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TTA06Tokyo is an ideal location for international History and traditions highlighted by highlyconferences and incentive tours owing to its highlydevelopedinfrastructure, world-class venues and £ Enjoy fireworks displays and river attractionsvaried seasonsexcellent facilities, wide variety of(boating) in the city of many riversaccommodations, wealth of tourist attractions and £ Beautiful Daimyo Gardens and Shioiri Gardenssuperb level of hospitality, safety, cleanliness and £ Globally esteemed traditional culture,above all, professionalism.including hanami (cherry blossom viewing),According to UNWTO the five attractivebonsai, traditionalcharacteristics of Tokyo are :£ crafts, ukiyoe prints, kabuki, and sumowrestlingCity of comfort and safety£ Considerate and thoughtful people, good A city that combines the past with leadinghospitalitymodern elements£ High-tech and convenient living £ Historical buildings with an exotic atmosphere£ Good public safety and readiness in case of £ Buildings featuring the most advancednatural disastertechnologies£ Entertainment available for all budgets £ numerous cultural facilities similar to those£ Trust in made-in-Japan product found in major metropolis£ highly varied street atmospheresDelicious and healthy food culture£ Food is healthy and delicious£ Thriving nightlife culture£ Good visual presentation of food£ Highly professional chefsUnique and distinctive culture and popularfashion£ Tokyo is the hub of latest fashion trends£ High-quality cosmetics and beauty industry£ Extensive content industry, such as anime, whichgenerates reasons for wanting to visit Tokyo

TTA07Tokyo hashosted variousscale meetings which include the UNWTO-organized special World Tourism Day Silk Roadevent at JATA, World Travel & Tourism Council(WTTC) Global Summit, the 67th AnnualMeetings of the International Monetary Fundand the World Bank Group.Some of Tokyo's important MICE locales are-Tokyo MidtownThe building complex is easily accessible fromany major station in Tokyo. Besides theconvenience, Tokyo Midtown featuresmany designs and works of art as wellas a rich natural environment. TokyoMidtown Halls and Conferencesoffer extremely soothingambience.Not only does it satisfy all types ofvisitors, but also hosts differenttypes of events , takinggeographical advantages ofRoppongi as an international basefor trends.Makuhari Messelarge-It is one of Japan's top conventioncomplexes, located in Makuhari New City,exactly halfway between central Tokyo andNarita International Airport. The Messe consistsof three facilities: the International ExhibitionHalls, International Conference Hall, andMakuhari Event Hall.Kazusa Arc & Okura Akademia Park HotelAmid the rich greenery of the Kazusa Hills, theKazusa Arc & Okura Akademia offers anatmosphere of tranquility as the base forprivate conferences, offsite meetings, trainingretreats, and other events.

TTA08MAIHAMA AmphitheaterThe Tokyo Disney Resort is renting out its new MAIHAMAAmphitheater this September. The exterior of the facility isinspired by a circus tent, for a truly unique look.APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay MakuhariThe APA Hotel & Resort is the largest hotel in the Makuhariarea, which lies directly between Haneda and NaritaAirports. The hotel is connected by pedestrianwalkway to the Makuhari Messe.Hotel New Otani MakuhariFacing Tokyo Bay, Hotel New OtaniMakuhari is located in the center ofMakuhari, an international convention city.The hotel is best for all types of events,ranging from intimate parties to internationalconferences.Hotel The ManhattanThe hotel is called "small luxury hotel" withimpression of Old American gracefulresidence in New Makuari downtown.The elegant and refined facilities aredesigned in Art Deco style.Hotel Springs MakuhariHotel Springs is a Good Neighbor Hotel of TokyoDisney Resort, located 3 minutes walk from Kaihin-Makuhari Station.

TTA09Hotel Green Tower MakuhariA graceful oasis in a new city center, Hotel GreenTower Makuhari, towers majestically over theheart of Makuhari, a futuristic international cityof the 21st century.Keisei Hotel MiramareKeisei Hotel Miramare is a convention hotel inthe Downtown Chiba area and a "Good NeighborHotel" of Tokyo Disney Resort with a reputationfor reasonable prices and great hospitality.Airport limousines provide direct access to bothNarita and Haneda Airports.Hotel Portplaza ChibaHotel Porta Plaza Chiba is in the perfect locationfor business and leisure, with Makuhari Messe,Tokyo Disney Resort, and the Tokyo AqualineUmi Hotaru nearby.Hilton Tokyo Narita AirportWhether holding a board meeting for 10 or areception for 1,100, the professional anddedicated conference and meeting staff ensurethat your business meet will be a success.ANA Crowne Plaza NaritaANA Crowne Plaza Narita is located close toNarita International Airport - the gateway toJapan.

TTA10Marroad International Hotel NaritaThe Marroad International Hotel Naritastands adjacent to the Narita InternationalAirport. With 801 rooms, it is the largesthotel in Narita. From its top floor restaurantone can enjoy a close view of jumbo jetslanding and departing at NaritaInternational Airport. Panoramic windowsframe an unforgettable night scene. Use theMarroad International Hotel Narita as yourconnection to the world and a newcrossroad to both business and leisure.TheJapan NationalTourism Organization (JNTO) isinvolved in a broad range ofactivities that promote Japan as avibrant, beautiful destination, with uniquecultural attractions, exciting cities, andfriendly people, through variousactivities overseas as well as tourismpromotingactivities in Japan.

TTA11Interview ZoneMr. Markus Mueller,Vice President Sales and MarketingAsia Möevenpick Hotels and ResortsTTW interviewed Mr.Markus Mueller, VicePresident Sales andMarketing AsiaMöevenpick Hotels andResorts on the growingtrends of luxurytourism. He gave aninsight on makingtourism moresustainable.


TTA13Traveller’s Musingravelling in Cambodia can be a bitter,sweetexperience. The tranquil land replete withTenticing natural wonders has faced years ofagony, driven by a regressive political set up. Thewounds left by Khmer Rouge are still fresh despiteCambodia's mass refurbishment process since the fallof the regime. But the nation is slowly opening up tothe world, and today, tourists throng Cambodia toimmerse themselves in the natural delights of PhnomPenh, the northeast's dense, jungle-filled mountainsand Sihanoukville's little-known beaches.

TTA14The two pillars of Cambodia'snewly-stable economy are textilesand tourism. The tourism industryhas grown rapidly with over 5million tourists in 2011. The longtermdevelopment of the economyafter decades of war remains adaunting challenge, as thepopulation lacks education andproductive skills. In spite of theseshortfalls, Cambodia is still a hotfavourite destination among theinvestors. According to a reportpublished by Bangkok Post,"Cambodia has one of the mostinvestor-friendly environments inASEAN: no exchange controls, norestriction on repatriation ofprofits, no discrimination betweenforeign and local investors;corporate income tax is only 20%and there are tax holidays of up tonine years. Foreigners can alsotake out leases of land for up to 99years.”Cambodia is best known for itstourist attractions, drawing lakhsof foreign visitors every year.Here's a brief outline ofCambodia's some of the best-keptsecrets.

TTA155 Tourist Hotspots in CambodiaSiem Reap: Siem Reap is Cambodia's fastestgrowing city and serves as a small charminggateway to popular tourist destination - AngkorTemples. Boasting a laid-back culture, Siem Reap isreplete with places of historical importance likeAngkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Bayon Temple, BanteavSrei, etc. Siem Reap offers a wide range ofaccommodation facilities, ranging from several 5-star hotels to hundreds of budget guesthouses.Preah Vihear: Preah Vihear is a Khmertemple situated atop a 525 meter (1,722 ft)cliff in the Dângrêk Mountains, near theborder between Cambodia and Thailand.The temple was constructed sometimebetween the 11th and 12th century duringthe reigns of the Khmer kings Suryavarman Iand Suryavarman II. It is dedicated to theHindu god Shiva.Kratie: Kratie is a small town located onthe banks of the Mekong River surroundedby old, French colonial buildings. There's nolarge scale tourism, but plenty ofbackpackers come here during the peakseason. One can see the endangeredIrrawaddy dolphins here.

TTA16Silver Pagoda: Located within theRoyal Palace compound in Phnom Penh,the Silver Pagoda is best known forhousing national treasures such as goldenBuddha statues. Most notable is a small17th century baccarat crystal Buddha (theEmerald Buddha of Cambodia) and a lifesizedgold Maitreya Buddha, which isdecorated with 9584 diamonds. Theinternal wall of the Silver Pagodacourtyard is decorated with a detailedmural of the Ramayana myth, painted in1903–04 by 40 Khmer artists.Angkor: The most popular touristattraction in Cambodia and one of themost spectacular ancient sites onearth, Angkor is a vast temple complexfeaturing the remains of severalcapitals of the Khmer Empire, whichexisted from 9th to 15th century AD.These include the famous Angkor Wattemple, the world's largest singlereligious monument, the Bayon temple(at Angkor Thom) and Ta Prohm, aBuddhist temple ruin entwined withtowering trees.

