Exceptional wind power - Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster


Exceptional wind power - Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster

fact sheet · Energy generationExceptionalwind powerThe Danish wind industry accounts for approximately a thirdof the world market. By locating your company in Denmarkit will benefit from being a part of a wind industry consistingof global leaders.Pioneering R&D and innovationDenmark is the hub for global wind power development.It is an unrivalled centre of knowledge, where manufacturers,suppliers, research and educational institutionscombine expertise, innovation and advanced technologyinto a strong industry. Most large wind turbine manufacturershave Danish R&D and production divisions, becauseof the world-class competences.Ambitious plansThe key to success for wind power in Denmark, is thegovernment’s determination to double the percentage ofrenewable energy by 2025, which will provide foreign companieswith numerous business opportunities. This politicalobjective is ambitious as Denmark is already powered byapproximately 20% wind power.”America produces less than 3% of our energy throughwind and solar; now in comparison, Denmark produces20% of their electricity by wind power.”Barack Obama, President of The United States.Flagship company: VestasWith a 20% global market share in 2009, and morethan 38,000 wind turbines installed, Vestas is oneof the world’s leading suppliers of wind power.www.vestas.comFlagship partnership: MegavindMegavind is a partnership between companies, researchinstitutions and the Danish Energy Agency,aimed at strengthening and maintaining the Danishlead in wind-energy innovation by creating a joint representationand strategy for innovation and research.USEFUL RESOURCESThe Danish Wind Industry Association,www.windpower.orgRisø, National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy,www.risoe.dtu.dkDanish Energy Agency, Energistyrelsen, www.ens.dkDONG Energy, www.dongenergy.comVattenfall, www.vattenfall.comCOPENHAGEN CAPACITY – Gammel Kongevej 1 – 1610 Copenhagen VTlf.: +45 33 22 02 22 – Fax: +45 33 22 02 11cleantech@copcap.com – www.copcap.com/cleantech

fact sheet · Energy generationBiotechnology- a wealth of opportunitiesIf your company is looking to develop your businesswithin biomass, biofuels and biogas, Copenhagen is theoptimal location. The benefits include a strong biotechnology,chemistry, agricultural science industry and asupportive business environment with excellent fundingopportunities.Danish companies have developed efficient methods ofcombustion, gasification, and liquefaction of biomass forbiofuels and biogas and have pioneered enzyme technologyand other ways to maximize the efficiency of biofuels.Two of the world’s leading manufacturers of enzymes,Novozymes and Genencor, are located in Copenhagen andare important industry players, driving the future marketfor the commercial use of biomass and biofuels.Strong supportFor foreign companies with a presence in the region, thereare significant funding schemes, e.g. the Energy TechnologicalDevelopment and Demonstration Program (EUDP)which funds development projects within new biomasstechnologies and processes. The combustion of biomasscurrently represents about 20% of Copenhagen’s energygeneration, but investments in this sector will increase inthe coming years.”Waste is not just waste. That is the underlying philosophyof one of Europe’s ”greenest” countries. Fordecades the Danish environment policy has been toregard waste as a resource”BBC News, Recycling around the worldFlagship companies: Biogasol and InbiconBiogasol and Inbicon both lead the development ofsecond generation biofuels. Biogasol has developedproprietary technologies in pre-treatment, biogasproduction and a unique C5-fermentation processfor maximum ethanol production. Biogasol has receivedsignificant funding via the EUDP programmeto build a demonstration plant. Inbicon is building acommercial scale production facility for conversionand refining soft ligno-cellulosic biomass into fuel,feed and green-chemistry products.ww.biogasol.com / www.inbicon.comFlagship company: Stirling DKStirling DK is the world’s leading provider of biomass-fuelledStirling engines. The company isbased on 15 years of solid research and proventechnology. Stirling DK has developed a range ofStirling engines capable of converting low-value biomassinto high-value, clean electricity and heat insmall scale (10 - 500 kWe) power applications.www.stirling.dkUSEFUL RESOURCESRisø-DTU, the Technical University of Denmark,www.risoe.dtu.dkCentre for Biomass Technology, www.videncenter.dkThe Biomass Gasification Group at Technical Universityof Denmark, www.bgg.mek.dtu.dkThe Danish Biogas Association, www.biogasbranchen.dkCOPENHAGEN CAPACITY – Gammel Kongevej 1 – 1610 Copenhagen VTlf.: +45 33 22 02 22 – Fax: +45 33 22 02 11cleantech@copcap.com – www.copcap.com/cleantech

