Fourth Quarter 2008 - Primus Electronics Corporation
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Fourth Quarter 2008 - Primus Electronics Corporation

Fourth Quarter 2008New Primus Headquarters Doubles Capacity“Goes Green”Photos Courtesy of TSC Construction, New York. For more photos, turn to page 5.LEDs Advance Air Navigation Safety GPSMetroPCS Launches Service in Greater PhiladelphiaPleibel Appointed President of Pennsylvania Wireless AssociationRAILROAD NEWS• HTD & ETD Direct Replacement Radios• Narrowbanding Issues• 21st US Rail Employees Bass Tournamentand wearing PrimusRECEIVE A FREE T-SHIRT & ENTER CONTESTFeatured Product:MAKE-A-CLAMP KITIncredible Savings!18424 NW Frontage Rd. • Joliet, IL 60404 • 800.435.1636 tel • 800.767.7605 fax •

_IxààxÜ fromV{Ü|á cÄx|uxÄ? Regional Sales Managerwant to thank all of our customers who are dedicatedto Primus Electronics for all of the support andcommitment to our company. I can speak for every employeeat Primus, we are dedicated to serve and exceedthe expectations of our customers and we are extremelygrateful for the continued support. While Primus hasbeen privileged to work with MetroPCS in Philly andBoston this year, we would like to thank the customerswho have been with us for the 27 years we have been adistributor. A special thanks to the contractors, tower climbers, civil contractors,general contractors and sweep testers who have helped us build our business andleadership in the wireless industry.Primus is strongly active in multiple levels of the telecommunication industryfrom two-way radios to complete site kitting. We have built an excellent reputationin supplying materials for DAS builds, which has become a unique product and excitingnew technology in our business. If you need any more details please feel freeto contact us for any and all of your telecommunication needs.To all our loyal customers, please remember that safety and safety programsare only good if they are properly used. As a climber, you need to be tied off 100percent every time you climb the tower; there is simply no room for error. This willensure that you and your employers are both protected as well as the industry. Aswe all know, tower climbing is the most dangerous job in the country; as one canimagine, this statistic can have a negative impact on our whole industry. Beingviewed as the most dangerous industry can and will impact insurance costs, howour industry is viewed, OSHA involvement, fines, and the loss of outstanding people.Please be aware of safety and make safety-conscious decisions every secondof the day. Each decision you make not only affects you personally, but our industryas a whole.I am active in a number of industry associations including President of thePennsylvania Wireless Association and contributing member of the NATE OSHAcompliance committee. I am truly pleased to be part of this dynamic industry andhold it to the highest regards along with its people and the company I proudly represent.Kindest Regards,Chris PleibelRegional Sales ManagerPrimus Electronics, Inc.2 Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 •

NewHeadquarters Doubles Capacityand “Goes Green”Primus Electronics announced plans torelocate its headquarters to Morris,Illinois to better serve its customers of thewireless business. The new headquartersdoubles its capacity of the company’s previouslocation in Joliet, Illinois.According to Michael Johnson, Presidentof Primus Electronics, over the pastseveral years the business has more thanquadrupled in size due to increased demandfrom its growing customerbase and expansioninto new markets and qualityproduct lines.Because of its growth, itwas decided to construct anew, environment-friendlyheadquarters which wouldallow for increased service capabilitiesand future expansion.“We realized years agowe would eventually have toexpand,” says Johnson, “andafter much consideration, thefinal decision was made byBoard of Directors to relocate and build anew building.”The new headquarters in Morris isapproximately 15 miles southwest of itscurrent location. The facility will houseadministrative office space and a spaciouswarehouse which will allow the company tomaximize their potential for delivering fast,efficient and quality customer service to itscustomers and showcase logistical capabilities.With the new location easily accessibleand just minutes away from major expressways,Primus will use the new facilityto ship to customers worldwide and continueits policy on same day shipping.New Headquarters “Going Green”As more and more businesses jump on the“Go Green” campaign, Primus is spearheadingits efforts with incorporating ecological-friendlyoptions into the design of itsnew building.Among them is solar energy. Therehave been important considerations onhow to appropriately incorporate solarpower into the building design to maximizeConstruction is underway on the new Primus headquarters located in Morris, IL,just 15 miles Southwest of its current location.its benefits. Besides conserving heat thatsunshine delivers to all buildings, daylightingtechniques have been carefully designedinto the facility to optimize the useof natural light for employee work areas.Solar energy emits no global-warminggases and has been proven an ecofriendlyoption over the decades.Primus is also integrating geothermalenergy which is a type of renewable energythat encourages conservation of naturalresources; it utilizes sources of hotwater and steam that exist near the Earth’ssurface to heat. This will be used to heatand cool the facility. According to Johnson,one of the greatest benefits is that geothermalsystems produce no on-site emissionsand have no chemical byproducts, andtherefore, greatly reduces the risk of carbonmonoxide poisoning and gas leaks.Primus is also considering wind poweras another earth-friendly alternative to energy.“While we have a strong interest inwind power since it is a clean, renewable,and plentiful source of energy and reducesgreenhouse emissions,” says Johnson,“we also must examine it more closelyalong with city and state regulationsbefore we can capitalizeon this green energyoption.”The new facility will alsouse low-volume fixtures toconserve water.“We are very happy tobe ‘going green’ with ourchoices of ecological-friendlyenergy alternatives,” saysJohnson. “Just another wayPrimus really is the Differencein Wireless Distribution.”The project is scheduledfor completion in January 2009. More informationwill be shared with customers asthe project moves forward. Primus will doits best to not inconvenience customersduring the transition to the new headquarters.Primus Electronics was founded inJoliet and remained at its current locationfor over 27 years. It has since grown torepresent over 200 quality manufacturersand make major contributions to the wirelessindustry.3

