Library Guide - UTHM Library - Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

Library Guide - UTHM Library - Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

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WELCOMING WORDS BY THE CHIEF LIBRARIANAssalamualaikum wbt wbr and good day,In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful. Praise be to Him, Lord of the Universe, and Prayersand Peace be upon His Final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad S.A.W.First and foremost, on behalf of the UTHM Library, I am proudly inviting you to get in the library building andhave a great feeling there. It is hope that all the seniors have been already familiar with the new environmentand tried to make full use of the facilities provided. For the newcomers, do not hesitate to ask for help for anyenquiries and keep exploring the building. We believe that these new features will ease you a lot, even moreconvenient. Furthermore, there are varieties of facilities provided to choose according to your preferences.We always try to improve the quality of services and strengthening the development of collections in order toremain relevant to current needs of the university. Therefore, we are very grateful for any feedback relating tothe collection, facilities and services so that we can constantly improve and maintain the quality of services allthe time.We promote you to have a closer look to this Library Guide because we confident that this handbook candefinitely guide you very well on how to benefit the library more wisely and effectively as well as explore theknowledge and skills so that you are able to build the human knowledge and morals.Thank you.Bharun Narosid bin Mat ZinChief LibrarianLibraryUniversiti Tun Hussein Onn MalaysiaLIBRARY GUIDE1


LIBRARY HISTORYThe Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) library began operating on 1st October 1993, when UTHMwas known as Pusat Latihan Staf Politeknik (PLSP). With a collection of 5,000 copies of book inherited from thePoliteknik Batu Pahat, the PLSP Library occupied a small two-storey building that could accommodate about120 users. Its mission was to support academic staff and students in learning, teaching and research.To support the increasing number of users, the library building has been extended to provide more reading areain year 2000. The extension has increased the floor space for reading to 200 seats. With the opening of a branchlibrary at the Town Campus in 2004, and B5 Library (above the Bursary Office) in 2006, the seating capacity hasbeen increased to 500 seats. Collections in the B5 Library consist of journals, magazines, thesis, audio visuals,novels, maps, prospectuses, examination papers and references. In July 2008, the Town Campus Library wastransferred to a new premise, to support more collections, provide more reading area consequently give betterservices. The collections in the Town Campus Library cater the needs of the Faculty of Technology Management,Business and Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Technical Education, Faculty of Computer Science and InformationTechnology.Beginning May 2010, UTHM Library has moved to new building. This building has 16,000 square meters of floorarea and can fill as many as 300,000 volumes of collections. The new library building has a seating capacity of3,000 users and it provides a spacious and conducive study environment with 100 carrel rooms, a post graduateresearched room, 40 discussion rooms, 2 seminar rooms, an auditorium and a 24 hours reading room.The UTHM library always strives to provide the best in services and facilities for our customers in line with the everchanging trends in information technology and current needs. Currently the library holds more than 180,000copies of books, 7,000 titles of thesis, 300 titles of journal, 40 titles of magazine and 20,000 copies of audio-visualmaterials. The library subscribes 27 online databases and 4 e-books services.In line with the rapid IT development, UTHM library is committed to incorporate high-tech and up-to-date ITinfrastructure. The library automation project has begun since 1997 to provide better and faster service.LIBRARY GUIDE3


VISION, MISSION, OBJECTIVES &QUALITY OBJECTIVESVISIONAspires to be a dynamic knowledge gatewayMISSIONTo acquire, manage and provide complete, precise and current information materials to fulfill teaching,learning and research needs at UTHM through standard-conform and quality managementbased on Tawheed concept.OBJECTIVES1. To acquire reference materials that fulfill academic requirement of the university as a whole.2. To index received materials according to international standard.3. To develop the library as the centre of intellectual work of the University.4. To provide a user-friendly, skilled and effective counter service.5. To assist users in getting required information for the purpose of learning, teaching and research processes.6. To provide an informative, accurate and the latest publications to promote library facilities and services.7. To educate and guide users effectively in order to optimise the use of library facilities and services.8. To manage membership process and update the record continuously.9. To manage and organize the collection systematically in order to get easy access to users.10. To provide and support the use of information technology in the library management and services effectively.11. To inculcate a knowledge environment among the university population and communities.LIBRARY GUIDE5

