Supplementary Regulations - Rally Bohemia

Supplementary Regulations - Rally Bohemia

Supplementary Regulations - Rally Bohemia


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1. INTRODUCTION1.1. GeneralXXXVIII. Rally Bohemia will run in compliance with the FIA International SportingCode (FIA ISC) and its appendices, the 2011 FIA Regional Rally ChampionshipRegulations (FIA RRSR), the National Sporting Regulations which complies with theFIA regulations and these Supplementary Regulations.Modifications, amendments and/or changes to these Supplementary Regulations willbe announced only by numbered and dated Bulletins (issued by the organiser or theStewards). Additional information will be published in the Rally Guide, issued on16.5.2011 at www.rallybohemia.cz.1.2. Road surface100 % asphalt except SS9 (Super SS Sosnová) – 70% asphalt 30% gravel1.3. Overall SS distance and total distance of the itinerary- Total distance of special stage: 193 km- Total distance of rally: 733 km2. ORGANIZATION AND DESCRIPTION2.1. FIA titles for which the rally counts2.1.1 FIA ClassificationFIA European Rally Cup – Region Central (coefficient 10)2.1.1 Other titles for which the rally countsMediasport International Rally Championship of the Czech Republic 20112.2. Visa numbersASN Visa number: AR00511 from 5 th April 2011FIA Visa number: 6CEC/1204112.3. Organiser´s name, address and contact detailsAutoklub Bohemia Sport v AČRSosnová 200CZ - 470 01 Česká LípaTel.: +420 487 824 745, fax: +420 487 521 789E-mail: info@rallybohemia.czwww.rallybohemia.czBank details: BIC - CEKOCZPPAccount number: IBAN - CZ71030000000002060734672.4. Organisation committeeChairman:Members:Pavel DušánekJan Mochan, Jaroslav Mansfeld, Stanislav Kafka, Petr Pavlát, DavidNovotný, Tereza Zelinková, Daniel Porazil, Pavel Pokorný, JaromírZehnal3 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

2.5. Stewards of the MeetingPresident: Mr. Pedro ARAUJO PORStewards of the Meeting: Ms. Banu BASEREN TURMr. Jan REGNERCZE2.6. Observers and delegatesFIA observer: Mr. Jordi PARRO ESPASN Safety delegate: Mr. Vladimír ONDROUŠEK CZE2.7. Senior officialsClerk of the Course:Deputy COC:Deputy COC:Chief Scrutineer:Chief Timekeeper:Competitors’ Relations Officer:Competitors’ Relations Officer:Press Relations Officer:Chief Safety Officer:Monitoring system ONI:Chief Medical Officer:Deputy Chief Medical Officer:Results Processing:Mr. Jan MOCHANMr. Pavel DUŠÁNEKMr. Stanislav KAFKAMr. Stanislav MRKVANMr. Ladislav JUSTMr. Martin VENUŠMr. Josef VRÁTILMr. Jan KOUDELKAMr. Pavel POKORNÝMs. Hana CHVOJKOVÁMUDr. Ivana ZYKOVÁMUDr. Lucie ŽIHLOVÁPORS Plus s.r.o.2.8. Headquarters LocationPlace: Educational Centre Na Karmeli, 1457 Na Karmeli, Mladá BoleslavDate: 29 th June 2011 Time: 07:30 – 22:0030 th July 2011 07:00 – 22:301 st July 2011 06:30 – 23:002 nd July 2011 07:00 – 23:003 th July 2011 07:00 – 22:002.9. Press centre locationPlace: Educational Centre Na Karmeli, 1457 Na Karmeli, Mladá BoleslavDate: 1 st July 2011 Time: 07:00 – 23:002 nd July 2011 07:00 – 23:003 rd July 2011 07:00 – 20:002.10. Parc Fermé location for each DayPlace: Leg 1 – Mladá Boleslav, Service parkPlace: PF at the end of the rally - Mladá Boleslav, Service park2.11. Service Park locationPlace: Mladá Boleslav, Škoda Auto car park – factory’s gate no. 114 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

3. PROGRAMMEPublication of Rally GuideDate: 16 th May 2011Place: www.rallybohemia.czClosing date for entriesDate: 13 th June 2011Time: 18.00Place: Permanent Secretariat of the RALLY BOHEMIAClosing date for Shakedown registrationDate: 13 th June 2011Time: 18:00Place: Permanent Secretariat of the RALLY BOHEMIAIssuing of the road book, mapDate: 13 th June 2011Place: www.rallybohemia.czClosing date for the order of extra services in Service ParkDate: 19 th June 2011Time: 18.00Place: Permanent Secretariat of the RALLY BOHEMIAPublication of the list of entries accepted by the organiser and start ordersDate: 20 th June 2011Place: www.rallybohemia.czCollection of the road book, ONI tracker system for reconnaissance and preadministrativechecksDate: 29 th June 2011Time: 08:00 – 11:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQStart of reconnaissanceDate: 29 th June 2011Time: 10:00Boards - Official Notice BoardPlace: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQDate: 29 th June 2011 Time: 07:30 – 22:0030 th June 2011 08:00 – 23:001 st July 2011 06:30 – 23:002 nd July 2011 07:00 – 23:003 rd July 2011 07:00 – 20:005 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

