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Construction - Bilfinger

BilfingerThe international engineering and services groupMarch 06, 2013

BilfingerA strong groupYou've heard ofHSG Zander,Tebodin,Steinmüller,Babcock Borsigand Wolfferts?Did you know that allthese companies arealso part of Bilfinger?We want to ensure that infuture if Bilfinger is in it, itsays Bilfinger on it.We offer our clients a diverseand unique range of services.All of the companies in thegroup are closely networked.Our clients can access allservices from a single source,tailored to their individualneeds, almost everywhere inthe world.Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 4

BilfingerA strong partnerWe aspire to be the first choice when it comes tosolving complex tasks for clients in the industrial,energy, real-estate and infrastructure sectors.Driven by a 'German Engineering' attitude, we masterdemanding tasks – with a tailored approach that is richin ideas and innovative.As a reliable partner we deliver individual andsustainable results with competence and experience.Bilfinger enables its clients to focus on their corecompetences.Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 6

BilfingerCombining our skills for your successIndustrial: 38.000 engineers, technicians and fittermachinists provide services for the design, engineering,maintenance and modernization of industrial plants.Power: 9.000 plant designers, engineers, materials testers,technical employees and fitters execute maintenance,repair, efficiency enhancements and lifetime extension worksfor power plants.Facility: 18.000 building and plant technicians,administrators, facility managers and service specialistsoffer their clients a comprehensive range of services intechnical, commercial and infrastructural real-estate services.Construction: 5.000 engineers, designers, draftsmen andspecialists carry out major infrastructure projects with a focuson tunnel and bridge construction, foundation engineering andfoundations for offshore windparks.Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 8

BilfingerYour success – Our service rangeBusiness segmentsSubgroupsINDUSTRIALIndustrialTechnologiesIndustrialServicesPOWERPower SystemsBUILDING ANDFACILITYBuildingFacility ServicesGovernmentServicesCONSTRUCTIONConstructionInfrastructureCONCESSIONSProjectInvestmentsBilfinger corporate presentationpage 10

Reaching our goals togetherExample industry | Huntsman projectRange of services▪ Engineering▪ Procurement▪ Construction management▪ Scaffolding▪ Insulation▪ Corrosion protection▪ Piping systemsCorporate units▪ Industrial Technologies▪ Industrial ServicesBilfinger corporate presentationpage 11

Reaching our goals togetherExample power plants | Mannheim power plant projectRange of services▪ Foundations▪ Piping construction▪ High-pressure piping systems▪ Insulation▪ Engineering for cooling waterintakeCorporate units▪ Power Systems▪ Industrial Services▪ Civil▪ Facility ServicesBilfinger corporate presentationpage 12

Reaching our goals togetherExample real estate | Office building "one“, OberhausenRange of services▪ Consulting▪ Design▪ Construction▪ Operation▪ SustainabilityCorporate units▪ Building▪ Facility ServicesBilfinger corporate presentationpage 13

IndustrialYour industry – our experienceSubgroups▪ Industrial Technologies▪ Industrial ServicesServices▪ Design, engineering,maintenance and modernizationof industrial plants over theirentire lifecycleBilfinger corporate presentationAreas of activity▪ Piping systems▪ Machine and valve service▪ Plant assembly▪ Machinery and apparatusengineering▪ Electrical instrumentationand control technology▪ Laboratory and analysistechnology▪ Insulation▪ Scaffolding▪ Corrosion protectionClients▪ Process and manufacturinginustryin the core markets oil & gas▪ Refineries and petrochemicals▪ Chemicals and agriculturalchemicals▪ Pharmaceutical▪ Food and beverages▪ Energy production▪ Steel and aluminumReferences▪ Norsk Hydro | Norway▪ Siegfried AG | Switzerland▪ E.ON Gas Storage | UKpage 16

IndustrialFacts and figuresKey figures Output volume by region | 2012€ million 2011 2012 ChangeOutput volume 3,294 3,705 12%Orders received 3,224 3,737 16%Order backlog 2,476 2,733 10%13%America3%Asia22%GermanyEBITA 169 206 22%EBITA margin 5.1% 5.6%Number ofemployees29,427 37,056 -26%62%Europeoutside GermanyBilfinger corporate presentationpage 17

