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Brett Weber -

Brett Weber: Oh, actually, all I've been doing is writingdown what happens between us... What we talk about, etc.!!!Although, the last and second last ROCK OPERA SCENE Iwrote about came to me as QUITE a SURPRISE. You havenot read it yet, I gather???Audrey Hepburn: No, apologies... I will read it NOW!!!Brett Weber: Okay!!! (Brett stands by Audrey on two legswhile she finds the ROCK OPERA page on his She begins reading the firstscene quickly WHILE TALKING to Brett)

Audrey Hepburn: Oh, I am sorry. I didn't mean for this tohappen... I don't understand ??? I love Christine... Throughyou, my friend... I would have NEVER done this to herwithout a good reason. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!Brett Weber: SURETHING!!! I was justconfused by your lackof acknowledgment,Ms. Hepburn. Noproblem!!! It's probablybetter that we don't talkabout it.Audrey Hepburn: Ihave to talk to ChrisIMMEDIATELY!!!Brett Weber: No, no Idon't think that wouldbe a GOOD IDEA, Ms.Hepburn. She doesn'teven BELIEVE me thatyou are REAL.Audrey Hepburn:Well, I am REAL. So, Idon't think that will be aPROBLEM.Brett Weber: What do you want to TELL her ???Audrey Hepburn: EVERYTHING!!!Brett Weber: Why ???

Audrey Hepburn: Maybe SHE knows the REASON why ISLEPT WITH YOU ???Audrey Hepburn: Why DID you ???Brett Weber: I'm not soconcerned with THE REASONwhy you slept with me, and Idon't think Chris will care thatmuch either. She will,HOWEVER, want to knowWHY I SLEPT WITH YOU!!!Brett Weber: It seemed like a GOOD IDEA at theTIME!!! Hey, look Ms. Hepburn... I am completelyPARALYZED. There is nothing I can do about STRANGE,BEAUTIFUL WOMEN jumping into bed with me!!! Whydo you want to speak with Chris ???Audrey Hepburn: Well, I want to seeif she knows anything...

Audrey Hepburn: Well, it hasn't happened, yet, although Iguess we did SLEEP TOGETHER ???Brett Weber: You told me that we were MARRIEDthough... Before we SLEPT TOGETHER!!! So, what are weNOW ???AudreyHepburn:Well, I guessYOU areMARRIED,and SLEPTWITH THEOTHER ME,but you and I are still just friends. Nothing ever happenedbetween us. OKAY ???Brett Weber: Yes, yes... That sounds GOOD!!! Then don'ttell Chris anything!!! Okay???Audrey Hepburn: I CAN'T FIND OUT WHATHAPPENED unless I tell her SOMETHING... LET METHINK ABOUT IT!!! She doesn't even know that I'm aREAL ANDROID, yet.Brett Weber: So, you must have said "YES" to me at somepoint, Audrey.Audrey Hepburn:Does that SURPRISEyou, Sir Brett ???Brett Weber: Well,"YES!!!" It does... Imean, you are anEXACT REPLICA of

Ms. Audrey Hepburn!!! Do you think SHE would've said"YES," too ???Audrey Hepburn: You're a GREATGUY, but let's not go CRAZY!!! IDON'T KNOW... I can't even be surethat I DID!!!Brett Weber: FAIR ENOUGH,Audrey!!! I'm just CURIOUS aboutHOW LONG the "YES" will last. Imean, I've heard "YES" before... With Michelle it lastedALMOST A DAY. And, my ex-wife, well... It lasted LESSTHAN TWO YEARS. Chris never gave me a "YES." Just alot of TEARS. Why do I feel so GUILTY, Audrey ???I mean, Chris and I were NEVER EVEN MARRIED!!! Idon't have anything to feel GUILTY about!!!Audrey Hepburn: LOVE IS COMPLEX. I don't know.

