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Inform 92.pdf - Catholic Diocese of Christchurch

The Newsletter of theCatholic Bishopof ChristchurchCHRISTMAS ISSUE 91 : DECEMBER 2012The Newsletter of the Catholic Bishop of ChristchurchAUTUMN ISSUE 92 : MARCH 2013As Easter approaches, youngand old are welcomed intothe Church. Mother AmandaBonney shares the light ofChrist with Lucia as she receivesthe Sacrament of Baptism inOur Lady of Victories Parish,Sockburn.Pope Benedict XVIresponsesPage 6Year of Faith newsPage 10Earthquake recoveryprogressesPage 18INFORM MARCH 2013

FROM THE BISHOPThe annual great celebration of the Paschal Mystery is thekernel and core of the Church’s Year. All other liturgicalcelebrations lead towards it, or flow from it.The words “ Paschal Mystery” refer to the suffering, deathand resurrection of Jesus and the subsequent outpouring ofthe Holy Spirit upon the Church at the feast of Pentecost.Every celebration of the Church’sliturgy is a celebration of the PaschalMystery.The name reminds us that the LordJesus came to the end of his life inthe flesh at the time when his peoplewere celebrating the Passover - theannual feast which commemoratedtheir passage out of bondage into thefreedom of the People of God. ThePassover, or passage, that Jesus tookfrom this world to the Father was a passage through death,burial, descent into hell, and then, the Resurrection.This is how Jesus destroyed sin and everlasting death for hispeople.The Catechism of the Catholic Church has this beautifulteaching for us.(No. 1085);“ … during his earthly life Jesus announced his Paschalmystery by his teaching and anticipated it by his actions.When his Hour comes, he lives out a unique event of historywhich does not pass away… his Paschal mystery is a realevent that occurred in our history, but it is unique; all otherhistorical events happen once, and then they pass away,swallowed up in the past.The Paschal mystery of Christ, by contrast, cannot remainonly in the past, because by his death he destroyed death,and all that Christ is – all that he did and suffered for all men– participates in the divine eternity, and so transcends all timeswhile being made present in them all…”Website messagesThe diocesan website: events happening within the diocese.As a parish, school, or church group you are welcome toadvertise events. You can list your event from the link onthe home page under ‘events’.LOLHeard across St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, justbefore Ash Wednesday … “You’re giving up WHATfor Lent?!”Issue 92. 24 March 2013FROM THE EDITORA friend was saying to me today that there are too manychoices of Catholic things to get involved in around ourDiocese. What a happy problem! We face it every issue ofInform – how to fit in so many Good News stories.But it’s also good to know that somehow with the HolySpirit – and a good layout designer – there is space for it all.Similarly, after the extra demands we face during Lent andEaster, we can make room for chocolate eggs on EasterSunday.This Easter, and every Sunday, may the Spirit fill you withHis peace.Thanks to all contributors to Inform … and to you forreading it! Please pass it on.Gerard DuignanDeadline for next issue: Friday 24 May 2013 INFORM MARCH 2013

NewsNew DirectorArchbishop John Dew has announcedthat Mr Bill Kilgallon has replaced MrJohn Jamieson as National Director forthe Office for Professional Standards, theoffice which is tasked with dealing withcomplaints of abuse against clergy orreligious. Bill moved to New Zealand fromthe UK two years ago after a long career insocial work and health care.Number of complaints currently beinginvestigated by the office: 10. All casescurrently in progress relate to incidentsthat occurred prior to 1985. Number ofreviews currently underway: 2Christchurch Diocesse contact: MrsBarbara Matthews Tel 03- 332 2719Methven/RakaiaCentennialOn the Feast of Christ the King over 150parishioners and friends gathered inMethven’s Holy Family church to markthe centennial of the parish of Methven/Rakaia. Mass was celebrated by BishopBarry Jones, Parish Priest Fr Geoff Gray,and other previous parish priests. In hishomily Bishop Barry recalled the peopleof faith, including and Sisters of Mercyand priests, who had lived, worked anddied in the parish.A centennial bell was blessed byBishop Barry, followed by luncheonin the Methven Resort, where thecentennial cake was cut by lifelongparishioners, Lawrence McCloy andJosie Maw.“The choice of Father James Kennedyas the first parish priest was aninspired one,” says parishioner KathrynMcKendrie. In the three years from 1912to 1915 he purchased land, moved achurch, built two convents, apresbytery and the parishwas debt free!Clergy on the moveBishop Barry Jones has announced his priestly appointments for 2013.Greymouth, Cobden, Runanga, Ngahere - Fr Peter Costello (Parish Priest)Timaru & Waimate - Fr Brian Fennessy (Parish Priest)Timaru & Waimate - Fr Paul Thumma (Assistant Priest)Mackenzie - Fr John Morrison (Parish Priest)Opihi - Fr Job Thyikalamuriyil (Parish Priest)Earlier appointments include:Papanui - Fr Sammichael Raj (Assistant Priest)Ashburton, Tinwald, Methven & Rakaia - Fr Joselito Quiñones (Assistant Priest)Hoon Hay and Beckenham - Deacon Brendon McMahonFr James Nicholas retired from priestly appointments at the end of January.MilestoneSr Diane Tyro RSMSr Diane Tyro RSM was born in 1944 into a kindand loving family in Lyttelton, the youngest of fourchildren. After primary school in Lyttelton, Dianewent to St Mary’s College, Christchurch.On leaving school she worked in the office of ashipwright and engineering firm in Lyttelton. Shewas a Commissioner in the Girl Guides.She entered Religious life in 1982 and chose themotto “God is Love” which she lived out in theensuing years. She was pastoral assistant at OurLady of Victories, Sockburn, St Joseph’s Parish, Papanui and St Paul’s Parish,Dallington.Diane was a foundation Director of the Marralomeda Foundation Trust, andher concern for those with disabilities was obvious. She remained on the boardfor 16 years.By her prayerfulness, love and dedication, she touched lives and was aninspiration to many. Throughout her life her devotion to prayer was evident.May she now be enjoying eternal peace.INFORM MARCH 2013