IndustrialYour task – our solutionNorsk Hydro aluminum plant |Norway▪ Outsourcing solution formaintenance and refractory lining▪ Order covers five locations:Ardal, Holmestrandt, Hayanger,Karmoy (pictured), SunndalClient Norsk HydroVolume €53 million p.a.Period Since 1998Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 18

IndustrialYour task – our solutionSiegfried AG | Switzerland▪ Outsourcing solution for themaintenance of production facilitiesand site engineering on the basisof pharmaceutical guidelines▪ Continuation of the chemicaldefense school as part of theoutsourcing projectClient Siegfried AGVolume €50 million p.a.Period 2010 – 2015Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 19

IndustrialYour task – our solutionE.ON Gas Storage |United Kingdom▪ Delivery of two gas dehydrationunits▪ Package-unit including processengineering and design of the unit▪ Complete engineering,manufacturing, installationsupervision and commissioningClientVolumeE.ON GasStorage UK€8 millionPeriod 2009 – 2011Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 20

PowerYour industry – our experienceSubgroups▪ Power SystemsServices▪ Service and components forpower plants throughout theirentire lifecycleAreas of activity▪ Repair▪ Maintenance▪ Efficiency enhancements andlifetime extensions for existingpower plants▪ Manufacture and assemblyof components for power plantconstruction with a focus onboilers and high-pressure pipingsystemsClients▪ Energy producers▪ Industrial companies▪ Utilities▪ Research facilitiesReferences▪ PGE Elektrownia Belchatow |Poland▪ Max-Planck Institut IPP |GermanyBilfinger corporate presentationpage 22

PowerFacts and figuresKey figures Output volume by region | 2012€ million 2011 2012 ChangeOutput volume 1,157 1,319 14%Orders received 1,221 1,178 -4%Order backlog 1,437 1,311 -9%11%Asia1%America37%GermanyEBITA 96 123 28%EBITA margin 8.3% 9.3%Number ofemployees7,588 9,278 22%18%Africa33%Europeoutside GermanyBilfinger corporate presentationpage 23

PowerYour task – our solutionPGE, Belchatow power plant |Poland▪ Modernization of six power plantblocks▪ Renewal of the steam generators▪ Design, manufacture and assemblyof the modernized firing systems,pressure section and relatedsystemsClientVolumePGE ElektrowniaBelchatow€460 millionPeriod 2007 – 2011Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 24

PowerYour task – our solutionMax-Planck Institute, Garching andGreifswald | Germany▪ Manufacture and delivery of50 non-planar superconductingmagnetic coils▪ Manufacture and delivery oftrim coilsClientVolumeMax-PlanckInstitute IPP€460 millionPeriod 1998 – 2009Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 25

Building and FacilityYour industry – our experienceSubgroups▪ Building▪ Facility Services▪ Government ServicesServicesA full range of real-estate relatedservices:Building services: Alldevelopment, design andconstruction services throughoutthe lifecycle of real-estatepropertiesFacility services: All technical,commercial and infrastructuralservices throughout the lifecycle ofreal-estate propertiesBilfinger corporate presentationAreas of activityBuilding:▪ Development, design, consulting▪ Logistics▪ Turnkey construction▪ Rehabilitation▪ Portfolio optimization, expansion,▪ Cold storage constructionFacility Services:▪ Asset and property management▪ Integrated facility management▪ Building technology▪ Infrastructural and health careservices▪ Water technologyClients▪ Public and private clients of alltypes, particularly professionalreal estate ownersReferences▪ BASF SE | Germany▪ IVG Immobilien AG | Germanypage 27

Building and FacilityFacts and figuresKey figures Output volume by region | 2012€ million 2011 2012 ChangeOutput volume 2,256 2,249 0%Orders received 2,363 2,373 0%Order backlog 2,369 2,147 -9%EBITA 94 106 13%EBITA margin 4.2% 4.7%8%America10%Africa1%Asia64%GermanyNumber ofemployees15,711 15,292 -3%17%Europeoutside GermanyBilfinger corporate presentationpage 28

Building and FacilityYour task – our solutionBASF SE |Germany and Eastern Europe▪ Integrated technical, commercialand infrastructural facilitymanagement▪ Administration and productionbuildings at 23 locations in 13countries▪ Total floor space under management:approximately 180,000 m²▪ Basic services via frameworkagreeementClientVolumeBASF SE€27 millionPeriod 2010 – 2014Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 29

