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Eddie C. CampbellChicago guitarist Eddie C. Campbell willbe bringing his warm and engaging brand ofblues to the Yardbird Suite when heperforms with the Suite's house blues bandon April 27 and 28.Eddie C. has the solidest of blues credentials.He was born in the Clarksdale area of Mississippiin 1939, and after moving to Chicago with hisfamily as a boy he taught himself Muddy Waters'song "Still a Fool" and sat in with Muddy's bandwhen he was twelve.By his late teens, he had become one of agroup of flamboyant guitarists and blues wailerswho created the West Side sound in Chicagoblues during the late '50s and early '60salongwith his good friends Magic Sam, Otis Rush,Luther Allison, and Buddy Guy. In 1995, Otis,Luther, and Eddie were reunited in a fiery twohourshow before hundreds of thousands of bluesfans on the Chicago Blues Festival main stage (ashow preserved on Luther's Live in Chicago 2-CDrelease on Alligator last year).By 1963, Eddie had toured and recordedwith Little Walter and Howlin' Wolf, amongothers, and in that year he found steady workas the guitarist and bandleader in JimmyReed's touring band. After Jimmy's death in1976 he became lead guitarist in Koko Taylor'sband, and then on her recommendation joinedWillie Dixon's Chicago Blues All-Stars, thecrème-de-la-crème of Chicago bluesmen at thetime. Eddie put out his first LP in 1977, King ofthe Jungle, backed up by his All-Starsbandmates pianist Lafayette Leake, harp-playerCarey Bell, and drummer Clifton James, alongwith bass-player Bob Stroger. King of theJungle is widely regarded as one of the gems ofthe blues-lean seventies; Frank Scott in TheDownhome Guide to the Blues writes, "Thisalbum represents Chicago '70s blues at itsbest." The CD also contains Eddie's best-knownsong, "Santa's Messin' with the Kid" (in whichsitting on Santa's lap is given a whole newmeaning).Eddie moved to Europe in the early1980s, and then back to Chicago in the early1990s. He has now recorded seven bluesalbums, and he'll be bringing with him toEdmonton his latest CD, Hopes & Dreams,which came out on the Rooster label lastsummer and promptly received glowingreviews from all four major U.S. bluesmagazines and from England's Blues &Rhythm.Eddie C. Campbell's live shows areextremely enjoyable and extremely strange.Eddie is a tall man who wears a wide, toothygrin; these days his platter-sized Afro has beenreplaced by a long, Euro-style pony-tail. Heplays guitar with a reverb-laden, warm tonethat is as instantly recognizable as the guitarstylings of T-Bone Walker or B.B. King. Eddiesings in a rich baritone that suddenly becomesan eerie falsetto (in his early days he wasknown as Two-Voice Campbell). He plays theguitar behind his back, over his head, with histeeth, and if the mood is right, with his toes.He throws the guitar into the air and catches itin mid-solo. He'll invite audience membersonstage and let them pluck his guitar strings.His songlist is mainly meat-and-potatoesblues, but with sudden shifts to theunexpected--James Brown's "I Feel Good," asurfer instrumental, a Motown ballad.Eddie's own compositions are alsodistinctive. Many are autobiographical; one ofhis best songs, "Sister Taught Me Guitar," isbased on the fact that when he was a boy inMississippi his older sister Elnora taught him toplay guitar on a piece of broom wire that shehad attached to the outside wall of their home.Most of his songs display Eddie's goofy brand ofwhimsy: for instance, his signature tune, "Kingof the Jungle," is a standard don't-mess-withmeboast--except that in this song Eddie forcesa lion to lie down and go to sleep and anelephant to break and run.In his Yardbird shows Eddie will beperforming with The Graham Guest Band, theunit that has backed up a series of excitingblues artists at the Suite in recent months:Larry Garner, Lazy Lester, Big Clara McDaniel,Joe Beard, and Rockin' Johnny. The bandconsists of Graham Guest on keyboards andardbird SuiteBLUESEddie C. Campbell withGraham Guest, piano and vocalsJim Guiboche, guitarCrawdad (Dave Cantera), harmonicaDave Bridges, bassGrant Stovel, drumsvocals, Jim Guiboche on guitar, Crawdad (akaDave Cantera) on harmonica, Dave Bridges onbass, and Grant Stovel on drums.These shows will be Edmonton’s firstchance to experience the music of someonewho was described last year by Living BluesMagazine as "not just a legend, but one of theblues' most unquenchable free spirits and anAmerican resource to treasure."FRI & SAT • APRIL 27 & 28DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PM MEMBERS $9/GUESTS $13Kent Sangster, Jim Headand Sandro Dominelli TrioMomentumVadim Budman's"Hebrew Hoedown"Vadim Budman – guitar, hornAfter his departure in1994 from the Edmontonalternative band "the Naked &the Dead" Vadim began toexplore his musical roots and1996 founded Volatile records.Frustrated with conventionalmusic making, Vadimformed Vertrek Ensemble withlike-minded friend Ron de Jongin 1997. Since then they havetraveled to England to recordwith the father of freeimprovisation, Derek Bailey. Inaddition to this they haveplayed many jazz festivalsacross Canada, including theprestigious Victoriaville festivalin Quebec. Vertrek's latestrelease was recorded right hereat the Yardbird Suite in March2000 with noted Americanimprovisation guru, EugeneChadbourne.For this performance, aworld premier, Vadim will beexploring his Jewish/Russianroots by blending them with folk,blues, and free improvisation.In July Vadim will beembarking on a short tour ofEurope to promote "HebrewHoedown". Among others,stops include London (withpast Vertrek collaborator JohnButcher), Brussels, and Oslo.THURSDAY • MAY 3DOORS 8:30PM • SHOW 9PM EVERYONE $5MAY.JUNE 2001 Page 3

