EJS I I TOI'1MY BANKS WAY - Yardbird Suite

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EJS I I TOI'1MY BANKS WAY - Yardbird Suite

EJSI I TOI'1MY BANKS WAY(Corner of 102 St & 86 Ave)EDMONTON AB T5E 2M2

Annual General Yadlird Suitetlleeting 0n lhe IntenetNotice is he€by given that tne annuaLgenenL meeting of membeE of thetdmonton Jazz society (1973) witL be heLdat the Yadbi'd Sujte, 11 Tommy Sanks lvayEdmonton, Albeta, on octobet 26, ?OOO at7:00 Pll for the puryoee oft1. R€c€iving th€ Eport of the ptesidenl2. R€€€iving and conrjdenng the Eport ofthe treasurs of tn€ Society for th€ fiscaty€ar ended Juty 31, ?000 includins tneappointment of the auditoE for t}le cominqyeat3. Eledion of the boad of di|Ecto6 and offi-4. The trdnsition of such fudh€r businegg a9may pmpedy come befoe tne meeting orany adjoumment thePof.Further infDnnation cgading the businessto be discussed at the annraL gene|aLme€tinq .an be obtained by cortactinq theYardbird Suite at tel€phone 432-u?a. ot fax433-3773.Dated at the oty of Ednonton, in thePrcvince of Alberta, this first day ofSeptember, 2000.Please visit our brdnd new site atww.vadbirdsuite.comour new web site was designed and is bejngmaintained by Chris Cate5our other existing web site that containshistoricaL intormation, as wetLas cunertprcgEmming, is beins maintained byl4arc de l.lontigny and Kettog Wilson.You can find it atww.ualherti.o/Edmonton/JazlvarhomeltmSpace br this page was donated by GeorseCannichael of the UniveEjty of AlbetaComputins and Netwo* S€Mces.Irfomation on th€ Yadbid Suitepmgnmining can also be obtajned throughthe main menu on th€ Edmonton Fieenetundef Arts and Entertainment.This tistings are maintainedby KeLtog Wikon.EDMONTON JAZ SOCIETYmembershipYour Edmonton l@ So.iery ilembeGhip rupport3a Edety of a.tivitiee and en!!rcr lhatthe bst ol li@ ju will co.tinoe to he ahome in our citf well into the n*t centurt.IGord ord- S200 q celpt&la. ldmknon1oroncyear.................... $307.25R.3ur.r .............. ,,,,,,,,,, 112.00Stud.nrorSenior . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 122.00OVISAO MASTERCARD O Chequ€Purtie DI€ -Eliry DnAhounr prd lor m.mb€Bh'p t_Ahdnt olq dedodibl. doddo. l_t_Make chequ€s par.bl. .nd mailto:Edndton JD so.iety| | Tommy BankwltEdmonton AB T6E 2M2BrinSing the best in live razz toEdmonton since 1973Canadian Publication Mail ProductSales Agreement # 1516698Advanced tick€t sat€s avaitabte thtooqhTi.k€tnaster for sete.ted shows- Look for theTicketmaste. logo by the show de{nption.Iicketnastq 5eNice charge5 wiu appty.Edmonton Ja S.d€ty Menber dis(ounts a'eava able at fi.letmast€r outlets wi$ vatid m€mberhipcad- Ticl€tinaner i5 un.bt€ to honor nenbeu di(ou.ts on Dhone or intenet odeE,To ensue a spot phase pick up yor ti*ets inadEnc€ tnough Ti.kebEst r Datrons withIick€tmaster hckets IN HAND MIL be usheEd to theffvou arc a GoLD or SILVER card membei voudo nof need to purchde a hcket for any oflurshows, You. GoLD or SILVER card is your iicket.€ven if the show is sotd out, we atways have alo chaits will be e*red,ome earty for