Information Notice BoardPlace: Mladá Boleslav, Service parkDate: 1 st July 2011 Time: 06:30 – 23:002 nd July 2011 07:00 – 23:003 rd July 2011 07:00 – 19:00Opening of Service car parkDate: 30 th June 2011Time: 14:00Place: Mladá BoleslavOpening of press centre and media accreditationDate: 1 st July 2011Time: 07:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQCollection of ONI tracker system, sealing and marking cars, weight and noisecheckDate: 1 st July 2011Time: 06:30 – 10:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Service parkAdministrative CheckDate: 1 st July 2011Time: 07:30 – 11:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQClosing date for co-driver detailsDate: 1 st July 2011Time: 07:30ScrutineeringDate: 1 st July 2011Time: 08:00 – 11:30Place: Mladá Boleslav, Na KarmeliShakedownDate: 1 st July 2011Time: 10:30 – 13:30Place: VinecFirst Steward´s meetingDate: 1 st July 2011Time: 12:30Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQ6 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

Publication of start list for ceremonial start, Leg 1 section 1, Leg 1 section 2Date: 1 st July 2011Time: 14:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQ – official notice boardPre-event Press ConferenceDate: 1 st July 2011Time: 14:30Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQCeremonial start of rallyDate: 1 st July 2011Time: 17:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Na KarmeliStart of Leg 1, section 1Date: 1 st July 2011Time: 19:45Place: Mladá BoleslavStart of Leg 1, section 2Date: 2 nd July 2011Time: 08:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Service ParkFinish of Leg 1Date: 2 nd July 2011Time: 19:10Place: Mladá Boleslav, Service ParkPublication of start list for Leg 2Date: 2 nd July 2011Time: 22:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQ – official notice boardStart of Leg 2Date: 3 rd July 2011Time: 08:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Service ParkPodium CeremonyDate: 3 rd July 2011Time: 16:10Place: Mladá Boleslav, Finish rampFinal scrutineering7 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

Date: 3 rd July 2011Time: selected crews and cars right away after arrivalPlace: Škoda Auto Customer CentrePost-event Press conferenceDate: 3 rd July 2011Time: 17:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQPublication of Provisional Final ClassificationDate: 3 rd July 2011Time: 18:00Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQ – official notice boardPublication of the Final Official ClassificationDate: 3 rd July 2011Time: 18:30Place: Mladá Boleslav, Rally HQ – official notice board4. ENTRIES4.1. Closing date for entriesSee Article. 3 PROGRAMME4.2. Entry procedure4.2.1 All Rally Bohemia applicants have to apply properly before the registrationclosure. They can choose between the electronic registration form and sending theregistration via surface mail. If the competitor isn’t a driver himself, the applicationform has to be attached by a copy of valid license of the competitor.4.2.2 Electronic Registration FormShould the applicant choose the way of online registering online, it can be fully filledout on website of the competition at www.rallybohemia.cz. The determining figurewhen registering online is the date and time of sending the web form. Original copy ofthe application form has to be delivered to the organizer no later than 7 days after theregistration closure.4.2.3 Surface Mail RegistrationWhen registering via paper registration form, it has to be fully filled out and send tothe address of secretary (for address details see Article 2.3). The decisive date foraccepting the entry application will be that of its delivery to the Rally Secretariat.4.2.4 Details about co-driver can be appended until the initiating of administrativecheck.4.2.5 The registration will be accepted only when the whole amount is paid out.Organizer can accept entry also before payment of deposit. Later payment can bepossible until agreement with official. Price will increase for 25%. In this case iscompetitor obliged to pay deposit until issuing of Road Book.8 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

4.2.6 A confirmation email will be send to the crew after both successfully filledregistration and obtaining the registration by the organizing team. Also the currentregistration status can be checked out online at www.rallybohemia.cz.4.3. Number of entrants accepted and classes4.3.1 The maximum number of entrants is fixed at Permitted groups and classesOnly those cars complying with the provisions of Appendix J of the FIA ISC and ofthe Article 11.3 till 11.7. SR) may take part in the rally. Using FIA-approved headrestraint (FHR) is obligatory for all the drivers and co-drivers.ClassGroup1 S2000-Rally: 1,6 turboS2000-Rally: 2,0 atmosférický2R43 N over 2000 cm³ (current N4)4 RGTA over 1600 cm³ up to 2000 cm³Super 1600R2C (over 1600 cm³ up to 2000 cm³)5R3C (over 1600 cm³ up to 2000 cm³)R3T (up to 1600 cm³ / nominal)R3D (up to 2000 cm³ / nominal)A over 1400 cm³ up to 1600 cm³6 R2B (over 1400 cm³ up to 1600 cm³)Kit-car over 1400 cm³ up to 1600 cm³A up to 1400 cm³7Kit-car up to 1400 cm³8 N over 1600 cm³ up to 2000 cm³N over 1400 cm³ up to 1600 cm³9R1B (over 1400 cm³ up to 1600 cm³)N up to 1400 cm³10R1A (up to 1400 cm³)Specification- The cars homologated as „Kit Cars„ where the capacity is between 1400 and 1600cm 3 may be accepted if they also comply with the Article 255.6.2 „Weight“ of theAppendix J.- Two-wheel drive cars equipped with a supercharged diesel engine with a nominalcylinder capacity of less than 2000 cm³ are accepted in Groups A and N.- For S1600 homologated cars, it will be possible to use lapsed errata without anypenalty.4.4. Entry fee / Entry packages4.4.1 Entry fee with optional organisers´ advertising9 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