TTA17Cambodia'sOne Tree”CampaignAt a time when the tourism industry is reelingunder ecological imbalance, several tourismboards have come up with unique campaignsto safeguard the ecosystem. Championing thecause, Cambodia recently launched “onetourist, one tree" campaign that aims topromote green tourism and environmentprotection."We have already prepared tourism gardensin 11 provinces including cultural Siem Reapprovince, coastal Preah Sihanouk provinceand eco-tourism side in Kratie province. Agarden has a minimum size of 5 hectares," agovernment official said. "Tourists, who lovegreen environment can go and grow treeseedlings in those gardens.""The tree-planting campaign is a new andattractive tourism product and the conceptwill provide a good memory for tourists. Thecampaign will be a magnet to attract touriststo visit Cambodia again to see the trees thatthey had grown by their own hands,” headded.“One Tourist,

TTA18Accommodation facilities inCambodiaFrom plush resorts to budget hotels, Cambodia offerswide range of accommodation facilities. Tourists canchoose hotels as per their budget. Here are some ofCambodia's well-known hotels and resorts.Grand Soluxe Angkor Palace Resort and Spa: Nestled within a spacious 11-hectareestate, the lush resort offers the serenity of a secluded retreat whilst ensuring that the guests areprovided with every possible modern amenity. The hotel is located a mere 10 minutes from theairport and a 20 minute drive away from famed Angkor Wat, in the heart of Siem Reap's historical,cultural, shopping and business districts. Being the leading Siem Reap hotel in Cambodia, AngkorPalace Resort and Spa is the first Cambodian-owned premier luxury international 5-star resort. Itsdesign, decor and furnishing reflect the indigenous Cambodian culture and heritage.InterContinental Phnom Penh: Cambodia's first international hotel, InterContinentalPhnom Penh is a firm favourite among leisure travellers. The hotel is situated few minutes from thePhnom Penh Cultural Centre, the National Museum, the Royal Palace, the Central Market and thevibrant riverside promenade.Ideally situated in the city centre, the hotel overlooks the grand view of the city. City's onlyinternational chain hotel for business the leisure, offers excellent service and facilities. Experiencethe unmatched standards of comfort, fine dining, meeting room, and up to date e-services.Crystal Hotel: Located in front of O'cheutil beach, it is one of the most famous budget hotels inCambodia. Ideally located at the southeast of Sihanoukvillebusiness area, close to the OcheutealBeach; Crystal Hotel boasts of sea-facing rooms, modern facilities and amenities to make your staya memorable one.

TTA19Cambodia is unique in its own right. A nation that endured years of pain and agony todaystands tall as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The charming nation issubtly vibrant and tranquil at the same time, welcoming its visitors like no other. So, next timeyou plan your trip, keep Cambodia in your wish list; the nation is always prepared to welcomeyou with its offerings.

TTA2030 aircrafts make Emergency landing — security ofthousands compromisedEmergency landings are a frequently occurringphenomenon in the recent months and one can'thelp wondering why this is happening nearlyevery other day. Though it has been observedthat some forced landings were made for funnySmoke in the cabin of aJetBlue plane carryingreasons related to passenger errors and still 95 passengers and 4others for birds interfering with flights and thelikewise but what strikes most is that maximumemergency landings are largely connected totechnical faults with the aircraft.Boeing Dreamliners have been cited withnumerous technical errors in the recent past.Who is going to take responsibility of the traumathat a passenger has to undergo almost everyNTRAVELW Screw members triggered an emergency landing inPhiladelphia. The plane was heading from Bostonto Baltimore-Washington International ThurgoodMarshall Airport. This happened on Sundayevening at around 6 p.m. local time.An unprecedented emergency landing held morethan 250 passengers and crew travelling fromday? The passenger in a regular flight has enough London to New York in a Virgin Atlantic flightcause to fear from frightful global alerts relatedstranded in a small Canadian airport. The Britishto weather; terror and emergency landings make passengers flying to New York have been stucktravelers even more concerned about theirsafety.1. Wednesday August 21, 2013A Buffalo Airways DC-3 made crash landed at theYellowknife airport soon after the right engineburst into flames just 30 seconds after take-off.There were 21 passengers and three crewmembers on board. However, there were noreports of casualties or injuries.2. Monday August19, 20133. Monday August 19, 2013overnight after the Virgin Atlantic flight had tosuccumb to a technical fault leading to anemergency landing.4. Monday August 19, 2013An Arkia airplane carrying 72 passengers madean emergency landing due to technicalmalfunction at the Ben Gurion Airport on Sundaynight, shortly after the airport declared a state ofemergency around midnight.

TTA215. Sunday August 18, 2013London Heathrow to New York John F. Kennedy 9. Wednesday August 14, 2013Airport flight was diverted carrying more than easyJet flight makes emergency landing after250 people including children. Authorities of the engine cover tore off minutes later it left MilanVirgin Atlantic apologized and said that the plane airport. The flight was carrying 174 passengers.suffered technical fault. The airline officials The Airbus made a forced emergency landingreportedly said all passengers and crew had to after the problem was detected. The passengersstay at airport overnight.were shocked and terrified. They were putthrough the evacuation drill before the flight6. Saturday, August 17, 2013returned to the airport and made a safe landing.A private jet carrying rock bands Ratt and Dokkenhad to make an emergency landing in10. Wednesday August 14, 2013northwestern Illinois after smoke was detected in A Washington-bound transatlantic flight fromthe cabin Saturday afternoon.Heathrow Airport was forced to make anThe plane took off from the Moline airport but emergency landing in Dublin. Flight UA131 frompilots had to turn it around when smoke London Heathrow to Washington/Dulles – aappeared in the front of the plane at about 7,000 Boeing 757-200 aircraft with 153 customers andfeet. There were no injuries reported by the pilot a crew of nine on board was then diverted toor the 13 passengers.Dublin Airport citing technical issues.7. Saturday, August 17, 2013 11. Tuesday August 13, 2013Two men were inside a Cessna 182 that left the The Paris bound plane, Nouveaulair made anSpringbank Airport around 8 a.m., for aemergency landing at the Habib Bourguibasightseeing trip through Kananaskis. About 20 international airport due to technical failure. Theminutes in, the pilot noticed a sudden drop in oil flight was carrying 213 passengers.pressure. A short time later, the engine quit.12. Saturday August 10, 20138. Wednesday August 14, 2013Passengers went through a lot of panic andAn Atlanta-bound Delta Air Lines plane made an anxiety as the Boeing 747 flight that took offemergency landing due to suspected fuel leak. from Saudi Arabia had to succumb to consecutiveThe plane had departed from Gerald R. Ford emergency landing reporting a technical rip.International Airport.

TTA2213. Also reported on the same day: Saturday 16. Tuesday August 6, 2013August 10, 2013The British Airways flight that was scheduled to14. Thursday August 8, 201315. Wednesday August 7, 2013A British Airways flight was forced to make anemergency landing at Heathrow Airport. Thefly from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Heathrow Airport cause for this, as cited, was a fault with thetook off after a five hour delay. However, reports planes landing gear. The plane was carrying 298reveal that only after 40 minutes in the air, it had passengers.to turn back because of a wing flap problem. Theflight almost made nose landing as it toucheddown with a heavy bang. Passengers wereobviously scared and there was a lot ofcommotion.There have received several comments on theincident and all of them reflect on the growingdisgust of the passengers towards the airlines.An Air India Express from Singapore with 100passengers on board en route to Tiruchirapallimade an emergency landing at AnnaInternational Airport following a technical snag.Airport sources said the pilot identified the snagmid-air and requested clearance for landing,which was given immediately.A US Airways flight was forced to makeemergency landing in Philadelphia. The USAirways flight took off from Shannon Airport on17. Monday August 5, 2013The Fiji Airways 737-700, carrying 122 passengersand six crew members was forced to make anemergency landing at Auckland internationalAirport as the right engine caught fire on Mondaymorning.18. Monday August 5, 2013San Francisco International Airport sees anemergency landing again. Sydney, Australiabound United Airlines Flight made an emergencylanding. United Flight 863 was declared to be onemergency after it took off from SFO by thepilots, later confirmed by FAA spokesman AllenKenitzer.The emergency landing was triggereddue to failing of one of the four engines thatpowered Boeing 747-400.19. Sunday August 4, 2013Reporting a problem on its cargo hold, AmericanAirlines plane made an emergency landing inWednesday and after a short while it was landed Bogota. The Boeing 777-200 plane with 250on the basis of emergency concern.passengers and a crew of 14 on board was enroute from Buenos Aires to Miami.

