2. Introduction to UNIFE by Mr Travaini - UIC


2. Introduction to UNIFE by Mr Travaini - UIC

The Rail Supply industry in a global marketGLOBAL VIEW Project2nd Workshop – IndiaLucknow, 26 – 27 March 2008UNIFE – Association of European Railway Supply Industry

Content:• Who is UNIFE• Market size and trends• Constraints and opportunities•• UNIFE approach• Technical structure and main activities

Who is UNIFE?•UNIFE represents the interests of the•RAILWAY SUPPLY INDUSTRYSuppliers of Rolling Stock, control command,telecommunication systems, subsystems & infrastructure→ World market share of 60-70%

UNIFE MembersSystemIntegrators& RSRailwayInfrastructureSub-systemsuppliersSignalling

Associated Members

Mission & Objectives 2007• Providing competitive railway systems for increased railtraffic.• 5 objectives to achieve the mission:– Promote rail transport through dialogue with EU institutions and allimportant stakeholders– Lobby for rail issues by leading initiatives with National RailSupply Industry Associations– Deliver railway interoperability & standardisation for improvedLCC & RAMS– Ensure European rail supply industry leadership through jointresearch & innovation– Convince the public that rail transport is the favourable solution forthe XXI century challenges of increased mobility, economicgrowth and environmental protection

Total market volume exceeds EUR 100 bn – Services make uphalf of the total market, but show comparably lowaccessibilityMarket volume rail market [EUR bn] by segmentWorldwide rail marketsizeTOTAL MARKETACCESSIBLE MARKETAverage market volume 2003-2005SUM103.Rail control73Infrastructur18eGrowthp.a.1.5-2%1-2%1-2%Average market volume 2003-2005SUM71.8Growthp.a.1.5-2%Rolling stock281.5-2%Rail controlInfrastructure7141-2%1-2%Rolling stock241.5-2%Services501-2%Services262-3%

Worldwide rail market perregionWestern still Europe represents the most important region forrailway suppliersMarket volume rail market [EUR bn] by regionRegionsRail marketE. EuropeCISWesternEuropeEasternEurope26(34)4(6)NAFTAW. EuropeCIS 5(11)NAFTA 19(22)Rest ofAmericaAfrica/Middle EastAsia/PacificRest ofAmericaAsia/Pacific2(3)15(24)Africa/Mid. East2(3)∑71.8(103.3)

The accessible worldwide rail market is expected to grow2.0% per year over the next ten yearsAnnual growth rates market volume 2005-2015 1) [% p.a.]All: 1.7 (1.3)2.10.7 0.92.0All: 1.0 (0.7) 3.5 (2.7)8.21.4 1.6 1.8All: 3.3 (1.9)4.01.6 1.63.3-0.2Infra ROS RCS Serv. Infra ROS RCS Serv.(0.6) (2.1) (0.9) (1.3) (0.7) (0.0) (-0.2) (1.4)NAFTAWestern EuropeInfra ROS RCS Serv.(1.1) (8.2) (1.6) (1.6)Eastern EuropeInfra ROS RCS Serv.(1.4) (3.6) (1.6) (1.1)CISAll: 3.3 (2.8) All: 3.7 (3.0)All: 3.0 (2.5)4.7 5.03.8 6.9 3.52.7 3.13.0 2.0 (1.6)1.4 1.9 1.62.6Infra ROS RCS Serv. Infra ROS RCS Serv. Infra ROS RCS Serv. Infra ROS RCS Serv.(3.5) (2.7) (6.9) (2.5) (3.8) (3.3) (5.0) (2.4)(3.2) (2.5) (3.9) (1.9)(1.4) (1.9) (1.6) (1.5)Rest of America Africa / Middle East Asia / Pacific World1) Figures in brackets show the total market volume Infra: Infrastructure; ROS: Rolling Stock; RCS: Rail Control Systems; Serv.: Services

Techological and operational constraintsobstacles for interoperability and progress in general ?: electrification systems ≠ (5 in Europe) signalling systems ≠ (≈ 20 in Europe) harmonised requirements ≠ track gauging ≠ coupling systems National technical rules National safety rules and methods

