MAY - Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, USA
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MAY - Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, USA

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ContentsGuest MessageSir Knight George C. Sellars, General GrandMaster, General Grand Council, Cryptic Masons,International................................................... 4Holy Land Pilgrimage....................................... 5Sir Knight Ernest Borgnine,Oscar Winning Actor and Advocate for FreemasonrySir Knight Ivan M. Tribe................................... 9Unrecognized Templar Orders........................ 22The Last Rebel and theMystery of the Templars’ Lost LandDr. David Harrison......................................... 23Triennial Conclave Information...................... 28Guest MessageSir Knight J. Weldon Clampitte, Grand MasterCouncilor of the Order of DeMolay................ 30FeaturesPrelate’s Chapel ..........................................................6Letters to the Editor.....................................................7A Chat With The Managing Editor...............................8The Knights Templar Eye Foundation........................15Crossword Puzzle Solution from April Issue..............17Grand Commandery Supplement..............................18Crossword Puzzle.......................................................20Recipients of the Membership Jewel........................21In Memoriam.............................................................27Beauceant News........................................................33Knights at the Bookshelf............................................34VOLUME LVIII MAY 2012 NUMBER 5Published monthly as an official publication of theGrand Encampment of Knights Templarof the United States of America.William H. Koon, IIGrand MasterJeffrey N. NelsonGrand Captain General and Publisher3112 Tyler ParkwayBismarck, ND 58503Address changes or correctionsand all membership activity includingdeaths should be reportedto the Recorder of the localCommandery. Please do not reportthem to the editor.John L. PalmerManaging EditorPost Office Box 566Nolensville, TN 37135-0566Phone: (615) 283-8477Fax: (615) 283-8476E-mail: ktmagazine@comcast.netMagazine materials and correspondenceto the editor should be sent in electronicform to the managing editor whose contactinformation is shown above.Materials and correspondence concerningthe Grand Commandery state supplementsshould be sent to the respectivesupplement editor.Lawrence E. TuckerGrand RecorderGrand Encampment Office5909 West Loop South, Suite 495Bellaire, TX 77401-2402Phone: (713) 349-8700Fax: (713) 349-8710E-mail: larry@gektusa.orgCover photo is of Iglesia de Vera Cruz(Church of the True Cross), just outsideSegovia, Spain, about 30 minutesnorth of Madrid built by the ancientKnights Templar. Photo taken andsubmitted by Sir Knight ChristopherDurie, Melbourne Commandery No.41, Melbourne, Florida.Grand Encampment Web Site: http://www.knightstemplar.orgknight templar3

Guest ObservationByGeorge C. SellarsGeneral Grand MasterGeneral Grand Council, Cryptic Masons, InternationalToday we are living in a different world from yesterday. Tomorrow will be entirelydifferent from yesterday or today. The noted historian, Georg WilhelmFriedrich Hegel, believed in historical cycles. The end of one cycle is then thebeginning of another. As we cycle, changes are inevitable. This reminds me in somemanner of Freemasonry, but the real question in this article is, “Can Freemasonrychange to meet the demands of the social and structured classes of the world today?”Some time ago, I read an article which caused me to ponder some of our Masonicachievements and failures, and how with strength and perseverance, some will growfrom the experience while others will fail because of their lack of direction, focus, orcommitment. What did the story remind me of? Something remarkable, perhapseven memorable!One summer many years ago as I prepared to dismantle our family pool and wastaking a break from the 90 o plus heat, a mother duck with eleven ducklings walkedacross our back yard. It created quite a spectacle. Not that we haven’t seen ducksbefore, but in our yard, a quarter of a mile from Lake St. Clair, it was strange anddelightful, yet a sense of apprehension prevailed.What a journey! There were expressways and major roadways, high speeds, fenceswith dogs behind them, and children, too. What a trip! The ducklings followedtheir mother without question.Sometimes the ducklings were confused and raced for safety. Instantly the motherduck stood her ground and gained command of a possible bad situation. Later thatday they reached a major roadway. Cars were racing past. Few recognized the plightof the twelve. In one instant the flock exploded as the mother duck became frantic.Life is simple! Life is also tragic! Now there was left only one duckling and its mother.The rest scattered or died on the street. In the fall I observed on the lake near my homea mother duck and one duckling. It was a reminder of that summer day.Does this story remind you of the love we have for the York Rite and how it caresfor and loves you; how one small insignificant member meant the success or failureof change? Our leadership knows very well that the officers are sometimes harassed,beleaguered, and confused. They bleed with tears when the membership doesn’trespond, understand, or even care. This is when we have the opportunity to laboragainst all odds and to prevail to be stronger and enriched by the experience. That’swhy the leadership stands to teach, to deliver the messages, and gather the ducklings.Get out into your York Rite. Surround yourself in its protective care. Set yourstandard high. Leadership is carrying the banner, leading in the battle, and an opportunityto serve.4 may 2012

Holy Land Pilgrimage2012 Pilgrim Ministers sitting in the synagogue built by Jewish zealots at Masada.knight templarForty-one pilgrim ministers representing 26 states gathered inManger Square outside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.5

Prelate’s ChapelbyRev. William D. HartmanRight Eminent Grand Prelateof theGrand Encampment“Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directedthem. And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted. AndJesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been givento me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the nameof the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe allthat I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.’”(Matthew 28: 16-20)Our faith and hope as Christian Knights Templar are bound up in the birth, life, death,resurrection, and ascension of the Great Captain of our Salvation, our Lord JesusChrist. Following his resurrection, Jesus once again traveled the familiar territory ofthe scriptures to show that he was alive and well; that he had completed the taskhis Father had given him to do – “For God so loved the world that He gave His onlybegotten Son, that WHOEVER believes in him should not perish but have everlastinglife. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world but that theworld through him might be saved.” (John 3:16-17)That’s not the end of the story. Jesus ascended back to heaven to intercede with theHoly Spirit for all of us before the throne of God. He would no longer be physicallypresent but would never leave nor forsake us spiritually. Now the task was (and is)ours; to make disciples of all nations – to teach them all the things Jesus taught andcommanded us to do. As with Christmas, the “work of Easter” now begins: to feedthe hungry, clothe the naked, bind up the wounds of the afflicted, to give help to thewidow and orphan, and to minister as Jesus ministered to all those in need.‘’And you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and youshall be my witnesses ... to the end of the earth.” And when he had said this, asthey were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight.(The Acts of the Apostles 1:8-9)6 may 2012