TTA2320. Thursday August 1, 2013Emergency conditions forced a Delhi-bound AirIndia flight with 50 passengers and crew on boardto land at Bhubaneswar airport on Wednesdayjust about 20 minutes after take-off due to atechnical problem.21. Thursday August 1, 2013An Orient Thai Charter made a safe emergencylanding at Surat Thani international Airport. Theflight was carrying 137 Chinese passengers onWednesday. The flight commanders detected anengine failure and a flat tyre that led to theemergency landing.22. Wednesday July 31.2013An American Eagle flight from New York's23. Wednesday July 31.201324. Wednesday July 31.2013emergency after the bird strike at about 22:36 onMonday.25. Monday July 29.2013Dash 8 Q300 plane travelling from Sydney toWagga Wagga was diverted to Canberra followingreports of smoke in the cockpit.26. Monday July 29.2013Allegiant Air Flight 863 from Cedar Rapids (CID) toSt. Petersburg-Clearwater (PIE) pilot received anotification of a fire in the cargo area, leading toan emergency landing.27. Sunday July 28.2013Nordwind airlines charter flight was forced tomake an emergency landing when flap problemLaGuardia Airport to Montreal has made a safe indication was received on July 27.emergency landing in Albany after smoke wasreported in the cockpit and cabin.A Bhopal-bound JetLite flight from Mumbai with114 passengers on board made an emergencylanding due to engine failure.An emergency was declared when a Tornado jetstruck a bird. The jet was forced to make anemergency landing at Glasgow Prestwick Airportin South Ayrshire. The pilot declared an28. Sunday July 28.2013The Emirates airliner's flight EK-608 flying fromDubai to Karachi had a crash landing at KarachiAirport as the hydraulic system of the flight failed.29. Sunday July 28.2013Delta Air Lines that took off from LaGuardiaAirport had to make an emergency landing atKennedy Airport. Authorities said that the planewas going to Florida when the flight suffered fromsome engine related issues as reported by theauthorities later

TTA2430. Friday July 30, 2013 the US as well as Europe are not doing greatA passenger plane made an emergency landingwhen the passengers located smoke from theplane's cockpit. It was forced to take a u-turnafter it took off from Newark InternationalAirport.Accidents happen. They can happen to anyone atany place. But if they happen due to negligence,they are inexcusable. All these emergencylandings could have become horrific accidents.They were only averted due to the alertness ofthe crew. While we salute those brave men &women, we question the airlines- how long canthey turn a blind eye to the impending horror inthe skies?Best of Tourism NewsFalling rupee sets cash registerringing for Indian tourismeconomically, people in these economies arelooking at low-cost destinations for traveling.Pradhan Ganapathy, vice-president, Royal Orchidwas quoted as saying, “Though it is a little tooearly, we are expecting a 20-25% increase inbookings as compared with previous year.”The hotel expects increased number of bookingsfrom their primary markets like Russia amongothers, mainly because of medical tourism, whichis also set to increase because of cheaper cost oftreatment. MICE tourism is also expected toincrease.Boeing, the leaders in aerospace and aviationdefense, announced the completion of their latestDreamliner project. The second member of theThe market may be reeling under the depreciating super efficient Boeing 787 family, the 787-9rupee, but a weak rupee has set the cash registers Dreamliner is ready to explore the sky. The 20 feetringing for the tourism and hotel industry in thecountry. As a weak rupee means foreign touristsneed to spend less for their vacation, the presentscenario makes India a favourable destination forthem.For travelers abroad, India is looking anaffordable destination. The cost of tour packages(6 m) long Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner adds to morecapacity and range of the 787 family.It is supposed to carry at least 40 morepassengers onboard an additional 300 nauticalmiles (555 Kms). With 20 percent less fuel useand 20 percent fewer emission issues, asto India is dependent on how the Indian rupee compared to similar bulky airplanes, the 787-9performs in the international arena. Since bothNew Boeing Dreamliner 787-9promises more space andperformanceDreamliner will ensure more environment friendly

TTA25flights as well. Passenger satisfaction andopulent comfort factor is also promising. Theconcerned that if fans coming from outside thecountry had to pay excessive prices, it might hurt787-9 Dreamliner will present features such as the country in the long run.large, light customized windows, large stuff bins,modern LED lighting, higher humidity, a lowercabin altitude, cleaner air and a smoother ride.Air New Zealand will be the first customers of thenew 787-9 Dreamliner according to their recentpress release. It is set for the middle of 2014.Brazil targets to boost tourismduring the upcomingFIFA World CupIn order to accommodate greater number oftourists in Brazil during the upcoming FIFA WorldCup Brazilian Government has urged hoteliers todecrease the room rates as much as possible.Recently there has been a considerable increasein the price of hotel rates. The World Cupopening match will be on 12 June 2014, in SaoThe 106 edition of the travel and tourism fairheld at the Gujarat Convention centre for threedays concluded on a promising note. The fair sawan overwhelming participation from exhibitorsfrom all over India and internationally. Therewere more than 400 exhibitors who took partshowcasing their stalls and offers from 26 stateswithin the country and from six differentcountries. Malaysia and Thailand were deemedas featured counties in this edition of TTFAhmadabad. Nepal, Turkey, Maldives and theUAE had many attractions and offers planned forprospective tourists.Paulo. According to a recent study in some hotels Secretary of Punjab tourism Raji P Shrivastava feltfeatured by the Fifa-appointed agency Match,room rates will be up to five times higher duringthe tournament.FIFA World Cup is a prime occasion when Brazilattracts millions of visitors worldwide thuseventually helping to promote tourism.According to FIFA, the 2006 World Cup held inGermany was attended by more than 3.3 millionTravel and Tourism FairAhmedabad ends on apromising notethat the fair provided a great platform to interacton a one to one basis with customers. Punjabsees more than 25% tourists from Gujarat aloneand this was the ideal way of making a largerpercentage of Gujarat more familiar with thelocales of Punjab.The prime focus of the fair was on the B2Bsegment. The Gujarat tourism industry has seen afans – with many of them flying in from all across significant rise of 16% against the national risethe world. Brazil's tourism board said that it was which is only 8%.

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TTA32Theme StoryAhome in the clouds, somewhere over the rainbow is a dream of everyman. And to fulfill this dream, the dream merchants have come upwith tall, luxurious abodes for the mortal gods. Hotels are growingupwards, competing with each other to touch the sky. Here are some ofthe tallest hotels that will make your dream of soaring still higher.Height Asia

TTA33The Sheraton HuzhouHot Spring Resort,Huzhouhe Sheraton Huzhou Hot SpringResort, otherwise known as the'horseshoe hotel' because of its Tstrange ring shape, has been openedrecently in Huzhou. Designed byarchitect Ma Yansong, the eye-catching27-storey building is an oval - two levelunderground connect which forms thevisible doughnut-shape.It has a lavish interior, with 20,000Swarovski and European natural crystallamps creating a wave-like impression.The lobby floor is paved withAfghanistan White Jade and Tiger's EyeStone from Brazil. There are 321 roomsincluding 44 suites and 39 villas,with private balconies. The spafacility is one of the bestfeatures which include asteam room, saunas, and ahydrotherapy pool in eachlocker room.

TTA342The resort has 2,200 square meters ofspace that would inspire you to hold amemorable conference, meeting, orsocial function and it has a grandballroom ideal for conferences,meetings and conventions. Privatemeeting rooms on the 22nd flooroffer a heightened level ofexclusivity, while the best lakeview can be appreciated fromthe 300-square-metermultipurpose Taihu Room on the27th floor.

TTA35JW Marriott MarquisDubaiW Marriott has expanded itsportfolio of hotels in the MiddleEast with the opening of the JW JMarriott Marquis Dubai. Acquiring thecoveted title of World's Tallest Hotelfrom the Guinness Book of WorldRecords, the 72-storey property is thefirst JW Marriott Marquis outside ofNorth America and the 59th additionto the brand's global luxury portfolio.Standing tall at 355 metres (1,164feet), the JW Marriott Marquis Dubaiis just 26 metres shorter than NewYork City's famed Empire StateBuilding. In addition to serving luxurybusiness travellers, the hotel, which isowned by the Emirates Group, willtarget the lucrative and increasinglyimportant MICE (meetings, incentives,conferences and exhibitions) marketby filling a long-identified gap in theregion. Along with cutting-edgebusiness facilities, the JW MarriottMarquis Dubai features more than7,500 square metres of indoor andoutdoor event space, including twoballrooms, and a large selection ofworld-class dining and entertainmentoptions.