Bitches BrewProjectRecorded in August of 1969 andoriginally released in 1970 as a 2-LP set,Bitches Brew marked the line ofdemarcation between the sound of allmusic before it appeared, and after. MilesDavis and music of the 20th Century wouldnever sound the same. He had created anew sound yet again . . . a dark, simmeringBrew that could only have come from themind of Miles Davis. True believersconsider it a masterpiece – if not a work ofgenius. The summing up of all musicalstyles that emerged during the decade ofSixties and the music that gave birth toJohn McLauglin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra,Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, Chic Corea’sReturn to Forever and Wayne Shorter’s andJoe Zawinul’s Weather Report.Bitches Brew is certainly one of themost important recordings ever made . . .and definitely one of the most unexpectedand controversial. Whenever you love it orhate it, if you haven’t experienced it yet,your reaction will surely be one or theother. And there is no better way than toexperience it live.Critic Ralph J. Gleason, on thealbum’s original liner notes, simply stated"this music is".A couple of years ago, we askedEdmonton’s guitarist Jim Head to puttogether a project dedicated to the musicof Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew period. Theshow was a big success with two nights ofintense and true Miles Davis sound. Forthis show, Jim Head will expand theselection of Miles music beyond theBitches Brew album, but will stay in thesame – electric - period.Jim Head - guitarBob Tildesley - trumpetJim Brenan – saxophoneChris Andrew - pianoRubim de Toledo - bassMario Allende – percussionSandro Dominelli - drumsFRI & SAT • MAY 4 & 5DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PM MEMBERS $5/GUESTS $9Theo JorgensmannQuartetMaking their first Edmontonappearance, Germany’s Theo JorgensmannQuartet is touring North America insupport of their highly regarded 2000release Snijbloemen on the hatOLOGYlabel which, among other accolades,received a 4 star review in Downbeat.As reviewer Jon Andrews said in hisreview, "the Theo Jorgensmann Quartetsustains a mood of mystery andexploration, offering searching solosand group interactions within a ...highly listenable setting."Although the quartet may not bequite as familiar to modern jazzadvocates on this continent, TheoJorgensmann is considered to be amongthe handful of consummate modernimprovisers on the clarinet. His playingevinces a brooding quality, devoid ofovert sentimentality, yet he carries ahard bop aesthetic forward to engagemodern harmonies and concepts offreedom. He plays with beautifulcontrol and mastery of his choseninstrument.Christopher Dell is a strong,consistently intriguing vibraphonePage 4player who plays an integral role in thequartet. He has studied and workedextensively with players known toEdmonton audiences such as GaryBurton, Kenny Wheeler and Lee Konitz.His own most recent CD Dancers on aPlane was awarded the Prize of theGerman Record Critics, the GermanGRAMMY.Christian Ramond is an accomplishedbassist whose bowed and pluckedsubtleties are simply a joy to hear. Sincestudying in the mid-1980s in Cologneand at the Banff Centre for the Arts, hehas worked with a plethora of musiciansincluding Joe Pass, Albert Mangelsdorff,Tomasz Stanko and Bobby Shew.Drummer Klaus Kugel has workedwith a veritable "Who’s Who" of worldclassimprovisers such as TomaszStanko, Kenny Wheeler, John Tchicai,Bobo Stenson and Lee Konitz to namebut a few. Both Kugel and Ramond havebeen members of the Michael PilzQuartet since the 1980s.What does Snijbloemen mean? It’sDutch for cut flowers - a graphic titlefor the group’s CD - magnificentlyradiant - just like the music you arelikely to hear from the TheoJorgensmann Quartet. Keep an openmind and experience a sense ofdiscovery when these unheraldedFRIDAY • MAY 11DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PM MEMBERS $10/GUESTS $14performers captivate you on May 11that the Yardbird Suite.Theo Jorgensmann - clarinetChristopher Dell - vibesChristian Ramond - bassKlaus Kugel - drumsMAY.JUNE 2001

Canadian roots music artist LesterQuitzau, is a mellow guy who throwsdown a heavy groove. In a field whereintangibles like feel and integrity countfor so much, Quitzau has forged anexemplary career. What began with a solidblues apprenticeship in the funkyworking-class bars of Edmonton hasgrown into an eclectic and constantlyevolving musical journey for the guitarist,singer, composer and producer. Whetherhe's coaxing languid, hypnotic soundsfrom his slide guitar in an intimate soloconcert, or improvising freely withmusical partners like Bill Bourne andMadagascar Slim (with three Juno Awardsand nine Juno Award nominationsbetween them, their CD ‘Tri Continental’won Juno last March in the BestRoots/Traditional Group category), or hislatest band, Lester Quitzau's Very ElectricTrio, a hard-won honesty underscoresevery note.For his apperance at the Suite, Lesterwill be performing material from his past,as well as some new material anddifferent arrangements of selections fromhis latest recording "So Here We Are' in avariety of settings, solo acoustic as