Heat recovery from flue gasses in Riga city District Heating plants


Heat recovery from flue gasses in Riga city District Heating plants

Riga Municipalitymini projectHeat recovery from flue gasses in Riga cityDistrict Heating plants2009

NAME OF MUNICIPALITY: Riga MunicipalityGeneral information on municipalityMunicipality Slogan:“Capital of the North”• Location: southern coast of the Gulf ofRiga• Altitude: 10m• Total area: 307,17km 2• Inhabitants: 747 200Expected development of the municipality in thenext 5 years:• Insignificant demand for new settlementsof detached houses• Insignificant demand for new multi storeyhouses• Medium demand for refurbishment• Erection of public and business buildingsin the post industry areas of the cityMini-project title: Heat recovery from flue gasses in Riga city District Heating plantsShort project descriptionThe objective of the project is to implement best available technology (BAT) in city heat production,promote climate tackling activities and to disseminate experience of energy efficiency achievements inboth local and international level. The project aims at implementing energy efficiency improvementmeasures using new technology which allow to reduce GHG emissions in heat production of city andwill be example for sharing experience to other heat suppliers in both local and international level.Nations of the world, including those in Europe, are searching for solutions to mitigate climate changeand with a strong focus upon local and renewable energy resources and improved energy efficiency.As experts in local conditions, local authorities can play a key role in addressing the new challengesand in the implementation of concrete energy efficiency improvement measures. The municipalagency “Riga Energy Agency” is being created to manage and coordinate the energy supply in Rigacity, and to provide the information to the public and stakeholders on issues concerning energyefficiency increase.The list of main energy efficiency improvement measures in Riga are included in the long-term visiondocument -The Riga City Heat Supply Development Concept 2006 – 2016. Riga Energy Agency isresponsible for Riga City Heat supply Development concept 2006-2016 implementation andmonitoring.One of the ongoing implementation of measure of the above mentioned concept is the increase of theenergy performance of heat production plants through the introduction of flue-gas heat utilization withcondensation. It will allow to utilize extra heat in the number of heat plants without incineration offuel. Therefore consumption of fossil fuel will be reduced due to the improvement of energy efficiencyof heat production in the city district heating system.Extra capacity of the heat plant will allow to connect additional DH consumers to the existing networkwithout investments in new heat plants. Connection of new consumers will increase heat load densityand also energy efficiency of the city heat distribution network.Additional advantage of the above mentioned improvement is that the share of renewables in theenergy balance of the city district heating will increase (decreases the share of fossil fuel).JSC "Rigas Siltums" is the partner of Riga Energy Agency in the framework of the mini project. JSC"Rigas Siltums" is the main heat supplier in Riga city. JSC "Rigas Siltums" manages either heattransmission, production and supply. District heating company “Rigas siltums” invested in technologyand installed the equipment of flues gasses heat exchangers in the heat plants before the currentheating season. Total number of the heat plants reached 6, which are already equipped with flue-gascondensers.Measure of installation of condensing heat economizer on the boiler (type KVGM - 100) of ImantaCHP plant has international importance, because this type of boiler is still widespread in EasternEurope. The above mentioned energy efficiency improvement could be transposed internationally.

efficiency increase,Riga Energy Agency is responsible for Riga City Heat supply Development concept implementationand monitoring. Project procedures specify the above mentioned responsibility and could be marginalycovered by Riga Energy Agency budget.Next steps(add new lines in the table, if necessary)Deadline Responsibility(name and/or institution)Preparation of the Brochure containing the March 2010 Riga Energy Agencydescription of the project process, and issue of theBrochure on the Riga Energy Agency website.Progress reports of Riga City Heat supply April 2010 Riga Energy AgencyDevelopment concept 2006 – 2016JSC “Rigas siltums”Presentation and discussion of idea of mini project February 2010 Riga Energy Agencyin INTENSE project workshop, incl. preparation.International meeting, reflecting on the first steps June 2010 Riga Energy Agencyin mini project development, incl. preparationPresentation of the project in the Seminar of October 2010 Riga Energy AgencyInternational Energy Days of Riga in 2010.Presentation of mini project progress in INTENSE December 2010 Riga Energy Agencyproject workshop, incl. preparationProgress reports of Riga City Heat supplyDevelopment concept 2006 – 2016April 2011 Riga Energy AgencyJSC “Rigas siltums”Project report preparation and presentation inINTENSE project workshop, incl. preparationJuly 2011 Riga Energy AgencyExpected result (e.g. Our municipality is 100% CO2 free - by when?)The implementation of project shall reduce natural gas consumption already by the current heatingseason.Additional information you consider relevant:Riga City Council signed the Covenant of Mayors with an active assistance of Riga Energy Agencylast year. Now Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) of Riga City is under development and theproject idea is going to be included in the list of energy efficiency improvements of SEAP.

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