22DEC2011Letters to the EditorDear Brother Rickheim,Mr. Palmer:Is sit here with rancor as I review howeagerly I waited for the current issueof the Knight Templar Magazine to bereceived? I thought for sure you wouldwelcome the challenge and argument Ipresented about the classified ads resultas interperatured by you. I really do seethat you consider yourself as a lord seeingover his fiefdom telling his serfs whatto think and the “fodder” they shouldput up with! Why don’t you publish arebuttal that does not fit into your realmof conscience, obviously unalterable,dictates? It would be refreshing to seesomething in the “Letters to the Editor”that did not seem to only message yourego!!! What are you doing? Oh, I knowmaking your own agenda. Why is the“Cryptic Puzzle” still being published? Itis supposed to have been voted down bythe WIDE majority that you quoted. Isn’tit comical how one decides to manipulatedata to ones own self interests!!I challenge you again to acknowledgethis second letter and the fact that youare in possession of my first “Letter tothe Editor” dated 25NOV2011 !!!Fraternally,Timothy Walter Rickheim,SIR KnightCC: William H. Koon II-- Grand MasterJeffrey N. Nelson-- Grand Captain &PublisherLawrence E. Tucker—Grand Recorderknight templarThis is to acknowledge that I receivedboth your letters and assume that theGrand Encampment officers also receivedthem, although as of this date, Ihave heard nothing from them concerningthis matter. I published your first letterin March and answered it. There is agood deal of lag time between the time Ireceive a letter to the editor and the timeit is actually delivered to the Sir Knightsin print. I am writing this response on December22 nd .I believe I addressed the contents ofyour first letter in the March 2012 issue.I answer here only to address the additionalquestion of the continued publicationof the Cryptic Crossword Puzzles.I continued to publish the puzzles untilI ran out of the ones the author hadalready sent me at the time the decisionwas made to discontinue them. As itturns out, the one in this issue is the lastone. Please don’t get excited and writeme another letter when the puzzle answerappears in next month’s issue.You seem to be very passionate aboutthis issue of the classifieds being discontinued.I truly hope that you are not lettingit affect your health.The Ed.PS: You will notice that I didn’t edit yourletter in any manner, since I didn’t wantyou to think I was trying to alter yourmessage to the Sir Knights.7

A Chat With The Managing EditorSir Knights, I have been overwhelmed by incoming mail from those of you expressingyour support concerning the criticism I received for dropping theunpaid classified advertisements. I have decided to publish every one of theletters, not because they support the action I took, but because the sentiment expressedin them is so much in character with that of a true Knight Templar. I can tellyou from experience that sometimes Masonic leaders have to deal with the veryworst aspects of our fraternity. It comes with the job. After I became a Past GrandMaster, it took me a year or so to get my head screwed on right and realize oncemore that 99% of our Brethren represent the very best that manhood has to offerin our society. You have once again renewed my optimism, and I want to share thefeeling with all the readers. To quote one of my long gone relatives and apply it toTemplary, “Being a Knight Templar – it don’t get no better than this!”I had an uplifting experience that I’d like to share. I work at the polls, andwe had an election yesterday. The Election Commission underestimated theturnout in our precinct, and the result was that we had around 400 people whohad to stand in line on a concrete floor after getting off from work for about anhour each before it was their turn to vote. This was certainly a recipe for somecrabby people, but that is not what I saw.Although maybe a dozen left without voting, primarily because they had to pickup kids somewhere, and although we did get a few suggestions that we ask theCommission for some more machines next time, the people hung in there, stayedin a good humor, and voted; even the ones who were pregnant, herding a couple ofpre-schoolers, or wearing three inch high heels. I believe that most of these peoplewouldn’t have waited one hour to be seated in a nice restaurant.I don’t know what caused this good behavior, but I have to believe that thesefolks were determined to exercise their right to vote for the government of theirchoice and that they were civilized enough to do it in a courteous manner.It kind of lifts my spirits and makes me optimistic about America. Howabout you?John L. PalmerManaging Editor8 may 2012

Sir Knight Ernest BorgnineOscar Winning Actor and Advocate for FreemasonryBySir Knight Ivan M. TribeBetween Warner Baxter in 1929and John Wayne in 1970, a totalof five Masons have wonthe Academy Award for best actor in amotion picture. By far the most activeBrother in this hallowed group is the1955 winner, Ernest Borgnine. Whilenot holding lodge office per se, he hasserved in a variety of roles as a spokespersonfor Masonic charities and alsobeen a tireless advocate for the fraternity.In his screen career, Brother Ernieis neither the legendary figure nor thematinee idol such as Brother Clark Gable,but he has established a solid celluloidpersona for some six decades, a rarefeat in his own unique manner.Born in Hamden, Connecticut onJanuary 24, 1917 to Italian immigrantparents, Ermes Effron Borgnino (laterAnglicized to Ernest Borgnine) had afairly normal childhood with one exception.At the age of two, his mothertook him and returned to Italy, comingback to the United States in 1924. Inhis boyhood, the youth joined the BoyScouts and had a part in a high schoolplay. Not long after completing highschool in New Haven, Ernest enlisted inthe United States Navy. Discharged inmid-1941, he returned to the navy afterPearl Harbor and ultimately spent atotal of ten years in military service asa gunner’s mate and chief petty officer.Out of the navy, Borgnine’s mothersuggested that he take up acting on thebasis of his “strong personality.” Underthe G. I. Bill, he enrolled at the Randallknight templarSchool of Dramatic Art in Hartford for sixmonths. Borgnine opted not to go to Yalesince they had so many degree requirementsfar removed from theater. Insteadhe sought practical experience and wentto Abingdon, Virginia, and its somewhatrenowned Barter Theater where for thenext five years he did everything fromdriving a truck and painting scenery towalk-on parts and eventually lead roles.Certainly his best experience for Barterwas as a cast member of Shakespeare’sHamlet touring Denmark and Germany,mostly on military bases. He also hadparts in such productions as State of theUnion and the Tennessee Williams playThe Glass Menagerie.During his years in Virginia, ErnestBorgnine also became a Mason. Initialinterest came from his father whohad been a Scottish Rite member. Nextcame his affection for Abingdon and itsfriendly people and atmosphere, recallingthat “I grew to love the town andall it offered.” One day he went to theprint shop to pick up some show posterswhere the owner, Elmo Vaughn, wasa Mason. Ernest told him that his fatherwas a Mason and asked him about joining.Vaughn smiled but said nothing. Later,after asking a third time he received apetition. He says “I didn’t learn ‘til laterthat in those days you had to ask threetimes.” Borgnine took his Entered Apprenticedegree on July 7, 1948. Severalmonths later on April 25, 1949, he waspassed to the degree of Fellowcraft andafter another week raised a Master Ma-9