CZK 19 400 / € 776Entry fee without optional organisers´ advertisingCZK 36 400 / € 14564.4.2 Entry PackagePrinted materialSupplementary RegulationsRally Guide 2Rally Itinerary 1Reconnaissance Itinerary 1Service Itinerary 1Programme of the rally 1Label PersonsDriver 2Service 4Label CarCar to Reconnaissance 1Service A 1Service B 1Racing Car 1Amountwww.rallybohemia.czwww.rallybohemia.czPiecesPieces4.5. Payment detailsBy means of a postal money-order to the address of the organiser or via the banktransfer to the account no. 206073467, sort code 0300. Foreign crews shall pay theentry fee in EUR currency to the account no. BIC – CEKOCZPP; IBAN –CZ7103000000000206073467. The number of the driver’s licence as the variablesymbol must be given to identify the payer. A payment receipt or declaration must besent to the organizer together with filled-out entry form.4.6. Refunds of entry feeEntry fee will be refunded in full:- to the candidates whose entry has not been accepted- in case of rally not taking place- to the candidates that cancelled the entry before the closing date for entries.The organiser will refund 80% of the entry fee to those competitors who were unableto start in the rally and informed the organiser of their absence before the start ofreconnaissance. 50% the organizer refund when will be informed beforeadministrative check. Absence must be conformity with article 68 ISC.Organizer refunded entry fee (or its part) up two month after rally finish.The entry fee of the registered crews that will not be present on the start of the rallywithout reasonable excuse of their absence will not be refunded.10 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

5. INSURANCE5.1. Insurance Coverage for the Organizer5.1.1. The Autoclub ČR has made the insurance contract with Česká podnikatelskápojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group Company through the RENOMIA a.s.Company, a framework agreement no. 00 1394 5750, organizer’s liability insurancecovering damage caused to the third party during the competition up to 5 000 000CZK per incident.5.1.2. The part of the insurance agreement no. 00 1394 5750 made with Českápodnikatelská pojišťovna a.s. – Vienna Insurance Group and Autoclub ČR is thecoverage for cars against the damage caused to third party up to 5 000 000 CZK perparticipant. However the damage caused by drivers among themselves is notcovered by this contract.The organizer binds self to arrange this insurance contract for all competitors exceptthose, who will document the liability insurance made through the All Risk Companywith Česká pojišťovna at the administrative check.The insurance fee of 1408 CZK will be collected from participants by the organizer atthe same time together with the entry fee.5.1.3. The insurance for organizers and participants is made with an integral excessof 5 000 CZK. It means that damage up to 5 000 CZK won’t be refunded and damageover 5 000 CZK will be covered without the complicity of insured.5.1.4. All crews at administrative check have to hand in the valid International GreenCard for their car. Without this card the crew won’t be permitted to start.5.2. Insurance Coverage for the competitors and crewsAll the drivers and co-drivers are obliged to arrange their own accident insurance.The proof should be documented on request at administrative check. The insuranceof foreign crews have to cover the costs of possible medical treatment in the CzechRepublic.5.3. Damage ReportingThe crews are obliged to notify the organizer about the damage caused on the trackby their car by the end of event the latest. Violation of this duty stands for summoningthe competitor and involved crew to a disciplinary committee.5.4. Insurance Coverage ExclusionsAuxiliary vehicles, cars dedicated to reconnaissance rides and vehicles with speciallabels issued by the organizer are not covered by the provided rally insurance (withthe exception of insured organizer’s cars) and those are always going on their ownresponsibility.11 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

6. ADVERTISING AND IDENTIFICATION6.1. Compulsory advertisingA - on the competition numbers: Rally BohemiaB - on the rally plates:Rally Bohemia6.2. Optional advertising proposed by the organiserC – advertising - ŠKODAD – advertising - ŠKODA, GLOBAL ASSISTANCE, ONI SYSTÉM, MOGULE – advertising - ŠKODA, GLOBAL ASSISTANCE, ONI SYSTÉM, MOGUL6.2.1 The crews which have accepted an organiser’s optional advertising shouldreserve 67 x 20 cm free space (below competition number panels) for its placementon the rally car bodywork.6.3. Competition numbers and rally plates6.3.1 PlacementThe organiser will provide each crew with competition numbers and rally plates oncollection of the itineraries. All numbers and plates (including the advertising) mustbe affixed to the car in the stated manner before scrutineering (see the Appendix no.4 of the Supplementary Regulations). The name plates on the rear side windowshave to correspond to FIA Regional Rally Regulations, Article13 and 14.6.4. Loss or removal of advertising6.4.1 If will be found out missing promotion on the car during rally or promotion willbe amended or transferred (article 6.1 and 6.2 SR), the crew will be punished penalty(min. 20 % of fee) from Clerk of the Course..6.4.2 Loss or removalIf it is missing at any time during the rally that:- one competition number or rally plate is missing; a penalty of CZK 3.000 / € 120will be imposed.- two competition numbers on front doors – notice to the Stewards.- driver’s or co-driver’s name a penalty of CZK 1.000 / € 40 will be imposed7. TYRES7.1 When running the car on public roads of the Czech Republic, the depth of thetyre tread pattern must be min. 1.6 mm. Moulded tyres shall only be used which areapproved for use in traffic having the homologation “E” or are in conformity withprovisions of App. IV of the FIA Regional Rally Championships.7.2 During the reconnaissance must be used only tyres approved for use in traffic (s.article 7.1).7.3 Temperature measuring tyres in area 100 m behind STOP sign isn't consideredfor outside assistance, if is conducted by deputies tyres company registered to theorganizer.7.4 Any breach of the tyre regulations will be reported to the Stewards.12 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

