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The SIGMA DP1xThe DP series: the worlds only compact cameras with DSLR specifications.Following the breakthrough,an evolution to greater refinement: the Sigma DP1x.

Trust Your Eye. Trust Your Hand, They Know A Good Camera. SIGMA DPDP1SIGMA DP1x02

SIGMA DP1x X3F Raw AE ISO 100 1/80 F4.0 : 16.6mm 03

04 SIGMA DP1x X3F Raw AE ISO 100 1 F8.0 : 16.6mm

The Revolution has Gained Refinement.The worlds first full-spec compactA large sensor in a compact bodySIGMA DP2008SIGMA DP1DP1The DP1 opened up new horizons3Foveon X3® DP13Foveon X3® DP1Sigmas photographic passion and principlesSIGMA DP105

A Camera that Transforms Your PerceptionAfter the ground-breaking, the fine-tuningDP1SIGMA DP1RawX3DP1TRUEFoveonX3® DP1DP1A more highly evolved version of the DP1DP1xDP1FoveonX3®35mm28mmMTFFDP2DP22TRUE IIThe pleasures of perspectiveDP1x35mm28mmBreathing new inspiration into your photographic artA lens that takes you back to basicsDP1xSIGMA DPA camera that trains your artistic eyeDP1x06

SIGMA DP1x X3F Raw AE ISO 100 1/80 F4.0 : 16.6mm 07

DP1xFoveonX3® RGB33R: 100% G: 100% B: 100% R: 25% G: 50% B: 25%Foveon X3®Foveon X3®3RGB 3100G50BR2508

FINE DETAILThe Fine Art of Capturing DetailConventional digital cameras use monochrome sensorsSDDP RGB331112RGBPost-processing the image leads to a loss of detailRGB Foveon X3®The Foveon X3® captures the very feeling in the air.SDFoveon X3® A sensor that discards none of the original lightand color. And adds none either.DP1xFoveon X3®RGB3RGB Foveon X3® Foveon X3® Foveon X3®09

SIGMA DP1x X3F Raw AE ISO 100 1/4 F8.0 : 16.6mm 1 1

12 SIGMA DP1x X3F Raw AE ISO 100 1.6 F8 : 16.6mm

14 SIGMA DP1x + Close-up Lens AML-1 X3F Raw AE ISO 200 1/60 F4.0 : 16.6mm

画 質 はセンサーサイズで 決 まるBigger Sensor—Better Image Qualityフィルムもデジタルも撮 像 素 子 は 大 きいほどよいFilm or digital: big photoreceptors mean high image qualityCCDCMOS35mm誰 もが 夢 見 たデジタルカメラThe digital camera of anyone’s dreamsSIGMA DP立 ち 上 がる 臨 場 感 を 実 現Startlingly evocative image qualitySIGMA DP1x1,40020.713.8mm1/2.51/1.8712DP1x一 眼 レフのような 自 然 なボケ 味The natural blurring effect you get with an SLR.DP1xFF4イメージセンサーサイズ 比 較 写 真Image Sensor Size ComparisonSIGMA DP1x's Direct Image SensorConventionalCompactDigital Camera'sImage SensorDP1xSIGMA DP1,40020.713.8mm1/2.51/1.8712SIGMA DP7.816


明 晰 な 像 質 を 結 ぶレンズA Lens that Sees with Crystal Clarity写 真 はレンズで 決 まる。A photo is only as good as the lens it was taken with.DP1x高 性 能 交 換 レンズクラスの 性 能Up there with a high-performance interchangeable lensDP1x16.6mmF435mm28mmDP1414.5mmMTF一 眼 レフカメラ 用 の 技 法 を 独 自 に 応 用Adapting SLR lens technology for our own purposesDP1xDP1xDP1x多 彩 な 写 真 表 現 を 楽 しめる 高 性 能 レンズA lens for full photographic expression-1EV専 用 設 計 レンズの 構 成The construction of the special-design lensDP1xDP1xDP1xDP1xSigma Lens 16.6mm F4 MTF 曲 線10. 2.5 5 7.5 10 12.5 10 lp30 lp MTFmm19