QUALITY OBJECTIVES1. To ensure 90% ordered materials are received.2. To ensure urgent reference materials requested are processed within 1 day from the date received.3. To ensure urgent reference materials requested will be catalogued within 1 working day.4. To ensure the ratio of suggested reference materials is 1 user: 25 books is achieved by 2013.5. To ensure items are indexed within 2 weeks from the date received.6. To ensure registration of new student and staff as library members is done within 1 working day.7. To ensure borrowing and returning transactions take place within 1 minute.8. To ensure interlibrary loan request to be fulfilled within 14 working days.9. To ensure information skills classes are held at least 15 times per year.10. To ensure library website is updated for at least 12 times per year.6 LIBRARY GUIDE


OPENING HOURSDay Semester Semester BreakMonday-Thursday 8.00a.m. - 11.00p.m. 9.00a.m. - 5.00p.m.Friday8.00a.m. - 12.15p.m. 9.00a.m. - 12.15p.m.2.45p.m. - 11.00p.m. 2.45p.m. - 5.00p.m.Saturday & Sunday 9.00a.m. - 5.00p.m. 9.00a.m. - 5.00p.m.Public HolidayClosed* Circulation Counter will be closed 30 minutes earlier before the Library’s closing hours8 LIBRARY GUIDE

RULES AND REGULATIONS1. User is required to display their student/staff card when entering the library. Loss of student/staff cardshould be reported to the librarian immediately.2. User is required to obey the silence rule in the library.3. User is required to be properly attired as specified by the University.4. User is required to obey the computer usage rules in the library.5. User is required to set their mobile phones in silent mode.6. User is required to surrender their books, files or other materials for inspection purpose when taken outfrom library.7. User is prohibited from using other users’ card for any transaction at Services Counter.8. User is not allowed to bring bags, helmets, umbrellas, raincoats and packages into the library.9. User is not allowed to remove library furniture and equipment from their original place.10. User is not allowed to smear, tear or damage the library materials.11. User is not allowed to take library materials out of the library without borrowing it properly at the ServiceCounter or Self Check-Out System.12. User is not allowed to bring in children into the library.13. User is not allowed to eat, drink and smoke in the library.14. User is not allowed to bring in pets into the library.15. Users who photocopy library materials are fully responsible for any action liable and contravening theCopyright Act 1987.16. Staff who will take study leave, sabbatical leave or long term leave are required to return all materialsborrowed from the library.17. Staff who will resign or are being terminated are required to return all borrowed materials and pay fines(if any).18. Student who will defer, withdraw or graduate are required to return all borrowed materials and pay fines(if any).19. If users violate the above rules, they could face one of the following consequences below:a) They will not allowed to enter and use the library facilities orb) They will be asked to leave the library orc) They will be suspended of their borrowing eligibility ord) They will be suspended from library membership ore) They will be referred to the Student Discipline Unit (The Student Affairs Office).20. The library management has the authority to amend the Library Rules and Regulation whenever necessary.LIBRARY GUIDE9

COLLECTIONSThe library develops and maintains extensive print and digital resources to support teaching, learning andresearch activities of the University community. The core collections comprise of subjects in civil engineering,electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology, education, science, social sciences,management and languages. The collections are mostly open access. The collection is classified accordingto the Library of Congress Classification Scheme (LCCS). Search of library collection can be done using LibraryCatalogue.There are 12 categories of Collection in the UTHM Library:1. Open Access2. Closed Access3. Reference4. Journal5. Magazine6. Online Resources7. Digital Document8. Audio-Visual9. UTHM Special Collection10. Creative11. Map12. Small Book10 LIBRARY GUIDE

CATEGORY DESCRIPTION MATERIALS DESIGNATION SYMBOLS LOCATIONOpen AccessClosed AccessReferenceJournalMagazineOnline ResourcesDigital DocumentCovers reference books in various study fields. Shelvedaccording to call number at open rack.Covers most of reference materials that are heavilyused by users and available in limited copies. This collectionis for internal reference only.Covers reference materials which contain manual,fact, schedule, description, diagram, terminology, etc.Known by symbols appeared in call number. Thiscollection is for internal reference only.Periodicals that have been published for academicpurpose in certain matter, profession or field. Thiscollection is for internal reference only.Light reading periodicals which contain story,articles, etc. This collection is for internal reference only.Covers subscribed online database, e-Books &e-JournalsCovers all documents that can be accessed throughDigital Repository Collection.Book - Level 2 , Level 3,Level 4Standard, Patent - Level 1(Closed Reference Room)Book, Laboratory Manual,Solution Manual, Study GuidecaBook r Level 1(Closed Reference Room)Dictionary/Terminology/Glossaryrd Level 2, Level 3,Level 4Encyclopaedia re Level 1(Closed Reference Room)AtlasrmGovernment PublicationIndexBound Journal - Level 3(Journal Room)Bound Magazine - Level 3(Journal Room)Current Magazine -Online Database, E-Books &E-JournalsExam Papers, Thesis Abstracts,Conference Papers, JournalArticle and others UTHMpublicationsAudio Visual Covers audio visual materials in several formats. CD-ROM, VCD, DVD, Blu-ray,Cassette, Kit, Video Tape, etcUTHM SpecialCollectionCreativeCovers materials about UTHM, materials written byUTHM staff or students and UTHM publications either inprinted or digital format. This collection is for internalreference only.Covers novel genre especially in Malay Language andEnglish. Some of them are in Japanese.rwrx- Online- Online- Level 1General a Level 1(Closed Reference Room)Conference PaperraThesis, Case StudyTechnical DrawingProspectusMagazine/JournalExamination PaperrararabrajraqNovel cn Level 4Map Includes Malaysia maps and states of Malaysia maps. Map - Level 1Small Book Books that less than 10 x 15 cm in size. Book k Level 1LIBRARY GUIDE11


