An ISS Tradition, the Juletrefest, wel - the International School of ...
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An ISS Tradition, the Juletrefest, wel - the International School of ...

Photo: ???The InformerP u b l i s h e d b y I S S a s a C o m m u n i t y N e w s l e t t e r19 December - Volume XXX - No 5 2007/08An ISS Tradition, the Juletrefest, welcomesthe holidays with song and spirit

From the Director:Last month I started out my Informer piece by writing aboutboats and this time I will do the same thing. But this monththe ship will be a big one—the ”James Clark” Ross, which isan ice-strengthened British Royal Research Ship, heading foroceanographic research in the Antarctic.The connection between the ”James Clark Ross” and ISS isthrough our former science intern, Ms. Daria Hinz, who nowis a PhD candidate in Ocean and Earth Science at theNational Oceanography Centre/University of Southampton.Daria will be onboard the ship for two months monitoringthe health of algae in different regions of the arctic. Herresearch is connected with measuring global climate changesand global warming.While she is conducting her research, she will be in contactwith Ms. Crystal Vaught’s 7th grade social studies classes. Itshould be a great learning experience for our students here.To learn more about the work of the British Antarctic Survey,go to next paragraphs are directed toward those universitystudents you might know who are coming home to Stavangerfor the holidays. On December 28, the Chamber of Commerce(Næringsforening i Stavanger Regionen) will hold a“Studenttreff/Student Gathering” at Hall Toll in downtownStavanger from 13:30-17:00.The idea is that during the Christmas holidays many”Stavanger Kids” who may be attending university outsidethe country will be back in town and it is a good time for localbusinesses--the oil industry, banking, public sector/Kommunejobs etc.,--to be in contact with them as potential employees.There is a concern locally that many of the best and brightestwho go off to university outside the country may be lured byforeign employers away from ”returning home.”It can be a particularly good place to be exposed to potentialsummer jobs in Stavanger for university students as well.Perhaps you know an ISS graduate, a friend, relative, oranyone else who will be in Stavanger over the Christmasholidays and potentially might be interested in attending.There isn’t a cost for attending, but there is an RSVP to bereturned.Last December, I know a group of our graduates who went,made some interesting connections and enjoyed spending theafternoon around a lot of other university students back forthe holidays. Food and entertainment were also a part of thegathering—always a draw for university students!I suggest to anyone that decides to go that they should takecopies of their CV/resume along ready to hand out toprospective contacts. To learn more about the gathering andto sign up, go to: and look for theFrom the ISS Santa Lucia Procession 20072 · The Informer 19 December 2007

heading, “Studenttreff” on the right side of the home page.There is also a list on the site of the companies who will berecruiting on the website. Good luck, students!I’ll make special mention of the All-School Roundtable that washeld on Monday, November 26. I thank the fourteen parentswho attended for coming and for their questions and sharingtheir suggestions. There will also be separate primary, middleand high school forums scheduled later in the school year.It has been particularly busy lately working on admissions ofnew students. We know of over twenty new students who willjoin us in January. As always, we will also lose some who movein late December and we wish them well in their newsurroundings.We have had a wonderful stretch of concerts, musicals and sportswhere I have had the pleasure of seeing many of you. Thank youfor coming out and supporting your students. And thank you,as well, to the Parent Association who showed their wonderfulsupport of our employees by putting on a lovely holiday spreadof delicious treats for our staff last week. Thank you—it wasdelicious and much appreciated.Since this is the last Informer before we begin our holidays, mayI wish you a wonderful, restful, healthy and happy holiday andwe will welcome you all back—along with many new students—in 2008.Thank you.Dr. Linda Duevel,DirectorInternational School of StavangerLDuevel@isstavanger.noFrom the ISS Santa Lucia Procession 2007The Informer 19 December, 2007· 3

High School Counselor’s NotesQUESTIONS FOR THE COUNSELOR? Email or call 51 55 43 13Congratulations to all of our twelfth graders who haveworked hard to complete their university applications to theUK, US, The Netherlands and Canada. All of the applicationpackets that were submitted to the Counseling Office byDecember 1 will be emailed or mailed by December 14,2007.FOR STUDENTS HEADED TO THE UK FORUNIVERSITY:The Erasmus programme was set up by the European Unionnearly 20 years ago to promote mobility of students and staffacross Europe. All the places at UK institutions have been takenup by students from the continent, but young people in the UKhave never filled those available for them abroad. A study by theHigher Education Funding Council into why numbers havebeen decreasing since 1998 found that finance, worry aboutstudying a foreign language and fear of the unknown were themain concerns. This year the British Government decided towaive the new annual tuition fees of up to £3,000 for the year inwhich the student is abroad. In addition, Erasmus is not confinedto language or business students and there are several countrieswhere you can study abroad in English for other programmes.GAP YEAR IDEAS:For students planning a gap year why not consider a volunteer orservice project. Review or for further ideas.NOTICE TO ALL ELEVENTH GRADE STUDENTS ANDTHEIR PARENTS:If you are planning to apply to a US or Canadian College/University it is strongly recommended that you take either yourACT or SAT Reasoning Test once this next semester and onceduring the first semester of your twelfth grade year. Check theregistration deadlines for international students and make sureyour application is emailed or sent prior to the deadline. Alsocheck to see if the College/University you are planning to applyto requires the SAT II Subject Tests. If these are required then itis recommended that you take these during the fall semester ofyour senior year. The SAT Subject Tests may not be taken on thesame date as the SAT Reasoning Test. More information will begiven at the Junior Seminars which will start after the winterbreak.To register online for the SAT exam that will be offered here atISS on May 3, 2008 go to www.collegeboard.comTo register online for the ACT exam that will be given here atISS on April 12, 2008 go to www.actstudent.org4 · The Informer 19 December 2007JUNIOR SEMINAR will be held during last block every‘Friday 2’ second semester starting Feb. 1, 2008. We shall bediscussing the details of the IB Program completion and postgraduation plans.SUMMER STUDY PROGRAMSWe have received a wide variety of brochures and informationfrom summer study programs. Please check the college bulletinboard or ask in the Counseling Office for more informationINTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE - SPRINGREVISION COURSES 2008 and SUMMER UNIVERSITYTOURSwww.osc-ib.comBest Regards,Carole SchweidHigh School Counselorcschweid@isstavanger.noCALLING ALLTUTORS!One of the many services offered by the High SchoolCounseling Office is the maintenance of a list of names ofparents who are both willing and able to serve as tutors toISS students in need of additional academic support.As our demand for tutors is greater than our supply, wewould like to invite parents with backgrounds in coreacademic areas (math, sciences, history, and languages)to join our pool of mentors/tutors.If you are interested in assisting please contact Ms. CaroleSchweid at Please note thatthere is a great need for math tutors.(The Counseling Office provides a list of area tutors as a courtesy to ISSstudents and their parents. All scheduling and private tuition arrangementsare the sole responsibility of the tutor and student.)

