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Governing for Results 2 - Washington State Digital Archives

Governing for Results 2 - Washington State Digital Archives

Department of Social and

Department of Social and Health Services42 Agencies agree to eliminate duplicate efforts43 Applying for assistance quicker and easier44 Converting contracts frees staff time45 Customers find out fast if they’re “in”46 Duplicate payments eliminated47 Employment decreases need for assistance48 Improved process saves time49 New procedures cut process time--avoid costs50 “Telephone tag” game over; backlog eliminated51 Training techniques reduce time-loss52 Treatment book cheaper with inmates’ help53 Zero hand-offs improve serviceDepartment of Transportation54 A little bit of asphalt builds a road55 Fast action builds new “wireless” processDepartment of Veterans Affairs56 Review helps improve services for Veterans57 Veterans in two countries get counseling services58 Veterans in rural areas now receive needed servicesEmployment Security Department59 Better tracking for initial claims reduces errors60 Change saves $$, produces reliable labor report61 Fraud prevention pilot scores direct hit62 Interactive system saves staff time, $9,00063 Job seekers of employment security64 Revised process gives faster response saves $$65 Software saves mailing costs of unemployment insurance checks66 Telephone interviews find fraud, save timeGovernors’ Office of Indian Affairs67 Tribes and state government work in partnershipHealth Care Authority68 Filing claims electronically saves timevi

69 Innovation saves time, increases productivity70 Revised applications reduces frustration, time, $$Office of Financial Management71 E-mail speeds response from Governor’s office72 Personal service contracts got team’s touchUtilities and Transportation Commission73 Fact sheets get information quickly to customersWashington council for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect74 An infant not shaken is a tragedy avoidedWashington Department of Corrections75 Efforts create savings, provide service76 Partnership helps offenders in crisis situationsWashington Parks and Recreation Commission77 Credit card speeds purchasing and saves timeWashington States Arts Commission78 Grant process redesign a work of art79 Shorter meeting saves time and $$$Washington State Patrol80 Change in firearms maintenance saves $135,00081 Lease of towers rings up revenue for state coffers82 Regular unleaded gasoline fuels $1,000 savings83 Sex offenders’ reports costs cut -- $100 to $1.66Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board84 Settling disputes early saves $27,000vii

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