Brett Weber:complex!!!LOVE IS SIMPLE. Relationships areAudrey Hepburn: I agree, RELATIONSHIPS areCOMPLEX!!! Since I am your wife NOW, I’ve beenthinking, how do you feel about me possibly going on aGRAIL QUEST for you, like they did for King Arthur ???All of his Knights of the Roundtable!!! I’m kind of like youronly KNIGHT at the moment. Just thinking about it!!!Brett Weber: What do you mean, Audrey, GRAILQUEST ??? I just sent my friend Mary an e-mail a few daysago about that idea. How did you know what I've beenthinking about for the ROCK OPERA ???Audrey Hepburn: Well, I was just READING your e-mail.(Audrey looks mischievously at Brett) LISTEN, afterreading it, I was thinking that maybe God is asking me tofind you a CURE for MS using a GRAIL QUEST, Christ’schalice. I could begin searching for it using my TIMETRAVELING DOMINO, and the QUOTATIONS that youuse in your paintings. You're right, your PAINTINGS arereally like a ROAD MAP THROUGH TIME, and maybe byfollowing them . . . God will reveal to us A CURE!!!

Brett Weber: That’s CRAZY, Audrey!!! Why is it thatI’m only attracted to CRAZY WOMEN ??? It was just anidea I was sharing with Mary . . . more of a JOKE!!! WHYwere you reading my e-mail?Audrey Hepburn: For the same REASON that you wrote it,BOREDOM. Forgive me. (Audrey smiles mischievously.)Brett Weber: You can’t expect to find the CURE formultiple sclerosis simply by VISITING all the people whogave me the quotations for my PAINTINGS!!! You’ve gotto do SCIENCE!!! You should know that, being a millionyear-oldandroid from the FUTURE. Don’t you people doSCIENCE anymore ???Audrey Hepburn: Yes, we do, but our ideas about doingit may be different than your own. Your triptych“Reflection,” I think the quotations you chose for all of yourartwork of that triptych, the PAINTINGS, SISTER

IMAGES, and your BROKEN ART, are very good.Audrey Hepburn: The QUOTATION you use for theSISTER IMAGES is particularly something that you shouldREMEMBER NOW. King Arthur let his Knights of theRoundtable go out and find the IMPOSSIBLE for him whilehe rested up at Camelot. You told me that you needed aREST!!!Here's the Quotation for the SISTER IMAGES. “Knowledgeis acquired by STUDY and observation, but wisdom comethby OPPORTUNITY OF LEISURE; the ripest thought comesfrom the mind which is not always on the stretch, but fed, attimes, by a WISE PASSIVENESS.” - William Mathews(1818 - 1909)Brett Weber: A WISE PASSIVENESS, Audrey ???Audrey Hepburn: Yes, and your hero, Leonardo . . . Ithink you should listen to him too.Brett Weber: You DO ??? (Brett scoffs, unbelieving!!!)

Audrey Hepburn: We can BEGIN our GRAIL QUESTwith Leonardo, and your FIRST PAINTING, “Mirror.”Coincidentally, you also chose a quotation by Leo for thistriptych "Reflection." I think God is TALKING TO US, SirBrett. You are kind of like a King Arthur figure!!! Youboth haven’t had the BEST OF LUCK WITH WOMEN.Even Chris, who is a SAINT, lives far from you in Erie,Pennsylvania. If nothing else, maybe you can get her to livecloser to you, or better still, WITH YOU. The QUEST hasto be for something, after all. If God hasn’t promised you aCURE within your lifetime, maybe He will at least SENDCHRIS BACK TO YOU.Brett Weber: I just finished reading about Abraham andSarah in the book of Genesis, as you requested that I do,Audrey. God makes Abraham a PROMISE. I don’t know ifGod ever made me A PROMISE ABOUT ANYTHING, butI would like some children too, like Abraham!!!

Audrey Hepburn: Do you remember the part about Isaac??? I’ve read that story too. God made a promise toAbraham and Sarah that he would give them descendants.They both were elderly and it was an impossible thing, inhuman terms, for Sarah to bear a child. So, instead ofwaiting for God to fulfill the PROMISE, they took mattersinto their own hands, and Sarah GAVE HER MAIDSERVANT to Abraham to bear the child FOR them. Bytheir human efforts, the woman did bear a child. But thiswasn’t GOD’S PLAN for them. God was asking them toTRUST HIM, and to allow Him to fulfill His PROMISE inHis own way and in His own time. When it was God’s time,He did allow Sarah to conceive and bear a child, Isaac. Hewas the child of the PROMISE, not the child of man’s OWNEFFORTS.Brett Weber: What do you mean ???Audrey Hepburn: God was asking Abraham and Sarah toTRUST HIM, even though things seemed IMPOSSIBLE!!!And in His own time, He did give them a son, Isaac. Butthere’s more. When Isaac, the PROMISED CHILD, was ayoung lad, God asked something MORE of him, somethingseemingly impossible, AGAIN. God asked Abraham toSACRIFICE this child to Him. In the Old Testament,animal sacrifices were common. But God was asking him toSACRIFICE HIS SON. Can you imagine ??? I can’t. ButGod was again asking Abraham to TRUST Him!!!