8. FUELUnleaded fuel with a maximum lead content of 0,013 g/l is only permitted.9. RECONNAISSANCE9.1. Procedure for registrationOn receiving the itinerary, each crew must announce the registration number and thecar make to be used for reconnaissance to the organiser. Also the reconnaissancetime card will be given, which shall be delivered back at the administrative check.The organiser will supply the crew with identification with starting number which mustbe affixed in the right upper corner of the windscreen during the reconnaissance at allthe times. When finished it has to be removed from the car. Only the cars, specifiedin the FIA Regional Rally Regulations, Article 20.1, are allowed and must be insuredaccording to law. The crew must announce any change of the reconnaissance car tothe CoC (Jan Mochan +420 737 219591) in advance.9.2. Reconnaissance RulesA programme of reconnaissance is given in the Appendix no. 2 of theseSupplementary Regulations.9.2.1 In case of the crew (driver and / or co-driver) makes the reconnaissance ride onthe tracks of special stages before the closing date for entries, it will be refused bythe Organization Committee to participate. After closing date except the timetable forreconnaissance Clerk of the Course will reject the crew to start on the competitionand the registration fee won’t be refunded.9.2.2 During 4 weeks’ time before the start of rally except scheduled reconnaissanceis any presence of any team or racing car on tracks of special stages forbidden.Violating this rule will be reported to the Stewards by Clerk of the Course.9.2.3 There is a limit of two passes per each special stage during reconnaissanceride. Driving in reverse direction of the special stage is forbidden. The crews areobliged to obey all the regulations mentioned in FIA Regional Rally Regulations andherewith supplementary regulations on reconnaissance. Reconnaissance rides onthe super special stage (SS9) will run in groups and in the time set in appendix no. 2of this Supplementary Regulations document and will be managed by the organizers.9.2.4 The Marshals on start and stop point and also throughout every special stagewill observe the progress of reconnaissance rides. The standard FIA signs with redbackground will mark these points as well as time and passage control points. Thecrews must stop their car at these controls, hand in the time card and follow furtherinstructions of the Chief of Control Post.The following list of Judges of Fact is authorized by Clerk of the Course to providerandom check during reconnaissance rides. Their list will be publish on the OfficialNotice Board.9.2.5 The maximum speed limitations during reconnaissance follow the Czech trafficregulations and those are mentioned in the Road Book. The progress ofreconnaissance will be monitored via GPS system as well as breaking the rules and13 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

mainly by exceeding the speed limits. Any violations will be dealt and fined by theCzech Police according to standard procedures.Evaluation the GPS data is within the competence of Clerk of the Course.The additional penalties can be given in the case of breaking the speed limitsaccording to the Article 15.2 FIA Regional Rally Championships:9.2.6 The competitors who fail to obey other rules a fine up to 5 000 CZK / 200 EURcan be charged by Clerk of the Course. Heavy infringements will be reported to theStewards, who will decide about the fine value, time penalization, eventually refuse tostart (disqualification).9.2.7 Tracks Prompts of the CrewsPlace: Mladá Boleslav, HQDate: 1 st July 2011 Time: 08:00 – 09:30Officer: Petr Pavlát – Track Officer (phone. +420 605 168 331)9.3. Fitment of speed control checking devicesSpeed and course control checking devices GPS control will be issued at theregistration for recce and will be returned during administrative checking. Violation orswitching this device off will be penalized. Further information will be given to allcompetitors in a bulletin. The driver’s license will be used as a guarantee and will besubsequently passed on to the administrator of the ONI Monitoring System asguarantee for monitoring issued during scrutineering (Article 11.7.4 SR).9.4. Any attempt to tamper with, to manipulate or to interfere with the trackingdevice fitted to the reconnaissance car or any device that fails to record a trace dueto external interference, will be reported to the stewards who may impose a penaltyup to exclusion.10. ADMINISTRATIVE CHECKS10.1. Documents to be checkedBy administrative check will be produced every crew:- competitor´s and driver´s licences- ASN authorisation for all foreign competitors- driver´s medical certificates (only CZ crew)- driving permissions of both crew members- driver and co-driver passports or identification- green card of the car- reconnaissance time card- authorization by the owner of the car if he is not one of the drivers10.2. Place and timetableSee Article 3 PROGRAMMEThe crews shall arrive at the administrative check 30 minutes in advance of theirassigned time in Na Karmeli.14 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

11. SCRUTINEERING, MARKING, SEALING11.1. Place and timetableSee Article 3 PROGRAMME11.1.1 Before the departure to scrutineering at Na Karmeli must be all carsapposition at designated workplace in the service park, where will be made theseoperations:- specified sealing and marking- mounting and testing of ONI tracking system- weighting- noise measuringTime of arrival will be specified for each car in the Entry confirmation and will bechecked by timekeepers at TC located in before situated in front of the entrance.11.1.2 Exact time of the scrutineering will be specified for each car in the Entryconfirmation and will be checked by timekeepers at TC located in before situated infront of the entrance out-door area Na Karmeli.11.1.3 The entered car may be presented at marking, sealing and scrutineering by arepresentative of the team. Late arrival at the scrutineering will be cash penalised by1.000 CZK / € 40 for every completed 5 minutes of delay. A delay over 30 minuteswill be reported to the Stewards.11.1.4 Documents to be checkedAt scrutineering all the competitors shall document:- rally car homologation form, sports card of a car (when specified)- technical card, card for safety equipment of a driver and co-driver filled out- other documents specified by technical regulations11.1.5 Unloading the cars from the traffic trailers is allowed only in the Service Park.Cars have to go to scrutineering along self axis.11.2. SealingBefore scrutineering all the competition cars shall have a hole drilled through theengine block in minimal diameter of 2mm for applying the sealing wire situated on avisible spot (when the bonnet is opened).11.3. Windows / NetsIn compliance with the regulations of Article 253.11, Appendix J, FIA ISC is itauthorised to use silvered or tinted films, on the side and rear windows and on theglassed sunroof, and on the following condition – openings in these films must allowa person outside the car to see the driver as well as the contents of the car.11.4. Driver’s safety equipmentEvery competitor has to put forward full clothes, which will be used including helmetsand system HANS and filled out documents of safety equipment. Agreement will bechecked with Article 3 appendix L ISC and with technical regulations – see Appendix5 hereby SR.15 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