Building and FacilityYour task – our solutionIVG Immobilien AG | Germany▪ EPM manages 66 percent ofIVG Immobilien AG's Germanreal estate portfolio▪ Property management▪ Center management▪ Rental management▪ For The Squaire at the FrankfurtAirport (pictured) among otherpropertiesClient IVG Immobilien AGVolume €49 millionPeriod 2010 – 2018Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 30

ConstructionYour industry – our experienceSubgroups▪ Construction▪ InfrastructureServicesDemanding civil engineeringservices in the areas of mobilityand energyAreas of activity▪ Tunneling▪ Bridge construction▪ Roads▪ Hydraulic engineering▪ Prestressing technology▪ Steel construction▪ Foundation engineeringClients▪ Public and private sector clientsReferences▪ Dong Energy, E.ON und Masdar |UK▪ A1 mobil | GermanyBilfinger corporate presentationpage 32

ConstructionFacts and figuresKey figures Output volume by region | 2012€ million 2011 2012 ChangeOutput volume 1,751 1,404 -20%Orders received 971 1,099 13%Order backlog 1,506 1,224 -19%EBITA 37 25 -32%EBITA margin 2.1% 1.8%6%Asia1%Otherregions46%GermanyNumber ofemployees5,849 4,490 -23%47%Europeoutside GermanyBilfinger corporate presentationpage 33

ConstructionYour task – our solutionLondon Array Windpark |United Kingdom▪ Construction of the foundationsfor 175 wind turbines and twotransformer stations▪ 20 – 35 kilometers from the coast▪ Monopiles up to 60 meters inlengthClientVolumeDong Energy,E.ON and Masdar€400 millionPeriod 2009 – 2012Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 34

ConstructionYour task – our solutionA1 Autobahn Hamburg – Bremen |Germany▪ Design and construction work forthe 6-lane expansion of a 73-kilometer long section of motorway▪ Renewal and expansion ofthe roadway and junctions▪ To be operated and maintainedfor a period of 30 yearsClientVolumeA1 mobil€417 million(design and construction)Period 2008 – 2012(52 months)Bilfinger corporate presentationpage 35

ConcessionsYour industry – our experienceSubgroups▪ Project InvestmentsServices▪ Construction and operation ofprivately-financed projects fortransport and social infrastructureTransport infrastructure▪ Highways, bridges and tunnelsSocial infrastructure:▪ Education and health facilities,justice system, emergencyservices, and generaladministrationAreas of activity▪ Development▪ Planning▪ Financing▪ Construction▪ Operation▪ Investment / divestmentClients▪ Public sector clientsReferences▪ Vegdirektoratet | Norway▪ Stoke-on-Trent and StaffordshireFire and Rescue Authority | UKBilfinger corporate presentationpage 37

ConcessionsFacts and figuresKey figures Equity investment by region | 2012Number / € million 2011 2012 ChangeProjects in portfolio 30 14 -53%thereof underconstruction8 6 -25%Committed equity 383 232 -39%24%Australia20%Germany8%UnitedKingdomthereof paid-in 225 163 -28%Net present value 368 241 -35%EBITA 23 41 78%Number of employees 141 143 1%27%Canada21%EuropeoutsideGermanyBilfinger corporate presentationpage 38

ConcessionsYour task – our solutionE18 Highway | Norway▪ Design, financing, constructionand operation of a 38-kilometerfour-lane highway▪ Seven tunnels▪ Six bridgesClient VegdirektoratetVolume €453 millionStart of operations August, 2009Concession period 25 yearsBilfinger corporate presentationpage 39

ConcessionsYour task – our solutionStaffordshire Fire Service |United Kingdom▪ Modernization of seven fire stationsand construction of three new firestationsClient Stoke-on-Trent andStaffordshire Fire and RescueAuthorityInvestment volume €54 millionStart of operations 2011Concession period 27 yearsBilfinger corporate presentationpage 40

Key figures for the Group€ million 2011 2012Output volume 8,476 8,635Orders received 7,776 8,348Order backlog 7,833 7,422EBITA 397 466EBITA margin 4.7 % 5.4 %Net profit 220* 275Employees 59,210 66,826* Adjusted for earnings from discontinued operations,primarily from the sale of Valemus AustraliaBilfinger corporate presentation page 41

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