The "essential features"

The "essential features"

Tomorrow’s aspirations.

The fascination of contrasts.

The light switch reinvented.


Elektro GmbH

Delivered today.

Every detail counts, where

atmosphere is the aim.

Wiring Accessories


Individual aura.

Nature’s landscapes in their untouched perfection have always been a model for various design

styles. The harmony of form and colour inspires creation and gives rise to unique beauty. alpha bs ®

captures the aura of precious metals and natural stones in its design. It is timeless and exclusive

and fits into both the classical and modern ambience, yet all the while retaining its independence.

Individuality in detail.

alpha bs ®


Your sense of style is unique.

ivory palladium studio white

platinum titanium gold

alpha bs ®

2gang combination Switch/Switchsocket Outlet.

Colour: gold/ivory


Delicate colours give a fresh approach.

Nature has awoken to new life. The colours are shining in gentle clarity. Spring is in the air and this

brings joy and harmony. This atmosphere is caught by spring ® in its design. Its modern form offers

many possible combinations, the reserved pastel shades bring a lively accent to every room.

spring ®


Lightness and harmony

light green apricot ivory

Today's switch is designed to last -not only as regards the quality of its design, but also the

material it is made of (colour fastness, resistance to ultraviolet irradiation and weather, break-

proof, PVC and halogen-free). Due to the design of its cover frame, spring ® is also excellently

suited for installation in trunking systems.

spring ®

2gang combination Switch/ Socket Outlet, shuttered.

Colour: alpine white


Individual in form and colour.

Contrasts merge to form a unique unit. Beauty begins beyond the usual appearance and where

convention ends. Even in rooms. The switch series solo ® combines contrasting colours and forms

to create perfected harmony. A stylistic class for everyone who likes and lives for something


solo ®


Design beyond the norm.

samoa toscana manhattan

savanne attica husky

solo ®

2gang combination Switch/ Socket Outlet, shuttered

Colour: davos


The "essential features" become evident when

reductions are made.

When the eye rests it can focus on the essential features. Concentration on plain functionalism

fascinates with its clarity and independence. The attraction of future lies in its uncompromising,

straight forward design. Combining defined colours – complementary to an up-to-date,

architectonic concept – it is independent of time and fashion.



Clearly uncompromising.

ivory stone graphite


2gang combination Switch/ Socket Outlet, shuttered

Colour: studio white


Clarity and strength of expression.

Nature is the inspiration with the highly expressive, clear colours of its precious stones and met-

als, rare minerals and natural substances. alpha exclusive ® captures these impressions and com-

bines them to form a composition full of strength and energy. The perfected design is appealing

with its classical and valuable charm. The colour shades set exclusive and unmistakable accents in

all the rooms.

alpha exclusive ®


One-of-a-kind and distinctive.Variety in

timeless design.

titanium palladium chrome/amber

obsidian ivory

alpha exclusive ®

2gang combination Switch/ Socket Outlet, shuttered

Colour: alabaster


Proportions and colours in unison.

Peace and harmony create an atmosphere of equilibrium. Well-balanced proportions allow a great

deal of possibilities. With details such as a soft, reduced structure and broad spectrum of colours,

the alpha nea ® has an unobtrusive effect, yet still remains impressive. A switch that adapts to

almost any interior design.

alpha nea ®


Reduced forms. Balanced design.

bronze hansa blue platinum/ hansa blue



ivory studio white, matt

alpha nea ®

2gang combination Switch/ Socket Outlet, shuttered

Colour: studio white


Light and form in perfect harmony.

In contrasts between light and dark, colours and forms become particularly prominent.

impuls merges these impressions into an extraordinary design and an innovative technology with

permanent light radiance. Clear straight lines are combined with the soft elegance of the circle,

thereby creating contrasts that are fascinating. This switch is also conspicuous in the dark with its

well-thought out design and convincing functionality – permanent discreet lighting ensures safe

orientation and highlights the interplay of these forms.



Balanced forms with accentuated light aura.

solar gold/cobalt blue alpine white diamond black

champagne metallic cobalt blue light grey


2gang combination Switch/ Socket Outlet, shuttered.

Colour: chrome/alpine white


Timeless aestheticism.

There are landscapes and natural phenomena that fascinate time and again. The colours and

forms are unobtrusive and yet leave a lasting impression. The Reflex SI/Reflex SI Linear switch

series consists of two different lines of design – gently rounded or objectively square.

Reflex Sl Linear


Forms of classic beauty . . .

Reflex SI

Reflex Sl Linear

2gang combination Switch/ Socket Outlet, shuttered

Design: Reflex SI, Colour: alpine white

. . . with multiple application areas

Switches and Push


Sockets Outlets

Special devices

Switch/ Push Switch 2gang Switch/ Push



with red neon indicator

SCHUKO ® Socket Outlet


Busch-Service Socket ®

Outlet SCHUKO ® Socket

Outlet with extract


Push Switch

with marking "bell"

SCHUKO ® Socket Outlet

with marking "EDV"

Rotary-type Dimmer Touch-type Dimmer


with red neon indicator

Busch Protector ® ,

SCHUKO ® Socket Outlet

with overvoltage protection

Blind Switch Rotary-type Blind Switch Blind Switch

with half cylindrical lock

Busch-Memory Blind

Control Switch

SCHUKO ® Socket


with hinged lid and tab

Busch-Timer ® III for Blind


Busch-Object Socket ®


with easy plug out


Room Thermostat

with reduction of nightly

room temperature

Push Switch

with tab and marking "bell"


SCHUKO ® Socket

Outlet with earth leakage


SCHUKO ® Socket

Outlet, 2gang

with full cover

Busch Blind Control ®

Room Thermostat

with time control and

reduction of nightly room


Busch Watchdog 180 UP

PIR motion detector

. . . for all switch series.

Data and



Covers for Ackermann

Hospital Range and

Busch-Infoline ®

Cover frames,

vertical or horizontal


Cover frames with tab,

vertical and horizontal


available from 1gang to


Outlet for loudspeakers


Outlet (TAE)

Call Button with 2


Reflex SI

1gang Frame

Data Communication


Telecommunication Outlet


TV/ FM/ SAT Outlet TV/ FM Outlet D-type Data Connector,


Data Outlet (RJ 45)

Blank Plate

Connection Unit with Radio system Busch-Infoline ®

Alarm Unit

Reflex SI

2gang Frame

Reflex SI Linear

3gang Frame

Reflex SI Linear

4gang Frame

Reflex SI Linear

5gang Frame


Busch-Duro 2000 ® SI

Busch-Duro 2000 ® SI Linear

2gang combination Switch/ Socket Outlet, shuttered

Design: Busch-Duro 2000 ® SI, Colour: ivory



Elektro GmbH

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of the ABB Group

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