Ross Ulner& Ffiendslfauid0cchipinfiiltioTomito guitadst oavid occhipirti tEblms toEdmonton wit}l his trio to oD€n tfie YadbndSuite's 2000.2001 !4a5on.His fi|st appeaEnce at the Suit€ in 1998 wasin support of his sef-titled d€but C0. ow, he istoudng in support of his !€cond disc Sfiyglrwhich fbatucs tne tl{o estimabLe sidemen lrhowi[ be appeanns with him - bassist Jim Vivianand drummer Kevin lkmps€y.A Toonto native oavid has stldied extensiv€tyjn tlew Yo* dwing the 1990! rvith theLesendary Jim HalL In addition to Ha , he hasd$ eceiv€d l€rsons ftom $ch guitar bminariesas l'like stem, David GilnoE and Ben llond€r. Hehas also studied at the 8antr Cenbe for the AltsJaz Wotuhops under Dave Houand, SteveCoternan and lcvin tubank. His D€ftmanceshav€ taken him tfimughout tuop€ and tieUnited strtes.one of the hightjghts of his caeer was b€jngone of the ten winn€E of tne 1995 "Guita6 onFile' ompetition held by Jazi2 magarine. IhewinneE w€te tuatutEd on a conpjlation CD whichwa5 distributld woidwide by Jaziz.sy.ygy, defined as 'the neaiy sfdight-tin€confrgurdtjon of thtee cetesti.t bodjes in a grdvnnnyRosouno nuances. Sin@ grdduation 'nany0n Satuday, Septembef 23, lDmbonist Rors yea6 ago', Ross has mitinued to impov€ hisUtner hoss a mix of Albeit and Saslatd'eu,an plryinq as w€[ as pursuinq a tuU-time CilE€l inmusicians in a djveEe and exciting e{€ning ofjazwhich wil be e'niniscent of the wel-rEcei!€d pertormanceRoss peslntrd at the Yadbird Suire in ophonisb - Jim Btenan on tenor six and KiftvThe two br.n pLy€6 are join€d by two sax-october, 1998.Hay€s on alto elc Jim Eenan obbined his pons'aduatedegE€ ftom Rut{€'s Uni\€EiV and kThe evening wil @lar a Edety ofjaz stylafiom Ctifbrd BlDwn thDugh bebop to frEion and Mently teaddng at Keyano Coltge in Fortaggrc$ive Latin lilla. "[ie ha!€ dE brge hom itdiwrdy. He i5 v€l-known in Ednronton as ooe ofsection and dis has a[ol|€d us to pmgnm s.ne the sbonqest s.x pla!€E amund. Kih!, Hay* h.il5energetic titin tun€f for muttiplp homs," said fiDm Uoydminster .nd is a charler member of tiatUlrner €centty. "The sel€.tions auow a[ band civs Jaz, on the Bo'ds Soci€ty.membeE to be tuatu€d at sone poirt dudng the Ite drynm section bdnss tos€ther thi€enighi"tdn'ontonjans la|own lbl iJ€ir ccativiry and solidTh€ brinsr home to Edmonton sumpeter Dean peftnlnnce sh s. Rob Thompson on piano, Ihomxclleju a itasteE qBduate of li{old| Te)6s Stat!Unive6ily and onr€ntly dilE tor sfjarz ensenbL€sRoss Uln.r -at th€ Univetsity of saslatchewan in saskatoon.tomboneDear l.ld{lilt -Dean is knownlrump€ttor bitetut melodic solos and aJim Br€nan - t nor r.rfluid sound.Xi6y HalEs - .tto sarlsder and tmmbonist Ross Utner is also aRob rhomp.on - piamlilasteE gnduate of Noldl Te,cs State His tom,lhom Golub - bissbone phying is {!id with outstanding tone andlhn Slakun - drum3itational system', tuatules ten odginat composi'tions in trio and roto s€ttinqs. Geoff Chapman jnthe Toonto St satts'... ifs a styLkh, appeafingtoLtow-uphis r€tf-titte d€but CD of two yea$ago ... the tutman al5o d€tiv€6 a debctabteimppssionisthne-movem€nt wo for sotoinstrument eotitLed "Tdptych'. Jaz Reportl{againe also sa1/5'...his tines everbea&tiDugh denre hannonic enclaves as if toudnq anuninhabited highway."It witL be a Dleasul€ to wet€om€ the DavidocchiDinti lrio bact to Ednonton.GoLub on bass andthn Sbkun on drums.Th€ evening wil prDvriha gnat "listen" as ftllas tuaturing someoutstandingC.n.dianSEPTEIi,IBER.oCIoEER 2000 Page 3tatist'