SERVICESA) CIRCULATION SERVICES1. Membership RegistrationThe library management will register all UTHM students and staff as library members. New students and staff areadvised to check their account through Library Portal. Users who have not yet registered as library member, must do soat Circulation Counter. Borrowing eligibility for each member will be determined according to the patron category.2. Password RegistrationAfter having been registered as library users, you must register password to enable access to the account, changepassword, do renewal, check fines, post suggestions and make online reservation. Password registration can be doneat the Circulation Counter by fulfilling the registration form.3. Borrowing and returningBorrowing of library materials can be done at the Circulation Counter or by using the Self-Check Out Machine. Users arerequired to bring their Student/Staff Card when dealing at the counter or when using the machine. Users are prohibitedfrom using other user’s card. Users will be given a Borrowing Slip for each borrowing transaction. Users are stronglyadvised to check the due date on the Borrowing Slip or check through the Borrowing Record in their respectiveaccount in order to avoid fine for late return of library materials. The fines rate is as follows:Collection types Fines (Hour)* Fines (Day)*Open Access - RM0.20Closed Access RM0.20 -Audio Visual - RM0.50UTHM Special Collection RM0.20 -Creative - RM0.20*For each hour/day lateReturning of library materials can be done at the Circulation Counter. Users will be given a Returning Slip for eachreturning transaction. Users are advised to keep the Returning Slip until they check the Borrowing Record in theirrespective account and ensure that the record has been updated.LIBRARY GUIDE13

4. Reminder/Overdue NoticeA Reminder Notice will be sent to users through e-mail2 days before the due date. This notice is sent to inform users of the due date and to remind them forloan renewal. If users fail to return the library materialsbefore due date, the 1st Overdue Notice will be sent1 day after the due date. If users still fail to return it,the 2nd Overdue Notice will be sent 7 days after duedate and if users still fail to return, the 3rd OverdueNotice (final notice) will be sent 13 days after due dateand their account will be temporarily suspended.Users are required to come to the library to return thelibrary materials and to reactivate their account. Usersare advised to check the due date on the BorrowingSlip or through the Borrowing Record in their respectiveaccount in order to avoid fine for late return of librarymaterials.5. Replacement of Lost MaterialsIf users found that the library materials that they hadborrowed were lost, they are required to report atCirculation Counter immediately. Users will be given1 month to search for the lost materials. If they stillcould not find it, they are required to replace the lostmaterials with the same materials or pay the price ofthe materials.6. Replacement of Damaged MaterialsIf users found that the library materials that they hadborrowed were damaged, they are required to reportat Circulation Counter immediately. The librarians willestimate the amount of damage that should be paidby the user.7. RenewalRenewal can be done online through Renew MyMaterials in library’s user account. Users can only renewtwice. No renewal is allowed if other users have madereservations for the same items. Online renewal canbe done before the due date.8. Reservation of Library MaterialLibrary materials that have been borrowed by otherusers can be reserved at the Circulation Counter orthrough the Library Catalogue. The reserved materialswill be located at the Reservation Shelf (CirculationCounter) for 7 days after the materials are returned bythe borrower. If the user who had reserved the materialsdid not turn up to collect the reserved materials untilthe period ends, the reservation will be cancelled,and the reserved materials will be located at theOpen Shelf. Users are advised to check on the statusof the materials that they had reserved through theReservation Record in their respective account.9. Delivery ServiceDelivery Services is provided for academic staff only,within campus area. This service covers reserved materialthat consists of open access books, audiovisuals andinterlibrary loan materials. The titles requested for will beplaced under user library account and will be sent torequester’s office upon his confirmation. Besides, user alsocan request for returning the materials borrowed throughthis service.14 LIBRARY GUIDE

