The complete list of LVMA13 winners: Entertainer ... - The BC Combo

The complete list of LVMA13 winners: Entertainer ... - The BC Combo

The complete list of LVMA13 winners:

Entertainer of the year: Scott Marshall

Best all-around performer: Bev Conklin

Best singer/songwriter (fan ballot): Scott Marshall

Best singer/songwriter (Industry ballot): Steve Brosky

Best female vocalist (Fan ballot): Bev Conklin

Best female vocalist (Industry ballot): Bev Conklin

Best male vocalist(Fan ballot): Jarrett Rollins

Best male vocalist (Industry ballot): Ian Holmes

Best entertaining band: Large Flowerheads

Best entertaining duo: Bonnie and Jarrett Rollins

Best new artist: 5 Ton Jack

Best live jazz performance: Fusion Jazz Trio

Best teenage band or soloist (not associated with an organization or school): Groovitude

Best youth group affiliated with an organization or school: Easton School of Rock

Best live blues performance: Craig Thatcher Band

Best blues vocalist: Bev Conklin

Best live rock performance: M 80

Best live punk performance: Damn Dirty Apes

Best gospel/contemporary Christian music soloist: Ian Holmes

Best Hispanic Latin guitarist: Jesse Rivera

Best jam band: Butterjive

Best country band live performance: Crazyheart

Best loud rock performance: Beyond Eden

Best loud metal performance: Full metal racket

Best Christian band: Holmes Family

Best cover band: Large Flowerheads

Best folk solo or band: TJ Bebb

Best live acoustic performer: Peter Scapegrace

Best original acoustic song: Bill Buttner, “You Don’t Know Nothin’ About Me.”

Best live hip-hop/urban performance: Whitney Peyton

Best original band: (tie) Psych and Groovitude

Best garage band: Creatures of the Golden Dawn.

Best choral/classical group or ensemble: Lehigh Charter School for the Performing Arts

Best polka live: Jolly Joe Timmer

Best live Americana performance: (tie) Dina Hall and Dave Fry

Best bagpiper: (write in) James Ruhf

Best R&B: Notorious Groove

Best spoken word: (tie) “All About Bullies...Big and Small” and Kari Holmes

Best children's performer: Miss Amy

Best punkabilly/rockabilly: Scott Marshall and The Hillbilly Souls

Best reggae/reggaeton: Trouble City All-stars

Best marching band: Liberty High School Grenadier marching band

Best classical solo performance: Rick Boulay

Best drummer: (tie) Scott Williams and Maureen "Mo" Jerant

Best acoustic guitarist: Craig Thatcher

Best blues guitarist: Todd Wolfe

Best electric guitarist: Lou Franco

Best piano player: Tommy Zito

Best harmonica: James Supra

Best wind instrument: Peter Fluck

Best bass guitarist: Scott Siska

Best keyboard performance: Craig Kastelnik

Best stringed instrument: Nyke Van Wyk

Best original song: Scott Marshall, “Everyday I Believe"

Best overall CD: Groovitude, “Wildfire"

Best lyricist: Scott Marshall

Best solo or band website: Crazyheart

Best commercial radio: The Hawk 99.9 FM

Best college and community radio: WLVR-FM 91.3

Best college and/or radio personality: Matt Metal

Best commercial radio personality: Rick Michaels, The Hawk

Best club DJ: Cap Cee

Best supportive Lehigh Valley venue: Mezza Luna

Best volunteer: Mary Pierce

Best karoke: (write-in) DJ Ben "Jammin"

Best local nonprofit organization or local business: Martin Guitar

Best event promotional graphics: Mary Pierce

Best music photographer: Hub Willson

Best music videographer: Lisa Koza

Best live sound tech: Phil Forchelli

Best music store: Dave Phillips Music and Sound

Best recording studio: Midnight Studios

Best music producer: (write in) Damon Williams

Best music reviewer: Michael Mckenna

Best music supporter: Musikfest/ArtsQuest

Best community involvement: (tie) Musikfest and School of Rock

Best open mike: Godfrey Daniels

Best open jam: Godfrey Daniels

Special Awards:

Lifetime achievement award: Joe Colarusso

LVMA 20-year veteran awards: Phil Stahl, James Supra, Jackie Tice, Dave Goddess, Bonnie Jean Rollins, Kato.

LVMA Founders Aaward: Steve Walker

LVMA Board of Directors Awards: Bev Conklin, Kevin Mackie, Diane Richter, Janet Palleria, Val Minett and Ami Lanning of

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