Mi d d l e- a n d Pr im a r y Sc h o o l Co u n s e l o r’s No t e sCan we t alk. . . ?Hello-Safety has been a topic that students and administration have spent time researching and investigating. Grade 5 researched on howmuch reflector material students at all levels at ISS wear. Teachers and administrators have looked at safety on the playground andvisited classrooms. One area that you could help us is by reminding your kids about safety when walking to and from the bus stopor walking to and from school.Wh a t t o r e m i n d c h i l d r e n a b o u t :• Wear a reflective vest and reflective covering onbackpack.• If age appropriate, carry a cell phone with an ICE number(In Case of Emergency).• Encourage neighbourhood children to walk in groups.• Remind your child to never accept a ride or gift from astranger that you have not identified as a trusted person.• Avoid getting too close to a stranger’s vehicle.• If you are being harassed by someone in a car turn aroundand walk back the way you came. The driver would have tostop and turn around or go in reverse.• Carry a whistle.• Encourage your child to be confident about saying “No”.• Encourage child to trust their feelings.• Tell a trusted adult or appropriate stranger (bus driver,police, store clerk) immediately if approached by astranger.• Try to remember facts about the car and person.Ho w t o r e m i n d c h i l d r e n:1.2.When discussing safety use a calm and confident voice.Try not to create unnecessary fear of situations orpeople.Consider the child’s development stage:3-5 year old children are curious and naturally trusting.They respond to adults who are kind andentertaining.6-9 year old children have a clearer understanding ofright and wrong. They will more likely be able toremember specific information but could beoverwhelmed if a difficult situation presents itself.10-13 year old children may be overly confident intheir ability when confronted by a difficult situation.They may feel embarrassed if they are scared and nottake the situation seriously.3. Younger children benefit from role play and thoughtfulrepetitive reminders. Older children can also benefitfrom role play and positive open discussion.4. TALK (discuss safety), ASK (check to see what theyheard), PRACTICE (asking for help etc.).5. Reinforce these simple safety tips throughout childdevelopment.6. Maintain a sharing and open relationship with yourchild.Thank you for your time and attention. We are lucky to live in a safety-conscious country like Norway.Sincerely,Matthew ArmstrongPrimary/Middle School CounselorMArmstrong@isstavanger.noThe Informer 19 December, 2007· 5

News from the Exams CoordinatorIB2 M OCK E XAM SCHEDULE: J ANUARY 2008Day Morning AfternoonDay 1 (Thursday 10 th Jan) English A1 HL (2h)English A1 SL (1h30m)English A2 HL (2h)English A2 SL (1h30m)Economics HL (1h + 1h)Economics SL (1h)Psychology HL (2h)Psychology SL (2h)Day 2 (Friday 11 th Jan)Economics HL (2h)Economics SL (2h)Psychology HL (2h + 1h)Psychology SL (1h)History HL (1h + 1h30m)History SL (1h + 1h30m)Day 3 (Monday 14 th Jan) History HL (2h 30m) Maths HL (2h)Math SL (1h30m)Math Studies (1h30m)Day 4 (Tuesday 15 th Jan)6 · The Informer 19 December 2007Maths HL (2h)Math SL (1h30m)Math Studies (1h30m)Day 5 (Wednesday 16 th Jan) Chemistry HL (1h 15m)Chemistry SL (1h)Visual Arts HL/SL – checkwith your teacher for detailsDay 6 (Thursday 17 th Jan) French B (1h30m + 1h30m)Spanish B (1h30m +1h30m)Spanish ab initio (1h30m +1h30m)Day 7 (Friday 18 th Jan) Physics HL (1h15m)Physics SL (1h)Biology HL (1h15m)Biology SL (1h)then Maths HL (1h)Day 8 (Monday 21 st Jan) Norsk A1 SL (1h30m)Czech A1 SL (1h30m)Italian A1 SL (1h30m)Polish A1 SL (1h30m)Slovak A1 SL (1h30m)Chemistry HL (1h + 2h15m)Chem SL (45m + 1h15m)Visual Arts HL/SL – checkwith your teacher for detailsEnglish A1 HL (2h)English A1 SL (1h30m)English A2 HL (2h)English A2 SL (1h30m)Physics HL (1h + 2h15m)Physics SL (45m + 1h15m)Biology HL (1h + 2h15m)Biology SL (45m + 1h15m)Norsk A1 SL (1h30m)Czech A1 SL (1h30m)Italian A1 SL (1h30m)Polish A1 SL (1h30m)Slovak A1 SL (1h30m)Make-up exam timeNOTE:All students will attend normal classes until the first day of the examinations.12 th grade students will have Study Leave from Thursday 10 th January to Monday 21 st January 2008, onlyattending school to take the Mock examinations.All IB Mock examinations will be held in the basement. Morning examinations will begin at 0845. Afternoonexaminations will begin at 1315. Students may need to make special arrangements for transport home fromschool if they have long examinations in the afternoon.From Lynn Park, November 2007