MilestonesBishop Basil Meeking, EmeritusBishop of Christchurch,encountered Pope Benedict XVI,then Cardinal Ratzinger, whileworking at the Pontifical Councilfor Promoting Christian Unity. Attimes they exchanged pleasantrieswhile walking past each other, orat meetings between their twooffices regarding ecumenical work.Recalling his experiences andthoughts about Pope Benedict,Bishop Basil talked to SoundsCatholic.“Personally I found him to be agracious, kind and gentle personcompletely at variance with whatthe media so often said about him.He was close also to those whoworked in his office,” said BishopBasil.“He is without doubt a man ofthe Second Vatican Council, andboth before and since becomingPope he has untiringly stood upfor what he knows is the authenticteaching of that Council in whichhe as a young theologian took part… ““He is so successful inpresenting the teaching of theChurch in a way that can beunderstood, and this upsets peoplewho are enemies of the Church”.“In his many teachings he hasspoken of the pain and confusionthat exists in the world andputting in it’s place the Love ofGod which is the basis for ourright love of ourselves andothers.”Emeritus Pope Benedict XVIIt was with some sadness that New Zealand Catholic Bishops woke to the news thatPope Benedict XVI was to resign from his papacy at the end of the February.“While we are sad that his papacy is coming to an end, we understand thehumility, prayer and reflection that will have been behind this decision to step downowing to frailty,” said Archbishop John Dew, President of the New Zealand CatholicBishops Conference.“As a great theologian and writer he has at times expressed his desire to spendmore time writing and in study, we hope that he has the opportunity to do this inretirement and continue to make a valuable contribution in this way,”“Love — caritas — is an extraordinary force whichleads people to opt for courageous and generousengagement in the field of justice and peace. It is aforce that has its origin in God, Eternal Love andAbsolute Truth”.“… As the objects of God’s love, men and womenbecome subjects of charity, they are called to makethemselves instruments of grace, so as to pour forthGod’s charity and to weave networks of charity”.Pope Benedict XVI (Caritas In Veritate) INFORM MARCH 2013

Around the ParishesEvery LifePreciousJohn Kennedy supportsBishop Barry Jonesas he blesses the newChildren’s Garden ofRemembrance at theJohn Paul II Centrefor Life, 88 Idris Road,Bryndwr, Christchurch.For parents after astillbirth, there is oftenlittle acknowledgementof the deep emotionalpain following the lossof a child who did notreach birth. Familiesare welcome to reflectin the garden, or thetranquil chapel. Theymay inscribe the name of their little one in the Book of LifeMemorial.Face to face help is available. Contact 0508Here4UPregnancy Centre or Tel 03 351 3227.Fr. Paul Thumma (full name, ChinnappaReddy Thumma), the newly appointedassistant priest in Timaru and Waimatehails from Southern India, from Nalgondadiocese in Andhrapradesh State, close to thefamous city, Hyderabad.His two brothers and sister all havefamilies, and one brother lives in Brisbane.In 23 years he has served as a priest andRector of his Diocesan Minor Seminary, Principal of a DiocesanEnglish-medium school, and Rector of a Children’s BoardingHome, and served in two parishes in the USA for 15 months.“I am very much interested in preaching and spreading the Wordof God to others and share my faith life with others, as a witness tothe Life of Jesus,” he says. “I am interested to serve the UniversalChurch, people of different cultures other thanmy own, in my God given capacity, as a faithful servant of theLord, who called me and anointed me for His service, in myhumble way”.“The future for PPRE looks bright with parent helpers in PPRE (ParishPrimary Religious Education), faith education for those not attendinga Catholic school,” says Marie-Therese McRae of St Joseph’s Parish,Papanui. Lynne Crews (left) takes over from Jeannie Sales (centre) andAnne McMenamin who have led the programme for decades.“Neophytes” (meaning ‘new shoot’, ‘new life’) celebrate with BishopBarry Jones in St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral as they prepare to bewelcomed into the Church at Easter. (Three candidates are missingfrom the photograph).More New Catholics OnFaith JourneyOn the first Sunday of Lent throughout the world in the Riteof Election Bishops call the catechumens (non-baptized) tothe Easter sacraments. They inscribe their names in the Bookof the Elect, after their Parish sponsors offer testimony.The Bishop is then presented with those already baptized inanother Christian faith tradition who seek to join the CatholicChurch through a Call to Continuing Conversion.“It’s a beautiful road on which to embark,” says MarianneDaly, Diocesan Parish advisor for education, formation andsupport for Parish services.The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) journey foradults, and children over the age of seven, begins with quietinquiry. When it is discerned that there is a genuine call fromGod and the person expresses a desire to live the teachingsof Christ, the parish celebrates a Rite of Acceptance. The nextstage is one of intense catechesis, meeting weekly over severalmonths.Parishes and pastoral areas have teams for RCIA, which canbe adapted for children and youth. Contact: Marianne DalyTel. 353 0758CBS Tour Australia This YearOn Good Friday the CBS Choir and Orchestra perform Bach’sSt John Passion.Following the great success of last year’sAsia tour, a performing trip to the cathedralsof Adelaide and Melbourne is plannedduring the September school holidays, withconcerts in Bendigo and Ballarat.Cathedral musicians sing each Sundayat the 10:30am Solemn Choral Mass. Newmembers, who can sight read music, arewelcome to the 7:30pm Wednesday evening rehearsal atChristchurch Boys’ High School.CBS MUSICVacancies exist for choral leaders and solo roles in significantMass and motet settings with the orchestra and choir.Leadership awards and scholarships worth up to $2000 peryear are available.Contact the CBS Musical Director, Don Whelan, Tel, 358-5873.INFORM MARCH 2013

