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Feel the directional stability and exactnessof rack and pinion steering.Power assistance, a tight turning circle ofonly 32'2" and the excellent all-roundvisibility make the Volvo 264 exceptionallyeasy to park.The Volvo 264 has a front suspension ofspring strut type which takes the bumps in itsstride for a smoother, better ride.

When you drive the Volvo 264 its truequalities will become apparent. The power assisted rackand pinion steering will make even the most windingroad easy to negotiate. The spring strut front suspensionand live rear axle give superb road holding, as well assmoothing out the roughest road surfaces. With wide lowprofile steel braced radial tyres giving maximum gripin all conditions, the Volvo 264's impressive handling al ' droadholding characteristics are complete.Seated behind the padded steering wheel, you haveexcellent all-round visibility, and should the need arise,the highly reliable dual circuit braking system will not letyou down.You can feel confident driving a Volvo 264.Confident of its performance and handling. Confidentof your total control.Controls and instruments are ideally positioned for use andease of reading. A comprehensive system of warning and reminderlamps includes a bulb integrity sensor which lights up if a dippedheadlight, taillight, brake light or even a registrationplate light should fail.

Even if one brake circuit should fail tooperate, you will still have about 80% of fullbraking efficiency in the Volvo 264 thanksto the triangle-split, power assisted system.The Volvo 264 has disc brakes all round.The front wheel discs of the GLE version arespecially ventilated. The handbrake operateson the rear wheels through separate drums.The carefully designed steering of theVolvo 264 gives fivefold safety in a head-oncollision since it incorporates a number offeatures to absorb impact.

safety conscious. This is very reassuring to us, as we havebeen the fore-runners of motoring safety for many years.As far back as 1944 we introduced laminatedwindscreens as standard, and in 1959 put in front seat beltsas standard. Last year we introduced day running lights.How long before they become legislation too? The Volvo264 is a safe car. It has a strong body with impactabsorbing crumple zones front and rear. The passengercompartment is in effect a steel cage also protected at thesides by anti-intrusion members in the doors. The steeringcolumn is collapsible. The seats are anchored securelyto the floor. The fuel tank is safely located out of harm'sway.There are inertia reel seat belts front and rear witha centre lap belt in the rear for a fifth passenger. "Fastenseat belts" reminders prompt all passengers to use theirseat belts.The excellent handling features of the Volvo 264 completethe safety package, and underline the total confidencefelt when driving the car.The Volvo 264 is strong with built-in weaknesses! The frontand rear sections of the body are designed to act as crumple zones,soaking up the impact of a crash. The occupant area is protected by anextremely strong framework of steel profiles and tubular members.

The transistorised, con tactless ignitionsystem of the Volvo 264 gives better engineperformance and greater reliability.The 2.7 litre engine has been designed to give utter reliability and long service life with easeof starting throughout the year and good low speed pulling power. On top of this, it has plentyof reserves for fast, safer overtaking on economy grade petrol!

Like the other models of the 260 Series,the Volvo 264 DL also has an electricallyheated rear window. Good visibility meansgreater safety.The vulnerable, exposed parts of the exhaustsystem are aluminised.The resistance to rust of a Volvo 264 is builtin from the start. Exposed body sections aregalvanised. Totally, each car of the 260 Seriesuses not less than 3.5 square metres ofgalvanised sheet steel.

SuspensionFront: spring strut type withstabiliser. Rear: live, carriedin rubber-mounted controlarms and torque rods. Transverselocation by track rod.Coil springs and telescopicshock absorbers with stabiliser.Braking systemPower-assisted, all-disc.Dual circuit, triangle-splitsystem. Each circuit operatessimultaneously on bothfront wheels and one each ofthe rear wheels. Brake pipesof rust-resistant copper andnickel alloy. On Volvo 264GLE models, the front discsare specially ventilated. Reliefvalves in each circuit preventthe rear wheels from lockingup prematurely duringemergency braking. Mastercylinder of stepped-boretype. Handbrake operates onrear wheels through separatedrums.I nstrumentationHoused in padded dashboard.Rheostat-controlledinstrument lighting. Sixfiguremileometer with tripmeter,fuel gauge andcoolant temperature gauge.Warning lamps for charging,oil pressure, main beam,turn indicators, handbrakeand brake circuit failure.Bulb integrity sensor. Gloveboxlighting. Combinedsteering and ignition lock.Centre console: controls forelectrically heated rearwindow, rear foglights, fourwayhazard warning lightsand also for heating andventilation system. "Fastenseat belts" reminder. Cigarlighter. Ashtray. Space fora radio.Other standard equipmentCombined stalk for turni ndicators, main and dippedbeam and headlight flasher.Combined stalk for windscreenwipers, two-speed,and electric windscreenwashers. Rectangular, halogenheadlights with separatereflectors for main and

dipped beams. Automatic dayrunning lights. Automaticreversing lights. Engine baylight. High impact laminatedwindscreen. Padded sunvisors. Day/night rearviewmirror of safety type. Rooflining of moulded fibreglass.Sliding steel sunroof. Inertiareel front seat belts. Inertiareel seat belts for two outerrear seats, lap belt in centre."Fasten seat belts" reminderfor rear passengers. Drivingseat height adjustmentby levers. Child-proof reardoor locks. Towing pointsfront and rear. Mud flaps.The Volvo 264 GLE also hasrear courtesy light andmetallic paint.WeightsKerb weight, approx.2974-3062 lb./1350-1390 kgTotal weight, approx.4054 lb./1840 kgPermissible trailer weight,3307 lb./1500 kgWarrantyTwelve-month warrantyirrespective of mileage.The factory reserves theright to make changes at anytime, without notice , to prices,colours, materials, equipment,specifications andmodels and also to discontinuemodels.AccessoriesNearly all car owners have their own individualrequirements regarding special equipment. Some maywant a tow bar for their caravan or boat trailer andothers, with small children, will be interested in a childsafety seat. And some may want to have their car airconditioned. That is why Volvo has produced hundredsof different accessories to cater for greatly varyingrequirements. And all of these accessories have beendesigned and tested to suit Volvo cars. You will find allof them in the Volvo Accessories Brochure.Volvo Radio andStereo ProgrammeThere are several types of Volvoradios and Volvo radio/stereos tochoose from. And each one ofthem has been specially producedto suit Volvo cars and developedin collaboration between Volvosound technicians and leadingradio manufacturers. All of thesesets have a guarantee of 24 months.Levelling systemPut your car back into the horisontalposition when loaded downat the rear, for example whendriving with a caravan or with aheavy load in the boot. This willeliminate the risk of dazzling oncomingtraffic or letting the rearhit the ground when driving onbad roads.Retractable Tow BarCan be retracted under the bumperwhen not in use. And then with asimple movement of the hand thetow bar is put back into operationagain and locked with a pin.

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