11.5. Noise levelAll the cars must be equipped with a proper stable exhaust silencer. External noiselevel measured by a static method must not exceed the value of 96 dB (A) in GroupsN and A with error tolerance of +2 dB (A). The measurement shall be performedaccording to the EHK 51.02 Directive at 3500 rpm for petrol engines and 2500 rpmfor diesel engines.Noise level will be measured during the scrutineering and/or during the event. Anycar exceeding the permitted noise level at the scrutineering will not be permitted tostart. Any excessive noise level detected during the event will be reported to theStewards.11.6. National technical regulationsAll vehicles must comply with the Czech law no. 56/2001 with exceptions for sportcars.11.6.1 Exhaust catalystsAll the cars must be obligatorily equipped with an efficient homologated exhaustcatalytic converter fulfilling the following criteria:• reduction of CO content in exhaust gases after passing through catalyst by 40%• max. concentration of 2 % CO in exhaust gases at the end of tail pipeAny car with missing or incomplete catalyst at scrutineering will not be permitted tostart. Any car with missing or incomplete catalytic converter noticed during the eventwill be reported to the Stewards.11.6.2 LightingIt is forbidden to drive with additional searchlights without homologation E switchedon in the connecting sections. Non-compliance will be reported to Stewards.11.7. Obligatory ONI ® monitoring system11.7.1 Details are given in Appendix 6 of these .11.7.2 Start of rally car without ONI ® system is not allowable.11.7.3 Any attempt to tamper with, to manipulate or to interfere with the trackingdevice fitted to the competition car or any device that fails to record a trace due toexternal interference, will be reported to the stewards who may impose a penalty upto exclusion.11.7.4 Lending fee: tracking unit CZK 100new bracket CZK 300complete tracking system (for foreigner crews) € 1512. OTHER PROCEDURES12.1. Start of rally and starting order12.1.1 Ceremonial startAll the crews with their cars and with overalls will attend to the ceremonial startaccording to starting order. See Article 3 PROGRAMME. The time applies for thepreparation area in the front of start ramp. Cars will go on the start ramp only under16 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

the direction from marshals. The ceremonial start will be initiated by the country flagwave.Other situations as described in FIA Regional Rally Sporting Regulations, Article Start rallyThe official start of the rally will be at TC 1C in the Service Park.12.1.3 Restart after retirementA competing car which fails to finish leg 1 will be permitted to restart the next leg. Theconditions of Article 39.6 of FIA RRSR have to be respected.Prior to restarting the leg 2, the car has to pass inspection by the scrutineers in ParcFermé – 3 rd July 2011 at 07: Starting system of special stages (except the Super special stage)Supported by a photocell to detect the false starts. Start is standing and the front ofcar has to be placed on the starting Start of SS will be performed by an electronicdigital countdown system will be line.During the last minute before start the crew is obligatory to switch the ONI system(GPS) into “SS” mode.Activity during start SS:• 39 seconds - red light switches on• 30 seconds - starter shows on the countdown system• 10 seconds - red light blink• 5 seconds - yellow light switches on• START - green light switches on• -20 seconds - green light switches off and red light switches on12.1.5 Activity during start of Super SS (SS1):The rolling start initiated this SS. The crew starts off under the directions of themarshal and the precise time will be taken by a photocell situated approximately 50mpast the start line.12.1.6 Activity during start of Super SS (SS9):• 15 seconds - starter shows "15" on a hand-held table• 10 seconds - starter shows "10" on a hand-held table• 5 seconds - starter points at the starting lights where at first a red light turnson.• START - the green light turns on and the timekeeping system will startworking.• - 20 seconds - green light switches offIn case of the starting lights failure, the start will be given in a similar manner using aflag as follows: 5 seconds before the start, the timekeeper will raise the flag slowlyupwards and he will drop it down immediately at the moment of the start.Further on the provisions applicable to the FIA Regional Rally Championships stay inforce. The false starts will be detected by electronic system and will be penalised inaccordance with the FIA Regional Rally Championships.12.2. Ceremony at the finishRally will finish at the holding area before finish ramp. First three crews in generalclassification will follow the instructions of the organiser to make a prize-giving at the17 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