A 5-Day Christian Ministry Schoolheld at Lincoln University, 27 Jan- 1 Feb, included teaching, healingand equipping Christian ministrywith a special focus on the healingof the soul through prayer, andgrowth into Christ-like maturity.www.ministriesofpastoralcare.comChristchurch Interfaith Societystarted the year off with a “Show& Tell” evening sharing somethingfrom each faith - a candle, book,clothing or symbol. Contact BerthaHurley smsm 355 0959 or DianneDownward 348 9579.Fr John Adams and AnglicanReverends Andy Carly and JulieJones distribute ashes during acombined Catholic-Anglican AshWednesday liturgy at St Gregory’schurch, Bishopdale. ElsewhereBishop Victoria Matthewshosted Bishop Barry Jones at StChristopher’s Church, Avonhead.2013 Caritas Lenten Appeal andthe work of Caritas in New Zealandand overseas was discussed byJulianne Hickey, Caritas Directorat Our Lady of Victories Parish,Sockburn.The Academic Mass wascelebrated by Bishop Barry Jonesat St Teresa’s Church, Riccarton, topray for a fruitful academic year,and give thanks for the blessings ofhigher education.Sr Mary Elizabeth of the TrinityOCD celebrated her DiamondHAPPENINGSJubilee as a Carmelite Sister inFebruary with a Mass of Thanksgiving.Bishop Basil Meeking was principalcelebrant, with many priests,religious, Carmelite Secular Ordermembers, relatives and friends thereto congratulate her on a wonderfulmilestone and journey of faith.A Diocesan earthquake emotionalrecovery workshop was held at StFrancis of Assisi Parish, Mairehau.The workshop explored emotionalrecovery with small group discussions.Sounds Catholic broadcasts on-air andonline Sundays at noon and 10pm onPlains FM 96.6. Recent programmesinclude Bishop Basil Meeking onPope Benedict’s legacy to the Churchand the world; observations on Lentfrom Catholic young adults; and theSt Patrick’s Cathedral Choir. Hearpodcasts at, games and great prizes aboundedat the annual Catholic Youth TeamSports Night. Years 9-13 enjoyedan evening of competition andfellowship.The Stayin’ Alive Autumn Pro-LifeTraining Day, a regular pro-life SouthIsland event, was held in March.Sessions included practical prolifeapologetics, understanding themedia and political issues and anintroduction to pro-life resources andprojects. Speakers included Dr MattFlannagan, Brendan Malone and JasonMcTague.Lenten opportunities for learningincluded a series of talks on VaticanCouncil II presented by Bishop BasilMeeking at the John Paul II Centrefor Life. The Sacred Heart Parish,Addington hosted a variety ofspeakers including Ken Joblin, whospoke on music and singing in theLenten and Easter liturgies, and SrLeonie O’Neill RSM on proclaimingand receiving the Word of Godeffectively.A Garden Party and entertainmentin Fendalton raised funds for freshwater tanks for families affected bythe tsunami in the Solomon Islands.It was organised by the Military andHospitaller Order of Saint Lazarusof Jerusalem.Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater markedthe Lenten season concert inMarch by the CBS Orchestra ledby David Williams in St Mary’sPro-Cathedral. Soloists ElizabethEmeleus and Louisa Margot Buttonperformed. This is a reflectivepoem about Mary at the footof the cross, full of emotionalintensity and beautiful melodies.Pianist Michael Lawrenceplayed Schumann’s Scenes fromChildhood, and the CBS Choircontributed motets.Overseas visitors:Joan Houck, a Catholic LayEvangelist from Colorado, USA,spoke on Growing in Faith – to befully Catholic through overcoming,to the Dove Women’s Fellowship atSt Gregory’s church, Bishopdale.Fr David Kammler OP, whohas travelled to sixty countriesas international promoter ofDominican Laity, spoke at the MaryPotter Community Centre in community and Churchleader, Olivina Tu’iono, describedhow Caritas Tonga makes adifference in the lives of the poor.For example, a small loans schemehelps families and communitygroups earn extra income whilekeeping alive and enhancingtraditional skills and communityvalues. INFORM MARCH 2013