wellas electric, with guest musicians.ardbird SuiteBLUESLester Quitzau with GuestsGreg Johnston -bass, vocals, pianoChristine Hanson - celloand possibly others…SATURDAY • MAY 12DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PMMEMBERS $7/GUESTS $11Robin Eubanks andMental ImagesTrombonist Robin Eubanks made a hugeimpression last October when he appeared atthe Yardbird Suite as a member of the DaveHolland Quintet, a concert long to beremembered as one of the greatest ever on theYardbird stage.Besides his stellar work with DaveHolland, Robin also performs with Elvin Jones’Jazz Machine. His resume is extensiveincluding teaching at the Oberlin Conservatoryof Music; past service as music director for ArtBlakey and the Jazz Messengers; recording withJ.J. Johnson, McCoy Tyner, the Rolling Stones,Eddie Palmieri and many others; involvementwith New York’s M-Base Collective with playerssuch as Marvin "Smitty" Smith and SteveColeman; performances with various Broadwayshow pit orchestras; appearances in moviessuch as Cotton Club, Mo’ Better Blues andJungle Fever; and numerous television showssuch as the GRAMMY Awards, Saturday NightLive and The Tonight Show. He has also beennamed #1 Trombonist at least five times in theTalent Deserving Wider Recognition category ofthe Downbeat International Critics’ Poll.Eubanks is a member of a very musicalfamily. His mother has been a music educatorfor over thirty years. His uncle is pianist RayBryant. One of his brothers, Duane, is atrumpeter who just happens to be a member ofMental Images, the group which will beperforming at the Yardbird Suite. And, ofcourse, there is his brother Kevin who is thebandleader on NBC’s The Tonight Show withJay Leno.Robin Eubanks is definitely one of themost prominent trombonists on the scenetoday but he’s not locked in to the traditionalapproach to playing jazz trombone. Needlessto say, he can play in the pocket as exemplifiedby several of his own numerous recordingsincluding Wake Up Call on Sirocco Jazz Limited,a Downbeat-reviewed disc from 1997. In hishands, the trombone is transformed from anaging relic of big-band days into a youthfulaugur of the future.And that’s basically what he’s attemptingto do with Mental Images, a quintet of severalyears standing which is truly eclectic in itschoice of material and in the many variationsin style it evinces within the leader’s oftencomplex arrangements. Eubanks also uses avariety of electronic devices to enhance hisbasic instrumental voice. Playing backinstrumental lines, layering phrase afterphrase, echoing and distortion are used, all ofwhich make musical sense within his broadconcept which also encompasses elements ofrock and funk.The other members of Mental Images haveworked with Robin for many years and are allstrong players in their own right - brotherDuane Eubanks on trumpet, Michael Cain onpiano, Lonnie Plaxico on bass and GeneJackson on drums. They have recorded a newCD Get 2 It which will be the first release onRobin’s new label REM Music. In fact, the CDshould be released by the time they appear atthe Yardbird Suite.While Robin Eubanks hasn’t totally balkedat tradition, with Mental Images he focuses onthe future. "I want to play music that soundslike it was done today, that relates to thetimes," he says. " ... incorporating some of theelectric possibilities in the trombone helpsbuild a link and a bridge that people canaccess or relate to."People are going to catch on to the newsound when Robin Eubanks and Mental Imagestakes the Yardbird Suite stage.Robin Eubanks - tromboneDuane Eubanks - trumpetMichael Cain - pianoLonnie Plaxico - bassGene Jackson - drumsFRIDAY • MAY 18DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PMMEMBERS $16/GUESTS $20LYONS ALBERT & COOKBarristers and SolicitorsAdrian L. Albert, B.A., LL.B*#306, 10328 - 81 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1X2Telephone: (780) 437-0743 • Facsimilie: (780) 438-6695e-mail: *Trade Mark AgentMAY.JUNE 2001 Page 5

Ellen McIlwaine TrioSlide-guitarist Ellen McIlwaine will bemaking a triumphant return to Edmonton whenshe drives up the highway from her currenthome in Calgary to play the Yardbird Suite onSaturday, May 19. This will be her first show inEdmonton since her solo performance to a fullhouse at the Yardbird Suite in March of lastyear and her performances last August at theEdmonton Folk Festival. This time Ellen iscoming in trio format, her usual format and theone in which she made her name, and she'll bebringing her new CD, SpontaneousCombustion, with her. Ellen's power trio forthis show consists of Calgary's Kit Johnson onbass (best known to Edmontonians as the bassplayer in the Folk Festival house band eachAugust) and drummer Robbin Harris, who hasjust returned to Calgary after a year and halfplaying jazz and funk music--for Kool and theGang, among others--in Hong Kong andTaiwan.Ellen's new CD, which just came out inMarch, features Ellen in a variety of settings;Taj Mahal joins her on two songs, one of themthe rhythm-and-blues standard "Mockingbird,"and her band on the CD is Taj Mahal's rhythmsection from the 1980s, drummer Kester Smithand bass-player Bill Rich. The CD has lots ofthe screaming slide-playing on electric guitarfor which she is best known, but it alsocontains two songs which Ellen performs soloand on acoustic guitar, "Sidu" (a Near-Easternstylelament for the death of a grandmother)and "Dead End Street" (about the death of alove affair). On one song on her