News from the Exams CoordinatorSOME REMINDERS FOR THE MOCK EXAMINATIONS 2008• Mock examinations are an excellent opportunity for you – use them sensibly. Prepare for the Januaryexaminations very thoroughly so that you have a positive experience, and so feeling that you canachieve your goals in May. Learning material thoroughly now will mean it is much easier to ‘relearn’it in May. Remember also that the scores count (suitably ‘curved’) as your semester examinations!• Read the IB examination regulations carefully – during the Mock examinations we follow basicallythe same rules.• There are normal classes on Tuesday 8th January and Wednesday 9th January 2008 – allstudents are expected to attend these classes.• If you do not have English as your first language you may use a basic translating dictionary betweenyour language and English in all examinations except language examinations. Give the dictionary,clearly labeled with your name and examination number, to me by Thursday 10th Januarymorning at the latest, and I will issue it in all appropriate examinations.• All students need a graphing calculator for Mathematics and Science examinations. The memorymust be cleared according to IB regulations. Give your calculator, clearly labeled with yourname and examination number, to your Math teacher for clearing / checking by Monday 14thJanuary morning at the latest, and I will issue it in all appropriate examinations. (Your Mathteacher may require more time to clear all calculators – please check with them that this date/timeare OK.)• Make sure you bring everything you need to each examination. At the minimum you should haveTWO black or blue pens, pencils, eraser, mm ruler, coloured pencils and/or highlighters … in a clearplastic bag. No bags or pencil cases are allowed. Wear a wristwatch (which doesn’t beep!!) and itcan be useful to have a bottle of drinking water. No food or other drink is allowed. No mobilephones or other electronic devices of any kind are allowed in the examination room under anycircumstances. Layers of clothing are useful as the temperature in the basement can vary a lot, andcan be quite cold! Bags etc. may be left in the cloakroom area in the basement, but not brought intothe examination area.• Morning examinations start at 08:45 – be in the basement area by 08:35 at the latest, and waitquietly to be invited into the examination room. If the school buses are late, we will delay theexamination for a short time – come straight down to the basement as soon as you arrive! Latearrivals will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis depending on the reason for the late arrival.• Afternoon examinations start at 13:15 – be in the basement are at 13:05 at the latest and waitquietly to be invited into the examination room. Do not be late! Late arrivals will be dealt with ona case-by-case basis depending on the reason for the late arrival.• Remember that some examinations continue after the end of school and you will need to arrangetransport home. You are advised to use the full time available for each examination - you maynot leave any examination in the first hour or the last 15 minutes.If you are unable to attend an examination due to illness, or are unavoidably delayed (e.g. dueto traffic problems) please call the school on 51 55 43 00 as soon as possible – by 08:30 at thelatest.The Informer 19 December, 2007· 7

The school year rolls along and, before you know it, here we arefacing the end of 2007 and all that it has brought. At this timeof the year it is natural to want to look back and take stock ofwhat has been accomplished, but I am going to resist that urgeand instead I will focus on the future. Soon we will all be havinga well-deserved break then, after the holidays, a number of thingsoccur that will help our students focus on their futures.The first event to occur will be the IB (InternationalBaccalaureate) Mock Examinations. During this time our12th grade students will be taking exams that are as close to thereal thing as we can make them. Their experience of, andperformance on, these exams will help those students prioritize,focus their revision strategies and prepare themselves for theactual examinations in May. They will also serve as ISS semesterexaminations (which the 9th-11th graders took before theholidays).10th grade students will be focusing on their future throughoutthe month of January. In school their teachers will be holdingsessions to teach them more about the IB Diploma Programme,as practiced here at ISS, and to answer all of the myriad questionsthat they will have. This will be followed by the IB InformationNight for 10th grade students and parents at 1900 on January16th. During this time we will lead you through the basics ofthe IB Diploma Programme and the specifics of how we do ithere at ISS. There will be informative handouts and time for8 · The Informer 19 December 2007Middle and High School NewsImpression from the Oslo Tripquestions. If you would like to get a jump on the proceedings,just go to the web site and click on High. There you will findlinks to the curriculum overviews and specific information aboutthe IB Diploma Programme. Another good resource is the IBhome page at www.ibo.org10th graders will also be having a Careers Advisory Sessionwith Mrs. Schweid, the High School Counselor, during schoolon January 23rd. As you can see, we make every effort to guideand counsel students as they make these important decisions butthe most important element is you, the parents, taking a keeninterest and helping your children research, think about and talkthrough these things.The 11th grade students will also have plenty to think about inJanuary as we will be holding a College Night at 1900 onJanuary 30th. This event is aimed at 11th graders but is open toany student who would like to learn more about the process ofchoosing, applying to and securing a good university place—especially in the UK or North America. We hope to see youthere.In the midst of all of this we will also be bringing the second quarter,and first semester, to a close on January 15th and, on January 27th,we will be waving goodbye to the students participating in theModel United Nations conference in The Hague. As you can see,2008 is already shaping up to be a busy year.