最 高 の 作 品 に 仕 上 げる 喜 びPhoto-Processing that Delivers the “Wow”Factor新 開 発 画 像 処 理 エンジン「TRUE II 」 搭 載The new “TRUE II”image-processing engineDP2Foveon X3®TRUE IIDP1xDPTRUE IIFoveon X3®シグマの 考 える 仕 上 がりイメージ、JPEGモードIn JPEG mode, images are finished at Sigma’s discretionDP1xJPEGJPEGJPEGJPEGJPEGJPEGJPEGRawファイルの 力 を 引 き 出 すSigma Photo ProSIGMA Photo Pro: the image-processing software thatgets the most out of X3F (RAW) filesDP1xX3FRawX3FSigma Photo ProRawSigma Photo ProSigma Photo ProRawRawX372質 感 ・ 色 感 に 優 れたファイルフォーマットSigma’s proprietary X3F file format ensuresoutstanding texture and colorX3FRGB3YCbCrYCbCrYCbCr4:2:220

PC自 然 なバランスを 保 ったX3F 画 像X3F images preserve the balance of the natural dataDP1xJPEGEXIFYCbCr 4:2:2RGB1:1RawX3F1:1Sigma PhotoProJPEGJPEG712YCbCr 4:4:4DP1xX3FX3FX3F21

An Instrument Made to Take PicturesELECTRONIC FLASH : EF-140 DGSOFT CASE : SC-11HOOD ADAPTER : HA-11CLOSE-UP LENS : AML-1HARD CASE : HC-11VIEW FINDER : VF-11UIA user interface thats even more intuitiveA stylish new outlet for your inner artistSIGMA DP1x ACCESSORIESDP1xDP2DP1xDP1x: HA-1146mm: VF-11 2,00020,00028mm35mm: EF-140 DG 10,000DP2.4: AML-1 8,500:HA-11 : HC-11 16,000: SC-11 8,000HA-11VF-1 1 DP1xAC: SAC-3 2,000DP1x22

SIGMA DP1x | COMPACT DIGITAL CAMERA | PRINCIPAL SPECIFICATIONS : 16.6mm35mm 28mm F F45 630cmFULL50cm ISO ISO() AF Foveon X3®CMOS "Foveon X3"Foveon Inc.20.713.8mm : 14.45MP2,6881,792314.06MP2,6521,76833:2SD/SDHCExif 2.21 DCF2.0DPOFRAW12-bitJPEGHighWideMediumLowAVI10/30 (WAV)RAW High 15.4 MB 2,640 xJPEGLow : Fine 0.8 MB 1, 312 x: Normal 0.5 MB 1, 312 x: Basic 0.3 MB 1, 312 xQVGA : 320 x 24030/1GB30AUTOISO 100-ISO 200ISO100-ISO 400ISO 50ISO 100ISO 200ISO 400ISO 800ISO 1600 ISO 3200 RAW78991AEAF1,760High : Fine 3.3 MB 2,640 x 1,760: Normal 1.9 MB 2,640 x 1,760: Basic 1.4 MB 2,640 x 1,760Wide : Fine 2.7 MB 2,640 x 1,485: Normal 1.6 MB 2,640 x 1,485: Basic 1.2 MB 2,640 x 1,485Medium : Fine 1.6 MB 1,872 x 1,248: Normal 0.9 MB 1,872 x 1,248: Basic 0.7 MB 1,872 x 1,2488808808801/200015 AE PC/IFAUDIO/VIDEO DP1x TTL [ 1 ] [2] [3] [P]AE[S] AE[A] AE[M] 3EV1/3AE1/3EV3EV 6 ISO 100/m 30cm 2.1m ISO 200TTL X [1 ] 1[2] [3] 2/10TFT2.5 23USB USB 2.0 NTSC/PALLi-ion BP-31 BC-31AC SAC-3 113.3mm 59.5mm 50.3mm250g • Li-ionBP-31•BC-31• LCP-11• NS-11• CS-70• HSC-11• USB •AV •SIGMA Photo Pro• DP1x • • DP1x • ACSAC-3 • HA-11• VF-11• DG UV 46mm• DG PL 46mm• AML-1• EF-140DG• SC-11• HC-11 215-8530© 2010 Sigma Corporation All Rights Reserved.2010 2

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