Middle School

ExcellenceIn KCD’s Middle School, the pursuit of academic excellence takes place within acommunity committed to supporting young people as they face the challengesof moving from childhood to adolescence. Academically, we provide studentswith an outstanding program that emphasizes problem-solving and criticalthinking while encouraging students to make connections among disciplines.The Middle School is equally committed to fostering personal excellence byencouraging the development of maturity, self-confidence, and leadership.OpportunitiesProviding diverse opportunities for students to explore and expand their interestsis an essential part of our mission. From fine arts to athletics to extracurricularclubs and organizations, there are countless opportunities for students to getinvolved with school life outside the classroom. As a result, participation in a widerange of activities is the rule rather than the exception at KCD.RelationshipsFostering strong relationships among students and between students andteachers is a central part of the middle school experience. Our teachers arepassionate about working with young adolescents, and our small classes andadvisor program allow our teachers to get to know their students extremely well.Furthermore, our teachers are committed to helping students build positiverelationships based on values such as integrity, mutual trust, and self-respect.

In KCD’s Middle School, students will encounter• a dynamic fine arts program that includes vocal and instrumentalmusic, studio art, ceramics, acting, and play production.• an advisor system that connects students with teachers whoserve as mentors, advisors, and advocates.• a wide-ranging athletics program that emphasizesbroad participation.• week-long retreats in the seventh and eighth gradesthat focus on community-building and environmental education.

For more information about KCD, please visit our Web site at:www.kcd.orgContact Us:Front Desk:(502) 423-0440Office of Admission:(502) 814-4375admissions@kcd.organ exceptional startto an extraordinary life

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