Status of OPERA - Infn

Status of OPERA - Infn

Status of OPERAA. Ereditato - LHEP BernA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 1

The 2009 CNGS runA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 2

CNGS Intensities per extractionPot/extractionMD31/72 E 13 pot/extractionExtraction 1MTEcommissioningSaturday 30/5/09PSv acuumleak10/6 00:0011/6 1:07MDMonday 15/6 8:00Friday 19/6 8:00MD12/7 1:0716/7 8:00MD + Septum water leakTuesday 30/6 8:00Friday 3/7 7:15Pot/extractionUnix time2 E 13 pot/extractionExtraction 2MD 3/11-5/11PS septum2/10-11/10MD10/8 0:013/8 17:24MD26/8PS magnetLINAC2 shortv acuum leak MD 14/9-18/9MD 22/9-23/9CNGSv entilation28/9Unix timeA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 3

Peakefficiency78%Average efficiency 72.1%A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 4

Intensities projection (plateau at ~ 2 E 13 pot/extraction)Extraction 1=1.92 E 13Extraction 2pot=2.0 E 13potA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 5

SPS super-cycle structure vs CNGSpot per secondpot/super-cycle1.6 10 14Unix timeUnix timeLHC40.8 s46.8 s49.2 s39.6 s5 cycles4 cycles33.6 sSuper-cycle lengthCNGS cycles perSPS super-cycleUnix timeUnix timeA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 6

4 CNGS cycles super-cyclesWith LHC 49.2sWithout LHC(nights, WE)39.6sA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 7

4 CNGS cycles super-cyclesWith LHC-fast46.8s5 CNGS cycles super-cycles1 MTE commissioning45.6 sA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 8

Pot collected up to Monday 16/11 (Extraction 9338)potPS septum2/10-11/103.366 E 19 pot(0.173 E 18 potcollected duringCNGS commissioning)MD 3/11-5/11CSaturday 30/5/09PS v acuum leak10/6 00:00 11/6 1:07MD31/7MD12/7 1:0716/7 8:00MD + Septum water leakTuesday 30/6 8:00Friday 3/7 7:15MDMonday 15/6 8:00Friday 19/6 8:00Unix timeMD26/8MD10/8 0:013/8 17:24MD 14/9-18/9PS magnetbusbar short3/9 4:234/9 22:06LINAC2 v acuum leak29/8 20:492/9 9:00CNGSv entilation28/9MD 22/9-23/9A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 9

End of the run:3.4-3.55 E 19 potUp to extraction 9338(Monday 16/10 morning):3.366 E 19 potOn-time events: 20451Sub-sample ofcandidates in the target:3516A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 10

Comparison pot/month for different super-cycles:Assumption:27 running days/month (MD blocks excluded)Efficiency 80% (reached at the end of 2008)Extraction intensities 2.0 E 13 pot/extraction (2008) or 2.4 E 13 pot/extraction (nominal, not yet reached)IntensitySuper-cycle structure2.4 E 13 pot/extractionpot/month2.0 E 13 pot/extractionpot/monthStandard:3CNGS+LHC+FT+MD5.6 E 18 pot(1)4.67 E 18 pot(0.83)OPERA+LHC:3CNGS+LHC1.02 E 19 pot(1.82)8.48 E 18 pot(1.52)Dedicated 2008:7CNGS+LHC1.24 E 19 pot(2.22)1.04 E 19 pot(1.85)Dedicated 2008 + short FT:7CNGS+LHC+FT(10.8s)1.02 E 19 pot(1.83)8.54 E 18 pot(1.53)(…) relative yield normalized to standard super-cycle at nominal intensity (used for 2009 expectations)A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 11