Finis TasbyFnjs Tasby is a 60-yearcLd singer fiDm LosAngeLes who wilL hck off the Yadbid suile's b|rl€sssoi with bvo nights of inft.trou5. get-upanddanceotd-styb rtrythm and blJes. tlewill be makiig his fiEt appeaEncein Gnaila when he p€tbnns atthe Yadbid suite, backd by asi(-man band ted by Edmontonsarcphonilt Daw Bakock.Finis, beb€ llroving toCalihhia in Ure mid'1970tteamed his tnde in Daurr,rvhere he plryed behind twopedomec who bft a stmngimpfnt on hjs styte, torctl Fulson andJjmmy Mdncktin. He ld.s liqeLy unknownoutsrde L.A. bdbE 1998, when EvthnceRecods Eteased his cD, Jump Chitdnn! 0nthis tD, Finis do€s outstandiig cow's ofsongs by Fulsoi, ildG€ktin, Jimtr'y Red,and i4erct Baby, and he is joined by so'neof the hottest young calibmia bbe6 playeB:gdtaists Rick Hotmstrom, Kd Ramotand Coco l.lontoya, lcyboad player Rob Rio,hry lay{or oi updght bass, and Rjchad lnnes ondrums.lte c0 received gtowjng nviews e!€rywhe'Eand rcsutted in Finjs being nomiiated to. a w.[.Handy Awad jn 1999 as Atirt l'lon oeseMng ofWid€r Recognition, as wll as invjtations to p€Fbm! at high-plofite bhes ftdivals such as th€Bbes Estahtte jn Betgium, {hich frnis pLyed lrsth[.oie eviemr, Jay oblandef in Southrv€.t 8t!€st4agatE, laid of th CD, "This is not just anotherattempt at €tro; this i5 the @t thinq, . , , Tasbysings these songs with the authority that conleswith havins ben thee. In hc! you can go dghlback the€ with hjm, soflg ator song.'Finir lvho pceiv€d his fi|st n.n1e b&ause hewas the list of t€n chiLd'En, was bom n€ Dallatand by the tine h€ war eight€€n he was a blletdrunner in Dalar and the niend or two lhlbs bberlegendr guitarin Fnnhe lt€ Sim! and dtunmetirercy Baby. In hir eany b{entie5,tiiis fomed the band Theltundednds, but sit n€d fiomdruns to bas. 'I qot tirL{ of sittingin the b€cl as a drum'ner, Iwanted to hc out ftotrtdoing sbrff.' for alnostten year, unt't the1980s, .ndwh€n he Left inthe lrie sirties his plrce war tal€nby Joe simoi, sno abo went tob€.ome a sout sjnser of son€ftnis @Us that h€ noticedthe em€ young white man atmany of their gigr €wntu.Uy thisbtu6 f.n 6m op, inboducedhinE€Lf as Jimmie Vauqhan, andsaid h€ woub tike to u* th€ nai]e'rhundedidr'if th€ band e',€rb|oh up. 'I t ld him to go .head,h€..use lve we|e rplitting up," rinis sayt.nd sone fiv€ y€als tater in tudin, Jnmievaughan and (im Wilson bn'€d Ik f.buLou!ftundedidtAft{ moving to Gtifomia, Finjs lao*Bd toreisht yeau as an auto m€chanic, plrving bass onRekends in d'€ bands of hh old friend LowelFrlsom. John Lee flookl and otheE. His filstabum, apuy €ntitled Bbes lit€chanjc, came out onthe Bitish Ac€ lab€L ii 1985. Stading in the mideigtties,finir switched to musictutltim, singing and playing $e bass jn hisown