Instruction Manual - Service

Instruction Manual - Service

Microwave OvenFirst Use Safety RecommendationPlease read through this booklet for safe and efficient use of the appliance.We urge you to read the "Hint's" section and also follow all detailedinstructions even if you are familiar with using this appliance.Keep this guide handy for future reference.English Page 02Arabic Page 23MZ30PDGSSI

EnglishFig BFig C3 Mica plate, Do not remove4Intended useYour Black & Decker microwave oven isdesigned to heat appropriate foods &beverages using electromagnetic radiation.Always check the suitability of ingredientsbefore cooking. Do not use this appliancefor any other purpose. This product isintended for indoor household use only.Safety instructionsIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSREAD CAREFULLY AND KEEP FORFUTURE REFERENCE• While using electrical appliances, inorder to reduce the risk of fire, electricshock, and / or injury to persons, basicsafety precautions should be followed,including the following:Warning: If the door or door seals aredamaged, the oven must not be operateduntil it has been repaired by a competentperson.Warning: It is hazardous for anyone otherthan a competent person to carry out anyservice or repair operation that involves theremoval of a cover which gives protectionagainst exposure to microwave energy.Warning: Liquids and other foods must notbe heated in sealed containers since theyare liable to explodeWarning: Only allow children to use theoven without supervision when adequateinstructions have been given so that thechild is able to use the oven in a safe wayand understands the hazards of improperuse.• This microwave oven is a free-standingunit & must not be built-in or placed in acabinet.-3-

English• The oven must have sufficient airflow. Toensure good ventilation, a gap of 10centimetres is required at the back, 15centimetres at one side, 30 centimetresat the other side and 30 centimetresabove.• Only use utensils that are suitable foruse in microwave ovens• When heating food in plastic or papercontainers, keep an eye on the oven dueto the possibility of ignition• If smoke is observed, switch off orunplug the appliance and keep the doorclosed in order to stifle any flames• Microwave heating of beverages canresult in delayed eruptive boilingtherefore care must be taken whenhandling the container• The contents of feeding bottles andbaby food jars shall be stirred or shakenand the temperature checked beforeconsumption, in order to avoid burns• Eggs in their shell and whole hard-boiledeggs should not be heated in microwaveovens since they may explode, evenafter microwave heating has ended• To protect against the risk of electricshock, DO NOT IMMERSE theappliance, cord set or plug in water orother liquids.• Do not remove the feet from thisproduct.• Do not place any item on top of theoven.• Do not cook food directly on the tray.Always use a bowl or other containerthat is suitable for use in a microwaveoven.-4-Using your appliance• Do not operate any appliance with adamaged cord or plug, or after theappliance malfunctions, or is dropped ordamaged in any manner. Return thecomplete appliance to your nearestauthorised service facility forexamination, electrical repair, mechanicalrepair or adjustment to avoid any hazard.• Do not attempt to repair the applianceyourself; instead, take it to your Black &Decker-owned or Authorised ServiceCentre for repair.• The use of attachments or accessoriesnot recommended or sold by thisappliance manufacturer may result in fire,electric shock or personal injury.• Do not let the cord hang over the edge ofa table, counter, or touch hot surfaces.• Avoid touching hot surfaces, use handlesand knobs.• Do not operate or place any part of thisappliance on or near any hot surfaces(such as gas or electric burner or in aheated oven) or any appliance thatgenerates steam.• Do not abuse the cord. Never carry theappliance by the cord or yank it todisconnect it from the outlet; instead,grasp the plug and pull to disconnect.• When using an extension cord with yourappliance, make sure the extension cordis correctly wired, and rated for its use.• The microwave oven should be placed ona flat stable surface which can hold theweight of the appliance and the heaviestof food likely to be cooked inside.• Do not operate the microwave ovenwithout the tray or roller support or shaftin their proper positions.• Make sure that the power supply cord isundamaged and does not run under themicrowave oven or over any hot or sharpsurfaces.

English• Do not operate the appliance whenempty. This could damage the oven.• Do not use the oven to store any items.• Food surrounded by a membrane, suchas egg yolks, potatoes, chicken livers,etc. must be pierced several times witha fork before cooking.• Do not use metal pans or dishes withmetal handles.• Never place any item with a metal triminside a microwave.• Always remove twist-ties from any foodsbefore operating the microwave.• Some plastics are not suitable for use ina microwave. Always check thesuitability of any item before use.• Do not cook in a container with arestricted opening as they may explodeif heated in a microwave oven.• Conventional meat or candythermometers must not be used in theoven. Only thermometers that arespecifically made for microwaves shouldbe used.• Microwave utensils should be used onlyin accordance with the manufacturer'sinstructions.• Do not attempt to deep-fry foods in thisoven.• Microwave ovens heat the food in acontainer and not the container itself. Itis always necessary to check thetemperature of the food to ensure it iscorrectly cooked.• Do not place the oven where heat,moisture or high humidity are generated,or near combustible materials.Warning: Check the oven for any damage,such as a misaligned or bent door,damaged door seals and sealing surface,broken or loose door hinges & latches anddents inside the cavity or on the door. Ifthere is any damage, do not operate theoven.• Do not cover or block any openings onthe appliance.• Do not use solvents or other corrosivechemicals or vapours for cleaning thisappliance.• Never leave metal utensils in theMicrowave.• During use the appliance becomes hot.• Care should be taken to avoid touchingheating elements inside the oven.Warning: Accessible parts may become hotduring use.• This product is not recommended to beused by children• Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners orsharp metal scrapers to clean the ovendoor glass since they can scratch thesurface, which may result in shattering ofthe glass.• The temperature of accessible surfacesmay be high when the appliance isoperating.• This appliance is not intended to beoperated by means of external timer orseparate remote-control system.• The door or the outer surface may gethot when the appliance is operating.• If smoke is observed, switch off orunplug the appliance and keep the doorclosed in order to stifle any flames.• Always stir food to distribute the heatevenly and allow it to stand for a fewminutes before consumption.• Containers used for cooking can becomehot because of heat transferred from theheated food. Always use oven gloveswhen removing items from the oven.• If steam accumulates inside or aroundthe outside of the oven door, wipe with asoft cloth. This may occur when themicrowave oven is operated under highhumidity conditions and in no wayindicates malfunction of the unit.-5-

EnglishSafety of others• This appliance is not intended for use bypersons (including children) withreduced physical, sensory or mentalcapabilities, or lack of experience andknowledge, unless they have been givensupervision or instruction concerninguse of the appliance by a personresponsible for their safety.• It is not recommended that this productis used by children• Children should be supervised to ensurethat they do not play with the appliance.• Close supervision is necessary whenany appliance is used by or nearchildren.• Never leave an appliance unattendedwhen in use.After use• Switch off and remove the plug from thepower outlet when not in use, beforeassembling or disassembling parts,cleaning or carrying out anymaintenance of the appliance. Neverpull the cord while removing it from thepower outlet.• Keep children and animals away fromthe unit and cord set.Inspection and repairsIf the supply cord is damaged, it must bereplaced by the manufacturer, its serviceagent or similarly qualified persons in orderto avoid a hazard.Electrical safetyThis product must be earthed.Always check that the power supplycorresponds to the voltage on the ratingplatePower plugs must match the outlet. Nevermodify the plug in any way. Do not use anyadaptor plugs with earthed (Class l)appliances. Unmodified plugs andmatching outlets will reduce the risk ofelectric shock.Never operate an appliance directly belowthe socket-outlet it is connected to.The power outlet this oven is connected tomust be readily accessible so it can beeasily unplugged if necessary.Do not insert any object into the openingson the outer case.Extension cables & Class l product• A 3-core cable must be used as yourappliance is earthed and of Class lconstruction.• Up to 30m (100 ft) can be used withoutloss of power.• If the supply cord is damaged, it mustbe replaced by the manufacturer or anauthorised Black & Decker ServiceCentre in order to avoid a hazard.Parts Identification (Fig A)1 Control panel2 Turntable shaft3 Roller support4 Tray5 Observation window6 Door7 Safety interlock system8 Door release9 Grill rack10 Upper heating element11 Lower heating element12 Mica plate (Do not remove)• Make sure that all packaging materialshave been removed before use.• Inspect the oven after unpacking for anydamage such as a misaligned ordamaged door, dents or holes in thedoor window and screen, and any dentsin the cavity. If any of these are seen,DO NOT use the oven.• Clean the appliance before first use.-6-

EXPRESS COOKEnglishAssembly (Fig. B)Warning! Before assembly, make sure thatEnter the required start time using thenumeric buttons.the appliance is switched off andPress the "Start/Express Cook" buttonSTARTunplugged.• Place the appliance on a flat, confirm the setting. The LED will showthe current time.When the set time coincides with theactual time shown on the LED, the audible• Open the door (6) & place the turntablesignal will be heard twice and cooking willshaft (2) into the hole in the cavity base.start.The door is opened by pressing the doorrelease (8).• Fit the roller support (3) onto theturntable shaft (2), ensuring it engagesfully. Place the tray (4) on top of the rollerNote: The time set must be between 0:00and 23:59.Note: Do not operate the appliance whenempty. This could damage the If the "Stop / Clear" button isSTOP• Connect the appliance to a suitableelectrical supply.Setting the Clockpressed while setting the start time, or ifthere is no operation within 1 minute, theappliance will revert to the previous stateautomatically.When the microwave oven is connected toNote: The clock must be set before usinga suitable electrical supply, the oven willDelayed Cooking.display "0:00". To set the correct time, forexample: To set 8:00.1 Press the "Clock/Pre-set" button .Note: Do not use this feature to defrostfrozen items.The hour figures will flash and “ ” will Note: After setting the Microwave to cookbe shown in the a later time, pressing the "Clock/Pre-set"button will cause the pre-set time to2 Press the number buttons "8","0","0" inflash in the LED for 2-3 seconds. Theorder.Microwave will then revert to the clock3 Press "Clock/Pre-set" button display.again to finish setting the clock. Thesymbol“ ” will go out, ":" will flash,and the time will be shown in the display.Use (Fig. C)Press the door release (8) to open the ovendoor then place the container onto the traySTOPNote: If "Stop/Clear"CLEARbutton is pressed(4).or if there is no operation within 1 minute,the oven will revert to its previous stateautomatically.Close the door & press the Microwavebutton repeatedly until the required powersetting is shown in the LED display.Delayed Cooking:Level Power DisplayThis appliance can be programmed to startcooking at a pre-set time.1 100% P100To do this, first select the required program 2 80% P80as described in “Auto menu Cooking” .Press "Clock/Pre-set" button to3 50% P50display the current time. The hour figures 4 30% P30will flash.-7-5 10% P10

EXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEnglishSet Cooking TimeSTARTPress the "Start/Express Cook" buttonto start cooking. The cooking time will bedisplayed and will count down duringcooking. ":", " ”, and " ”, or “ "will flash in the LED display.Note: In the process of cooking, if theSTOPCLEAR"Stop/Clear" button is pressed or ifthere is no operation within 1 minute, theoven will go back to the former settingautomatically.Note: During Microwave cooking or grilling,the "Power/Combi" button can bepressed to display the current microwavepower in the LED for 3 seconds. After threeseconds, the display will revert to normal.Note: During cooking, the "Clock/Pre-Set"button can be pressed to show thecurrent time in the LED for 2-3 seconds. Thedisplay will then revert to normal.Once cooking has completed, an audiblesignal will be heard. Open the door & removethe cooked food.Always use oven gloves when removingitems from the oven.If the door of the oven is opened duringcooking, the microwave oven will automaticallystop working. Cooking will continueafter door is closed & "Start/Express Cook"STARTbutton is pressed.If the remaining cooking time is not required,STOPpress the "Stop / Clear" CLEAR button tocancel further cooking.Operating the oven when empty coulddamage the oven.To stop the oven during operation, press theSTOPStop / Clear CLEAR button.QuickStartSTARTPressing the "Start/Express Cook"button once will start cooking at 100%microwave power. Each additional press ofthe button will increase the cooking time by30 seconds up to 1 minute 30 seconds. Afterthat, each press will increase the cookingtime by 1 minute.The maximum cooking time is 12 minutes.Weight Defrost:Press the "Defrost by Time / By Weight"button . The LED will display "dEF1, “ ”and " ".Use the numeric control pad to enter theweight of the item to be defrosted. “ g ” willshow in the display.STARTPress the "Start/Express Cook"button to start defrosting. “ g ” will goout, ” “ and “ ” will flash in thedisplay.Note: The defrosting weight range is 100g– 2,000g.Time DefrostPress the "Defrost by Time / By Weight"button twice. The LED will display "dEF2,“ ” and “ ”.Use the numeric control pad to enter thetime.Press the "Start/Express Cook" buttonSTARTto start defrosting. “ ” and “ ” willflash in the display.Auto Menu CookingEach of the numeric buttons on the keypadalso activates an automatic cooking modeas shown in the following table:-8-Button Auto menu Button Auto menu12345ChickenVegetableFishMeatPasta67890PotatoSoupPizzaChicken GrillPizza Grill

EnglishThe following table explains how to select the Auto Menus.Menu Weight (g) Press DisplayTimes200 Once1 400 TwiceChicken 600 Thrice800 4 Times1000 5 Times200 Once2 300 TwiceVegetable 400 Thrice500 4 Times200 Once250 Twice300 Thrice3 350 4 TimesFish 400 5 Times500 6 Times600 7 Times200 Once300 Twice4 350 ThriceMeat 400 4 Times500 5 Times600 6 Times5 50 ( water 450) OncePasta 100 ( water 800) Twice150 ( water 1200) Thrice6 1(approximately 230) OncePotato 2(approximately 460) Twice3(approximately 690)Thrice7 500 OnceSoup 750 Twice1000 Thrice8 1 (approximately 80) OncePizza 2 (approximately 160) Twice3 (approximately 250) Thrice9 600 OnceChicken 1000 Twice(Grill) 1400 Thrice300 Once0 400 TwicePizza 500 Thrice(Grill) 600 4 Times-9-

EXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEnglishAfter selection, press “Start/Express Cook”STARTbutton to start cooking.The cooking time will be displayed and willcount down during cooking. The relevantsymbols will be shown in the display.GrillingPress the "Grill up/Double/Down"button once to choose the grill Function.The LED will display "G-1" and " ".Use the numeric keypad to enter therequired cooking time.The maximum cooking time is 99 minutesand 99 seconds.STARTPress "Start/Express Cook" buttonto start cooking. The cooking time countsdown, ":" and " " will flash in the display.Press Upper element Lower element DisplayPowerPowerOnce 100% 0%Twice 100% 100%Thrice 0% 100%Combination Cooking (Microwave plusGrill)Pressing the "Power /Combi." buttonallows the correct combination cookingmode to be selected. The modes availableare:Combination 1: 55% microwave plus 45% grillCombination 2: 36% microwave plus 64% grillSTARTPress "Start/Express Cook" buttonto start cooking. The cooking time willcount down. ":", " " and " " will flashin the display.Multi-stage cookingA maximum of 2 stages can be set forcooking. In multi-stage cooking, if onestage is weight defrosting, this must becarried out first.Note: Auto cooking cannot work inmulti-stage cooking.Example: if you want to cook with 80%microwave power for 5 minutes + 50%microwave power for 10 minutes. Thecooking steps as follows:Press the "Power/Combi" buttontwice. The display should show “P80”.Press the number keys "5","0","0" to setthe cooking time;Press the "Power/Combi" button 3times so that " P50" is displayed;Press the number keys "1","0","0","0" toset the cooking time:STARTPress “Start/Express Cook” button tostart cooking.Child LockTo prevent children operating the Microwave,press & hold the "Stop / Clear"STOPCLEARbutton for 3 seconds. An audible signal willbe heard and the LED will display.Combination 3: 24% microwave plus 76% grill.Press Power/Combi Button6 Times C-17 Times C-28 Times C-3DisplayUse the numeric keypad to enter therequired cooking time.The maximum cooking time is 99 minutesand 99 seconds.To turn the child lock off, press theSTOP"Stop/Clear" CLEAR button for 3 seconds. Anaudible signal will be heard denoting thatthe lock is released, and the LED will turnback to the usual display.-10-

EXPRESS COOKEnglishOperating times and preparationsFollow directions on food packaging.Switching on and offThe microwave will start to cook once theSTARTStart/Express Cook button is pressed.To stop the oven during operation, pressSTOPthe Stop/Clear CLEAR button.Cleaning and maintenanceThe oven should be cleaned regularly andany food deposits removed.Failure to maintain the oven in a cleancondition could lead to deterioration of thesurface that could adversely affect the lifeof the appliance and possibly result in ahazardous situationTrun the oven off and disconnect from thepower supply before cleaning.The outside oven surface & control panelshould be cleaned with a damp cloth.When cleaning surfaces of door, door seal,cavity of the oven, use only mild, nonabrasiveor detergents applied with asponge or soft cloth.The tray can be washed in warm sudsywater or in a dishwasher & dried with aclean cloth.The roller support and oven cavity shouldbe cleaned regularly. The cavity should becleaned with a damp cloth & a milddetergent & dried thoroughly. The roller ringshould be washed in warm sudsy water orin a dish washer.Note: To prevent damage to the operatingparts inside the oven, water should not beallowed to enter the ventilation slots.Do not use detergents, abrasives orspray-on cleaners on the control Panel.Do not allow the Control Panel to becomewet.Detergents or abrasives must never beused.Odours can be removed from the oven bycombining a cup of water with the juice andskin of one lemon in a deep microwavablebowl. Microwave for 5 minutes and dry thecavity thoroughly with a soft cloth.Radio InterferenceA microwave oven may interfere with thenormal operation of radio, TV, or Similarequipment. Should such interference occur,the following steps should be followed:Clean the door and sealing surface of theoven.Place the radio, TV, etc. as far away fromthe microwave oven as possible.Ensure the antenna fitted to the radio, TV,etc is correctly fitted & receiving a strongsignal.Plug the microwave oven into a differentsocket outlet.Warning: Denotes hot surfaceCaution: Hot surfaceTechnical dataMZ30PDGSSIRated Voltage : 230V ~ 50HzRated Input Power (Microwave) : 1450 WRated Output Power (Microwave) : 900 WRated Input Power (Grill) : 1700WOperation Frequency : 2,450HzOven Capacity : 30LExternal Dimensions : 520mm wide x 394mm deep x 326mm highCavity Dimensions : 332mm wide x 371 mm deep x 226mm highNet weight : 16.5 kg-11-

EnglishProtecting the environmentSeparate collection. This product must not be disposed of with normal household waste.Should you find one day that your Black & Decker product needs replacement, or if it is of nofurther use to you, do not dispose it off with other household waste. Make this productavailable for separate collection.Separate collection of used products and packaging allows materials to be recycled andused again. Use of recycled materials helps prevent environmental pollution and reducesthe demand for raw materials.Local regulations may provide for separate collection of electrical products from the household,at municipal waste sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.Black & Decker provides a facility for the collection and recycling of Black & Decker productsonce they have reached the end of their working life. To take advantage of this service pleasereturn your product to any authorised repair agent who will collect them on our behalf. You cancheck the location of your nearest authorised repair agent by contacting your local Black &Decker office at the address indicated in this manual. A list of authorised Black & Decker repairagents and full details of our after-sales service and contact are available on the Internet at:www.2helpU.comBLACK & DECKER HOME APPLIANCE 2 YEAR WARRANTYBlack & Decker provides a 2 Year Warranty for this product from the date of purchase againstdefects due to defective materials or workmanship. Motor/element burn-outs due to voltagefluctuations are not covered under warranty. If the product should become defective within thewarranty period, Black & Decker will repair or (at Black & Decker's discretion) replace it free ofcharge.The warranty provisions do not cover failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or nonobservation of local regulations on the part of the user. Equally, the warranty provisions do notapply where the appliance has been serviced by a person not authorized by Black & Decker orserviced with non-approved parts and this has contributed to the fault of the product.Superseded models without a replacement equivalent will either be repaired or (at Black &Decker's discretion) replaced with another product of similar retail value.UPON PURCHASEFill in the Warranty Registration Card with the original Authorized Dealer's stamp (indicatingdate of purchase) and attach your purchase receipt to it. Retain in case of claims in the future.MAKING A CLAIMTake your defective product together with the Warranty Registration Card & purchase receipt toyour local service Centre. You can either do this in person or send it freight prepaid. If mailingor shipping your appliance, ensure that it is packed carefully in a sturdy carton with enoughpacking material to prevent damage. Include a note describing the problem to the serviceCentre and be sure to give your return address.DESIGNED FOR DOMESTIC PURPOSES ONLY.-12-