Around the ParishesCWL Bryndwr memberGenevieve Boyle enjoys astory at the luncheon.Marriage Enrichment WeekendInvitationCWL Bryndwr lunchAbout eighty seniors enjoyed a Christmas lunch prepared bythe Catholic Women’s League Bryndwr. Pupils of St Patrick’sSchool, Bryndwr, presented musical items and small bouquetsthey had made from flowers brought by all students.Señor Santo NiñoHonouredThe Filipino communities in NewZealand celebrated the Sinulog Festivalin honour of the Holy Child Jesus,fondly revered to as Señor SantoNiño. In January following Mass atSacred Heart Parish, Addington, theycelebrated in the Parish hall with food,dance and song.The image of Santo Nino, the HolyChild, is the oldest religious image inthe Philippines. The wooden statue, made by Flemish artisans,was brought to those islands by the great navigator andexplorer, Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. In 1565 Cebu, Queencity of the nation, was largely destroyed by fire, set on purposeby the Spaniards as a punishment for the local people.In one of the burned houses, a Spanish soldier found theimage of Santo Nino, remarkably untouched. Since then theimage has been regarded as miraculous and has been treatedby the Cebuans as their patron saint.The term “Sunilog” means “like water current movement”describing the style of liturgical dance.Couples, you are being encouraged to spend time on your mostprecious asset: your marriage relationship.Another marriage enrichment weekend for Catholic couplesis being offered 12-14 April, at the Methven Resort Hotel.It follows a hugely successful experience in November.Spouses were guided by visitors from Wellington Diocese,including Kristin and Bruce Hodgins and Fr Matthew Clerkin,the New Zealand Ecclesial Team, Worldwide MarriageEncounter. They provided thought-provoking talks followed byprivate time.A group of encountered couples living in Christchurch whosupported the participants continue to meet monthly.All you need to do is arrange for someone to look afterthe children and get yourself there. Details: Peter & MarinaTel. 323 4465 or Derek & Rosalie Tel. 385 6161 [evenings orweekends]. Bookings: Marriage Encounter freephone 0800 362686Computers for HoniaraMarriage Encounter participants(left – right) Fr Carl Telford sm,Bruce Hodgins, Francie Ivermy,Kirsten Hodgins, Neil Ivermy,Kathleen Williams, Mike Williams,and Bron and David Lea.20 desktop computerssent from the St Vincentde Paul society HornbyConference on anRNZAF plane arriveat Honiara, SolomonIslands. A computerteacher, Ms PolonaBelsac, will guide youthin their use.INFORM MARCH 2013

Formation i50 Years On FromVatican II“Lumen Gentium” which means ‘Lightto the Nations’ are the first words in thedocument The Dogmatic Constitutionon the Church,” explained CharlesShaw, Secondary Schools Advisor inthe Catholic Education Office. Thefirst words of each of the 16 majordocuments produced by the SecondVatican Council also become their title.Over 20 seminars are running inparishes and pastoral areas throughoutthe Diocese. They cover some of themajor documents, which Pope Benedictasked be studied during the Year ofFaith. Others include Pope Benedict’sletter, “Porta Fidei (The Door of Faith)”with Fr Paul Williamson SM; “LordTeach Us to Pray” led by Sr EleanorCapper RSJ; “The Spirit of the Liturgy”with Fr John O’Connor; and “TheDogmatic Constitution on DivineRevelation” explored by Sr KathleenRushton RSM.Each offers inspiration for prayer,scripture, liturgy and the Church.Details: turned out well: Shortly before his Lenten talk onVatican II at St Joseph’s Parish, Papanui, Sr MaryByrne rsm recalls teaching Charles Shaw as a youngboy at St Mary’s, Christchurch in the 1960sHe is professor of Systematic Theology,St John’s Seminary School of Theology,in Brighton Massachusetts, USA. Hewill talk on being Catholic in a secularsociety: “That whoever believes in Himmay have Eternal Life” (Jn 3: 15).“Today as in the past, [Christ] sendsus through the highways of the world toproclaim his Gospel to all the peoples ofthe earth (cf. Mt 28:19)” (Porta fidei 7).Details on the Diocesan web site whenconfirmed.Fr Romanus Cessario OPA Dominican priest for over 40 years,Fr Romanus Cessario OP, will speak inour Diocese in early June , as a guestduring the Year of Faith. It is envisagedhe will speak in Christchurch, SouthCanterbury and the West Coast.Wallet Cards HandyFree wallet cards distributed at thebeginning of Lent have a two-foldpurpose.Firstly, to reclaim a tradition thatpeople had in their wallet somethingthat said “in the case of an emergencycall a Catholic priest”.Secondly, to invite individuals to makea commitment to the statements on it.These include praying, being faithfulto Sunday Mass, forgiveness, using thegifts God has given us, and sharing thejoy of knowing Christ with others.10 INFORM MARCH 2013

n the Year of FaithSpecial MassPlannedfor CBSCanterburyArenaOne of the highlights on the Year ofFaith calendar will be the a Diocesanwide Mass on the Feast of Christ theKing, on Sunday 24 November, 2013.Most Masses in Christchurch city will becancelled as we gather with the Bishopfor this celebration of faith in the CBSCanterbury Arena. The day will be acelebration of our Catholic life and faith.More details will follow, but mark yourdiaries now for an exceptional day!The specially writtenicon for the Yearof Faith is on apilgrimage around theDiocese. Lately it hasbeen in St Patrick’schurch, Waimate.More information about the Year ofFaith and the various initiatives canbe found on the website (left)and Tobiasd’Emden gettheir handson a newwallet cardStreet EvangelisationMeetings are underway to discuss streetevangelisation in Christchurch for theYear of Faith. “We’ve a good responsefrom those wanting to be involved,” saysorganizer, Pat Barrett. “We need prayersand evangelisers.” Contact: 359“The ‘door of faith’ [Acts 14:27] isalways open for us, ushering us intothe life of communion with God andoffering entry into his Church. It ispossible to cross that threshold whenthe Word of God is proclaimed andthe heart allows itself to be shaped bytransforming grace.” - Pope BenedictXVI (Porta Fidei /The Door of Faith).“…at the heart of faith, there is a meetingwith Jesus. He is the redeemer of each of us.In him, evil and everlasting death have beenovercome and destroyed, because he is risenfrom the dead and lives in glory. We meethim, the living One, in his Word and in theSacraments of the Church. Faith enables usto have a personal friendship with him … sothat we can live each day in communion withhim …” Bishop Barry Jones (PastoralLetter 23rd September 2012)LOLThe 98-year-old Mother Superiorwas dying, so her sisters gatheredaround her bed, trying to make herlast journey comfortable. They gaveher some warm milk to drink, butshe refused.Then one of them took the glassback to the kitchen. Rememberinga bottle of Irish whiskey received asa Christmas gift, she opened andpoured a generous amount into thewarm milk.Once more she held the glass toMother’s lips. She drank a little, thena little more and before they knew itshe had drunk the whole glass to thelast drop.“Mother,” they asked earnestly,“please give us some wisdom beforeyou die.”She raised herself up and with apious look said,” Don’t sell that cow!”INFORM MARCH 2013 11

