Binder One

Binder One

SEPTEMBERSeptember days for ClevelandHiMean more than just thesummer's gone by.The teachers all come backto their schoolsFrom vacations and startright in making rulesAnd planning the work foranother school year.They'll always find plentyof that, never fear.ForewordOCTOBEROctober's the month whenthe Juniors planThe Hallowe'en carnival-­it's always grand.We think of pumpkins andwitches and allThe Hallowe'en court, theJunior- Senior ball.The class play too--Oh mywhat fun!And of everything else thatthe Juniors have done.NOVEMBERFootball finally comes toan endWhen November day comesround the bend.We crown the queen at thehomecoming gameAnd find that somehow itwon't be the sameWhen the season's over andwe give a cheerFor the Senior players whowon't be here next year.DECEMBERThe Clubs all are busy whenDecember is near;They start making plans tobring Christmas cheerTo needy families where erethey may beIn village or cuntry or farover sea. "They start packing boxes andfixing some toysAnd play Santa Claus to thegirls and the boys.JANUARYBy January the Freshmen allfeel grand.They've mastered theirstudies; jOined the band,They've taken part in eachlittle thingFrom the first pep rally tocrowning the kingOf the Hallowe'en carnival-­And too they've begunTo play basketball --My but that's fun.FEBRUARYHearts and flowers reignsupremeBeaux and beauties--there'smany a queenIn February--the month weadoreThe annual is covered withpictures galoreOf girls and boys--so justtake a lookAt the beautiful pages ofyour Cleveland yearbook.MARCHMay the luck of Irish be everthe fateOf this wonderful class of'58Sophomores now--soon they willbeThe finest juniors you everdid see.March also brings us RallyDayWith its fun and frolic-­Its big hip hip horray!APRILAt last young April comesalongOur chorus travels toJackson to sing a song.The band goes along tomarch and play,And about this time therecomes a dayWhen the Junior Highstudents begin to feelTheir hearts miss a beatand their poor heads reel.For they know that one dayin the sweet by and byThey'll be full-fledgedmembers of Cleveland Hi.MAY"Above our heads is shining"Rings out with voices clearAs the Seniors come at last,it seems,To the best part of the year,The parties, the programs,the Senior trip, too,Make May just the month whendreams come true.And yet there are tears inmany an eyeFor this the time whenthey say, "goodbye."


The BuildingsThe Girls' GymThe Little Red SchoolThe Agriculture BuildingThe Boys' GymOur School

The AdministrationFor thirty-five years of faithful service to Cleveland High School,we salute you, Mr. Parks.Mr. ParksThanks to you, Mr. Crain for making our schedule, ironing outthe rough places, and helping to make our lives run more smoothly.Mr. CrainMr. KingMrs. BakerAlways in a good humor­Helpful in every way­Mr. King.Quick­Alert­Efficient­Mrs. Baker.

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