band, and hit second album, PeoDte DontGn, which had a noE contempoEfy btue soundtha. Jump, ChildEr!, cne out on the Shanachjelabet in 1995,In the pan year Finir Ecorded an album withanother outitanding btue sjnger ftoft Los Angetet|(ins En6t (8aker). Kns tmesl who ptay€d theYadbid Suite four y€als ago, d'ed in a highwayacod€nthk p.d l4dch at the age of 60. Fjnis andKing Enest finirhed 'Eco'$ng the al-bum shortlybebE King Emerts trdgjc death.Fjnis! tive shows in Gtifomi. ac dyn.mic. Thhspdis he pliyed a club caled Sy cny! inilonteEy, and Locat radio de€jay RaFh Pad€r, rvhohostr a show caled 'oldier Untimit€d,^ posted ara\€ €view on tne lntemet 'Tne most |€at lowdoMR & I shos of the year . . . the type of lojceI havent head jn yeaE . . . he jum!€d, 5himnied,and juhd onstag€ .s he h€lted out'50! gnndjtr' R& B, stuff by Bobby Blu€ BLnd, Wilbed Harison,8.8. Kig, Jinny ieed, Litde Richard, JjmmyFor hk two shows .t the Yadbid suite, Finh!Ni[ be bacled up by i band that inctudes hjs lcyboadpliyef ftom Los Angeles, 0a!€ Finkteman.Jan 6adinlte - keyboadsDave 8.b.ock . tenor saxK€n Hoffinan - badtone saxAtex Heniot - guitarScott Anderson - drumstu tlE filst Iom€nun sllos of ber of tlE BDStn€t Duo and th Ens€mble lnt€nBtr.Ml rh Sarophones de Eoldeaux, wa5dle Yadhid slit€ i nes sason, {e also a nEnb€l of .IlE $tiso, Wa*iiEton, 0.C. ard F.ldedd Henh S.rophor€ Quartet!ale prcslnting t*o dueti that prior to joinnE dE Uniw6ity of Alh€i! Deprtnent of llusic in 1988, $hec t'€ tealh€5indld€ pianin Rogs Admir.l aid s emphoE iBtlckri chomber muslt coarh ad 0iEtor ofth€ Uni,,eEity Concert Band.saropllonist Wiutn sbRt as w€[as velu* gns.mu!'sttummg/hrursionist Ror d€ Jong ; a s€lf-taught mu5ician who e'rftlly dooea toRd ih Jong mke hjs music €dlsirdy by frE€ impEvietjoi. His nairtay pmj€ct js $th \lhtutk&Eenhle a d6 tE op€nl!3 ti$ Vadim Budman 3ine o97.Soth *E of duor an d4in9 nlis t€ar ha5 t hn klb€k tenhh !o tl|€ F€.tiv?L ritemanoML 0e llEique Adualbtogeths tu dle first tim a'd {E De Vidonaviue in ou€b$ and th€Fridiq ofth€e 'nusiciac ir geacd tdmnton, Sahtooi, and lhicouwto €rploc tlE unla'om in an eait' Jaz Fe.tivab. rhey pefomed ining ew ng of inpmvis€d mu5ic at ib fiiBLVaMer wi$ &itjsh inprcvrer JohnPianist Roser Adftinl gGduated {itn a Doctor of flusn d€gE fion tlF Uni!€6it of Butchd and Phil Dumir VertntAlb€ro. Since coning to Ednonton in 1988 tE has p€6m€d Nry mtts by flod€inist E E€nbh has tero c.o'* (no+ mliblyEuDDEn conposeE In Janu.ry of this year h€ toued 8 Qmdian citr€siti xontEL'DaaduEP€rwith Delel EaiL€V) oncussionist Phi[D tlon!€r. h Febnary ioger pLy.d 4 piam Eiiils in bland. As you Budman's lib€t Volatile R€cords.€menbe[ ioger pLlrd the very fEt tioneitlm in ftbnDry 1997 aid astoni+€d Listen_ Ionigh(show ril atso hting ai oftiaLeu wiL\ his inuicate solo Diano inrmliefF6Ele6* of th€t thnd CD tlat |tas ncotdedwith the tegendary Eug€nellle winner of nary ar€ds inc{rding tln C€rtifi.at d ptitde ft saophone, FGnce5hiqhest €cognitjoi of eGteft€ in mEic peftnnanc€ and pdag0g, ltifEm StEet hG ftadb.ume at the Yardbid sarite ineam€d worldside nsp€d as one of lb(n Amda! fin6t instun€nbustr He t'otl5degEer fion riodhwestlm Univ€Gity, fie [onseMdtorrc ihtbEL & 8.d€au, Fcme andthe tatfiotic UniveEily 0f Anedca. His t rhets haE incldd G€oqe Etl|e ilge, feikni*L. H€mke, Jean-llade Lon&i& Fdeid( oAtrelt a"d John r Pante.. Dr. 5t!€! a iten'. WiUia'n 5b!€t (sa@phom) & libdimBudmn (guibr,@nEt)poge 4ls.fittu aErync!. RoserAdmi|?t (piano) & Ron deJongSEPTEMBER.OCTOBER 2OOO

