Are you running out of puff? - Townsville City Council
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Are you running out of puff? - Townsville City Council

Are you runningout of puff?Are you always in a rush, communicating quickly andhoping your audience feels the same way. With thematiccommunication you will learn to take the time and perseverewith your messages and really come out on top.Just like the Tortoise and the Hare, the age old art of human story telling was about more than what it seems.Stories were used by civilisations to teach values, history, life lessons and culture and they still persevere centurieslater… how can you make your stories last through the ages with your audience.The introduction will open up your mind into the realm of thematic communication and turn your mind into acreative colosseum.8th & 9th October - Introduction Course8:30 am - 5:00pmJupiters Hotel & CasinoSir Leslie Thiess DriveTownsville City Council has teamed up with ErgonEnergy’s Solar City project to bring Professor Sam Ham tothe city. Join Professor Ham and learn how to make yourcommunication campaigns last the distance.To register your participation, or find out more, contactIntegrated Sustainability Services, Townsville City Councilon 1300 878 001 or at Wednesday 3 October 2012

Thematic Communicationis helping to Keep MaggieBeautiful!In order to promote long term behaviour changesaround energy usage, the Solar City project isincorporating the Thematic Communication teachingsof Professor Sam Ham to transform the way visitorsthink about and use energy – now and into the future.The Community Engagement team led by Julie Heathrecently implemented a pilot program at One BrightPoint on Magnetic Island aimed at visitors to the Island,which attempts to deliver a ‘take home message’ that isrelevant and will resonate with the audience for the longterm.Julie said thematic communication concepts had been rolledout in an effort to develop sustainable behavioural change.“We have researched and carefully considered thebehaviour of visitors to Magnetic Island and specificallyOne Bright Point. People sometimes turn on theairconditioning and leave doors and windows open andrun the clothes dryer and dishwasher during peak hours.The thematic collateral wedeveloped targets thesebehaviours by establishinga theme and continuallyreinforcing our keymessages via this theme toconserve energy, especiallyduring the all importantpeak demand period.”The ‘I helped KeepMaggie Beautiful’theme was rolled outin collateral includingbumper stickers,postcards, lightdanglers, children’sactivity sheetsand incorporatedprompts and toolssuch as messaged dish liquid and laundrypowder. Each piece of communication material is carefullydesigned to gain buy in from the audience. The thematiccommunication efforts, in addition to energy assessments,smart metering and technology interventions will result insignificant energy reduction forthe One Bright Point facility aswell as the owners of holiday letunits.For more information on howthematic communicationis helping to keep Maggiebeautiful Townsville: Queensland Solar City projectis part of the Australian Government’s $94million visionary Solar Cities program and isimplementing a range of initiatives that aim toreduce wasteful energy usage, increase solarenergy generation and cut greenhouse gasemissions by more than 50,000 tonnes over theseven year life of the project.Ergon Energy’s part of the Townsville:Queensland Solar City project, the transformationof Magnetic Island into a Solar Suburb, is usingthematic communication to change behavioursand help keep Maggie beautiful.

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