B) REFERENCE AND INFORMATION SERVICES1. Reference ServiceLibrary users who are looking for library materials forresearch purposes are advised to consult the librarianat the Customer Service Room. Users can discuss withthe librarian to get some guidance on the informationsearching techniques based on the users’ needs. Thelibrarian will identify the exact needs of the usersbefore suggesting relevant information resources.Reference Service is opened to all users within libraryopening hours.2. Information Literacy Skill ClassInformation Skill Class is a guidance program specificallyon library services and facilities usage. The librarianwill conduct the class on a specified date in everysemester. The discussion topics include materialssearching techniques through the library catalogueand information searching through the onlinedatabases. By attending this class, users will be giventhe opportunity to apply the searching technique withguidance from the librarian.3. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)Interlibrary Loan Service is a service that allows usersto borrow library materials that are unavailable inUTHM Library but can be obtained from other localacademic libraries and British Library. Referencematerials that can be borrowed through this serviceare books, journal articles and conference proceedingsand standards. The service is free of charge. Thelength of borrowing period is subject to the rulesimposed by the supplying library. Users are requiredto fill in an ILL Application Form available at theCirculation Counter. Users will be informed about thestatus of the application through e-mail ortelephone.4. Selective Dissemination of InformationSelective Dissemination of Information (SDI) servicethat available at the library consists of Latest JournalContent Page and New Arrivals Listing Dissemination.The Latest Journal Contents Page Disseminationservice is particularly for academic staff in which theselected digital journal content pages will becomposed directly to the inbox of respective requesters’e-mail. Whereas the New Arrivals Listing Disseminationservice is provided to give alert or current awarenessto the users by compiling and publishing the listing ofnew materials received. This listing is arranged byfaculty and distributed to both students and staff.LIBRARY GUIDE15


LIBRARY FACILITIES1. Library Catalog TerminalUsers can access the library catalog using Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)through terminals provided at each level. Each level of library is equipped with 8 unitsOPAC terminals. The OPAC enables users to search the bibliographic records and thestatus of library materials. Besides, users can also check their library’s account anddigital repository collection using these terminals.2. Open LockerUsers can keep personal things in the locker located near to the library main entrance.There are about 500 units of locker available on first come first serve basis. Studentsare advised not to store valuable items in lockers. The Library will not responsible forany loss or damage to any personal belonging.3. Open CarrelThe library provides open carrels especially for users who want to study alone andneed privacy. There are 100 units of open carrels located at each level.4. Laptop LockIt is provided to keep users’ laptop save and secured. Those who need to leave theirlaptop unattended in library are advised to use this facility. The request can be madeat Circulation Counter, Level 1.5. Network CableIt is provided for users’ to connect their laptop with the network point available in thelibrary. The request can be made at Circulation Counter, Level 1.6. Wi-Fi AccessThe entire library building is equipped with wireless internet access network which isknown as Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). Those who are with laptop or notebook wishing toaccess must first register with University Wi-Fi provider (Information TechnologyCentre - PTM).7. Self Check Out MachineThis is a self-service machine whereby users do not have to queue up at the CirculationCounter to borrow Open Access books. These machines are located at each level.Only users who have already registered their password can use these machines.LIBRARY GUIDE17


