Shutdowns - Turnarounds - Outages - STO Conference
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Shutdowns - Turnarounds - Outages - STO Conference

SHUTDOWNSTURNAROUNDSOUTAGESJune 13-15, 2011New Orleans MarriottNew Orleans, LouisianaProduced by:

A letter from The Eventful GroupThe fifth annual STO conference is an extraordinary opportunity for you to gain specific, forward-thinkingstrategies and solutions to maximize results during your next shutdown, turnaround or outage (STO). Ithas been designed to deliver thought-provoking insight and in-depth content covering the full lifecycleof these critical projects. With progressive vision in place, you will improve STO efficiencies andeffectiveness, giving you a greater return on your shutdown investment.What makes STO 2011 unique is that it is not just another conference; rather, it is a community of maintenance,reliability, engineering, operations, supply chain, production, purchasing, suppliers, human resources andfinancial professionals who are dedicated to coming together, sharing experiences, learning from oneanother and exploring innovative solutions and technologies. We are confident that someone in thecommunity has the answer, right now, to your most difficult challenge. The Eventful Group is committedto bringing the two of you together.As many of you already know us as Eventure Events, we are excited to share with you the news that werecently merged with our sister company in Australia, Eventful Management, to form The Eventful Group.Together as one company, we can offer an even greater value proposition to the communities we serve.As your partner, The Eventful Group is fully committed to ensuring that you receive the most valuepossible from the STO conference and community.We hope you will join us in New Orleans, Louisiana, for what promises to be an exhilarating event!Warmest regards,S TO5 Keys Proven to EnhanceSteve SinkoffManaging Director, AmericasThe Eventful Grouphare ideasake actionptimize resultsKeynote PresentationsTuesday, June 14, 2011Towards a Rational Cost Modelfor ShutdownsTom Lenahan, Director, Tom Lenahan Ltd. andacclaimed author of Turnaround Shutdown andOutage ManagementShutdowns are expensive and uncertain events. The consequenceof these two truths is that the costs we attempt to estimate,record and control are often disorganized by unstable work-lists,unpredicted emergent work and seemingly invisible wastegenerators. This keynote will present the foundations for a rationalapproach to costs that will allow us to recognize the differencebetween volume and value - then construct a meaningful estimatethat takes into account oscillating work-lists and emergent work,track every dollar we spend and recognize when and how wewaste money on shutdowns, so we can eliminate the causes.Read the full abstract at, June 15, 2011Worker PerformanceTed Lister, Managing Director, ListerManagement Inc.Worker performance (wrench-time) is the single mostimportant factor in executing a successful shutdownproject. During this entertaining keynote, you will discoverfive techniques and strategies proven to enhance workerperformance that will significantly reduce the risk ofincidents, project costs and schedule overruns. Increasedwrench-time means fewer resources are required toexecute the plan. Fewer resources equates to less indirectsupport. The added bonus is in resource management.It’s easier to manage (and find) 250 workers than 325.Read the full abstract at