ArabicÅÔLr ∞öß∑FLUô‹ «∞LMe∞OW ≠Ij.-31-¢LM` {LU≤UÎ ®U±öÎ ±b¢t ßM∑Os ∞Nc« «∞LM∑Z «´∑∂U¸«Î ±s ¢U¸¥a «∞Ad«¡.±u«œ ¢GKOn ∞LKv¡ «∞Hd«¨U‹ ∞∑HUœÍ ≈ÅU°∑t °QÍ {d¸. «¸≠o ±ö•EW ¢Bn ≠ONU «∞LAJKW ∞LdØe «∞BOU≤W Ë¢QØb ±s Ø∑U°W ´Mu«≤p.´Mb «∞Ad«¡îc «∞LM∑Z «∞LFDq ±l °DUÆW «∞CLUÊ Ë≈¥BU‰ «∞Ad«¡ °MHºp ≈∞v ±dØe «∞BOU≤W «∞L∫Kw √Ë ¥LJMp ≈¸ßU∞t °U∞∂d¥b «∞Lb≠u´W √§d¢t ßKHUÎ.Ë≠w •U∞W ≈¸ßU‰ «∞πNU“ °U∞∂d¥b √Ë «∞A∫s, ¢QØb ±s ¢Hd¥m «∞LM∑Z ±s «∞LU¡ ØKOUÎ ËÆr °∑GKOHt §Ob«Î ≠w ÅMbË‚ Ød¢uÊ ±IuÈ ±l ≈{U≠W{LUÊ ®U±q ∞Lb… ßM∑Os _§Ne… «∞LMe∞OW´LKOW «∞LDU∞∂W«±ú °DUÆW ¢ºπOq «∞CLUÊ ±l «∞∑QØb ±s ˧uœ «∞ª∑r «_ÅKw ∞K∑U§d «∞LF∑Lb (Ë¢u{O` ¢U¸¥a «∞Ad«¡) £r «¸≠o ≈¥BU‰ «∞Ad«¡ °U∞∂DUÆW.«∞d§U¡ «ô•∑HUÿ °NLU ù°d«“≥LU ≠w •U∞W ˧uœ ±DU∞∂U‹ ≠w «∞Lº∑I∂q.∑ªb«Â ÆDl ¨OU¸ °bËÊ «∞d§uŸ ≈∞v «∞AdØW √Ë «∞∫Bu‰ ´Kv ±u«≠I∑NU, Ë¢º∂∂X ≥cÁ «∞IDl ≠w «∞FDq. Ë≈–« ¢uÆn ≈≤∑Uà √Í ©d«“ ±l ´bÂ˧uœ «∞∂b¥q «∞LMUßV, ≠SÊ ∞AdØW •o «î∑OU¸ ≈ÅöÕ «∞LM∑Z √Ë «ß∑∂b«∞t °Dd«“ ¬îd °MHf «∞IOLW «∞Ad«zOW.ô ¥GDw «∞CLUÊ «_´DU‰ «∞MU¢πW ´s «∞∫u«œÀ, ßu¡ «ôß∑FLU‰, «ù≥LU‰, «ôß∑FLU‰ «∞ªU©T, √Ë ´b «¢∂UŸ «∞MEr «∞LFLu‰ °NU ±∫KOUÎ.Øc∞p, ô ¢MD∂o ®dË◊ «∞CLUÊ ≈–« ¢LX ÅOU≤W √Ë ¢BKO` «∞LM∑Z ∞bÈ ©d· ¨Od ±F∑Lb ±s Æ∂q ®dØW , √ Ë ≠w •U∞W «ß¥GDw «∞CLUÊ ´Ou» «∞∑BMOl √Ë «∞Lu«œ «∞b«îKW ≠w «∞∑BMOl. Ë≠w •U∞W ≈ÅU°W «∞LM∑Z °QÍ ´Dq √£MU¡ ≠∑d… «∞CLUÊ, ß∑Iu ®dØW°SÅö•t √Ë (Ë≠IUÎ ∞∑Ib¥d ) «ß∑∂b«∞t ±πU≤UÎ.≤X : moc.Upleh2.wwwËØOq ¢BKO` ±F∑Lb °U∞Mº∂W ∞p °Ld«§FW ±J∑V °ö„ √≤b œ¥Jd «∞L∫Kw ´Kv «∞FMu«Ê «∞L∂Os ≠w ≥c« «∞J∑OV. ¢∑u≠d ÆUzLW °QßLU¡ËØö¡ «∞∑BKO` «∞LF∑Lb¥s ±s °ö„ Ë œ¥Jd, ØLU ¢∑u≠d ¢HUÅOq ØU±KW ´s îb±U‹ ±U °Fb «∞∂Ol Ë´MUË¥s «ô¢BU‰ ´Kv ®∂JW «ù≤∑d¢u≠d °ö„ √≤b œ¥Jd «∞∑ºNOö‹ ôß∑ö Ë≈´Uœ… ¢BMOl ±M∑πU‹ °ö„ √≤b œ¥Jd ´Mb±U ¢Bq ≈∞v ≤NU¥W •OU¢NU «∞FLKOW. ∞ûß∑HUœ…±s ≥cÁ «∞ªb±W, ¥d§v ≈´Uœ… §NU“„ ≈∞v √Í ËØOq ¢BKO` ±F∑Lb Ë«∞cÍ ßOIu °Uß∑ö±t °U∞MOU°W ´MU. ¥LJMp ±Fd≠W ±uÆl √Æd»«_≤ELW «∞L∫KOW Æb ¢Mh ´Kv {d˸… «ùß∑ö «∞LMHBq ∞KLM∑πU‹ «∞JNd°UzOW ±s «∞LMU“‰, ≠w ±u«Æl «∞∂Kb¥W ∞KMHU¥U‹ √Ë °u«ßDW°Uzl «∞∑πezW ´Mb±U ¢A∑dÍ ±M∑πUÎ §b¥b«Î.•LU¥W «∞∂OµW«ùß∑ö «∞LMHBq ∞KLM∑πU‹ «∞Lº∑FLKW ˱u«œ «∞∑GKOn ¥ºL` °S´Uœ… ¢BMOl «∞Lu«œ Ë«ß∑FLU∞NU ±s §b¥b. ≈ß∑FLU‰ «∞Lu«œ «∞LFUœ ¢BMOFNU ¥ºU´b ´Kv ±Ml «∞∑KuÀ «∞∂Oµw Ë¥IKq «∞DKV ´Kv «∞Lu«œ «_Ë∞OW.≈–« ˧b‹ ≠w ¥u ±s «_¥U √≤p °∫U§W ∞Ad«¡ §NU“ °ö„ √≤b œ¥Jd §b¥b, √Ë ∞r ¢Fb °∫U§W ∞KπNU“ «∞Ib¥r, ô ¢∑ªKh ±Mt ±l «∞MHU¥U‹ «∞LMe∞OW «_îdÈ. §Ne ≥c« «∞LM∑Z ∞ûß∑ö «∞LMHBq.¥πV ´b «∞∑ªKh ±s ≥c« «∞LM∑Z ±l °IOW «∞MHU¥U‹ «∞LMe∞OW.BLACK & DECKERBlack & DeckerBlack & DeckerBlack & DeckerBlack & Decker

STOPEXPRESS COOKArabicΩóY »¨Ñæj ,¿ôØdG πNGO 𫨰ûàdG AGõLCG ∞∏J ¿hO ádƒ∏«ë∏d :áMÉ∏e.ájƒ¡àdG äÉëàa ≈dEG √É«ªdG ∫ƒNóH ìɪ°ùdG¢TôJ »àdG äÉØæªdG hCG ᣰTɵdG OGƒªdG hCG äÉØæªdG Ωóîà°ùJ Éd.ºµëàdG áMƒd ∞«æàd.ºµëàdG áMƒd ∫ƒ£j π∏ÑdG ´óJ Éd.É k≤∏£e ᣰTɵdG OGƒªdG hCG äÉØæªdG ΩGóîà°SG ΩóY ø«©àj°Vh ∫É∏N øe ¿ôØdG πNGO IOƒLƒªdG íFGhôdG øe ¢ü∏îàdG øµªj¬«dEG É kaÉ°†e AÉe ܃c É¡H ∞jhhôµ«ª∏d áÑ°SÉæe á≤«ªY á«fÉ£∏°S𫨰ûJ ºK ,∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa πNGO É¡Jô°ûbh IóMGh áfƒª«d ô«°üYá©£b ΩGóîà°SÉH πeɵdÉH ∞jƒéàdG ∞«ØéJ ºK ,≥FÉbO 5 Ióªd ¿ôØdG.á∏∏Ñe ¢TɪbƒjOGôdG äÉLƒe e πNGóàdGhCG ƒjOGô∏d …OÉ©dG 𫨰ûàdG e ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa πªY πNGóàj ób»¨Ñæj ,πNGóàdG Gòg ´ƒbh ádÉM »ah .á¡HÉ°ûªdG Iõ¡LCÉdG hCG ¿ƒjõØ∏àdG:á«dÉàdG äGƒ£îdG ´ÉÑJG.∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa ≥∏¨j …òdG í£°ùdGh ÜÉÑdG ∞«æJ •ó©HCG »a á¡HÉ°ûªdG Iõ¡LCÉdGh ¿ƒjõØ∏àdG hCG ƒjOGôdG °Vh •.∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa øY øµªe ¿Éµe¿ƒjõØ∏àdG hCG ƒjOGôdG »a âÑãªdG »FGƒ¡dG ¿CG øe ócCÉàdG •.ájƒb IQÉ°TEG πÑ≤à°ùjh í«ë°U ƒëf ≈∏Y âÑãe.∞∏àîe QÉ«J Qó°üe »a ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa ¢ùHÉb â«ÑãJ •øNÉ°S í£°S ¢SôàMG:øNÉ°S í£°S𫨰ûàdG äÉbhCGh äGOGóYEG.᪩WCÉdG äGƒÑY ≈∏Y áë°VƒªdG äɪ«∏©àdG ÑJG𫨰ûàdG ±É≤jEGh 𫨰ûàdGQõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dG OôéªH »¡£dG »a ∞jhhôµ«ªdG CGóÑj ±ƒ°SSTART. "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG"CLEAR"í°ùe/±É≤jEG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG ,𫨰ûàdG AÉæKCG ¿ôØdG ±É≤jEÉdáfÉ«°üdGh ∞«æàdGhCG ΩÉ©W äÉØ∏îe ájCG ádGREGh …QhO πµ°ûH ¿ôØdG ∞«æJ »¨Ñæj.Ö°SGhQádÉM QƒgóJ ≈dEG áØ«f ádÉM »a ¿ôØdG ≈∏Y ®ÉØëdG ΩóY …ODƒj óbπµ°ûj ¿CG πªàëjh RÉ¡édG ôªY ≈∏Y kÉÑ∏°S ôKDƒj ób ɪe ;í£°ùdG»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG øY ¬∏°üah ¿ôØdG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEG Ωõ∏jh .G kô£N.¬Ø«æJ πÑbΩGóîà°SÉH ºµëàdG áMƒdh »LQÉîdG ¿ôØdG í£°S ∞«æJ »¨Ñæj ɪcÜÉÑdG πØb hCG ÜÉÑdG í£°SCG ∞«æJ óæY Ωõ∏jh .á∏∏Ñe ¢Tɪb á©£bäÉØæªdG hCG ¿ƒHÉ°üdG ΩGóîà°SG ≈∏Y QÉ°üàbÉdG ¿ôØdG ∞jƒéJ hCGá©£b hCG áéæØ°SEG ΩGóîà°SÉH ∂dPh §≤a ᣰTɵdG ô«Z áØ«ØîdG±É°†e ÅaGO AɪH á«LÉLõdG á«æ«°üdG π°ùZ øµªjh .áªYÉf ¢Tɪb.áØ«f ¢Tɪb á©£≤H É¡Ø«ØéJh ¥ÉÑWCÉdG ádÉ°ùZ »a hCG ¿ƒHÉ°U ¬«dEGå«M ;ÉkjQhO ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ∞jƒéJh IQGhódG áeÉYódG ∞«æJ »¨Ñæjh∞«ØN ∞æeh á∏∏Ñe ¢Tɪb á©£≤H ∞jƒéàdG ∞«æJ »¨ÑæjAɪdÉH IQGhódG IôµÑdG á≤∏M π°ùZ »¨Ñæjh .πeɵdÉH ¬Ø«ØéJh.¥ÉÑWCÉdG ádÉ°ùZ »a hCG ¿ƒHÉ°üdG ¬«dEG ±É°†ªdGCaution: Hot surfaceá«æØdG äÉfÉ«ÑdGMZ30PDGSSIõJôg 50 ,âdƒa 230 : øæ≤ªdG ó¡édGäGh 1450 : (∞jhhôµ«ªdG) áææ≤ªdG á∏NGódG ábÉ£dGäGh 900 : (∞jhhôµ«ªdG) áææ≤ªdG áLQÉîdG ábÉ£dGäGh 1700 : (IGƒ°ûªdG) áØæ°üªdG á∏NGódG ábÉ£dGäGh 2450 : 𫨰ûàdG OOôJG kôàd 30 : ¿ôØdG á©°S(´ÉØJQÉdG × ≥ª©dG × ¢Vô©dG) º∏e 326 × º∏e 394 × º∏e 520 : á«LQÉîdG OÉ©HCÉdG(´ÉØJQÉdG × ≥ª©dG × ¢Vô©dG) º∏e 226 × º∏e 371 × º∏e 332 : ¿ôØdG ∞jƒéJ OÉ©HCGºéc 16^5 : »aÉ°üdG ¿RƒdG-41-

EXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKπMGôªdG Oó©àe ƒ¡£dGOó©àe »¡£dG »ah .≈°übCG óëc »¡W »à∏Môe áéeôH øµªjÖ°ùM ó«ªéàdG áHGPEG" »g πMGôªdG √òg ióMEG âfÉc GPEG ,πMGôªdG.kÉdhCG á∏MôªdG √òg AGôLEG Ωõ∏j ¬fEÉa ,"¿RƒdGOó©àe »¡£dG »a »FÉ≤∏àdG »¡£dG 𫨰ûJ øµªj Éd :áMÉ∏e.πMGôªdG%80 ÉgQób ∞jhhôµ«e ábÉ£H »¡£dG »a áÑZôdG ádÉM »a :∫Éãe¿EÉa ,≥FÉbO 10 Ióªd %50 ÉgQób ∞jhhôµ«e ábÉW + ≥FÉbO 5 Ióªd:»dÉàdG ƒëædG ≈∏Y ¿ƒµJ »¡£dG πMGôe±ƒ°S .ø«Jôe"Öcôe ƒ¡W/ábÉ£dG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG."P80" á°TÉ°ûdG ¢Vô©Jâbh §Ñ°†d "0" ,"0" ,"5" ᫪bôdG í«JÉتdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG.»¡£dG≈àM äGôe çÉ∏K"Öcôe ƒ¡W/ábÉ£dG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG."P50" ¢VôYâbh §Ñ°†d "0" ,"0" ,"0" ,"1" ᫪bôdG í«JÉتdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG.»¡£dG.»¡£dG AóÑdSTART"jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG∫ÉØWCÉdG øe ájɪëdG πØb»a ôªà°SGh §¨°VG ,∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa 𫨰ûJ øe ∫ÉØWCÉdG æªdSTOPCLEARºàj ±ƒ°S .¿GƒK 3 Ióªd "í°ùe/±É≤jEG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dG:LED á°TÉ°T ¢Vô©J ±ƒ°Sh á«Jƒ°U IQÉ°TEG ´Éª°SQõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG ,∫ÉØWCÉdG øe ájɪëdG πØb Iõ«e 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEÉdSTOPIQÉ°TEG ´Éª°S ºàj ±ƒ°S .¿GƒK 3 IóªdCLEAR "í°ùe/±É≤jEG".OÉ੪dG ¢Vô©dG ≈dEG LED á°TÉ°T Oƒ©J ±ƒ°Sh á«Jƒ°U-51-ArabicAóÑd "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG ,QÉ«àNÉdG ó©HSTART.»¡£dGAÉæKCG »dRÉæàdG ó©dG »a CGóÑj ±ƒ°Sh »¡£dG âbh ¢VôY ºàj ±ƒ°S.á°TÉ°ûdG ≈∏Y á∏°üdG äGP RƒeôdG ¢VôY ºàj ±ƒ°S .»¡£dGIGƒ°ûªdG"»∏Ø°ùdG ÖfÉédG/ø«ÑfÉédG/…ƒ∏©dG ÖfÉédG …ƒ°T" QR ≈∏Y §¨°VG¢VôY ºàj ±ƒ°S .IGƒ°ûªdG áØ«Xh QÉ«àNÉd IóMGh Iôe.LED á°TÉ°T ≈∏Y " "h "G-1".᫪bôdG ºµëàdG áMƒd ΩGóîà°SÉH ܃∏£ªdG »¡£dG âbh πNOCG.á«fÉK 99 á≤«bO 99 ƒg »¡W âbh ≈°übCG±ƒ°S .»¡£dG AóÑd "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VGSTARTh ":" ¿GõeôdG ¢†eƒj ±ƒ°Sh »dRÉæàdG ó©dG »a »¡£dG âbh CGóÑj.á°TÉ°ûdG »a" "¢Vô©dG IóMƒdG ábÉW IóMƒdG ábÉW äGôe OóYá«∏Ø°ùdG ájƒ∏©dG §¨°†dG%0 %100 Iôe%100 %100 ø«Jôe%100 %0 äGôe çÉ∏K(IGƒ°ûªdGh ∞jhhôµ«ªdG) ÖcôªdG ƒ¡£dGQÉ«àNG "Öcôe ƒ¡W/ábÉ£dG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dG í«àj:»g áMÉàªdG ´É°VhCÉdG .ºFÉ∏ªdG ÖcôªdG »¡£dG °VhIGƒ°ûe %45 + ∞jhhôµ«e %55 :1 ÖcôªdG ƒ¡£dGIGƒ°ûe %64 + ∞jhhôµ«e %36 :2 ÖcôªdG ƒ¡£dGIGƒ°ûe %76 + ∞jhhôµ«e %24 :3 ÖcôªdG ƒ¡£dG¢Vô©dG "Öcôe ƒ¡W/ábÉ£dG" QR ≈∏Y §¨°†dG äGôeC-1 äGôe â°SC-2 äGôe Ñ°SC-3 äGôe »fɪK.᫪bôdG ºµëàdG áMƒd ΩGóîà°SÉH ܃∏£ªdG »¡£dG âbh πNOCG.á«fÉK 99h á≤«bO 99 ƒg »¡£∏d âbh ≈°übCG±ƒ°S .»¡£dG AóÑd "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VGSTARTRƒeôdG á°TÉ°ûdG ¢Vô©J ±ƒ°Sh »dRÉæàdG ó©dG »a »¡£dG âbh CGóÑj." "h " "h ":"

Arabicá«FÉ≤∏àdG ºFGƒ≤dG QÉ«àNG á«Ø«c »dÉàdG ∫hóédG í°Vƒj¢Vô©dG §¨°†dG äGôe OóY (ºL) ¿RƒdG áªFÉ≤dGIôe 200ø«Jôe 400 1äGôe çÉ∏K 600 êÉLOäGôe HQCG 800äGôe ¢ùªN 1000Iôe 200ø«Jôe 300 2äGôe çÉ∏K 400 äGhô°†NäGôe HQCG 500Iôe 200ø«Jôe 250äGôe çÉ∏K 300 3äGôe HQCG 350 ∂ª°SäGôe ¢ùªN 400äGôe â°S 500äGôe Ñ°S 600Iôe 200ø«Jôe 300äGôe çÉ∏K 350 4äGôe HQCG 400 ΩƒëdäGôe ¢ùªN 500äGôe â°S 600Iôe (450 AÉe) 50 5ø«Jôe (800 AÉe) 100 Éà°SÉHäGôe çÉ∏K (1200 AÉe) 150Iôe (ÉkÑjô≤J 230) 1 6ø«Jôe (ÉkÑjô≤J 460) 2 ¢ùWÉ£HäGôe çÉ∏K (ÉkÑjô≤J 690) 3Iôe 500 7ø«Jôe 750 áHQƒ°TäGôe çÉ∏K 1000Iôe (ÉkÑjô≤J 80) 1 8ø«Jôe (ÉkÑjô≤J 160) 2 Gõà«HäGôe çÉ∏K (ÉkÑjô≤J 250) 3Iôe 600 9ø«Jôe 1000 (IGƒ°ûe) êÉLOäGôe çÉ∏K 14000Iôe 300ø«Jôe 400 0äGôe çÉ∏K 500 (IGƒ°ûe) Gõà«HäGôe HQCG 600-61-

EXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOK-71-EXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKEXPRESS COOKArabic:¿RƒdG Ö°ùM ó«ªéàdG áHGPEG. "¿RƒdG/âbƒdG Ö°ùM ó«ªéàdG áHGPEG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VGá°TÉ°T ≈∏Y " "h " "h "dEF1" ¢VôY ºàj ±ƒ°S.LED܃∏£ªdG IóMƒdG ¿Rh ∫ÉNOEÉd ᫪bôdG ºµëàdG áMƒd Ωóîà°SG.á°TÉ°ûdG ≈∏Y " g " õeôdG ¢VôY ºàj ±ƒ°S .É¡àHGPEGSTARTáHGPEG á«∏ªY AóÑd "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG" " õeôdG ¢†eƒj ±ƒ°Sh " " g õeôdG »Øàîj ±ƒ°S .ó«ªéàdG.á°TÉ°ûdG »a" " h.ºL 2000 ≈dEG ºL 100 øe ó«ªéàdG áHGPEG ¿Rh ìhGôàj :áMÉ∏e:âbƒdG Ö°ùM ó«ªéàdG áHGPEG. "¿RƒdG/âbƒdG Ö°ùM ó«ªéàdG áHGPEG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VGá°TÉ°T ≈∏Y " "h " "h "dEF2" ¢VôY ºàj ±ƒ°S.LED.âbƒdG ∫ÉNOEÉd ΩÉbQCÉdG äGP ºµëàdG áMƒd Ωóîà°SGáHGPEG á«∏ªY AóÑd "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VGSTART.á°TÉ°ûdG »a" " h " " õeôdG ¢†eƒj ±ƒ°Sh .ó«ªéàdGá«FÉ≤∏àdG áªFÉ≤dG »¡W»¡W °Vh §«°ûæàH ᫪bôdG ºµëàdG áMƒd »a »ªbQ QR πc Ωƒ≤j:»dÉàdG ∫hóédG »a í°VƒªdG ƒëædG ≈∏Y »FÉ≤∏Já«FÉ≤∏àdG áªFÉ≤dG QõdG á«FÉ≤∏àdG áªFÉ≤dG QõdG¢ùWÉ£H 6 êÉLO 1áHQƒ°T 7 äGhô°†N 2Gõà«H 8 ∂ª°S 3(IGƒ°ûe) êÉLO 9 Ωƒëd 4(IGƒ°ûe) Gõà«H 0 Éà°SÉH 5»¡£dG âbh §Ñ°VSTART±ƒ°S .»¡£dG AóÑd "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG.»¡£dG AÉæKCG »dRÉæàdG ó©dG »a CGóÑj ±ƒ°Sh »¡£dG âbh ¢VôY ºàjá°TÉ°T »a " " hCG " "h " "h ":" ¢†eƒj ±ƒ°S.LEDQõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dG ádÉM »a ,»¡£dG á«∏ªY AÉæKCG :áMÉ∏eSTOP∫É∏N á«∏ªY ájCG AGôLEG ΩóY ádÉM »a hCG CLEAR "í°ùe/±É≤jEG".Ék«FÉ≤∏J ≥HÉ°ùdG OGóYEÉdG ≈dEG ¿ôØdG Lôj ±ƒ°S ,IóMGh á≤«bO§¨°†dG øµªj ,IGƒ°ûªdG hCG ∞jhhôµ«ªdÉH »¡£dG AÉæKCG :áMÉ∏e∞jhhôµ«ªdG ábÉW ¢Vô©d "Öcôe ƒ¡W/ábÉ£dG" QR ≈∏Y±ƒ°S ,¿GƒK çÉ∏K ó©H .¿GƒK 3 Ióªd LED á°TÉ°T ≈∏Y á«dÉëdG.OÉ੪dG °VƒdG ≈dEG á°TÉ°ûdG Oƒ©J§Ñ°V/áYÉ°ùdG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dG øµªj ,»¡£dG AÉæKCG :áMÉ∏eIóªd LED á°TÉ°T ≈∏Y »dÉëdG âbƒdG ¢Vô©d "≥Ñ°ùe.OÉ੪dG °VƒdG ≈dEG á°TÉ°ûdG Oƒ©J ±ƒ°S ,∂dP ó©H .¿GƒK 3-2ÜÉÑdG íàaG .á«Jƒ°U IQÉ°TEG ´Éª°S ºàj ±ƒ°S ,»¡£dG ∫ɪàcG OôéªH.»¡£ªdG ΩÉ©£dG êGôNEÉH ºbhøe ᪩WCÉdG êGôNEG óæY ¿ôØdG äGRÉØb ΩGóîà°SG ≈∏Y É kªFGO ¢UôMG.¿ôØdG¿ôa ∞bƒàj ±ƒ°S ,»¡£dG AÉæKCG É kMƒàØe ¿ôØdG ÜÉH ¿Éc GPEG≥∏Z IOÉYEG ó©H »¡£dG ±ÉæÄà°SG ºàj ±ƒ°S .Ék«FÉ≤∏J ∞jhhôµ«ªdGSTART. "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dGh ÜÉÑdGQõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG ,܃∏£e ô«Z »≤ÑàªdG »¡£dG âbh ¿Éc GPEGSTOP.»≤ÑàªdG »¡£dG âbh AɨdEÉdCLEAR"í°ùe/±É≤jEG".¬Ø∏J ≈dEG ¬ZGôa AÉæKCG ¿ôØdG 𫨰ûJ …ODƒj ¿CG øµªjSTOPCLEAR "í°ùe/±É≤jEG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG ,𫨰ûàdG AÉæKCG ¿ôØdG ±É≤jEÉd:jô°ùdG ƒ¡£dGSTARTIóMGh Iôe "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dG …ODƒjπc …ODƒJ ±ƒ°Sh .%100 ÉgQób ∞jhhôµ«e ábÉ£H »¡£dG AóH ≈dEGá«fÉK 30 QGó≤ªH »¡£dG âbh IOÉjR ≈dEG QõdG ≈∏Y á«aÉ°VEG ᣨ°Vπc …ODƒJ ±ƒ°S ,∂dP ó©H .á«fÉK 30h IóMGh á≤«bO ≈dEG π°üj ≈àM.IóMGh á≤«bO QGó≤ªH »¡£dG âbh IOÉjR ≈dEG ᣨ°V.á≤«bO 12 ƒg »¡W âbh ≈°übCG

EXPRESS COOK-81-Arabic.᫪bôdG QGQRCÉdG ΩGóîà°SÉH ܃∏£ªdG AóÑdG âbh πNOCGSTART±ƒ°S .OGóYEÉdG ó«cCÉàd "jô°S ƒ¡W/CGóHG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG.»dÉëdG âbƒdG LED á°TÉ°T ¢Vô©Já°TÉ°T ≈∏Y ¢Vhô©ªdG »∏©ØdG âbƒdG e •ƒÑ°†ªdG âbƒdG ≥HÉ£J óæY.»¡£dG á«∏ªY CGóÑJ ºK ø«Jôe á«Fƒ°†dG IQÉ°TEÉdG ª°ùJ ±ƒ°S ,LED.23:59h 0:00 ø«H Ée âbƒdG ¿ƒµj ¿CG Ωõ∏j :áMÉ∏eÖÑ°ùàj ó≤a ;É kZQÉa ¿ƒµj ÉeóæY RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ΩóY »¨Ñæj :áMÉ∏e.¿ôØdG ∞∏J »a ∂dPSTOPAÉæKCGCLEAR "í°ùe/±É≤jEG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dG ádÉM »a :áMÉ∏e±ƒ°S ,IóMGh á≤«bO ∫É∏N á«∏ªY ájCG ò«ØæJ ΩóY hCG ,AóÑdG âbh §Ñ°V.á≤HÉ°ùdG ádÉëdG ≈dEG Ék«FÉ≤∏J ¿ôØdG Oƒ©jâbh »a ƒ¡£dG áØ«Xh ΩGóîà°SG πÑb áYÉ°ùdG §Ñ°V Ωõ∏j :áMÉ∏e.É k≤Ñ°ùe •ƒÑ°†e.IóªéªdG ᪩WCÉdG ó«ªéJ áHGPEÉd áØ«XƒdG √òg Ωóîà°ùJ Éd :áMÉ∏e,É k≤Ñ°ùe •ƒÑ°†e âbh »a »¡£∏d ∞jhhôµ«ªdG §Ñ°V ó©H :áMÉ∏e≈dEG "≥Ñ°ùe §Ñ°V/áYÉ°ùdG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dG …ODƒj ±ƒ°S.á«fÉK 3-2 Ióªd LED á°TÉ°T »a É k≤Ñ°ùe •ƒÑ°†ªdG âbƒdG ¢VôY.áYÉ°ùdG ¢VôY ≈dEG ∞jhhôµ«ªdG Oƒ©j ±ƒ°S ºK("ê" πµ°ûdG) ΩGóîà°SÉdGAÉYƒdG °V ºK ,(8) ÜÉÑdG ôjôëJ IóMh ΩGóîà°SÉH ¿ôØdG ÜÉH íàaG.(4) á«æ«°üdG ≈∏Y(Microwave) ∞jhhôµ«ªdG QR ≈∏Y §¨°VGh ÜÉÑdG ≥∏ZCG.LED á°TÉ°T ≈∏Y ܃∏£ªdG ábÉ£dG OGóYEG ô¡j ≈àM Qôµàe πµ°ûH¢Vô©dG ábÉ£dG iƒà°ùªdGP100 %100 1P80 %80 2P50 %50 3P30 %30 4P10 %10 5(Ü πµ°ûdG) Ö«côàdG∫ƒ°üØeh CÉØ£e RÉ¡édG ¿CG øe ócCÉàdG Öéj ,Ö«côàdG πÑb !ôjòëJ.»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG Qó°üe øY.ƒà°ùe í£°S ≈∏Y RÉ¡édG °V •áëàØdG »a IQGhódG á«æ«°üdG OƒªY °V ºK ,(6) ÜÉÑdG íàaG •∫É∏N øe ÜÉÑdG íàa ºàj .∞jƒéàdG IóYÉb »a IOƒLƒªdG.(8) ÜÉÑdG ôjôëJ IóMh ≈∏Y §¨°†dGIQGhódG á«æ«°üdG OƒªY »a (3) IQGhódG áeÉYódG Ö«côàH ºb •¥ƒa (4) á«æ«°üdG °V .ΩɵMEÉH É¡≤«°û©J øe ócCÉJh ,(2).IQGhódG áeÉYódG.Ö°SÉæe »FÉHô¡c QÉ«J Qó°üªH RÉ¡édG π°UhCG •áYÉ°ùdG §Ñ°V±ƒ°S ,Ö°SÉæe »FÉHô¡c QÉ«J Qó°üªH ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa π«°UƒJ óæYkÉ∏ãe ,í«ë°üdG âbƒdG §Ñ°†d ."0:00" ¿ôØdG á°TÉ°T ¢Vô©J8:00 áYÉ°ùdG ≈∏Y âbƒdG §Ñ°†d. "≥Ñ°ùe §Ñ°V/áYÉ°ùdG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG 1" " õeôdG ¢VôY ºàj ±ƒ°Sh áYÉ°ùdG ΩÉbQCG ¢†eƒJ ±ƒ°S.á°TÉ°ûdG ≈∏Y.Ö«JôàdG ≈∏Y "0" ,"0" ,"8" ΩÉbQCÉdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG 2"≥Ñ°ùe §Ñ°V/áYÉ°ùdG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG 3±ƒ°Sh ," " õeôdG »Øàîj ±ƒ°S .áYÉ°ùdG §Ñ°V AÉ¡fEÉd.á°TÉ°ûdG ≈∏Y âbƒdG ¢VôY ºàj ±ƒ°Sh ,":" õeôdG ¢†eƒjSTOPhCGCLEAR "í°ùe/±É≤jEG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°†dG ádÉM »a :áMÉ∏eÉk«FÉ≤∏J ¿ôØdG Oƒ©j ±ƒ°S ,IóMGh á≤«bO ∫É∏N á«∏ªY ájCG ò«ØæJ ΩóY.á≤HÉ°ùdG ádÉëdG ≈dEG:Ék≤Ñ°ùe •ƒÑ°†e âbh »a ƒ¡£dG.É k≤Ñ°ùe •ƒÑ°†e âbh »a »¡£dG AóÑd RÉ¡édG Gòg áéeôH øµªjº°ùb »a ±ƒ°Uƒe ƒg ɪc ܃∏£ªdG èeÉfôÑdG kÉdhCG ôàNG ,∂dP π©Ød. "á«FÉ≤∏àdG áªFÉ≤dG »¡W"âbƒdG ¢Vô©d , "≥Ñ°ùe §Ñ°V/áYÉ°ùdG" QõdG ≈∏Y §¨°VG.áYÉ°ùdG ΩÉbQCG ¢†eƒJ ±ƒ°S .»dÉëdG