new CD, theblues standard "Sitting on Top of the World,"Ellen performs solo and on piano. In herupcoming show at the Yardbird, she willA.D.D. TrioPage 6ardbird SuiteThe A.D.D. Trio has been together since 1993. Theirsecond recording Sic Bisquitis Disintegrat (That’s the Waythe Cookie Crumbles) is scheduled for North Americanrelease on ENJA Records this spring.A.D.D.’s music is characterized by a truly originalsound colour palette set into a clear rhythmic andharmonic context. They play tunes by all three triomembers and the mix and balance of their styles makesthe group that much more interesting. They improvisewith no apologies for their virtuosity, celebrating a widerange of experience, embracing all types of music - rock,jazz, contemporary music in the "classical" sense andworld musics.Former New Yorker Robert Dick now lives inSwitzerland and is renowned as someone who has revolutionized the soundof the flute. He plays several different flutes and has invented a "glissandoheadjoint" for the flute which enables him to create unique sounds on theinstrument. He is a member of a number of musical aggregations in Europeand in New York. He has collaborated with the likes of Steve Lacy, GeorgeLewis, Evan Parker and Gerry Hemingway.Of the three members of A.D.D., Christy Doran is the most well-knownto Edmonton audiences, having played here on several occasions, one ofthe more memorable ones being Doran/ Studer/Minton & Ali playing themusic of Jimi Hendrix. As Robert Dick says of Dublin-born but current Swissresident Doran, "... there isn’t anything he can’t play, and what he choosesto play is always so tasteful. He’s a master of various multiple delay devicesBLUESdisplay her prowess on piano as well as onguitar. Though it is a little-known fact, Ellenstarted out as a piano-player, and in her showat the Yardbird Suite last year Ellen performedseveral numbers on the Suite's state-of-the-artYamaha C-5 grand piano.Raised in Japan by American missionaryparents, Ellen received a solid grounding inAmerican blues and rhythm-and-blues musicfrom her earliest years, since she listenedaddictively to the U.S. Armed Forces radiostations. She didn't take up the guitar until herteens, when her family sold the piano she hadbeen playing Fats Domino-style since the ageof five. She and her family moved back to theU.S. in the mid-1960s, when Ellen was in hermid-teens, and she soon landed a spot openingfor blues stars at the Cafe au GoGo inGreenwich Village in 1966, a position that ledto her joining forces for some months withthen-unknown Jimi Hendrix. Ellen says thatHendrix, who began their friendship by askingone night if he could sit in on her set at theCafe au GoGo, taught her how to use her voicelike another guitar. Ellen soon developed adistinctive style of slide-playing on electricguitar that has kept her busy for more thanthirty years. She plays bass lines, rhythmchords, and stinging lead-guitar linessimultaneously, laying her powerful vocals ontop of the heady mix. "If it isn't slide guitar,it's too limiting," she has told interviewers,explaining that she can apply her style of slideplayingto other kinds of music that interesther: reggae, Middle Eastern music, and EastIndian music. One of the band numbers on hernew CD, "Egyptian Blues," displays thisdistinctive mix of blues and Near-EasternFRIDAY • MAY 25DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PM MEMBERS $10/GUESTS $14music. She has been performing this song inher live shows for two or three years, and herperformance of it last summer on a Folk Festworkshop stage got a rapturous reception.In 1968, after spending a year openingfor, and playing with, many of her idols, figuressuch as Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and JuniorWells, Howlin' Wolf, Odetta, and Sonny Terryand Brownie McGhee, Ellen formed her ownband, Fear Itself, and the following year, 1968,she moved to Woodstock, New York, andreleased her first album, Fear Itself, in 1969.Since then, she has recorded ten more albums,in both solo and band settings, and she hastoured constantly and performed live with awho's who of the musical scene of the pastthirty-plus years. She is probably best knownfor her Polydor albums of the early 1970s,Honky Tonk Angel and We the People, which in1998 were re-released together on one CD,Ellen McIlwaine: Up from the Sky: The PolydorYears.Ellen's 1987 album Looking for Trouble,recorded in Toronto (where she then lived),came out on Edmonton's Stony Plain label, andand pedals, and can set up an orchestral texture for us to play over."Like the other members of the trio, drummer Steve Arguelles no longerlives in the country of his birth having moved from England to France in1992. He is a co-founder of Loose Tubes, a group which has also performedin Edmonton, and is a member of Benoit Delbecq’s The Recyclers.The new disc displays the band’s rueful and sometimes biting humour,the members’ ability to channel virtuosity, pare down the extraneous, cutto the chase. Robert Dick says, "...I think of how I can get to the soul ofan idea, then somehow I’ll work out how to express it." This is the key totheir sound and their musical empathy. A.D.D. Trio is in love with music,animated by the imperative to develop and evolve it, letting the chips fallwhere they the cookie crumblesRobert Dick - flutesChristy Doran - electricguitar and delay devicesSteve Arguelles - drumsEllen McIlwaine, guitarand vocalsKit Johnson, bassRobbin Harris, drumsin 1996 Stony Plain released two of her albumstogether on one CD, The Real Ellen McIlwaine,originally recorded with members of Montreal'sVille Emard Blues Band for United Artists in1975, and Everybody Needs It, an album thatoriginally came out on the Blind Pig label in1982 and features Jack Bruce of Cream on bassand background vocals.Ellen's new CD, Spontaneous Combustion,is on the German Tradition & Moderne label, aswas her previous album, the live recording,Ellen McIlwaine: Women in (E)motion,recorded in 1997 at the Women in (E)motionFestival in Bremen, GermanSATURDAYMAY 19DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PMMEMBERS $10/GUESTS $14MAY.JUNE 2001