son on May 2, 1949. Even aftermoving on to Broadway andHollywood, Brother Borgninekept his membership in AbingdonLodge No. 48.Before permanently settlingin California, Ernest Borgninemade a few appearancesin Broadway theater productions.His first role came as amale nurse in Harvey. Otherstage roles followed in BornYesterday and Mrs. McThing,playing a gangster in the latter.This led the actor to frequentlybeing typecast as avillain when he moved to Californiain 1951. After a coupleof small bit parts, he landeda larger job in From Here toEternity as the brutal armysergeant “Fatso” Judson whoadministers a fatal beating toFrank Sinatra. While landinghim high marks for his acting,Borgnine also received deaththreats from those who tookhis film treatment of a legendaryscreen favorite seriously.Although Brother Borgnine’s statureas an actor was increasing, the film thatreally elevated him to star status camein 1955 with his Oscar winning title rolein Marty, a tender love story in whichlonely, but plain, people meet and fallin love. Marty also won the best pictureaward. Marty Pilletti, a rather portly andhomely but good-hearted Bronx butcher,was portrayed to perfection by BrotherErnie who demonstrated tremendousversatility. Film critic Bosley Crowtherwrote in the New York Times calling hiswork “a performance that burns into themind.” A more modest Borgnine gavePhoto courtesy of Sir Knight Ken Jones.much of the credit for the film’s successto writer Paddy Chayefsky whom he describedas a master of “kitchen sink realism.”In the year following his Oscar winningfilm, Borgnine continued to handlesuch varying roles as an Amish farmer inViolent Saturday, a rancher in Jubal withBrother Glenn Ford, a fight promoter inThe Square Jungle, and a harried husbandin The Catered Affair with BetteDavis and Debbie Reynolds who playedhis wife and daughter respectively.In the 1958 western, The Badlanders,Borgnine and Alan Ladd portrayed twoex-convicts who got revenge by robbing10 may 2012

a crooked mine owner who had wrongfullygotten them sent to Yuma Prison.One of the film’s female stars, Hispanicactress Katy Jurado, subsequently becameErnest’s second wife (he had anearlier marriage to a Navy nurse). Keyparts in military and action dramas becamehis forte as roles like that of MartyPilletti did not often come along in Hollywood.As a result he continued in a widevariety of character parts in televisionas well as motion pictures. For instance,he guested on the initial episode of thelong-running adult western Wagon Trainin September 1957 as “Willy Moran,” aformer Union soldier struggling to recoverfrom a battle with alcoholism.Although widely known as an actor,Brother Borgnine probably gainedhis greatest fame as star of the TV hitcomedy McHale’s Navy from 1962 until1966. As the “gruff but lovable” LieutenantCommander Quinton McHale, Borgninebecame a familiar figure in millionsof American living rooms. Like mostmilitary sit-coms, McHale’s Navy borelittle resemblance to reality. As onecritic argued, the United States wouldnot have won World War II if McHaleand his inept crew had been typical.Still audiences loved him, servicemenalso took him to heart, and he becameone of their favorites, no doubt wishingthat his character had been their owncommanding officer. Injured veteransfondly recall his many visits to militaryhospitals. For example, my predecessoras Commander of Athens CommanderyNo. 15, Ken Jones, treasures his memoryof Borgnine’s visit when he was inBethesda Naval Hospital recoveringfrom injuries sustained in Viet Nam.During his McHale’s Navy days—nolonger traveling as much to exotic filmknight templarlocales in foreign lands—Brother ErnestBorgnine became more active inMasonic work. He completed his ScottishRite degrees in the Valley of LosAngeles on March 14, 1964. On June6 of the same year he became a Nobleat Al Malaikah Shrine Temple. The nextyear on February 4, 1965, Borgninebecame a dual member of HollywoodLodge No. 355. However, his Masonicwork was not yet finished.More Scottish Rite honors came inlater years. In 1979, Ernie received theK.C.C.H., the 33 rd Degree in 1983, andthe Grand Cross in 1991. He took hisYork Rite Degrees in July 1985 in LongBeach Chapter No. 84 Royal Arch Masons,Long Beach Council No. 26 Royaland Select Masters, and ultimately wasknighted in Long Beach CommanderyNo. 40, Knights Templar on July 28, 1985.He is a life member of all of these bodies.Not merely content with just being a“celebrity Mason,” Brother Borgnine hasbecome a public advocate for Masonicbodies. Typical of his comments is foundin a 2007 article titled “Mouth to Ear” inMasons of Texas:“As I’ve advanced in Masonry,I have found we are an elitegroup of people who believe inGod, country, family, and neighbours[sic]. We work hard to helpour fellowman, and through ourcharitable work such as supportfor the Childhood Language DisordersCenters, we have madeit possible to help many childrengrow into good Americancitizens. We should always beproud of the order which webelong to [sic]. Where in all theworld do you find so many great11