”Four Seasons of Norway-Outdoor Art and Kids”May 2nd, 2008 (9:00-11:00)Primary Students are invited to Paint Downtown Stavangerat the Domkirke! Violin Music will Accompany the Eventplaying Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. Free lessons prior to theevent will be given, first come first serve!Details:• Students will take 6 free painting lessons at ISS afterschool on Mondays from Mrs. Hartline a 2nd gradeteacher at ISS (she is also a practising artist)• Lessons will be taught to enrich the students knowledge of“French Impressionist Art”. Media will include pencil,acrylic paints, pastels and watercolour pencils.• All materials will be provided.First come, first serve, a small sample of artwork is encouragedwhen signing up.20 primary school students are neededFrom Akershus FortressMy final thought about focusing on the future concerns one ofthe things that you, as a parent, can do to help ensure that yourchild’s future is the future that they want for themselves. Inalmost every article that you read about some aspect of parentingadolescents, the author will tell you to “talk with your child.”Those four words are probably the most important ones inparenting, but they can also be the most difficult to put intopractice. How do you open those difficult conversations? Whatdo you say? While no one has the definitive answer to thosequestions, there are some resources that might help. One ofthem is a web site appropriately titled Talking With Kids. Youcan find it at It is no“magic cure” but there are some good, common sense pieces ofadvice to help you talk about those tough topics with your child.What we do at school is a big piece of the overall puzzle but you,the parents, always have been and always will be the mostimportant people in the lives of your children. Your guidance isabsolutely essential.(High school and middle school students will also join us on theactual field trip on May 2nd, 2008).Monday Lesson Dates (right after school):February 11, and February 25March 10, and March 31April 14, and April 28Final Field Trip will be May 2nd, 2008 (9:00-11:00)Parents are encouraged to join us that day downtown for theevent!Email to sign up with Mrs. Hartline, the Artistic Director:dhartline@isstavanger.noFrom all of us here in the middle and high schools, to all of youin the ISS community—we wish you a safe and restful holiday.Look back on a great 2007 and look forward to a great 2008.We will be seeing you soon...T.A. HennardMiddle and High School PrincipalThe Informer 19 December, 2007· 9

Co m b i n e d Mi d d l e Sc h o o l a n d Hi g h Sc h o o l Ca l e n d a rDecember13/12, HS Final Examinations14/12, HS Final Examinations17/12, HS Final Examinations18/12 HS Final Examinations19/12 MS/HS Activity Day20/12-7/1 2008 Christmas Vacation2008January10/1-21/10 HS IB Mock Exams (12th grade only)15/1 End of Second Quarter16/1 Parent Association New Parent WelcomeCoffee (0900 in cafeteria)16/1 HS IB Information Night for 10th Graders(1900 in Theatre)21/1 MS Recognition Ceremony (1030 in Theatre)23/1 HS 10th Grade Career Advisory Session(students only—during school day)24/1-27/1 MS ISTA (International Schools TheatreAssociation) Trip (London)27/1-2/2 HS THIMUN (Model United Nations)Trip (The Hague)28/1 100th Day of School28/1-1/2 All-School Spirit Week30/1 College Night (1900 in Theatre)February1/2-3/2 MS/HS Basketball Tournament (Aberdeen)1/2 HS STUCO Dance (1900 in Cafeteria)8/2 MS Valentine’s Dance (1900 in Cafeteria)9/2 MS/HS Basketball Tournament (ISS)13/2 Mid-quarter Quarter 316/2-24/2 Winter BreakMarch6/3-7/3 MS/HS Parent/Student-TeacherConferences6/3-8/3 MS Narnia Performances (Theatre)7/3-9/3 MS/HS NECIS Basketball Tournament(Antwerp)12/3 MS 8th Grade HS Transition and LeirskoleMeeting (1900 in Theatre)15/3-24/3 Easter Break30/3-4/4 MS 8th Grade Leirskole (Trysil)31/3 Substitute Orientation Meeting (0900 inCafeteria)April2/4 End of Third Quarter4/4 HS STUCO Lock-In (1900-0700 at ISS)11/4-13/4 MS/HS NECIS Swimming Tournament(Luxembourg)12/4 Parent Association Orienteering Event12/4 HS SAT Test15/4-20/4 HS ISTA Event (Hosted here at ISS)16/4 MS Recognition Ceremony (1345 inTheatre)16/4 MS/HS Band Concert (1900 in Theatre)23/4-27/4 MS Girls Honour Choir Festival26/4-27/4 CIS/SSHL Rugby Weekend (ISS)26/4-27/4 MS 6th Grade Oslo Trip30/4 Mid-quarter Quarter 4May1/5 School Holiday3/5 HS SAT Test3/5 HS Prom8/5-18/5 MS Hosting Barcelona Exchange Students10/5 MS/HS Invitational Track Meet (ISS)10/5 MS Spring Dance (1900 in Cafeteria)12/5 School Holiday14/5 MS 5th to 6th Grade Transition Meeting(1900 in Theatre)17/5 Norwegian Constitution Day (HALF-DAYOF SCHOOL!)21/5 MS/HS Choir Concert (1900 in Theatre)23/5-24/5 MS/HS NECIS Rugby, Softball and TrackTournaments28/5-2/6 HS Final Exams30/5 MS/HS Athletics BanquetJune3/6 MS Field Day3/6 HS Activity Day4/6 HS Awards Assembly (0900 in Theatre)4/6 MS/HS Beach BBQs (1100-1515)4/6 HS Baccalaureate Ceremony (1800)5/6 End of Fourth Quarterand Last Day of School5/6 MS Recognition Ceremony(1000 in Theatre)5/6 HS Graduation Ceremony(1930 in Theatre)10 · The Informer 19 December 2007