Exercise: OPERA by the end of the 2010 CNGS run(intermediate result)Assume: 1.8x10 19 pot (2008) + 3.5x10 19 (2009) + 4.5x10 19 (2010) = ~10x10 19 pot~5 signal events (@MINOS parameters), < 0.5 BG --> ~ 55-60% probability of 4 σevidenceMore precise estimates of efficiency, BG and, hence, sensitivity are in progress with realdata.Given the small numbers it is mandatory getting as many pot as possible, as soon aspossibleSPSC recommended to accept the OPERA proposal of running 2011 and 2012Note: by end 2010 only a small part of the target will be “used” (

Detector and facilitiesA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 13

A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 14

Power cuts at LNGS• Power cuts are the major source of experiment down time, affecting the efficiency of collectingthe precious (and expensive) CNGS beam (see also last year failures).• Just yesterday we experienced another power cut in Hall C due to some works for the switchingof the power source from l’Aquila to Teramo.• We complained several times in the past years. Although OPERA is presently the only beamexperiment at LNGS, the laboratory operation and maintenance plans should take care of such apeculiarity. By now, we formally request that starting from the CNGS 2010 run period:1) No major interventions potential sources of power cuts should take place during theCNGS run. A careful planning could comply with known MD or beam off periods.2) For minor, urgent or compulsory actions during the CNGS run a strongercollaboration between the OPERA Technical Coordination and LNGS must be setup, making sure that for any intervention underground an OPERA shifter will beinformed, present and ready to react to failures or faults.• Needles to say, the negotiation power of OPERA towards CERN in requesting more p.o.t. isstrongly affected by the overall experiment down time.A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 15

BMS operationA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 16

A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 17

A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 18

A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 19

Emulsion development activitiesLab 1 (ECC process)Bricks developed / week10080• 6 development lines fully operational• 2 manual gridding machine• 1 semi-automatic “brick-opener”• 2 SBAM commissioned• Semi-automatic chemicals preparation• Data stored in the Opera DB6040Dev. facility Hall B (CS process)• manual development• manual chemicals preparation20TEAM & shifts025/11/200814/01/200905/03/200924/04/200913/06/200902/08/200921/09/200910/11/20092 coordinators + 6 operators + 2 INFN+ 1 OPERA9 hours/day X five days /weekA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 20

Emulsion scanningA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 21

CS scanningA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 22

2008 event location140012001000800600ECC scannedEvents located400200001-giu 09-set 18-dic 28-mar 06-lug 14-ott 22-gen2008 neutrino runs 0µ 1µ AllEvents predicted by the electronic detector 401 1288 1689Found in CS 253 1009 1262Located in ECC 149 778 927Located in dead material 5 27 32Interactions in the upstream brick 7 33 4015 charm candidates detectedA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 23

Run 2009 event location2009 neutrino runs 0µ 1µ AllEvents predicted by the electronic detector 644 1674 2318Found in CS 195 666 861Located in ECC 23 165 188Located in dead material 1 3 4Interactions in the upstream brick 5 23 281 charm candidate detectedA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 24

Event location sharingOther labsNagoyaBariSalernoBernNapoliBolognaBariBernBolognaNaplesSalernoNagoyaOther labsA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 25

Global performance plot2008 run2009 runA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 26

Physics analysisA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 27

OPERA data baseSummarySteady operation for Central and Local DB systemsData flow is smooth both from Europe and JapanScanning data sets published:Run Year Assigned Delivered Data Feedback2008 1795 1430 612 6822009 948 418 55 90A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 28

Priority steps:Physics studies & offline1) Uniformation of the scanning procedures decay search unified procedure2) Prove the understanding of background and efficiencies from the data themselves,comparison with MC at the level of the brick analysisExploitation of the control data samples:Samples related to basic quantities to input to the simulation:a) Extraction of tracking efficiency from the data themselvesb) Efficiency at large angles (test beam performed at CERN)c) CS efficiencyControl samples for the tau analysis:Unbiased CC sample with full kinematics from MCS measurements:a) Muon identification and hadron mismatches (range vs MCS momentum)b) Details of the hadronic system (multiplicities, missing Pt)Small kinks background test sampleByproduct of the decay search procedure 5-20 mradA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 29

