Teamcenter's unified - Siemens PLM Software

Teamcenter's unified - Siemens PLM Software

Transitioning to Teamcenter’sunified architectureE x e c u t i v e b r i e fPLM SoftwareAnswers for industry.

Transitioning to Teamcenter’s unified architectureSummaryTeamcenter ® software powersinnovation and productivity byconnecting people andprocesses with knowledge.Teamcenter’s comprehensiveportfolio of proven digitallifecycle management solutionsdelivers end-to-end PLM. Now,with Teamcenter’s unifiedarchitecture, users ofTeamcenter Enterprise can gaingreater productivity for theirentire enterprise with the nextgeneration single source ofproduct and processknowledge. Gain greatercontrol with even moreembedded applications,numerous technology advancesand greater manageability forlower cost of ownership.Teamcenter on the unifiedarchitecture is truly the nextlogical evolution of PLMtechnology.Excel is your choice,Teamcentercan maintain a “dynamic link”with Excel Live. Requirementsare then managed as any otherobject in Teamcenter and canparticipate in workflows, beassociated to other objects andcan report traceability so thateveryone has visibility to howproduct and process data arerelated to driving requirements.Teamcenter’s requirementsmanagement capabilities enable acommon “digital thread” acrossthe entire product Microsoft Project. InTeamcenter, users now havevisibility to resource schedulesto see people who have the skillsneeded for a project and theiravailability for assignment. Projecttasks can be related toworkflows and deliverablesmanaged in Teamcenter so thatwhen a task in the workflow iscompleted, the project task andschedule are updated as well.Teamcenter is the only PLMsolution to support this unifiedproject management.Powering end-to-end PLMTeamcenter is the first unifiedsolution for managing PLM dataand processes from beginning toend.With a complete set ofprocess management solutionsbuilt on top of the world’s mostwidely used foundation forBenefitsGreater productivity withenhanced MCAD, ECAD andCAE management as well asembedded software managementGreater control for unifiedend-to-end PLM with theaddition of requirementsmanagement, project andschedule management,as well as manufacturing processmanagement and moreGreater manageability forlower cost of ownership withenhanced user experience thatlowers training effort, ease ofconfiguration versus costlycustomization, and an improved4-tiered, service orientedarchitecture for easy,supportable deployabilityGreater success for transitionwhen appropriate for yourbusiness with flexible transitionstrategies, tools, best practicesand experience via SiemensPLM Software’s Value DeliverMethodology to streamlineyour successproduct data management –more than 4,000,000 licenses,Teamcenter supports your entireproduct development processfrom cradle to grave.Teamcenter’s unified architectureoffers the most complete out-ofthe-boxsolution for managing allof your product data. MCAD,ECAD, CAE, CAM and even S/Wdata can be managed in acommon, truly complete bill-ofmaterialswithout the need forexpensive custom integrations.Teamcenter supports disciplinespecificenvironments withsolutions for engineering processmanagement, simulation processmanagement and manufacturingprocess management – all usingthe same single source ofproduct and process knowledge.Teamcenter is the only PLMsolution to support embeddedrequirements management.You can import requirementsdirectly from your specificationdocuments stored in MicrosoftWord files and maintain anassociative link betweenTeamcenter and the documentallowing users to use theapplication best suited to theirneeds. In addition, if MicrosoftTeamcenter now includesembedded program and projectmanagement capabilities. Projectscan be created, edited andviewed directly in the familiarTeamcenter environment and canbe imported from or exportedLower cost of ownershipTeamcenter’s unified architecturebuilds on Siemens PLMSoftware’s undisputed leadershipin the PLM industry and addsbest-in-class technology to