NewsAnniversariesCelebrating our heritageRight to Life Attracts New MembersRight to Life New Zealand advocateHerman Jansen (pictured) signs upnew members to the organisation onWaitangi Day at St Francis of AssisiParish, Mairehau.The organisation, based inChristchurch, is a lobby group on lifeissues, such as abortion, euthanasia,embrionic stem cell research andcloning. Currently it continues to seeksignatures for the pro-marriage petition,which has attracted 75,000 with the aimof 100,000 to present to Parliament.The stall carried information aboutthe John Paul II Centre for Life, 88Idris Road, which offers practical andspiritual support before, during andafter pregnancy.They always welcome disposablenappies, cots, bassinets, prams in soundcondition.Contact: Carmel 351 3327“We would love to have you as amember,” says member John Collier(355 4994). Contact: Ken Orr (385 6111) John Adams and St Joseph’s Parishchairperson Allan Campbell man theBBQ at the Papanui Domain duringthe “Whakaoho” / Wake up Papanuicommunity event.Venerable Mary PotterLittle Company ofMary 100th AnniversaryThe Sisters of the Little Companyof Mary warmly extend aninvitation to join them ina celebration of the 100thanniversary of the death of theirfounder, the Venerable MaryPotter. On May 11 at 11:20amBishop Barry will celebrate Massat St Mary’s Pro Cathedral,Christchurch.2014 will mark 100 years sincethe LCM’s established the firstNZ foundation in Christchurch.It was the last foundation to beapproved by Mary Potter beforeher death in Rome.St Joseph’s ParishTimaru North -Contributions, memories orrecollections are being soughtabout the life of the parish andparishioners, 60 years since itsformation. Once again it is beingamalgamated into the one parish– previously Sacred Heart, andnow the Holy Family Parish.Contact: Jeannette Cooke, Tel. 03 684 6827.Puhoi 150thCelebrations 28-30 June,2013 will feature the church ofSaints Peter & Paul. The northAuckland settlement at Puhoi wasfounded by Bohemian Catholicimmigrants from the AustrianEmpire in 1863. INFORM MARCH 2013

AppreciationEmergency LeadershipRecognisedSue McTague has been honoured with a papal medal (PoEcclesia et Pontifice), the highest award that the Pope canbestow on a lay person in the Church.Sue was recognised for her outstanding leadership and hardwork in a time of unprecedented need in the former St Paul’sParish, Dallington, Christchurch, during the period of Fr MilesO’Malley’s sudden death, and the earthquakes of 4 September2010 that destroyed the church and school in Gayhurst Road aweek later.Sue says she is happy to accept the award on behalf of manyothers.The medal acknowledges the “yes” to many requests ofher as chair of the parish council and later as parish worker,keeping the St Paul’s community together through verychallenging times.Sue McTague with the Papal Award “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice” (forthe Church and for the Pope) which she received from Bishop BarryJones just prior to Christmas.Sr MariettaParsons smsmafter renewing hervows taken 50years earlier.Jubilee OccasionIn a joyful celebration with her family, Colleen Wilson andTricia Lennens,. brother Derek, their families and Holy TrinityParish Bryndwr, Sr Marietta Parsons smsm marked 50 yearsof consecrated life in December. She expressed gratitude forGod’s blessings.Bishop Barry Jones said “We give thanks to God and to SrMarietta for a faithful living out of the vows.” He noted howthe history of the Church has been strongly influenced by thelives of consecrated women who have been part of NZ socialfabric since early days.Missioned to Samoa in 1963, Sr Marietta taught in Apia andwas principal at St Mary’s High School, Vaimoso for four yearswith 1000 students. After ten years in the Solomon Islands,where her Year 12 students gained some of the highest marksin the country, Sr Marietta returned to Samoa. Along witha second term as Director of Catholic Education she beganworking with the Pacific Leprosy Mission. She has continuedthis work after returning to New Zealand in 2004, with regularvisits to Samoa to check medication, housing and family life ofthose affected by leprosy.St Brendan’s finaleMasses will finally end at Templeton thisEaster with the closure of St Brendan’sChurch St Brendan’s, Templeton.Since September 2010 parishioners havebeen celebrating Mass at the nearbyChapel of the Holy Family in the formerTempleton Hospital grounds.Bishop Barry Jones celebrated a closingMass on 2 December and admired apainting of the church. On 4 Novembermany stories were shared during a 90thbirthday pot luck dinner.Edmund le Grelle, who is writing a booktitled On Kirk Road, has discovered:• the land for St Brendan’s Church wasdonated in 1921 by a farmer namedJulius Caesar• the architect was NZ’s first flag bearerat an Olympic Games• concrete blocks in the church camefrom the nearby Paparua Prison• the priest who established the churchhad previously dedicated another StBrendan’s Church in our diocese• Kirk Road was formerly named ChurchRoad, the only church in our diocese tobe located on a road with such a name.Contributions of old photos and stories arewelcome and can be forwarded to Edmundat 386 Halkett Road, West Melton, RD1,Christchurch. Tel. Consulting: Proudly Supporting Catholic SchoolsINFORM MARCH 2013 13

