Eng I Annotation Raymonds Run PDF


Eng I Annotation Raymonds Run PDF

How will annotating a text help me?The annotation strategy serves a dualfunction:1. Helps isolate key ideas during initialreading>>deeper level of processingideas;2. Helps you study for key ideas for tests >>self-testing device

Steps for annotating a text1. Read the text once to get a general idea of thereading passage.2. Read the text a second time and record initialannotations in the margins of the text.3. Go back and underline any important key terms,concepts, ideas--be selective.4. Revise or add information to your marginannotations.

Annotation Assignment:Re-read “Raymond’s Run” and annotatefor Squeaky’s character traits.Follow these steps:1. Re-read the story.2. As you read, pay particular attention toplaces in the text that reveal informationabout Squeakys character.4. Identify and comment on any methods ofcharacterization you come across. Notewhat the example shows.5.Finally, review the annotations andunderline key phrases/sentences.

Example from “Raymond’s Run”And I don’t play thedozens or believe instanding around withsomebody in my facedoing a lot of talking. Imuch rather just knockyou down and take mychances even if I am alittle girl with skinny armsand a squeaky voice…Thoughts:!She’ll fight people whogive her or her brother ahard time. Aggressive !Looks:!She’s a small girl. Maybeshe feels like she needs tomake up for her size?!

Do now.l With a partner, re-read “Raymond’sRun” and annotate.l Remember:– First, annotate (identify and comment inthe margins.)– Then go back and underline keyphrases, sentences and passages.

This Weekend’s Homeworkl Finish annotating, if necessary. I willbe checking your annotations onMonday!l Write a character analysis forSqueaky. (Hint: it might help toconsider motivation.)l Write your analysis in your writingjournal. You will turn in your journalson Wednesday.

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