Gene BeilonciniSolo Guilar Jin Head OuanetJaz guitaists rarety pby or €cod albuns ofunaccompanied sotos, but 6ene Bedoncini is oneof thos€ rare musicians who has gott€n betterevery year and can perfoni remarkabte arnngem€ntsby hims€lt Gene's new abum "Body andsoul" i! just ,uch a soto allum, deftonrtratingdch hamonies and clr$icat $toing. The lr+ tineGene Bertoncini was at the Suite the sotd outho|lse was atmost rewrcnt and tirtened wjthGene Eenoncjniis oie of the F€{minentjazguitarjsis adj!€ tod.y. Hk fluid technique .ndtyicism ha,'€ won him internatjonal pGise andaccohdet and he has been head with such jizgEats as Senny Goodnai, Suddy Rich, Way.eShoder and Paut Desmond among othe6, as weuas such distingukhed vocatkts as Tony Eennett,Carmen ltcRae Lena Horne and Vic Demone. TheWashington Post proclijmed hjs list soLo appearan€ein New Yod< Cjty the ' best jaz coiced of1999j 0n his rc€ent CD'Someon€ to Light Up yLjfe,' his arangements of the g€at bossa nordcomposer Antonio Cados Jobim, won intematiorlatEws, incLuding Ecognition in BEziLi.n critiCsand listene/s polls as one of the ten best jazA potjfic and popular studio nlsician, he hasaBo wo.ked with slch compoFE is LlLo Schifiinand MichelLegcnd, and, ir addition to numeoust€levision appeaEnces has also p€ftmed withthe l,letmpotitan opera orchestc.6ene Beitoncini's perfomanc€5 ae fintastjc,he is a geat guita.ist, as wetL as a magnific€nt'&7l|El|S85ulh Dare Rcsfim ild Jim liriarGuitadst Jnn Head i5 uniting wih t*o ofGnada s most outnanding jazz musicians tur shatpmmises to b€ an Eciting tlo nights of mu5icPianist Dave Restivo is one of the finestoemeqe fton this country. He is a bvodte ofmusicians thrcughout Canada, and as a resuttis in high denand for nco'dins and tounnq.He has worked with swh notable artists asRob l.lcconnett and the Boss 8Bss, MarcJodan, itike f,4ufuy, and l'lite Downes toname a tuli. Recentty, he was a iacuLtv memberat the Banff CentG for th€ AltsInternatjonat Jazz l/o*shop, wofing atongsidethe Likes ofjaz g'eats xenny Wener, Joetovano, and Joey 8aron.Jim Vivian is weLL eltablished a5 one ofCanada's etite basr pt"yers. trom his ea yyea6 as an originaL member of the shuffleDenons to countt€ss gjgs and recoding! l,ith0tiver Jones, Rob ilcconnett. Ed Bickert,Bemie Senensly. Roy Patte6on and (enny$/heeter to name a tu$, he is often mentionedaLongside artirts tike Restivo, llik€ Muiey,and Srad Turner as one of the finest pLaye$ inthe contemporary jazz icene.The grcup rvitt featurc new mlsic wdttenby Jift Head.lfianne DonouanGD RcleN - "A tusing"VocaList Diann€ Donovin is pl€a!€d to benteasing her s€cond CD. 