men and Brothers who havehelped the whole wide world?But—we are hiding our light undera bushel basket.”In practicing what he preaches,Brother Ernie served as honorary chairof the Scottish Ritecare program. Between1972 and 2002 he marched severaltimes in a Shrine unit as the “GrandClown” in the Great Circus Parade inMilwaukee. He was also honorary chairmanof a program to support the ScottishRite Childhood Language Centerin Richmond, Virginia. In non-Masoniccharity work on behalf of veterans heserved in 1996 as chairman of the NationalSalute to Hospitalized Veteransand traveled throughout the countrymaking numerous visits.Although McHale’s Navy lastedthrough four seasons (138 episodes)plus re-runs, Borgnine was hardly readyfor retirement. He continued appearingwith regularity in both lead and supportroles in major films and prime-time television.Listing all of this activity would beexhausting and time consuming, so onlya few of the highlights will be mentionedhere. Motion pictures include Pay orDie (1960) in which he played the martyredNew York Police Detective JosephPetrosino who was among the first toinvestigate the Mafia; Go Naked in theWorld (1961) with Gina Lollobrigida; TheDirty Dozen (1967) with Lee Marvin andCharles Bronson; and three made for TVsequels — The Legend of Lylah Claire(1968) with Kim Novak, The Wild Bunch(1969) with William Holden, and HannieCaulder (1971) with Raquel Welch.In made for television movies, themore memorable titles included awestern The Trackers (1971) with JulieAdams and Sammy Davis, Jr.; Legend inGranite (1973) in which he portrayedfootball legend Vince Lombardi; andmore recently the lead role in a holidayseason family effort, A Grandpafor Christmas (2007). Guest spots inmajor dramas included one of the mostmemorable episodes of Little House onthe Prairie (1974) and the final two episodesof ER in 2009 which netted himan Emmy nomination. He did a voicepart in the cartoon series All Dogs Goto Heaven and another in Sponge BobSquare-Pants. From 1984 to 1986, hehad a second prime-time adventure seriesAirwolf (55 episodes) with Jan MichaelVincent and a lesser but regularrole as “Manny the Doorman” in TheSingle Guy (23 episodes) from 1995 to1997. Although seventy-eight when thisseries started it was reported that SirKnight Ernie was the first to arrive onthe set, the last to leave, and generallyhad the most fun.On his ninetieth birthday in January2007, Brother Borgnine was honoredwith a dinner in West Hollywood. Attendeesincluded his wife, the formerTova Traesnaes; other family members;his buddy from the “McHale” era,Tim Conway; Bo Hopkins; Burt Young;two notable leading ladies from earlierdays, Debbie Reynolds and ConnieStevens; and a number of others.Miss Stevens, fondly remembered asthe star of the Hawaiian Eye TV seriesand such youth films as Parish and SusanSlade, recently interviewed at the2011 film fair in Winston-Salem, NorthCarolina, had only positive commentsabout Borgnine whom she describedas a “wonderful person.”Still active at ninety-four and counting,Brother Ernie reminisced to a Lon-12 may 2012

Photo courtesy of Sir Knight Ivan Tribe collection.don reporter in May 2009 for The Scotsmanwith a touch of humor concerninghis long film career:“I’ve died on screen almostthirty times, I’ve beenshot, stabbed, kicked, punchedknight templarthrough barroom doors . . .pushed in front of moving subwaytrains, devoured by rats anda giant mutated fish, blown upin spaceships, melted down intoa Technicolor puddle, jumpedinto a snake pit, and I perished13

from thirst in the Sahara Desert.I bounced around [in a] capsizedocean liner, beat Frank Sinatra todeath, impaled Lee Marvin witha pitchfork, and had my way withRaquel Welch.”Honors have also continued to beaccumulated by the senior actor. InJanuary 2011, the Screen Actors Guildpresented him with their Life AchievementAward. Some opposition arosefrom younger generation memberswho have found fault with his occasionalpolitically incorrect comments, but itmattered not to Brother Borgnine whoThe Scottish Rite Journal pointed outwas the only Mason besides the lateIllustrious Brother Red Skelton to receivethis recognition. On May 7, 2011,the Valley of Long Beach held a dinnerin which they named their theater inthe Scottish Rite Temple after the acclaimedactor with Illustrious BrotherNorm Crosby presiding.In reviewing and concluding thissurvey of the career of this noted Mason,it seems relevant to close with one of hisown quotes: “I speak out loud aboutMasonry to everyone! I’m proud of thefact that I belong to an organization thatmade me a better American, Christian,husband, and neighbour [sic]; and all ittook was a little self-determination bygoing foot-to-foot . . . and mouth to ear.”NoteMaterial for this article comes from the1956 article on Ernest Borgnine in CurrentBiography, a variety of motion picture andMasonic websites including articles byBlake Bowden in Masons of Texas and inFebruary 2011 The Pennsylvania Freemason.His book Ernie: The Autobiography(Citadel Press, 2008) is an honest surveyof Borgnine’s life and thoughts about hisfilms, directors, and associates, but hasonly one passing reference to Masonry.I especially appreciate the assistance ofthe staffs at the Grand Lodges of Virginiaand California, the Grand York Rite bodiesof California, the Valley of Los Angeles,and Al Malaikah Shrine.Sir Knight Tribe, Ph.D. is a professoremeritus of history at the universityof Rio Grand in Ohio, and a holder ofthe KCT, KYCH, and 33 o . He has beena regular contributor to the KnightTemplar magazine for many years andresides at 111 E. High Street, McArthur,OH 45651.14 may 2012

NEW CONTRIBUTORS TO THE KTEF CLUBSGrand Master’s ClubCharles Robert Rogers....................... GA Paul A. Neipert, Sr............................. PARichard E. Mohs...............................NM Gordon J. Whiting.............................NYEdward L. Lee....................................OH Frank J. Moesle................................ OHRichard Thomas Nation......................KY William Robert Castle........................MIForrest D. McKerley..........................NH George J. Knorr..................................NYWilliam T. Hill.....................................PA Andrew Franklin Berkley................... TXRoy A. Harrell.................................... NC Vahden Henley.................................. TXH. Fred Kersting, Jr.............................KS John Marshall Stone..........................VAOrville Robert Armstrong.................. TN Harold Norris Barker.........................CAEdwin E. Beaver.................................NJ John B. Cruce.................................... TXDale H. Crum......................................PA William Malcolm Earnest.................. ALDonald A. Hill...................................... IL Virgil L. Johnston............................... AZDavid Ellis Kearns...............................PA Bartis M. Kent.................................. OKAlbert M. Lundeen.............................. IL John C. Metcalf.................................WISamuel Edgar Nelson.........................AL James Edward Reddish..................... NCJoseph Robert Shields, Jr....................NJ Duane L. Vaught................................ INMarvin Elroy Wagnild....................... MT Hugh M Wurmle.................................IAByron Gene Fish............................... WA John Charles Hembree...................... KYLeonard Henry Jansen......................MN Dexter D. Koons................................ COStanley Lewis Reese..........................OH Charles Russell Waterman, Jr.............CAJames Chester Oaks...........................ALJohn E. Katlic..................................... OHWilliam K. Powell, Sr........................... LAJack D. Freitag...................................WAGrand Commander’s ClubCharles Boddy............................. MA/RIRichard Wayne Westergaard..............NJKenneth A. Rautiola........................... MIHow to Join the Grand Commander’s or the Grand Master’s ClubsAny individual may send a check in the amount of $100 or more specified forthe purpose of beginning a Grand Commander’s Club membership and madepayable to the Knights Templar Eye Foundation. This initial contribution will beginyour Grand Commander’s Club membership. In addition, members of theGrand Commander’s Club pledge to make annual contributions of $100 or more.Once contributions total $1,000, the individual is enrolled in the Grand Master’sClub. Membership is open to individuals only, and Commandery credit is givenfor participation. Information is available from: Knights Templar Eye Foundation,Inc., 1033 Long Prairie Road, Suite 5, Flower Mound, TX 75022-4230, phone (214)888-0220, fax (214) 888-0230.knight templar15

Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.1033 Long Prairie Road, Suite 5Flower Mound, TX 75022-4230Phone (214) 888-0220Fax (214) 888-0230.Greetings Sir Knights,A$40,000 grant was awarded to Dr. Yuk Fai LeungPh.D., Purdue University, Department ofBiological Sciences. It was presented at theannual inspection of LaPorte Commandery No. 12in LaPorte, Indiana by R.E.G.G. Duane Vaught. Research,research, and more research will pave theway for future generations to have the gift of sight.Retinal degeneration is an eye disease that cancompromise vision and lead to blindness. Childrenand infants suffer the most from such a disorderbecause they have a lifelong visual handicap aheadof them. Much research has been conducted toidentify the underlying genetic causes of retinaldegeneration, but our knowledge on their functionalroles is far from complete. One challenge weface is the lack of a thorough understanding of thegene regulatory network that controls normal retinal development. In order to gainfurther insights into this process, we will focus on studying irx7, one of the mostpromising candidate genes. We expect to establish a framework on the irx7 regulatorynetwork for zebra fish retinal differentiation at the completion of the study.This network will lay down an important foundation for a comprehensive geneticdescription of retinal differentiation, the first step towards the identification of bettertreatments for this disease.The 44 th Annual Voluntary Campaign closed on April 30, 2012. As Campaign Chairman,I had the privilege of working with many hard-working Sir Knights to make thisa most productive and successful voluntary campaign. As I traveled to the differentconferences, it was apparent to me that many of you would like to know whereyour grant money is going and for what kind of research. In the last few articles, Iattempted to give you an idea of the type of eye research the Eye Foundation is supporting.By these grants, breakthroughs in eye care will occur and countless childrenand adults will benefit in the future. My sincere thanks to all the Sir Knights whohave contributed and volunteered their time to make this 44 th campaign successful.May God continue to bless our Christian order.Michael B. Johnson, KCTChairman, 44 th Annual Campaign16 may 2012

Solution to Cryptic Puzzle on Page 20of April IssueDOWN1. REPUBLIC = CLIP RUBE anagram2. E + MOTE3. ARES = AR(i)ES - I4. SPIES = S(ticky) + PIES5. VINYL = V(ictory) + IN +Y(outh) L(eague)6. NONSENSE = NOSE around[S.E. between N(orth)s]10. SEWER = EWE in SR.11. BEZEL = (be)ELZEB(ub) anagram12. LAIRS = L(et) S(ome) around AIR14. JETÉ = JET + E(mulates)ACROSS1. RE + GAL4. S + EVEN7. CRYPTIC double definition8. POKER homophone of “poke her”9. ANON riddle11. BERYLS homophone of “barrels”13. BEEVES = BE + SEVE(n) reversed15. LEWD = WELD anagram16. KEY IN17. CEMENTS = CLEMENS + T(ypewriters)- L(inotypes)18. CORAL homophone of “choral”19. (re)VERSE(d)The author is a Knight Templar whofollows Cryptic Crossword traditionby setting puzzles under acrucinym, choosing Loki, the Norsegod of mischief. If you would likedetailed instructions on how tosolve Cryptic clues, go to the exercise of decorum,dignity is maintained in the MasonicLodge, an essential attribute of Masonryand one which distinguishes ourorganization from other fraternities.-Edward R. Grahamknight templar17

General SupplementThe space on these two pages is provided by the Knight Templar magazineto be used by the Grand Commanderies to communicate with the individualSir Knights in their jurisdictions on a monthly basis. From timeto time and for various reasons, we fail to receive any material fromthe editor of the state supplement for a given month. When this happens,we take the opportunity to offer you the information below. – The Ed.18 may 2012

These photos taken by the editor in Seville, Spain.knight templar 19

CRYPTIC PUZZLEby LokiSolution in Next Month’s IssueDOWN1. Baby-doctor fussabout cat with babe,ending in hems andhaws without reallysaying anything (10)3. British armor is,without a pirate’sexclamation, amatch for French love (5)4. The crux, heart of acolor (4)5. Nice good, good partof a drum (5)6. Go to get shortenedACROSSroute to the Enchanted2. A wet grub becomes an insectRealm’s veiledboatman (5,3)prophets (6)7. Do markedly better than low-grade 7. Degas used a simplemassage (4)twist between the12. The sound of blowing a kiss to Raymond ends, and neutralizedcaused a rippled pattern (5)attractive fields (9)14. Stories stupefies (6)8. A Master uses a straightedge (5)15. Hobgoblins infested bog Lester 9. Retail establishments bus-in curvychopped off (6)letters (10)16. Chair braces chimed for start of supper (5) 10. In his dotage, Potter became an17+19. After first sound, shush row, epithet of the Devil (3,5)dove tour in noisy treasure of 11. The stars plan the sound of anKnights Templar once, perhaps (6,2,5) Israeli dance taking the full area (9)20. Acid would cause tick to scream (7) 13. Lucifer guided to the spiced-egg23. Bump into St. Joel inadvertently (6) hors d’oeuvres (8)25. Charades without 257 playing 18. Tau topiary cut out of Paradise (6)comedians (5)21. W. owned half of police on island27. Scouts traced back spoor to tree-top (6) with Samoan capitol (5)28. Nile secretary turned back, losing22. Tow rope used to pull taxi with thean ell to sister-in-law’s daughters (6)Parisian (5)29. Medicines for piano ailments (5)24. It’s understood that the cat backed30. Skid around slate-blue walls (4)up to it (5)31. Vignette is antidote for tightinvestment initiatives replaced26. Rolled the bones in anby initialized extended coverage (8)unconventional way, and got20 terminated (4)may 2012