fact sheet · Energy infrastructureFuture-proofingthe ‘smart grid’Denmark is one of the world leaders when it comes to integratingrenewable energy sources into the electrical grid,while assuring stable supply. However, the demands of futureelectricity systems will require substantial investmentin R&D, infrastructure and security – a development withopportunities for foreign technology and service providers.The Danish electricity system is designed to integrate largeamounts of wind power. Continuous development of itsmonitoring systems and an integration of further renewableenergy sources into the grid ensure the improvementand better functioning of the energy market. For foreigncompanies, this provides great opportunities to test and integraterenewable energy technology into the grid system.Danish utility and distribution companies are installing anew generation of smart meters and the potential for newsmart solutions is supported by the world’s highest penetrationof internet and broadband connections to households.”It is Denmark’s pioneering role in renewable energy andenergy efficiency that allows it to provide particularly valuablelessons for other countries”Jonathan Coony, International Energy AgencyFlagship company: Siemens DenmarkSiemens is a major supplier of turbines, transformers,motors, monitoring systems and electronicequipment for power plants and utilities. Siemenshas been an integral part of developing the Danishgrid system and is continually involved with demonstrationof new technology in energy efficiency, transmissionand storage.Flagship project: EcoGridThe EcoGrid project is a consortium of researchinstitutions, companies, authorities and electricitycompanies. The purpose of the project is to generatenew research and demonstrate the possibility ofputting even more renewable sources into the grid.The project will include full-scale demonstration, andforeign companies are already taking part in theproject.www.ecogrid.dkUSEFUL RESOURCESSYSLAB at Risø-DTU is a laboratory for intelligentdistributed control, which tests renewable technology.www.syslab.dkEnerginet.dk manages and controls the backbone ofthe Danish energy grid. www.energinet.dkDONG Energy is the largest Danish energy producer;the company is working with IBM to accelerate theadoption of ‘smart grid’ technologies and businesssolutions throughout the world. www.dongenergy.comSEAS-NVE is Denmark’s largest consumer-ownedenergy company and is involved in several demonstrationprojects; it is in the forefront of implementation ofnew grid technology. www.seas-nve.dkCOPENHAGEN CAPACITY – Gammel Kongevej 1 – 1610 Copenhagen VTlf.: +45 33 22 02 22 – Fax: +45 33 22 02 11cleantech@copcap.com – www.copcap.com/cleantech