8. Photocopy MachineUser can use the machine located at Closed Reference Room, Level 1 andJournal Room, Level 3. This facility is a self-service machine. The prepaid cardcan be bought at a price of RM10.00 at the Circulation Counter. A copy of A4 sizeis charged at RM0.05. Photocopy is subject to Copyright Act 1987.9. Iqra’ RoomThe library provides 118 units of individual carrel rooms that known as Iqra’ Room.18 units are located at Level 2 and 100 units are located at Level 4 and meant forthose who want more privacy. Network point and electric socket are provided inthis room. There are 34 units of Iqra’ Room equipped with computer for study orresearch purpose.10. Hikmah and Eksplorasi RoomThe library has 40 rooms for discussion and study groups. These rooms are known asHikmah and Eksplorasi Room. Hikmah Room can accommodate up to 6 users persession, whereas Eksplorasi Room can accommodate up to 10 users per session.Computer, network point and electric socket are provided in this room. There are5 units Hikmah Room and 5 units Eksplorasi Room equipped with LCD projector.Reservation can be made at the Circulation Counter, Level 1.11. Seminar RoomThere are 2 seminar rooms located at Level 3 which are equipped with acomputer, LCD projector and white screen. Each room can accommodate up to80 users at one time. Reservation can be made at the Circulation Counter, Level 1.12. Information Searching RoomUsers can use 50 unit of computers provided in the room which is located at Level2, to access the online databases, e-journals, e-books and library catalog. Usersalso can view journals, proceeding papers, standards and patents in CD format inwhich are located in this room. Internet searching is allowed for research purposesonly. This room is also equipped with laser printers. The charge of A4 size printing isRM0.20 for black & white and RM0.50 for color.13. Post Graduate Research RoomThe room is mainly for post graduate students. It is located at Level 3 and canaccommodate up to 100 users at one time. This room is equipped with 30 units ofcomputers, sofa, television, carrels, electric socket and network point.14. Customer Service RoomThis room is for reference services whereby librarian on duty will assist users in theirinformation searching. It is located at Level 1 next to the Circulation Counter.LIBRARY GUIDE19


15. 24 Hours Reading RoomThis room is located next to library entrance at Level 1 which is equipped withstudy tables, electric sockets and wireless internet access. The room canaccommodate up to 300 users at one time.16. Journal RoomThis room places printed journals and magazines collection subscribed by thelibrary. It is located at Level 3 and can accommodate up to 50 users at one time.This room is equipped with terminal computer and also photocopying machine.This collection is for internal use. User is not allowed to take out the collection.17. Closed Reference RoomThis room places Reference Collection, Closed Access Collection, SpecialCollection and daily newspaper (Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Harian Metro,New Straits Times, The Star, Nanyang Siang Pau, Sin Chew Daily and Tamil Nesan).This collection is for internal use. User is not allowed to bring out the collections. It islocated at Level 1 and can accommodate up to 140 users at one time.18. AuditoriumThe Library has an auditorium at Level 3 which is equipped with a computer, LCDprojector and white screen. It can be used for screening of videos and films tofacilitate learning and teaching. It can accommodate up to 150 users at one time.Reservation can be made at the Circulation Counter, Level 1.19. Open Reading AreaOpen Reading Area is located at Level 2, 3 and 4 and equipped with 2-4 seatedtables and carrels. There is also sofa and bench at each level. Electric socket andnetwork point are also provided at certain area.20. Gallery and Exhibition AreaGallery and exhibition area are located at Level 1, next to the Circulation Counter.User can gain information and knowledge about library facilities and services,general knowledge and current issues by visiting this area.21. Interactive Library Information KioskInteractive Library Information Kiosk is a touch screen directory that provides userwith a variety of information such as floor plan, rooms location, opening hours,collections, facilities, services and staff directory. It is located at Level 1.22. Digital Signage & InformationDigital Signage & Information is a computer based terminal or display that is usedto provide general information about library. It is located at main entrance, Level 1.LIBRARY GUIDE21


PATRON’S ELIGIBILITYUserCategoriesOpen Access Closed Access Audio Visual MapNumberofmaterialPeriodNumberofmaterialPeriodNumberofmaterialPeriodNumberofmaterialPeriodSpecialCollectionNumberofmaterialPeriodCreativeNumberofmaterialPeriodDiploma/BachelorStudents1530days34hours11day14hours14hours330daysMasterStudents2030days34hours11day14hours14hours330daysPhDStudents2030days34hours33days14hours14hours330daysTutor 2060days34hours33days14hours14hours330daysLecturer 3090days34hours35days14hours14hours330daysAdminStaff1030days34hours15days14hours14hours330daysResearchOfficer2060days34hours33days14hours14hours330days*Reference collection, journal and magazine are for internal reading only.LIBRARY GUIDE23

CLASSIFICATION OF LIBRARY MATERIALSMaterials on the shelves are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.This is to facilitate users in their search. A simplified classification schedule is provided below:Library of Congress ClassificationABCDE - FGHGeneral WorksPhilosophy. Psychology. ReligionAuxiliary Sciences of HistoryWorld History And History Of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia,New Zealand, Etc.History of the AmericasGeography. Maps. Anthropology. RecreationSocial Sciences (General)HAHBHCHDHEHFHGHJHMHNHQHSHTHVHXStatisticsEconomic theory. DemographyEconomic history and conditionsIndustries. Land use. LaborTransportations and communicationsCommerceFinancePublic FinanceSociology (General)Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social reformThe family. Marriage. WomenSocieties: secret, benevolent, etc.Communities. Classes. RacesSocial pathology. Social and public welfare. CriminologySocialism. Communism. Anarchism24 LIBRARY GUIDE

