times.‘It’s a lovely family friendly place to come.My little girl just loved it.’ mima visitorGo to for detailsPlans have been unveiled for an innovative and exciting external lighting scheme forTeesside University’s landmark Campus Heart development.Set for completion in the summer of2015, Campus Heart will create aunique space providing a vibrant, safeand attractive environment for use bystudents, staff and the community.To add an extra visual element tothe stunning development, lightingmasts are to be erected enablinghigh definition projections on to boththe adjacent library building and theCampus Heart ground space.The University is investing heavily onimproving the student experiencewith the £30m development, whichincludes the £20m new teachingand learning building and extensivelandscaping, the refurbishment of theStudents’ Union and a major multimillionpound investment in facilitiesfor the scientists and engineers ofthe future in the School of Science &Engineering’s Orion Building.The new and enlarged Orion Buildingwill include a three story glassextension enabling passers-by tosee the latest technologies, alongwith extensive refurbishment of itslaboratories and workshops, andsignificant additional state-of-the-artequipment.Above left: artist’s visual of the new lightingscheme at Campus HeartAbove right: the new Orion Building40 lovemiddlesbrough magazine lovemiddlesbrough magazine41

What’s OnA chat withMatty Hynes...Congratulations Matty you’ve had avery successful last couple of years,can you tell us some of your highlights?I’ve had a great few years underthe guidance of my brilliant coachStan Markley. My highlights havebeen gaining selection for GB to theEuropean cup last June and alsowinning last years’ Middlesbrough 5k,the English 10k Champs in 2013 andMiddlesbrough 10k in 2012.You have not always been a runnerthough; what did you do previouslyand how did you get into running?I played football for a lot of years as asemi-pro but I got a bad injury when Iwas 22. I later ran a marathon for charityand managed to get a good time withvery little training, which introduced meto my coach. I don’t think I would berunning now if I hadn’t met Stan.It’s great to see you still supporting theMiddlesbrough 5k and 10k; you arealways a very popular figure at thoseevents. You are also training on the trackat Middlesbrough Sports Village now.What do you think of the new SportsVillage and where else do you train?I think the new Sports Village is amazing!It’s going to be even better whenit’s completed this spring. I think it’simportant to have fantastic facilities likethat to appeal to the next generationof athletes. I also train a lot around theroads of Middlesbrough and train forlonger runs along the Cleveland Waynear Guisborough - that is just brilliant!!What are your plans for theimmediate future?My aim is to get as fit as I possibly canfor the London marathon this year. Alsoto make the World Championships inBeijing this year and hopefully that willspringboard me to Rio in 2016.What advice can you give to buddingyoung runners?Just to enjoy it really and to take your time.I see a lot of children running a bit toomuch at a younger age and it’s all aboutlongevity. Take the time to slowly progressand most importantly just enjoy the sport!!You recently got married; did youmanage to take some time offtraining for a honeymoon?Ha ha not really which my wife loved!!We honeymooned in Thailand whichwas very humid but an amazing placeto run so I’m glad I still managed to doa bit of running out there!In your spare time, where do you like toeat out, go out