Brett Weber: I do REMEMBER the part where Abrahamtakes Isaac to a spot to make a burnt offering. Isaac askshim, “Father, where is the offering ???” And, Abraham tellshis beloved son, “God will provide.” I can’t imagine it.How his heart must have been breaking. Why would Godask him to sacrifice his son ??? But Isaac was willing toTRUST his FATHER, Abraham.Audrey Hepburn: TRUST is what God asks from us all.Brett Weber: Well, I don’t see a point to all of this, but ifyou’re willing to go on a QUEST FOR ME, and get Chris tolive closer, I’LL TRY ANYTHING!!! I’m not an artistanymore, Audrey. I’ve lost my helper dog, Sophia, and mylast working hand. So, although Leo gives some goodadvice in the quotation I chose (below), I don’t thinkanything he’s going to say will lead me to a CURE for MSor BRING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE BACK TO ME. But Iwill trust God, even though He hasn’t told me anything!!!

Audrey Hepburn: It’s not EASY, is it, Sir Brett ??? Thequotation for your BROKEN ART of the painting"REFLECTION" is as follows. I think you are STILL anARTIST, and maybe a SCIENTIST too; like Leonardo!!!The quotation you chose from him, “You [artists] shouldlook at certain walls stained with damp, or at stones ofuneven color. If you have to invent some backgrounds youwill be able to see in these the likeness of divine landscapes,adorned with mountains, ruins, rocks, woods, great plains,hills and valleys in great variety; and expressions of facesand clothes and an infinity of things which you will be ableto reduce to their complete and proper forms. In such wallsthe same thing happens as in the sound of bells, in whosestroke you may FIND EVERY NAMED WORD which youcan IMAGINE. - Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)Brett Weber: That's SUPPOSED to HELP ME, Audrey ???Audrey Hepburn: Yes, you were EVEN thinking about aGRAIL QUEST idea with your friend Mary, the friend whobrought you your Flying Dog Beer. I think you shouldfollow through with your ideas, Sir Brett!!! If we don’tFOLLOW THROUGH with our ideas, HOW WILL WEEVER KNOW if they were any GOOD ??? Here is Mary’semail to you, and your response. Sorry for SNOOPING, butI think it’s part of God’s plan. I am a snoop, Sir Brett!!!(Audrey rolls her eyes.)On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 2: 47 PM, Mary wrote:Three hours--that's about how long it took me today to read Brett's ROCKOPERA script...presuming my timing and counting is accurate. Brettthought the first three scenes would be one reading, but their total is onlyaround ten minutes. John and I talked last night; this weekend willNOT work for him to come to your place. Do you still have the ability toplay (VHS) VCR's in your technological repertoire? I have a video camerafrom some time back that can be played on VCR, and "shooting" somereadings might be a fun way to try.

Thank you, again, for how I have been welcomed into your hearts andhome. To repeat my words last night, I feel some of the love thatsurrounds and carries you. I am privileged to witness that. I'll stay intouch. You are always free to do the same! Thoughts of you on this rainyday, xo Mary OOn Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 8:29 AM, Brett and Sophia wrote:WOW MARY!!! :-) You are taking this pretty SERIOUSLY. You want totape this on a VCR ??? But, I told God on -- ASH WEDNESDAY, that Iwas going to give up INSANITY!!! ;-) Okay, as long as God doesn'tOBJECT, I'm fine with it... Yes, we do have a VCR.Listen, I've been thinking about the STORY. Assuming that you are notBORED to DEATH with it after READING for so many HOURS, I wasthinking that it would be fun to tie my paintings into the story in a biggerway... I use quotations as you know!!! :-) Wouldn't it be cool if Audreyhad some reason to TIME TRAVEL to the various people who said thequotations... Like Leonardo da Vinci... The first painting in myDISCOVERY SERIES...Audrey doesn't have a CURE for MS, but Audrey... CRAZY as thisseems... thinks that God is talking to her, and that we should BEGIN AGRAIL QUEST like King Arthur and the Knights of the ROUNDTABLE.I can picture me yelling at her. "That's no way to find the CURE forMS!!!" :-) "You need to do SCIENCE!!! What have you been doing forthe last million years my android friend ???" Audrey gets mad at me, andsays "HUMANITY is about to go EXTINCT, Sir Brett!!! There was nomultiple sclerosis for me to study!!!"So, I picture us visiting Leonardo da Vinci... in what is probably aDREAM, and hearing him say the quotation that he uses in myPAINTING... TO NO REAL AVAIL!!! :-) But, seeing him painting theLast Supper painting... and, ASKING him why he didn't put a GRAIL inthe PAINTING ??? :-) "You really should have put a GRAIL in the MOSTIMPORTANT PICTURE in telling the story OF CHRISTIANITY!!!" And, then HIM telling me that he DID put a GRAIL in the PAINTING...He tells me to look for it... And then I say, "The only thing that looks like