EvolutionJunctionBrothers Solon and Jeremiah McDade– best known for their work in theCeltic/folk community along with theirdad Terry McDade and sister ShannonJohnson – are the driving force behindthis band that also features formerEdmontonian Mike Rud and their longtime collaborator, drummer Dan Skakun.Bassist Solon McDade is currently inhis final year of the Jazz Performancedegree program at McGill University. Hehas toured and performed with bluesgreats such as Luther Guitar Jr. Johnson,Billy Boy Arnold, and Wild Child Butler, aswell as local singer/songwriters BillBourne, Maria Dunn and Luann Kowalek.His career is marked with performances atfestivals and events across Canada. As wellas being a busy sideman, Solon hasstudied at the Banff School of Fine Arts,and at the Grant MacEwan College. Solon’stalents have been documented on manyawards nominated recordings through thepast few years.A gifted multi-instrumentalist,Jeremiah McDade, is a busy studiomusician currently featured on varioussoundtracks (Biography – EntertainmentChannel NFB films, History Channel, CBC),and is also featured on recordings by Keri-Lyn, Maria Dunn, David Wilkie, Bourne &Johnson, and Terry McDade. He recentlyhas performed at the Banff Film &Television Awards. He has graduated fromGrant MacEwan College, and, just like hisbrother Solon, is in his final year of theJazz Performance degree program at McGillUniversity.Mike Rud – a well-known name inEdmonton – is one of Canada’s premierjazz guitarists. He began his study of jazzat the Grant MacEwan College, andcontinued at McGill University, where hereceived his undergraduate degree. Hemoved to New York to study with jazzgreat Jim Hall, and after a year hereturned to Montreal where he receivedMasters Degree and become a popularmember of the faculty at McGill. Sincethen he released two CD’s under his name(‘Whyte Avenue’ and ‘Chimbe’), ands hasperformed with Herb Ellis, John Stetchand Hugh Fraser among others.The very first set of the night willfeature a trio that includes Uday Ramdas,tabla Master from India, Solon andJeremiah’s dad Terry on harp, andsaxophonist Brett Miles.Solon McDade – bassJeremiah McDade – saxMike Rud – guitarDan Skakun – drumswith the opening set byTerry McDade – harpUday Ramdas – tablasBrett Miles – tenor andsoprano sax, fluteJunction is a collaborative project,a meeting of minds for a quartet ofVancouver’s finest jazz musicians. Thisgroup features compositions from eachof its members and draws from anexpansive array of influences creating asound with depth, beauty andexcitement. The final result iscontemporary and substantial.The group’s first CD is being readiedfor release on Maximum Music in lateMay.Guitarist Daryl Jahnke evokes a PatMetheny-like sound in some of hisplaying. He has been performing forabout twenty years and is a mainstayon the Vancouver scene as a player,studio musician, composer, musicaldirector and educator.Chris Gestrin performed at theYardbird Suite in 1999 with vocalistKate Hammett-Vaughan and releasedhis own CD last year. A graduate of theBerklee College of Music in Boston,Chris has studied with Joanne Brackeenand Benny Green. His trio won firstprize in Belgium’s Europ’ Jazz Contestin 1996.Bassist Chris Tarry is probably thebest-known of the band’s members. Heis one of the founders of the JUNOaward-winning Metalwood. Also aBerklee graduate, Chris has alsoreceived several other awards duringthe past few years.Dave Robbins earned a Mastersdegree in jazz from McGill Universityand has become a favourite of the westcoast jazz scene since returning to hisnative British Columbia. In demand as asideman, he has worked with SlideHampton, P.J. Perry, Pat LaBarbera andHugh Fraser.Junction is a group which is certainto make a name for itself on theCanadian contemporary jazz musicscene. June 2nd will be youropportunity to get acquainted withthem.Daryl Jahnke - guitarChris Gestrin - Hammond organChris Tarry - bassDave Robbins - drumsSATURDAY • JUNE 2DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PM MEMBERS $7/GUESTS $11SATURDAY • MAY 26DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PM MEMBERS $7/GUESTS $11Volunteer PartyThank you volunteers, for all your hardwork throughout the year!Friday, June 1 • Doors - 8pm • Show 9pmRiver City Big BandFormed in 1996, The River City Big Bandis a seventeen member organizationdedicated to presenting the finest Big BandJazz. Led by director Larry Schrum, thebands continually widening repertoire rangesfrom the books of Count Basie and WoodyHerman to contemporary works of ThadJones, Frank Mantooth and John Fedchok.For this spring concert the band willfeature charts from Duke Ellington,Maynard Ferguson, Woody Herman, andStan Kenton libraries, as well as a coupleof new original charts from local arrangerand composer Allan Gilliland and the RiverCity Big Band director Larry Schrum.SUNDAY • MAY 27DOORS 7:30PM • SHOW 8PM MEMBERS $6/GUESTS $10MAY.JUNE 2001 Page 7