-91-Arabic.RÉ¡é∏d »LQÉîdG AÉ£¨dG äÉëàa »a º°ùL …CG πNóJ Éd"1" áÄØdG äÉéàæeh »aÉ°VEÉdG π«°UƒàdG ∑É∏°SCGøe RÉ¡édG Gòg ¿CÉd ;±GôWCÉdG »KÉ∏K πHÉc ΩGóîà°SG ø«©àj •."1" áÄØdG äÉéàæe øeh ¢†jQCÉJ É¡H »àdG Iõ¡LCÉdGkGôàe 30 ≈dEG ¬dƒW π°üj »aÉ°VEG π«°UƒJ ∂∏°S ΩGóîà°SG øµªj •.ábÉ£∏d ¿Gó≤a …CG çhóM ¿hO (Ωób 100)πÑb øe ¬dGóÑà°SG Ωõ∏j ¬fEÉa ,É kØdÉJ AÉHô¡µdG ∂∏°S ¿Éc GPEG •ácô°ûd HÉJ óªà©e áfÉ«°U õcôe …CG øe hCG á©æ°üªdG ácô°ûdG.ôWÉîe ájCG Öæéàd ;ôµjO ófBG ∑É∏H(CG πµ°ûdG) AGõLCÉdG ∞jô©JºµëàdG áMƒd 1IQGhódG á«æ«°üdG OƒªY 2IQGhódG áeÉYódG 3á«æ«°üdG 4áÑbGôªdG IòaÉf 5ÜÉÑdG 6áeÉ∏°ù∏d ≥«°û©àdG ΩÉf 7ÜÉÑdG ôjôëJ IóMh 8IGƒ°ûªdG πeÉM 9ájƒ∏©dG ø«î°ùàdG IóMh 10á«∏Ø°ùdG ø«î°ùàdG IóMh 11(É¡àdGREG ôëj) AÉHô¡µ∏d ádRÉ©dG ᵫªdG IOÉe øe áë«Ø°U 12.ΩGóîà°SÉdG πÑb ∞«∏¨àdG OGƒe áaÉc ádGREG øe ócCÉàdG »¨Ñæj •ájCG ≈∏Y ±ô©à∏d IƒÑ©dG øe ¬LGôNEG ó©H ¿ôØdG ¢üëa »¨Ñæj •hCG ¬Ø∏J hCG í«ë°üdG ¬fɵe »a ÜÉÑdG ¿ƒc ΩóY πãe ,äÉ«Ø∏JájCG hCG á°TÉ°ûdGh ÜÉÑdG IòaÉf »a äÉëàa hCG äÉLÉ©ÑfG OƒLhøe …CG OƒLh âMÉd GPEG .¿ôØdG ∞jƒéJ »a äÉLÉ©ÑfG.¿ôØdG Ωóîà°ùJ Éd ,á≤HÉ°ùdG äÉ«Ø∏àdG.Iôe ∫hCÉd ¬eGóîà°SG πÑb RÉ¡édG ∞«æJ »¨Ñæj •øjôNBÉdG áeÉ∏°SäGQó≤dG hhP ¢UÉî°TCÉdG ¬eóîà°ù«d ºª°üe ô«Z RÉ¡édG Gòg •IôÑîdGh áæjóàªdG á«∏≤©dGh á«°ùëdGh á«ægòdGh ájó°ùédGπX »a ÉdEG (∫ÉØWCÉdG ∂dP »a ɪH) ø«à∏«∏≤dG áaô©ªdGhΩGóîà°SÉH á≤∏©àªdG äɪ«∏©àdG º¡FÉ£YEG hCG º¡«∏Y ±Gô°TEÉdG.º¡àeÉ∏°S øY ∫hDƒ°ùªdG ¢üî°ûdG πÑb øe RÉ¡édG.RÉ¡édÉH º¡ãÑY ΩóY ¿Éª°†d ∫ÉØWCÉdG ≈∏Y ±Gô°TEÉdG Ωõ∏j •…CÉd ∫ÉØWCÉdG ΩGóîà°SG ádÉM »a QòëdGh ≥«bódG ±Gô°TEÉdG Ωõ∏j •.º¡æe Üô≤dÉH RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ hCG RÉ¡L.ΩGóîà°SÉdG AÉæKCG á©HÉàe ¿hO É k≤∏£e RÉ¡édG ∑ôàJ Éd •ΩGóîà°SÉdG ó©HAÉHô¡µdG òNCÉe øe ¢ùHÉ≤dG ´õfGh RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEÉH ºb •hCG ¬FGõLCG øe …CG «ªéJ πÑb hCG RÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SG ΩóY óæY∂∏°ùdG ó°T É k≤∏£e ∫hÉëJ Édh .É¡àfÉ«°U hCG É¡Ø«æJ hCG É¡µa.AÉHô¡µdG òNCÉe øY ¢ùHÉ≤dG π°üa AÉæKCG.∂∏°ùdGh IóMƒdG øY G kó«©H äÉfGƒ«ëdGh ∫ÉØWCÉdG AÉ≤HEG Ωõ∏j •ìÉ∏°UEÉdGh ¢üëØdGácô°ûdG πÑb øe ¬dGóÑà°SG Öéj ,AÉHô¡µdG ∂∏°S ∞∏J ádÉM »aáLQO ¢ùØf ≈∏Y ¢üî°T hCG É¡d HÉàdG áfÉ«°üdG π«ch hCG á©æ°üªdG.ôWÉîªdG Öæéàd π«gCÉàdGá«FÉHô¡µdG áeÉ∏°ùdGGòg ΩGóîà°SG óæY ¢†jQCÉJ ∂∏°S ΩGóîà°SG Ωõ∏jQÉ«àdG Qó°üe ≥aGƒJ øe ócCÉàdG É kªFGO »¨Ñæjh ,èàæªdG.∞«æ°üàdG áMƒd »a ø«ÑªdG ó¡édG e »FÉHô¡µdGπjó©J É kbÉ∏WEG ∫hÉëJ Édh QÉ«àdG òNCÉe e ¢ùHGƒ≤dG ≥aGƒàJ ¿CG Ωõ∏j»àdG äÉéàæªdG e ÅjÉ¡e ¢ùHGƒb ájCG ΩGóîà°SG ΩóY Ωõ∏jh .¢ùHÉ≤dGádó©ªdG ô«Z ¢ùHGƒ≤dG ΩGóîà°SG óëj .("1" áÄØdG) ¢†jQCÉJ É¡H.á«FÉHô¡c áeó°üd ¢Vô©àdG ô£N øe á≤aGƒàªdG QÉ«àdG òNBÉehQÉ«àdG òNCÉe πØ°SCG ¿ƒµj ÉeóæY RÉ¡L …CG 𫨰ûàH É k≤∏£e º≤J Éd.¬H π°UƒªdG

ArabicäÉ«Ø∏àdG øe …CG OƒLh âMÉd GPEG .¿ôØdG ∞jƒéJ hCG ÜÉÑdG »a.¿ôØdG 𫨰ûàH º≤J Éd ,á≤HÉ°ùdG.RÉ¡édG »a äÉëàa ájCG ó°S hCG á«£¨àH º≤J Éd •»a ∂dP ÖÑ°ùàj ó≤a ;É kZQÉa ¿ƒµj ÉeóæY RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûàH º≤J Éd •.¬Ø∏J.AÉ«°TCG ájCG øjõîàd ¿ôØdG ∫ɪ©à°SG ÖæéJ •å©Ñæj OGƒe hCG ádÉcCG ájhɪ«c OGƒe hCG áÑjòe OGƒe ájCG Ωóîà°ùJ Éd •.RÉ¡édG Gòg ∞«æàd QÉîH É¡æe.∞jhhôµ«ªdG πNGO á«fó©ªdG á«YhCÉdG ∑ôJ Ék«FÉ¡f ÖæéJ •»NƒJ »¨Ñæj ºK øeh ,ÉkæNÉ°S RÉ¡édG íÑ°üj ΩGóîà°SÉdG AÉæKCG •.¿ôØdG πNGO áæNÉ°ùdG AGõLCÉdG ¢ùªd Öæéàd QòëdGáæNÉ°S íÑ°üJ ¿CG øµªj ,É¡«dEG ∫ƒ°UƒdG øµªj »àdG AGõLCÉdG :ôjòëJ.RÉ¡édG øY G kó«©H ∫ÉØWCÉdG AÉ≤HEG »¨Ñæj .ΩGóîà°SÉdG AÉæKCG§°TɵªdG hCG ¢ùª∏ªdG áæ°ûN hCG ᣰTɵdG äÉØæªdG Ωóîà°ùJ Éd •¿CG øµªj å«M ;»LÉLõdG ¿ôØdG ÜÉH ∞«æàd IOÉëdG á«fó©ªdG»a ÖÑ°ùàj ¿CG øµªj √QhóH …òdGh í£°ùdG ¢TóN ≈dEG ∂dP …ODƒj.êÉLõdG ô°ùcá©ØJôe É¡«dEG ∫ƒ°UƒdG øµªj »àdG í£°SCÉdG IQGôM áLQO ¿ƒµJ ób •.RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ AÉæKCGâbDƒªdG πFÉ°Sh ᣰSGƒH 𫨰ûà∏d ºª°üe ô«Z RÉ¡édG Gòg •.π°üØæªdG ó©oH øY ºµëàdG ΩÉf hCG »LQÉîdG𫨰ûJ AÉæKCG ÉkæNÉ°S »LQÉîdG í£°ùdG hCG ÜÉÑdG íÑ°üj ¿CG øµªj •.RÉ¡édG…hÉ°ùàdÉH IQGôëdG jRƒàd ΩÉ©£dG Ö«∏≤J ≈∏Y É kªFGO ¢UôMG •.¬dhÉæJ πÑb ≥FÉbO á©°†Ñd ΩÉ©£dG ∑ôJGháé«àf áæNÉ°S »¡£dG »a áeóîà°ùªdG »fGhCÉdG íÑ°üJ ¿CG øµªj •É kªFGO ¢UôMG Gòd ,É¡«dEG øNÉ°ùdG ΩÉ©£dG øe IQGôëdG ∫É≤àfÉd.¿ôØdG øe »fGhCÉdG êGôNEG AÉæKCG äGRÉØb AGóJQG ≈∏YÜÉH ∫ƒM hCG ∞jhhôµ«ªdG πNGO QÉîÑdG ªéJ ádÉM »a •óbh .áªYÉf ¢Tɪb á©£≤H ¬ë°ùeG ,êQÉîdG øe ∞jhhôµ«ªdGÉdh á«dÉY áHƒWQ ±hôX »a ∞jhhôµ«ªdG 𫨰ûJ óæY Gòg çóëj.RÉ¡édG »a π∏N OƒLh ∫GƒMCÉdG øe ∫ÉM …CÉH »æ©j-02-hCG ¢†«ÑdG QÉØ°U πãe ,AÉ°û¨H áWÉëªdG ᪩WCÉ∏d áÑ°ùædÉH •AÉ°û¨dG Ö≤K Öéj ,∂dP ≈dEG Ée hCG êÉLódG óÑc hCG ¢ùWÉ£ÑdG.»¡£dG πÑb ácƒ°T ΩGóîà°SÉH äGôe IóY.á«fó©ªdG …ójCÉdG äGP á«fó©ªdG ¥ÉÑWCÉdG hCG »fGhCÉdG Ωóîà°ùJ Éd •.∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa »a á«fó©e ±QÉNR É¡H äGóMh ájCG °†J Éd •.∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa 𫨰ûJ πÑb ΩÉ©£dG äÉØd ∂a øe É kªFGO ócCÉJ •¿ôa »a ΩGóîà°SÉ∏d áëdÉ°U ô«Z ∂«à°SÉ∏ÑdG ´GƒfCG ¢†©H •IOɪdG áÑ°SÉæe øe ≥≤ëàdG É kªFGO »¨Ñæj ºK øeh ,∞jhhôµ«ªdG.É¡eGóîà°SG πÑbádÉM »a ôéØæj ób ¬fCÉd ;Iô«¨°U áëàa ¬d AÉYh »a »¡£J Éd •.∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa »a ¬æ«î°ùJ»a áeóîà°ùªdG ájó«∏≤àdG IQGôëdG øjRGƒe °Vh ΩóY ø«©àj •πNGO ôµ°ùdG ∫ƒ∏ëe hCG Ωƒë∏dG IQGôM áLQO ¢SÉ«bá©æ°üªdG äGôàeƒeôàdG ΩGóîà°SG »¨Ñæj PEG ,∞jhhôµ«ªdG.§≤a ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôØd É°ü«°üNkäGOÉ°TQEÉd É k≤ah ÉdEG ∞jhhôµ«ªdG »fGhCG ΩGóîà°SG ΩóY »¨Ñæj •.á©æ°üªdG ácô°ûdG»a Égôª¨H ᪩WCÉdG »∏b »a ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ΩGóîà°SG ∫hÉëJ Éd •.øª°ùdG hCG âjõdG»a OƒLƒªdG ΩÉ©£dG ø«î°ùJ ≈∏Y ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿GôaCG πª©J •áLQO øe ≥≤ëàdG É kªFGO Ωõ∏j ºK øe ,¬°ùØf AÉYƒdG Éd AÉYƒdG.í«ë°üdG ƒëædG ≈∏Y ¬«¡W ¿Éª°†d ΩÉ©£dG IQGôMhCG á«dÉY áHƒWQ hCG IQGôM ¬H ódƒàJ ¿Éµe »a ¿ôØdG °†J Éd •.¥GôàMÉ∏d á∏HÉ≤dG OGƒªdG øe Üô≤dÉH¿ƒc ΩóY πãe ,äÉ«Ø∏J ájCG ≈∏Y ±ô©à∏d ¿ôØdG ¢üëaG :ôjòëJí£°Sh ÜÉÑdG ∫ÉØbCG ∞∏J hCG ¬FÉæëfG hCG í«ë°üdG ¬fɵe »a ÜÉÑdGäÉLÉ©ÑfG OƒLh hCG ÜÉÑdG è«dGõeh äÉ∏°üØe ¿Gó≤a hCG ô°ùc hCG πØ≤dG

ArabicRÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SGó©H hCG ¢ùHÉ≤dG hCG ∂∏°ùdG ∞∏J ádÉM »a RÉ¡L …CG 𫨰ûJ ÖæéJ •πµ°T …CÉH ¬Ø∏J hCG ¬Wƒ≤°S hCG RÉ¡édG ∞FÉXh »a π∏N …CG Qƒ¡Xõcôe ÜôbCG ≈dEG πeɵdÉH RÉ¡édG IOÉYEG Öéj ɪc ,∫ɵ°TCÉdG øehCG á«FÉHô¡µdG äÉMÉ∏°UEÉdG AGôLEGh ¬°üëØd óªà©e áfÉ«°U.ôWÉîe ájCG Öæéàd ᫵«fɵ«ªdGõcôe ÜôbCG ≈dEG ¬ª∏°S πH ,∂°ùØæH RÉ¡édG ìÉ∏°UEG ∫hÉëJ Éd •.É¡æe óªà©e hCG ôµjO ófBG ∑É∏H ácô°ûd HÉJ áfÉ«°Uájƒ¡J ¿Éª°†d ,Gòd . m±Éc AGƒg QÉ«J ¿ôØdG ≈dEG π°üj ¿CG ø«©àj •≈∏Y º°S 15h RÉ¡édG ∞∏N º°S 10 √Qób ÆGôa ôaƒJ Ωõ∏j ,Ió«L≈∏YCG º°S 30h ôNBÉdG ÖfÉédG ≈∏Y º°S 30h ø«ÑfÉédG óMCG.¿ôØdGáÑ°SÉæªdG »fGhCÉdG ≈∏Y §≤a ΩGóîà°SÉdG ô°üb »¨Ñæj •.∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿GôaCG »a ΩGóîà°SÉ∏d»¨Ñæj ,á«bQh hCG ᫵«à°SÉ∏H á«YhCG »a ΩÉ©W ø«î°ùJ óæY •.∫É©à°TG çhóM ∫ɪàMÉd ¿ôØdG áMÉ∏eÉd hCG É¡H ≈°Uƒe ô«Z äÉeõ∏à°ùe hCG äÉ≤ë∏e ΩGóîà°SG …ODƒj ób •hCG ≥jôM ܃°ûf ≈dEG RÉ¡édG Gò¡d á©æ°ü oªdG ácô°ûdG É¡©«ÑJ.á«fɪ°ùL áHÉ°UEG hCG á«FÉHô¡c áeó°üd ¢Vô©àdGhCG πª©dG í£°S hCG Ió°†æªdG ±GƒM ≈∏Y ∂∏°ùdG ≥«∏©J ÖæéJ •.áæNÉ°ùdG í£°SCÉdG á°ùeÉ∏eΩGóîà°SG ≈∏Y ¢UôMGh áæNÉ°ùdG í£°SCÉdG á°ùeÉ∏e ÖæéJ •.¢†HÉ≤ªdG…CG Üôb RÉ¡édG Gòg AGõLCG øe …CG ,°Vh hCG ,𫨰ûàH º≤J Éd •hCG RɨdÉH πª©j …òdG óbƒªdG πãe) ¬bƒa hCG øNÉ°S í£°S.QÉîH ¬æe å©Ñæj RÉ¡L …CG hCG (øNÉ°S ¿ôa πNGO hCG AÉHô¡µdGRÉ¡édG πªM É k≤∏£e ∫hÉëJ É∏a ,∂∏°ùdG ∫ɪ©à°SG IAÉ°SEG ÖæéJ •∂°ùeG πH ,¢ùÑ≤ªdG øe ¬∏°üØd Iƒ≤H √ó°T hCG ∂∏°ùdG ΩGóîà°SÉH.»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG π°üØd ¬Ñë°SGh ¢ùHÉ≤dÉHøe ócCÉJ ,RÉ¡édG e »aÉ°VEG π«°UƒJ ∂∏°S ΩGóîà°SG óæY •.ΩGóîà°SÉdG πªëJ ≈∏Y ¬JQóbh G kó«L ∂∏°ùdG π«°UƒJπªëJ ≈∏Y Qó≤j ƒà°ùe í£°S ≈∏Y ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa °Vh »¨Ñæj •.¬∏NGO É¡©°Vh øµªj ΩÉ©W ᫪c π≤KCG ¿Rhh ¿ôØdG ¿Rhá«æ«°üdG øµJ ºd GPEG ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa 𫨰ûàH º≤J Éd •.í«ë°üdG °VƒdG »a IQGhódG áeÉYódG hCG á«LÉLõdGπØ°SCG ôªj Éd ¬fCGh »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S ∞∏J ΩóY øe ócCÉJ •.IOÉM hCG áæNÉ°S í£°SCG ájCG ¥ƒa hCG ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa-12-¬∏°üa hCG ¿ôØdG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEG Öéj ,¿ÉNO óYÉ°üJ ßMƒd GPEG •OɪNEÉd É k≤∏¨e ¿ôØdG ÜÉH AÉ≤HEG e »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG Qó°üe øY.Ö¡d áæ°ùdCG ájCGôNCÉJ ≈dEG ∞jhhôµ«ªdG »a äÉHhô°ûªdG ø«î°ùJ …ODƒj ¿CG πªàëj •óæY QòëdG »NƒJ ø«©àj Gòd ,äÉYÉ≤ØH ÖMÉ°üªdG ¿É«∏¨dG.äÉHhô°ûªdG á«YhCG e πeÉ©àdGAGòZ äÉjhÉM hCG äÉYÉ°VôdG äÉjƒàëe êQ hCG ≥ØN Ωõ∏j •∫ÉØWCÉ∏d É¡FÉ£YEG πÑb É¡JQGôM áLQO øe ≥≤ëàdGh ∫ÉØWCÉdG.¥hôë∏d ∫ÉØWCÉdG ¢Vô©J Öæéàd¬«∏Z ºJ …òdG hCG ¬Jô°û≤H ßØàëªdG ¢†«ÑdG ø«î°ùJ ΩóY »¨Ñæj •ób ¢†«ÑdG Gòg ¿CÉd ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa »a ¬Jô°ûb ꃰ†f ≈àM.∞jhhôµ«ªdG »a ø«î°ùàdG AÉ¡àfG ó©H ≈àM ôéØæjhCG ΩÉ©W äÉØ∏îe ájCG ádGREGh …QhO πµ°ûH ¿ôØdG ∞«æJ »¨Ñæj •.Ö°SGhQQƒgóJ ≈dEG áØ«f ádÉM »a ¿ôØdG ≈∏Y ®ÉØëdG ΩóY …ODƒj ób •¿CG πªàëjh RÉ¡édG ôªY ≈∏Y kÉÑ∏°S ôKDƒj ób ɪe ;í£°ùdG ádÉM.IQƒ£N »a ÖÑ°ùàjhCG RÉ¡édG ôª¨J Éd ,á«FÉHô¡c áeó°üd ¢Vô©àdG ô£N ÖæéJ ᫨H •.iôNCG πFGƒ°S ájCG hCG AɪdG »a ¢ùHÉ≤dG hCG ∂∏°ùdG.èàæªdG Gò¡H á≤ë∏ªdG ºFGƒ≤dG ádGREG ôëj •á«LÉLõdG á«æ«°üdG ≈∏Y ¬©°VƒH ΩÉ©£dG »¡W ΩóY Öéj •øe Égô«Z hCG á«fÉ£∏°S ΩGóîà°SG É kªFGO Öéjh ,Iô°TÉÑe.∞jhhôµ«e ¿ôa »a ΩGóîà°SÉ∏d áÑ°SÉæªdG äÉjhÉëdG