LEDs Advance Air Navigation Safety GPSAChris Carpenter, Flash Technologyir Navigation Safety has been the focus of Flash Technologyfor 39 years. Flash Technology strives to manufactureinnovative, technology driven products for its customers. In 2004,the aviation obstruction lighting market changed with the introductionof LEDs.LEDs have taken command of obstruction lighting sales by:• Lowering energy costs• Cutting maintenance expenses - less truck rolls/service calls• Robust, longer lasting and advanced heatsink technology• Community-friendly with patented 3 degree beams – drasticallyreducing ground scatterDual Red and White LED BeaconSeeing the benefits LEDtechnology has given ourcustomers, Flash Technologyis introducing a new DualLED Beacon with both Redand White light producedsolely by LEDs. No longer willcustomers have to use a redLED with a white strobe fortheir dual lighting needs.To compliment their obstruction lighting product line and to insurecustomers are always in compliance to FAA/FCC regulations,Flash Technology developed ArgusON, a wireless remote monitoringsolution. ArgusON, built on the Eagle platform, has helpedtheir largest build-to-suit customer obtain the quarterly lighting inspectionwavier, saving them thousands of truck rolls and servicecalls a year.Introducing innovative productsand monitoring solutionsmeans little unless the serviceteams know exactly howthe products work. FlashTechnology University offershands-on component-leveltraining for Medium Intensity,High Intensity and AirportRed Only LED L864 Beaconlighting. The company lists allCertified Service Providers (CSP) who have successfully completedtraining on their website: their capabilities to serve their customers and the industryis Flash Technology’s daily goal. To learn more about thecompany’s Obstruction Lighting, Monitoring, Training, and theRegulations that affect you, see their newly expanded website For more information or to order qualitylighting products from Flash Technology, call Primus Electronicstoday at (800) 435-1636.Primus RegionalSales Managerappointed Presidentof the PennsylvaniaWireless AssociationIt is an honor to announce that Chris Pleibel, Regional SalesManager, has been appointed President of the PennsylvaniaWireless Association (PWA).“I am proud to be a part of the organization which has growninto a well-established and active group of like-minded industryprofessionals (due in large measure to the capable leadership ofTodd Stiles who has been involved in the PWA since its beginning).I am very optimistic about the future prospects for the wireless industry in Pennsylvaniaand am certain that the PWA will have a major role to play in these opportunities.If your involved with the organization, expect to receive regular updates from thePWA regarding local and state-wide regulatory and legislative issues, opportunities to raise funds for the Penn State Children’s Hospital,and social and educational sessions for our members. I look forward to your participation as the PWA continues to develop as avital resource for the entire PA wireless industry.”4 Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 •