2001 GRAMMY Winner Joe Lovano to performat the Yardbird SuiteThis event is made possible through theco-operation and support of the BanffCentre for the Arts Music and Sound.Joe Lovano/Judi Silvano QuartetJoe Lovano - tenor saxJudi Silvano- vocalsJohannes Weidenmueller - bassSandro Dominelli - drumsOnce again, Joe Lovano will beon the faculty at the JazzWorkshops at the Banff Centre forthe Arts in late May and early June.The Edmonton Jazz Society isextremely pleased to be able topresent Joe together with his wife,vocalist Judi Silvano, KennyWerner’s bassist JohannesWeidenmueller, and Edmonton’s ownSandro Dominelli on drums in a veryspecial performance on Sunday,June 10.Awards and accolades comeoften and deservedly to JoeLovano. most recently for the BestLarge Jazz Ensemble Album at the43rd Annual (2001) GRAMMYAwards for his Blue Note release52nd Street Themes. He was votedtenor saxophonist of the year byboth the critics and the readers inthe 2000 Downbeat Critics Pollsand Readers Polls. He was alsoDownbeat’s Jazz Artist of the Yearin both polls in 1995and 1996 as well aswinning Album of theYear for Rush Hour in1995 and for QuartetsLive at the VillageVanguard in 1996. Hewas also nominatedfor GRAMMY Awardsin 1994, 1995, 1996and 1997.Growing up in Cleveland, Joewas able to learn the saxophonefrom his father, Tony "Big T" Lovano,who also took him to see many ofthe jazz greats who passed throughhis home town. He learned his chopsin organ trio and Texas tenor bandsand sessions while still a teenager.He also gained an appreciation forsome of the free jazz experimentersat the same time.While studying at the BerkleeCollege of Music in Boston, he metfuture collaborators like JohnScofield, Bill Frisell and KennyWerner. His first years aftergraduation were spent in the bandsof Lonnie Smith, Brother JackMcDuff and the Woody HermanThundering Herd."Move overPavarotti, thegreatest Italiantenor around todayisn’t Luciano, butLovano."- The Village VoiceThroughout the 1980s and theearly 1990s, he was a regular in theVillage Vanguard Orchestra as wellas working with Elvin Jones, CarlaBley, Charlie Haden and PaulMotian. His first high-profile gigproviding national attention camewith the John Scofield Quartet.His first major gig as a leaderwas in 1991 at the Village Vanguardin New York. During the past tenyears, he has released a number ofconsistently top-quality recordingson Blue Note including UniversalLanguage, Tenor Legacy, Rush Hour,Quartets at the Village Vanguard,Celebrating Sinatra, Flying Colors,Trio Fascination, Friendly Fire withGreg Osby and 52nd Street Themes.His newest release is Flights ofFancy: Trio Fascination Edition 2.It’s doubtful if there is anyonein jazz who has issued a body ofwork of such a high standard overthe past ten years - basically everyCD in his discographyis a gem.Judi Silvano hasbecome recognized asone of the leadingprogressive jazzsingers of our day. ANew York residentsince the late 1970s,Judi has worked onmany of her ownprojects and also on several of JoeLovano’s projects and recordings.Her first major label release wasVocalise in 1996 which was a daringset of music bringing the conceptsof collective improvisation to thesong format. Her most recentrecording Songs I Wrote or Wish IDid shows her growing and maturingas a singer and performer of wit,depth and substance.It’s not often that someone ofJoe Lovano’s stature andprominence plays a concert in anintimate setting such as theYardbird Suite so this will be anextremely special evening which isguaranteed to be a memorable onefor all in attendance. Get yourtickets early!SUNDAY • JUNE 10DOORS 6:30PM • SHOW 7:30PM MEMBERS $26/GUESTS $30MAY.JUNE 2001 Page 9

JAZZ CITY EVENTS AT THE YARDBIRD SUITEDAVERESTIVOQUINTETDave Restivo is one of Canada’s mostrespected and sought after jazz artists. Heis also no stranger to the Yardbird Suitestage, having previously played with theMike Murley Quintet, Mike DownesQuartet, Carn-Allemano Quintet and aspart of Jim Head band in October of lastyear. This is the first visit, however, whereDave will lead his own quintet inpromotion of his just recently releasedrecording on Toronto’s Radioland label‘Prayer For Humankind(ness)’.A critically acclaimed pianist andcomposer, he is well known for his workwith Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass,the Mike Murley Quintet, songwriter MarcJordan, and percussionist Memo Acevedo.He has also performed and recorded withsuch musical luminaries as Mel Torme,Alex Acuna, Maynard Ferguson, MoeKoffman, Ed Bickert, Marcus Belgrave,Kenny Wheeler, John Abercrombie, MarkWhitfield, Pat LaBarbera, and GeneBertoncini.Honoured at the 1997 Jazz ReportAwards as Pianist of the Year, David wassubsequently voted Toronto’s BestKeyboardist of 1998 in Now Magazine. Hispiano playing has earned him somesuperlative description from the media.Page 10FRIDAY • JUNE 22 SATURDAY • JUNE 23Dave Restivo – pianoTed Quinlan - guitarErnie Tollar - saxJim Vivian - bassKevin Dempsey -drumsDOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PMMEMBERS $9/GUESTS $13MICHAEL OCCHIPINTI QUINTETHot on the heels of their exciting showat the Yardbird Suite in November and theirrecent JUNO nomination, the MichaelOcchipinti Quartet returns for another greatgig for which they have added violinistHugh