Best Management PracticesBudgeting & Cost ManagementScope & FrequencyPlanning & SchedulingShutdown OrganizationContractor Management& AvailabilityCapital Project & TurnaroundIntegrationEnvironmental Health & SafetyStaff ManagementSTO StrategyClose-outHOT TOPICSSystems & TechnologyWork Control & AnalysisWork ExecutionWork IdentificationWork Management ProcessesOrganizational AlignmentSTO Strategies in aRecessionary MarketKnowledge TransferRisk ManagementWhat you’ll take awaySTO is the ideal environment for maintenance professionals tolearn how to solve critical shutdown challenges. This eventwill provide you with practical, forward-thinking advice andsolutions, as well as tangible best practices from subjectmatterexperts and thought-leaders in the shutdown arena.Strategies to control scope and achieve business goalsAn in-depth understanding of efficient STO planning andscheduling proceduresBest practices for contractor managementTips on creating an effective STO communication strategySTO solutions focused on planning cycles, strategiesand executionStrategies to successfully manage safetyRisk management tools and techniquesEffective strategies toward forward-thinking STO best practicesExpertise from renowned STO thought leaders, subjectmatterexperts, and companies that have successfully solvedreal challenges with shutdowns, turnarounds and outagesWho you’ll meetOutage and turnaround managers from hundreds ofcompanies across North America and beyondProfessionals from virtually every asset-intensive industry(chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, utilities, public sector,aerospace & defense, mining, milling, pharmaceutical,automotive, etc.)Turnaround practitioners and corporate turnaround executivesMaintenance professionals and experts specializing inplanning and scheduling, reliability, quality, and inspectionIndustry veterans who have significantly contributed toturnaround processes and have demonstrated a high degreeof technical and practical knowledge through their practiceWORKSHOPSMonday, June 13, 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm Cost: $795Don’t miss this interactive workshop, available to conference attendees only. Optional and separately bookable. Space is limited, so book early!Challenge Planning! Using the 5T ProcessPresenter: Tom Lenahan, Tom Lenahan Ltd.When shutdown plans and schedules are displayed as finished articles, they look rational and logical, but it’s an illusion. They are actuallycobbled together using some facts, lots of estimates and many assumptions. They are also influenced by tradition, the desire to stay inour comfort zone and our limiting beliefs that certain things are not possible.This workshop introduces a process that has been developed with clients over a number of years on live shutdowns. Based on a concept of“challenge” that propels us to question the critical aspects of planning and scheduling, it incorporates the 5T process (teamwork, trade-off,timing, technique and technology) and its aim is simply to reduce the duration and the total business impact of our shutdowns. Theworkshop will address the issues involved in radically changing the way we think about planning and scheduling these critical projects.Read more at

Conference ScheduleConference content and speakers are subject to change.Visit the website for updates.Monday, June 13 — Arrival Day12:30pm - 5:00pm6:00pm - 8:00pmWorkshop — Challenge Planning! Using the 5T Process, Tom Lenahan, Tom Lenahan Ltd. (optional and separately bookable)Registration, Welcome Reception and ExhibitionTuesday, June 14 — Conference Day 17:30 - 8:30 Breakfast8:30 - 8:358:35 - 9:25Welcome: Steve Sinkoff, Managing Director, Americas, The Eventful GroupKeynote: Tom Lenahan, Director, Tom Lenahan Ltd. and acclaimed author of Turnaround Shutdown and Outage ManagementTowards a Rational Cost Model for Shutdowns9:25 - 10:25 Morning Break and Exhibition10:25 - 11:1511:30 - 12:20Building Strong FoundationsDan Sawyer, Ontario Power GenerationIntermediateIntegrated Asset Planningfor Nuclear Power PlantsMatt Kohal, Southern California EdisonIntermediate12:20 - 1:45 Lunch and Exhibition1:45 - 2:352:50 - 3:40STO Work Planning& SchedulingHard Dollar for STO: The Future ofShutdowns, Turnarounds and OutagesRon Babich, Hard Dollar CorporationIntermediate‘Plan to Plan’ a Turnaround EventRon Kooy, Valero Energy CorporationIntermediate3:40 - 4:10 Afternoon Break and ExhibitionSTO WorkManagement ProcessOperations, Leadership and IntegratedTurnaround PlanningBobby Singh, Project Assurance, Inc.IntermediateUse the Fundamentals to Drive Wastefrom Your STOCraig Pindell, Maintenance Enterprise Inc.BeginnerCommunication: The Unseen andUnnoticed, but Essential, Shutdown HeroTim Swain, MCSIntermediateCement Plant ShutdownsDuring Lean TimesSeth Tyler, TXIIntermediateExpert AdviceTAR Scope ManagementModel of ExcellenceRaul Sanchez Martin, BASF SEIntermediateFundamental Objectives: Boot Camp forTurnaround/Shutdown LeadershipStephen Busick, ConocoPhillipsIntermediateShutdown Excellence, Benchmarkingand Optimizing the STOKevin Duffy, Kepner-Tregoe, Inc.IntermediateShutdown, Turnaround, Outage KeyPerformance Indicators: MeasuringReal-time Performance to ControlProject ExecutionTed Lister, Lister Management Inc.Intermediate4:10 - 5:30ROUNDTABLE:STO Work Planning & Scheduling5:30 - 7:30 Cocktail Reception and ExhibitionROUNDTABLE:STO Work Management ProcessROUNDTABLE:Expert AdviceCost Control STO Strategy/Tactics Performance ManagementWednesday, June 15 — Conference Day 27:30 - 8:30 Breakfast8:30 - 8:358:35 - 9:45Opening AddressKeynote: Ted Lister, Managing Director, Lister Management Inc.5 Keys Proven to Enhance Worker Performance9:45 - 10:30 Morning Break and Exhibition10:30 - 11:2011:35 - 12:25Calculating Blended Ratesfor an Accurate BudgetChris McKay, AgriumBeginnerProject Cost ManagementBest Practices for STOChristen Bergerud, EcoSysIntermediate12:25 - 1:30 Lunch and Exhibition1:30 - 2:202:35 - 3:25Practical, Proactive SD Controlor ‘Get and Stay in Control’Dennis Van Oene,Carver PA CorporationExpertROUNDTABLE:Cost Control3:25 - 5:00 Beer Tasting, Exhibition and Prize DrawingLessons Learned for TAR Projects:Do We Really Need Them?Raul Sanchez Martin, BASF SEIntermediateVisual Cues: Critical Componentsof Employee Knowledge TransferDarrell Carmichael, Brady CorporationBeginnerResource Management and EH&SSankara Viswanathan,Day & ZimmermannIntermediateLanxess Corporation Improves STOswith Simplified Planning & SchedulingBobby Tynes, Lanxess CorporationRandy Linzel, Prometheus GroupIntermediateScope Creep, Who’s the Ringleader?Bennie Moore, ConocoPhillipsIntermediateLeveraging Real Time DashboardsFor Daily Cost TransparencyBob Harrell, Track SoftwareIntermediateThe Multi-Employer WorksiteProtection ProgramChris Perry, Shermco IndustriesExpertROUNDTABLE:Performance ManagementTWO WAYS TO REGISTER!online: www.STOconference.comphone: 914-509-5354Conference Registration Fees through June 7, 2011:1-4 participants............$1,795 10 or more............$1,5955-9 participants............$1,695 On-site....................$1,895