Middle School News and EventsWelcome to the last Informer of 2007!purpose of correct dance etiquette.Firstly, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful,relaxing and safe holiday. I also wish you much happiness for2008. We look forward to seeing all the Middle School studentsreturning (bright and breezy!) on Tuesday, January 8th!Congratulations to the Middle School choir and band students(and Musical Directors, Kevin Christiansen and VeronicaCosgriff) for providing a wonderful evening of entertainment onNovember 27th and December 11th. The students and staff hadclearly worked hard to provide two wonderful evenings of festiveentertainment!All homerooms have spent the past two weeks decorating theirdoors in festive ways. The judging took place on Tuesday,December 18th and the results are as follows:6th grade: Otto Homeroom7th grade: Sheflin Homeroom8th grade: Wallace HomeroomOverall winner: Hines HomeroomOverall House winner: Bart HouseAs this Informer arrives home, you son or daughter will havebeen involved in an exciting Activity Day which included anafternoon of bowling! Thank you to the Parent Association forsponsoring this activity.End of Q2/Semester 1Time is certainly flying by in the Middle School! The end ofQuarter 2 and Semester 1 falls on Tuesday, January 15th.Report cards will be sent home towards the end of the followingweek.From the Middle School Snowflake DanceThe first MS dance of the year took place on Saturday, December8th. ‘The Snowflake Dance’ was a great success with over 155students dancing non-stop for three hours! Thank you to theParent Association for helping with refreshments, to Mr.Keereman for providing the excellent music, to Middle SchoolStudent Council (and their advisor Mrs. Hines for their excellentoverall organization and, finally, to Mr. Armstrong, Mrs. Gilbert,Mr. Kitching, Mr. Sheflin for volunteering to chaperone on aSaturday evening.Middle School Recognition CeremonyYou are cordially invited to attend our next RecognitionCeremony to celebrate all the events and achievements duringQuarter 2. This will take place on Monday, January 21st from10:30 until 11:40.Narnia RehearsalsAfter school rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, January 9th,Thursday, January 10th and Sunday, January 13th. Please payattention to the emails from the Directors detailing who will beneeded at rehearsals that week.Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions orconcerns.In preparation for this dance, all middle school students learntsome rock and roll (swing) dance during their physical educationclasses. All classes learnt some new skills which they all used togreat effect at the dance! They also learnt the importance andHappy Holidays!Carol WallaceMiddle School Coordinatorcwallace@isstavanger.noFrom the Middle School Snowflake DanceThe Informer 19 December, 2007· 11

Primary School NewsThe Primary School choir in actionIt is a season of festivities and congratulations are in order for somany events. Congratulations to all students on their wonderfulperformance in the Primary School Winter Concert! It iswonderful to have a common experience of almost everyone inthe Primary School community member gathered in the choir oraudience Thank you, parents for your support. Thank you toMrs. Christensen and Mrs. Magda, as well as all staff for directingand supporting the students in their work.Just after this issue is published, the Primary School studentswill have presented Snow Queen. It is wonderful to see so manyenergetic cast members. Thank you to Mrs. Kemp for directingthe musical, and thank you to staff and all cast parents for yourwork on the costumes, publicity, make-up and in generalsupporting the arts and the children.Next week’s excitement will be the Juletrefest at 9:00 on Monday,a visit to Soma Farm for Grades K-2 on Tuesday and for Grades3-5 on Wednesday. Grades K-2 also will be in pajamas for PolarDay on Wednesday.December 19 marks the beginning of a new lifestyle for Mrs.Rebecca Vetnes. She is expecting her child in January. We wishher the very best in her year away to focus on her family. Thankyou for all you contribute to our school, Mrs. Vetnes. Joining asthe new teacher for Grade 4 after the holiday will be Mr. DanKryszak. We extend a warm welcome to him and his wife,Colleen, as they settle into Norway for the rest of the schoolyear.Many children have been involved in making arts and craftsafter school under the direction of Ms Henshelwood. It has beenfun to see the smiling faces holding gifts they have made andwrapped.Some students will be leaving us in December as they move tonew assignments with their parents. We wish you the very best.We will have about 15 new children joining the Primary Schoolin January. If you see someone new, please make them feel athome with our school community.There will be a Primary School Roundtable Discussion from19:00-20:00, Monday, 28 January, in the ISS cafeteria. This is atime for you to discuss areas that you think are going well andareas that you feel are challenges for the Primary School. This isa public general discussion. We don’t talk about individualstudents, teachers or parents, but you do talk with the individualprincipal. Come join the discussion.This is a humbling time of year when we can feel lucky for all wehave, all we can share and our ties to friends and families. As youtravel and enjoy the holiday, remember to see and be seen, andcheck the optional exits wherever you stay before you need them.Your community wants to continue to share wonderful timeswith you in 2008.Have a terrific and safe holiday!Len Duevel, PhDPrimary Schoool PrincipalLPDuevel@isstavanger.noIMPORTANTIMPORTANTDATESDATES– UPCOMINGUPCOMINGEVENTSEVENTSEvent12 · The Informer 19 December 2007DateSoma Farm Trip for Grades K-29-12:30, 18 DecemberSoma Farm Trip for Grades 3-59-12:30, 19 DecemberHolidays20 December- 7 JanuarySchool Resumes8 JanuaryGrade 3 swimming14 JanuaryParent Association New Parent Coffee9:00, 16 JanuaryGrade 2 swimming21, 28 January; 4, 11, 25 FebruaryGrade 2 Assembly10:30, 28 January100 th Day of School 28 JanuaryPrimary School Roundtable Discussion, Cafeteria 19:00-20:00, 28 JanuaryPre-School 4 Assembly9:00, 12 February

News fromInfectious MononucleosisAnother name for MONO is Glandular Fever.It’s caused by a virus, the Epstein-Barr Virus.A positive blood test is the only way to confirmthe diagnosis.How is the virus transmitted?The disease is passed through saliva, kissingbeing the obvious way to pass on the virus. Beextra careful and do NOT share cups fordrinking and keep a safe distance from sneezing/coughing friends.SymptomsGlandular fever often starts with a few days ofmild symptoms, including headache, andtiredness.The major symptoms then develop, and may lastseven to twenty one days. Sore throat, fever,swollen glands, you may also develop a rash,fatigue, experience night sweating, have anenlarged spleen or liver.How long will you be ill?The illness is unpredictable. Many people neverhave to be bedridden because their illness is somild. Others are not so fortunate and need to beconfined to bed, most people are up and aroundwithin a few days.Loss of energy/fatigue may be a factor in therecovery period. How long you remain tiredfrom this illness varies considerably, anythingbetween a few days and several months.Athletics, physical training will be restricted,depending on the results of the blood tests.If you suspect that you have some of thesymptoms described here, don’t panic.See your doctor or school nurse.Heather MelhusHealth ProfessionalA big thank you once again to our volunteersand to everyone who purchased books from the ParentAssociation Book Club sale this fall. Through yourpurchases, the libraries obtained these excitingadditions, and more!Eulalia! by Brian JacquesSnakebite by Anthony HorowitzAbsolute Chaos by Sharon CreechThe Wright Three by Blue BallietClarice Bean, Don’t Look Now by Lauren Child24 Hours series (Arctic, Desert, Rainforest, etc.)Know Your Sport series (Cricket, Rugby, Judo)Animal Lives Series (Tigers, Giraffes, Orangutans)The Informer 19 December, 2007· 13