'A I'lusing" tu.tuesoriqinatjazz piec€s omposed by Dianne, as weLtas a seveat wdtten by Andrcw Glover andDiann€. Tl€€ at€ also a couDlp of memordbl€standad5 on thir |€.odins, wfiich was pDduc€dby sax-m.n Kent SangsterDianne is deLiqhtrd to b€ having her l€t€as€concert at tfie very place'A lrtlsing" was n ordedlast September - tne Yadbnd Suit!.Tle CD is an intimate, DeEonat vioik tiathightights hs nu5icat influences and vocatstytngs.Dianne oonovan - vocatAndr€w Gtover - pianoKent Sangster - saxophonesJim Head - quitarJohn Taylor - bassSandro DomineLli - drumsJim Head - guitar0ave Restivo - pianoJim Vivian - bassSandrc DomineLli - drums,9IGUESTS t13SEPIEMBER.OCIOBER 2OOO page 5

Daue Holland QuinletIs thele an acoustic bassist in jaz who is held in nunlelDus Gammrnominatedin highercgad today than Darc Houand? The Ecordinss inctrdins Qu€5tion andaccolades pour in br thi, stelar artjsL A samptjns AnswEr fi$ Pat Meth€ny and Royindudes a Gview of hi5 most Ecent CD Pim€ tlaynet Joe HendeEon's Gar myDir€ctj!€ in the uay 2000, issue of Douibeab a winner So lkai So Far, Tates fiDnlaudatory adrcLe and mver tuature in $e ApdL tl|e'fteHu&on with ilidEel E|PctEr,2000, issue of Jazlimes; a 2000 G€mmy Awad l{€r Standad with Hebi€tor Eest Jaz Instumentat torfomaice by a 6roup Hanco.lr and BiW Cnidf Ih€tor the Alburn Like Mind, by 6ary Budon; a 1999 chiLd within.Grdmmy nomination for PoiniJ of Vie$ S1 l{uch mo'E could be wittenkoustic Bassist of the Ye in the 1999 and the about a[ of dle othe najor jarz2000 Downbeat ftitid h& #1 koustic Jaz ptay€6 Dav€ Holand ha5 wD*€dGloup of the Year jn the 2000 Downb€at Crjti€s wid| duins his ilbstrious rr'E€rPolt and the [st soes on and on.but smce tinitations nlake this imoossibteIfr not often that the Yatdbird Suite hosts a whiLe atl of this toudng, ccoding and pertomiruadivity !t?s gojng, he began and contin-musician whose broqrdphy can truty be ca[ed a!veinlpifinq- but oave Ho|lind is that musician! ues to puEue a teaching cnR€r, first .t th€Leavinq aride his eady oe€dence in th€ mid- Ccativ€ ilusic Stdio in Woodrtock ew Yo*,1960s in Engbnd with a[ of th€ l€.dins tishts of d|en ftom 1983 to 1990 at the Banff GnttE tu tnethat counds jaz etit€, he fil5t sained widespRadnotodety in North America '^,tten hejoined Cons€watory of l.lutic in Eoston.Alts, and fiDm 1987 to 1990 at the thw tnglandl4ites Davis fDt the gDundb€ahng l€cods In a 1l€ curcntouins soop was forn€d in 1997.SilEfl Way and Eitches 8€w. l{oc cane the intuentiaLgnup Cjrcle foUolved by s€v€rdt yea$ with NeLeon and Eily Kilson ha!€ been wi$ the quin-Itc€ of ib nembets. Robin Eubanls, SteveStan Getz and a tong association jn the 197G and tet since tfie ouEeL Saxoohonist Antonio Hatinto th€ 1980s with Sam Rivels.jonE tfie q|D$p tor thit tour t€placing Chris tott€r1972 saw the nbase of Dave's first |E od, the who has otlEr comnibn€nB.rvideLy-accliimed Contupnce of th€ Bids. In ftime Die.tiv., dle gloup's curcnt ntease,1975, he tomed Gteway with John Ab€rctombie featu€s compositions by aLt of quintpts mem'and Jack oslohnette, a gtoup that har Ecorded be6. A 0oivnbeat €vie*s Paut de Eams sa!E,and touEd to the ptes€nt.'What molP coutd you ask tor ftom a C0? A sEatIn the 1980s, he fDmed his firt tuU-time wo*ins band cRativ€ mat€daL a nch and distindi!