winners´ podium. Other prize will be get according art. 14.2 of these SupplementaryRegulations on the finish ramp. After ceremony crews are obligatory go to the finishParc ferme.12.3. Permitted early check-inEarly check-in at the Parc Ferme (TC 1B) is permitted.Early check-in at the end of leg 1 (TC 9B) is permitted.Early check-in at the end of the rally (TC 15D) is permitted.12.4. Super special stage12.4.1 RetardersDue to safety reasons retarders will be positioned on the rally route. The judges offact will be published on the Official Notice Board.Incorrect barrier passing will be penalised by the Clerk of the Course as follow:- move (rollover) one part of the barrier outside basis 5 seconds- crash into or not passing complete the barrier 30 seconds- not passing (omit) the barrier 1 minute12.4.2 SS1 Super SS Mladá Boleslav12.4.2.1 Crews will start according to starting order published on the official noticeboard. Time relates to TC0 in service park. The area between TC0 and TC1 is underthe Parc Ferme rules apply. The time of arrival will be written to all crews in the road book at TC1 BondyCentre. The estimated start time of the following SS won’t be noted. The crews, which fail to finish the SS or withdraw during the section 1, willobtain a spare time result of 6 minutes. This time will be also assigned to thosecrews, whose finish time is longer than 6 minutes. The crew, which doesn’t finish theSS1 or road section to the Parc Ferme, is allowed to enter the start of leg 1 section 2under the condition of repairing the car and passing it to Parc Ferme no later than 1hours in advance of the scheduled start. It will be checked by the technical inspectorsand has to pass the check successfully at least 1 hour before the start if this section.12.4.3 SUPER SS on Autodrom Česká LípaThis SS (SS9) in which always a pair of the rally cars will start simultaneously and willrun the same distance up to the finish. In TC 9 Sosnová a time of arrival will be entered on the time card of thecrew and will not enter provisional stage start time. After the control in TC 9, the carswill go directly to the pre-start area where they will be ordered for the start by theorganizer. The first car from each pair will run on the RH line and the second car onthe LH line of the circuit. The start will not be given in full minutes but will be donedepending on the existing situation on the Super SS road. Within all the areabetween TC9 and the start of Super SS, the rules of PF will apply. After passing the finish line of Super SS, the crew is obliged to stop at theSTOP control where a time of SUPER SS will be entered in the time card of the crew.18 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS Any demonstrable failure to run the Super SS road (to shorten it) will beannounced to the Stewards of the Meeting who may impose sanctions in accordancewith Art. 152 and 153 of the FIA International Sporting Code. If a rally car is unable to finish the Super SS within 10 minutes after start, itwill be transported by the organisers to the pre-arranged area at the Autodrom ČeskáLípa. The crew will submit the time card in the TC 1A (Stop) to stamp it and to enterthe existing time. The crew will be penalised 10 minutes and may continue the rally.12.4.4 Shakedown12.4.4.1 Only those competitors whose enter until specified term may start in to theShakedown - See Article 3 PROGRAMME12.4.4.2 If there is a person in the car who is not a rally participant, this person mustsign a declaration provided by the organizer, that he/she goes on their own risk (notinsured by the organizer). For fire proof clothes, head and neck support device(FHR), etc. the same rules as for the rally participants in a Special Stage are valid.12.5. Organisation of service parks12.5.1 For service and Service Park are valid article FIA Regional RallyChampionships (especially art. 2.11 and art. 42 till 46) and hereby SR.12.5.2 Service Park in Mladá Boleslav will be open See Article 3 PROGRAMMEThe area about 100 m 2 will be reserved for the FIA and ASN priority drivers. Othercrews have a claim to the area about 80 m 2 . Map with places for each competitor willbe publishing at Collection of the road book and on the organizer´s website. Extraservices order must be sent to organizer the date and time in the Programme Art. One assistance car “SERVICE A” and one assistance car “SERVICE B” percrew can only enter the service park (s. art.4.4.2) except Autodrom Česká Lípa,There can enter only SERVICE A. Competitor can buy a maximum two anothermarking (AUXILIARY) for team cars. Prize is CZK 1000/ € 40. Parking for these carswill be near Service Park.12.5.4 The speed of cars in the service parks may not exceed 30 km/h12.5.5 Flexi ServiceCars can leave Service Park since 45 min. and they can run on night closed parkwith allowed early arrival. In others cases will be accepted FIA RRSR prescriptions.Running time Flexi service started from arrival the first car to the Parc Ferme andfinished on 01: Catering in service areaIf your team or any other company would like to have a catering for their guests inservice area, it must be settled with organiser before starting administrative checking.In other cases organisers can forbid this catering. Selling food and drinks in servicearea without permition of organisers is strictly forbidden.19 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

12.5.7 Caution for service park placeOn being assigned the place, the crew will deposit a surety amounting to CZK 1000/€ 40 for the settlement of cleaning the place. The amount will be returned afterhanding over the clean place to the service car park chief.12.5.8 Violation of Service Park restrictions will be penalized up to CZK 5.000 / € 200applied by the Clerk of the Course. Heavy infringements will be reported to theStewards.12.6. Official time used during the rallyAn official time throughout the event corresponds with time signal sent by the CzechRadio 2 (Ceský rozhlas 2) on frequency 106,9 or 89,9 MHz.or at the phone number14112.13. IDENTIFICATION OF OFFICIALSThe post-chiefs will be identified as follows:Chief of TC: red tabardChief of SS: green tabardRadio marshals: yellow tabard with radio point symbol on the chestSafety officers: orange tabard14. CLASSIFICATION AND PRIZES14.1. Classification14.1.1 Classification of the FIA European Rally Cup – Region Central• General classification14.1.2 Classifications Mediasport International Rally Championship of CzechRepublic• General classification• Group S2000• Group A (class 5, 6, 7)• Group N (class3, 8, 9, 10)• Standalone classification of 2WD• Juniors less than 25 years• the best lady’s crew• the best mixed crew14.1.3 Standalone classification of individual legs• General classification of leg 1• General classification of leg 214.1.4 The results will be published in accordance with FIA Regional RallyChampionships.20 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