create the next logical evolutionin product lifecycle management.With an enhanced, 4-tier, serviceoriented architecture (SOA) forimproved performance, scalabilityand extensibility,Teamcenter’sextended data model supportsmore domains and applicationsacross your enterprise.Richer client options include apowerful, intuitive Rich Client andan easy-to-deploy Thin Clientboth redesigned in the style ofthe easy-to-learn, easy-to-useMicrosoft Outlook to reducetraining effort.Teamcenterextends secure access tomanaged data to the whole valuechain for community collaborationwith suppliers, partnersand customers who may interactvia a portal into Teamcenter.Teamcenter also supportsapplication-centric clients thatallow users to access manageddata without leaving their familiarwork environment. NX softwareusers have always been ableto access Teamcenter directly, butnow a greatly improved integrationwith Microsoft Office enablesknowledge workers to interactwith Teamcenter from withinMS Office applications for checkin/check-outand search pertheir Teamcenter access rights.Teamcenter even supports directaccess to managed data fromMicrosoft Windows Explorer.Teamcenter on the unifiedarchitecture is now even easier toconfigure and deploy to reducemaintenance and support costs.The business modeler integrateddevelopment environment(BMIDE) enables “codeless”configuration versus the “codeful”customization typical oftraditional PDM implementations.Siemens PLM Software will continue to develop solutions and expertise tosupport flexible strategies for continuous improvement in our transition projects.Extensions to your Teamcenterenvironment can be developedcollaboratively and easilydeployed and replicated directlyto production across multiplesites with a single command.Withsupport for the industry standardEclipse framework,new plug-ins can be createdand applied to extend yourTeamcenter solution withoutexpensive custom programming.Ready when you areContinue using your currentTeamcenter Enterprise solution aslong as it suits your businessrequirements with the confidencethat maintenance and supportoptions are available well into thefuture along with several plannedreleases. Siemens PLM Software isready to support your transitionto the added value of Teamcenteron the unified architecturewhenever your business needsrequire it. Our transition tools,best practice methodologies andorganizational expertise focus on:• Flexibility in transitiontimeframes to meetbusiness realities• Availability of systemsglobally with zero downtime• Continuity of existingprocesses and systems• Expansion into newbusiness valueSiemens PLM Software is theworld’s most widely used solutionfor a reason. Our PLM ValueDelivery Methodology ensuresthe positive impact of aTeamcenter roll-out by aligningsuccess criteria with thecustomers’ business goals,providing a structured yet flexibleproject governance model andre-using best practices capturedfrom our large customer base.Wehave a reputation for deliveringon our promises.FeaturesSingle source for all digital productdefinition and processes for MCAD,ECAD, software, CAE simulation,manufacturingService oriented architecture forfaster integration to externalapplicationsAdvanced visualization for multi-CAD collaboration, digitalmockup and digital validationUnified requirements and schedulemanagement for improvedproductivity in a commonenvironmentRicher client options with commonlook and feel: Web Client, RichClient and application-centricclientsAdvanced business modeler andintegrated development environment(BMIDE) for easy configurationand deploymentSupport for Eclipse framework foreasily extending with plug-insTransition tools to support flexiblestrategies for transition fromprevious Teamcenter solutionsContinued releases and support forTeamcenter Enterprise

About Siemens PLM SoftwareSiemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens IndustryAutomation Division, is a leading global provider of productlifecycle management (PLM) software and services with nearlysix million licensed seats and 56,000 customers worldwide.Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software workscollaboratively with companies to deliver open solutions thathelp them turn more ideas into successful products. For moreinformation on Siemens PLM Software products and services,visit PLM SoftwareHeadquartersGranite Park One5800 Granite ParkwaySuite 600Plano, TX 75024USA972 987 3000Fax 972 987 Park One5800 Granite ParkwaySuite 600Plano, TX 75024USA800 498 5351Fax 972 987 3398Europe3 Knoll RoadCamberleySurrey GU15 3SYUnited Kingdom44 (0) 1276 702000Fax 44 (0) 1276 702130Asia-PacificSuites 6804-8, 68/FCentral Plaza18 Harbour RoadWanChaiHong Kong852 2230 3333Fax 852 2230 3210© 2009 Siemens Product Lifecycle ManagementSoftware Inc. All rights reserved. Siemens and theSiemens logo are registered trademarks of Siemens AG.Teamcenter, NX, Solid Edge, Tecnomatix, Parasolid,Femap, I-deas and Velocity Series are trademarksor registered trademarks of Siemens Product LifecycleManagement Software Inc. or its subsidiaries inthe United States and in other countries. All otherlogos, trademarks, registered trademarks or servicemarks used herein are the property of theirrespective holders.8/09

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