€€nsernbte sound, oi-thFspot interplay,wo*ing band with (enny Whee{er JuLian Piester,Shve Cotenan and Steve tlington, a g'Dup that jmaginative rotoists, €neqy to fum ... thrcproduced three goundbRaking albumt Jwnpin Houands quintet is on a totl llot since Chad€sIn, Seedr of Tin€ and lte R zols Edqe itingus has a bassin stampd his signaturp soTripticate with Steve Coteman and Jack inde[bty on an ensembt€.' AU you have to do isDs:lohnette was eba!.d in 1988 and his quartet tisten to th€ disc and you witl have to agce withwith Ster€ CoLman, (evin Eubanks and ltawin"Smitty" S,nith r€corded the Downbeat Album ofS^rruiqlf.ihe Year txtensions in 1989..:Durjng th€ past decade Houand was invoLledA[ of this tn|J< about Dave Hotland is not tottjght th€ other nrembeB of the quintet. Any anda[ of them a€ head[ne6 in their omr nghL RobjnEubanK CDs conristently |ec€ive the hjqhest |asings ftom alt of tne jaz 'Evi€w€rs. Recordinqs byAntonio Hat a€ no Lest steUai Steve Nekonshoutd b€ w€1l-knoM to Edmonton jaz hns fromhis past appeannc€s helP with Eobby Watson andHodzon. Eilty Kitson js truly an all-star drunrn.rTiis is one time wien it can b€ said u/ithoutEcggeration that this concert wil be the high-Light of the Yardbid Suite season.Ihh etart v6 nqde pofsibla vtdt generolasupryt trun dp hlh@-Rddds oigt5t FundthtuAh ttte nt6bn Joz Ms tte4o*Ftue get Wr t:iffi e,ly, 6 1E Eqc.tthh grf}tt to e out (see poge 2 Jolnde@ rMton).OCT 2l DOORS EPtl . gHOIV 9PMiEXBER3IIO'GUESTg $I,'page 6SEPTEIiiBER.OCTOBER 2OOO

ItiO 3 Fafrrins RGssiG uofiman,oliuel [a[G and Andruw GfillGHot on the he€ls of the Dave Ho andQuintet comes another'sup€rgoup' to lheYadbird Suite.Trio 3 is a co-op€ntive venu€ ofti€€jazLegendr 0Liver tak€ on saophon€, Reggiewo man on bass and Andew Cynltr on drums.ts bke saS, "We'E each equal partners in thego0p. We haven't got any catch phrases forrhat se do. I/s att about mixing and oeloringdiffee|lt solnd colruls. using the whote mcabularyofjazz to take the fiusic to the futuI€."fach of the5e consummate oofessfumls iscomptete9 supportiv€ of his trio rnat€s and tfiesense of rhaEd music is dght up fronL liinryoriginal conpositions, avant-gadg trdditionatjaz, bLues and bebop. Trio 3 n€ea their cotl€divegoato "each a higher spidtlat plateauand hopetuLty to have our audiences shale thatwith us.' orawing on €ach othe/s slEngths -Wo man's voice, cyrilet ftythn and tahtpower - they are technically impeccabte.unceasingty inventive and totatly $thatling.Their jaz is of today, not totauy divorc€d filmthe pa5t, but not slrvishLy dep€ndent on iteither.Atthough each nemb€r of tlE tio hasnumercus rccodings under tierr individuatnanes and countless ecodings with othermuricians and although tlEy have worHtogeth€r for nea y a decade their onty tdoecording tog€glel to dat is Live In Willisau onthe independent and no doubt h.d to findbbd DnI . Hotre/er,tiele is a good dancetnat a new EodingviU be