TO DO THIS WEEK: - Granger Community Church
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TO DO THIS WEEK: - Granger Community Church

My wife, Tricia, convinced me to give GCCa try. That was the week before Sept. 11.Obviously we came back the next week-andevery week since! It’s not only a great placefor us to learn how to live our lives but it’salso allowing our seven year old grandson tolearn about the love of Jesus.Bill RobinsonTO DO THIS WEEK:My Opportunity to Give. Think and pray during this weekabout my part - what I’m going to commit to do.Next week: it’s go time.New Community. At the midweek service we’re looking atMy Life in Hi-Def. This Thursday at 7 p.m. it’s allabout “My Practice.” Don’t miss it.Don’t miss this moment!1. Pray2. Re-evaluate3. Re-surrender4. Make my commitment and bring my card backnext week, March 24-25.The Gift. Wednesday,March 21, 6:30-8:30 p.m.(Middle School Pledge)The Sweet Life.Sunday, March 25, 6-8:30 p.m.(High School Pledge)March 17-18: My ViewI don’t like being told what to do.But, what I do isn’t always working.Can I reinvent myself?630 E. University Dr.Granger, IN 46530GCCwired.comJeff & Shelly BrasseurShe started coming while we wereseparated and I didn’t want to go tothat “weird church.” That was twoyears ago, and obviously, this is wherewe were meant to be. Our lives werechanged, our marriage was saved andwe have a purpose. Sure, we still haveour days... but Christ is evidenteverywhere and we trust Him ineverything. We had to hit rock bottomto realize He was there all along.

Ms. JaneI’ve been coming here andI meet a lot of new people...I’ve made a lot of friends.I can come and get food andit helps a lot - I’m glad theyhave a place like this, itreally means a lot to meand I’m sure it does toothers too.Dear Friend,At Granger Community Church, we’re committed to making this anunintimidating place where people can learn that they matter to God.And we focus a lot of time and energy on what goes on inside these walls.But did you know, we’re also turning that focus inside-out? Because whatwe bring to those outside our walls is just as important as how we serveinside them. Maybe you’ve seen how we partner with Feed the Children.Maybe you’ve heard of our Second Saturday outreach program. Thetruth is, many of us have been actively involved in reaching out to ourcommunity for some time. But now, we’re ready to take it to the nextlevel – as a church.We believe God is ready to do something amazing in this community,and that we have a part to play.Every single one of us. Becausewhat we’re talking about is notjust a church-sized dream; it’s aGod-sized dream. And it’s funny,isn’t it, how when we work togetherto change lives in our community,we end up changing our ownas well.Rob WegnerPastor of Life Missions1 John 3:18 - My dear children, let’s not just talk about love; let’s practice real love. This is the only way we’ll know we’reliving truly, living in God’s reality. It’s also the way to shut down debilitating self-criticism, even when there is something toit. For God is greater than our worried hearts and knows more about us than we do ourselves.

Proverbs 3:28 - Never walk away from someonewho deserves your help. Your hand is God’s forthat person.Have you seen this bumper sticker? “God loves everyone. No exceptions.”We know we will never meet any person, anywhere, who doesn’t matter toGod. We also know God is giving us a great opportunity to put this “headknowledge” into “heart action.”Our investment in renovating our community center in downtownSouth Bend is about building bridges. For some people, we’ll help builda bridge from a painful past to a promising future. For others, it may be abridge from hopelessness to self-sufficiency. And for ourselves? A bridgefrom an “us-them” mentality to an “in-this-together” mind set.It’s not just a nice place to meet and have coffee. There are moreways we’re engaging and uplifting the Monroe Circle community:Education: providing high-quality education, after school care, job training,mentorship and literacy initiatives to help residents build confidence and earna livable wage.Arts: promoting proficiency and excellence in the technical and creative arts,for both career development and personal expression.Spiritual Development: equipping residents to find their God-given purpose andachieve their potential as Christ-followers.Care: addressing the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health ofresidents, through direct and indirect health interventions.52% of children living inMonroe Circle will notgraduate from high school.If they are a black male, thatstat grows to 85%.Everyone is searching for community and they justdon’t know where to find it. For years, we foundcommunity barhopping. It was fun, but even werealized after awhile, it was going nowhere. And, weweren’t growing or seeing anything beyond ourselves.Believe it or not, we started coming to GCC 17years ago...and we are still growing here every day...watching generations of families restored.Heather CurleeI won’t lie. I came here because the place waslike a rock concert. Come as you are.Nobody told me “you can’t do this” or “youcan’t do that.” I loved it. I wasn’t in crisis, butwas totally self-centered and not making thebest choices. I have grown SO MUCH. Now,I’m here for something...and it’s not me. I’ve gotempathy and want to help people get ‘this’...there is a bigger picture.

Found MoneyTwo words: dollar theater.(Beats $25 for tickets and popcorn for two.)Don’t pay with coins – always use bills and stashyour change in a jar each day.In 2004, GCC served 85 families 2x a month.Now, it’s about 250 families, 3x a month.Substitute drivable weekend getaways for week-longvacations requiring airfare.SO WHAT’S MY LIFE ALL ABOUT?The Commons.It’s time to create space to connect, rest and belong. The Commonsaddition will allow space so no one has to rush out of thebuilding between services to make room for the next crowd.’Clean Sweep’ your house as if you were moving.Sell that old (but still good) dryer for $150.The Food Pantry averages about10 new guests from the communityeach day it’s open.Monroe Circle Community Center.We’ll continue our efforts in South Bend’s inner-city by acquiring moreproperty and completing renovations at the Monroe Circle CommunityCenter. It’s time for more hungry people to be fed, kids educated andfamilies to get the help they need to break the cycle of poverty.Make your own pizzas. Save almost $3,000 in3 years (over twice-a-month delivery pizzas).Oh, and that new outfit in your closet you haven’tworn because you’re just not sure you like it...or ifit fits right...or if it looks good on you? Return it.These drawings are from kidsdownstairs in the children’scenter - they were asked todraw their version of a funplace where they could invitefriends.The Children’s Center.The auditorium could actually hold 500 more adults.Except that there’s currently no room for their children.With the new Commons area on the main floor, wecan expand the children’s area below. Four additional themedclassrooms will make room for more kids to take their nextstep toward Christ.2x a month for 2 years, Panera Bread has donated everythingserved at the Community Center cafe.Online giving…making the commitment stickFour times as many people are giving online at GCC then were just a short time ago.We think this reflects the heart of the people here. Not only are they taking a step tosimplify…their commitments are sticking.What does the convenience of online giving have to do with yourcommitment? You’re deciding in advance to give. You’re not decidingeach month…but, instead, setting up an automatic payment that makesit harder for you to NOT tithe. It’s another way to stay on track.So, how do you do it? Go to You can set it up, review your giving history;and change the amount, the account or the date at will. That’s important. And yourpersonal account information is completely secure. That is really important.

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