The Last Rebel and the Mysteryof the Templars’ Lost LandByDavid HarrisonMarcher lords – the Anglo-Norman lords of the Welshand English borders, wereintricately linked to the native Welshprinces, and some, like the Scudamorefamily, had links to the Templars andthe Knights Hospitallers. The Scudamorefamily had a close relationship with theself proclaimed native Prince of Wales,Owain Glyn Dwr, who revolted againstthe English king during 1400-1415.Maredudd ap Owain Glyn Dwr inheritedthe leadership of the Welshrebellion on his father’s death, and hefinally ended the revolt by accepting aroyal pardon in 1421. It had been overtwenty years since Owain Glyn Dwr hadbeen proclaimed “Prince of Wales” onhis lands at Glyndyfrdwy in 1400, andMaredudd, along with his brothers, gavefull support to their father, taking an activepart in what was to become the lastWelsh rebellion, although at the end,Maredudd would be the sole survivor.Owain Glyn Dwr is associated withnearly as many legends as King Arthurin Wales. Like Arthur, he sleeps in a caveawaiting his call to arms to save theWelsh nation, and like Arthur, he vanishedmysteriously into the enigmaticmists of time, his last years shrouded inmystery. Glyn Dwr was a native WelshBaron, living around 900 years after thehistorical Arthur and was a descendantof the house of Powys Fadog throughhis father, and the house of DeheubarthHalton Castle on the Cheshire border with Wales. The castle was used by the Barons ofHalton during the medieval period, Edward II reputedly staying there. The castle wouldhave witnessed increased activity during the Welsh wars. Photo by the author.knight templar23

through his mother. At the dawn of thefifteenth century, he was the wealthiestand perhaps the most important ofthe few remaining native Welsh Baronsthat were descended from the oldprinces. These leading Welsh families,or uchelwyr, were inextricably linkedthrough marriage, creating an interwovennetwork of extended family groups,holding estates and offices, and as leadersof the local community, they heldpowerful political positions. They mayhave been multi-lingual, speaking Welsh,English, and French;they were highlyeducated and highlyknowledgeable ofthe political systemand military matters.Glyn Dwr wasrelated to Rhys andGwilym ap Tudor,the uchelwyr fromAnglesey, who wereof the same familyline as the futureking Henry VII, andGlyn Dwr’s daughterslinked him to keyfamilies in the March.Catherine had marriedEdmund Mortimerand Alice hadmarried John Scudamore,both wealthyand influential landowners.All of hissons joined Owainin the revolt against the English in 1400.Though historians differ on the numberof his sons, about five sons are named;Gruffydd, Maredudd, Madoc, Thomas,and John, and all seemed to have diedchildless. By 1404, Owain had capturedAberystwyth and Harlech, and a “parliament”was held in Machynlleth. GlynDwr held court surrounded by leadingmembers of the uchelwyr in key positionsof his government such as Johnand Philip Hanmer and Gruffudd Young,and like Arthur, Glyn Dwr was celebratedin the prophecies by his bard, Iolo Goch,who saw him as the messianic delivererof the Welsh y mab darogan. Owain’ssons would have also had key roles intheir father’s court and would havebeen active in the fighting and the affairsof state.In 1405, a Frenchlanding at MilfordHaven assisted GlynDwr, and he got as faras Worcestor. GruffuddYoung representedGlyn Dwr inFrance and supportedthe Avignon Pope,recognized by Franceand Scotland ratherthan the Pope inRome. This was a politicalmove, the resultof which was tobe the independenceof the Welsh Church.After sweeping success,the revolt tooka downturn in 1405.This photo of the statue of Glyn Dwr The battle of Pwllmelynsaw the death ofwas taken by the author.Glyn Dwr’s brother,Tudor, and his eldestson, Gruffydd, was captured, dying asa prisoner in the Tower six years later.Another son is said to have died in 1406,and it was during this year that membersof the uchelwyr, such as the Tudorsin Anglesey, decided to give up the24 may 2012

Another photo of Halton Castle by the author.knight templarcause and made peace with the Crown.In 1408, Aberystwyth surrendered, followedby Harlech in 1409. The surrenderof Harlech saw the capture of Owain’swife, Margaret; his daughter, Catherine;and two of his granddaughters. After thisdefeat, Glyn Dwr and his son, Maredudd,fled to the mountains and led a guerrillawar against the English, moving throughthe Welsh landscape like ghosts.Further defeat and capture of some ofthe rebels in 1410 continued to dampenthe cause, though in 1412, Glyn Dwr andMaredudd successfully captured andransomed Dafydd Gam of Brecon. Thefact that Owain and Maredudd were stillon the loose led to English officers conductingtheir business in Wales underescort, and Gruffudd Young was back inParis seeking support. A pardon was refusedin the same year, and Owain vanishedfrom history, according to legend,spending the remainder of his days atthe house of his son-in-law John Scudamorein Hereford, where local legendssuggest a number of burial places associatedwith him which include Kentchurchand Monnington Straddle.The Scudamores, as Lords ofKentchurch, purchased some land in thearea called Kentchurch Park from theCrown which had previously belongedto Knights Hospitallers before they hadbeen dissolved, in 1546. The land hadbelonged to the Knights Templars beforehand,and the land had originally beena gift to them from the ancestors of theScudamores. A lot of the Marcher lordshad given gifts of land to the Templars,and many Anglo-Welsh knights had supportedthe Templars or similar orderssuch as Sir Griffith Vaughan, who in thelate twelfth century was known as ‘‘thewild knight” and was the son of LoworthGoch, his mother Maud being the daughterof Roger de Manley. Griffith was aKnight of Jerusalem of the Order of theHoly Sepulchre. During the early part ofthe fifteenth century when Owain GlynDwr supposedly retreated to Kentchurch,part of the land would have been ownedby the Hospitallers, and there is a folk25

Holt Castle, a castle built by Edward I and was onethat suffered during the revolt of Owain Glyndwrin the early 15 th century. Photo by the author.legend that Glyn Dwr took on adisguise as a Franciscan Friar whowas a family chaplain to the Scudamorefamily!The offer of a pardon was renewedin February 1416, but thistime it was directed more specificallyat Maredudd, suggestingthat the Royal officials knew ofGlyn Dwr’s death and recognizedhis son as the new leader of therebels. Maredudd declined thepardon, and sympathizers to thecause would have assisted therebels, such as his brother-in-lawJohn Scudamore, and Henry Don,who, after securing his pardon in 1413,was soon holding power again in Cydweli,punishing the anti Glyn Dwr factionsof the area. Fear of local raids wouldhave been ever present, and Mareduddwas considered dangerous enough forthe Crown to try and make peace.Gruffudd Young was the AvignonPope’s nominee for the archbishopric ofSt. David and was behind the declarationat the Council of Constance in 1417 thatWales was a separate nation. The claimwas put down by the English spokesmanwho stated that Wales was politicallyand ecclesiastically incorporated intoEngland. Young’s career suffered as aresult, and after being given the bishopricof Ross in Scotland, he lived in exilein France. The revolt was, by this time,a lost cause, yet Maredudd lingered on,drifting through the mountains of Waleswith a small band of followers.On the 8 th of April, 1421, Mareduddfinally surrendered and accepted aRoyal pardon. After the reconciliation,Maredudd served Henry VI in Franceas a professional soldier, joining menwho had fought on both sides of the revolt.John Scudamore became captainof Harfleur in 1416, and Mathau Goch,the nephew of Glyn Dwr’s wife, becameone of the most celebrated Welsh commandersin France. Maredudd seems tohave been ignored by the poets, bards,and chroniclers who praised MatheuGoch, and during the aftermath of therebellion, it seems its failure made peoplewant to forget.In 1430, John Scudamore tried tohave Glyn Dwr’s outlawry reversed in abid to recover the confiscated lands forhis wife, Alice. The estate was ownedby John Beaufort at the time, but hehad been a prisoner of the French since1421. Scudamore appealed to parliamentbut seemed to have angered Beaufort’sbrother Edmund, and in 1433, Scudamorewas dismissed from his office ofdeputy justice of the southern principalityon the basis that he had married aWelsh woman. The fact that Scudamorehad tried to regain Glyn Dwr’s lands inthe name of his wife, risking this reaction,may indicate that Maredudd wasdead by this time. There are no local traditionsrelating to him, and his final restingplace is unknown, the poets ignoring26 may 2012