aY.ilabLe by th€time they app€ar inEdnonton.otiver Lal€ is afounding nembs ofthe Wo d SaxophoneQuartet rrlro prwioustyapDearcd at theYadbid Suib in 0ctob€r, 1996 llen l|e pns€ntadhi5 soto t'azy'p€rbmance pieceTheliabdor of 1st & 1st' . rfth over ltu€€ decad€son tfie jarz 5cene, lab {a5 a nainsby of theile|r Yo* toft s.ene starting in the mid-1970s.It sds dudng tfiat time tftat he founded thewortd Saophon€ QuarteL since its founding,tfie WSo has achis/ed a la/€[ of populariB perhap6lnpecedentad ftr a fu€ jaz ens€nble,particulady its late€os Ecordii'gs of Eltingtonand R & B un6 Showing his v€rs.tility, alsolad a eggae-odend b.nd Jump Up. tah is anEotosiw{y unF€dictabte soloist sonewhatahn b tric oolplty. His piercing, bLlesy andbiting so0nd is his trdenarkBassist Reggie lYo nan has long been oneof tfte |l|o6t€chnical]gifted of all bassisE, abn[iad plryer whose ,reEatil€ s$l€ fits intohft had bop and av.nt-gade seEings. Hist€chnicat supedodry is topp€d only by hiss€$e of dr.matic mndtiv€. Wilh a ht bottonsound that never swanps. tNbrkman e\udesde(berate contol and undeBtated intelfigence.Having been heavity inneised in the jaz scenesince his high schooL days in Phitadetphia, hisncording caner 90€6 back to 1958, Two of hismoll Ecent discs on th€ Post ads labeLSunmit Conft|En e and Ce|Ebnl Cawms, bothnc€iv€d very hvou|able nviews. Hos€ver, it istFbabty as a contibutor to the rccodings ofotheB that he is nost well-lnown. He rccodedalno6t a dozen ccods with John CoLtrdne in1961 incuding Imp€ssions and Live at thevillag€ lhnguad. He also Ecoded nany times{ith tl|e tites of Art Blikey, tEddie Hubbad,l-e€ liloqan. and Wayne Shortff hehlt becomingin\olv€d with somewfiat mo€ adverturouspla!'eE such as al lvaLdron and iladtyncrisp€lL He ontinues to l€€p the Cottnn€t€gacy ative and is al5o a fuU-time pEftssor atth€ ew Schoot ftr Soaat Res€arch lJnive6iBJa:: thpatnert in ew Yo*.TI|e A[ Music Guide to Jaz descibesAndcv, CyriUe as 'p€rhaps the pre€ninent tuejazperclssionist of th€ 198ds and 30s. Fewfreejaz drumnt€E play with a tenth of Cydtle'!gr.ce and authorily." Eady in his caeer, heplayed with legends inctuding t{ary LouwilllarE and Cotenan lhwhns befolt toming amusicaL association with cecit Taytor whichlasted fiom 1954 to 1975. Since th€n, cydll€h6 wodad and Ecod€d witfi virublly €v6rynanE on the fue jarz avart-gade scene Esultingin a discDgdphy appoaching 100 EcordinqsLile Wo*nan, he is also on tl|€ facutty attl|e ile{ Schoot for Sociat Res.arcfi in li.w Yo*.Itlith their exhenety busy individuatcaE€rr this witl pobabLy be yofi only opportrnityto s€€ thes€ thrEe giants p€rtom onstage tog€tfieiIttk aat v6 nade pocdbb ttlth getsdBsnpo,t tet th, ,Hlrckdds Dig6tfttd drotBh tt,€ lltun J@ Pt?','t',,sSEPTE!.IBER.OCTOBER 2OOO page 7

ALL SHOWS BEGINAT gPM UNLESS OTHERUVISE STATEDlrl.r HEADYARDBIRD SUITE IS A CONCERT VETUE.Dwl€ tlb rl|oq plrr.e tur oft yorr dl phon€. .rd p.gcr$ftoo tE€d to EI(- |!.rrfita. tlnt od|c Da6.oor camcto USIE to thc D.rlb Ince.FRIDAY NIGHTSARE NON.SMOKING NIGHTSATTHE SUITE!

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