fact sheet · EnergY efficiencyGreen buildings &‘smart’ homesEnergy efficiency and the use of intelligent monitoring inboth private and public housing is expected to grow extensivelyon a global scale within the next few years. TheDanish market for these solutions already exists and holdsgreat potential for foreign companies.Leading the market for sustainabilityCopenhagen is a leader in sustainable city planning. Forforeign companies, Copenhagen provides a unique environmentin which architecture and engineering companies canbe part of new projects.Copenhagen has a long tradition of energy-efficient constructionbased on a continuous revision of building regulations,relatively high energy prices and its relatively temperateclimate. Denmark has pioneered a systematic methodof energy labelling for buildings, which takes into accountthe total energy consumption of a building over its entirelife span and not just the construction itself.”Over the past 25 years Denmark has registered almost80 percent of accumulated economic growth -with almost no increase in our total energy consumption- making Denmark one of the most energy efficientcountries in the World”Connie Hedegaard,Danish Minister for Climate and EnergyFlagship building: Green Light HouseThe University of Copenhagen now collaborateswith leading producers of green building technology:VELUX, VELFAC, the Danish University PropertyAgency and the City of Copenhagen, in building the‘climate- friendly house of the future’.Flagship project: NordhavnenNordhavnen is Scandinavia’s largest sustainable urbanarea under construction. The goal is to integratesustainability into the entire construction of the area.The area is to be developed over a long period witha completion date set for 2040. The zero emissionsinitiative presents various business opportunitiesfor foreign companies; from architectural labs, toconstruction companies and producers of ‘smart’building technologies for the 40,000 residents and40,000 staff in businesses in Nordhavnen.www.nordhavnen.dkUSEFUL RESOURCESVELUX (windows), www.velux.comDanfoss (thermostats), www.danfoss.comGrundfos (heat pumps), www.grundfos.comRockwool (insulation), www.rockwool.comDanish Architecture Centre, www.dac.dkBIG Architects, www.big.dkGehl Architects, www.gehlarchitects.com3XN Architects, www.3xn.dkCOPENHAGEN CAPACITY – Gammel Kongevej 1 – 1610 Copenhagen VTlf.: +45 33 22 02 22 – Fax: +45 33 22 02 11cleantech@copcap.com – www.copcap.com/cleantech

fact sheet · TRANSPORTATION AND ENERGY STORAGEElectrical vehicles- the future of transportDenmark is fast becoming the worlds prime test nation forelectrical vehicles (EVs) and thus offers great business opportunitiesfor EV manufacturers, infrastructure providersand technology suppliers.The development is supported by rigorous government policyand by the strategies of large power companies suchas DONG Energy and Vattenfall. Foreign companies havealready come to Copenhagen to test their electrical vehiclesand infrastructure technology in full scale, on a sophisticatedand receptive market.Two-fold PotentialElectrical vehicles have two-fold potential: a) to reduce dependenceon fossil fuels for transportation and limit theenvironmental impact, and b) as storage technology forrenewable energy sources such as wind.Current and future projects offer the possibility for foreigncompanies to engage in the development of the futuretransportation system and become international firstmovers within system- and technology solutions.”Denmark has the opportunity to demonstrate to theworld what the future of transportation will look like”Shai Agassi, Founder and CEO, Better PlaceFlagship project: EDISONAn interesting government-supported initiative is theEDISON project (Electric vehicles in a Distributed andIntegrated market using Sustainable energy and OpenNetworks). The project includes key players such asDONG Energy, the Technical University of Denmark(DTU) Centre for Electric Technology, research instituteRisø-DTU, Siemens, IBM and the Danish EnergyAssociation.www.edison-net.dkFlagship company: Better Place DenmarkUS-based project Better Place made Denmark its firstEuropean country of implementation. Better Place enteredthe Danish market to gain one-to-one testing experiencein the implementation of electric vehicles andbattery stations, and to extend its global market and itscompetences rapidly. Better Place and DONG Energyare partners in a massive €89 million investment toestablish the infrastructure for electric transportation.Denmark’s highly developed ‘smart grid’ infrastructure,its consumer base with a high disposable income andswift adoption of new technologies, are key incentivesfor Better Place and other foreign companies to establishin Denmark.www.betterplace.comUSEFUL RESOURCESDanish Energy Association,www.danishenergyassociation.comDONG Energy, www.dongenergy.comDTU Centre for Electric Technology,www.dtu.dk/centre/cet/English.aspxCOPENHAGEN CAPACITY – Gammel Kongevej 1 – 1610 Copenhagen VTlf.: +45 33 22 02 22 – Fax: +45 33 22 02 11cleantech@copcap.com – www.copcap.com/cleantech