43ArabicÜ πµ°ûdGê πµ°ûdGᵫªdG IOÉe øe áë«Ø°UÉ¡àdGREG ôëj ,AÉHô¡µ∏d ádRÉ©dGΩóY ø«©àj ,ÜÉÑdG ∫ÉØbCG hCG ¿ôØdG ÜÉH ∞∏J ádÉM »a :ôjòëJ.πgDƒe ¢üî°T ᣰSGƒH ¬MÉ∏°UEG ºàj ≈àM ¿ôØdG ∫ɪ©à°SGπgDƒªdG »æØdG ô«Z ¢üî°T …CG ΩÉ«b ¿ƒeCɪdG ô«Z øe :ôjòëJ¢Vô©àdG øe »≤j …òdG AÉ£¨dG ∂a øª°†àJ ìÉ∏°UEG hCG áfÉ«°U ∫ɪYCÉH.ô°ü≤dG á«gÉæàe äÉLƒªdG ábÉ£dá≤∏¨e äÉjhÉM »a ᪩WCÉdGh πFGƒ°ùdG ø«î°ùJ ΩóY ø«©àj :ôjòëJ.QÉéØfÉ∏d á∏HÉb É¡fCÉdΩGóîà°SÉdG ¢VôZäÉdƒcCɪdG ø«î°ùàd ºª°üe ôµjO ófBG ∑É∏H ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôaócCÉJ .á«°ù«WÉæ¨ehô¡µdG á©°TCÉdG ΩGóîà°SÉH áÑ°SÉæªdG äÉHhô°ûªdGh.»¡£dG πÑb ΩÉ©£dG äÉfƒµe áeAÉ∏e øe É kªFGOºª°üe RÉ¡édG .iôNCG ¢VGôZCG ájCG »a RÉ¡édG Gòg Ωóîà°ùJ Éd.§≤a »dõæªdG ΩGóîà°SÉ∏dáeÉ∏°ùdG äɪ«∏©Jó©H ÉdEG áHÉbQ ¿hO ¿ôØdG ΩGóîà°SÉH ∫ÉØWCÉ∏d íª°ùoj Éd :ôjòëJΩGóîà°SG ≈∏Y º¡JQób øª°†J »àdG á«aɵdG äGOÉ°TQEÉdÉH ºgójhõJô«Z ΩGóîà°SÉdG ôWÉîªd º¡HÉ©«à°SGh øeBG ƒëf ≈∏Y ¿ôØdG.í«ë°üdG¬éeO ΩóY ø«©àjh ,á∏≤à°ùe IóMh ƒg Gòg ∞jhhôµ«ªdG ¿ôa •.áæ«HÉc πNGO ¬©°Vh hCG ôNBG RÉ¡L »a᪡e áeÉ∏°S äɪ«∏©JnkÉ∏Ñ≤à°ùe É¡«dEG ´ƒLô∏d É¡H ®ÉØàMÉdGh ø©ªàH É¡JAGôb ≈LôjóYGƒb IÉYGôe É kªFGO ø«©àj ,á«FÉHô¡µdG Iõ¡LCÉdG ΩGóîà°SG óæY •¢Vô©J hCG ≥jôM ܃°ûf äÉdɪàMG øe óë∏d ;á«°SÉ°SCÉdG áeÉ∏°ùdGÉe ∂dP »a ɪH ,á«°üî°T áHÉ°UEG hCG á«FÉHô¡c áeó°üd ¢UÉî°TCÉdG:»∏j-22-


Names & Addresses for Black & Decker Service ConcessionariesAfghanistan: Ishan National Co., Opp. Ministry of Justice, Kabul. Tel.: +93-2-2101727. Algeria: SARL Outillage Corporation, 04Route De Dely Brahim Cheraga, Alger. Tel.: +213-21-364363/508, Fax: +213-21-369667. Bahrain: Fawaz Al Zayani, P.O.Box26563, Adliya, Manama. Tel.: +973-17-715252/712756, Fax: +973-17-713789. Bangladesh: Ultra Corporation, 8, KusholCentre, Uttara, Dhaka 1230. Tel.: +880-2-8919272/9756 Ext.28, Fax: +880-2-9887167. Egypt: Anasia Egypt for Trading S. A.E., P.O.Box 2443, 110 Mostafa Refaat Street, Sheraton Heliopolis 11361, Cairo. Tel.: +20-2-2684159, Fax: +20-2-2684169.Ethiopia: Tewfik Sherif & Co. Ltd., P.O.Box 5583, Debre Zeit Road, Addis Ababa. Tel.: +251-1-651700/601, Fax:+251-1-650570. India: Gryphon Impex Pvt. Ltd., D-6/4, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi-110020. Tel.:+91-11-26372602-4, Fax: +91-11-26372601. Iran: Tehran - Service Centre of Iran, No 510, South Karger Ave, Below PasteurSq. Tehran. Tel.: +98-21-6490608/0656/6407672. Kish Island: Cayhan Electric Co., No. 69, Paradise Shopping Centre, KishIsland. Tel.: +98-76444-22894. Jordan: Bashiti Hardware, P.O.Box 1564, TLA Ali, Amman. Tel.: +962-6-5350009/4770741,Fax: +962-6-5350012/4789783. Kenya: Zylog Enterprises, IPS Building, Kuanda Street, P.O.Box 40877, Nairobi. Tel.:+254-2-338188/199, Fax: +254-2-330642. Kuwait: Al Omar Technical Co., P.O.Box 4062, 13041 Safat, Kuwait. Tel.:+965-4848595/0039, Fax: +965-4845652. Lebanon: Est. F.A. Kettaneh SA, P.O.Box 110242, Dora Highway, KettanehBuilding, Beirut. Tel.: +961-1-255860/6, Fax: +961-1-255891. Libya: El Ghoul Brothers, P.O.Box 348, Islamic Call Bldg., Office201-202, Benghazi. Tel.: +218-61-9097681/4183, Fax: +218-61-9094123. Madagascar: Group Tana Confort S. A. R. L., B. P.1770, Antananarivo. Tel.: +261-20-2264505, Fax: +261-20-2264244. Malta: John G. Cassar Ltd., 36 Victory Str, Qormi QRM06, Malta. Tel.: +356-21-493251, Fax: +356-21-483231. Mauritius: Happy World Marketing Ltd., Block 2, Industrial Estate,Coromandel, P.O.Box 429, Port Louis. Tel.: +230-2076700, Fax: +230-2337330/7400. Nepal: Universal Trading Centre,P.O.Box 1947, Tripureswor, Kathmandu. Tel.: +977-1-262192/260587/785, Fax: 261154. Nigeria: Amin Bros. Eng. Co. Ltd.,30A (Plot 1291), Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Tel.: +234-1-3201778, Fax: +234-1-2613667. Oman: Oman Mktg.& Service Co., P.O.Box 2734, Ruwi, Muscat. Tel.: +968-560232, Fax: +968-560255. Pakistan: Karachi - Ammar Service &Spares, 60, Bank Arcade, Serai Road, Karachi. Tel.: +92-21-2426905, Fax: 2427214/5243. Pakistan: Lahore - Electronics Inn,212-G Raja Centre, Main Market, Gulberg, Lahore. Tel.: +92-42-5756750. Philippines: Modern House International Enterprises,213 Rizal Ave. Extension, between 2nd and 3rd Ave. Kalookan City. Tel.: +632 366-4487, Fax: +632 366-4489. Qatar: AlMuftah Trading & Cont., P.O.Box 875, Doha. Tel.: +974-4650880/4446868, Fax: +974-4441415. Saudi Arabia: Dammam -Ebrahim Fawaz Al Zayani, P.O.Box 76026, Al Raka, Dammam. Tel.: +966-3-8140914, Fax: +966-3-8140824. Jeddah: AnasiaTrading Co. Ltd. Caravan Shopping Centre, Hail Street. P. O. Box 50959, Jeddah-21477, Tel. 02 650 0948/02 636 3825, Fax 02638 0720. Madina: Garziz Trdg. for Bldg. Mat.&Decor., P.O.Box 3364, Madina. Tel.: +966-4-8261490/8227636, Fax:+966-4-8265741. Riyadh: Anasia Trading Co Ltd. New Akaria Building, 60th St., 3rd Floor, Building # 4, Office # 3402, Malaz. P.O. Box. 18689, Riyadh-11425, Tel.: 01 478 2549, Fax: 01 478 2761. Yanbu: Bin Afif, P.O.Box 530 Yanbu, Al Bahr. Tel.:+966-4-3222626/8867, Fax: +966-4-3222210. Sri Lanka: Delmege Gen. Equip. Pvt. Ltd., No. 428/1AT. B., Jaya Mawatha(Darley Road), Colombo-10. Tel.: +94-11-2665914, Fax: +94-11-2665915. Sudan: United Distribution Company, P.O.Box 325,Sayed Abdul Rehman Street, Khartoum. Tel.: +249-11-772612/777296, Fax: +249-11-770919. Tanzania: General MotorsInvestment, P. O Box 16541, 14 Vingunguti Nyerere Road, Dar Es Salaam. Tel.: +255-22-2862661/5022, Fax:+255-22-2862667/5412/3. Tunisia: STE Tunisienne De Quincaillerie Stq., Nvelle Z.I 2013, Ben Arous, Tunis, Tunisia, Tel: +21671386102, Fax: +216 71380412. UAE: Abu Dhabi - Light House Electric., P.O.Box 120, Abu Dhabi. Tel.: +971-2-6726131, Fax:+971-2-6720667. Dubai - Black & Decker (O) A.G., P.O.Box 5420, Dubai. Tel.: +971-4-7028234/233, Fax: +971-4-2822765.Ideal Mach. & Equipt. R. W/shop P.O.Box 37116, Al Quoz, Dubai. Tel.: +971-4-3474160, Fax: +971-4-3474157. Sharjah -McCoy Middle East LLC, P.O.Box 20228, Sharjah. Tel.: +971-6-5336321, Fax: +971-6-5336320. Uganda: The Building Centre,Kitgum House, 52 Station Road, P.O.Box 7436, Kampala. Tel.: +256-41-234567, Fax: +256-41-236413. Yemen: Aden - MiddleEast Trad. Co. Ltd., Mulla Dakka, Aden. Tel.: +967-2-240950, Fax: +967-2-240952. Sana'a: Middle East Trad. Co. Ltd.,P.O.Box 12363, Hayel Street, Sana'a. Tel.: +967-1-204201, Fax: +967-1-204204. Taiz: Middle East Trad. Co. Ltd., Campa areanear Al-Kair mosque, Taiz. Tel.: +967-4-231610/232033, Fax: +967-4-219869. Zimbabwe: J.D.Distributors, P.O.Box 226, 17Bessemer Road, Graniteside, Harare. Tel.: +263-4-753913-7, Fax: 753918. Cyprus: G. Kyprianou Trading Co Ltd., 51Prodromou AVE. Strovolos, 1681, P.O. Box 23318 Nicosia Cyprus. Tel.: 00357 22 468170/1, Fax: 00357 22 468186,

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