International Friendship Group – SWEC – YEPAComing up in 2008We are very happy to let you know that kr 5146 was raised atthe three Winter Concerts.Thank you to everone who gave a donation at the refreshmentsstand and congratulations to all the students and their musicteachers for three wonderful evenings of music. This moneywill be sent to Sightsavers International.The results of the Gingerbread House Raffle and theChristmas Socks Collection will be announced in the nextInformer.Chrstine KempFriday, 25th January at 19:00: a concert to celebrate thebeginning of Stavanger’s year as a City of Culture. Sign upsoon if you want to take part!Friday, 29th February: a Leap Year Ceilidh!information soon!MoreOn behalf of IFG, SWEC and YEPA we would like to thankeveryone who has supported their projects throughout theautumn and early winter months.It’s encouraging to realise that so many people in ourcommunity appreciate how much effort these students put intothe work they do to raise money for so many diverse charities.Best wishes to you all for a safe and happy festive season.14 · The Informer 19 December 2007Primary School actors in ”The Snow Queen”

Parent Association NewsThank You!To the following people who volunteered their time to make the Pictureswith Santa a treat for the primary school children:• Gunnar Braaten for wearing the special suit and sharing theChristmas spirit with the children.• Bob Sargeant for taking the photos.• Dawn Elsborg for organizing the Christmas trees and setting up thestage.• Santa Helpers/Photo mounting: Heather Livingstone, Lesley Neil, SueYolland, Jane Grieve, Retno Keeler, Philippa Matthew, CharleneEdgar, Sheila Percy and Penny Graves.As you can see, this was truly a group effort. Thank you for making it a funevent for the children.Nicky HoustonPrimary School LiaisonNew Parent WELCOME CoffeeTuesday, January 16, 20089:00 a.m.This is a great time to meet other families who are also new to ISS as well as somewith experience in the area. Bring all of your questions and come join us for coffee,conversation and a treat.The Informer 19 December, 2007· 15

Parent Association NewsMolly Houston and Lucia McCafferty wish to thank the ISS community for theoutpouring of support they received during the International Festival. The girls were ableto raise 1780 NOK for the charity Children In Need. Molly and Lucia were veryencouraged by your generosity. Thank you, thank you!!Kiosk MerchandiseLooking for that perfect giftfor yourself or others?Look no further than the ISS Kiosk!We would like to thank those of you that were able to helpus with Book Orders this year!Happy HolidaysFromShannon Lund and Carol CluffLOST & FOUNDAre you missing aLunch Kit?Jacket?Mittens?If your answer is “YES”to any of these questions,then be sure to stopby the Lost & Found areaat the kiosk to reclaim yourLOST ITEMS.Any unclaimed itemswill be donated to Fretexby the end of January.Re f l e c t i v e v e s t s in a b a g (with ISS logo on the bag)Adult sizes …….. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. kr 60(Reflective children vests XS - S - M still . .. .. .. .. .. . kr 50)T-s h i r t s:Children sizes (110-120, 130-140, 8-10 & 12-14) .. .. . kr 100Classic Adult sizes S – M – L – XL .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. kr 120Long Sleeve Adult sizes XS – S .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . kr 150Ladies Fit S – M – L .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. kr 140Sw e at s h i r t s (Ho o d i e s):Children sizes (various) .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. kr 180Adult sizes S – M – L .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . kr 230Ot h e r It e m s :Reflective moose . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . kr 20Moose Key ring (metal) . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . kr 20Head lights .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. kr 50Book lights . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . kr 25Lanyards . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . kr 30Mugs . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . kr 40Totebags.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . kr 15Anne Andries & Harriet Van Eldik16 · The Informer 19 December 2007

Balloon timeB a l l o o n s f o r a l l o c c a s i o n s .F o r a l l y o u r b a l l o o nr e q u i r e m e nt s ,J u s t c o n tac t ,Tl f: 51 6 9 0 0 35Mob: 922 11 331See, w w w . b a l l o o n t i m e . n oThe Informer 19 December, 2007· 17

WellbeingThe Anglican Chaplaincyin NorwayMake sense of where your life is headed - find the patterns andthemes that help you thrive and from that perspective, choosewell. Disentangle yourself from unhelpful habits.Or use counselling to support yourself through difficulties witheg. stress, depression, bereavement, moves, relationships, familydynamics, etc. Discover what they mean and how to respondpositively. Learn about your potential and thrive!John Gibbs is a UKCP- registered psychotherapist, works withadults, couples and children, and runs courses and seminars forgroups.Tel; 51 893337, mob. 95417443, email: welbeing@frisurf.noDAYTIME CLASSWINTER 2008HOMEOPATHY FOR THE FAMILYARE YOU INTERESTED IN LEARNING HOW TO PRESCRIBEHOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES FOR YOURSELF AND YOURFAMILY?This course is designed for those who have littleor no knowledge of homeopathy. After 6 classes youwill be able to prescribe remedies for injuries,surgery and some common ailments such as coughs,colds and flu. Course fee includes a full set ofnotes, homeopathic kit with 42 remedies and areference book geared towards families.VENUE: ASSER JÅTTENS VEI 15, Jåtta(near the new Viking Stadion)DATES: Monday mornings,January 14, 21, 28,February 4, 11, 25TIME: 10:00am - 12:00 noonCOST:1000 NOKStavanger CongregationCome and find a warm welcome.We are an international congregation from manydifferent traditions who meet each week atBethel - 59 Løkkeveien, Stavanger.• Weekly Services in English• Sunday School groups• Youth groupso Pathfinders 10-14yrso CYFA 14yrs +• Study & Fellowship groups• Prayer group• Lunchbox – Exploring Faith• Cre8! Craft group• WWW - Walking group• Social EventsPattern of Services1 st Sunday Family Service2 nd Sunday Holy Communion & Children’s groups3 rd Sunday Family Communion4 th Sunday Holy Communion & Children’s groups5 th Sunday Family CommunionContact:Revd. Peter HogarthTel: 5155 5488 OR 9777 7620e-mail: Events in DecemberSunday 23 rd Dec 6pm - Stavanger DomkirkeTUTOR: SUE TOWNSEND, Registered HomeopathFor course outline and to book a place:phone: 51 881 252e-mail: 25 th Dec 10.30am - BethelALL ARE WELCOME18 · The Informer 19 December 2007