JPolitical ScienceKLMNPQRSLawEducationMusic and Books on MusicFine ArtsLanguage and LiteratureScience (General)QAQBQCQDQEQHQKQLQMQPQRMathematics. Computer science.Electronic data processingAstronomyPhysicsChemistryGeologyNatural history. BiologyBotanyMedicineZoologyHuman anatomyPhysiologyAgricultureMicrobiologyTTechnology (General)TATCTDTETFTGTHTJTKTLTNTPTRTSTTEngineering (General).Civil engineering (General)Hydraulic engineering.Ocean engineeringEnvironmental technology.Sanitary engineeringHighway engineering.Roads and pavementsRailroad engineering and operationBridge engineeringBuilding constructionMechanical engineering and machineryElectrical engineering. Electronics.Nuclear engineeringMotor vehicles. Aeronautics.AstronauticsMining engineering. MetallurgyChemical technologyPhotographyManufacturesHandicrafts. Arts and craftsTXHome economicsUMilitary ScienceVNaval ScienceZBibliography. Library Science.Information ResourcesLIBRARY GUIDE25


B) CALL NUMBEREach book in the library has a unique call number. A call number is like an address that tells you where a bookis located in the library. It consists of the following information:• Class• Subclasses• Classification by area, format and etc. if any subclasses, geography, format• Cutter Number based on the main entry e.g. the author’s, corporate body, institution or title’s first letter• Year of publication• SymbolExample: TP1175 .E9 .C48 2011TP 1175.E9.C482011Subject ( Chemical technology )Classification of Subject ( Plastic--Extrusion )Cutter Number AuthorYear of PublicationEvery call number is written from left to right in Library Catalog and from top to bottomat spine label.C) ARRANGEMENT OF MATERIALS ON THE SHELVESMaterials are arranged alphabetically by class number. Call number is read from left to right and top to bottom.Example:LIBRARY GUIDE27






DIRECTORY OF LIBRARIANSBharun Narosid bin Mat ZinChief binti MusaSenior Deputy Chief bin YahyinDeputy Chief & HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT DIVISIONMohd Azizi bin ShamsudinAssistant GUIDE33

INFORMATION RESOURCES ACQUISITION DIVISIONMohd Razif bin M. IsmailSenior LibrarianMonograph & Audio Visual Acquisition Raudhah binti RuslanLibrarianSerials and Database Acquisition Khairul Naser bin IbrahimLibrarianSerials and Database Acquisition binti AhmadLibrarianMonograph & Audio Visual Acquisition binti Md. SarwinLibrarianMonograph & Audio Visual Acquisition Elmy binti Mohd YusofLibrarianSpecial Collection Acquisition AND BIBLIOGRAPHY DIVISIONMuhamad Azrul Hisam bin SallehLibrarianMonograph Indexing Saufi bin Che RusuliLibrarianSpecial Collection Indexing Md Rizal bin ShamshuriLibrarianAudio Visual & Electronic ResourcesIndexing bin Ahmad BakriLibrarianMonograph Indexing Hazwani binti WaginohLibrarianMonograph Indexing LIBRARY GUIDE

INFORMATION SERVICE DIVISIONZuhra binti ZainuddinSenior LibrarianCollection & Facilities Management bin Abd ShukorLibrarianCirculation Management bin SahariLibrarianCirculation Management binti Abd AlimLibrarianPromotion & Public Relation binti AhmadLibrarianPromotion & Public Relation ACADEMYINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY &MULTIMEDIA DIVISIONSiti Afifah binti Che IsmailSenior LibrarianPost Graduate & Research Support Noor Hasman bin Mohd TumariLibrarianEducation & Consultancy bin Mohd. SukorSenior LibrarianMultimedia Faisal bin IshakLibrarianLibrary System Management GUIDE35


HOTLINECirculation Counter07-4533318Reference Desk07-4533319Administration Department07-4533306Interlibrary Loan (ILL)/Information Literacy Skills Class07-4533314Monograph & Audio VisualAcquisition07-4533307Special Collection Acquisition07-4533321Serial & Databases Acquisition07-4533308LIBRARY GUIDE37

Tel. : 07-4533318 Fax : 07-4533199Website : Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia86400 Parit Raja, Batu Pahat, Johor

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