him, as Glyn Dwr increasingly becameseen as a villain, a rebel who causedmore harm than good to his country. Ageneration after the revolt, the poetslooked for a leader in the descendantsof Dafydd Gam, namely William andRichard Herbert, an indication that theprincely line of Glyn Dwr had ended andhad been forgotten. The Scudamorefamily survived and still claim descentfrom Glyn Dwr today. Maredudd howeverstayed with his father until the end,keeping the flame of revolt alive, effectivelybecoming the last rebel.The most haunting legend of GlynDwr tells how he wandered early onemorning among the ruins of DinasBran, and met the Abbott of Valle CrucisAbbey: “You rose early this morningAbbott” says Glyn Dwr. “It is you whorose early Owain” answers the Abbott,“One hundred years too early,” a referenceto the rebellion of Henry Tudor,who having Welsh blood, defeatedRichard III at the battle of Boswell inknight templarJames V. AckerNorth DakotaGrand Commander 2007Born: July 20, 1961Died: March 5, 20121485 and was seen as finally fulfillingthe prophecy of a Welshman capturingthe crown of England.References th _to_14 th _cent.pdfpp.41-42. [accessed 30 th of July, 2010]Dr. David Harrison is a history lecturer,having completed his Ph.D. on the historyof Freemasonry in 2008 at the Universityof Liverpool.His thesis was published byLewis Masonic titled The Genesis of Freemasonryand is available at all good bookoutlets. His second book The Transformationof Freemasonry is published by Arimaand is available through Amazon, Barnesand Noble, and all good book outlets. Theauthor can be contacted via the LewisMasonic to the KnightTemplar magazine are availablefrom the Grand Encampment officeat a rate of $15.00 per year.Individual issues in quantitiesof less than 10 can be obtainedfor $1.50 each from the office ofthe managing editor if available.Inquire via e-mail to the managingeditor for quantities in excessof 10. Some past issues arearchived on our web site. your mind with greatthoughts; to believe in the heoricmakes heroes.-Benjamin Disraeli27

Na65 th TRIENNIAL CONCLAVE ANNOUNCEMENTThe 65 th Triennial Conclave of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar iscoming soon. The Ohio & Virginia Triennial Conclave Committee is workinghard to make this a memorable and enjoyable event.The 65 th Triennial Conclave will begin with the drill competition on Saturday,August 11, 2012, followed by a “Pass in Review.” Sunday, August 12, bringsthe Divine service at 4:00 PM followed by the Grand Master’s reception at6:00 PM. The business sessions will begin on Monday, morning, August 13,with the reception of distinguished guests and the Grand Commanders. Thebusiness session will continue on Tuesday, August 14, and the GrandMaster’s banquet on Tuesday evening. Installation will occur on Wednesdaymorning.The Alexandria Hilton Mark Center, 5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA,22311 (rate $119) is the headquarters for the Triennial, and all events will beheld there.Hotel arrangements are being handled by the 65 th Triennial Committee, andyou will receive confirmation from the hotel.TiAdCiArPhE-(PReVoMa65 th TRIENNIAL HOTEL REGISTRATION FORMReName ____________________________________________________Address ___________________________________________________City ____________________________ State _____ Zip ____________E-mail ____________________________________________________Credit card no. _____________________________________________Expiration date __________ Phone number ______________________Arrival date __________________ Departure date _________________28 may 2012Nopin______PlWMa

65 th TRIENNIAL CONCLAVE ADVANCED REGISTRATION FORMName ____________________________________________________Title ______________________________________ Jurisdiction _____sAddress ___________________________________________________City ____________________________ State _____ Zip ____________,st,y,Arrival date __________________ Departure date _________________Phone no. _________________________________________________E-mail address _____________________________________________VOTING DELEGATE REGISTRATION(PGC, GC, DGC, GG, GCG of Gr. Commanderies, or their proxies where proxies are approved)(EC, GEN, CG of Subordinate Commanderies outside of the USA or their proxies)Registration Fee …………………………….. $250.00 ________________$270.00 after June 1, 2012Voting delegate registration includes: 2 tickets to Grand Master’s reception, 2 tickets to GrandMaster’s banquet, badge, ladies pin, program book & gift.NON – VOTING MEMBER REGISTRATION FEERegistration fee ……………………………... $120.00 _______________$140.00 after June 1, 2012Non-voting member registration includes 2 tickets to Grand Master’s reception, badge, ladiespin, program book & gift.LADIES LUNCHEON & ADDITIONAL TICKETS______ Ladies luncheon, Monday______ Grand Master’s reception______ Grand Master’s banquet$40.00 per person __________$40.00 per person __________$60.00 per person __________Please complete both registration forms and mail without delay to Dennis L.Wilhelm, 458 E. Cleveland, Delphos, OH 45833.Make checks for registration & meals payable to: GEKT Triennial Conclave.knight templar29

