Art History at ECFSUnit 2 Day 9-11:Greek Art and Architecture-The Refinement of AthenaSculpture of the Golden Age

Kresilas, Pericles (leads Athens 454-429)

Kritios, Kritios Boy,Acropolis, 480 BC

Charioteer, Sanct of Apollo, Delphi, bronze, 470

Poseidon/Zeus, bronze, 460-450Myron, Discobolus, marble copy ofbronze orig., 450

Phidias, Theseus, East ped., 440-432Horse of Selene, Parthenon, East Ped. 435 BC

460BC460BCAssembly of Gods, Siphn Treas.Frieze, Delphi, 550Birth of Venus, Roman copy of Greekoriginal,“Ludovisi Throne”480-460BC

Athena Lemnia, 450 (Rom. copy)Athena Nike removing sandal, frombalustrade of Nike temple, 410-7

Kouros Volomandra, Greece, 550 c BCPolycleitos, Doryphoros (Spear Bearer),Gr., marble, 450

Kouros From Ptoon, 500BCPolycleitos, Diadoumenos, 440BC

Archaic Kore, “Artemis” 650 BCPaionos, Paionos Nike, Olympia,425

Archaic Kore, #675 530 BCAmazon, 430 BC (Roman copy of a Greek bronze)

Hera from Samos, 570-560 Dying Niobid, marb., 450-440

Bust of Alexander, 4 c BC

Homer and Sophocles, 4c BC

Bryaxis?, Mausolus, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, 391-351 BC

Apollo Belvedere, marble copy, 330 BCLysippus, Apoxyomenos (Scraper),marble copy, 330 BC

Farnese Hercules, marble copy, 3c BCMedici Venus, marble copy, 3c BC

Phidias, Illissos, the west pediment of Parthenon,447-432 B.C.Dying Gaul, Pergamum, marble copy of br. orig.,230-220

Head of Delian Man, Delos, 100BC

Altar to Zeus, Athena and the Battle of God and Giants, Pergamum, Ionia, Asia Minor, 180 BC

Frieze, Treasury of Siphnians, 525 BCGreat Frieze, Altar to Zeus, Pergamum,180 BC

Nike of Samothrace, Sanctuary of the Gods, Samothrace, Rhodes, c.190 BC

Venus of Milo, or Aphrodite of Melos,150 BCPraxiteles, Aphrodite, Cnidos, 300BC

Sleeping Satyr, “Barbieri or Barberini Faun”, Pergammun, ca 200 BC

Polydoros, Hagesandros and Athanadoros, LaocoonRhodes, 1C BC (original) 1c ADbefore 1957 restoration

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