or shop in Middlesbrough?There are some amazing little placesin Middlesbrough at the moment andhopefully we can keep building on this.I love my good friend Carli’s The OldeYoung Tea House and always pop inthere for a cup of tea and a catchup. I also love to go to the little micropubs on Baker Street (although I don’treally drink) I really enjoy going to thoseunique types of places. I like to relaxwith my wife going to the cinema andeating in lovely local restaurants like UnoMomento on Linthorpe Road. I also loveour local parks we are always taking ourlittle Shih Tzu dog Molly for walks.We hear you are teaming up with yourfriend, long jumper Chris Tomlinson toprovide weekly fitness sessions, canyou tell us more about that?...aged 27, ‘Boro lad andGreat Britain and EnglandInternational distance runner,aiming for Rio in 2016.We both always get amazing localsupport whenever we compete, so wewant to give something back to the areaand help promote healthy living andlifestyle in Middlesbrough. We’d like to getpeople off the sofa and get everyonethat little bit fitter. We’d like to help eitherwith athletes of the future or just peoplewho are looking to get fit in 2015.The sessions will feature a variety of strength,core and plyometric sessions but we’ll plana range of activities to suit everyone.The sessions will take place on Mondaynights at Trinity Catholic College inSaltersgill from either 6pm-7pm or 7pm-8pm, sessions costs £5. For informationsearch for ‘Matty Hynes & ChrisTomlinson fitness sessions’ on Facebook.Join Matty at the Cleveland Centre 5KRiverside Run - visit runmiddlesbrough.comMatty’s tips for where to eat and drinkThe Olde Young Tea House,86-88 Grange Road (pictured above)Uno Momento, 212-214 Linthorpe RoadThe Twisted Lip, 11-13 Baker StreetSherlock’s, 7 Baker StreetMarchExhibition: Middlesbroughin the Great WarUntil Tue Mar 31Dorman Lynch NamingUntil Thur Mar 26mima, Centre Squarevisitmima.comForever FrozenSun Mar 1 • 3pmMiddlesbrough Town Art ExhibitionMon Mar 2 - Fri Mar 6Constantine 2015Mon Mar 2 - Sat Mar 76 day celebration of scienceand engineering.Charges apply to some • Boro v MillwallTue Mar 3 • 7:45pmRiverside Purdham lectureThur Mar 5Teesside Book DayThur Mar 5worldbookday.comRoyal Northern SinfoniaThur Mar 5 • 7:45pmMiddlesbrough Town Tomorrow presentsThe TapestryFri Mar 6 • 8pmThe Princess AliceLive musicBig Mouth Comedy ClubSat Mar 7 • 8:30pmMiddlesbrough Town Women’s DaySun Mar 8internationalwomensday.comClassical CaféSun Mar 8 • 2:15pmMiddlesbrough Town Hall£3/Under 12s 2015Mon Mar 9 - Thur Mar 12A celebration of dance Rowson exhibitionMon Mar 9 - Fri Mar 20Constantine and the ShoemakerTue Mar 1012:15pm, 2pm & 5pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£5 Adults / £4 ChildrenNorthern Ballet production maestrosWed Mar 11 • 10:30amMiddlesbrough Town HallAges University - Part Timeand Postgraduate Open DaysWed Mar 11Teesside DanceWed Mar 11 • 2pmMiddlesbrough Town Hall£ Pants and BotoxThu Mar 12 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£12/£10Hilarious and uplifting onewoman Nose DayFri Mar 13rednoseday.comEmperors of SoulFri Mar 13 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£18.50/£17Soul and Motown du HilariousSat Mar 14 • 2:30pmMiddlesbrough Town Hall£12/£10/£40Slapstick fun for all the Boro v Ipswich TownSat Mar 14 • 3pmRiverside SundaySun Mar 15Poetry: Martin RowsonTue Mar 17 • 6pmTeesside University:Centuria and HydeTue Mar 17 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£13/£ UnthanksThu Mar 19 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Town Hall£19.50Mercury