Is this really necessary???EXAMPLE : Signal light combinationsCzech RepublicTraction unit occupied(front + rear)Hungary (front + rear)Switzerland (rear)Special shunting signalAll countriesHeadlightAll countriesTail lightSwitzerlandWrong-track runningNetherlandsSpecial shunting signalDenmarkWrong-track runningDenmark (at rear)France, Norway , CzechRepublic , Belgium(all front + rear)Special shunting signalRussiaTail lightSwitzerlandWarning signalNetherlandsWarning signalFranceWarning signal (simultaneous flashing lights )ItalySpecial signal (special train )Czech RepublicSpecial signal(Danger)SwedenWarning signalBelgiumWarning signal (alternating flashing lights )

Electrification systemsA European puzzle . . .Resulting from history15 kV – 16,7 Hz25 kV - 50 Hz1500 V dc3000 V dc

Signalling systemsAnother European puzzle . . .what a messEBICAB 700EBICAB 900EWSZUB 123ATBINDUSITBLLZBRPSKVBTVMZUB 121KHPEVMASFA LZBEBICAB 700BACCRSDD

the system nigthmare…..

UNIFE 3 Pillar ApproachLEGISLATIONDirectives / EuropeanRailway Agency (mainline)Urban rail ?STANDARDISATIONHarmonised standardsprovided by CEN,CENELEC, and IEC ETSI andETSI (volontary based) based)RESEARCHDefinition of the keyelements of theEuropeanspecifications via jointresearchAvailability and harmonisation of all necessary referencedocuments

Overview of UNIFE in its environmentofficial linksECERARegulationStandardisationJPCRCEN CENELECUNIFE TechnicalCommittees & WGResearchERRACEuropeanfunded projects(FP6, FP7)

Short overview of UNIFE activities andorganisationSignalling CommitteeTechnical PlenaryInterface to..

UNIFE TG/MG: main developments• UNIFE Mirror & Topical groups– Over the past 2-3 years, UNIFE has developed a network ofMirror and Topical Groups– This network now covers largely the technical challenges andissues faced by UNIFE members– It allows the Supply industry to speak with one voice:• In the WP of the ERA (TSIs, Safety unit)• In the different CEN / CENELEC WGs• In front of the other actors (Operators, Infrastructure Managers)– It improves the understanding of common issues by exchangeof best practices, experiences– Therefore, an always wider network is necessary and furtherexperts from all UNIFE members are encouraged toparticipate

Mirror Groups for ERAUNIFE SRGAnsaldo / Alstom / Knorr / Bombardier / SiemensTraction & Locos MG *Passenger Telematics MG*Passenger Coaches MGEnergy MG *Registration of Rolling Stock MG*Safety Management MG *Certification of workshops MG*Safety Certification*Common Safety Methods*Common Safety Targets** = active

Topical Groups to support standardisation activitiesUNIFE SRGAnsaldo / Alstom / Knorr-Bremse / Bombardier / SiemensAcousticsAerodynamics*Brakes*Crash*EMC*Economic Evaluation*Fire*LCC & RAMSDiesel*TCMS*Vehicle Dynamics*Cross Acceptance*CAB*PRM** = active

National DimensionsStandardsCENELECCENTSIMirror GroupsEuropean DimensionInternalCompanyExpertsNetworkInternalCompanyExpertsNetworkInternalCompanyExpertsNetworkInternalCompanyExpertsNetworkDirectivesTSIsERASRG StructureSRG = Standards & Regulations GroupSRGTopicalGroupsEU Projects

StandardisationHarmonisation/ standardisation means „Cultural Change in working together“PastBottom UpToday & FutureTop DownInternationalAgreementsTSIs / LawInternationalRulesEuropeanStandardsNational RulesNational Rules

ERRAC activitiesRevitalise the European rail sector and make it more competitive, by fosteringincreased innovation and guiding research efforts at European level.Development of Joint Railway Industry-OperatorsResearch Programmes in the areas proposed by ERRAC6 prioritiesEnergy andEnvironmentPersonal SecurityTest, Homologation andSafetyCompetitiveness andenabling technologiesStrategy andEconomicsInfrastructureThe EU 6 th &7 th Framework Programme on R&D

ConclusionsGOAL: Towards a single European railway areaInteroperability /InterchangeabilityCommon SafetyApproach– one can not live without the other !Market Opening

Providing competitive railwaysystems for increased rail trafficwww.unife.org

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