Download Brochure - IMEX America

Download Brochure - IMEX America

what do we do?How can we help you specificallyand practically to reach your goalsGLOBAL DMCGround handlingMeeting, staging and AV managementOff site dinners and eventsDelegate event and accommodation registration (lite)Welcome, gala and offsite functions with décor and entertainmentArrangements for airport, transfers, hospitality, etcGroup activities and experiencesSpeaker logistics and managementSourcing of local staffDesign and print managementlocal knowledgeglobal presence

GlobalPresenceBENEFITSLocalKnowledgeLOCALAWARDENTERPRISEECONOMIESONE STOP SHOPKNOWLEDGEWINNINGWIDE ITOF SCALEFOR MULTISTANDARDSPLATFORMDESTINATIONCONNECTIONSandDELIVERYSYSTEMSEXPERTISELOCAL TO GLOBALour valuepropositionSee the tangible business benefits increase as you workwith more Ovation officesHow we can save you time and moneyGLOBAL DMClocal knowledgeglobal presence

”When we started in Ireland way back in 1993 as “Delaney MarketingConsultants - DMC” it was all about relationships.As Delaney Marketing evolved into Ovation this became defined as ourDNA and we wrote it on the wall of our office –leadershipPeople and relationships are the DNA of Ovation. Through our openness,passion and expertise, we develop your vision and make it happen!“Patrick M Delaney, Managing DirectorHow our deep immersion in the meetingsindustry can help you reach your goals”Thanks to these relationships we’ve grown into a multi-destinationorganisation with wholly owned offices around Europe, Middle East,South Africa, Asia and Latin America.Clients work with us across our entire network because they experiencethe consistency of our “make it happen” ethos – our openness, passionand expertise.“Padraic Gilligan, Managing DirectorGLOBAL DMClocal knowledgeglobal presence

AFRICAEgypt, Morocco, Namibia, South AfricaASIA / MIDDLE EASTAbu Dhabi, China, Dubai, Hong Kong-Macau, Indonesia, Israel,Japan, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Oman, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, ThailandEUROPEAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland,Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia,Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UKTHE AMERICASArgentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador,Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, St. Lucia, USALATIN AMERICAArgentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, St. Lucia,wholly owned (25) strategic partners (37) alliances (37)global distributionover 100 locationsWhere we can help you at over100 destinations worldwideHugo SlimbrouckDirector Strategic Partner ProgrammeGLOBAL DMClocal knowledgeglobal presence

Patrick M. Delaneymanaging DirectorPadraic Gilliganmanaging DirectorRenato Griecoit, crm, ViPerKarine BuggygLoBaL oPerationSHugo SlimbrouckStrategic PartnerSAoife DelaneySaLeSTeam meets quarterly.Each Director responsible forspecific delivery targetsTeam collectively responsible forgrowing to CHF11.5m in 3 yearswith minimum, CHF1.15m EBTglobal resourcesHow we are structured and organisedto help you reach your goalsFrom 2012, all Ovation Fully Constituted Offices : Arabia, Benelux (Belgiumand Holland) Canada, China, Ireland, Italy South Africa, Spain, Scandinaviaand Switzerland, must have a local sales person to sell their destination.GLOBAL DMClocal knowledgeglobal presence

