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650K Series 2CUSTOMER SUPPORTThe Case dealer: Your professional partnerWorld-class construction equipment isjust the start with Case Construction.Consider your Case dealer yourpartner to find the right options foryou to meet your job demands,including maintenance options,financing, attachments and theright machine size.Case dealers help you maximizemachine uptime — and profit. Fromhigh-tech tools designed to trackequipment and manage a fleet, toservice solutions performed right onthe job site, Case dealers take theworry out of managing equipment.Case dealers stand behind the equipmentthey sell with the strength offactory-trained technicians, a globalparts network and outstandingwarranties. To get through thosehigh-demand projects, you can relyon your Case dealer for completepurchase, lease and rental solutions.Your local Case dealer offers flexiblefinancing options, leasing packagesand insurance services to protectyour investment.You need more than great equipment.Case dealers deliver.2

LUXURY & PERFORMANCEFinesse, easy operationand comfortIt’s one thing for a crawler dozer tohave the muscle and finesse to handleeverything from heavy earthmoving tofinish grading. It’s quite another to beeasy to operate.Meet the Case 650K Series 2. Bothworlds in one machine.With simple single-lever controland the brawn of hydrostaticPowerStat drive, the 650K offerstotal performance on even themost confined job sites.An impressive list of designinnovations make the Case 650Keasy to maintain, comfortable,durable and long on uptime.That makes it especiallyeasy to own.The deluxe cab available on the 650K gives the operator theclearest view to the blade. Single-lever control for the six-wayblade makes operation a snap.Expansive, tinted glass providesvisual command of the entire jobsite. The heating, ventilation andcooling system keeps the environmentjust right — no matter whatthe weather conditions.3

650K Series 2POWER, CONTROL & COMFORTExclusive PowerStatThe hydrostatic, PowerStat drivetraindelivers outstanding power to each trackthrough beefy drive motors. With isolationmountedhydrostatic pumps and an intuitivesingle-lever control for speed and steering,PowerStat means total performance andease of operationLuxurious cabsThe stylish, ergonomically designed cab is themost luxurious available. Features include wideentrydoors, optional Air-Ride seat, panoramictinted glass, intuitive single-lever control andhigh-capacity heater and air-conditioningsystem for maximum operator comfort.Tilt-over platformShould your 650K Series 2 need service,the new hydraulic easy-tilt system tips theoperator platform in less than 10 minutes toprovide convenient access to the drivetrain.Blade hydraulicsHigh-performance blade hydraulics featurelarge pump/cylinders that deliver speedand power for optimum control andbreakout force.Adjustable blade pitchBlade pitch is easily adjusted with a built-intool from a maximum 52 degrees to 60degrees to best match soil conditions.4

Ease of maintenanceSwing-out doors and spin-on filters completemaintenance in an instant. Smartly placeddiagnostic test ports permit faster troubleshooting,maximizing dozer uptime.Easy-clean tracksThe 49-degree sloping track frame cover andample space between the track and machinemake it easy to keep the 650K free of dirt,rocks and debris.Fuel-efficient enginesThe emission-certified Case Family III enginedelivers 75 horsepower (56 kW) of muscle tothe tracks for superior performance. Thebalanced four-cylinder engine in the 650KSeries 2 has excellent fuel economy.Visibility to the bladeThe narrow modular dashboard makes it easyto see the heel of the blade and gaugematerial flow under the blade.5

650K Series 2POWERTRAINCase PowerStatdrives performanceThe key to productivity on the Case650K Series 2 is the high-performancehydrostatic drive. The Case PowerStatsystem has dual hydrostatic pumpsthat deliver superior power to eachtrack through large drive components.Hydrostatic pumps are isolation mountedto the frame for quiet, smooth and morecomfortable operation. The hydrostaticdrive is controlled by a single lever.The operator turns the machine bytipping the lever to the side. When thelever is pushed more to the side,the dozer will increasinglycounter-rotate.Case PowerStat componentsare designed forthe high horsepowerneeded to push the fullestblades — even throughcurves and turns. Thedrive is controlled by anintuitive single lever thateasily adjusts speedand direction.Power and ease of control meanproductivity — and low cost percubic yard. For novice operators orseasoned veterans, the Case 650Kwill move more material in less time,with less effort. That’s whatproductivity really means.Case Power Stat dozers provide greaterdrawbar pull at all travel speeds forincreased productivity.6

SERVICEABILITY & ATTACHMENTSWhat most likely tops your list ofmust haves is lightning-fast serviceabilitythat keeps your dozer runningat peak performance — and profitability!Easy access to componentsalso reduces owning and operatingcosts. The 650K was designed witheasy access maintenance foremostin mind.An auto belt tensioner, sight gauges forcoolant and hydraulic system, optionalremote drain lines for fluids, andeasy-access diagnostic test portsmake the 650K dozer as easy to carefor as they are to operate.And, get more out of your dozer withattachments designed specifically forCase 650K dozer and your individualapplications. See your dealer forspecial application needs — they’reyour professional partner!Swing-out side shieldsand grille provide quickaccess to grouped,spin-on filtersand removablebelly pan makeclean out easy.Add versatility to your Case dozer.Equip it with attachments designedfor your application. Choose fromspecialty blades, rippers, winches,fairlead/arches, root rakes, forestryguarding and drawbars.7

650K CRAWLER DOZERQUICK SPECS650K LONG TRACKEngine75 new hp (56 kW)Operating weight18,200 lb (8244 kg)Blade capacity 2.00 cu yd (1.53 cu m)Track on ground 88 in (2.20 m)650K WIDE TRACKEngine75 new hp (56 kW)Operating weight18,900 lb (8591 kg)Blade capacity 2.52 cu yd (1.93 cu m)Track on ground 88 in (2.20 m)650K LOW GROUND PRESSUREEngine75 new hp (56 kW)Operating weight19,400 lb (8813 kg)Blade capacity 2.60 cu yd (1.99 cu m)Track on ground 88 in (2.20 m)NOTE: All engines meet current EPA emission regulations.NOTE: All specifications are stated in accordance with SAE Standards orRecommended Practices, where applicable.IMPORTANT: CNH America LLC reserves the right to change these specificationswithout notice and without incurring any obligation relating to such change.Availability of some models and equipment builds vary according to the countryin which the equipment is used. The illustrations and text may include optionalequipment and accessories and may not include all standard equipment. YourCase dealer/distributor will be able to give you details of the products and theirspecifications available in your area.Always read the Operator’s Manual beforeoperating any equipment. Inspect equipmentbefore using it, and be sure it is operatingproperly. Follow the product safety signs, anduse any safety features provided.© 2005 CNH America LLC Case is a registered trademark of CNH America LLCAny trademarks referred to herein, in association with goods and/or services ofcompanies other than CNH America LLC, are the property of those respectivecompanies. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A.Form No. CCE8060403 Replaces Form No.

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