NEW!!!! FOR 07RYA BASIC NAVIGATION &SAFETY COURSEThis 16 hour course is aimed at a wide audience, including anyone new to sailing, motor boating,sea angling and diving as well as experienced dinghy and keelboat sailors and inshore racers.We aim to give students an awareness and knowledge of basic navigation techniques and safety injust one weekend.This course is the perfect stepping stone to the more in-depth Day Skipper theory course, or tocourses on the water such as the Start Yachting, Competent crew or Day Skipper course.24,25 Nov 16,17 Dec26,27 Jan 23,24 Feb29,30 Mar Cost 2500-SHORT RANGE CERTIFICATE ( VHF )The Short Range Certificate (SRC) is the radio operator qualification which authorises the holder tooperate a marine VHF Radiotelephone fitted with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) on board anyvessel which is fitted with marine VHF radio equipment. If you own a marine radio handheld orfixed set, you are required by law to hold an operator’s licence. Learn the procedures for operationand gain the qualification on this one-day examined course.You will get hands on training, on real radio's and simulator based training. You will not be justreading from a book!!10 Nov 01 Dec12 Jan 16 Feb15 Mar ONE DAY including examCost 990- book 140-Exam 22Gbp / 260nokContact : steve@yachtsenteret.no92416635 or 51869030The Informer 19 December, 2007· 19

Welcome to TradjazzWeekend16 January - 20 January 2008Stavanger’s most enjoyable festival!Some of the concerts:Wednesday 16 January at 19:30 in Stavanger Concert Hall:Morten Gunnar Larsen and The Brazz BrothersThursday 17 January at 19:00 in Randaberg church:Ytre Suløens Jass-Ensemble and Tricia Boutté – O MahaliaSunday 20 January at 19:00 in St. Petri Church:Dixi and Melanie Scholtz – a warm voice from Cape TownSee the whole program in English on www.tradjazzweekend.noTickets/passes can be bought at Skagen Brygge Hotell, Stavanger Concert Hall (tel. +47 51 53 70 00) Tickets can also be collected/bought at the Tourist Information Officeat the Stavanger Cathedral square.Welcome to a traditional and enjoyable Tradjazz Weekend!Whenonthe School Bus -RemembertoWearYour Seat BeltStay safe!Stay Safe!20 · The Informer 19 December 2007

Chef: Jean-Pierre DucLunch Menu19 December, 2007 - 1 February, 2008In addition to the daily HOT MEAL and the soup of the day,the cafeteria also offers a vegetarian option for lunchWed Dec.19 Risengrøt (Norwegian rice pudding)2008Tue Jan 8 Bacon Pancakes or Natural with maple syrup.Wed Jan 9 Pizza - cheese or pepperoni.Thu Jan 10 Komler (Norwegian potato dumplings servedwith boiled salted lamb and turnips stew)Fri Jan 11 Cod Portuguese - stewed in a tomato saucewithpeppers and basil, served with Pilaf rice.Mon Jan 14 Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese servedwith salad and toastTue Jan 15 Pasta - Spaghetti Carbonara.Wed Jan 16 Theme dayThur Jan 17 Turkey Stew with mushroom and chives,served with mashed potatoes.Fri Jan 18 Broiled salmon with Provencal herbs,served with tomato rice.Mon Jan 21 Pasta - Gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce andsmoked, boiled ham.Tue Jan 22 Home made beef spring rolls served rice andsweet chilli sauce.Wed Jan 23 Theme dayThur Jan 24 Kjøttkaker - Norwegian meat balls served withgravy boiled potatoes and carrot stewFri Jan 25 Pollock, breaded and filled with lemon andbroccoli, served with boiled potatoesMon Jan 28 “Chili con Verdura“ - Vegetarian chilli servedwith backed potatoes.Tues Jan 29 Macaroni and cheese served in plain version orwith boiled ham.Wed Jan 30 Theme dayThur Jan 31 Moroccan meat ball stew in tomatoes servedwith couscous.Fri Feb 1 Tortellini pasta served with a creamy shell fishsauce.To have CLASSIFIED ADS published in The Informer, please e-mail: editor reserves the right to edit ads to fit the space requested by you.Future issues of the Informer in 2008 are due Wednesdays : 23.01., 27.02., 26.03., 23.04. and 21.05.NB! Deadlines are now one week before! (namely: 16.01., 13.02., 12.03., 16.04., 14.05.)sale, insert small personal ads, etc., you are charged a “private person” price.3 This price also includes substitute teachers.The Informer is printed on 100% recyclable ISO 9706 paper certified by the Forest Stewardship CouncilFamilies with children at ISS receive a free copy sent home in their youngest child’s backpack, or - inthe case of high schoolers - sent home by mail. Others wishing to subscribe may do so for the annualPrices: Companies 1 Private persons 2 ISS Teachers/andStudents 3 subscription rate of NOK 250,-. If you are a subscriber and wish to continue your subscription, aninvoice will be sent to your address in the fall of 2007.Full page (260 x 180mm) NOK 2400 NOK 1200 NOK 600!! If you do not receive your Informer, please check that your family name is clearly marked on your letter1/2 page (130 x 180 mm): NOK 1200,- NOK 600,- NOK 300,- box, or else the postman might return the newsletter to ISS!!1/4 page (125 x 88 mm): NOK 800,- NOK 400,- NOK 200,-The Informer is also issued on the ISS web-page: page (60 x 88 mm): NOK 400,- NOK 200,- NOK 100,-Go to “News” and then to “Informer”1/16 of a page (28,5 x 88 mm): NOK 200,- NOK 100,- NOK 50,-Editor: Liv Nærland Høie Phone: +47 51 55 43 22 E-mail: LHoie@isstavanger.no1 If you run a business/company/activity that makes your living, you are a “company” price-wise.2 If you have a small activity, a non-profit foundation, organise a charity, advertise your belongings forThe Informer 19 December, 2007· 21