Scanforth sample:a) Muon scattering at large anglesb) Hadron interactionsCharm sample:Validation of efficiencies under re-evalution with the unified decay searchprocedurea) First toy simulation of the procedure with MC (about 80% efficiency on inclusivecharm sample)b) Start applying systematically to data samplesStatus of unified procedures:a) Decay search protocol defined, to be systematically tested on large samplesb) MCS kinematical measurements protocol defined and tested on a lowmomenta muon test samplec) Electron search protocol definition in progressA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 30

Offline emulsion analysis tools (OpEmurec)- Tool operational for alignment-tracking-vertexing- MC output integrated in the framework: mixing with real background fromscanned empty volumes- Developed structure to include scanback and scanforth data from MCsimulation and real data- Integrated interactive displayImplementation ofanalysis andmeasurement tools inprogressA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 31

Electronic detectors analysisMuon reconstruction and hadronic showers behaviour in goodagreement data/MC for numu CC eventsMuon momentumTrack length x density(muon id)Hadronic visible energyShower transverseprofileA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 32

ECC reconstruction at the primary vertexDataMuon tracks slopes on the XZ planeSlope xzMCDataMCSlope xzGood agreement Data-MC inthe angular distribution formuon tracksSlope xzA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 33

Sample with full kinematics measured by MCSMuon ID and hadron mismatches (range vs MCS momentum)Details of the hadronic system (multiplicities, missing Pt) aim at ~100 ν µCC events by the end of 2009Pilot sample for MCS measurements of events with soft muons: P< 6 GeV, formost of the events the muon is measured both by the spectrometer and byrange out ~60 eventsA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 34

Reconstruction of em showers from photons and attachment to verticesA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 35

Decay search unified procedure:Detection of decay topologies in avolume including 10 films downstreamthe located vertex(originally 6, brought to 10 in orderto increase the efficiency)Loose cuts in order to maximize theefficiencyInclude defined manual checks tosuppress measurements backgroundoutput:Short decays daughtersLong decays daughters/parentsAll 2008 data under re-analysisA. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 36

Finances• Financial (Common Fund) situation under control for 2009 after an extra cash contributionfrom Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.• The OPERA management has also undertaken negotiations with the other countries inorder to secure the missing contributions (even partly or in kind). The situation is improving(Japan, Russia, Croatia, Tunisia). In parallel actions are being taken towards noncommendable institutions.• Periodic Funding Agencies meetings have been established (the last on October 6, thenext on March 22) with the aim of a timely monitoring of the situation and of promptreactions.• For 2010 we are thinking of economies despite the expected longer run duration.• At the moment, the main issue is represented by INFN contracts. Hope to clarify thesituation in the months.A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 37

Conclusions• The OPERA detector and all ancillary facilities at LNGS running well. Performance are continuouslyimproving (not yet in plateau). Collaborate with LNGS to increase the experiment duty cycle.• The main limitation is the availability of manpower for the labor intense facilities (brick handling,development, CS scanning). Brick scanning and physics analysis also require qualified manpower.• Scanning procedures and speeds are improving as well. Better knowledge of our experiment fromthe analysis of real data (BG and efficiencies estimation).• Successful 2009 CNGS run (~3.5 x 10 19 pot) although not yet nominal intensity (4.5 x10 19 pot).• Straightforward way to improve: longer run period. Already requested an extra month to CERN for2010 (LNGS-SC support would be important). This would not overload the facilities.• A few tau’s should be “on tape”. Decay search campaign started. Aiming at partial results soon.• Collaboration well motivated and organized with contributions from all groups.• Key issue: strong support from LNGS and Funding Agencies mandatory in view of the next “highefficiency” and “ high luminosity” runs (>2009).A. Ereditato - LNGS-SC-19 Nov 09 38

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