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RFID Antennas

PANTENNAThe new era for RFID antennas

Walki ® 4E isa platformfor the futureThe four Esin briefECOLOGY• Absence of liquid chemicals• 100% recyclable aluminium process residue• An easily recyclable end productEXACTNESS• Laser technology enables extreme accuracy, smallerchips and highly repeatable patterns2012EUROPEANPASSIVE RFID ANTENNA PRODUCTIONTECHNOLOGY INNOVATION AWARDFrost & Sullivan´s BestPractices Award 2012:Uniqueness of Technology“Walki Group has addressed a majorhurdle in the Passive RFID AntennaManufacturing arena by developinga new technology based on a dryprocess,” says Saju John Mathew,Industry Analyst, Technical Insights,Frost & SullivanMore information here.EFFICIENCY• The dry process and the speed of laser technology provides for a production speed up to ten timesfaster than that of etchingECONOMY• Using paper as the substrate allows one production step to be eliminated, the insertion of the PET inlay• Computer to antenna production speeds up design and productionWalki®4E can be used to produce flexible circuits boards for a number of different applications,ranging from RFID antennas to thin heating elements and flexible displays.

Walki ® Pantennasets a newstandard forRFID antennasImagine an extremely exact and ecological RFID antenna,produced more effi ciently and economically than ever before.Manufactured in a dry process, with no chemicals involved andusing paper as the substrate. Directly from computer to antenna,with precision tailored accuracy.It really exists: Walki ® Pantenna. This RFID antenna is the firstantenna that offers extensive possibilities for converting and thatcan be truly customized for the demands of the end use product,from labels to hang tags, single trip tickets and much more.

LET’S HAVE A LOOK ATWALKI ® PANTENNA’SFEATURES:Efficiency and precision at an entirely new levelWalki ® Pantenna is produced using a new technology,comprising computer to antenna manufacturingand laser patterning of the antenna. This allows forextremely efficient and economical production.The sustainable way: clean and flexibleFor Walki ® Pantenna, there are many choices ofsubstrate, ranging from paper to PVC. No chemicalsare needed in the manufacturing process, resultingin substantial ecological benefits. One example isthat the process residue is fully recyclable as metallicaluminium, another the vast opportunities to choosethe substrate most suitable for the recycling scheme ofthe final product. Absence of chemicals also makes iteasier to recycle the final product.Compared to etching, the production can be up to tentimes faster thanks to a dry process and the speedand precision of laser technology. In other words, theproduction can meet the future needs of antennas, evenwith a rapid increase in demand.Computer to antenna production allows for individualdetails such as serial numbers to be made in a singleprocess. It is also possible to shrink the size of themicrochip thanks to the small, extremely accuratepattern attainable with laser technology.End useareas:is the skythe limit?The number of end use areas for RFID antennas willcontinue to rise. We haven’t seen them all, but in manyexisting cases, paper based antennas are superior. Hereare only a few examples:• Single trip ticketing (public transportation)• Tags for library books• ”Ready size labelling” replacing upsize labelling.On-pitch converting is made easy and economicwith Walki®Pantenna. Walki®4E method offerswide variety of pitch lengths without increasing theantenna costs dramatically.• Apparel item level trackingWalki ® Pantenna can be made of paper or even fabricand printed directly on a label or a hang tag. Thisallows for easy converting and makes way for greatervolumes

PANTENNAWalki ® Pantenna is created using a ground-breakingnew technology for RFID antenna manufacturingcalled Walki®4E. This is the first feasible alternativeto etching, leaving behind the limitations when itcomes to speed, sustainability and efficiency.where the aluminium foil is cut in patterns withlaser. Compared with etching, the technology isboth efficient and economical, eliminating a wholestep from the tag production process or from theconverter’s process.Walki is a leading producer of technical laminates,and Walki ® 4E is the result of the quest to simplifythe manufacturing process, using their expertknowledge in lamination. The technology isingenious as well as simple: we make a speciallaminate of aluminium and paper substrate,The precision of the laser cutting allows for smallerchips, greater repeatability in the production processand higher accuracy in the antenna. Taking intoaccount the rapid development of laser technology,the possibilities for producing flexible circuit boardswith lasers are almost limitless.Made possible by patented Walki ® 4E– the first feasible alternative to etching

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