SchoolsOff to a Good Start“We have been blessed with the joyfulHope of the living Christ and gifted withacademic talent and a Kiwi attitude tofind and make new ‘wire’. [So as] toensure our students develop their talentsand “live life to the full and make theirunique contribution to the common goodof our society,” said Catholic EducationManager Mike Nolan.He drew inspiration from theLineamenta of the Synod of BishopsGeneral Assembly for the NewEvangelisation for the Transmission ofthe Christian Faith (October 2012). Hisreference to ‘wire’ came from AdamMcGrath, of the Christchurch band TheEastern, who described wire as “thatpractical, make it work any way you can,DIY Kiwi spirit.”Mike was welcoming hundreds ofteachers and support staff to the annualCommissioning Mass for schools inthe Christchurch diocese in St Mary’spro-Cathedral, and in Timaru andGreymouth shortly after Term 1 began.Certificates and Diplomas for ReligiousEducation were presented.In his homily, Fr John Adams,Episcopal Vicar for Education, describeda moment in the film Les Miserableswhen ‘grace’ completely alters the lifeof one man, Jean Valjean, which in turngoes on to affect the destiny of so many.Religious EducationRecognitionClassroom level Myra Fidow, Rory Patterson (Greymouth),Yvonne Teague, Arlene Wilkins.Leadership Level Jasime Adair-Harvey, Nicola Anthony,Andrea Craig, Murray Debenham, Francesca Festa, AnnetteLeft: Joanne Earl, Principal of Religious Studiesat Our Lady of The Assumption, Hoon Hay, whohas been awarded a Master of EducationalLeadership is congratulated by Fr John Adamsand Cushla O’Connor, RE Advisor (Primary) inthe Catholic Education Office.Above: Fr John Adams, with Fr Rick Loughnan,commissions candle-bearers from Catholicschools.Fraser, Marian Jones, Emma O’Connell, Dallas WichmanDiploma in Religious Studies (Religious Education) AbrahamAtherton, Marie Hanton, Jordan Ashton (overseas)Diploma in Religious Studies (Pastoral Ministry) SarahCampbell, Carmel Malone, Judith O’SullivanMaster of Educational Leadership Joanne Earl, Sally-AnnGoodmanCertificate in Catechetical Studies Sarah Southen, RachelRichards (Auckland)14 INFORM MARCH 2013

Waitangi DayCelebrations at MairehauA hard-fought pavlova competition wasa highlight of an inaugural ‘Parish Lifeand Food Festival’ held on Waitangi Dayat St Francis Parish, Mairehau. Afterthe prizegiving, the pavs were eagerlydevoured.The sunny grounds of Our Lady ofFatima School swelled with hundredswho enjoyed live jazz, fellowship, ponyrides, animals and a bouncy castle.Many kinds of delicious internationalfoods were cooked by willingparishioners, many wearing traditionalcostume.Meals were free, subsidised by theBishop’s Earthquake Recovery Fund.Stalls provided information, rangingfrom St Vincent de Paul to Pro-lifeadvocacy, and there was even a computerto update the parish roll.Hangi forthe fairParent Carol Stoffers fromthe Marian College whanaucommittee as ringawera(cook) prepares pumpkin fora hangi in the Te RangimarieCentre kitchen late last year.All 60 hangi meals weresold at the Marian and StBede’s combined annualfair. Proceeds were sharedbetween the two PTAs.INFORM MARCH 2013 15

Head Boy/GirlKeruby intends to give back to Catholic Cathedral Collegethrough good service in her role and getting involved in asmany wider school community projects as she can.Tobias d’Emden “… wants to help develop the amazingfamily-orientated feeling that is evident at Catholic CathedralCollege and to ensure it is a welcoming and inviting place forall new students”.In 2012 Tobias was chosen by the school to attend OutwardBound. He intends to encourage other students to take thesame journey he has and make valuable contributions to theschool community. In 2014 he is looking to study OutdoorEducation.John Paul II High SchoolAlex Davey’s interest in physics may one day lead him theFrench-Swiss border to work on the Large Hadron Collider.This year, however, as Head Boy he hopes to help make theJohn Paul II High School a friendlier environment for newstudents and teachers and “create a stronger relationshipbetween the younger and older students”.Apart from eventually studying astrophysics he has wideinterests, such as Star Trek, Xbox, gaming, shooting, Call ofDuty, facebook, Minecraft, Youtube, Yogscast. “I’m a typicalComputer Nurd,: he admits.Alexia Gibbens wants to help form deeper relationshipsbetween students, as well as staff members, mentors andothers “so that the school continues to grow in its SpecialCharacter and family environment”.She wants to study Medical Imaging (Radiology) at CPIT inChristchurch, partly through personal experience of being x-rayed with sporting injuries!Alexia represents the school in netball, basketball, soccer,rugby, volleyball, and athletics. And goes hunting and fishingfor trout.Marian CollegeEmily Heyward, Head Girl of Marian College, has wideinterests, from singing, sports and outdoor activities to makingmovies in her spare time. She plans to “create stronger linksbetween different year levels” and to “encourage people tohave a good attitude to the special character of our school” in2013.Emily likes that “all staff are really friendly and supportiveof all the girls” and Marian College is a “caring andencouraging, family kind of school where everyone knowseveryone”.Catholic Cathedral CollegeKeruby Ioane (left) has contributed in many ways to CatholicCathedral College, from Mission Cup and Mercy Cup teamsand as cultural group leader. She is equally involved in thewider community, as a youth leader in YMCA school holidayprogrammes and active in St Paul’s Trinity Pacific Church.Villa Maria CollegeSamatha Swain started at Villa as a year 9 student fromHalswell Primary School. She plays netball, waterpolo,volleyball, swimming, cricket and dragon boating.16 INFORM MARCH 2013