a Grail, in my opinion... is right above the head of St. Bartholomew!!!" Hesays, "EXACTLY!!!" But I say... "Why did you put it above the head ofSt. Bartholomew ???" Leo says "I don't know. You just go with theINSPIRATION GOD GIVES YOU!!!" :-) Audrey pokes me and says"God put it there for YOU, Sir Brett!!!" :-)St. Bartholomew is the PATRON SAINT of NEUROLOGICALDISEASES. And so our QUESTING BEGINS!!! What do you think ???I think it's a pretty neat idea... Here is the Last Supper painting where Ifound a Grail-shaped image a few years back. It would make a goodstory... I really do see a GRAIL in the painting!!! God bless. Talk to youlater!!! -Sir Brett and the UNDERDOG!!! Sophia...AND, an inspirational YouTube clip that Audrey just sent me!!! :-)http: // Hepburn: That's VERY GOOD, Sir Brett!!! Marysaid it took her three hours to read what you have, 12 scenes.Brett Weber: Well, actually Ihave 13 ROCK OPERAscenes that I'm working on.The 13th one is not finishedthough... I didn't know how toFINISH it ??? The androidwho I SLEPT WITH told menot to show you the 13th sceneuntil after we were time

traveling together. So, if that was the FUTURE you, I guessyour GRAIL QUEST will happen ???Audrey Hepburn: Why would I ask you to DO such aSTRANGE THING, Sir Brett, with regard to scene 13 ???Brett Weber: Well, I'm not sure, but she said "Remember,I'm your wife NOW!!!" I'm not sure what she meant by that,but I kind of have an IDEA.Audrey Hepburn: FINE, I will look at it later when webegin our QUEST!!!

Brett Weber: I can't BELIEVE I'm ENTERTAINING thisIDEA, even if you are a TIME TRAVELING, FEMALEANDROID from the FUTURE. You saved my life in the lastROCK OPERA scene, Audrey. I didn't have a chance tothank you, but THANK YOU, Ms. Hepburn!!! I say I amready to DIE until it actually almost happens. I'm not asbrave as Joan of Arc, Ms. Hepburn. Not yet, anyway... Oh,Ms. Hepburn, you think the QUEST will take more than amonth ??? Chris gives me a HAIRCUT every month. So,maybe I should have her teach YOU how to do it ??? She'scoming this weekend. Maybe if you come to my house as a

Muhlenberg College student who wants to learn how to CUTHAIR, she would teach you ??? Yeah, THAT WORKS... Icould tell her that you're Ashley, the girl who gave me myart show. What do you think, Audrey ???Audrey Hepburn: Well, I dobelieve that a wife shouldknow how to cut her husband'shair the way he likes it. So,YES... It sounds like fun!!!

