Design and Realization of Log Periodic Fractal Antenna for FMCW ...

Design and Realization of Log Periodic Fractal Antenna for FMCW ...

Design and Realization of LogPeriodic Fractal Antenna forFMCW Land Radar ApplicationOverseas Research GrantThe Asahi Glass Foundation 2011Achmad MunirTelecommunication Engineering ResearchGroup (KK Telkom)School of Electrical Engineering and InformaticsInstitut Teknologi Bandung

Team membersResearhers:• Prof. A. B. Suksmono, Ph.D (KK Telekomunikasi, STEI)Students:• Devy Freshia (bachelor program, STEI, September 2011)• Cecep Ginanjar Permana (bachelor program, STEI, July 2011)• Adtiya Prabaswara (bachelor program, STEI, July 2011)

Presentation outline• Background– FMCW-based radar system• Antenna for FMCW land radar– Fractal antenna, Log-periodic antenna, LPFA• Design and simulation• Fabrication and measurement• Conclusions• Research outputs

Introduction• Land radar, one of high frequency (HF) radar systems, is typeof Skywave radar which is frequently used to detect ships,aircraft, and icebergs.• It is also applied for periodical tracking and remote sensing toobserve ocean surface currents, wind and wave.• HF radar systems typically use pulse transmission orfrequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) transmission.• FMCW-based land radar as well as other radar systems worksby utilizing the reflection properties of electromagnetic wavesfrom a detected object. It is no requires the existence ofmagnetron as signal amplification.• One device that plays an important role in FMCW-based landradar to work properly is an antenna.

FMCW-based radar system• Block diagram and signal shape of FMCW-basedradar system

Fractal and log-periodic antenna• Fractal antenna type• Log-periodic antenna type

Log-periodic fractal antenna• Log-periodic fractal antenna and its iteration

Antenna design• Design parameter of log-periodic fractal antenna

Simulation method• Simulation of 3 different iteration types

Fabrication of prototypes• Prototypes are realizedusing a 1.6mm thick FR-4Epoxy substrate with e r of4.3 and tand of 0.02.

Measurement results• Gain, S 11 and radiation pattern

Conclusions• Log periodic fractal antenna has been designed andrealized for land radar FMCW application.• Fractal structure on elements of log periodic antennareduces the total area of antenna, and shifts theminimum operating frequency of the antenna tohigher frequency• Increasing number of log periodic fractal iterationreduces return loss, especially in higher frequencies,however, increases the antenna bandwidth• The applied fractal structure in log periodic antennaelements reduces the gain of antenna.

Output (publications)Journal (target: 2 papers at international and/or national journal)• D. Freshia and A. Munir, “Effect of fractal Koch iteration number in printedlog periodic dipole array antenna,” International Journal on ElectricalEngineering and Informatics 2012 (in preparation)• A. Munir, D.T. Putranto and H. Wijanto, “Characterization of widebandseries iteration log-periodic fractal Koch printed antenna,” TELKOMNIKAIndonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering 2012 (in preparation)Proceeding (target: 1 paper at international)• C.G. Permana and A. Munir, “Printed multiband antenna for mobile andwireless communications,” 6 th International Conference onTelecommunication Systems, Services and Applications (TSSA) 2011 Proc.,pp. 236-240, Bali, Indonesia, Oct. 2011.• A. Prabaswara, A. Munir and A.B. Suksmono, “GNU Radio based softwaredefinedFMCW radar for weather surveillance application,” 6 th InternationalConference on Telecommunication Systems, Services and Applications(TSSA) 2011 Proc., pp. 227-230, Bali, Indonesia, Oct. 2011.

Output (prototypes)• Prototype of log periodic fractal antenna1 st iteration0 th iteration2 nd iteration

AcknowledgementWe highly appreciateThe Asahi Glass Foundationfor supporting our research on Log PeriodicFractal Antenna and Its Application forFMCW Radar.thank you

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