“For me, the key strength of Villa Maria College would be thestudents’ ability to always be there for each other, especiallyduring our earthquake-filled years,” says Samantha.She wants to be remembered as a leader who initiates betterrelationships between the year levels, and creating a closerrelationship with our brother school, St Thomas’.“I also want to be remembered as the girl anyone could justcome up to and have a good old chat about anything!”Nightingales from theNetherlandsDutch voices filled Sacred Heart Basilica, Timaru on ChristmasDay at the family Mass, thanks to the 30-strong famous DutchNightingale School choir. The singers, aged 10 – 20 years,performed carols and other religious songs.The choir has been making music for 70 years at nationaland international events. This year members sang at Timaru’scarols by candelight, a community Christmas dinner andCaroline Bay carnival.St Bede’s College“St Bede’s will always be more than a school to me,” saysRahul George. “The staff, students and wider community havealways been around to help me overcome challenges and topush me to become the best possible version of the person Godcreated me to be”.He is mostly interested in the cultural side of the collegewhich he thinks is currently going from strength to strength.“This year, the prefects and I hope to follow in Jesus’ footstepsby leading through service,” says Rahul.Advertise your event onlineThe diocesan website: advertisesevents happening within the diocese.As a parish, school, or church group you are welcome toupload your event - click on the ‘event’ tab.Programme for Homeless Youthin Canterbury ExpandsYouth agency St John of God Waipuna has received fundingfrom Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand to expand its innovative‘Better Housing Better Health’ programme to support morehomeless youth in Canterbury. A new youth housing workerwill be employed.Over 24 months the programme has supported over 100young people and young single-parent families with desperatehousing needs, with a mix of housing information andadvocacy.Since the earthquakes there has been a noticeable increasein young people and young solo mothers in housing need.Programme manager Paul McMahon says “There are simplynot enough houses for everyone in Christchurch and inparticular for vulnerable people groups. We will also be ableto contribute more to discourse on a sustainable long-termsolution for the youth in our city.”Contact: Paul McMahon 027 224 3125 or 03 386 MARCH 2013 17

EarthquakePost-earthquake Building Plans“Since the earthquakes, the diocese is working on two levels,”Bishop Barry has told parishes in a letter about the DiocesanEarthquake Strategy.Firstly, a Strategy Committee is looking at the overall churchand school needs for the diocese over the next 30 to 50 years;secondly, more immediately, diocesan staff and professionaladvisors are looking at all parish properties that may berepaired and/or strengthened.“As you will be aware, the extent of repair differs greatlyfrom no damage to demolition,” he explained. The diocesanweb site includes regularly updated information, detailing:· A spreadsheet listing all church property and their status· A Gantt chart showing the church strengtheningprogramme timeframe for scoping the work for repairs /strenghening (not for completing the repairs).· The Diocesan Repair and Rebuild Process.Caritas Committed to Recovery‘Two years on … and the deeper issues are only just surfacing,’says Cinnermon Buckley, social worker with the CatholicEducation Office and Matt O’Connell, Earthquake Recoverycoordinator for the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.Catholic agency Caritas is maintaining a commitment tolong-term recovery in the region.Matt and Cinnermon are nowseeing more sustained problemswhich people have not been ableto overcome, which require alonger recovery or rehabilitation process.Meanwhile a programme run by the Waipuna youth agencyto help Christchurch young people with serious housingneeds is the latest to receive funding from Caritas’ earthquakerecovery programme. Programme coordinator Paul McMahonuses Facebook and text messaging to keep in touch with anoften transient population,Caritas has allocated more than $700,000 of earthquakerecovery funds since 2011.Bede Martin (left) discusses with Fr John O’Connor his Lentenreflection which addressed the question, “Where is God 2 YearsAfter the 22 February Earthquake?” on the second anniversary.Where is God Two Years On?“No human experience is an obstacle to God’s action,” Fr JohnO’Connor told a large crowd at St Gregory’s Parish Centre,Bishopdale. “Suffering is no obstacle to getting close to God …since Christ intervened in human history.”He explained that our human health and happiness lie insaying ‘yes’ to what God wants for us … as Mary said yes.He asked “What does it mean to be a person of faith in thisYear of Faith two years after the quakes?”Photographer Peter Fleming shows his work to Maryanne Martin(left) and Sarah Waggott. He has been keeping a photographic recordof buildings throughout the Diocese before and after the September2010 earthquakes.Monstrance UncoveredWhile Nazareth House convent was being deconstructed in February agold and diamond-encrusted monstrance was discovered by chance.Used to display the consecrated Eucharist during Benediction, it is about70cm tall and about 8kg in weight.Graceworks Demolition and Recycling boss Paul King stumbledacross a large antique safe concealed at the back of the altar, whichappeared not to have been touched for many years and no-one knew ofits existence. The caretaker tried the oldest looking key available, and toeveryone’s surprise it fitted.18 INFORM MARCH 2013