CONFERENCELOCATIONNew Orleans Marriott,New Orleans, LouisianaBook now and receive thespecial conference rate!New Orleans is home to a diversemusic culture, world-renownedcuisine, voodoo, and Mardi Gras!What an exciting place to hold thisyear’s STO conference! The NewOrleans Marriott is located juststeps from Bourbon Street andiconic Big Easy attractions, andwill provide an outstandingenvironment for networking,sharing ideas, and exploring criticalSTO strategies and solutions.The Eventful Group has arrangeda special conference hotel rate of$155+ tax per night.Two ways to book youraccommodations:Call the hotel: 888-364-1200(mention promotional codeSTO 2011)Book online: Please access thehotel’s dedicated STO 2011reservation website at’tMiss!JUMPSTARTNetworking SessionMonday, June 13 – 5:30-7:30pmJumpstart your STO 2011experience at the Monday nightwelcome and networkingreception! Meet sessionpresenters and track chairs,and have thought-provokingconversations that willkick-start your event!Key event featuresSTO 2011 is North America’s leading conferencededicated to the full life cycle of shutdowns,turnarounds and outages (STOs). The program wasdesigned to provide thought-provoking insight forimproving STO efficiency and effectiveness by usingforward-thinking solutions and innovative technology.Real-world case studies that show first-handhow shutdown solutions have been successfullyimplemented at asset-intensive organizations justlike yoursKeynote presentations by some of the top STOand maintenance experts in the worldExtensive networking with hundreds of STOprofessionals and leading thought-leadersIn-depth track sessions with content covering thefull lifecycle of shutdowns, turnarounds and outagesBrainstorming and open discussionsTechnology partners specializing in best practices forshutdowns, turnarounds and outagesOptional deep-dive and subject-specific workshopWho should attendSTO 2011 targets organizations from asset-intensiveindustries that plan, schedule and run shutdowns,turnarounds, and outages (STO). These businesses spanacross such industries as manufacturing, utilities, oil &gas, chemical, petrochemical, mining, milling,healthcare, aerospace & defense, pharmaceuticals, food& beverage, automotive, pulp & paper, and more.The STO 2011 conference was designed for leaders,managers, and directors of:OperationsMaintenanceFinanceReliabilityHuman ResourcesFacilitiesEngineeringTechnologyProcurementConstruction

