Christie Managed Services (PDF overview - Christie Digital Systems

Christie Managed Services (PDF overview - Christie Digital Systems

Christie Professional ServicesSystem design, deployment,content and supportYour customers see you as their resource for technicaldelivery and expertise in building digital display, projection,Pro AV and IT systems that elevate their brand, tell engagingstories and communicate effectively with audiences. Theyalso look for support to make sure that they get the mostvalue out of their investment on a daily basis.This is where we can work together. Christie ® ProfessionalServices offers extensive design, installation, monitoringand maintenance services to deliver and support completedigital display systems.With decades of experience in the field, Christie has earneda world-renowned reputation for excellence in customercare and in-depth audio-video knowledge. From massivevideo walls and luxury theaters to LED displays, whether it’sa single-site installation or a national rollout – we are hereto support you and your customers in creating high-impact,visually-stunning digital content and displays.

CHRISTIE PROFESSIONAL SERVICESCompletecontentand servicedeliveryChristie ® Professional Services can be used to complement your existingservices, or to deliver a complete service offering as an extension of your team.We offer the flexibility to purchase services on an hourly, daily or annual basis,with packaged and custom solutions tailored to your customers’ specific needs.Custom solutions are ideal for more complex projects that require an endto-endapproach – from strategy to post-deployment support. This strategicinvolvement ensures cohesive and timely results. These projects often includeone or more of the following components: content creation, mixed displayand playback technology, multi-platform, interactive and/or large scale rollouts.Our services include:Creative strategy and content creationSystem design and deployment24/7 remote monitoring,support and maintenance:• Phone support and case management• Remote analytics and device management• Onsite emergency repair andpreventative maintenance• Critical spare partsThe team at Christie's Network Operations Center (NOC)monitors digital display systems for clients across North America.Digital signage for theater lobbies andconcessions inform and entice patrons.1

Creative strategyand content creationSystem designand deployment24/7 remote monitoring,support and maintenanceCHRISTIE PROFESSIONAL SERVICESGreat creative emerges from a thoroughChristie Professional Services designs,We understand that downtime isunderstanding of the customer andbuilds and deploys complete displaynot an option. It is our mission toproject objectives, as well as thesolutions. The service team is well-keep your customers’ equipmentaudience, viewing environment andversed in a broad range of solutionsrunning and your revenue flowing.technologies involved. We adapt ourfrom the top manufacturers and canOur preventative maintenance andcreative efforts to each customer’sprovide guidance in determiningonsite emergency service will ensurerequirements, and ensure that what iswhich technologies will best meetyour customer’s investment continuallyachieved aligns with the concept, theyour customers’ unique requirements.operates at peak performance. Ourbrand and the audience. Based onWe are also able to supply third-partyteam of trained technicians can workbusiness goals, campaign targets andhardware or fabricate custom hardwarewith a variety of manufacturers’communication needs, the team willsuch as mounts, plates or pedestals.products. We proactively monitorwork with you and your customers toOur project management team willand manage each customer’s systemdetermine the right mix of platforms,work with you and your customer tothrough our state-of-the-art Networksuch as video walls, digital standees,ensure that the installation is built onOperations Center (NOC), allowingmobile devices and interactivetime and on budget. The service teamus to respond quickly and effectivelytouchscreen displays. We can alsowill coordinate the shipping of productsto prevent any operational your customers develop and rollout the creative assets for compellingbranded media. Our team is experiencedand celebrated, winning top awards forand parts, as well as manage thetesting, installation and deploymentof the system so you can focus onyour core business.In addition to remote monitoringand response, Christie ProfessionalServices also offers:conceiving, designing and delivering• Access to a wide network of certifiedprojects that are engaging andvisually stunning.field service technicians• Extended product warranties• Systems trainingChristie MicroTiles ® are used to createhigh-res digital displays in any size and shape.Get in touchDo you have questions or would you like to speak to someoneabout our services?Please contact 877-454-42672

Corporate officesWorldwide officesChristie Digital Systems USA, Inc.USA – Cypressph: 714 236 8610Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.Canada – Kitchenerph: 519 744 8005Australiaph: +61 (0) 7 3624 4888Brazilph: +55 (11) 2548 4753China (Beijing)ph: +86 10 6561 0240Franceph: +33 (0) 1 41 21 44 04Germanyph: +49 2161 664540Indiaph: +91 (080) 6708 9999Republic of South Africaph: +27 (0)11 510 0094Singaporeph: +65 6877 8737Spainph: +34 91 633 9990Independent salesconsultant officesChina (Shanghai)ph: +86 21 6278 7708Japan (Tokyo)ph: 81 3 3599 7481United Arab Emiratesph: +971 4 3206688Italyph: +39 (0) 2 9902 1161Eastern Europe andRussian Federationph: +36 (0) 1 47 48 100Korea (Seoul)ph: +82 2 702 1601United Kingdomph: +44 (0) 118 977 8000For the most current specification information, please visit www.christiedigital.comCopyright 2014 Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. All rights reserved. All brand names and product names are trademarks, registered trademarksor tradenames of their respective holders. Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.’s management system is registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.Performance specifications are typical. Due to constant research, specifications are subject to change without notice.Printed in Canada on recycled paper. 3899 Sep 14

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