Prize nominated folk Mar 19 • 7:30pm • £15Middlesbrough MarketFri Mar 13 - Sat Mar 14Middlesbrough Town Centrenear BHSCircus of HorrorsFri Mar 20 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Town HallAges 16+ • From £18As seen on Britain’s Got McKenzie & His BandFri Mar 20 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£18.50/£ Clothes ShowFri Mar 20 • £4/5The House of Blah Blah,Exchange Squarehouseoffreaks.bigcartel.comRecord Fair21st Mar • 9am-3pm • £2Middlesbrough Town Park Farmer’sMarketSun Mar 22 • Action WrestlingFri Mar 27 • 7:30pm • £12/£10Middlesbrough Town to BroadwaySat Mar 28 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£17.50/£ Carr: Funny BusinessSat Mar 28 • 8pmMiddlesbrough Town HallAges 16+ £ U21s v GermanyMon Mar 30 • 7.45pmRiverside lovemiddlesbrough magazinelovemiddlesbrough magazine43

Spring 2015What’s OnAprilTeesside Skeptics in thePub - SitPThur Apr 2 • 7:30pmO’ConnellsChris Peters presents on Senseabout Scienceteesside.skepticsinthepub.orgExhibition: Georgina StarrFri Apr 3 - Thur May 28mima, Centre SquareA solo exhibition of British artistGeorgina Starrvisitmima.comBank Holiday: Good FridayFri Apr Boro v Wigan AthleticFri Apr 3 • 3pmRiverside Mouth Comedy ClubSat Apr 4 • 8:30pmMiddlesbrough Town Holiday: Easter MondayMon Apr FrozenTue Apr 7 • 11am & 3pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£15/£10/£ Festival BalletWed Apr 8 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£18/£17/Under 16s £1235th Anniversary Gala Northern Sinfonia(chamber)Thur Apr 9 • 7:45pmMiddlesbrough Town n SteelThur Apr 9 - Fri Apr 107:30pm both nights, 2.30pmmatinee on Fri Apr 10Middlesbrough Theatre£13/£11/Matinee £ Boro v RotherhamSat Apr 11 • 3pmRiverside‘Hello Again’: A Tribute toNeil DiamondSat Apr 11 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£18/£ Boro v WolvesTue Apr 14 • 7:45pmRiverside DanceWed Apr 15 • 2pmMiddlesbrough Town Hall£ LaneWed Apr 15 • 2.30 & 7.30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£12.50/Matinee £ O’Briain: Crowd TicklerWed Apr 15 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Town HallAges 16+ • £ FlushThur Apr 16 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£12/£10Hilarious Apr 17 • 7pmThe Venue Middlesbrough£29.70Loud and intimate Night of Dirty DancingFri Apr 17 • 7:30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£20/£ BabiesSat Apr 18 • 2pmMiddlesbrough Town HallAges 0-5£3 per person inc. BallSat Apr 18Doors: 8pm, Show: 9pmThe Empire£22.50burlesqueking.comClassical CaféSun Apr 19 • 2:15pmMiddlesbrough Town Hall£3/Under 12s Carr - Yap Yap YapSun Apr 19 • 8pmMiddlesbrough Town HallAges 15+ • £ Apr 20 - Fri Apr 25: 7.15pmSat Apr 25: 1.15 & 6.15pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£15/Matinee £12/Under 14s £10Teesside Musical TheatreCompany Schools -Remembering GallipoliThur Apr 23 • 10amMiddlesbrough CenotaphWorld Book NightThur April 23worldbooknight.orgTeesside Latin DanceFestival 2015Fri Apr 24 - Sun Apr 26Teesside University SUDance workshops, shows, socialdancing and Moran: Off The HookFri Apr 24 • 8pmMiddlesbrough Town HallAges 15+ • £25/£ Carnival ClubSat Apr 25, May 2, May 910am - 12noonMiddlesbrough Town HallFree workshops to take part inthe Mela Community Parade inJune. Limited spaces available.Must pre-book. Must attendall 3 sessions. For Ages 7+accompanied by TalesSat Apr 25 • 2pmMiddlesbrough Town Hall£5/£18 FamilyInteractive storytelling for ages HalléTue Apr 28 • 7.45pmMiddlesbrough Town HallFrom £13.50Conductor - Jamie PhilipsSoloist - Viv McLean, GlassWed Apr 29 - Sat May 2Middlesbrough TheatreMiddlesbrough Little TheatreAmateur History MonthMay 2015A month long programme ofactivities and events celebratingthe history of the townTel 01642 Tomorrow presentsThe See No EvilsFri May 1 • 8pmThe Princess AliceMFC: Boro v Brightonand Hove AlbionSat May 2 • 12:15pmRiverside Mouth Comedy ClubSun May 3 • 8.30pmMiddlesbrough Town Holiday: Early MayMon May Pinepresents SongMon May 4 • 7.30pmMiddlesbrough Town Hall£16.50Jazz performance featuring for VictorySun May 10 • 3pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£17.50A musical tribute to the 70thanniversary of the end of WorldWar PhilharmonicOrchestraTue May 12 • 7.45pmMiddlesbrough Town HallFrom £13.50Town Hall premier forBeethoven’s Symphony No. 9,known as the Choral DanceWed May 13 • 2pm£2.50Middlesbrough Town Sally: On The RoadWed May 13 • 7.30pm£23Middlesbrough Town a Nightingale SangThur May 14 - Sat May 167.30pmMatinee Friday 2.30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£13/£11/Matinee £7.50Less is more Ryan -Glam Role ModelSat May 16 • 8pmMiddlesbrough Town HallAges 16+ £ CaféSun May 17 • 2.15pmMiddlesbrough Town Hall£3/Under 12s Day AgainstHomophobia andTransphobiaSun May 17dayagainsthomophobia.orgThe 39 and a half stepsThur May 21 - Sat May 237.30pmMatinee Friday 2.30pmMiddlesbrough Theatre£13/£11/Matinee £7.50Classic adventure in the style ofa 1930s radio DoesVintageSat May 23 • 10:30amMiddlesbrough Town Hall£2Vintage FairBank Holiday: SpringMon May Holland and hisRhythm & Blues OrchestraSat May 23Middlesbrough Town Hall£33.50 + feesJools and friends make a verywelcome return following theirsold out 2014 Cleveland Centre 5KRiverside Run and 2KFun RunSun May 31runmiddlesbrough.comWhile every effort has been madeto ensure accuracy, we can acceptno responsibility for errors, omissionsor subsequent alterations or for anyconsequences arising from them.Please check details with theestablishments concerned.44 lovemiddlesbrough magazine lovemiddlesbrough magazine45

Ward SurgeriesFind out moreabout the electionson 7 May and howto vote on pages30 & 31MayorThe elected Mayor of Middlesbrough,Ray Mallon, (Ind) can be contacted Blenkinsop MP (Lab)Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland01287 610878 or tomblenkinsop.comEasterside Community Hub, BroughtonAvenueMarch 6 • 3.30pm - 4.30pmLingdale Village Hall, Moordale CourtMarch 13 • 4.30pm - 5.30pmLangdon Square Community Centre,Coulby NewhamMarch 20 • 4.30pm - 5.30pmBy appointment (please call) –27 March • 3.30pm - 4.30pmAndy McDonald MP (Lab)Middlesbrough01642 246574 Office, Unit 4,Broadcasting House, Newport RoadMarch 13 • 4 - 6pmCouncillorsAcklamCouncillor Shamal Biswas (Lab) Buttermere AvenueMarch 2, 9, 16, 23, 30April 6, 13, 20, 275pm - 6pmCouncillor Ron Lowes (Ind) Bridge Primary School,March 6, 13, 20, 27April 17, 24 • 5.30pm - 6.30pmAyresomeCouncillor Bill Hawthorne (Ind)01642 247420 Bernie Taylor (Lab) Library, Acklam RoadMarch 27, April 24 • 4pm - 5pmAcklam Green Centre, Stainsby RoadMarch 31, April 28 • 5pm - 6pmBeckfieldCouncillor Peter Cox (MICA) Brian Hubbard (MICA) Club & Institute,High Street OrmesbyMarch 25 • 12.30pm - 1.30pmGlastonbury House, Lindisfarne Road,March 23, April 27 • 4pm - 5pmBeechwoodCouncillor Garry Clark (Lab)01642 823831 Hill Methodist Church,Farndale RoadMarch 9, April 13 • 10am - 11amThe Sutton Centre, Collin AvenueMarch 28, April 25 • from 11amCouncillor Joan McTigue (Ind)01642 827073 Jean Sharrocks (Lab) Peter Sharrocks (Lab) Margaret’s Church Hall, The OvalMarch 7 • 9.30am - 10.30amDaisy Bakery, 112 Trimdon AvenueApril 4 • 9.30am - 10.30amClairvilleCouncillor