TTA36The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai offers an enticing array ofnine restaurants, and five bars and lounges, includingthe sky-high steakhouse Prime 68; the experientialsushi restaurant Izakaya; and cocktail bar Vault,which is situated on the 71st and 72nd floors.The hotel is also home to Rang Mahal byAtul Kochhar, the first Indian chef to beawarded a Michelin Star. The 4,000square metre Saray Spa and Health Clubdraws inspiration from thecaravanserai silk route, withtreatments designed to ensure mindand body renewal. Treatmentsinclude the Signature Milk and Honeytreatment, an Arabic CoffeeAwakener, and Lemon Mint BodyPolish.A sprawling pool deck is present onthe 7th floor of the hotelwith a 30-metreswimming pool. AquaPoolside Bar and Grilldraws inspirationfrom Miami'srenowned SouthBeach, offeringlight snacks andbeveragesthroughout the day.

TTA37Dubai also boasts of some of thetallest hotels in the world, notably,the Rose Tower, the iconic Burj AlArab and the Jumeirah EmiratesTowers Hotel.

TTA38The Ryugyong HotelPyongyangThe Ryugyong Hotel has a height of330 metres (1,080 ft), making it themost prominent feature ofPyongyang's skyline and by far thetallest structure in North Korea. TheRyugyong Hotel is currently theworld's 49th tallest building in termsof height and it has the 5th highestnumber of floors.The building consists of three wings,each measuring 100 metres (330 ft)long, 18 metres (59 ft) wide, and issloped at a 75-degree angle, whichconverge at a common point to form apinnacle. The building is topped by atruncated cone 40 metres (130 ft)wide, consisting of eight floors that areintended to rotate, topped by a furthersix static floors. The structure wasoriginally intended to house fiverevolving restaurants, and either 3,000or 7,665 guest rooms, according todifferent sources.

TTA39Ritz-CarltonHong Kongominating the city skyline at 490 meters high, TheRitz-Carlton, Hong Kong is one of the tallest hotels inDthe world. Soaring from the 102nd floor to the 118thfloor, with unrivaled views of Victoria Harbour, Hong KongIsland and the New Territories, the award-winning hotel takescentre stage in the International Commerce Centre (ICC),offering luxury, fine dining and shopping experiences.Reintroducing the art of hospitality, The Ritz-Carlton welcomesguests into a sanctuary of refined ambiance and elegance in acity overflowing with rich culture.The 312 guest rooms offer spectacular city and Victoria harborviews, plus choice accommodations including:µDeluxe and Grand Deluxe RoomsµCarlton SuitesµA magnificent Ritz-Carlton SuiteµRitz-Carlton Club Rooms

TTA40Enjoy complimentary wired and wireless Internet in allguest rooms. Club Level guests can enjoy 24-hour access tothe panoramic Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge, which offers sixexquisite food and beverage presentations daily, as wellas a dedicated Club Concierge, work stations,business center services, and express check-outservice.Savor the tastes and flavors of the cuisineoffered in the six dining venues starting onthe 102nd floor, including Chinese andItalian restaurants, a lobby lounge, abuffet restaurant, and alfresco rooftopbar, all of them offering panoramicviews of Victoria Harbour and HongKong Island. The private dining roomsare ideal for intimate and celebratoryoccasions and create a truly fine diningexperience of high culinary art.

TTA41Baiyoke Sky HotelBangkokaiyoke Sky Hotel stands at 88-storeys,making it Thailand's tallest hotel. ItBfeatures a revolving roof deck,observation deck and 7 dining options. It issituated in the downtown area of Pathumwan. Itis located at 5-minute walk from the RachapraropTrain Station, from which Suvarnabhumi Airport is25-minute ride via train.The hotel offers luxurious rooms with views of thecity's skyline and attached marble bathrooms.Each room is equipped with a flat-screen satelliteTV, minibar and tea/coffee maker.A Health and Fitness Club provides spatreatments and houses a fitness centre. Locatedbeside it is a beauty salon. Recreation facilitiesinclude an open-air golf range and outdoor pool.Other amenities such as a grocery store and tourdesk are available.The 24-hour Sky Coffee Shop serves Thai andInternational dishes. Bangkok Sky Restaurant hasa daily buffet of a wide variety of seafood andinternational cuisines. Live entertainment anddrinks are available at the Roof Top Bar andMusic.

TTA42These hotels offer the ultimate in luxury but theyare not for you if you are acrophobic or haveproblem of vertigo. if you have the craving to be onthe top of the world and your health supports youfor the adventure, then what are you waiting for?The clouds are calling.

TTA43Cover StoryConvention Venuesand their success storyWith the growth in MICE tourism, conventioncentres are becoming immensely popular. Majorcities are competing with each other to providethe best facilities to woo the business travellers.Asia has a plethora of top class conventionvenues.

TTA44Kuala Lumpur Convention CentreThe Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (theCentre) is a component of the Kuala LumpurCity Centre (KLCC) and is managed andoperated by Convex Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a joint-venture company of KLCC (Holdings) Sdn Bhdand AEG Ogden Pty Ltd, Australia.A winner of numerous awards including theMeeting Industry Marketing Awards (MIMA)Travel Awards 2011 for 'BestConvention & ExhibitionCentre'; Meeting IndustryMarketing Awards (MIMA)2011 for 'Best Use of Budget(Bronze)'; CEI Industry Award2009; and Travel Weekly (Asia) IndustryAwards 2007 and 2008 for 'Best Convention& Exhibition Centre in Asia'; the Centre is a2012 for 'Best Print Advertising Campaign wholly-owned facility of Kuala Lumpur(Gold)'; the MICE Report Awards 2012 for'Best Convention Centre in Asia'; BusinessDestinations Travel Awards 2011 for 'BestCongress & Convention Centre, Asia'; TTGConvention Centre Sdn Bhd. This , in turn, isowned by KLCC (Holdings) Sdn Bhd, awholly-owned subsidiary of PetroliamNasional Berhad (PETRONAS).

TTA45The Centre has ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 Comprising two auditoria (seating 3,000 andand OHSAS 18001 certifications, EarthCheck 500 respectively), 12,310 sq. m of ExhibitionBronze status (environment) and Hazard Analysis Halls including a 2,600 sqm standaloneand Critical Control Points Certification (HACCP) marquee, a Grand Ballroom which seats 2,000recognition, the international food safety system diners, a Banquet Hall for 500, a Conferencefor international convention facilities and five- Hall for 1,800 and 20 other meeting rooms,star hotels. It is also the first in Asia and one of the Centre provides 22,659 sq. m of functiononly 21 AIPC centres worldwide to receive the space in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.'Gold' AIPC Quality Standards certification.

TTA46Singapore EXPOConvention and Exhibition CentreA top-ranked venue in Asia and Singapore's green spaces. The new wing is certified Greenlargest purpose-built MICE facility, Singapore Mark Platinum by Singapore's Building andEXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre,Construction Authority.managed by Singex Venues Pte Ltd, is a one-stopevent hub for every reason and season. Covering Equipped with world-class amenities, 2,500over 123,000sqm of indoor and outdoor space, parking lots and Flavours East, a collection ofcomprising convention-exhibition halls,17 food and beverage outlets, EXPO isconference halls, meeting rooms, mobile V- conveniently located 5 minutes from ChangiRooms, and The MAX Pavilion, EXPO welcomes International Airport and 15 minutes from theover 7 million visitors and more than 700 events city centre.every year, rangingfrom exhibitions,conventions,corporatemeetings, awardceremonies, galabanquets toconsumer shows.EXPO also featuresa brand newconvention wingthat opened inMarch 2012, MAXAtria, withadditional meetingfacilities and lush

TTA47AsiaWorld-ExpoAsiaWorld-Expo, Asia's leadingexhibition and events venue, has beennamed the "Best Exhibition andConvention Centre" at the 13thCAPITAL Outstanding EnterpriseAwards, organized by CAPITAL, SouthChina Media. This is the fourthconsecutive year that AsiaWorld-Expohas won this high-profile award, whichis designed to recognize thecontributions and efforts of HongKong's top enterprises.This recognition coincides withAsiaWorld-Expo being named one ofthe top three "BestConvention/Exhibition Centres" in Asiaat the renowned CEI Asia IndustryAwards 2013 for the secondconsecutive year. Organized by leadingMICE publication CEI Asia magazine, thisaward is based on votes and feedbackfrom professionals in the MICE industry.Indeed, the venue's status as a hub for some of the world's top shows is evident in the line-up ofevents scheduled for 2013. These include a series of Global Sourcing Fairs, China New EnergyVehicle Show 2013, The HUB and also the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair. A numberof additional world-class events have also chosen AsiaWorld-Expo for their Hong Kong debut,including eagerly-anticipated sport extravaganzas such as the equestrian Longines Hong KongMasters (February 28-- March 2) and the BNP Paribas Tennis Showdown -- Hong Kong ( March 4).