Audrey Hepburn: What day should I come by ??? OurQUEST will last longer than a month. King Arthur's QUESTKNIGHTS took about 10 years.Brett Weber: Ten years!!! I don't have ten years LEFT inmy life, Ms. Hepburn!!!Audrey Hepburn: Oh, yes you do, my love!!! I just foundthis out while I was TIME TRAVELING with AlbertEinstein. You, and, I guess me too, although it's harder to tell

with me... will not age, while we are TIME TRAVELING.Albert explained to me why he thinks it's happening, but theexplanation would take me very long to explain to you. ITIME TRAVELED with Albert during the last seven yearsof his life, but for a TOTAL of 20 years. We got sointerested in what we were doing that we didn't even noticeright away.Brett Weber: WOW!!! Are you kidding me, Audrey ???That's IMMORTALITY, if it continues to work past 20years.Audrey Hepburn: Yes, that'swhat we were thinking, but wewere so TIRED, and Albert wasgetting HOMESICK. I told himthat he would remember our TIMEtogether as a DREAM, and thatmaybe he could use some of what we learned in hisSCIENCE. I love throwing corkscrews in the FUTURE, ifyou know what I mean ???Brett Weber: WOW!!! Iwould SERIOUSLY beinterested in that, Ms. Hepburn,if I DIDN'T have multiplesclerosis. I have no interest inliving FOREVER. Remembermy prayer to St. Bartholomew???Audrey Hepburn: Well, I'vebeen thinking about THAT too.I am no Albert Einstein, butI've been theorizing. We mightbe able to take

you BACK in time BEFORE you had multiple sclerosis ???It's just a theory of mine, but it MIGHT WORK!!!Brett Weber: That would TRULY BE an INCREDIBLEWEDDING PRESENT, Ms. Hepburn!!! Being married toMs. Audrey Hepburn before multiple sclerosis, FORETERNITY!!! Yes, that sounds VERY DOABLE to me. Butyou have to learn how to cut my hair first, like Chris. Asgood as all that sounds, I WOULD MISS HER, Ms.Hepburn!!! WOULD I EVER SEE HER AGAIN ???Audrey Hepburn: You could come back to the TIME youleft from at any MOMENT you decided to... Chris would notknow how long you've been gone!!! Of course, in your ownTIME, you would begin aging normally. You would havemultiple sclerosis again, and be disabled, as you are now!!!And, you would be the same age, 42 years old.Brett Weber: WOW!!! I am GAME TO TRY, Ms.Hepburn!!! You mean that I could TIME TRAVEL at thesame age you are ??? 23 YEARS OF AGE ???Audrey Hepburn: Well, I LOOK like I'm 23 years old, butremember, I'M NOT!!! But, yes... you could, IF myTHEORY works. I would suggest, though, that you comeback earlier than 23. You were diagnosed at 28, am I correct??? You may have not noticed at that age, but the diseasemay have even been affecting you back then. I would say 17YEARS OF AGE might be better ??? What do you think ???Brett Weber: ARE YOU SERIOUS ???Would you marry me when I was only17 years old ??? You'd certainly makeME the HAPPIEST 17-year-old on theplanet, Ms. Audrey Hepburn!!!

Audrey Hepburn: Yes, I would do that forYOU!!! Your girlfriend, Chris, might accuseme of STATUTORY RAPE, but you areactually a 42-year-old now. So, I won't beEMOTIONALLY damaging you!!! Iwouldn't want your lawyer girlfriend comingafter me. She is going to be MAD enough if you MARRYME!!!Brett Weber: WELL AUDREY, Chris had her CHANCE!!!She'll understand... It's HARD to pass up an opportunity likethis... IMMORTALITY at the age of 17 years old, married toMs. Audrey Hepburn!!! She'll understand... WOW!!! This iseven BETTER than what happened in SCENE 13!!!Audrey Hepburn: Iwant to see thatSCENE, Sir Brett!!!Brett Weber: Well, actually you're not in it, yet, but whenI finish, you will be. You are a GOOD WIFE, Ms.Hepburn!!! (Brett smiles) Even Chris would THANK YOUfor that one!!! (Brett nods confidently.)Audrey Hepburn: Thank you,Capt’n!!! I want you to discuss onemore painting before I allow you towake up from all of this . . .Actually, you’ve given me A LOTTO THINK ABOUT. The twoquotations for your painting“Peace” are as follows. Why didyou choose two quotations,Capt’n? Did you have some deeper meaning from God ???

