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Security ID Badge Program - Facilities Management - University of ...

Security ID BadgeProgramNicole TaylorSecurity ID Badge Program CoordinatorDepartment of Central Security

Security ID Badge ProgramOverview• Assistant VP of Public Safety GregHestness recommended the adoption of aSecurity ID Badge program for employeesand non-employees working in non-publicor high-risk areas• Originally initiated by the Academic HealthCenter (AHC) to comply with legalrequirements for health professionals

Security ID Badge ProgramOverview• AHC also initiated an approach towards SecurityID Badges to enhance security within itsorganization• Eco-terrorist intrusions in research areasresulted vandalism, research animals being setfree and subsequent setbacks in Alzheimer’sresearch, and the destruction of Carghill PlantGenomics building while under construction• Certain areas of the AHC such as medical clinicsare open to the public, which creates a potentialsecurity risk

Security ID Badge ProgramOverview• Program became active July 2007• Academic Health Center followed byCentral Security and FacilitiesManagement• Additional departments will be identifiedand prioritized by the program coordinatorwithin the Department of Central Securityplan

Program Objectives• Personal safety of faculty, staff, students,visitors and research animals• Protection of University assets from theft ordamage• Elimination of threat of loss or compromise toresearch by unauthorized personnel• Protection of the public from potentiallyhazardous materials• Compliance with legal regulations

The University requires that the followingindividuals, employees and nonemployees,wear the Security ID Badges:• Health professionals and others who are legallyrequired to wear ID (i.e. people with access tohealth information)• Persons working in targeted high-risk areas suchas laboratories and clinics• Persons who enter non-public space to provideservice (i.e. Facilities Management custodians)• Visitors, guests, volunteers and temporaryemployees

Badge Requirements:• The Security ID badge must be wornabove the waist and be displayed face upat all times so that name and photo arereadily visible to others• The Security ID badge is for the recipient'suse only and should not be transferred orloaned to anyone• The recipient should not deface, alter orduplicate the badge in any manner

Badge Requirements:• The recipient must immediately report theloss of the Security ID badge to thedepartment security coordinator• The badge must be returned according topolicy in situations of termination, leave,etc.**Any misuse, alteration or fabrication ofthe badge may subject the holder todisciplinary action by the University.

ResponsibilitiesSecurity ID Badge Program Coordinator• Primary administrator of the Security ID BadgeProgram and the Badge Management System (BMS)• Communicates program goals to the Universitycommunity• Develops and provides training to department staffabout the proper use of the BMS• Ensures compliance with the program policy• Analyzes program effectiveness through audit dataand working with department security coordinatorsto address areas of concern

ResponsibilitiesDepartment Security Coordinator• Departmental contact responsible for ordering,receiving, distributing and tracking the SecurityID Badge data for each employee• Ensures employee compliance with programpolicy and proceduresDepartment Administrator• Key departmental contact person for BMSadministration• Updates user information for new or terminatedemployees

ResponsibilitiesGuest Badge Manager• Distributes and retrieves guest badges andmonitors guest badge status• Reports compliance violationsPickup Person• Person (usually the Department SecurityCoordinator) assigned to pick up badges forbatch departments or printed guest badgesfrom the U Card Office

ResponsibilitiesU Card Office• Responsible for Security ID badge production,distribution and disposalDCS Application Support• Provides assistance with troubleshooting,problem resolution, new user set up andenhancementsAdministrative Coordinator, EnterpriseSystems (HR ACES)• Orders badges in PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft• Company Property panel in PeopleSoft is used toorder Security ID Badges.• Administrative Coordinators of EnterpriseSystems (ACES) use PeopleSoft to place badgeorders, which are automatically sent to theBadge Management System.• Badges orders can only be placed for employeeswho do not currently have an active badge orrequest in BMS. Employees who work in morethan one department may only receive a badgefor his/her primary department.• Badges may be ordered for students for eachdepartment in which they work.

Badge Management System(BMS)‣ The Badge Management System was created fortracking, managing and reporting on Security IDBadges.‣ Locate department security coordinators‣ Order guest badges‣ Check the badge status (i.e. expired, active, onhold)‣ Verify print quality of badges‣ Access the Badge Management System homepage at

BMS Home Page

Managing Employee Badges• The Badge Management System (BMS) canbe used to review and update the badgestatuses of employees• The only fields that can be updated are theReturn Status and Badge Location fields.• Badge Locations include the recipient (activebadges), the department (returned, damagedbadges), U Card (recovered badges) orunknown (lost badges)

Check In/Out Guest Badges• Guest badges must be checked out todepartment guests for the duration of theirvisit• Guests must return their badges at theend of their visit and the badges must bechecked back in to BMS• Guest badges may be used again by newrecipients if returned and checked in

How to Get Your BadgeTwo Processes:1. Batch PickupDepartment security coordinator or ACE ordersbadges and the security coordinator or badgepickup person retrieves them from the U CardOffice. Department security coordinator thendistributes badges to employees.NOTE: The only departments that use batch pickupare the College of Veterinary Medicine and theUMD departments. Badges for UMD employeesare picked up the AHC HR office and mailed totheir respective departments.

How to Get Your Badge2. Individual PickupACE orders the badge for the employeesand e-mail notifications are sent to theemployees to go to the U Card Office to gettheir Security ID Badges.** All employees must take a new photo andpresent a government-issued form ofidentification to pick up badges.NO EXCEPTIONS

Using Your Security ID BadgeBadges must be worn by all employees insecured workplaces (i.e. laboratories)• Guests must be assigned a guest badge• Badges must be kept current; securitycoordinators will make sure employees receivenew badges when theirs expire• If you see people you do not recognize in yourdepartment without a badge, ask them if theyneed assistance.

Identifying and Responding toSecurity ConcernsTo report a security concern or crime,please contact:University of Minnesota Police DepartmentTransportation and Safety Building, 100511 Washington Ave S.E.Minneapolis, MN 55455(612)624-COPS ** Dial 911 in an emergency

ContactsPolicy QuestionsBob JanoskiDirector, Dept. of Central Security(612)624-1730 (612)624-1753 (fax)Enforcement of PolicyNicole TaylorCoordinator, Security ID Badge Program(612)624-9960 (612)624-1753 (fax)

ContactsProduction, distribution andaccounting questionsU Card Office(612)626-9900 (612)626-9911 (fax)Ordering badges in PeopleSoftOffice of Human Resources Call Center(PeopleSoft HRMS Helpdesk)(612)625-2016

ContactsTechnical questionsOffice of Information Technology(612)624-5542 (615)626-0534 (fax)Login Issues1-Help Technology Helpline(612)301-4357

Additional InformationSecurity ID Badge Program homepage Health Center Management System

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