TTA48Darwin Convention CentreDarwin Convention Centre is an iconic landmarkin Australia's tropical harbour city. Its waterfrontsetting is quite befitting. To the Larrakia people,the harbour is a place of connection where, forcenturies, they have welcomed visitors whiletrading with other indigenous tribes andSoutheast Asian neighbours.Darwin Convention Centre is a multi-awardedvenue with experienced, dedicated, andenthusiastic professionals committed to makeany event the best it can be.The Centre is keen on placing Darwin on theglobal map as a topflight business eventdestination. Whether the focus is on sharinginnovative ideas, showcasing new productsand services, celebrating milestones orproviding entertainment, the Centre'sresources are put to work to provide anoutstanding event experience.Choosing a special venue like the DarwinConvention Centre enhances strongerparticipation of delegates, adds a level ofanticipation and excitement to an event andgives people a unique taste of northernAustralian culture they might not experienceotherwise.

TTA49Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition CentreOpened in 1988, this award-winning 306,000 sq mmeeting and exhibition venue includes 91,500 sq m ofrentable space. It is located on a prime waterfront site inthe heart of Hong Kong. It offers uniquely convenient,world-class services, and in 2012 it was recognized forthe 9th time as the Best Convention and ExhibitionCentre in Asia by leading industry peers. Over 1,200events including exhibitions, conferences, corporatemeetings, entertainment events, seminars and banquetsare held at the HKCEC every year. These eventscontribute significant economic benefits to the city andhelp raise the international image of Hong Kong. TheHKCEC is owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government andthe Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

TTA50Dubai World Trade CentreAcknowledged as the premier meeting venue inthe region, the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)continues to expand to meet the increasingcompetition and cater to a vast range of events.More than just a cookie cutter cluster of halls,DWTC has been adapted and extended tocomplement and assist the economic growth ofthe emirate, which has helped to place Dubaiamong the world's top business destinations.Along with blockbuster events such as ArabHealth, Gulfood, Gitex Technology and GitexShopper, DWTC attracted new shows such asEDUKEX (Education UK exhibition) and the IHRC(International HumanResources conference andexhibition) for the educationsector; and the UITP WorldCongress, Mobility & CityTransport exhibition and TOCMiddle East conference andexhibition for the transportand logistics sector.Other high-profile international events on theDWTC calendar include the ITU Telecom World2012 and World Energy Forum 2012 which washeld outside the United Nations headquartersfor the first time.Recent enhancements at the DubaiInternational Convention and ExhibitionCentre (DICEC) at the DWTC site have includedthe addition of a set of five star meeting roomslocated above Halls 1-4 and featuringdedicated break-out space, designed to hostsmall-scale conferences.

TTA51The DICEC boasts an extensive range of venueswith a total footprint of more than 300,000 squaremetres including the additional 25,000 squareIn addition to the core eight halls that offer31,000 square metres of linked exhibitionspace and can be internally divided in to sub-halls, there are two ballrooms each withcapacity for 600 guests and a 300-capacityBubble Lounge.metres available in the four Sheikh Saeed Halls,where there is also a 9,100 square metre arenawith 14 metre ceiling.These and many more centres are flourishing in theAsian region. Asia has undoubtedly become a majorname in the MICE industry.

TTA52Take a break inCity ChroniclesJohannesburgJohannesburg is a top class business and mega event destination and a vastarray of events ranging from small meetings to international gatherings,conventions, concerts, meetings and conferences are organized here. In thelast few years it has trudged into a major leisure destination as well. To turnan exhausting, short-haul business travel into a jovial tour, here are someof the major what-to-do options in Johannesburg:-

TTA53Amusing MuseumsMuseum has always been an essential touristattraction in any place. It serve as the points ofconvergence for thinking, reflection, pleasureand knowledge. Museum and other culturalinstitutions serve as art markets as well as placefor recreation and meeting events. It not onlypromotes its own culture but also revere itspatrons. Some of the renowned museums ofJohannesburg are listed below-James Hall Transport museumIt is the largest and the most comprehensivemuseum of land transport in South Africa.Established in 1964, JHMT gives its tourists aglimpse of Johannesburg's transport historywhich includes but not limited to animal-drawnvehicles, fire engines, steam vehicles etc.

TTA54Adler Museum of MedicineDr. Cyril and Mrs. Esther established thisAdler Museum of Medicine in 1962. It hasa remarkable private collection of about40,000 medical and pharmacologicalmemorabilia. Documents, sculptures,pictures, videos and philatelic andmedallion collections relating to medicalhistory are some other attractions in themuseum.The Zoology MuseumIt is the only natural history museum inJohannesburg. The exhibits of the vertebratesare displayed in finely crafted teak cabinets;thus can be viewed closely. The museum issituated on the first floor of the Old EducationBuilding on the East Campus, opposite theOppenheimer Life Science Building.AECI Dynamite Factory MuseumThe museum was built in 1895 and is originally the residence of a mining official. It holds the recordsof the history of explosives along with their use in the mining industry. It alsoprovides a social commentary and insight into the part played by some of the world's famous figureswho helped to shape the destiny of South Africa.

TTA55Local attractionsWith world-class infrastructure, top-notchheritage sites and boisterous population,Johannesburg has earmarked tourism as a keysector with excellent potential for growth. Localtourism contributes lion's share of the revenueearned from this sector. Johannesburg offers aplethora of local attractions. Pay a visit to theseattractions and rejuvenate your soul.LiliesleafLiliesleaf preserves archaeological findings,oral recollections and archival and historicalresearch to document the history of theliberation struggle of Rivonia.Apartheid MuseumOpened in 2001, Apartheid Museum isacknowledged as the paramount museum inthe world depicting 20th century South Africa.First of its kind, the museum illustrates the riseand fall of apartheid.

TTA56NewtownNewtown is one of the five tourismdevelopments which are aimed at inner-cityregeneration. Johannesburg DevelopmentAgency (JDA) aims to attract retail andcommercial business back to Newtown.Voortrekker MonumentBuilt in honor of the Voortrekkers(Pioneers), who left the Cape Colonybetween 1835 and 1854, the massiveVoortrekker Monument can be seen fromall directions as one approaches Pretoria.The cradle of human kindNominated for the rich diversity of fossils,the cradle of human kind is a WorldHeritage SiteFirst part of the first sentenceneeds little more explanation There arecurrently over 200 caves in the site withpossibility of more to be discovered.

TTA57Union BuildingsSpecial attractionOverlooking the city of Pretoria, the Union Buildings form the official seat of the South Africangovernment and is also the edifice of the offices of the President of South Africa. The UnionBuildings were constructed from light sandstone under the supervision of Sir Herbert Baker in theEnglish monumental style. It is one of the most recognized buildings of South Africa and is anational heritage site of the country.Take a stroll in the marketsSpending time in a mall is the central part of Johannesburg shopping experience. Sandton City,situated in one of the city's commercial and business hubs, hosts upmarket designer boutiques andjust about anything else you might want to find. Rooftop Market at Rosebank Mall, Market on Mainor Jozi food market is rightly termed as the haven for shoppers!

TTA58ŸBlubird Whole food market - Sandton CentralŸCrafters Market – Pretoria CentralŸBruma Lifestyle Centre – Johannesburg Inner cityŸMarket on Main - Johannesburg Inner cityŸWelwitschia Country Market – Hartbeespoort DamŸNeighbourhood Goods Market - Johannesburg Inner cityJohannesburg supportsresponsible tourism & sustainable developmentŸIn 2002, the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), organized by UNWTO, was heldin Johannesburg. During this event, with participation of UNWTO Secretary-General, Mr.FrancescoFrangialli, and UNCTAD Secretary-General, Mr. Rubens Ricupero, UNWTO presented its newpublication on “Tourism and Poverty Alleviation.” UNWTO supported a conference on ResponsibleTourism in destinations that was held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 21-23 August 2002, prior tothe summit. This conference aimed at examining the challenges of sustainable tourismdevelopment and the responsibilities at the local level.

TTA59Johannesburg or sometimes referred to as Jozi, is acosmopolitan delight with something for everyone. While theapparent absence of scenery makes Johannesburg a less populartourist destination than Cape Town or the Kruger Park, still it haseverything to keep even the most demanding traveler occupied.A former gold town and now South Africa's largest city,Johannesburg carries a certain cachet which has turned it into avenerated city as well as an international tourist destination.