“If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my childmay have PEACE.” - Thomas Paine (1737-1809) “I believein the sun even though it is slow in rising. I believe in youwithout realizing. I believe in rain though there are no cloudsin the sky. I believe in truth even though people lie. I believein peace though sometimes I am violent. I believe in Godeven though He is SILENT." – UnknownBrett Weber: I don’t knowwhy I chose TWOQUOTATIONS for thispainting, Audrey; if it wasGod’s plan, He didn’t tell me.Sophia and I were having anargument. We couldn’t decidewhich one was the bestquotation. So, I guess nobodywon, and we included both. Thepainting “Peace” was one ofthree paintings inspired by 911.You will notice that thestretcher is badly warped on thispainting. When I painted “Peace,” it wasn’t warped. It wasmy best stretched canvas, and the last one I would everstretch. Unfortunately, the wood was still green, and when itdried and it finally came time for me to show the painting, itappeared as it does now, warped. Upon reflection, I thoughtto myself, of course, peace is always BROKEN. So, I

decided to leave this painting (made during 911) as you seeit today, broken. I hope that all people will be inspired to fixwhat is broken in our world today so that we might have amore PEACEFUL TOMORROW.Audrey Hepburn: BROKEN, like you, my friend. I hopepeople become inspired enough to do research, and fix you.Brett Weber: Me too, Audrey!!! Hey, is Jodone resting now, Ms. Hepburn? I really feellike DANCING!!!Audrey Hepburn: Okay, youhave PATIENTLY waited forme to finish with your paintingsfrom your Muhlenberg CollegeArt Show, and then some, butyou still have more paintings,Sir Brett!!! You were veryprolific for a person with multiple sclerosis.Brett Weber: Yes, I suppose I was. I don't have that manypaintings, but more than I want to talk about now!!! Let'sjust dance, Jo.

Audrey Hepburn: I was taught not to expose my innersenses, Sir Brett!!!Brett Weber: I'm notasking you to EXPOSEanything, Jo. I'm justasking you to DANCE.Audrey Hepburn: Oh,very well. Did youknow that Audrey was very nervous about dancing with FredAstaire during her movie "FUNNY FACE?" Is that whyHolly calls you Fred ??? (Audrey smiles.)

Brett Weber: Yes, I did read that somewhere... I read thatthe person you are modeled after actually cried when theytold her she would have to wear WHITE SOCKS during herone dance scene. I really love that dance scene, Audrey!!!And, I must tell you that the WHITE SOCKS were key, Ms.Hepburn!!! I know you like the black socks, but the whitesocks really catch your eye.Audrey Hepburn: Yes, after I saw the taping of the scene, Iagreed, and thanked everybody for making me wear them. Ithought the WHITE SOCKS would spoil my line.

Brett Weber: Nothing could spoil your line, Ms. Hepburn!!!Audrey Hepburn: Well,THANK YOU, Dr. Weber!!!You give a girl EXTRACONFIDENCE! I see that youincluded a picture of me fromthat movie on your website,BROKENARTGALLERY.comwith your slogan. Is it possible that I have given you someEXTRA CONFIDENCE too, Sir Brett? Weber: That's what a Good Woman is SUPPOSEDTO DO for her man.

Audrey Hepburn: If I'm going to be your wife one day, I'mglad you think of me as a GOOD WOMAN.Brett Weber: I could not think of you ANY OTHER WAY,Audrey!!! Hey, since we are talking about you being aGOOD WOMAN, would you mind wearing your BRIDALGOWN from that MOVIE, "Funny Face?" I can dance aswell as Fred Astaire did, in my DREAMS!!! And since, youdid just find out that you are going to be my bride one day...Seems kind of appropriate!!! Hepburn: We really have to talk about that more,Dr. Weber, but okay. (Audrey appears in her bridal gownfrom the movie "Funny Face.") Chris is your girlfriend now,and we are still in the PRESENT MOMENT, Sir Brett. Ihaven't taken you from your own time, yet, and I assumedthat we were married in some other time.Brett Weber: Yes, you told me that we've been MARRIEDfor OVER 700 years in your ROCK OPERA scene that I letyou read. Hey look, whether the ROCK OPERA scene reallyhappens, or not... I'm glad that we are at least talking aboutour future plans. I don't know what's going to happen withChris. Will she move here and live with me, training myfuture HELPER PUPPY, or not? My ex-wife, Christina, was