fact sheet · eNergy storagePioneering fuel cellsand hydrogenThere are ample opportunities for foreign companies to becomepart of the established networks, a vigilant R&D environmentor to join the growing number of emerging companiesand suppliers, all of whom are at the forefront of fuelcell technology.Emerging MarketFuel cells and hydrogen technologies are well representedin Greater Copenhagen. This is an advantage when enteringthe Danish market as there is already an emergingmarket for commercial products. Danish industry and universitiesare engaged in developing fuel cell technologies,from fundamental research, component development andmanufacturing, to systems integration. There are numerousresearch programmes in place and a number of demonstrationprojects which focus on the development ofnew technology, components and systems for fuel cellusage. Foreign companies have opportunities for creatingbusiness partnerships throughout the entire value chain.Flagship company: Haldor TopsøeHaldor Topsøe is a world leading fuel cell company. In2007, the company began its commercialization ofthe next generation of fuel cells, also known as solidoxide fuel cells (SOFC’s), which produce electricity directlyfrom oxidizing a fuel. Haldor Topsøe is aboutto open a commercial-scale factory north of Copenhagenfor the production of SOFC’s. These have awide variety of applications from auxiliary power unitsin vehicles to stationary power generation.www.topsoe.comFlagship project:Hydrogen Community LollandThe Hydrogen Community Lolland is a Europeanleader in full-scale implementation of hydrogen andfuel cell technology. The community serves as afull-scale test facility. Explore your opportunitiesfurther at:www.hydrogen-community.dkUSEFUL RESOURCESEnerginet.dk is a key player within fuel cells. Energinetis a participant in the “Advanced Fuel Cells ImplementingAgreement” under the International EnergyAgency. www.energinet.dkCOPENHAGEN CAPACITY – Gammel Kongevej 1 – 1610 Copenhagen VTlf.: +45 33 22 02 22 – Fax: +45 33 22 02 11cleantech@copcap.com – www.copcap.com/cleantech

fact sheet · Water, air, waste and advanced materialsCleaner resources- gain by regainingThe business potential in the cleantech sectors of water, air,waste and advanced materials relates to the future scarcityof resources. Business opportunities for foreign companieswill arise from stricter legislation and the need to use resourcesmore efficiently in many traditional industries.WaterWater conservation and treatment is an established market in Denmark with a strong presence in GreaterCopenhagen. Danish companies are already heavily involved in exports. There will be stricter legislation in thefuture as water becomes a scarcer resource, and the market is expected to increase substantially. Interestingcompanies for you to take a closer look at are Aquaporin (www.aquaporin.dk) and Adept Water Technologies(www.adeptwatertech.com).AirStricter legislation on the emission from urban transport systems, for example, has created a market for filtertechnology for companies such as CoMeTas (www.cometas.dk) and LiqTech, which was the Ernst & Young CleantechEntrepreneur of the Year 2007 (www.liqtech.dk).WasteWaste and industrial waste is a valuable resource. There are opportunities for both waste recycling and energyproduction. Interesting companies are Gypsum Recycling International (www.gypsumrecycling.biz) and Shark Solutions,which won the 2009 European Environment Award (www.shark-solutions.com) and Amagerforbrænding(www.amfor.dk).MaterialsAdvanced materials is one of the broadest cleantech categories, ranging from enzymes and chemicals to greenfabrics and building materials. Interesting companies are SCF Technologies (www.scf-technologies.com) PhotoSolar(www.photosolar.dk) and FORCE Technologies (www.force.dk).COPENHAGEN CAPACITY – Gammel Kongevej 1 – 1610 Copenhagen VTlf.: +45 33 22 02 22 – Fax: +45 33 22 02 11cleantech@copcap.com – www.copcap.com/cleantech