TTA60Festivals communicate to the public andcontribute to the understanding of thetradition and culture in an enjoyableway. Potential for new tourists,international collaboration, engagingdifferent forms of cultures are themajor positive impacts of anykind of festival.9thSeptember,IndiaAsia FestivalsCelebrated mostly in thestates of Maharashtra, Goa, TamilNadu, Karnataka and AndhraPradesh, Ganesh Chaturthi is purelya religious festival. Mumbai wouldbe the best place to enjoy therambunctious mood of the festival.The mud-made idols of Lord Ganeshare established with prayers andofferings. Along with the state, thevibrant, pious spirit of the fete is felt allacross the country. The holy presence ofthe idol, the hymns and the floraldecorations makes the atmosphere filledwith sanctimonious aroma.At the end of the festival, more than150,000 statues are immersed everyyear accompanied by typical traditionalsinging and dancing. It is a must-seefestival for the international travelers ifthey are visiting the state during thistime.

TTA61Celebrated mostly in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh,Ganesh Chaturthi is purely a religious festival. Mumbai would be the best place to enjoy therambunctious mood of the festival. The mud-made idols of Lord Ganesh are established withprayers and offerings. Along with the state, the vibrant, pious spirit of the fete is felt allacross the country. The holy presence of the idol, the hymns and the floral decorationsmakes the atmosphere filled with sanctimonious aroma.At the end of the festival, more than 150,000 statues are immersed everyyear accompanied by typical traditional singing anddancing. It is a must-see festival for the international1 thtravelers if they are visiting the stateduring this time.9 September, Vietnam

TTA62The Mid Autumn Festival China is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month (usuallyon September full moon) and is enjoyed by people from all across the country. Different customshave evolved in different areas regarding this traditional festival. The most significant customs areto appreciate and offer sacrifice to the round bright moon and eat moon cakes.Dragon dancing, doing obeisance to the moon, eating Moon Cakes are considered a part of thepious activities of the fete. As per the culture, Chinese emperors offered sacrifices to the sun in thespring and the moon in autumn. Mid-Autumn Festival would help to explore the traditional folkcustoms of the country.19th–21stSeptember, AlloverChina

TTA63The 1 world music festival is set to change entertain the music lovers from all across the globe. The1 world music festival is a famous and a grand event for the audience of Singapore as well as fromall over the world. This event is expected to turn out into most of the most sterling internationalmetropolis. The music event can be expected to turn Singapore into a major international touristspot in the month of September.The line up for the event includes but not limited to Nicki Minaj,Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion, Moby, Tinie Tempah, Far EastMovement, Orbital (live), Infected Mushroom (live),Yuna, Iggy Azalea, Taboo (DJ Set), Pendulum +Verse, Cosmic Gate. A valid ID proof isrequired and the event is openedto guests aged 18 andabove only.20-2th1stSeptember,Singapore

TTA64SHOW HIGHLIGHTITB ASIAITB Asia, the annually held three day B2B trade Dr Robin Yap , The Travel Corporation (2011)show and convention - now in its fifth year istobe held in Singapore. It is organised by MesseBerlin (Singapore) Pte Ltd and supported by theSingapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau.ITB Asia will provide with enhanced knowledgeplatform and increased networkingopportunities at the trade show for the Asiantravel market. ITB Asia features the full range oftravel products, services and goods. At the sametime ITB Asia functions as a knowledge platformfor the industry along with the concurrentlyheld Web in Travel (WIT) Conference as well as anetworking platform during evening functions,workshops and seminars.Some of the speakers are:ŸPhilip Wolf , PhoCusWright, HoKwon Ping , Banyan Tree HoldingsYeoh Hock Thye , Delta Air LinesIncJulienne Loh , MasterCardWorldwide Asia PacificBrett Henry , AbacusInternational Pte LtdChang Theng Hwee , CountryHolidays TravelŸPte LtdPte LtdWhy to attend ITB AsiaŸOver 800 internationalexhibitors under oneroofŸyoungest, yet one of the largest and mostinternational show in AsiaŸSource for new destinations, travel productsand servicesŸLearning and networking with industry peersŸseminars and workshop opportunities at Webin Travelrd thWhen: 23 - 25 OctoberWhere: Suntec, Singapore

TTA65IMEX AMERICAIMEX America returns to Las Vegas in Octoberas the most powerful meetings industry tradeshow in the U.S.—with the largest HostedBuyer Program in America. Top buyers areinvited to attend this global event by a networkof selected intermediaries. The buyers attendas guests of IMEX America and enjoy VIPbenefits that include complimentary travel andaccommodation.IMEX America attracts the world to Las Vegas.Buyers at the trade show represent allindustry segment like:ŸAgency, including incentive, business andconference travel agencies, full-serviceincentive houses, conference organizers, salesand promotion agencies, marketing, PR andadvertising agencies.ŸAssociation, from international or U.S.institutions, federations or associations whoorganize congresses, conventions andmeetings.ŸCorporate, including executives of companiesinvolved with meetings, conferences andincentive travel programs. Buyers haveresponsibility for, or direct influence over,th thWhen: 15 -17Where: Las VegasOctoberdecisions regarding destinations and/orvenues.Other: Independent Planners, ReligiousConference Planners, planners from militarygroup reunions, etc.Things to doŸMeet all the key industry planners—thousandsare here, all totally focused on business.ŸDiscuss your needs at the top level with thereal decision makers.ŸAccess the Online Schedule and messagingservice to make pre-show appointments and tosend RFPs and messages.To be a part of the world's largest gathering ofAmerican MICE professionals and a remarkablearray of U.S. suppliers, IMEX America is a grandplatform.

TTA66TDI ASIAst rdWhen: 21 - 23 OctoberThe Asia Pacific Tourism DestinationInvestment Conference will be held inconjunction with TravelRave, in Singapore onOctober 21-23The conference is Asia's only one-stop forumon total destination master planning andinvestment. It brings together all stakeholdersinvolved in destination development:Tourism/Development/Urbanplanning/Transport authoritiesInfrastructure/Theme park &resort/Accommodation investors anddevelopersAirlines, airport authorities, cruiseterminals/operators, attraction/conceptownersDesign/architect/construction masterplannersLawyers and financial/valuation/specializedconsultantsframework, public-privatepartnerships and innovativebusiness models thatgenerate higher investmentreturns.Last year's conferenceWhere: Singaporefeatured prominent publicand private sectors speakersincluding the Minister for Energy, Resourcesand Tourism Australia; CEO of IskandarRegional Redevelopment Authority(Malaysia), and Second Minister for HomeAffairs and Trade & Industry, Singapore.Leading associations and media includingPATA, REDAS, IATA, Economist are among ourpartners. Endorsed by the Singapore TourismBoard, the conference is part of TravelRave, aweek of travel events that brings in more than10,000 delegates from across the globe.The conference aims to discuss developmentstrategies, and to explore investmentopportunities in destination infrastructure,concept creation and accommodation. Theconference also aims at unleashinginvestment potential through improved policyThe conference is organized by QuestexHospitality and Travel, the world's largestmedia group on travel and hospitalitypublications and events. It is part of theglobal International Hotel Investment Forum(IHIF) series, the world's longest-runninghotel investment forum.

TTA67MITM AmericasDetails:ŸOpen only to travel and tourism tradeprofessionals.ŸIndividual and pre-arranged meetings betweenexhibitors and hosted buyers are set up.ŸNeither visitors, nor public allowed.ŸSerious and professional travel market. Noentertainment allowed, except at specific hourswithin the stands, so the working atmospherecannot be altered.ŸPost tours are offered to buyers andinternational press in order they knowŸfirst-hand the exhibitor's venues and services.ŸThe 19th edition of MITM Americas, Meetings &Incentive Travel Market, willŸbe held in Guadalajara, Mexico from October2nd to 4th, 2013, being sponsored byGuadalajara's Convention Bureau.MITM Americas is known as the oldest M.I.C.E.travel fair held in Latin America, run by one-to-one pre-scheduled meetings between exhibitorsand buyers. It is an interactive two days travelPlace: Expo Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexicond rd thDates: October 2 , 3 & 4 , 2013ndHours: October 2 , Wednesday: Exhibitor registrationbetween 11:00 am and 03:00 pm.rdOctober 3 , Thursday: Travel market from09:00 am to 05:30 pm.thOctober 4 , Friday: Travel market from09:00 am to 01:00 pmtrade market directed to theincentive, meetings andevents market, where travel andtourism organizations from the Americas andtheCaribbean and companies meet byindividual and pre-requested appointmentswith European and USA pre-selected hostedbuyers organizing or contracting incentive trips,meetings, conferences, international congressesand events.In MITM, buyers quality is guaranteed, as theyare carefully selected based on their businesspotential. In addition to pre-scheduledmeetings, the networking program makespossible direct contact with all MITM buyers.This year, MITM Americas will be held alongsidewith CULTOURFAIR, International Cultural TravelFair, same dates and same venue. Being heldtogether, exhibitors will have the opportunity toschedule appointments with those buyers ofCULTOURFAIR: tour operators and travelagencies, specializing in the wide range ofcultural tourism, as well as with thosebuyers of MITM Americas, specializing inM.I.C.E. travel (corporate incentive travelend-users, incentive houses, incentivetravel agencies, event agencies, marketingcompanies, meeting planners,international congress organizers.

