St. Dominic's Grammar - Student Voice, Feedback

St. Dominic's Grammar - Student Voice, Feedback

Student Voice FeedbackKey Stage 3 and 4

What is the student voice?Student voice is the individual and collectiveperspective and actions of students within thecontext of learning and education.A survey was created by elected students last yearand completed by all Year 8-12 studentsregarding:• Classroom climate• Assessment and Feedback• ICT

KeyStage 3ClassroomClimateDo you feelconfident to askthe teacher aquestion?1= never5= alwaysWe learn wellwhen:•We have theconfidence to ask ateacher a question inclass.•We are given a fairchance to speak inclass.•Year 8We learn even betterif :•We have more one to one help inthe classroomYear 9 Year 10

Classroom Climate – Key Stage 470% of students always felt safe in school (0% neverfelt safe)We learn well when:There is a good structure and clarity ofinstructions in lessonsSt. Dominic’s could be even betterif:ConfidenceThere is mutual respect and good disciplinein the classroomTeachers have high expectations and there isa good challenge in classWe have enjoyable lessonsThere is good variety in lessonsPatienceChallengeLearn from mistakesVariety‘Open questions’

Key Stage3Assessmentand Feedback:We learn wellwhen:•Teachers comment on howour work can be improvedWe learn evenbetter if:•We discussed ourprogress and targets inclassDo you talk to yourteacher about yourwork and yourprogress?%1= never5= alwaysYear 8 Year 9Year 10

Assessment and Feedback: Key Stage 4• 90% of students will spend more time onwork that they know will be marked by ateacherWe learn well when: St. Dominic’s could beWe are more motivated to do challenginghomeworkThe success Criteria is given beforeassessmentsWe feel that we get good assessmentseven better if:DiscussionsMore frequent assignmentsUtilise feedback

ICT: Key Stage 3 & 4• 81% of students find PowerPoint to be themost useful ICT package.We learn wellwhen:We use StudywizSt. Dominic’s couldbe even better if:More use of StudywizICT targets individual learning stylesClearer LayoutStudywiz is very helpful for homework .Our parents like it very muchMore access

Conclusion• Engaging with Student Voice may bethe most powerful lever available toimprove student learning andcommunication in classrooms

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