Marsh.Guitarist Occhipinti will also bebringing the other members of his group -Kevin Turcotte on trumpet, AndrewDowning on bass and Barry Romberg ondrums - in support of his CD Creation Dream- The Songs of Bruce Cockburn which wasnominated for a 2001 JUNO.Geoff Chapman in the Toronto Star says"If genre gurus like Charlie Parker and MilesDavis raided the pop music of their day, whyshouldn’t today’s jazzers probe such atreasure trove? ... Michael Occhipinti andhis sophisticated colleagues make a finejob of hit material by Canadian singersongwriterBruce Cockburn."Occhipinti is recognized as one ofCanada’s most innovative young jazzartists, not only as a player but also as acomposer and arranger. In the mid-1990s,he formed the Neufeld-Occhipinti JazzOrchestra with pianist Paul Neufeld. Thelarge orchestra’s self-titled first CD wonthe 1996 JUNO award for BestContemporary Jazz album. Their secondand third recordings were also JUNOnominatedwith the third disc You areHere featuring acclaimed clarinetist DonByron. He has studied at York UniversityTHURSDAY • JUNE 28SEX MOBSex Mob? Obviously what many wouldcall a "politically incorrect" name for aband. Besides, what does jazz have to dowith sex? As group spokesman StevenBernstein explains, "Jazz used to be popularmusic. People would go out to clubs, listento the music, dance, drink, have a hell of alot of fun, and then go home and get (youfill in the blank). Simple as that. We’rebringing that spirit back."Jazz is at the core of Sex Mob’s music -but they take it up to funk, punk and pop.Besides their own compositions, their discsfeature a wide variety of tunes, many ofthem unexpected for what could bepigeonholed as a jazz group. For instance,and at the Banff Centre for the Arts.Needless to say, he has performed with allof the stalwarts of the Toronto jazz sceneincluding such favourites of Edmontonaudiences as Pat LaBarbera and MikeMurley. Other performing credits includeKenny Wheeler, Muhal Richard Abrams,Slide Hampton and Maynard Ferguson.Michael’s new disc is the third under hisown name, the others being Who MeetsWho? and Surrealist Blues. Both werewell-received by critics and fellowmusicians. The Bruce Cockburn-inspiredrecord-ing has brought Occhipinti morerecognition and accolades.Asked about the inspiration for theBruce Cockburn project, he remarks,"Lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate a lotof the different music that I heard whilegrowing up into my own group’s repertoire.It’s a different experience to play musicthat you’ve absorbed from radio ortelevision, as opposed to the jazz standardtradition."With 25 albums of Cockburn’s music tochoose from, Occhipinti was able to learn agreat many tunes he hadn’t already heard.As he says, "It’s been challenging adaptingthe music to the personalities of themusicians involved, and making the songswork apart from the lyrics. I’m hopingpeople will be surprised."In addition to music from CreationDream, the Michael Occhipinti Quintet willtheir first CD Din of Inequity includedmaterial by Prince, Huddie Ledbetter,Hoagie Carmichael, two James Bond themesand even Macarena. On Solid Sender, songsby Duke Ellington, Abba, Nirvana, theGrateful Dead, James Brown and so on arefeatured. When you listen, you may hear thethemes of these songs or the band may havedeconstructed them beyond recognition.Perhaps the most fascinating thingabout Sex Mob’s sound is its precariousbalance of red-faced, wobbly musicalacrobatics and crystal-clear, sober playing.All of the group’s members are veterans ofthe New York downtown scene asexemplified by clubs such as the KnittingFactory and Tonic.Steven Bernstein is probably the onlyperson around who plays the slide trumpet.It’s not just a gimmick. He’s got credentialstoo. Work with the likes of the LoungeLizards, Mel Torme and Lou Reed provesthis. He was also the musical director for thesoundtrack for Robert Altman’s Kansas City.And if you follow the New York scene atall, you’re familiar with the other threemembers of Sex Mob. Briggan Kraus andKenny Wolleson have also both appeared inEdmonton with various Big Apple-basedgroups and Scott Amendola’s past workincludes Charlie Hunter and Oranjbe playing a variety of Occhipinti’s owncompositions and some other music whichwill be familiar to all. Michael Occhipinti isquickly becoming a favourite of Edmontonaudiences so, if you haven’t seen himbefore, you should make a special effort tocatch him this time round.Michael Occhipinti - guitarKevin Turcotte - trumpetHugh Marsh - violinAndrew Downing - bassBarry Romberg - drumsDOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PMMEMBERS $9/GUESTS $13Symphonette.All instruments in the Sex Mob meltingpot are given equal billing, from Bernstein’sswaggering slide trumpet, to BrigganKrauss’ edgy, frantic alto sax antics, to TonyScherr’s super-thick bass to drummer ScottAmendola’s booming anchor.Sex Mob is achieving something thatfew bands can - a dose of musical honestyand originality, free of pretense and full ofsoul. Bernstein sums it up, "People come see us because they get somethingrarified that they can’t get anywhere else.Everyone wants to experience somethingREAL." And Sex Mob is as real as music gets.You never know how things will turnout. But you can always expect one thingfrom Sex Mob - the unexpected. Try them.You won’t be disappointed.Steven Bernstein - slide trumpetBriggan Kraus - alto saxTony Scherr - bassScott Amendola - drumsDOORS 7:30PM • SHOW 8:30PMMEMBERS $18/GUESTS $22MAY.JUNE 2001