TTA68The Karnival Wisata International Tourism FairAbby Global Exhibitions presents THE KARNIVAL FAIR 2013:WISATA INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIR 2013 withthe sub-brands of Indonesia Luxury Travel Fair andIndonesia Adventure Expo takes place inIndonesia in October 2013. THE KARNIVALWISATA INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIR 2013 isthe premier travel exhibition in Indonesia andoffers cost-effective access to this lucrativemarketplace. Exhibit at THE KARNIVAL WISATAINTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIR 2013 and use ouryear-round promotional opportunities to buildyour brand - online, in-print and in-person. Meetwith hundreds of new and existing contacts at theshow and forge the all-important 'relationships' totransform your business and deliver excellent ROI.A collection of the finest and most unique holidayand travel experiences from around Indonesia willbe brought together - presenting the mostexclusive resorts, five star and luxury boutiquehotels, Villas and safaris, first-class travelspecialists, tour operators, Regional TourismBoard, & MICE Travel all carefully hand-picked byAbby Global Exhibitions and the organizers of TheIndonesia Travel Fair.The following are few of primary features whichyou can explore at this wonder-able & surprisingTHE KARNIVAL WISATA INTERNATIONAL TOURISMŸIt displays awide variety ofnumerous tour& travel offerswith variousholiday packages from across IndonesiaŸTHE KARNIVAL WISATA INTERNATIONALTOURISM FAIR 2013 offers the most reliableplatform for tourists or visitors to easilyaccess & chooses from many travelopportunities without any hassle.ŸThis mega travel event with exiting holidaypackages fulfills all the possible needs ofassorted people on one single place.ŸWhen it comes to deal with Indonesiaholiday packages for the magnificent regionslike Bali, Bandung, Lombok, Sulawesi,Sumatera and various Indonesia Regions aswell as other International Regions, THEKARNIVAL WISATA INTERNATIONAL TOURISMFAIR 2013 presents the most affordable tourpackages to the customers.th thWhen: 25 - 27 OctoberWhere: Indonesia

TTA69ŸIn order to explore all the possible varieties ofholiday plans and travel packages with numerouspromotional offers presented by diverseparticipants, Participating THE KARNIVAL WISATAINTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIR 2013 is stronglyrecommended.among its 235,000 readers.ŸAbby Global Portfolio promote the Fairacross a selection of prestigious Magazines,Newspapers, TV, Email Blasts, LED BillboardsetcMARKETING THE KARNIVAL WISATAINTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIR 2013ŸOur highly-focused powerful marketingcampaign targets AB adults in Indonesia,positioning THE KARNIVAL WISATAINTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIR 2013 as anessential date for their calendar. Be part of it,contact us today.ŸFair sponsors and selected brand partnerswill generate awareness amongst their keycustomers.ŸSupporting these dedicated channels will be,a highly targeted direct mail campaign,advertising in quality press titles, apromotional radio partnership and onlineactivity, via up market travel, lifestyle andbusiness sitesŸA dedicated VIPcampaign willpersonally inviteselected high-networthluxury travelersto the FairŸAbby GlobalExhibitions will runhigh-profilepromotions togenerate maximumawareness of the fair

TTA70Indonesia Travel and Holiday Fair (ITHF) 2013th thWhen: 25 – 27Where: JakartaThe 12th IndonesiaTravel and Holiday Fair(ITHF) 2013 the mostcomprehensive travelfair in Indonesia, whichwill be held on October 25th – 27th 2013 in Hall D1,Jakarta International Expo (JIE). ITHF 2013 will beproduct, multiple airlines promo fare, and lotsof hotel promo/ voucherŸITHF concurrent with two others event willensure exhibitor get increase number & newvariety of quality visitorsheld in concurrent with Indonesia Travel Photography exhibition industryFestival and 1st Indonesia Golf Expo.ŸOrganized by a management team which hasmore than 14 years experience in the travelŸUp to IDR 1 Billion for Advertising & EventPromotion12th ITHF 2013 is expected to be visited by over And join with our top tourism industry60,000 consumer visitors. Besides B2C session, 12th in Indonesia :ITHF will also organize several talk shows and tourism ŸGaruda Indonesia (Airlines)seminars on the event. Indonesia Travel and HolidayFair (ITHF) 2013 recognizes and is ready to gear upthe new wave of Indonesian Travelers trend. The12th ITHF 2013 will also be supported byinternational and domestic Airlines also official BankPartnerKey Fact why your company should exhibit:ŸThe most comprehensive consumer travel fair inIndonesiaOctoberŸThe only one comprehensive platform thatrepresentative all facts & tourism under one roofŸGreat exposure for branding and positioning yourcompany in tourism and travel industryŸPresents the opportunity to meet the right targetmarket for on the spot transactionŸProven as B2C exhibition provide wide range of tourŸMalaysia AirlinesŸSingapore AirlinesŸMalaysia Tourism BoardŸDwidaya Tour & TravelŸTX TravelŸATS VacationsŸGo Indonesia.com (OTA)ŸRaja Kamar.com (OTA)ŸBulanmadu.com (Online Romantic TravelService)ŸJ4 Hotel Legian – BaliŸAneka Lovina Hotel – BaliŸThe Lovina Beach Resort – BaliŸRoyal Safari Garden

TTA71INWETEX –CIS TRAVEL MARKET 2013The largest travel trade fair in the Northwest RussiaINWETEX-CIS TRAVEL MARKET 2013 will take placeon October 10-12, in Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.Among participants of the event are the nationaltravel authorities, national tourism offices, regionaloffices and tourist information centres, travelindustry associations, tour operators and travelagencies, means of accommodation, insurancecompanies, travel education, carriers andtransportation, cruise lines, tourist attractions andRussia, but also from CIS countries and nonentertainment,information technology, travelrelated services, media, and other companies ofthe travel industry.300 companies from 28countries of the world confirmed their attendanceat the fair.INWETEX-CIS TRAVEL MARKET 2013 is a complexexhibition and congress event, which includes theSaint-Petersburg Travel Forum and specialisedexhibitions: MICE Industry, Medical Tourism,Leisure without borders, Winter.The 19th Specialised Exhibition SPAS introduces thepotential of the health resort complex of Russiaand foreign countries to the international anddomestic travel market. The 7th SpecialisedExhibition MICE Industry brings togetherNorthwestern leaders of convention services andestablishes a platform for communicating withth thWhen: 10 - 12 OctoberWhere: St.Petersburg, Russiapotential customers.The 4th SpecialisedExhibition Medical Tourismis a meeting place formedical and recreationservice providers, and representatives oftravel business not only from the NorthwestCIS countries.Exhibition and Festival of winter recreationLeisure without borders,Winter is a B2Cexhibition project. Exhibition and Festival forwinter leisure will welcome their visitors. Theprogramme includes: draw games, masterclasses, the Children's Club, presentations.The 13th Saint-Petersburg Travel Forum isone of the major Russian Specialised Forumsdealing with issues of development ofinbound and outbound tourism. The Forumprogramme includes specialised conferences,round tables and presentations dedicated totopical issues of the industry development.An important part of the Forum businessprogramme will be the 4th Hotel Forum. Itwill run on October 10, 2013.