APPENDIX 1: ITINERARYFriday / Pátek 1. 7. 2011 LEG 1 / 1. ETAPA 0:030:05SS/RZTC/ČKLocationMístoSS dist.RZ délkaLiaison dist.Trať bez RZTotal dist.Spoj. úsekTarget timeJízdní dobaFirst car dueČas 1. jezdceCEREMONIAL START - Na Karmeli 17:000 Mladá Boleslav (Gate 11) 19:451 Mladá Boleslav - Bondy Centrum 1,10 0:10 19:55SS1 Super SS Mladá Boleslav 2,40 20:001A Mladá Boleslav Stop / TC 1A 0:06 20:061B Parc Ferme IN (Gate 11) 1,80 1,80 0:10 20:16Section 1Saturday / Sobota 2. 7. 20111C START RALLY BOHEMIA - Parc Ferme OUT - Service IN 8:00Service A (Mladá Boleslav) (02,40) (02,90) (05,30) 0:151D Service OUT 8:15Refuel RZ 1 (Mladá Boleslav)Distance to next refuel (Mladá Boleslav) 35,29 120,76 156,052 Splzov 44,00 44,00 0:51 9:06SS2 Bzí I. 7,77 9:093 Vrkoslavice 6,03 13,80 0:18 9:27SS3 Smržovka I. 11,07 9:304 Velké Hamry 9,63 20,70 0:28 9:58SS4 Šumburk I. 16,45 10:014A Regrouping IN 61,10 77,55 1:29 11:30Regrouping (Mladá Boleslav) - Přeskupení 0:204B Regrouping OUT - Service IN 11:50Service B (Mladá Boleslav) (35,29) (120,76) (156,05) 0:304C Service OUT 12:20Refuel RZ 2 (Mladá Boleslav)Distance to next refuel (Mladá Boleslav) 35,29 120,76 156,055 Splzov 44,00 44,00 0:51 13:11SS5 Bzí II. 7,77 13:146 Vrkoslavice 6,03 13,80 0:18 13:32SS6 Smržovka II. 11,07 13:357 Velké Hamry 9,63 20,70 0:28 14:03SS7 Šumburk II. 16,45 14:067A Regrouping IN 61,10 77,55 1:29 15:35Regrouping (Mladá Boleslav) - Přeskupení 0:207B Regrouping OUT - Service IN 15:55Service C (Mladá Boleslav) (35,29) (120,76) (156,05) 0:307C Service OUT 16:25Refuel RZ 3 (Mladá Boleslav)Distance to next refuel (Mladá Boleslav) 19,47 84,60 104,078 Vinec 6,80 6,80 0:20 16:45SS8 Vinec 16,77 16:489 Sosnová 35,00 51,77 1:07 17:55SS9 Super SS Sosnová 2,70 18:009A Sosnová Stop / TC 9A 0:06 18:069B Parc Ferme IN 42,80 42,80 0:54 19:009C Parc Ferme OUT - Flexi Service INFlexi Service D (Mladá Boleslav) (19,47) (84,60) (104,07) 0:459D Flexi Service OUT - Parc Ferme INAll cars must be returned to Parc Ferme no later than 1:00Section 2Section 3Section 4Day 1 totals 92,45 329,02 421,47 21,94%22 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

Sunday / Neděle 3. 7. 2011LEG 2 / 2. ETAPARZ/SSČK/TCLocationMístoSS dist.RZ délkaLiaison dist.Trať bez RZTotal dist.Spoj. úsekTarget timeJízdní dobaFirst car dueČas 1. jezdce9E Parc Ferme OUT - Service IN 8:00Service E (Mladá Boleslav) (00,00) (00,00) (00,00) 0:159F Service OUT 8:15Refuel RZ 4 (Mladá Boleslav)Distance to next refuel (Železný Brod) 22,07 66,30 88,3710 Líšný 42,90 42,90 0:50 9:05SS10 Chloudov I. 7,47 9:0811 Železný Brod 7,63 15,10 0:22 9:30SS11 Navarov I. 14,60 9:33Refuel RZ 5 (Železný Brod)Distance to next refuel (Mladá Boleslav) 28,41 37,70 66,1112 Malá Skála 21,70 36,30 0:47 10:20SS12 Sychrov I. 28,41 10:2312A Regrouping IN 31,77 60,18 1:02 11:25Regrouping (Mladá Boleslav) - Přeskupení 0:2012B Regrouping OUT - Service IN 11:45Service F (Mladá Boleslav) (50,48) (104,00) (154,48) 0:3012C Service OUT 12:15Refuel RZ 6 (Mladá Boleslav)Distance to next refuel (Železný Brod) 22,07 66,30 88,3713 Líšný 42,90 42,90 0:50 13:05SS13 Chloudov II. 7,47 13:0814 Železný Brod 7,63 15,10 0:22 13:30SS14 Navarov II. 14,60 13:33Refuel RZ 7 (Železný Brod)Distance to next refuel (Mladá Boleslav) 28,41 37,70 66,1115 Malá Skála 21,70 36,30 0:47 14:20SS15 Sychrov II. 28,41 14:2315A Regrouping IN 31,77 60,18 1:02 15:25Regrouping (Mladá Boleslav) - Přeskupení 0:1015B Regrouping OUT - Service IN 15:35Service G (Mladá Boleslav) (50,48) (104,00) (154,48) 0:1015C Service OUT 15:45Refuel RZ 8 (Mladá Boleslav)Distance to Finish 2,50 2,5015D FINISH RALLY - Na Karmeli 2,50 2,50 0:15 16:00Section 6 Section 5Day 2 totals 100,96 210,50 311,46 32,42%T O T A L S O F T H E R A L LYDay SS SS Liaison Total %1 9 92,45 329,02 421,47 21,94%2 6 100,96 210,50 311,46 32,42%Overall Totals 15 193,41 539,52 732,93 26,39%23 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

APPENDIX 2: RECONNAISSANCE SCHEDULE29.6.st.no. SS 2 - 7 SS 2 - 7 SS 8 a 9 SS 8 a 9start time finish time start time finish time1 - 50 10:00 - 16:00 16:30 17:00 - 21:00 21:3051 - 10:30 - 16:30 17:00 17:30 - 21:30 22:0030.6.st.no. SS 10 - 15 SS 10 - 15 SS 1 SS 1start time finish time start time finish time1 - 50 9:00 - 17:00 17:30 19:00 - 21:00 21:3051 - 9:30 - 17:30 18:00 19:30 - 21:30 22:00APPENDIX 3: COMPETITORS RELATIONS OFFICERSPrinciple missions and functions of Competitors´ relations officers are given inAppendix II of the General Prescriptions for FIA Rally Championships.A schedule of their duties will be posted on the Official Notice Board of the rally.We are Competitors’ relations officers:Mr. Martin Venuš(Languages: English, Czech)Mr. Josef Vrátil(Languages: English, Czech)24 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