fact sheet · IncubationRoom forinnovatorsThere are several opportunities for incubation which caterto cleantech companies in Greater Copenhagen. The mostimportant of these are described below.SCION DTUScion DTU is an international science park which helps individuals and companies create, realise and commercialisetheir high-tech ideas. Scion DTU helps create the setting for growth by providing access to facilities,services, consultancy, and professional networks. Scion DTU works in the field of biotechnology, nanotechnology,environmental technology, medico, IT development and other high-tech sectors.uk.sciondtu.dkSymbionSymbion is the largest science park in Denmark. It provides a dynamic environment where research meets commerce.Symbion’s mission is to help commercialise innovative and high-tech projects in the fields of IT, telecommunication,biotech, pharmaceuticals, medtech and cleantech. Symbion provides access to consultancy and finance,useful knowledge about capital, and an extensive and relevant company network.www.symbion.dkDTU Symbion Innovation (DSI)DSI finances and assists competent entrepreneurs in developing technological and biotechnological companiesof the future. The organisation also caters for companies looking for venture capital for the development of theirbusiness.www.dtu-innovation.dkCAT ScienceThe science park CAT is a privately-owned company, which helps entrepreneurs and innovators find the capitaland competences required to turn ideas into business reality. CAT is a unique combination of government-backed,pre-seed capital, a science park and a venture company. It works both as host and a mentor for business ideas.www.catscience.euBusiness Link, Greater CopenhagenBusiness Link, Greater Copenhagen (Væksthus Hovedstaden) offers guidance to startups and businesses withambitions for growth and achieving new heights of success. The target group for Business Link is startups andcompanies that wish to enter new markets, develop new products and increase profit. Business Link identifiesthe needs of each business for development, and it offers targeted counseling on the next steps of development.Business Link’s services are free of charge.www.startvaekst.dkCOPENHAGEN CAPACITY – Gammel Kongevej 1 – 1610 Copenhagen VTlf.: +45 33 22 02 22 – Fax: +45 33 22 02 11cleantech@copcap.com – www.copcap.com/cleantech

fact sheet · funding and capitalFinance your developmentin CopenhagenThere are many opportunities for accessing funding and capital for cleantech companies in the Copenhagen. The focusareas for funding shift regularly, so feel free to contact us for detailed information and guidance.Energinet.dk – €20 million p.a.As the transmission system operator, Energinet.dk is obliged to conduct R&D into the electricity supply system, strengtheningthe security of supply and integrating increasing volumes of renewable energy.www.energinet.dkEUPD – €30 million p.a.The Energy Technological Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) is a program which co-finances projects fortechnological development and demonstration for cleantech companies located in Denmark.www.ens.dkDanish National Advanced Technology Foundation – €38 million p.a.The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation is open to foreign companies that establish a division in Denmark,and collaborate with universities and other cleantech companies located in Denmark. www.hoejteknologifonden.dkThe Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation - €55 million p.a. (only energy)The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation administers research and funding for several councils forindependent and strategic research, to promote the development of technology and innovation. The agency also providesguidance to apply for EU funding programs.www.fi.dkThe Danish Energy Association - €6.5 million p.a.The Danish Energy Association is a commercial and professional organisation for Danish energy companies. Every yearthe organisation grants significant funds for R&D projects, which focus on efficient energy use.www.danishenergyassociation.comGTS Advanced Technology Group - €5 million p.a.GTS Advanced Technology Group allows organisations to apply for co-funding of competence-building activities that willenable them to supply the latest technological knowledge to Danish enterprises.www.teknologiportalen.dkThe Growth Fund (Vækstfonden) – up to €3.3 million per investmentVækstfonden is a Danish state investment fund. It fund looks for innovative companies that need venture capital to grow. Thefund has financed growth in over 3,500 Danish companies, totalling more than DKK 6.5 billion. www.vaekstfonden.dkSEED Capital – up to €2.5 million per investmentSEED Capital finances and assists competent entrepreneurs based in Denmark and Southern Sweden, to develop the lifescience, ICT, and Cleantech companies of the future.www.seedcapital.dkCOPENHAGEN CAPACITY – Gammel Kongevej 1 – 1610 Copenhagen VTlf.: +45 33 22 02 22 – Fax: +45 33 22 02 11cleantech@copcap.com – www.copcap.com/cleantech

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