Tweet Like A BearBy Ovation BearFor those of you who don’t know me (yet) my name is Ovation Bear, I am the official representative of Ovation GlobalDMC and the honorary CEO also! Being an industry veteran I am well aware that the Meetings and Events industryrevolves around forming, exploring and maintaining relationships so I have been connecting with my Meetings, Events andDMC industry friends using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for over four years now. Gone are the days when this bear goesdown to the woods to meet his friends. Social media is becoming a very useful tool for businesses to manage theirrelationships in both B2B and B2C contexts. This simple guide has been prepared to introduce you to Twitter, provide sometips for utilising the platform and will highlight why you need to join the ‘Twitterverse’. Under my guidance you will have sentyour first Tweet in about 10 minutes from now…WHAT IS TWITTER?Twitter is a website where you can leave messages of up to 140 characters for others to read. These ‘Tweets’ will appearon your page and if people like what you are saying they will ‘follow’ you, conversely you can follow other influential‘Tweeters’.WHY SHOULD MEETINGS AND EVENTS PROFESSIONALS USE IT?PROFESSIONALLY• Relationships and networking are at the core of ourindustry. Twitter facilitates relationship buildingremarkably. I find a lot of new ‘followers’ via myexisting ones.• Ability to ‘live Tweet’ an event using #hashtags(discussed later)• Sharing links, news and tips with your Twittercommunity. @ovationbear is a pro at this.• Your community of industry experts and potentialcollaborators is at your fingertips. E.g. “I want tosend my yearly incentive groups to different & excitingdestinations. Can anyone recommend a global DMCto deliver this?”PERSONALLY• Group interaction. Imagine sending an SMS to 1 or 100or even 1,000 of your friends.• Breaking news earlier than traditional media. Twitterhas the potential to be the next major broadcastingmedium. Everyone is now a realtime journalist.• Get latest updates from friends, celebrities, companies,events, websites, colleagues and much more.• Real time search engine. You might want to find outmore about a previously non-existent topic. E.g. “isanybody else experiencing difficulty with their gmailtoday?”Composing Tweets: You must get your point across very quickly, remember, Tweets are very similar in size to an SMSmessage. Keep an eye on how more experienced Twitter users script their Tweets and how they interact with otherTweeters. If you want your message to be Re-Tweeted try to stick to 120 characters.Publicise your Username:• On your email sign off• On your business card• Wherever you have an online presence, e.g. LinkedIn, facebook, company website, etcFinding Friends: Like any social network, you will usually find a lot of your followers and people to follow by simplyviewing who your friends connect with. Other ways to find people include checking within hashtags, the people searchfunction or checking www.wefollow.comLists: As you begin to follow more and more people your Twitter feed can become very clogged up, so try grouping thepeople you follow into lists. I recommend having a “work” and “play” list, this will allow you to separate your work andpersonal networking.OB’s TIPS AND TRICKS• Use to easily share pictures and videos via Twitter.• Pick who to follow carefully, you don’t want your updates feed too crowded.• Use to receive alerts on preset keywords or hashtags. E.g. set up a Twilert to alert you to anymentions of your brand, your name, a favoured hashtag…anything!• Keep an eye on some of my favourite Meeting and Events hashtags - #siteic11, #eventprofs & #mpi• Use to shorten links you wish to post, this saves a lot of your 140 character space.• Use to schedule your Tweets, this is useful if you don’t want to clog up followers feeds with justyour Tweets or if your intended targets are following you in a different timezone.• I have saved my most crucial piece of advice for last:FOLLOW AND INTERACT WITH @ovationbear ASAP!SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT (2 MINS)Go to and click...This process is very simple and well presented so I will not go through it here. Be sure to choose your username carefully,whatever you enter here will be part of every Tweet you send. My username is ‘@ovationbear’, so every Tweet I send willshow up like this:media savvyDigital toolsGLOBAL DMClocal knowledgeglobal presence

seamlessoperationsFull Time Director of Operations – Karine BuggyFull over-sight of operations at all wholly owned officesAll offices working to Standard Operations Procedures[SOP] ManualHow we can serve you consistentlyGLOBAL DMClocal knowledgeglobal presence

legacy DMCHow our industry recognition is yourguarantee of successGLOBAL DMCListed amongst top 25 DMCs globally for past 6 yearsMIMA UK - Gold Winner Best Brand Marketing Campaign 2011Site - 7 Crystal AwardsIMEX - Patrick Delaney honoured with 2009 Academy AwardICCA - Best Marketing AwardC&IT Magazine UK - Patrick Delaney named on 'Power 50 listing’ in 2009, 2007,2006MEETINGSreview - Padraic Gilligan 2008 Meetings Personality of the YearC&IT Magazine UK - named 4th best DMC in 2008 Reader PollISES - Gala AwardMPI - Global Paragon Awardlocal knowledgeglobal presence

training andindustryengagementHow our on-going training and industryengagement is your guarantee of cuttingedge service and deliveryOngoing, online learningBi-annual sales summitAnnual summitBi-annual office visitation programmeMCI AcademyGLOBAL DMClocal knowledgeglobal presence

GLOBAL DMCwww.ovationdmc.comlocal knowledgeglobal presence

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