SponsorsTurner Industries is a worldclass industrial contractorproviding a single vendorsolution in heavy industrialturnarounds, contractmaintenance, construction, fabrication, equipment, andassociated specialty services. www.turner-industries.comInterPlan Systems Inc.offers leading software andconsulting solutions forSTO estimating, planning,management and control.www.InterPlanSystems.comService Radio Rentals IndustrialBlind Solutions is an authorizedMotorola dealer, supplying twowayradios to the petrochemicalindustry for more than 10 years.We are also your single source for a variety of blinds, with morethan 500 tons of inventory. www.SRR-IBS.comEcoSys provides EnterpriseProject Cost Managementsoftware used by energyowners and contractors tomanage all aspects of cost controls including budgets, forecasts,commitments, change management and earned value.www.ecosys.netITC With the ever growingneed for qualified controlspeople experienced inshutdowns, turnarounds andcapital projects, we are acompany of project controls specialists for the sole purpose ofsupporting client needs in the field of controls. www.itc.jobsShermco Industries is the leader inelectrical power system maintenance,repair, testing and training. Since 1974,Shermco has kept our customersoperating more efficiently and safely.www.shermco.comPrometheus Group sets thestandard for solving complexproblems with simple, reliablesolutions and consistently solves challenging issues for customers.The Unity suite simplifies SAP during shutdowns, turnarounds/outages and daily Plant Maintenance and Procurement processes.www.prometheusgroup.usMaintenance Consulting Services(MCS) are Enterprise Resource Planningand Asset Management specialistsproviding resources and services toindustrial sectors in 7 key business areas.www.mcstrain.comTrack Software automates theworking relationship betweenplant owners and contractors byproviding both parties completetransparency, significant cost controls and immediate, harddollarsavings. www.tracksoftware.comCarver PA Corporation is a multidisciplinarycompany which providesShutdown Management & PlannedMaintenance Training Services,Shutdown & Maintenance ConsultingServices and Technical recruitmentServices on a global scale. www.carvercorporation.comCEDA International Corporationprovides well over 100 services to helpclients manage refineries, upgraders, oilsands plants, chemical plants and otherindustrial facilities. www.cedagroup.comKAP Project Services is a full-servicesproject controls provider serving thepetrochemical, power and oil and gasindustries. KAP takes a cooperativeapproach in helping you achieve success. www.kapproservices.comEST Group, Inc. Operatingglobally, EST Group provideslifecycle products and servicesfor tubular heat exchangers,condensers, pipes, pipingsystems and pressure vessels. www.estgroup.cwfc.comDay & Zimmerman With110 years of experience, Day &Zimmermann’s Engineering,Construction and Maintenance (ECM) group is one of the nation’sleading providers of total plant lifecycle solutions for the power,process and industrial markets. We leverage our deep industryexperience, innovative technology tools, rigorous safety culture,and expert project team to deliver solutions to our customers’toughest challenges. www.dayzim.comNooter Construction Company(NCC) is built on a foundationof over 100 years of Industrialexperience. NCC has successfully provided construction services forthe refining, petrochemical, chemical, power, beverage, pulp & power,mining and other related industries. www.nooterconstruction.comAll Erection & Crane Rental and itsaffiliate companies provide crane rentalsfrom 8 tons to 1000 tons, daily, weekly,monthly, operated or bare rental.www.allcrane.comPipeline Software, the SAPIntegration Experts, providespackaged software thatintegrates SAP EAM with third party scheduling applications suchas Primavera and MS Project. www.PipelineSoftware.comHard Dollar Corporation is a full serviceProject Cost Management solution platformthat bridges cost modeling with the projectschedule to track overall productivity.www.harddollar.comAMECO, a world leader inintegrated mobile equipment andtool solutions for over 64 years,provides operations fleet services,construction site services, and equipment distribution to clientsworldwide. www.ameco.comMedia SponsorsMaintenance TechnologyMagazine serves the technicaland business information needs ofengineers, managers, and supervisors responsible for plantequipment reliability, maintenance, and asset management, helpingyou in your day-to-day job responsibilities. Services focusesexclusively on the MRO Market,addressing ROI by minimizinglifecycle cost: the per-unit-production expenditure to ownan asset and keep it performing its function over its designlife, from conceptualization and specification throughinstallation, operation and maintenance to decommissioningand disposal.

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