TTA72TTG- INCONTRITTG Incontri is the main marketplace in Italy fornegotiating and networking between internationaland national offer and the intermediaries of theTourist product. It is the only appointment in Italywhere exhibitors can meet all the main Italian travelagencies in a context which is exclusively b2b.Nowin its 50th edition, and it can count more thanperformance ofthe sector at theinternational level,learn aboutmarkettrends, and discuss technology applied to50,000 attendees in three days. tourism with speakers of world renown. ItTTG Incontri has multiplied networking occasions, itoffers numerous possibilities to gain visibility and sector .encourages supply and demand to get together toencourages networking and discussionsamong the key international players of theguarantee the utmost effectiveness in negotiationsalong with many opportunities:The onlineWho are the exhibitors£ Tour operators: 37%appointment system to arrange meetings in the fair £ Welcoming facilities: 17%and guarantee speedy and effective business £ Local destinations/Promotion: 13%Themed speakers' corner for product presentations £ Transport: 12%Meetings with national and international press.A £ Travel agencies: 3%rich calendar of TG Forum events and TTG Lab£ Technology and the web: 4%training seminars to tackle all the issues the sector£ Institutions/Public bodies: 1%is currently facing, to analyse trends, launch new£ Culture/Entertainment: 2%ideas, and encourage debate and innovation.TTG£ Media/Publishing: 1%Forum live on pc, tablet and smartphone.£ Services: 5%For the first time this year WTM Vision Conference,£ Other: 5%the conference organised by WTM, London inassociation with TTG is part of TTG Incontri . This isan appointment not to be missed for tourismprofessionals who want to keep up to date on theth thWhen: 17 - 19 OctoberWhere: Rimini, Italy

TTA73THE HOTEL SHOWThe Middle East Hotel Awards kicks off a busyprogram for The Hotel Show, which will open itsdoors at Dubai World Trade Centre from 28th to30th September 2013. The Hotel Show will also playhome to the inaugural Middle East Spa Awards totake place throughout the show in September andwill celebrate the achievements of hotels as well asindividuals within the hugely popular spa industryacross the MENA region.The Hotel Show is the largest full spectrumhospitality supplies event for the MENA region, nowin its 14th year in 2013. The Hotel Show Dubaiprovides a vibrant showcase of luxury andcontemporary interiors, essential equipment andthe latest technology and trends to a market that ishome to the highest number of 5-star plus worldclass hotels. The show is managed by dmg :: eventsand attracts a high volume of hoteliers,restaurateurs, managers, consultants, architects anddevelopers from across the MENA region andbeyond.spectrumhotel,hospitalityandleisuresuppliersin the MENA region. The Hotel Show SaudiArabia featuring Food & Restaurant waslaunched in Jeddah in 2012. The eventattracted an audience of more than 2,000industry executives, key buyers and decisionmakers and 100 suppliers.The Hotel Show belongs to a wider portfolio of September 2013.design exhibitions organized by dmg :: events, theseinclude The Hotel Show Dubai, The Hotel ShowSaudi Arabia, The Leisure Show and Hospitality 360.Combined, these events offer the largest fullth thWhen: 28 - 30 SeptemberWhere: Dubai, U.A.EThe Leisure Show, which launches in 2013, isthe ultimate in leisure supplies for leisurefacility professionals from across the MiddleEast. Incorporating Pool & Aqua Leisure,Health & Fitness, Resorts Parks & Attractionsand Outdoor Sports & Adventure suppliers toleisure facility professionals from across theMiddle East, the event will take placealongside The Hotel Show Dubai at the DubaiWorld Trade Centre from 28th-30thHospitality 360 will encompass all aspects ofthe hotel and hospitality industry atInternational Furniture Fair Singapore.

TTA74IITM MUMBAI & IITM GURGAON'India International Travel Mart' – a showcase forstimulating travel, tourism, hospitality, leisure andother related industries, both from within thecountry and outside. IITM is aimed at bringingabout a face – to – face encounter with the travel – tourismtrade, corporate consumers, the burgeoningmiddle and upper middle class including the elitesegment, with the requisite purchasing power, inan ambient and festive surrounding that wouldfacilitate the beginning of a new era of a mutuallybeneficially business relationship.IITM travel trade exhibitions are hosted in themost commercially influential metros through outIndia: Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune andHyderabad.India's biggest travelsegment, this year shall seeparticipants fromover 25 differentspecialties.The events aresupported bymajor associations such as 'Association ofDomestic Tour Operators of India', 'IndianAssociation of Tour Operators' and OutboundTour Operators Association of India', etcIn the past few years IITM has seen aprogressive growth of participation in theThis year India International Travel Mart- Mumbai number of suppliers exhibiting, with over 200will take place on 6th September to 8th September participants both from India and overseas atand India International Travel Mart- Gurgaon willtake place on 13th September to 15th September.This year 'India International Travel Mart' will seeseveral new products in the Hospitality and Travelsphere being unveiled.The 'India International Travel Mart' provides anideal 'marketing opportunity' and 'excellentbackdrop' to enhance the participant's 'brand-equity' in the eyes of the discerning end consumerand the travel-trade.Boost for Domestic Tourism: Domestic Travel beingmany of the shows. The countries that haverepresented in the past at the IITM's are:Bhutan, Canada, Dubai, Egypt, Greece,Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Ireland, Kenya, Macau,Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal,Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, SriLanka, Switzerland, Thailand, UnitedKingdom along together with other domesticand national airlines and not to forget thelocal states and local tour operators, IITMprovides the right impetus to reach the vastIndian audience.th thWhen: 6 - 8 SeptemberWhere: Mumbaith thWhen: 13 - 15 SeptemberWhere: Gurgaon

TTA75Tourism Expo Botswanaourism Expo Botswana 2013 was officiallyopened on the 13th August 2013 by theHonourable Minister of Environment,Wildlife and Tourism Honourable TshekediKhama in Gaborone, Botswana. Theofficial opening was attended by leadinglocal travel professionals trading fromIndia, Brazil, Ethiopia and South Africa,members of the diplomatic fraternity andhigh government officials and media. Thisis the second time that Tourism ExpoBotswana is running and this year hasbeen a significant and very exciting timefor Tourism Expo Botswana as this wasthe year when we launched the"DESTINATIONS' Radio Show which will bea weekly Travel show that will showcasevarious aspects, trends and destinationswithin Africa and beyond. Anotherimportant aspect of this year's expo isthat we will be hosting trade to visit thelocal accommodation and entertainmentproviders for site inspections and alsoselling holiday packages to the consumerat discounted prizes.Show ReviewthWhen: 13 August 2013Where: Gaborone, BotswanaOn Thursday 15th August 2013 IndiaTourism will be giving away an all-paidexpenses 15 day holiday to IncredibleIndia for two. The Expo has been gettingexcellent media coverage on BotswanaTelevision which is the nationalbroadcaster and from Africa Magic whichis a regional broadcaster. Consumers arefiling up to visit the stands and this is anexciting time for all the exhibitors andorganizers. The Minister of Tourismhighlighted the vital strategic partnershipbetween Travel and Tour World as aleading travel/tourism publication hasformed with Tourism Expo Botswana.

TTA76IITM Bangalore & ChennaiIITM - India's premier Exhibitionthat showcases of travel, tourism,th stWhen: 19 - 21 August (Chennai)th thWhen: 26 - 28 August (Bangalore)Where: Bangalore /Chennaihospitality, leisure and other attracted 11,400 general visitors and 1,300related industries. It is aimed at trade visitors to the event this year. A total ofbringing the Industry, face-to-face with the travel 160 stands and122 participants were presenttrade, Corporate Buyer and the end-customer at the event.with the requisite purchasing power.Among the trade visitors 29% were from'India International Travel Mart', India's premier hotels and accommodation, 18% were tourtravel and tourism Exhibition brand established operators,25% travel agent, 11%in 1998 by 'Sphere Travelmedia & Exhibitions rentals,technology and events, 10%Pvt. Ltd., is held at the country's major markets corporates and 7% from other sectors.of Cochin, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon With this year's edition of 'IITM', Sphere(Delhi NCR), Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. Travelmedia & Exhibitions completesThe previous editions of 'India International fourteen years of providing the travelTravel Mart' held in Bangalore & Chennai was a industry and discerning buyers from theresounding success, with a foot fall of more than travel – trade an opportunity to do and19,200 people & 2,750 trade visitorsmaking IITM transact business. With organizations anda big hit, thus making 'India International Travel tourism boards from over 25 Indian statesMart' the biggest Tourism event in the country. and over 30 countries.IITM Bangalore featured participants from more Mr. Rohit Hangal, Director, Spherethan 10 countries and 14 states.Witnessing an Travelmedia added “With the presentincrease in footfalls this year by 15.83%, IITM ongoing recession International Arrivals inBangalore attracted 7,800 general visitors and India has dropped and India International1,450 trade visitors to the event this year. A total Travel Mart provides the right impetus to theof 410 stands and 236 participants were present Indian domestic tourism industry. With aat the event.base of over 200 million discerning domesticIITM Chennai featured participants from 7 travel seekers, it is a yearlong market, nocountries and 13 states.Witnessing an increase hospitality and travel organization canin footfalls this year by 12.27%, IITM Chennai ignore”.




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