A Guest Messagefrom the GrandMaster Councilorof the Order ofDeMolaySir Knight J. Weldon ClampitteWhile talking with Grand Master Koon, I suggested that an article from De-Molay be placed in the Knight Templar magazine, to which he agreed.I was preparing the article when the October 2011 issue of the TexasDeMolay Crown was emailed to me for approval, and after reading the article byBrother Jason Coffelt, I felt I could not explain what DeMolay means to anyone anybetter than he did in his article. Since Brother Coffelt was writing his article from theheart, it is inspiring to see what DeMolay brings to so many fine young men and withthe proper guidance leads them into Masonry. His article is below, and I hope thatall Masons, whether Knights Templar or not, realize what we can do to guide theseyoung men to better themselves throughout their lives.“And now, the seriesfinale of Smallville…”ByJason Parker CoffeltIhave always loved watching thetelevision show, Smallville, whichshowed how a young Clark Kentgrew to become the character we allknow as Superman and the trials that hehad to face on the road to reaching hisdestiny. The lessons that Clark learnedon the show that helped him grow aresimilar to the ones we learn in real lifeby being a part of the Order of DeMolay.In a way, I feel that there has alwaysbeen a special bond between this showand me, because the show first aired onOctober 16, 2001, my eleventh birthday.Ten years later, my final year in DeMolaywas also the year that the final seasonof Smallville aired, which showed howClark reached his full potential and finallyaccepted his destiny as Earth’smightiest superhero. When describingthe scene where Clark receives the suitfrom both his fathers (his biological father,Jor-El, and his adoptive father, JonathanKent), it was like watching a De-Molay receive his Majority Service. I sawClark receiving the suit symbolizing aSenior DeMolay receiving the Crown ofManhood along with the words of Jor-30 may 2012

EL stating that even though Clark is ofhis blood, it was what he learned growingup in Smallville with the Kents thatmade him the hero he is today, symbolizingthe lectures that are said by thethree councilors.One of the many things I kept referringto during my last year in DeMolaywas my childhood hero, Superman. BeforeDeMolay, I always looked up to himbecause of his powers and doing coolstuff like punching evil doers into space.Two lessons that I deeply learned, bothfrom watching Smallville and being inDeMolay were first, that we are all goingto be confronted with trials, but thetrue measure of a man is how he choosesto react in the face of those trials andsecond, that the suit doesn’t make thehero. A hero is made in the moment bythe choices that he makes and the reasonsthat he makes them. A hero bringsout the best in people. Imagine theselessons combined with the teachingsof love for parents, love for God, courtesy,comradeship, fidelity, cleanness,and patriotism. I believe that DeMolayhelped me become the man I am todayand has helped me make one of the biggestdecisions of my life, the decisionthat led me to joining a Masonic lodge,learning the work, and being raised asa Master Mason in November of 2010by the same brother who initiated meinto DeMolay.I feel that with my parents or any directfamily members not involved in theMasonic Family, I have the right to labelmyself an exact product of what DeMolaycan offer the Freemasons of Texas today.If it wasn’t for a Mason having faithin me and seeing that I could reach myfull potential, you would not have theman you have before you today. I willalways be in debt to him, my parents formaking me join, and the others whom Ihave met in DeMolay who have helpedme grow and were always there to offerwisdom and advice. I guess you could saythat a young man in DeMolay is muchlike Clark Kent growing up in Smallville,trying to find his place in a world filledwith doubt and uncertainty, hoping tobe the light that spreads the lessons hehas learned to others, and making a differencein someone’s life.I hope that you enjoyed this young Mason’s article as much as I did. The youngmen of DeMolay and I as Grand Master of DeMolay wish the best to all KnightTemplars and our thanks for the support we receive from this great Fraternity. Iwould like for you to keep an eye out for our new DeMolay program premiering inFebruary of 2012, “THE KINGDOM of DEMOLAY.”Sir Knight Clampitte is Past Commanderof Houston CommanderyNo. 95, holder of the Knight TemplarCross of Honor, and ExecutiveOfficer of DeMolay for Texas aswell as Grand Master Councilor ofthe Order of Demolay, International.He resides at 8809 BonhommeRd., Houston, Texas 77074 and canbe contacted at templarJason Parker Coffeltis a Past MasterCouncilor ofWaco ChapterOrder of DeMolayand a member of J.H. Gurley Lodge in Waco, Texas. He residesat 2233 Charboneau Drive, Waco,Texas 76710 and can be contacted

32 may 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012, San Antonio Assembly No. 159 was honored by their ownMrs. John A. Brogan at the Supreme Worthy President’s official visit. Worthy President,Mrs. Jimmy Huckabay, and her officers initiated Mrs. John Dunn and Mrs. Richard Skidd.The Supreme Worthy President is a member and is so very proud of her assembly. Mrs.R.D. Moore and Mrs. Richard B. Cotton, Past Supreme Worthy Presidents; Mrs. Harry C.Davis, Supreme Assistant Marshal; Mrs. Ryan Nelle, Supreme Chaplain; Mrs. Frank Draper,Supreme Director of Music; Mrs. Howard Anderson, Supreme Color Bearer; Mrs. DonaldG. Rogers, Chairman of Supreme Jewelry Committee; and Mrs. Gus Wohlfarth, SupremeCourtesy Committe were in attendance.November 21, 2011, was the official visit of the Supreme Worthy President, Mrs. JohnA. Brogan, to Minneapolis Assembly No. 46. Mrs. Hugh Swift, Worthy President, and herofficers initiated Miss Pamela Clinton, Mrs. William Clinton, Mrs. Fred Vihovde, and Mrs.Berton Vick. What a beautiful picture with so many in attendance. Mrs. Jay Ipsen, PastSupreme Worthy President, is very proud.knight templar33

Knightsat the BookshelfBySir Knight John L. PalmerOrder in Chaos by Jack Whythe, published by The Berkley Publishing Group, ISBN978-0-515-14826-8, 916 pages.This Templar novel is the last in the Templar Trilogy by Jack Whythe. Thefirst book is The Knights of the Black and White followed by Standard ofHonor and finally Order in Chaos. I recommend reading these page turnersin order. You will not be surprised that the main characters include Sir WilliamSinclair, Sir Henry Sinclair, and Richard the Lionheart. The setting for the trilogyspans several years from the 13 th century until after the trials of the Templarsand their escape to Scotland. The book isnot intended to be history and should beread as fiction rather than literally.Although the book is fiction, the authortakes you to the front lines in the battleof the Horns of Hattin, the royal courtsof England and Jerusalem, and the secretmeetings of the Templar leadership.It gives you a new appreciation forthe ancient Templars, their way of life,the strategies and tactics of the crusades,and the evolution of the order.The times, the places, and most of thecharacters are real, and the plot is fastmoving and exciting. It includes battles,political intrigue, romance, and history.This is a great series for the Knightswho like to read action fiction. It is alsoan opportunity for our ladies to obtainan appreciation for the lifestyle of ourancient Brethren.34 may 2012

knight templarTO ORDERCall toll-free at 1-800-426-5225 orvisit 35

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