Important DatesDecember19 Soma Farm Trip for grades 3-5, 09:00-12:0019 MS/HS Activity Day20/12 2007 - 7/1 2008 Christmas VacationThe Informer is published byIn t e r n a t i o n a l Sc h o o l o f St a v a n g e rTreskeveien 3NO-4043 STAVANGERNorwayTel: +47 51 55 43 00Fax: +47 51 55 43 01E-mail: info@isstavanger.nowww.isstavanger.noHigh School Office: +47 51 55 43 43Middle School Office: +47 51 55 43 11Primary School Office: +47 51 55 43 23Director: Dr. Linda DuevelMiddle/High School Principal: Mr. T. A. HennardPrimary School Principal: Dr. Len DuevelBusiness Manager: Ms. Brynhild ÅsheimIB Coordinator: Ms. Lynn ParkHigh School Counselor: Ms. Carole SchweidPrimary/Middle School Counselor: Mr. Matt ArmstrongSchool Nurse: Ms. Heather MelhusThe ISS Vision StatementThe ISS vision is to prepare students for greater globalparticipation by helping them become responsible,empowered learners.The ISS Mission StatementThe International School of Stavanger is dedicatedto providing its students with English language educationin a supportive, academically stimulating,and multi-cultural environment. We strive to fostera love of learning, the development of individualskills and talents, and an awareness of the value eachperson has to society. Our goal is to enable studentsto succeed in continuing educational programs andto live as responsible and contributing citizens inthe global community.The International School of Stavanger (ISS), foundedin 1966, is an independent, non-profit Norwegianfoundation accredited by the New England Associationof Schools and Colleges and the Council of InternationalSchools. The school enrolls students from ages3 through 18. ISS offers an international universitypreparatory curriculum that combines the best featuresof many national educational systems. Both the InternationalBaccalaureate Diploma programme and theInternational General Certificate of Secondary Educationexternal examinations are available to students.In 2007, the school has an enrollment of approximately630 students who represent some 42 nationalities,including students from six of the earth’s sevencontinents.January 20088 School resumes10-21 HS IB Mock Exams (12th grade only)16 Parent Association New Parent Welcome Coffee, Cafeteria, 09:0016 HS IB Information Night for 10th graders, Lovelace Theatre,19:0021 MS Recognition Ceremony, Lovelace Theatre, 10:3023 HS 10th grade Career Advisory Session (students only - during schoolday)24-27 MS ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) Trip, London27/1-2/2 HS THIMUN (Model United Nations) Trip (The Hague)28 100th Day of School28/1-1/2 All-School Spirit Week30 College Night, LovelaceTheater, 1900February1-3 MS/HS Basketball Tournament (Aberdeen)1 HS STUCO Dance, Cafeteria, 19:008/2 MS Valentine’s Dance, Caeteria, 19009/2 MS/HS Basketball Tournament (ISS)13/2 Mid-quarter Quarter 316-24 Winter BreakMarch6-7 MS/HS Parent/Student-Teacher Conferences6-8 MS Narnia Performances, Lovelace Theater7-9 MS/HS NECIS Basketball Tournament (Antwerp)12 MS 8th Grade HS Transition and Leirskole Meeting, Lovelace Theater, 190015-24 Easter Break30/3-4/4 MS 8th Grade Leirskole (Trysil)31 Substitute Orientation Meeting (0900 in Cafeteria)April2 End of Third Quarter4 HS STUCO Lock-In at ISS, 1900-070011-13 MS/HS NECIS Swimming Tournament (Luxembourg)12 ACT, ISS12 Parent Association Orienteering Event12 HS SAT Test15-20 HS ISTA Event (Hosted here at ISS)16 MS Recognition Ceremony, Lovelace Theater, 13:4516 MS/HS Band concert, Lovelce Theater, 19:0023-27 MS Girls Honour Choir Festival26-27 CIS/SSHL Rugby Weekend (ISS)26-27 MS 6th Grade Oslo Trip30 Mid-quarter Quarter 4May1/5 School Holiday2 Four Seasons of Norway - Outdoor Art and Kids, 09:00-14:003 SAT I, ISS3 HS SAT Test3 HS Prom8-18 MS Hosting Barcelona Exchange Students10 MS/HS Invitational Track Meet (ISS)10 MS Spring Dance (1900 in Cafeteria)12 School Holiday14 MS 5th to 6th Grade Transition Meeting, Lovelace Theater, 190017 Norwegian Constitution Day (HALF-DAY OF SCHOOL!)21 MS/HS Choir Concert, Lovelace Theater, 190022 · The Informer 19 December 2007

Happy ”nisser” from the JuletrefestThe Informer 19 December, 2007· 23

If you do not wish to receive the Informer any more - or if you have changes to your address, please notify Liv N. Høie at 51 55 43 22 or e-mail: LHoie@isstavanger.noTo:Sent by: International School of Stavanger, Treskeveien 3, NO-4043 Hafrsfjord, Norway

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