PRIMUS CALENDAR OF EVENTSAnritsu SiteMaster TM Certified Line Sweep Training2 Day CourseOctober 21-22, 2008Location: Woburn, MAand wearing PrimusThis intense, hands-on course focuses on RF-line sweep theory,technology, and practical applications. Students will learn the skillsnecessary to install, test, and maintain RF cable feed lines and antennasystems and gain unique insights to line sweeping projects.Upon successful completion of the course, which includes a certificationexam, students will receive a SiteMaster Certificate of Completionalong with a photo identification card.For more information or to register for this event, call Primus at(800) 435-1636.George FergusonPCIA - The Wireless Infrastructure AssociationTradeshowOctober 12-15, 2008Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa • Hollywood, FLBooth 315Primus has built an excellent reputation in supplying materials forDAS builds, which has become a unique product and exciting newtechnology in our business. Stop by booth 315 to speak with usabout your next DAS project and discover why we are the Differencein Wireless Distribution.Enterprise Wireless Association (EWA) TradeshowUSMSSNovember 5-7, 2008Double Tree Paradise Valley • Scottsdale, AZBooth 307If visiting the show, be sure to visit us at booth 307 to talk with industryprofessionals on how Primus Electronics can satisfy all ofyour two-way radio and other wireless technology product needs.PRIMUS OFFERS MORE TRAINING CLASSESPrimus is proud to have teamed up with Anritsu, Harger, and theCommunications Industry and Training Certification Academy(CITCA) to offer a number of classes, certifications, and educationalpresentations to meet your requests.For a full listing of classes we currently offer along with descriptionsand scheduling, call us today at (800) 435-1636. All information isalso available in our 2nd Edition Tower Division Catalog, pages 133-136.John PacholkeGeorge Ferguson and John Pacholke with TSC Constructioncomplete maintenance work on a tower wearing their Primusshirts. TSC Construction is a leadingprovider of wireless construction andmanagement services in the U.S.Want your own free t-shirt and the chance to be featured on the cover ourPrime Connection newsletter? Turn to page 7 for more information.5

RUnlimited Wireless Carrier MetroPCS Launches Service inGreater Philadelphia RegionNew Unlimited, Flat-rate, No Signed Contract Calling Plans are Most Affordable in the Marketesidents of Philadelphia now have anew alternative to costly traditionalwireless service plans. MetroPCS Communications,Inc. (NYSE: PCS), the nation’sleading provider of unlimited wireless communicationsservice, announces thelaunch of its low cost, flat-rate unlimitedwireless services in the GreaterPhiladelphia Region, providing residentsthe freedom to enjoy moreflexible wireless options.MetroPCS offers a diverse selectionof predictable, affordableand flexible “talk all you want”service plans, which allow customersto talk 24-hours-a-day,seven days a week, and enhancedOn July 2nd, Citizens Bank Park was covered in purple andorange decorations to celebrate the launch of MetroPCS unlimitedwireless service for the Philadelphia market.service options so that residents ofthe Greater Philadelphia Regioncan create a wireless experiencethat best fits their lifestyles. WithMetroPCS service plans, customers payby the month, not by the minute, and servicesdo not require a signed contract,credit check, minimum balance or deposit.Service plans start as low as $30 permonth, and unlimited long distance serviceto the 48 contiguous states is availablewith service plans as low as $35 permonth. The first month of service is includedwith the purchase of a phone andthere is no activation fee. Additionally,MetroPCS offers unlimited family plans.This marks MetroPCS’ first entranceinto the Northeast and the start of its 11thmarket. MetroPCS unlimited wireless serviceis now offered in all major U.S. regionsincluding the East Coast, SoutheasternU.S., Midwest, Central and Western regions.“Philadelphia marks a true milestonefor MetroPCS because it is our initial expansioninto the Northeast,” said JohnShelton, vice president and general manager,for MetroPCS’ Philadelphia market.“Our flat-rate, unlimited, low cost serviceplans makes MetroPCS an affordable,worry-free and planned expense for allvalue-oriented consumers looking to reduceextra spending and streamline theirbudgets. With our unlimited service, customerscan save dollars each month byeliminating their home phone and haveonly one phone – their MetroPCS phone.We encourage anyone to bring us their existingphone number and try our service.”Upon launch of service in Philadelphia,MetroPCS will have 6 companyowned stores and 132 authorized in thePhiladelphia area. MetroPCS intends toadd additional locations by the end of theyear. In addition to bringing a new affordable,flexible, predictable low cost, flat-ratewireless service, MetroPCS’ entry into themarket will provide a positive stimulus forthe local economy by creating an estimated800 jobs by the end of 2008.With approximately 4.4 million subscribersnationwide, continued consumerdemand for MetroPCS’ affordable, flexible,predictable unlimited, no signed contract,flat-rate wireless service as well as entryinto new markets, such as Philadelphia,has been the driving factor behind thecompany’s growth.MetroPCS’ wireless plans range from$30 to $50 per month and allow subscribersto talk all they want, 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week.Unlike most carriers, MetroPCS doesnot require a signed contract, whichmeans that consumers can activateservice without going through a creditcheck or paying a deposit. Many ofthe plans include unlimited featuressuch as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting,three-way calling, text and picturemessaging, push e-mail, mobile Internetbrowsing, mobile instant messaging,and Metro411, a voice-activated,premium directory assistance service.The $40 per month plan offers unlimitedlocal and long distance calling, voicemailservice and unlimited text messaging.Consumers can visit any ofMetroPCS’ current Philadelphia authorizeddealer locations and company-owned retaillocations or visit MetroPCS’ web site to sign up for serviceplans, and choose from a lineup of wirelessphones from the top handset manufacturers.About MetroPCS Communications, Inc.Dallas-based MetroPCS Communications,Inc. (NYSE: PCS) is a provider of unlimitedwireless communications service for a flatratewith no signed contract. MetroPCSowns or has access to licenses covering apopulation of approximately 149 millionpeople in 14 of the top 25 largest metro-6 Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 • www.primuselectronics.comcontinued on page 8