Bob Kerr (Lab)01642 819939 Charles Rooney (Lab)01642 821054 NewhamCouncillor Janice Brunton (Lab) John Cole (Lab) Square Community CentreMarch 6, 20, April 3, 174.30pm - 5.30pmCouncillor Michael Hudson (AIMc)01642 576516, 07922 948145 Bob Brady (Lab) Tracy Harvey (Lab) Ahead for Information,Parliament RoadMarch 5, 12, 19, 26April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 • 10am - 11amNewport SettlementMarch 28, April 25 • 10am - 11amCouncillor Sajaad Khan (Ind)07424 746194 Jeanette Walker (Lab) Nicky Walker (Lab) LibraryMarch 5, 12, 19, 26April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 • 5pm - 6pmKaderCouncillor Ron Arundale (Con) Hazel Pearson (Con) Ruskin AvenueMarch 1, 8, 15, 22, 29April 12, 19, 26 • 11am - 12pmLadgateCouncillor David Budd (Lab) Mike Carr (Lab) HubMarch 7, 21, April 4, 18 • 10.30am - 11.30amLinthorpeCouncillor Stephen Bloundele (Lab), Naweed Hussain (Lab) Julia Rostron (Lab) Meeting House,131 Cambridge RoadMarch 10, 24, April 14, 286.30pm - 7.30pmMartonCouncillor Dorothy Davison (MIG) Tom Mawston (MIG) Community CentreMarch 3, April 7• 9am - 10amMarch 26, April 23 • 5pm - 6pmMarton Library, The WillowsMarch 14, April 11 • 11am - 12pmMarton WestCouncillor Chris Hobson (Con)01642 313154 John Hobson (Con) Pervaz Khan (AIMc)01642 232892 John McPartland (AIMc)01642 822251 / 07793 846641 and Elder Court Meeting HouseMarch 26, April 30 • 11.30am - 12pmKey:Lab LabourCon ConservativeLib Dem Liberal DemocratInd Independent,AIMc Association of IndependentMiddlesbrough CouncillorsMIG Marton Independent GroupMICA Middlesbrough IndependentCouncillors’ AssociationNorth Ormesby &Brambles FarmCouncillor Len Junier (AIMc)07897 112336 Derek Loughborough (AIMc)07739 251146 Farm Community Centre(Hope Centre)March 5, 12, 19, 26April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 • 6.45pm - 7.45pmInfopoint, 8 Kings Road, North OrmesbyMarch 3, 17, April 7, 2111.30am - 12.30pmNunthorpeCouncillor Peter Sanderson (Ind) Brenda Thompson (Ind) Institute, The Avenue School,March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30April 13, 20, 27 • 6.30pm - 7.30pmPallisterCouncillor Eddie Dryden (Lab) Mick Thompson (Lab) Neptune CentreMarch 7, 14, 21, 28April 4, 11, 18, 25 • 10am - 11amParkCouncillor Frances McIntyre (Lab)01642 290397 Joe Michna (Green) Community Centre,Linthorpe RoadMarch 4, 11, 18, 25April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 • 6pm - 7pmThe next scheduled full Councilmeeting dates are:Wed March 4 7pmWed March 25 7pmWed April 17pmWed May 291pmPark EndCouncillor Kevin Morby (Ind)01642 293071 Michael Saunders (MICA) Initiative CentreLangridge Crescent,March 4, April 1 • 12pm - 1pmStainton and ThorntonCouncillor Maelor Williams (Lib Dem) Community CentreMarch 3, 10, 17, 24, 31April 7, 14, 21, 28 • 10.30am - 11.30amStainton Memorial HallMarch 3, 17, April 7, 21 • 6pm - 7pmThorntreeCouncillor Geraldine Purvis (Lab) Community Hub, Birkhall RoadMarch 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 3012.30pm - 1.30pmCouncillor Peter Purvis (Lab) Community Hub, Birkhall RoadMarch 7, 21, April 4, 18 • 10am - 11amUniversityCouncillor Mohammed Hanif (Lab)07904 031601 Habib Rehman (Lab)07773 089892 / 01642 644396 Mosque, 133a Waterloo RoadMarch 3, 17, April 7, 21 • 7pm - 8pmPlease note that this information iscorrect at the time of going to press andmay be subject to change.VenueCouncil Chamber, Town Hall,Middlesbrough.These meetings are open to the publicand are also available online lovemiddlesbrough magazine lovemiddlesbrough magazine47

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