APPENDIX 4: DECALS AND POSITIONING OF SUPPLEMENTARYADVERTISINGThe organizer reserves the right for the free places on the car body as shown below:Compulsory advertising:A – Competition numbers – RALLY BOHEMIAB – Rally plates – RALLY BOHEMIAG - Competition number – windowsOptional advertising proposed by organiser:C - Advertisement supplied ŠKODAD - Advertisement supplied (67 x 20 cm) ŠKODA, GLOBAL ASSISTANCE,ONI SYSTÉM, MOGULE - Advertisement supplied (67 x 20 cm) ŠKODA, GLOBAL ASSISTANCE,ONI SYSTÉM, MOGUL25 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

APPENDIX 5: DRIVERS’ SAFETY EQUIPMENT REGULATION1. Safety helmetsAccording to article no. 1 chapter III appendix L of FIA ISC all drivers and co-drivershave to wear the safety helmet on all special stages and which must correspond theFIA standards and listed in the FIA technical list no. 25 (www.fia.com).2. Fireproof overallAccording to article no. 2 chapter III appendix L of FIA ISC all drivers and co-drivershave to wear the overall, long sleeves underwear, face guard, socks, shoes andgloves on all special stages and which must be homologated according to FIAstandard 8856-2000 and listed in the FIA technical list no. 27 (usage of gloves is forco-drivers optional).3. Head support system (FHR, for example HANS)According to article no. 3 chapter III appendix L of FIA ISC all drivers and co-drivershave to wear approved head support system on all special stages and which must behomologated according to FIA norm no. 8858. All homologated FHR systems arelisted in FIA technical list no. 29 and should be used only with the elements approvedby FIA according to article 3.2 chapter III appendix L FIA ISC.4. Security seat beltsDrivers and co-drivers have to be fastened in the seat during the drive on specialstages and on track using security seat belts accordant with the specifications ofappendix J for corresponding car (article no. 4 chapter III appendix L of FIA ISC).According to article no. 253/6.1 appendix J of FIA ISC all cars have to be equippedwith security seat belts with the lock type “P” (push-button) with press mechanism. Ina car there must be two knives, which must be consistently available for both thedriver and co-driver sitting fastened in their seats.5. Driver’s safety equipment cardDuring the scrutineering the competitor has to hand in the filled-out Driver’s safetyequipment card, which is available online at www.autoklub.cz/fasacr in the foldernamed forms.26 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

APPENDIX 6: THE UNIFORM ONI ® TRACKING SYSTEM1. General provisionsAll competition cars have to be obligatorily equipped with the ONI ® tracking system.The ONI ® tracking system is in possession of the Czech Autoclub and is given atdisposal to the competitors free of charge. The return of this unit is guaranteed by thedriver’s licence which has to be passed over to the system provider from the rallyorganizer and will be handed back to the driver when returning the unit. Eventualdestruction, non-return or damage of the unit has to be paid for by the competitor tothe provider in accordance with the approved price list. If this is not the case, thedriver´s licence will not be returned.2. Distribution of the ONI ® tracking systemsTo install the ONI ® tracking system it is necessary to fit a tracking unit bracketassembly firmly into each monitored car before the rally scrutineering. The bracketassembly contains the following parts:• tracking unit bracket with cables and fitting accessory• 2 aerials (roof and inner ones)• control features :- SS/RS switch-over- button to cancel the alarm / call for help- LED indicatorThe above mentioned parts will be given by the ONI ® unit provider to all permanentrally participants in the Czech Republic to be installed in the cars at the beginning ofthe season already, or will be given individually before each event.Cars of foreign competitors and other cars with sporadic starts will receive thebracket assembly immediately before the event as an one time version. Thecompetitors will be informed thereof at administrative checks.At the end of the rally or after withdrawal from the rally, the tracking units (as per thepar. 2.3 – the whole tracking system) have to be returned to the system provider inaccordance with the provision of Art. 1.3.3. Installation of the bracket assembly in the car3.1 To fit the tracking unit bracket, the roof and the inner aerials, and the individualcontrol features, it is necessary for the competitor to meet exactly the InstallationManual of the manufacturer (the NAM system, a.s.), and to keep the unit in goodcondition, and to protect it against damage and contamination (especially theconnectors) all over the time.3.2 Foreign and one time rally participants (Art. 2.3) - They will receive a modifiedunit equipped with magnetic roof aerial and with control features which are containedin one common box the base of which includes holes for screws or for fitting straps(see the picture). The competitor has to choose a suitable place to fit the control unitwithin the reach of both crew members and he has to prepare everything for itsinstallation.27 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

4. The unit operation during rallyTo operate the unit, the crews have to meet all instructions as mentioned in theUser´s Manual issued by the manufacturer (the NAM system, a.s.).Operation during rally (after installation of unit):• Switch to “Liaison” mode before start of the car• Switch to “SS” mode on the start of SS• Switch back to “Liaison” mode at the STOP positionOperation during events on SS:All next functions are possible only in “SS” mode.• Accident (detection of crash)- Alarm is generated automatically immediately after crash and hooter sounds- Alarm can be cancelled by short push of button (1 second) in case the help isnot necessary- In case the alarm won’t be cancelled than it’s taken as request for help• Unplanned stop- Hooter will sound after 30 seconds- Alarm can be cancelled by short push of button (1 second) in case the help isnot necessary- In case the alarm won’t be cancelled than it’s taken as request for help• Request for help- In cases when immediately help is needed on SS- Request for help can be made by long push of button (3 seconds)- Hooter will sound as confirmation of send the message5. ManualsThe ONI ® system provider will give the Installation Manual and the User´s Manual toall competitors together with the tracking unit bracket, resp. the competitors can getthis information anytime on the address of www.onisystem.cz/rally.28 | SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS

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