JAZZ CITY EVENTS AT THE YARDBIRD SUITEFRIDAY • JUNE 29 SATURDAY • JUNE 30CHRIS POTTER QUARTETChris Potter is unquestionably one of themost creative and exciting saxophone playersin modern jazz and he is now gaining publicrecognition as one of the rising stars of hischosen instrument. He brings his New Yorkbasedquartet to the Yardbird Suite for twospecial shows on Friday, June 29.Also featured in the Chris Potter Quartet ispianist Kevin Hays who has released severalCDs as a leader for Blue Note and Steeple Chaseas well as working with Joshua Redman, RoyHaynes, Nick Brignola and Joe Henderson.Bassist Scott Colley has recorded with pianistsHarold Danko and Fred Hersch, guitarist JimHall and drummer T.S. Monk among others.From the age of 11, Chris Potter knew thathe wanted to play the saxophone and by thetime he was in high school, he was giggingregularly. He moved to New York at 18 andearned his Bachelor of Music degree from theManhattan School of Music in 1993. It wasduring his college years that he met pianistKenny Werner who was one of his teachers.Through Kenny he met bassist Scott Colley whoaccompanies him for his Yardbird Suite gig.Potter came to prominence playing intrumpeter Red Rodney’s Quintet, working withthe bop giant until Rodney’s death in 1994.Rodney said of Potter, "This kid is sensational."After a CD for Criss Cross in 1992, he recordeda number of discs for Concord Jazz. Some of hisbetter-known Concord recordings includeConcentric Circles, Moving In, Unspoken andVertigo.He recently signed with Verve Records andhas just recorded his debut CD for them in NewYork. The album will be a tribute to thesaxophone legends. Potter plays tenor, alto andsoprano sax as well as bass clarinet andChinese wood flute on the recording. It ishoped that his new disc will be available bythe time he reaches Edmonton.In addition to leading his own group,Potter is an in-demand sideman. His formerlabel, Concord, featured him on discs by MarianMcPartland, Susannah McCorkle, Marlena Shawand Eden Atwood. He has also recorded withthe Mingus Big Band, James Moody, SteveSwallow, Ray Brown and the current trumpetmaster Dave Douglas. He’s even played withSteely Dan.At the present time, his two major gigs asa sideman, both on tour and in recordings, arewith Paul Motian and Dave Holland. In fact, itwas because he was on tour in Europe withPaul Motian last fall that Potter was unable toplay in Dave Holland’s Quintet at the YardbirdSuite when Holland made his memorableappearance here in October.We now have the opportunity to hearChris Potter firsthand and see why he wasnamed as both the #1 Tenor Saxophonist andthe #1 Alto Saxophonist in the 2000 DownbeatInternational Critics Poll. Don’t miss ChrisPotter at the Yardbird Suite. If you do, you’ll bekicking yourself later.Chris Potter - saxophonesKevin Hays - pianoScott Colley - bassClarence Penn - drumsJESSICA WILLIAMSJessica Williams returns to theYardbird Suite stage on Saturday, June 30,for what will undoubtedly be anotherbrilliant solo piano performance. This willbe her third Yardbird appearance in thepast five years and another evening full ofexcitement, fun, great creativity andmoments of rare beauty is eagerlyanticipated.Williams began piano lessons at theage of four, started attending the PeabodyConservatory by the age of eight and wasplaying jazz gigs by the age of fourteen.She worked with Philly Joe Jones inPhiladelphia before moving to SanFrancisco in 1977 where she was thehouse pianist at Keystone Korner. It wasduring that time that she commenced herrecording career. Over the years, she hasreleased over two dozen albums as aleader. Her performance credits includework with the likes of Dexter Gordon, ArtBlakey, Woody Shaw, Tony Williams andCharlie Haden as well as recordings withEddie Harris, the aforementioned PhillyJoe Jones and veteran Monk sidemanCharlie Rouse.In the late 1980s Jessica began tocome to prominence as a solo acousticpianist. Considered by Scott Yanow of theAll Music Guide to Jazz as "one of the topjazz pianists of the 1990s", she is apowerful virtuoso whose completecommand of the keyboard, wit, solid senseof swing and the influence of TheloniousMonk have combined to make her aparticularly notable player.Now living oceanside in NorthernCalifornia, she is well known as a mainstayof Calgary based Jazz Focus Records forwhom she has recorded at least nine discsall of which are strongly recommended.She brings her own style to each songwhether it’s a standard or one of her owncompositions. Williams comes up with freshvariations and consistently inventive ideaseven when the influence of TheloniousMonk, McCoy Tyner, Oscar Peterson or EarlHines is identifiable in her playing.Jessica Williams - solo piano"Jessica is a beautiful player."- McCoy Tyner"One of the greatest jazzpianists I have ever heard."- Dave Brubeck"Williams is the most impressivepianist to arrive since BillEvans."- Alun Morgan,Gramophone MagazineAnyone who has heard JessicaWilliams live will be aware of the rapportshe has with her audience and the intenseemotional impact her music has on herlisteners. This concert will be a sublimeway to conclude our 2000-2001 season atthe Yardbird Suite.DOORS 8PM • SHOW 9PMMEMBERS $14/GUESTS $18FIRST SHOW:DOORS 7PM • SHOW 7:30PMMEMBERS $18/GUESTS $22SECOND SHOW:DOORS 9:30PM • SHOW 10PMMEMBERS $18/GUESTS $22MAY.JUNE 2001 Page 11


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