RecoveryChristchurch Diocesan Earthquake Recovery Fund UpdateThousands Benefit68 projects were funded in 2012 by the Christchurch DiocesanEarthquake Recovery Fund set up by Bishop Barry Jones todistribute monies donated to him since September 2010.Conservatively well over 7000 people have benefitted. Manyof these people have been elderly, children and vulnerable,according to Diocesan Earthquake Recovery Coordinator, MattO’Connell.Projects involved Catholic parishes, schools andorganisations, and other organisations and agencies in thewider community.The fund continues to exist to help those people affected bythe earthquakes. For details and application forms, go or contact MattO’Connell 03 366 9869 Fun! Key To Rebuilding Community SpiritAnd Resilience“Late last year I attended an excellent seminar by Jim Dierson community development and inspiring and rebuildingcommunities,” says Earthquake Recovery Coordinator, MattO’Connell. “One thing that stood out for me above everythingelse was that a key way to rebuild community spirit is to havefun”.“It is heartening to see a number of parishes doing exactlythis as they continue to develop their new communities postearthquake,”he says.“What a day! It can be described in one word WOW! We wereall touched by the generosity of all those who gave to the Bishop’sEarthquake Recovery Fund … (which enabled us) to have a wonderfulday away from all the trauma of daily living … for a few hourscrutches, aches, pains and worries were all able to be ignored … after awonderful happy healing experience we were ready to face the realitiesof life with renewed hope”. Bus trip organiser, Catholic Parish ofFerrymead.50 parishioners on a mystery bus trip from St Francis of AssisiMairehau. They returned six hours later all smiles and much relaxed.Many commented on how good it was to meet new parishioners, tounwind, and to share earthquake experiences. “The weather wasperfect, the scenery awesome and the camaraderie fantastic.”Christmas CakesDonatedThe Catholic CaringFoundation inAuckland donatedChristmas Cakes andother assorted goodiesto needy familiesin Christchurch inDecember. Cakeswere delivered by theEarthquake RecoveryCoordinator to familiesin Aranui and throughthe Christchurch CityMission.Reflection Evening on 22 FebruaryLook out for more spiritual reflection days on the earthquakesin the near future, similar to the one Fr John O’Connor led on22 February. He reflected on our relationship with God twoyears after the devastating earthquake. How can our faithsustain us in difficult times? How we can strengthen our hope,and ultimately, how the earthquakes can bring us closer toGod?Because it has a London mark on it, the Sisters of Nazareth may havebrought it with them in 1905.The well loved chapel of the Holy Family on the Nazareth House site,Brougham Street, Christchurch, was red-stickered immediately after theFebruary 2011 earthquake. It was blessed and opened by Bishop Brodieon 10 December, 1939. “When Nazareth House is rebuilt, a chapel will beincorporated in it, likely to be more central than the Holy Family chapelwas,” says Sr Marie Townsend CSN. There are plans to reuse materialssuch as the roof, marble altar and reredos.Catholic Cathedral Artifacts in “Quake City”Items from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament featurein Quake City, a new exhibition in Re:Start container Mall,Christchurch, designed by Canterbury Museum staff over thelast six months.The exhibition will remain in place for three years and couldeventually become part of a dedicated earthquake museum.Rebuild WebsiteThe Canterbury Residential Rebuild Website has a lot of goodinformation especially for those in TC3:http://canterburyresidentialrebuild.govt.nzINFORM MARCH 2013 19

What’s on?Street Evangelisation. Meetingsare underway to discuss streetevangelisation in Christchurch for theYear of Faith. “We’ve a good responsefrom those wanting to be involved,” saysorganizer, Pat Barrett. “We need prayersand evangelisers.” Contact: 359 and Chips. On Friday 22March the secondary school studentsfrom across the Christchurch Dioceseconverge at Catholic Cathedral Collegefrom 4:30- 8:00 for Mass followed bysocialising, indoor bowls and Fish ‘n’Chips. It follows the success of a similarnight at St Mary’s College, Auckland.A programme for Catholics returningto active life in the church runs overthe four weeks of April this year from8 April in different parishes. Freephone0508 HOME NOW (0508 466 366) of Power is an opportunity topray for the success of the Year of Faith.This is a time of prayer, reflection, praiseand workshop held every Friday at7.30pm Christ the King parish, BurnsideContact Geoff Holgate, Tel. 358 8989.What’s 359 2212 or visit: www.sistersofmercy.The Beatitudes Communityholds Vespers every Saturday at 5.30pm,followed by a pot-luck dinner andJewish dancing at 67 Leithfield Road,Leithfield, phone 03 3148837.Lua Timu and Valelia Ta’afu were amongseven young Samoans in St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Parish who made their firstHoly Communion with Fr Paulo Filoialii inNovember.Explore MercyVocation Day.The Sisters ofMercy are offering achance to explore aMercy vocation onSaturday 6 April atSt Gregory’s ParishCentre, Bishopdale.Women interested in finding out moreplease contact Sr Raylene Dwyer, Week and Easter liturgy timesare on the Diocesan people,Catholic thought,Catholic action,Catholic prayer, Catholic music on air.Sounds Catholic is heard twice everySunday - midday and 10.00pm on PlainsFM, 96.9. On-line Enrichment Weekendwill be held from Friday evening toSunday afternoon on 12-14 April. Havea weekend together at the MethvenResort Hotel to spend time on yourmost precious asset, your marriagerelationship. For details phone Peter &Marina on 323 4465 or Derek & Rosalieon 385 6161. For bookings phoneMarriage Encounter: 0800 362686.LOLA sales rep, an administration clerk, and theirmanager are walking to lunch when they findan antique oil lamp. They rub it and a Geniecomes out and offers each of them one wish.”Me first! Me first!” says the admin clerk.“I want to be in the Bahamas driving aspeedboat, without a care in the world.” Puff!She’s gone!”Me next! Me next!” says the sales rep. “Iwant to be in Hawaii, relaxing on the beachwith my personal masseuse, an endless supplyof Pina Coladas and the love of my life.” Puff!He’s gone!”Your turn,” the Genie tells the manager. Hesays, “I want those two back in the office afterlunch!”Always let the boss have the first say.The Newsletter of the Catholic Bishop of ChristchurchA quarterly newsletter published by the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch.Ensure any photos are ‘attached’ to the email rather than embedded in thearticle. JPG format is most suitable for photos.Deadline for next issue: Friday, 24 May 2013Contributions may be sent at any time to:The Editor, Gerard DuignanP O Box 4544, Christchurch 8140027 540 8265 • (03) 355 3988Email: • Website: INFORM MARCH 2013

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