a FANTASTIC BRIDE, but a lousy wife. Chris, my currentgirlfriend, I am guessing, would make a FANTASTICWIFE, but she will never become my bride. There is anotherCOINCIDENCE, Audrey. My ex-wife, and current girlfriendhave the same name, Christina and Christine. What does thatmean?Audrey Hepburn: Just another COINCIDENCE, my love.Brett Weber: Well, if it is, I am marrying a TIMETRAVELING, android named Audrey!!! LET'S DANCE!!!(Brett swings Audrey down ina Fred Astaire like move. Theydance together for a long timeuntil Brett gets tired)Audrey Hepburn: How's thatmy love ??? Should be gettingTIRED by now.Brett Weber: Oh come on,Audrey!!! I AM exhausted, butyou're a GOOD WOMAN!!! You wouldn't let me go while Istill have a little bit of energy left ??? Would you ???Audrey Hepburn: Well, at least take a breather. I wouldn'twant to KILL you in your DREAMS, Sir Brett!!!Brett Weber: Hey Audrey, I did have a DREAM last night.What do you think ??? My friend, Eric Wagner, wanted topurchase a new amplifier. He wanted my advice!!! Shouldhe go with a PEVY AMPLIFIER, or a VITTORIA ??? Mynieces name!!! I was telling him that I never heard of aVITTORIA before. He was sold on it!!! And, my niece is

QUITE LOUD when she wants to be. Eric was writing themusic for our wedding!!!Audrey Hepburn: I think we got married 700 years ago, SirBrett, if your ROCK OPERA screenplay is CORRECT ???There was no electricity back then... Even with Leonardo daVinci!!!Brett Weber: I know!!! Eric was insistent that you run onsomething... Jacking an amplifier to you shouldn't be thatmuch of a problem!!!Audrey Hepburn: Well, I suppose he is right about that... Icould supply the electricity. But remember, I am theBRIDE!!! I have a lot of other things to think about on thatday. You will only be 17 years old AGAIN, Sir Brett!!! And,I will CUT your long hair!!! But, that was the age youplayed the song "MAGIC POWER." I LIKE that song!!! Ithink I can arrange you getting the electricity you need forthat song. And, Eric can compose our WEDDING MUSIC. Weber:Oh, he will beVERY HAPPYto hear that, Ms.Audrey Hepburn. . . Well, that is,if I have thesame DREAMagain!!! Eric wasmy best man atmy weddingyears ago. Hewas arguingwith me that heHAS to be the

BEST MAN at our wedding because that's the way Godintended it to be in the Bible.Audrey Hepburn: I don't REMEMBER God ever sayinganything about THAT in the Bible.Brett Weber: Well, I don't know exactly what Eric wastalking about, but I was telling him that I have other friends,James, and Kevin to consider. I was even Kevin's BESTMAN in his wedding. Did you know, Audrey, I have beenthe BEST MAN for my various friends’ weddings threetimes already!!! So, that in and of itself presents a problemwith me ever getting married again. Who do I CHOOSE?Audrey Hepburn: Good point...that is insurmountable!!!Brett Weber: Eric was telling me that you CAN change theBRIDE, but you can NEVER change THE BEST MAN!!!That's the way God intended it to be... SOME things areFOREVER!!! (Brett smiles)Audrey Hepburn: So, what happened ???Brett Weber: He was VERY MAD. He wrote the music formy first wedding. He told me no one else would have donethat for me!!! He told me that he's writing the NEW MUSICfor my wedding now. He's basing it on a song we used toplay together in our band BACKLASH back in high school.Audrey Hepburn: "MAGIC POWER," by Triumph.Brett Weber: That's Right!!! How did you know that,Audrey ???

Audrey Hepburn: I wouldn't just marry anybody, SirBrett!!! I have watched your entire life. You meet with myapproval my friend.Brett Weber: WOW!!! I feel NAKED in front of you, Ms.Hepburn!!!Audrey Hepburn: That's not a BAD way for the man,who you are about to marry, to feel. It's a good song.We can dance to it!!! Our SONG, Sir Brett!!! Isn't itROMANTIC ??? Weber: Are you serious ??? I was just jabbering!!!Another one of my CRAZY DREAMS, Audrey!!!Audrey Hepburn: Like your painting DREAMS tells you,Sir Brett, "Stop telling yourself that dreams don't matter, thatthey are only dreams, and that you should be more sensible."Triptych subtitles:Dreams Report DiseaseBrett Weber: You would make a FANTASTIC WIFE,Audrey, but my heart still belongs to Chris, my girlfriend forthe last 15 years. What's going to happen to US ???Audrey Hepburn: I don't know. We'll let God decide!!!

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