meet the teamWAREHOUSESave some GREEN& GO GREENwith PrimusHave empty reels laying aroundjob sites that you need to get ridof? Help the environment andPrimus “Go Green” by recyclingyour empty reels.BERT NAVAWarehouse ManagerYears at primus: 9DEREK MUMMYears at primus: 1You’ll save time from transportingthem to another location and avoidheavy costs in having them destroyed.Primus will pay for all costs associatedwith removing the empty reelsfrom your job site.KEN DAVISYears at primus: 4PEDRO RODRIGUEZYears at primus: 8To schedule a free pickup ofempty reels from your job site,call Primus today and ask forTravis at (800) 435-1636.MetroPCScontinued from page 6TIM GARMANYears at primus: 21LARRY YOUNGHUSBANDYears at primus: 3politan areas in the United States, includingNew York, Philadelphia,Boston, Miami, Orlando, Sarasota,Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, LasVegas, Los Angeles, San Franciscoand Sacramento. As of March 31,2008, MetroPCS has approximately4.4 million subscribers and offersservice in the Miami, Orlando, Sarasota,Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit,Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento,Las Vegas and Philadelphiametropolitan areas. For more informationplease Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 •

Your Solution for EmergencyHigh-angle Rescue*:EZE-Man ®Auto Descent DevicesFeatures: Emergency high-angle rescue from a widerange of elevated work areas Automatic Controlled Descent-- 3ft.(0.9M) per second Bi-directional design- one end of thelifeline descends as the other ascends Ideal for self-rescue or multipleescapes-approved for twoperson rescue Available with lifting function tofacilitate rescue-- Hub model only 2 Person Rated- 550 lbs. (250 kg.)Total combined weight Maximum Descents - 20 Compliance: OSHA 1926, Subpart M, Appendix C ANSI Z359.4-2007, CSA Z259.2.3-99/EN 341A/CE 0123/CSA Classification: Type 1E Device is designed from high-quality,lightweight machined aluminum*ProfessionalRescue TrainingRequired toUse These Devices.®

HTD&ETD Direct Replacement Radiosfor US&S, Wabtec, TrainLink II and NextGen ProductsBill Kohl, Allcom ProductsPrimus Electronics now carries a complete line of high-performance, cost-effective,direct replacement ‘plug & play’ transceiver units for Wabtec and US&SHTD and ETD devices. Capable of half or full-channel spacing operation, these radioscan be installed in systems that comply with the FCC’s new narrow band 12.5kHz refarming regulations.RRD Series radios are engineered to provide transparent functionality in systemscurrently operating and also meet the year 2013 requirements as mandated bythe FCC.RRD Series radios -as delivered- are capable of seamless and simultaneoustwo-way communication with both the new generation half-channel spaced radiosand older full channel spaced radios without the need for any onboard jumper or programmingby the installation technician.This ease of installation permits easy transition from old, outmoded widebandradios -whose acceptability is being phased out by the FCC- to narrow band modernmandated 12.5 kHz radios; this transition happens over time as their budgets permitwhile maintaining interoperabilty with older radios still operating in their system.All radios feature low current drain, direct modulation with low distortion, andlow group delay resulting in a low bit-error-rate (BER) for enhanced system integrityand reliability. All radios utilize Swift Lock Synthesizer loading algorithms for fasttransmitter and receiver attack times and Controlled Envelope Keying to reduceadjacent channel “keyclicks,” resulting in spectrum-friendly operation.Radios include all necessary harnesses for direct connection into the respectiveHTD / ETD unit.A complete line of replacement parts, programming cables, and software togetherwith Operating and Maintenance Manuals are available. One year manufacturer’swarranty is standard; two and three year extended warranties are available.If reliability and cost-efficiency are important factors in selecting your replacementradios, then Railroad Products line of RRD replacement ‘plug & play’ EOT andHTD radios should be your first choice.To learn more or to order your HTD and ETD Direct Replacement Radios, callPrimus Electronics at (800) 435-1636.RRD-1020 SeriesNarrow Band Capable Radio Kit for US&SETD/HTD models 6695, 6699, 6696, andRepeater Model 6680RRD-1100 SeriesNarrow Band Capable Radio Kitfor Wabtec EN, ES, 07 & 09RRD-1000(M) SeriesNarrow Band Capable Radio Kit for WabtecLCU05, LCU07, LCU08 & LCU09RRD-1025 SeriesNarrow Band Capable Radio Kitfor US&S HTD Model 6656RRD-1140 SeriesNarrow Band Capable Radio Kit for Wabtec2360 NextGen EOT10 Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 •

RAILROAD NARROWBAND NGJack McNutt, Primus Electronics ISSUESThe Federal Communications Commission(FCC) took the following actionto bring about a timely transition tonarrowband technology:1. January 1, 2013 is the deadline for licenseesin the 150 – 174 MHz for the Industrial/Businessand Public Safety Pool tomigrate to the 12.5 kHz technology. Thisincludes the Railroad frequencies of160.215 – 161.655.2. Prohibits any application for new systemsusing 25 kHz channels, or modificationapplications that expand theauthorized contour of an existing 25 kHzstation, effective January 1, 2011.3. January 1, 2013 is the deadline for licenseesin the 421 – 512 MHz band to migrateto 12.5 kHz technology. This includesthe devices used for telemetry commonlyreferred to as Head of Train Device (HTD)or End of Train Device (ETD). This includesUHF yard repeaters and switchcontrollers.This ruling requires the licensee to convertto narrowband by the deadline statedabove.In the VHF band most communications areby voice. This means that any base station,repeater base station, mobile, controlstation, portables and locomotive radiosmust be narrowbanded. If a control link isutilized and it is on a UHF frequency, itmust also be narrowbanded.In general, older radio equipment cannotbe narrowbanded. We suggest you createan inventory of all radio/telemetry equipment.Use the model # of the radio, not theserial #. There are qualified personnel inthe railroad industry that will determinenarrowband capability.HTD/ETD devices are not narrowband capable,except for Quantum. Check withQuantum direct to determine what needsto be changed.Primus Electronics has wideband/narrowbandreplacement radios to fit all applicationsincluding TrainLink II, ES and NGENATX. We also can provide US&S radios forHTD / ETD application.The Wireless Communications Committee(WCC) has adopted a recommendation totransition to narrowbanding (12.5 kHz) byJuly 1, 2010 for all locomotives that travelin the US.There have been discussions about migratingto 6.25 kHz, also called “very narrowbanding.”It might be prudent toconsider purchasing mobiles and portablesoffering this capability. HTD/ETD radioswill not require 6.25 kHz.The FCC has not issued a deadline norhas the WCC made any recommendationon 6.25 kHz.While Primus does not sell base stations,mobiles, or portables, you are more thanwelcome to contact the Railroad Divisionand we can direct you to distributors whospecialize in the railroad market.For more information or for answers toquestions you may have, contact Jack Mc-Nutt, Railroad Division Manager withPrimus Electronics at (888) 303-7245 orvia email at

PrimusROCKSandwe’re thankful y’allare there!Comment from Paul, Illinois18424 NW Frontage Rd.Joliet, IL 60404First Class PrsrtU.S. PostagePAIDHammond, INPermit No. 129Do you have a comment or short storywhy you feel Primus is the Differencein Wireless Distribution? Now is thetime to share it with us! Simply orcall us today at (800) 435-1636. Youcan also mail it to:MarketingPrimus Electronics18424 NW Frontage Rd.Joliet, IL 60404

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